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File: 1430679964126.jpg (162.23 KB, 944x500, r1oc.jpg)

No. 170098

No. 170099

> That url

This is gonna be good.

No. 170100

File: 1430683102962.png (237.55 KB, 715x400, itwarntme;-;.png)

this has potential.

another one of her usernames: xXxAngelicLightxXx


ahhhh shit.

No. 170101

How old is this girl? Her usernames remind me of when I was 13 and in my weeby teenager stage.

No. 170102

She's 18 and entering college this fall.

No. 170103

Does anyone know how to get shit from her facebook? She hid all of her stuff before I could screencap.

No. 170104

>How am I a weeaboo if I'm half Japanese?

By being an obnoxious anime-obsessed American you weeaboo.

No. 170105

She does know that there are Japanese nationals/ethnic groups that are weaboos who are called otaku even in their own home country right?

No. 170106

Lol. This bitch doesn't even look like a drop of Japanese DNA touched her. She looks Hispanic or Filippino. It wouldn't surprise me since she's just another Yuuhi Takahiro.

No. 170107

Make a kawaii Asian boy Facebook profile and add her. She'd probably accept.

Her askfm: http://ask.fm/PrincessSakuraSerenity

No. 170108

It's where the word originated from. I think it's fucking hilarious these idiots think being Asian or Japanese- whatever protects you from being called a weeb.

No. 170109

So many flips with they were Japanese so bad. Hahahaha

No. 170110

File: 1431082605044.jpg (21.09 KB, 587x159, 11139959_818926558172501_58675…)

No. 170111

File: 1431083043658.jpg (55.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 170112

File: 1431083170189.jpg (38.25 KB, 720x960, 10156145_10201757899868500_727…)

No. 170113

File: 1431083300971.jpg (42.54 KB, 689x221, panderingtoidiots.jpg)

No. 170114



Hello. I'm Sakura. I guess you can say I like to read and write, although I am kind of lazy. I'm a fourth year in high school and I have a few really good friends. When I get un-lazy. I'll probably wrte SOMETHING XD.

No. 170115

File: 1431084529380.jpg (77.98 KB, 960x885, 11062260_707918219319271_81334…)

No. 170116

File: 1431084809829.jpg (90.08 KB, 960x885, 11188182_707918239319269_27961…)

No. 170117

lmao what is this

No. 170118

She claims it's her completely original ocs

No. 170119


oh my god looking at this makes me dizzy. all that second hand embarrassment

No. 170120

It's a pretty ok looking OC but the boys look so out of place.

No. 170121

someone's into emo boys

No. 170122

File: 1431114104827.jpg (19.98 KB, 320x240, sailor-moon1.jpg)

How is it good OC? She literally just gave Sailor Moon pink hair and changed her name.

No. 170123

I didn't say it was that good I said it was ok looking.

No. 170124

Weeaboo just means wapanese, it comes from the word filter. Can a half jap be wapanese? Well, maybe, I don't know.

No. 170125

In Japan they use otaku, the equivalent of weaboo. They just call people weebs in their own language. That's what I meant. Weaboo can be synonymous with wapanese or otaku.

No. 170126

lol no

No. 170127

Otaku can be used for people who like anything to an obsessive extent. There are insect otaku.

No. 170128

>i'm an actress and singer
Is there any proof? what the fuck
bitch is jealous of Venus

No. 170129

there are also train otaku

No. 170130

there are also jellyfish otaku and romance of the three kingdoms otaku and kimono otaku.

No. 170131

And car otakus, let's not forget those!

No. 170132

Plane otakus ♥

No. 170133

Sakura Shizukesa
May 9 at 8:30pm ·
So I go to an all girl school and I was talking to one of my classmates as I wrote our essay.
Me: quietly writing essay intensely
Her: talking about boys with our other partner while I am listening as I write … black and white boys are hot.
Me: Oh I have a guy friend who is half black and half white. refering to Kiba
Her: Ooooh do you know his number wink emoticon
Me: I do, but he wouldn't be interesed in you
Her: Are you saying I'm ugly?
Me: No. I'm saying that you'd only have a chance if you had a penis.
Her: So you are saying I can't get him?
Me: …I'm saying he's gay!
Her: … Welp… never mind then.
To be honest, when she said black and white, i was barely paying attention and the first thing that came to my mind are black and white cookies.

No. 170134

File: 1431906852910.jpg (63.68 KB, 581x960, 21891_1049020091794541_5284137…)

more shit art from yours truly

No. 170135

Holy shit that anatomy though TOP KEK

No. 170136

Sakura Shizukesa
May 19 at 2:13pm · Elmsford, NY, United States ·
So I am at work and there is this rude customer was talking to the other customer she came in with. I happen to be adjusting my apron and I hear, "Look at that skinny bitch adjusting her apron." Of course, I was polite to them, but I was more confused than anything. Should I be insulted or flattered to be called a "skinny bitch"??? — feeling confused.

No. 170137

File: 1432577176871.jpg (74.04 KB, 487x527, tumblr_notrkfkdJW1tohezro1_128…)

No. 170138

That is some hardcore denial holy shit

No. 170139

She is a good candidate for the next PT tbh

No. 170140

Her new fb picture for this account

She lightened the shit out of it, and blurred the crap out of her bad skin/fat face

No. 170141

just add some trolls to rile up her jimmies and i agree

No. 170142


No. 170143

File: 1432578199505.jpg (56.55 KB, 477x720, 13493_718692661575160_35761754…)

she commissioned this with money

No. 170144

File: 1432578344983.jpg (58.04 KB, 509x720, 11080925_694769147300845_54631…)

this is a recolor BTW

No. 170145

File: 1432578473582.jpg (30.75 KB, 480x672, 11061310_691252537652506_71450…)

just straight up stolen art
pretending she made it
"omg! i have so many followers! here, have a picture of my character" …

No. 170146

isn't that the MC of cardcaptor sakura?
fucking kek

No. 170147

Reminds me of Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote going nuts over a guy on the train calling her pretty or something, even though he was talking about the girl next to her.

No. 170148

That happened

No. 170149

File: 1432580162846.png (464.06 KB, 800x400, aw.png)

lol her art

No. 170150

She looks like a goddamn cabbage patch kid

No. 170151

more like the philsbury dough boy

No. 170152

I got that reference lmao

No. 170153

Is she even actually half Jap though? Asians love to claim it more because you can't even tell. If they're a huge weeb, claim ~HALF JAPANESE DESU~, and don't speak a lick of Japanese I always have doubts.

No. 170154

she doesn't look mixed? I think she's a wannabe haffu

No. 170155

>today in shit that didn't happen

Sakura Shizukesa
2 hrs · Elmsford, NY, United States ·
6 Japanese men called me and my voice cute at work. That makes me happy.

No. 170156

Sakura Shizukesa
Yesterday at 2:09pm · Elmsford, NY, United States ·
I… I just helped birth a baby… i'm actually crying

No. 170157

united states
the place where japanese men come in droves and can speak perfect english while coincidentally at the same place where she is

No. 170158

No. 170159

No. 170160

File: 1432673876231.jpg (66.67 KB, 641x960, 11351372_718692718241821_62353…)

No. 170161

File: 1432673941247.jpg (39.42 KB, 480x480, 20301_716838315093928_86933682…)

No. 170162

She can't even trace well wtf.

No. 170163

No. 170164

I thought she was one of those Hispanics who look vaguely Asian.

No. 170165

I'm Hispanic like my father came straight from Mexico and I was born in the U.S. I've never seen a Mexican girl that look like that
like a lot of Mexican females have fat faces me included, but that nose is far from Mexican so are those eyes like no lol nah she's not Mexican get the fuck out

No. 170166

she said she's Chinese and then also half Japanese

tbh I would believe maybe it she was half bc her nose looks Asian but the fat face swells up so much you can't tell her face shape

No. 170167

wow, chill out.

No. 170168

chill out about what
wtf are you talking about I was chill from the get go I just swear a lot I wasn't telling you to fuck off
you need to calm down don't take shit personally it's a fuckin anon forum

No. 170169

The word weaboo or the word otaku?

No. 170170

Sakura Shizukesa:

Putting your hair in your face like that in real life gives off the impression that you are unkempt. Frankly it looks gross. You really need to realize that you are NOT an anime chracter so if you try to look and act like one in real life would look stupid unless you already have certain features like VenusAngelic for example.
2 hrs · Like

No. 170171

File: 1432725580786.jpg (68.72 KB, 960x640, 11198509_820381891342528_18963…)


No. 170172

File: 1432725739329.jpg (161 KB, 1248x636, 11195421_820380901342627_93431…)

Sakura editing her pictures to look more jap

No. 170173

File: 1432725769646.jpg (88.23 KB, 679x960, 11195372_820381541342563_21259…)

No. 170174

Sakura Shizukesa
April 28 at 2:38pm ·
Going to prom as Yuki Cross

No. 170175

Sakura Shizukesa added 2 new photos.
April 24 at 5:06pm ·
You know how like in anime, the protagonist has their closest friends that remain with them through thick and thin? When I was a child, I always wanted that. I wanted friends who could always be there for me. I thought I would never though… I'm a crybaby, dense, klutzy, forgetful, lazy, selfish, jealous, rash, and a bunch of other things… but these people were able to over look my vices and still accept me for who I am.

No. 170176

Sakura Shizukesa
April 6 at 7:54pm ·
That feeling when you want to stuff your face, but you don't want to get fat… — feeling bummed.

No. 170177

File: 1432725922020.jpg (100.33 KB, 960x600, 11198900_820385238008860_12497…)

No. 170178

Sakura Shizukesa
March 1 ·
A lot people in my real life are such meanies… ;~; What have I ever done to them…? I need hugs…. — feeling emotional.

No. 170179

File: 1432725976545.jpg (36.48 KB, 641x854, 11212214_820386108008773_12859…)

No. 170180

Sakura Shizukesa added 2 new photos.
January 1 ·
My problem…
I want to be skinny… but I love food.
Sakura Shizukesa
December 29, 2014 ·
I hate that I cry when I'm mad… no one believes I am mad… I cry way too easily. — feeling angry.

No. 170181

Sakura Shizukesa
November 25, 2014 ·
Okay, let's get this straight.
My American name (what my parents named me when they adopted me) is: Grace
My Japanese name (biological name given to me by my BIOLOGICAL parents) is: Sakura Shizuru.
My name is Sakura. Nothing else. I only respond to "Grace" because that is the name on my citizenship and other official papers, but my REAL name is Sakura. Sakura are symbols of grace, which is why my parents named me that. It irritates me that people think I am an otaku because of my name… Please let me remind you that I am Japanese (half. The other half is Chinese) and that Sakura is as common as the name Amanda…… — feeling annoyed.

No. 170182

File: 1432726093565.jpg (18.86 KB, 270x480, 11186294_820387194675331_13112…)

Sakura's boyfriend

No. 170183

File: 1432726163441.jpg (100.64 KB, 720x960, 11216339_820387768008607_16392…)

No. 170184

Sakura Shizukesa Its nothing u will understand
July 19, 2012 at 12:48am · Like
Sakura Shizukesa Its my facebook, I can post whatever I want unless im hurting anyone, so dont pick on me. Please and thank you.
July 19, 2012 at 12:51am · Like
Sakura Shizukesa Please stop troling me, in fact, I rather a troll than cyberbullies
July 19, 2012 at 12:53am · Like

No. 170185

Sakura Shizukesa
March 24, 2012 ·
Oh how I love my dad!
My mom makes dinner and it's a dish I HATE but I eat anyway. All I had was white rice, but I didn't touch the main dish. My dad notices, and he knows I hate it so he stops his dinner and starts cooking my a small, little dish just for me so I can eat. My mom keeps silent as she keeps eating, but my dad made sure I got somthing to eat before he did. I love my dad!!! heart emoticon I love you, daddy.

No. 170186

Sakura Shizukesa
January 2, 2012 ·
If I died, I know you won't cry for me. You won't even think of me. You'll live your life as you do now. Even the short memories we had, they would mean nothing to you. If I die, your tears would never fall for me…
But if YOU died, I would die by drowning…in all my tears.

No. 170187

biological name? lol.

No. 170188

Princess Sakura VA
Princess Sakura Serenity
Princess Serenity
Byakugan Hime
Princess Sakura
Grace Anne Yangco

No. 170189

It's about fourth time I've heard "I am just adopted in Amurica cuz I'm Japanese and my real name is (something so stereotypically Japanese it hurts) u guise srsly!!!" story. I think this is one of the last steps to being completely delusional lolcow and nothing else.
I tell ya, this is the next PT. I am sure of it.

No. 170190

Oh wow that dude's(?) outfit is a total ripoff of Shinji's outfit from Persona 3. Also dat anatomy lol.

No. 170191

Aaand I'm fresh out. This is from what I saved before she made her past activity on facebook private. Anyone have any idea how to look at other stuff? She won't accept friend requests.

No. 170192

Its sort of cute how weeaboo this looks.

No. 170193

I don't think this weeb knows how adoption works. When you are adopted as a baby they usually don't tell you your name. Hell usually parents who give their babies up for adoption don't even name their kid, the adoption agency gives them a name. If you are a fully aware child they don't even let you know what your birth parents last name is to prevent the kid from looking for the parents who don't want them.

No. 170194

Is this a trace over or something? IDK

No. 170195

Is this from Naruto, these poses?

No. 170196

I was actually thinking Sailormoon, which is totally not what her OC looks like at all. I'm at work, so I can't really look for the screencap.

No. 170197

Yeah I know it's a Sailor Moon OC but the poses reminded me of Naruto and Sakura.

No. 170198

Sakura Shizukesa
17 hrs ·
everyone in my school is so beautiful for prom… my confidence is shattered — feeling depressed.

No. 170199


I asked the OC 'question'.
I tried to send another:

No. Your OC is a carbon COPY of Serenity. All you did was give her different hair.

But it won't let me without logging in, which is weird because the first time I asked a question it just let me. I'm guessing she changed it so you need an account or facebook to ask questions now.

No. 170200

I used an extra email and a weebish username and asked her why she recolored Usagi's hair. And played dumb saying that her 2 daughters aren't named Sakura. I swear I did this shit when i was 12 and I never shared it online.

No. 170201

She tries way too fucking hard.


At around 1:40, the worker asks her "What's your name?" She replies with "Grace, but that's my American name." [Worker says something I can't make out. "You can put Sakura."

No. 170202

She does this fake giggle so much trying so hard to be kawaii

No. 170203

I want to know the story on how they got together, because she's definitely the type that guilt trips her boyfriend (saying this because I'm that type lmao)
In the video when you make your bear, you gotta do this stupid heart shit and she's like "You have to do it, don't you love me???!!!?"

No. 170204

uuuuuuuuuugggggggh the video begins and she's talking normally, but then as it goes on she goes into one of those baby voices where her pitch gets higher and annoying why do girls do that it sounds so stupid

No. 170205

she really named the bear after her boyfriend and put his full name up on youtube ok

No. 170206


No. 170207

they've been dating since september 24th 2013 and she's going on to say that they'll be together forever

who wants to break it to her that highschool relationships don't last

No. 170208

oh my fucking god, that was hard to watch. The piano melody at the end…

No. 170209

File: 1433197771691.jpg (60.51 KB, 641x640, 11257739_1058807224149161_3649…)

No. 170210

Why the emotional background music?

No. 170211

How does a scrub like her even have a boyfriend?

No. 170212

Damn she erased her left eye almost completely

No. 170213

I think she's supposed to be winking…

No. 170214

File: 1433358150389.jpg (63.39 KB, 641x640, 11391109_1058807434149140_3625…)

No. 170215

Her bf rly isn't good looking either https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLBhZ_Nabo4

No. 170216

My mom knew her original name before she was adopted but her parents adopted her when she was five.

No. 170217

Is Sakura actually a common name in Japan tho? I've heard that it's very common for japanese girls to have names that ends with a -ko like Yukiko, Mamiko, Akiko etc. But I've never actually met a real person named Sakura.

No. 170218

It used to be popular but nowadays it's considered old-fashioned to have a name ending with -ko.

No. 170219

One of my Japanese friends from elementary to middle school was named Sakura Suzuki.
In hindsight, it sounds like some fake weeb name.

No. 170220

Ah, figures. The person that told me that was my middle aged Japanese teacher.


Sakura seems to be a default weeabo name. Along with Yami and Ai.

I mean, I've seen people that have Sakura as a surname but it seems to be less common as a first name. Maybe it will get more popular now as some Japanese parents are starting to name their kids after anime characters and whatnot but I don't believe for a second that it's as popular as Amanda.

No. 170221


I read a couple of years ago (when I was in my weeaboo stage and was looking up japanese names) that Sakura as a name, especially written only in Hiragana, got very popular when Card Captor Sakura was published/the Anime aired. The manga ran from '96 to '00, so that wave of kids is relatively young.

No. 170222

File: 1433676928966.jpg (23.14 KB, 507x134, tumblr_nocw31j8wr1qcs2woo1_128…)

No. 170223

File: 1433768076837.jpg (67.33 KB, 960x730, 10488209_721471064630653_13291…)

all she put in the description was "me and one of my very best friends", holy shit.

No. 170224

File: 1433768110043.jpg (55.1 KB, 800x863, 11351272_723484654429294_10927…)

No. 170225

After seeing who she shacks her ORIGINAL CHARACTER up with, I'm interested to know who it's base off of?
because it looks nothing like her boyfriend >>170112

No. 170226

File: 1434048429424.jpg (27.07 KB, 434x480, 1452337_619340884774992_174246…)

Her "best friend", sam garrett

No. 170227

File: 1434897152069.jpg (62.54 KB, 486x486, 11428047_1071531349543415_6607…)

No. 170228

that photoshop jfc
she needs to lay off the mei app

No. 170229

File: 1437582769699.jpg (26.91 KB, 641x641, 11754235_1088598077836742_5983…)

No. 170230

>that girl in the background

No. 170231

File: 1466919609753.png (487.26 KB, 596x544, ahh.png)


Nayelie Nieves2 weeks ago
NICE SONG WHAT IS THE NAME (btw your faces looks fat sorry love your singing)


No. 170232

Her wanted name is apparently sakura but I think her real name is actually Grace Yangco or something. saw it on one of her FB profile pics lol

No. 170233

LOL at “Shizukesa” (literally 静けさ'quietness').
Could've at least chosen an actual family name.
If she wanted a Japanese name with the same meaning (in sound at least), the closest to this “Shizukesa Sakura 静けさ桜” would probably be Sakurai Shizuka 桜井静香, which, you know, is a real name.
(sage-ing for useless info, sorry)

No. 170234

File: 1467060014318.jpg (30.51 KB, 400x400, tumblr_lz2btxN7Jm1r058cd.jpg)

Just watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ5pFy3oq8U

I feel like she made it only to milk attention from the Orlando shooting. Nothing she says sounds genuine and her fake sounding stutter pisses me off! Fuck this bitch, yes, I'm salty

No. 170235

I'm some angles she looks like Aki dearest-

No. 170236

seems like shitty vendetta or selfpost

No. 170237

this doesn't sound sincere at all

No. 170238

that was interesting, actually

No. 170239

All these weeaboo stagenames sound like strippers

No. 170240

This video literally sounds like an attempt to further her "voice acting" in all honesty. Absolutely disgusting. Also not the "so sad" music in the background of her talking.

No. 170241

kek it's utau from shugo chara

No. 170242

File: 1467409149634.jpg (31.65 KB, 500x376, ugh.jpg)

Ugh cut the bs. Stop trying to speak like a uggu anime gurl while discussing a topic like this. Its gross.

No. 170243

File: 1468146230995.png (44.06 KB, 491x500, drama.png)


Apparently her and some 12 year old got into a fight on YouTube. Does this chick ever not have drama surrounding her?

No. 170244


12 year old kid crying over Sakura sending drama over to her

No. 170245

Yangco is a Filipino last name. you know, i've been suspicious that she's probably full Chinese and just lies about being half Japanese, but now that I look up that name she definitely looks like she could be Filipino instead.

No. 170246

File: 1468156576589.jpg (96.29 KB, 800x600, friendshipended.jpg)

No. 170247

She definitely looks like she's Filipino.

No. 170248

inb4 claiming she's adopted and truly 100% Japanese

No. 170249

if you search the name Grace Yangco on Facebook, her Serenity Shizukesa account shows up. There are also other people with that name and they're all from the Philippines. this makes her "i'm not a weeb because I'm Japanese" claims so much funnier

No. 170250

What's with Filipinos lying about their ethnicity? I used to go to school with some chick that went around saying she was half-Spanish half-Japanese. Shit was weird. Sage for derail, mb.

No. 170251

Realized it is because they think asians are ranked for some reason. Everybody in the west puts Japanese #1 on a pedestal and so on and so forth. Sorry to derail

No. 170252

Filipino here. The Asian hierarchy is real, and goes as such:


>Chinese & Korean
>all other Asians

You'd be amazed how racist Asians can be to other Asians. I'm fully Americanized and so are both my parents but my grandma fucking hates Koreans and still shittalks them whenever she is given the chance in conversation. There's a comedian named Amy Wong who has a special on Netflix and she has a funny but about it, also Tom Segura touches on it in his newer Netflix special (the LA one).

No. 170253

Can't stop laughing about this cow

No. 170254

she started well but then it turned in a horrible nightmare KEK

No. 170255

No….otaku is the equivalent of 'obsessive dork/nerd' and isn't limited to anime/japanese things like weeaboo

No. 170256

No. 170257

Hmmmm what makes this girl different from any other fantasy-obsessed 18-year-old weeaboo? I've acted like her in my middle school days, why not let her enjoy her fantasy anime life in peace?

No. 170258

that forced voice and fake ass animu tone is REALLY cringey, jfc.

she says she was adopted in China at 14 months by a Filipino family. At 14 months she remembers her birth name is "Sakura Shizukesa"…. not convinced at all. She wouldn't be the first person to claim her real parents are "adoptive parents" because she's embarrassed of them

No. 170259

I don't even know this chick but
>I'm half Japanese half Chinese but I was adopted by a Filipino family

You WISH, you self hating pinoy

No. 170260

File: 1468705515111.jpg (45.47 KB, 539x960, 13680880_927238460720578_46510…)

her posting screen shots from her FB page

No. 170261

File: 1468705598707.jpg (40.51 KB, 539x960, 13690744_927238467387244_36917…)

apparently she thinks it's romantic to post what her bf says in private to her public FB page in which everyone is pretty much under the age of 15

No. 170262

File: 1468705690318.jpg (46.55 KB, 539x960, 13697081_927238484053909_76701…)

telling her "he gets off to her"

No. 170263

She makes drama with autistic 15 year olds public and gets her "fans" to harass them, is almost in her 20s, is in college and claims she's a mature adult, boasts about how popular she is, boasts about being Japanese/Chinese when she's Filipino, boasts about how much money she makes from YouTube, acts like she's a spoiled middle schooler and is ultimately cringey. The list could honestly go on, too. The chick is just a bad egg. I've also seen her flip out on her fans, put them down, harass them, and treat them as if they're lower than her. Just go through her YouTube videos and see how she responds to them sometimes.

The problem here is you saying "I acted like her in my MIDDLE SCHOOL DAYS" even though she's barely in her teenage years anymore.

No. 170264


She sounds like a Filipino Pixy-Teri, kek.

No. 170265

File: 1468730766316.png (397.82 KB, 600x602, 13427781_906842389426852_46338…)

Looks like one, too, kek.

No. 170266

File: 1468731055677.png (34.25 KB, 479x410, fss.png)

She has such great potential to be a cow, it's hilarious

now her "bulimia" is triggered

No. 170267

>tw: bullemia

No. 170268

do people with tw usually screenshot the comments and publicize it on Facebook for ass pats? i would think they wouldn't want to see it again or talk about it lol

No. 170269

That's what someone who isn't an attention whore would do. Anyone who is in the least bit will publicize their tw's as best they can.

No. 170270

File: 1468908336293.jpg (95.28 KB, 540x960, 11295639_10204436187084835_339…)

pic of her and her BF from her BF's facebook page

No. 170271

File: 1468909152202.png (59.04 KB, 558x794, wtf.png)

This chick has enough money to save up for a 10k vacation in ONE year but cannot afford to buy herself a 300 microphone? wtf… talk about using her fans to get shit

No. 170272

File: 1468909349061.png (193.43 KB, 930x670, holy shit.png)

and she's selling terribly designed shirts with font she probably didn't even purchase… and "#SakuraPride?" what the fuck is that suppose to mean? She's not a social movement

No. 170273

File: 1468909551248.jpg (31.33 KB, 270x480, wtf1.jpg)

her posting more drama to her public FB page??? how much attention does this girl need?

No. 170274

File: 1468909640664.jpg (68.17 KB, 540x960, wtf2.jpg)

No. 170275

File: 1468910046784.png (82.45 KB, 499x265, wtf3.png)

this is from last year, but holy shit, looks like she even talks shit about her jobs and makes it public

hate to get into an argument with this chick

No. 170276

She actually makes a decent amount on youtube (surprisingly) so she definitely doesn't need the money for equipment

No. 170277

lmao and she gets so offended at being called fat?

No. 170278

Holy shit. She claims someone called her a skinny bitch? Nope. Reading this thread I thought she was only mildly chubby with a super fat face like some Asians, but she's a genuine lard.

And god damn it with that body shape and dress choice. Most teens choose ugly prom dresses from the department store clearance rack, but why not get a fucking princess cut/empire waist?!

No. 170279

Man she's got a weird ass body shape
her upper torso is really disproportionate from her bottom she looks like a oversized mermaid.

No. 170280

Jesus tap dancing Christ. Her voice is so cringe inducing. The way she tries her best to sound like a shitty English dub voice actor is painful.

No. 170281


Is that boyfriend confirmed real?

No. 170282

Nevermind, should've read the whole thread before posting.

And, damn, she's even more fat than her face-only pics already implied.

No. 170283

File: 1472575013107.png (822.95 KB, 880x1158, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.3…)

No. 170284

File: 1472575194900.png (234.1 KB, 542x503, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.3…)

No. 170285

No. 170286



No. 170287

File: 1472576323122.png (419.16 KB, 596x655, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.5…)

…..no words for this

No. 170288

No. 170289

Big? More like beady

No. 170290

It's 2016 and she still edits like retards from 10 years ago. Embarrassing.

No. 170291

Maybe they would if she actually wore eyeliner and false lashes like you are supposed to with circle lenses to avoid looking like a fish.

No. 170292

how does one shoop this badly

No. 170293

looks so filipino

No. 170294

why do i feel like we have a new berry in the making, soon she will be saying she lives in mansions and her family comes from Japanese royalty and stuff.

No. 287192

within the first couple of seconds she lifts her skirt and you can see her fucking gross ass underwear wtf

No. 445535

File: 1513471212687.jpg (181.51 KB, 1600x900, Hmmmm Interesting.jpg)

Well it appears she is causing more drama. She apparently broke off ties with her so-called brother, Benemetrix (His YouTube Channel Name), She deleted all traces of him on her Instagram and in that place left this message

No. 449341

I've just realized that I've seen this cunt a fews time while she was working in LA.

No. 451065

I mean Benimetrix ( https://www.youtube.com/user/Benimetrix )

I screwed the name up

Yeah she cut ties with him for some reason

No. 451784

Is he as cringey as she is or something?

No. 452282

Not as cringy but more like someone who looked like he gave up everything to be with this bitch. I honestly feel sorry for him.

No. 456238

Looking at his stuff, it actually seems like he HAS talent.

No. 457982

>Aren't you just fat

A prize for this girl, please

What the heck is she winning about, she is fat, and looks like she does nothing about it
also RP with your boyfriend….

No. 458075

Her "rant" blog where she bitches and moans about dumb shit. She whines about how people leave her but doesn't do anything about her shitty personality xD

No. 458431

Yeah I don’t know why he associated with that bitch.

No. 460128

I saw her recently there too. She works at the anime shop in Little Tokyo. We were shopping and she butt into a conversation my friend and I were having about CCS to talk about her cosplays instead of doing her job on a busy day.

I was also at an event before where she was and dear god I could tell the staff was appalled by her weeby behavior. She also was incredibly insecure of the other cosplayers there when she arrived simpler costume. I was polite towards her when she tried making excuses about why she didn't wear a different costume since some of us were in more ornate things, not that it mattered to us. Honestly I am glad that she didn't recognize me out of cosplay.

No. 463493

Damn I so sorry. I hope she got reprimanded for not doing her job.

No. 467051

LOL this fatass lives at my apartment complex. One of these days I should go up to her and act like one of her weeby fans

No. 468313

I actually remember one of her live streams she said that she watches Venus Angelic. Maybe thats where she got her cringe and Weeabooness from?

No. 469382

I saw her too. She was totally fake when she was talking to a customer, and I could tell the other coworkers were only tolerating her.

No. 469484

Judging from her impulsiveness on her money, her bipolar attitude (saw someone on another post say she acted nice on a live stream, and the immediately turned rude, angry etc) and her constant mood swings from her posts, I'm gonna go on a whim and say she either had bipolar disorder or disassociative identity disorder. Just a theory though

No. 469495

That or she's autistic xD(xD)

No. 469503

If she is that impulsive with her money then WHY is she and her boyfriend and (Until last month) Brother in California? Last time I checked apartments are not cheap there at all.

No. 470449

Her boyfriend had a Twitch livestream today. Someone mentioned Benimetrix and he said he left California due to Financial problems.

Uhh…. yeah if that was the case WHY did your Princess delete her pictures of him off her instagram. If that was the case, then just say he left due to money issues. You don't have to delete his pictures of your instagram. That just makes you look like a complete bitch.

He made two Live streams today on twitch. that question is on the the first one today.

His Twitch Channel is…..Princess Sakura Serenity. That's just stupid. the only way to have your Boyfriend Play games is to have YOUR channel name as the Gamer Tag.

No. 470478

She took that post down….. Is she lurking here?

No. 470897

She took down her tumblr too

No. 470909

Damn she must have said too much about something for her to delete them both. Maybe she said something about Ben or someone else that could have affected her negatively so she hid it

I wish the internet wayback machine worked for her stuff

No. 476619

I honestly hope her "journey" on becoming a voice actress fails. Her acting is terrible, and we don't need them in our current anime dubs.

No. 476791

Especially when she acts like a baby. My god that was cringy


Watch this you'll see what I mean. A part of me think this might be a strange kink when
she and her fiance are in between the sheets

No. 476794

I didnt see the YouTube catcher but here it is

No. 477265

She took down the video. Shit she does lurk here

No. 479757

Heads up. She abandoned her Facebook and is on a new account named "Juliet Belle"
She REALLY can't let this "Princess" thing go….

No. 479850

links/caps or it didnt happen

No. 480194

She changed it again and now its Serenity Yangco and she made this little post on facebook (Censored and cut out Personal Info for Privacy reasons)

No. 480195

File: 1516813454054.png (218.28 KB, 1600x900, Yangco1.png)

No. 480196

File: 1516813468793.png (551.16 KB, 1600x900, Yangco2.png)

No. 480810

Here is the new Link for her new Facebook


No. 483471

Ugh, what is WITH that profile picture? Bitch, you ain't pretty, cute or sexy, so STOP trying

No. 483997

I think she wants to attempt to be an playboy bunny.

No. 484007

Apparently she agrees with you. Look at how filtered the picture is.

No. 501180

Honestly, I'm only friends with her at this point because of pity. She's a terrible person irl.

No. 502475

Watch what you say. She lurks around here

No. 503070

Really? How did you come across her?

No. 503195

No. 503736


No. 503786

She gets asshurt too easily. Is there anything recent with her though?

No. 511011

One day there's going to be a sequel to Split, and it will be ALL about her.

No. 511152

Or Monster, But you know she will kill her BF first and everyone else on her team

No. 511744

Or Monster, But you know she will kill her BF first and everyone else on her team

No. 513883

She's going to get EVERYONE around her killed. Probably won't matter to her though as it seems like she just uses people all the time.

No. 514381

>>513883 Man she is definitely gonna go full blown Aileen Wuornos or some other Psychopath the way she acts.

No. 515024

I dunno if anyone else has mentioned this. But one day she had a Livestream where she was gonna display some of her Cosplay stuff. However when she was changing into her cosplay. She LEFT THE CAMERA ON AS SHE WAS CHANGING. When she finally realised she started to cry and turned off the livestream.

That was embarrassing and honestly I dunno if anyone saw it and felt the same way. But I felt really uncomfortable watching it

No. 515897

No one should be exposed to that whale of a body. Disgusting

No. 516763

Are you FUCKING kidding me? She has TONS of underage fans watching her (for some reason) Hell, my little brother watches her. I'm so fucking disgusted, there's no way in hell I'm letting him near that atrocity anymore.

No. 518451

Given how she gets you are doing your little brother a favor. Just make sure he doesnt find out about Jessica Nigri either

No. 527498

She has Bikini pictures posted on her Instagram. I need therapy after seeing all that.

No. 527663

I wonder how she can live on knowing she cheating on her boyfriend. That's right, she cheated on him when she used to go to my university (she's quite famous around here) From what I remember, she had to go to the ER because her brother and boyfriend found out about it. How despicable

No. 527810

Wow what? I need caps or proof

No. 528223

Let's make something clear, Ben was never her actual brother and this crazy ass bitch was dragging him down and I bet even abusing him. She was super obsessive over him in general so I'm glad he left this bitch.

No. 528707

How do you know about this?

No. 528742

For someone who has DID, she's a terrible actress

No. 528745

there's no real drama here and no one is posting images or caps to prove it. This entire thread reeks of vendetta, this Sakura person is a literal ugly nobody on the internet.

Idk what she did to you guys but you're probably in her inner friend circle? Grow up and find better friends, you could always just not be friends with this clearly mentally retarded person.

No. 529206

File: 1521057409953.jpg (479.4 KB, 757x612, LuGYH.jpg)

i hope someone actually complies like a video of all the proof that shes insane and doesn't know what the hell shes doing is egotistical fake and constantly looks down on others. She will never make it to the actual voice acting community if she keeps going down the path she is going now. i can cofirm that other persons statement that she cheated on her fiance in uniifversity and i knew her really well before she moved to Cali in fact i knew her in person and I watched as she got obssesed over Ben who she basically forced the role of her "brother" onto him. But i wont post anything here because i dont need that crazy bitch to use her underage miraculous ladybug fandom to attack me because its obvious she wants to attack but maybe i can post one thing to make it clear i know what im talking i got some solid shit and guess what "princess" i have more https://imgur.com/a/LuGYH(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 529211


No. 529215


No. 529335

Okay wow damn

No. 529375

Wish you'd post more milk, anon. But don't fill in the name/email next time.

No. 529384

File: 1521066389514.jpg (48.25 KB, 905x1124, IMG_2640.JPG)


No. 529417

>i knew her really well before she moved
>i knew her in person

The fact you were even close to this delusional cow means you're probably as delusional and crazy as she is lol, do us a favor and go to therapy

No. 529531

Not necessarily. She gives off a vibe of innocence and hides what she truly is to people. I doubt the people in the industry even knows how she truly is

No. 529570

Lmfao'd at "I'm polyamorous", bitch, is your FIANCE poly? What a cow

No. 529606

This was after he was forced to move back

No. 529644

in love with a married man?

No. 530718

Wow, I think we know why Ben left this bitch. I wonder if her Fiance truly knows why?

No. 530816

This. Thank you anon.
I want some milk, like all of us, but here there's no caps, no context…just a bunch of (underaged?) vendetta-chans. Sad.

polite sage

No. 533759

I will say this. She is exactly like her mother.

No. 533785

You have no idea how much that saying triggers her xD(xD)

No. 533920

Uh… How do you know that exactly?

No. 533923

File: 1521567374703.jpg (40.97 KB, 583x583, Cg-uflkWwAIsmN5[1].jpg)

cause the whole thread is vandetta-chans at this point.

No. 533946

It would appear so.

No. 534975

I'm not saying it to trigger her. I'm saying it because that's how it is

No. 548865

I've known about this page for a while, and I've never commented on it until now just so I can say that this is false. Me and her did NOT leave on a good note, and although financial problems were partly the reason, the main reason was that we had a falling out.

No. 548927

What happened? If she was calling you her brother she must have done something pretty crazy to cause a falling out…

No. 549179

So now you understand what a victim playing manipulative cunt she is?

No. 549231

What really happened this brah? I'm more focused on the facts rather than small insults on her because I think were just trying to figure out who she really is rather than what shes showing people when the camera is on for the world to see.

No. 549280

>>548865 Oh wow. What happened that caused the fallout. You don't have to give an expose. Just give some facts

No. 549296

She did not leave a first good impression, hell, even during livestreams she kinda slips out the "real" her rather than the usual "persona" she created. She goes by alotta names, but "princess" shouldn't be one of them. I've been keeping an eye out for the sake of her possibly interacting with any of my friends because I don't want her to do to them what shes done to hers that she may or will end up replacing.

No. 549823

File: 1523213867417.jpg (6.78 KB, 400x166, vDMbYLv_d.jpg)

Just in case Imgur takes it down

No. 549825

File: 1523213914949.jpg (3.88 KB, 640x64, hl37Laf_d.jpg)

No. 551359

It sucks that she gets to live freely in California, living her do called dream while he had to pack up and move back to his state. She needs to get what she deserves…

No. 551481

Hi losers with no lives! I know Serenity in real life and actually hung out with her today. I have hung out with her a number of times and she is friends with my younger sibling. I admit, her voice can be really forced at times and she tries to get the center of attention in our group but honestly? Is this something to create a whole hate page about? Nitpicking her over the stupidest and smallest shit?? No.

Even though her voice can get a bit annoying, it still has its merits and her 300k+ subscribers on youtube are proof. Personally not a fan, but to each their own. She is generally a nice person and wouldnt do half the shit mentioned in this thread. You guys are just reading wayyyy too much into it and trying to find the SMALLEST reason to hate her. You guys look so desperate.

In all the times i have hung out with her, the worst thing i discovered about her is that she has a messy apartment. Thats it. She doesnt shit talk about any of our friends. She doesnt put them down about their appearances or personalities. She compliments peoples cosplays and efforts. She is a nice host. When one of her cats scratched my allergic bf, she went out of her way to ensure he was okay and even whipped out meds.

So what if she acts and thinks she is a kawaii half japanese girl? At least she is spending time doing what she loves rather than acting like a bunch of jealous cunts on the internet like you guys are. If anything you guys are worse, putting your time and energy into bullying a girl with body image issues. At least she can fix her appearance but all of you guys have ugly personalities and attitudes that will stick with you forever.

The reason i found this page was because she vented to me about how people in her life were telling her to "get over" the insults posted online about her. She mentioned there was a whole hate page about her, and thats so sad. Its so sad that her friends were telling her to just "get over" someone like that when in reality no human should get accustomed to that sort of thing. Would you be able to?

Also, bullying someone until they lash out and act out of character is the dumbest hobby i have ever heard of.

Peace losers! Hopefully you all will one day realize how much time you wasted on here for no reason other than to bully a young girl with a dream of voice acting. Extra shame points if youre over 24 and still doing this dumb shit lol. Thats it.

No. 551484

Congratulations, you just made things more shitty for your friend by drawing attention to her thread and garnering more peoples interest. You accomplished nothing positive.

No. 551509

>your friend
It's clearly her selfposting

No. 551511

I was being both generous and equal parts sarcastic

No. 552260

File: 1523416118542.png (290.18 KB, 500x630, d2f034eb56fbf783a9c55fb30db0f0…)

Hi Sakura Serenity its seems like your trying to damage control.

No. 552273

> At least she is spending time doing what she loves

I mean, honestly, this is true.

No. 552281

You haven't hung out with her enough. Trust me, I know exactly how she is and she absolutely WOULD do all of that crap. I bet you don't even know 99% of who she really is because of her fake persona she puts on so she can trick people about how she ACTUALLY is. I bet you don't even know who her ex-best friend before Ben was, or what her actual relationship with Ben was like. MY advice for you? Get out. Ben made that same mistake you're making and it ended shitty for him, and it'll end shitty for you

No. 552289

Oh, and one more thing. She's had multiple opportunities to change herself for the better, but she's never taken any of them because she is in fact a cold hearted piece of shit who only does "good" things only to make herself look good. She is NOT a good person whatsoever. She bad mouths her friends a LOT. She bad mouthed Ben to me, she's bad mouthed people who use to be friends with her to me and a group chat of over 20 other people. She's not that "innocent angel" you think she is, or how she tries to portray herself. She's a heartless, manipulative bitch who knows exactly what she does to people, yet doesn't do ANYTHING to change how she is. She may say that she does, but she really REALLY doesn't because that would require EFFORT. So yeah, fuck her. It's your choice whether or not you want to stay with her, but I'm warning you, you'll lose yourself when you find out how she really is, and you'll find yourself being manipulated and lied to. I would know

No. 552302

How do you know all of this? Were you once friends with her? Honestly I came here after hearing about the Benimetrix Drama and reading all of this makes me feel bad for him and other people involved with her. Including her boyfriend who I think is alright.

Plus she is friends with this guy named RileyChaseFox who I think is alright as well. I hope he wasn’t laughing or wasn’t there in that group call badmouthing Ben and the others because that would be disappointing he seems cool

No. 552307

My identity doesn't matter. I will say however that I use to be really good friends with both her.

No. 552313

So what happened? In that group call you dont have to say names just tell us what happened and how bad did it get?

No. 552318

My intentions are only to show that these speculations are true, and how she truly is as a person.(read the rules)

No. 552541

Okay. But if what her WK says is true then, She is an Idiot too. She knew that her friends BF was allergic to cats yet she never bothered to put them up and still let them around someone who is allergic. How can her WK Defend that

No. 553473

File: 1523546660050.png (168.22 KB, 640x1136, FF4EEF69-BF5F-4A7B-99AE-43DDE8…)

She’s Backtracking on her Half Japanese Claim now all because of a DNA test that’s an Over The Counter test

No. 553488

You only need to capitalise proper nouns anon, it's not good to have an idiosyncratic typing style on these kinds of websites.

No. 553733

Thanks for that. I don't take DNA tests like 23andme and Ancestry seriously, so she shouldn't really take the results as truth.

I mean, who would?

No. 553737

>tfw those tests said i am half japanese, depsite being only 1/4th

wew lad. who takes those seriously anyways?

No. 562562


No. 562565


No. 562566


No. 562567


No. 562568


No. 562570


No. 562571


No. 562572


No. 562811

What's with all these blank posts?

No. 573784

File: 1525461671501.png (140.23 KB, 640x1136, 9E943F78-F91F-49AC-AA9B-98E6D4…)

No. 573785

File: 1525461687774.png (132.8 KB, 640x1136, E71AD01C-98DE-4EC4-AB44-6E6C30…)

No. 573786

File: 1525461697460.png (131.7 KB, 640x1136, 255DBC73-5F0C-4A12-9B37-74E59A…)

No. 573787

File: 1525461704512.png (121.41 KB, 640x1136, 446FC815-3E66-4818-A43F-677447…)

No. 573844

Nice one, way to put that pressure on your boyfriend. Fuck sake. "Btw babe if you see me about to off myself can you stop me pls? thx ily!"

No. 573869

File: 1525469540682.png (300.25 KB, 500x430, wow.png)

No. 574743

What's worse is, he's probably stuck with her. If he were to express any interest in leaving her, she'd probably threaten to kill herself.

No. 574802

He should have jumped ship when she started going nuts the first time.

No. 574843

Looked at a few livestreams and concluded that she has a tendency to tell exaggerated stories that never happened.

No. 575149

She has been doing more livestreams and loading less videos lately though. I was a fan once but even I can tell things aren't the way they used to be. But ,from reading all of this, I think she needs to go dark and seek help.

No. 586524


Her "rant" blog's new URL if anyone's curious.

No. 586891

Hahaha, "angel"? No. No she is not. She's a demon. Plain and simple, and she will always be

No. 586920

My god, most of her rant Tumblr is just practically suicide threats. She needs to get help.

No. 587964

Tumblr's gone.

No. 589843

File: 1526861726716.png (504.91 KB, 640x1136, C00A80AD-E504-4E44-8FFD-A97C00…)

She is trying to go dark

No. 594619

File: 1527369538585.png (219.27 KB, 640x1136, 5DB2A81E-E797-4076-978C-2E6BC2…)

She’s back

No. 602116

File: 1528159545334.jpg (128.18 KB, 1366x768, Welly Well Well.jpg)

Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But RileyChaseFox might not be as innocent as he seems. I was looking on his Twitter for new videos and I found this

Well, the person asking seemed to take it in stride. But this might be evidence that RileyChaseFox is a homophobic asswipe.

The princess seems to surround herself with all kinds of snakes.

No. 640478

She just announced that she and her fiancee broke off the engagement and they broke up.

No. 640890

Screen caps?

No. 641221

none Im afraid she deleted the stream soonafter

No. 647611

Wow…REALLY shitty of her to screw two guys over who just wanted to pursue their dreams…

No. 647753

sakura is immature and is far from being a princess. she is delusional if she believes herself to be one. years ago she got mad at her friend who went by MewDezziMew at the time and made a new youtube channel to bully her and make fun of her. calling her a fat loser and making an expose video showing that dezzi fakes her voice. she does fake her voice but that is not the point. it was long ago and I cant find it now but you can always ask Dezzi about it. She goes by LittleRinnyChan now. its funny how much sakura projected on her in that situation considering she is fake and fakes the kawaii anime moe voice herself. she was borderline obsessive over picking on girls with high voices. she bullied every girl with a high voice saying they were faking and telling them to talk normal and calling them liars if they disagreed with her. I saw her making fun of them all the time in group chats and on her social media but also would suck up to people like Raspdere since she had subs and that gives her a right to have a real kawaii voice. it makes me sick to see her act like shes a pure princess angel when she is really just a bully that hurts people. she talks about cyber bulling when she is a cyber bully herself. im almost ashamed to be in the same state as her.

No. 648318

idk i think she looks just like CL

No. 648961

Someone mailed me this morning about Sakura and what happened between her and Ben and to some extent Isa

The tipster got involved with the whole debacle again after they found out that Sakura (or Grace as the Tipster chose to call her and to Clarify from here on out) had been hospitalized from… something. They heard this through someone in her discord server, and before that had tried to avoid anything involving her. They asked Isa what was going on and he gave them the run-down that she and Ben had gotten into it and she had a breakdown and had to go to the hospital and that it was 70% Ben's fault because he slammed the door in her face in the middle of a conversation which… didn't sound like Ben at all. He's a very sweet kid and doesn't tend to just start shit. So They asked Ben directly, and he told them the truth: she had cornered him while he was getting ready for work and she was yelling at him about something they don't even remember ( They do have the screenshots of what he told them however due to privacy reasons they did not share them) and he told her he was done and needed to get to work and he shut his door so he could change into his work clothes, she BARGED INTO HIS ROOM, he somehow got her out and she went into her room and started screaming. Isa did NOT witness any of this and took Grace's word for it before going to Ben and giving him shit for it and actually convinced Ben for awhile that it was mostly his fault. That was when the tipster knew something wasn't right.
After several weeks of poking and prodding at both Ben and Isa, and with some help from a friend who had access to Grace's profiles that The Tipster didn't (They had her blocked on practically everything) They determined that there was a hierarchy of abuse going on. Grace was at the top and mistreating both Isa and Ben, and Isa was mistreating Ben because that shit tends to trickle down that way. Ben was being yelled at, blamed for everything, forced to do pretty much all the housework, and anytime Grace had a breakdown it was somehow Ben's fault. She had also forced him onto their family cell plan, and at some point actually lied and said that T-Mobile let her read his messages so she could "get the truth out of him" that he was telling the tipster everything that was going on in that house. It wasn't just a falling out or financial issues, he was being emotionally abused and is still trying to recover from it.

No. 648976

File: 1532719430271.jpg (3.74 MB, 4032x3024, 20171003_111659.jpg)

This was their apartment before they moved and Ben was still with them. NONE of these belonged to him

No. 648977

This was when I visited one time, I haven't really been back there since

No. 648989

This is disgusting.

No. 649948

File: 1532831319781.png (966.97 KB, 640x1136, 1DE17A9C-91C4-4F9E-8DA1-862417…)

Here is the princess from ten years ago wow she has become a nutso

No. 649952

File: 1532831535328.png (784.37 KB, 640x1136, 88D1FF40-BC13-485E-B874-DC8A30…)

Yeah Sakura you are not Venus Angelic.

No. 650053

jfc, i thought that was a man in the first photo. (is that a stache?) She's homely af

No. 650226

Thats what I thought too. I guess her fiancee got tired of shaving it every days just to kiss her

No. 651415

Let me give you the tea here. It all started when I became friends with Marianne and she introduced me to Miraculous Ladybug. I started searching around and I really liked the show. I started looking on YouTube and came across the infamous Princess Sakura Serenity. I didn't like her voice so I didn't subscribe, and I moved on. I didn't look back and forgot about her easily. My friendship with Marianne became closer and closer until she sent me a message with "Sakura just stole my video" At first I was like. Who the fuck is Sakura? And then I remembered. That one bad voice actress. As I looked at her video which she posted, the video was indeed stolen from Marianne and with Sakura's own voice put over it. HERE YOU GO. Already another proof that she was too fucking lazy to edit her own shit and she still is. Marianne claimed the video and even the artist went after Sakura. And as I can remember, the video got taken down. Good. Karma strikes her and i thought she would change. Marianne did too and they finally talked to eachother. They made up and they even became friends.

I eventually became friends with Valory Pierce. But that I won't talk about as I do not have something personal against Valory. She has been as equally manipulated by that psychotic bitch called Sakura. But after a while being friends with Valory. I've met Sakura personally.

It was in a call together with Marianne and Sakura. And their friendship held on for a while until apparently Marianne did or said something bad about Sakura which made her lose her shit and she made a groupcall together with me and Valory. It was another shitty drama which only lasted for one week or so…

In that call she actually manipulated me as well as to talk shit about Marianne non stop. She told me lies about things Marianne did and I believed her for a couple of days. I actually fucking felt bad for Sakura.

But no. After agreeing to work together with Sakura, a few days later I found out Sakura and Valory blocked and removed me from their contacts. Weird, right?

A few days later, I found Sakura shit talking Marianne on one of her livestreams. Stating she wants to slap her. I heard that and I said this in the live chat: "Slapping Marianne? Mature…"
Sakura saw that and then blocked me from the stream, starting to shit talk about me as well. "Oh guys, we have a special someone in our chat!" She said in a mocking way.

Months after that I watched Sakura get after Marianne multiple times and she even sent Marianne a fucking community strike for NOTHING. Marianne had long decided not to associate with Sakura any longer but yet Sakura thought differently. Every fucking time when we tried to fight back, she won.
Now that's what I call manipulative. She shit talked about us so many times. Mostly on her livestreams. How we are apparently stealing content without permission(see the irony there?), how we are manipulative people who only care about popularity.

Listen sweetie, if anyone urges for popularity, it's you SakuRAT. All I hope is her channel, no. All of her fucking social media to disappear because I have never ever seen someone this toxic and psychotic as this in my entire life.

No. 651668

File: 1533014022899.jpg (64.06 KB, 500x375, Princess Psycho Serenity.jpg)

To commemorate the Princess' Loss

No. 651706

the real tea is this entire group of delusion chicks kek

it's like I'm reading a weeaboo manifesto

No. 654184

File: 1533174372576.jpg (110.22 KB, 1366x768, The Bitchs Twitch history is g…)

Their Twitch Channel is barren. She is purging people out of her life again

No. 683714

File: 1536396045165.png (120.67 KB, 640x1136, FF8E473A-924F-4811-980A-034D0F…)

Looks like she is rebranding. Or gonna rebrand

No. 705743

What the heck is Skyrah Bai suppsed to be?

No. 706138

No. 709434

File: 1539218077567.png (55.24 KB, 1366x728, screen.PNG)

Most of her Instagram posts were deleted. There's just this single post on it.

No. 709435

File: 1539218094294.png (77.39 KB, 1366x728, screen 2.PNG)

No. 709463

Her Facebook and Twitter pages also have blank profile pictures. On her Twitter, she posted a link to her Facebook which apparently had a story on it. However, it was unavailable at the time I tried to access it.

No. 709487

No. 709529

Thats because she got rejected by a boy

No. 709660


Wow. Just because of a rejection? That's going too far if you ask me.

No. 709814

Wow… Guy dodged a HUGE bullet there…

No. 709849


This is so lame now and boring. She doesnt give us any good material anymore.

Next bitch in line please

No. 709978

Has anyone notice that her new oc looks the same and another youtube oc?

No. 710075

File: 1539268901735.png (210.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-11-09-35-58…)

No. 711645

guess it fits that she works at hot topic now lol

No. 718142

File: 1540139298766.jpg (469.04 KB, 720x1280, InkedScreenshot_20181021-11551…)

I don't know if this is a joke or not, but, I had to post this.

No. 718143

Blocked out my profile picture for privacy purposes btw.

No. 718308

File: 1540154474622.jpeg (75.97 KB, 750x1334, 2304F0BF-89A5-4482-B7E3-84FA66…)

This was on her Instagram. She is leaving LA as well. Karma is a Bitch

No. 721774

She's 'letting everthing out' I hope someone can save the video for caps and future reference

No. 721776

Here's the link to her latest stream- hope it's still up by the time I post this:


No. 721777

She deleted the video.

No. 721781


surprise surprise, but now her 'fans' know somethings up, I know a couple people who are going to gonall out with caps and info about what she's been doin, she's digging her grave deeper and deeper

No. 721801

Fans had the nerve to give her superchats during the stream…

No. 721807

I know she reads these pages ritually. I want her to apologize to Ben. She has really messed him up.

No. 721821


Quick Notes I Took from the Stream for those that missed it (Note: This is pretty long, so sorry about that):

-Starts out with apologies to people she hurt- including her mother, someone named "Sam", Ben, and a guy named Evan whom she went to college with
-About Ben: Apparently, she admits she did hurtful things to him and even tried to sue Ben
-About Evan: She pushed her friend away to focus on Youtube
-Also apologizes to a group of friends she had
-She then talks about her depression and how no one was there for her emotionally; would constantly talk about her depression
-Talks about her ex-roommates; said bad things about them because it was her way of "venting"
-States that she paid for everything in the apartment; said she didn't mind them not paying for anything
-Began to resent her roommates
-When she kicked them out, she began to realize how toxic she was
-Laid down rules because she lacks control
-Mentions a guy that she liked who was friends with her ex-roommates
-The guy said that Sakura did wrong things, but, isn't a bad person
-Not expecting anyone to forgive her
-Zane told her that he will turn her crush against her and destroy her career; she says she doesn't blame him and now her crush hates her
-States that she announced that she is quitting so she can atone for she what she did, but, then states that she doesn't want to quit
-Then remarks that this is what she has to do in order to fix everything
-Says that she wants the guy she likes to hate her
-Says that she has to quit before things get worse
-States that the fans don't know her and think that apologizing can fix things; states that pisses her off when people assume things
-She then kind of snaps off that says that apologizing won't help her recover but going to therapy, if not, killing herself will
-Then states that she wants people to stop pretending that they know her and then ends the stream

No. 721827


Got this info from watching a replay of the stream btw.

No. 721934

I've never posted here before. And while I was her freind I've ignored everything everyone here said because of how much of a victim she would act. She had me wrapped around her finger believing everything she said. Hating this page for her and hating the people in the past that she would tell me stories about. She has now thrown me away and I now know her true colors. The way she has treated my freinds is unacceptable and I will never forgive her for that. Now she is trying to tarnish her own reputation before anyone else can. She's trying to go gracefully but it's not happening. Call me vendetta or whatever but shes cruel and heartless and I don't want her hurting anyone else every again with her lies and manipulating words. What she has done to us she has done before to many other groups of freinds. When they no longer tell her what she wants to hear she throws you away. Stay away from her. She'll hurt you, abuse you, try and turn you against your closest freinds all so that in the end she can look like someone who has done no wrong. Don't trust her I'm begging. Stay away from her for your own mental health

No. 722487

File: 1540682759310.jpg (17.29 KB, 214x253, Karma is a bitch 1.jpg)

Some people are still coming forward following the stream

No. 722488

File: 1540682785558.jpg (15.19 KB, 213x237, Karma is a Bitch 2.jpg)

No. 722502

EDIT:One of these is from September.

No. 722514

File: 1540684854324.jpeg (106.16 KB, 640x1136, 86CA7659-7BB3-40B4-B015-29F489…)

She’s pulling a safelite like her stream never even happened

No. 722783

Her two roommates made posts on tumblr about their side of the story

It’s under the #princess sakura serenity tag there

No. 722953


No. 722958

No. 723109

So I was watching a live stream with my friends and it seems like he had some few words abut sakura..had to give him some props so like:

Here you go and enjoy the show(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723177

>going in full cosplay to work

this is some 2008 cringe

No. 723181

If this thread continues to be bumped with no screenshots or actual current drama, I'll lock it until someone makes a decent attempt at it. Final warning.

No. 723390

File: 1540831447769.png (462.78 KB, 526x2753, f1.png)

first archived post by her roommate (more to come)

No. 723392

File: 1540831635612.png (1.76 MB, 2360x1178, s1.png)

screenshots from post

No. 723394

File: 1540831761252.png (149.14 KB, 529x1547, s2.png)

archive finished

No. 723395

File: 1540831921040.png (138.81 KB, 528x2142, s23.png)

archive of roommate #2

No. 723512

File: 1540845511766.png (550.86 KB, 1242x2208, 0E045787-5768-448C-B099-B829E9…)

No. 723513

File: 1540845625286.png (659.55 KB, 1242x2208, 8553FBAE-750B-40E9-95DF-388C57…)

No. 723573

Sakura sounds like a nightmare but her roommates also come off pretty retarded for putting up with that much stupid shit. Also, they handled everything pretty poorly.

No. 723579

Samefag again but yup, after reading this it’s easy to confirm that her roommates are just as fucking stupid and ridiculous as Sakura is.

No. 723613


She changed her channel name to "Skyrah Bai".

No. 723755

as fucked as she is i think everyone connected in this situation is equally as retarded as her lol

No. 725359

Heya, it's the streamer guy that one of y'all linked my video here, just wanted to say my bad for making this hate page into a dead one~ My baaaaaaad. :p LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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