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File: 1438907749555.jpg (620.6 KB, 1641x2048, image.jpg)

No. 16647

(terrible thread)

Here's why she's lolcow material:

1. She claims to have many mental disorders to get pity from her "army" and some examples are depression, bipolar, multiple personality disorder, eating disorder, etc.

2. Like the famous Spoopy Skeleton Queen (see: all Ashley threads), she makes her "army" of minions buy her stuff

3. She blocks/kicks anyone out of her Facebook page and Facebook group of you disagree with her, point out her bullshit, or just say something she doesn't like. In other words, she weeds out the people who don't kiss her feet

4. She loves to create drama with other people and pages

5. She's basically (in her personal group) encouraging all her fans to drop out of school because she had a bitch fit about her exam scores

6. She will ALWAYS take the opportunity to bring up her *~mental illnesses~* when given, ex: my deppreshun

7. She mostly gets attention from fedoras for being a hawt gamurr gurll even though she claims to be gender fluid

8. She complains about how horrible her life at home is, even though she's pretty spoiled and always gets what she wants

9. Whiny girl from Scotland who uses her Facebook page and group to get attention and will lie or pull any stunt to keep being relevant to her "army"

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ThatNecromorph

No. 16648

Sounds like every lulzy tumblrina going these days tbh

No. 16649

I like her shirt tho

No. 16650

she looks like rupert grint lel

No. 16651

Sounds like a cunt

No. 16652

File: 1438908727454.jpg (42.82 KB, 640x285, image.jpg)


No. 16653

Sounds like another self entitled whined to me

No. 16654


No. 16655

Oh my shit not her. She was THE WORST PERSON EVER on some FB page

No. 16656

I REMEMBER HER FROM THAT FB PAGE. She was deleting shit off the page because of another girl

No. 16657

What a jealous bitch.

No. 16658

So she wants to save up money to move out but she wastes it on stupid shit like amiibo's.
Sounds like PT saving for Japan.

No. 16659

Is she trying to be a boy? What the fuck

No. 16660

File: 1438909512825.jpg (196.91 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

From her group:

"Look at this thing I obviously want!!"
"Nooo you don't have to buy it for me!!"
"I mean, I guess you can buy it for me IF you want"

No. 16661

Fuck she's just like that skeleton queen chick

No. 16662

She must be another fb fucking celebrity

No. 16663

A stick figure pic for something worth more than her allowance. No dignity

No. 16664

How old is this twat?

No. 16665

Just turned 18 I believe?

No. 16666

lol she looks like a chubby 12 year old boy who doesn't bathe

No. 16667

She gives gender-fluids' a bad name.

No. 16668


No. 16669

She used to be kinda hot if you look at her page's profile pics

No. 16670

Now she got fat. Prob from her posse buying her everything

No. 16671

Looks like fucking Jasmine's dad from Aladdin

No. 16672

Haha nah she's the loud ass parrot

No. 16673

"Look at me I'm grunge!"

No. 16674

Such a fake ass weeb

No. 16675

Looks like girly gamer meme

No. 16676

I don't know what I hate more. The game genwunner shirt, or her stupid fucking "serious" face

No. 16677

Slow down the posts kid, we can tell you're samefagging.

No. 16678

This bitch. I was on a page with her.

No. 16679

Woah someone really doesn't like her O.O

No. 16680

Faking illnesses? That's messed up

No. 16681

Who the fuck has the time for this???

No. 16682

Either same fags or just a few people going back and forth for some weird high school drama vengeance

No. 16683

She doesn't seem that bad. Just really young and cruel

No. 16684


So if OPs list of cow traits is true, what is redeeming about this girl? Shes not even cute

No. 16685

The only people who comment on her page are young teen boys and middle schoolers it seems
Too lazy to join her group to milk

No. 16686

File: 1438919211005.jpg (80.41 KB, 360x544, image.jpg)

The tumblr is strong in this one

No. 16687

I dont know who this girl is and frankly. I don't care, but I wish we'd stop encouraging this "gamer gurl" bullshit.

All women play games in one way or another. All people do. Whether they are videogames or boardgames or phone apps or cards, we all play games. Cant we please stop this gamer girl shit? it's so much more harm than good.

No. 16688

Real smart… get kids to drop out to live on the street with you

No. 16689

File: 1438945566130.jpg (59.72 KB, 450x600, image.jpg)

I looked at this girl's page out of curiosity (it's full of selfies, amiibos, statuses nobody cares for, the occasional my lyfe sux post) and found a "fan" sign that looks shoop af
Otherwise she's pretty bland to have 3k likes

No. 16690


People still do that? This is some 2007 level shit right up in here. That is so myspace lmao

No. 16691


God help her when she has to start working, paying bills, doing her own shopping, having to talk to a bunch of fucks at work she doesn't like, having to do shit for herself and the internet is the last thing on her agenda lmao

oh teenagers

No. 16692

Lol the samefagging in here. Anyone know where the shirts from?

No. 16693


No. 16694

hahaha she looks like ron weasley if he was trans and on tumblr

No. 16695

Implying all genderfluids dont give themselves a bad name.

No. 16696

Someone really hates her?

No. 16697

this thread is pathetic lmao this is a vendetta thread, she's got like 3,000 likes on fb who fucking cares

No. 16698


I know, she's a ginger mong. Who cares? Tell her to fuck off if she starts trouble.

No. 16699

Sounds like NakedSalad… if you read the description and didn't look at the photo you'd think it was her.

No. 16700

What's some of her drama?

No. 16701

This thread needs to move to /b/. Like I said before it just seems like some weird highschool drama.

No. 16702

Let's see her try and be a youtuber lol

No. 16703

The same threads for the same rejects… no one learns to be unique

No. 16704

How the fuck does it sound like NakedSalad?
Like, I'm no fan of her (she doesn't even use that name anymore) but she's not done half of the bullshit that's listed up here.
She's flaky, a "gamer girl", depressed, Scottish and has a bit of a superiority complex but that describes most of the Scottish cosplay scene; Aranel, Kyahri, Leah, Beks, Sindy, Kris (male version)…

No. 16705

I should elaborate, I meant "how does that sound JUST like Naked salad when there's way worse drama whores in the country"

No. 16706

Was it on one of the Gardevoir or Sapphire pages by chance?

No. 41286

Goodness me this post is a little old now, isn't it. Let me tell you one thing. You're all completely wrong about Necromorph. I'm a good friend of hers, and she is on medication for all these "fake" illnesses. She's far from cruel and she does NOT make people buy her things. She's very accepting of everyone. She does not make her fans worship her. In fact, I'm not even a fan of her page because I don't want to be. She's a lovely, genuine person. She does not seek pity from anyone. If anything, the person who posted this is the one seeking pitty. And she does not intentionally seek drama either. Who would? And not once has she told someone to drop out of school. This thread is a complete lie to make someone a lot of people don't even know, look like shit. Tay is a down to earth person, and if you gave her a message, you'd see that yourself. You're all utter scum for not even giving her a chance. I hope you all see the light here and accept what's happened. Also, from one of the comments saying about how she's going to fail at providing for herself, she currently does provide for herself, and is doing, from what I've heard, just fine. She's working 2 jobs.

No. 41287

Shut the fuck up, Tay.

No. 41288

oh my god, this thread is fucking hilarious. it actually looks like a 12 year old is just starting shit for no reason. this is all wrong, you don't even know me oml. i thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you anonymous.

No. 41289

Shut the fuck up, Tay.

No. 41290

i don't want to shut the fuck up, thank you though. :)

No. 41291

way to necro a dead thread, i guess you live up to your name though.

No. 41292

File: 1444593852866.png (41.35 KB, 498x288, sindy.PNG)

someone sent it to me on my page, i thought i'd share it too, just to give everyone else a laugh, much like i had, seen someone had commented on it and i knew someone would comment back so i stuck arround

No. 41293

Shut the fuck up you fucking nigger faggot Jew. >>41291 lol get rekt

No. 41294


No. 41295

pretty edgy

No. 41296

i'm not black, chopped liver or jewish, but thanks :)

No. 41297

You do know that coming here to defend yourself only makes us laugh at you more right

No. 41298


No. 41299

Pretty cringey

No. 41300

i never said once i was here to defend myself, lmao, i came here to see what was said and i couldn't be happier to be here. it's so damn funny.

No. 41301

funny because it's true? ;-;

No. 41302

u ok friend

No. 41303

No. 41304


it's far from true but whatever makes you guys happy, i'm happy to watch

No. 41305

then why would you post here if not to let everyone know that you know that people are talking about you

No. 41307

whats bad about knowing people are talking about you it happens everyday

No. 41308

people trying to argue against me with false facts, my lucky day, what entertainment.

as i said before, someone sent me this through my page, i got a laugh out of it, and im extremely bored so i thought i'd comment

No. 41311

Thank you all anon for this thread, also to Tay for responding :)


No. 41313

Oh my god Tay, this is hilarious. I feel sorry for all of these people.

No. 41315

Other anon, explain to me what is true about this thread? I see nothing here that is right about Tay other than that she is actually, an incredibly nice person.

No. 41316

you're welcome, wank stain. nice name.

No. 41317

File: 1444594426533.jpg (15.67 KB, 660x73, bandicam 2015-10-11 16-13-14-4…)

i guess tay's a fool then

No. 41318

File: 1444594451034.png (153.25 KB, 563x457, Skærmbillede 2015-10-11 kl. 22…)

You posting this thread on your fb actually just proves the points made by the OP tho

No. 41319

Honestly they're making me feel really suicidal. Even though this is fucking hilarious I'm going to go cry myself to sleep because after what I went through earlier today I'm not in the mood for this sort of shit. I'm fucking done.

No. 41320

Why, thank ya

No. 41321

nice fake tay there

No. 41323

and i literally said in a previous comment that i shared it so people could get a laugh.

No. 41324

> hilarious to Tay
> will cry to sleep tonight because of this thread

You can't eat your cake and eat it too

No. 41326


still proves the point of the OP and proves that you're a lolcow

welcome on the board

No. 41327


No. 41328

i genuinely find this funny though. i'm so past caring about bullshit like this, i don't actually cry myself to sleep about shit like this.

No. 41329

i'm not taking something like this seriously, so why would i cry about something that has actually made me hefty smile. nice logic there bud.

No. 41330

But you just said you'd cry yourself to sleep.

No. 41331


No. 41333

Wew too edgy for me

No. 41335

Yes you did.
Nice job at being a lolcow

No. 41336

File: 1444594673873.jpg (9.66 KB, 240x200, 11056746_10202503976439150_145…)

No. 41337

notice how they punctuated everything, not me, it's easy to just put a name on so.

No. 41338

i'll pass thanks, i just had a bottle of water

No. 41340

So you admit that WAS your post?

No. 41341

it wasn't though, sooooo

No. 41342

why you mad though?

No. 41344

Who needs entertainment when you have Tay? :^)

No. 41345

because of my mental health, soooo

No. 41346

Hey guys, why are we attacking an innocent girl?
I see no logic in this. If you want her to kill herself, give it up. She's much happier now, right Tay?

No. 41347


KEK, already asking people to defend you on the internet.

No. 41348

lol, i find it hilarious that someone else has put their name as tay. such maturity.

No. 41349


if she wants to kill herself, she should. natural selection

No. 41352

such maturity to ask your army to post in this thread to defend yourself
10/10 sound logic friend

No. 41353

i never said go defend me. people can intervene whether it's hateful or not.

No. 41354

people really need to stop twisting words, causes such confusion

No. 41355

You're a giant faggot you should kill yourself~

No. 41356

causes such sexual confusion like genderfluid shit

No. 41357

yeah but why you mad tho?

No. 41358

i'm not a lump of chopped liver and im quite happy with life atm cos i work 2 jobs, so, yyeeeah, i'll pass on the whole death thing

No. 41360

Why you lying, why the fuck you lyyyyiiiiing


No. 41361

I don't think Tay should kill herself personally.
I think she's lovely and none of you are giving her a chance. (:

No. 41363

you're still a tumblr

No. 41364

haha, that song is catchy

No. 41365

your face is catchy

No. 41366

yeah but why you licking ass for?

No. 41367

mmm, ass

No. 41368

perfect example of her army of ass kissers >>41361

No. 41369

''I'm posting this on facebook because it's funny and I want other people to see it's funny that other people talk about me, I'm not doing this for attention at all''

No. 41370

You're all jealous fucks because Tay is actually a nice person. /:

No. 41371

ass is a great thing. i fucking LOVE eating ass.

No. 41372


No. 41373

I want to shit on Tay's face and make her savour it.

Mmmm mmm~!!

No. 41374

hey other tay, who doesn't love a bit of ass now and then ;P

No. 41375

Another example of her army of ass kissing faggots

No. 41376

Angus was right, this would be hilarious.

No. 41377

Tay is nice because we all defend her cause we eat her ass

No. 41378

i can't believe how fucking pathetic this all is.
shame on all you people hating on Tay.
And Tay, shame on you for sparking shit.

No. 41380


No. 41381


shame on you for not committing suicide

No. 41382

ayy lmao

No. 41383

We ain't hating, we alligatoring

No. 41384


angus said this thread would be gold, and boy was he right

No. 41385

tay just go kill yourself

No. 41386

Angus is a meat, silly anons

No. 41388

so is faggot

No. 41389


youre a wank stain, silly wank stain

No. 41391

File: 1444595398742.gif (493.51 KB, 500x180, laughing whores.gif)

>this thread

it wouldn't literally have died and gone into oblivion if she hadn't decided to post here herself

No. 41392

we all gave tay de succ last night

No. 41393

File: 1444595419174.jpg (55.05 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Tay pls

Blow me

No. 41395

blow me too

No. 41397

me too

No. 41398

File: 1444595505214.jpg (17.37 KB, 306x306, 11218493_10152760762685025_121…)


>If she hadn't decided to post here herself

That was her idea, Anon. To fuel the fire.

No. 41399

Tay has left the building.

Niggers: 1

Tay faggots: 0

Go eat dick

No. 41400

She's not exactly disproving some of the things said here by posting that on her FB page long after this thread had already been forgotten. Lolcows will be lolcows, I guess.

No. 41403

Is she coming back?

No. 41404

Probably not

Probably crying to sleep now :^)

No. 41405

Angus was so right, this thread is hilarious! You're all morons!

No. 41406

poor scottish bastard

No. 41407

actually, it's far too early for bed, i'm just sitting here seeing what people have to say :)

No. 41411

Tay, I'm not a fan of yours, but you seem like an ok person.
And the rest of you, what do you have against her? She's done nothing wrong from what I can see.
I read through the thread and then I looked at a lot of her page.
I see nothing truthful in this post.

No. 41412

This is the real Angus, I understand if you don't like here but can you please stop using me as an excuse for your actions?

No. 41413

Tay fan confirmed

No. 41414

More like fake Angus.
Nice try, faggot.

No. 41415

thanks n all "mini" but don't take away what the trolls want to have. if they wanna think im a bad person they can, it's just funny

No. 41416

lol hi angus

No. 41418

>Not a fan
>literally sucking her nigger dick

No. 41419

Lol this thread is great thanks for the laugh <3

No. 41420

"lol it's so funny xddd"
same as "i was only pretending to be retarded"

No. 41421

all of the asskissers in here holy fuck

No. 41422

me too

No. 41424


No. 41425

This thread makes my penis erect.

No. 41426

Whew so fucking funny, being hated on is so cool like oh my god

Please :')

No. 41427

mine too, wanna sword fight?

No. 41428

We need to attack Sapphire again for starting shit with Tay again!!!

No. 41429

sure bb <3
En garde~

No. 41430

it is though, that's the thing, everything here is just hilariously bad

No. 41431

Im no asskisser, I just find it funny when people have nothing better to do with their time than make up petty lies about others on the internet, seeing as ive been on the receiving end before :T

No. 41432

doy, hi im angus huurrr

No. 41433

like your attempt to play it off as nothing

No. 41435

Is that why you keep needing the last word like the sensitive little bitch you are?

No. 41436

>petty lies

No. 41437

I'm not even an admin on sapphire anymore bruh

No. 41438

Someone explain to me what proof they have of the info given about tay here.

No. 41440

yes i am

No. 41441

Proof that you're angus?
Angus himself LINKED me this thread.
If you say otherwise, you're lying.

No. 41442

The only thing that is hilariously bad is the shitty fan support, its so cringeworthy :')

No. 41443

>>everything here is just hilariously bad
That moment when you realise the majority of the posts in here are you and your fans…

No. 41444

yes i linked you this thread

No. 41445

what even is this hello

No. 41446

File: 1444596379944.png (148.58 KB, 493x708, hate.png)

No. 41447

Post a screenshot of me linking it

No. 41448

File: 1444596429190.jpg (13.47 KB, 406x422, 41e.jpg)


Herself posting in this thread, which was fucking dead and haven't had any replies in over a month, on her fb page proves that she's an attention starving lolcow

her fans are retarded as well apparently jesus

No. 41449

me too

No. 41451

anyone fancy a cup of tea lol

No. 41453

File: 1444596482663.jpg (21.55 KB, 355x236, fuckingstupidniggers.jpg)

its this tay right?

No. 41454

yes i created the wonder that is chocolate rain

No. 41456

No. 41457

someone already shared that post anon

No. 41458

this is amazing.

No. 41459

Still finding this udderly hilarious.

See what I did there?

No. 41460

angus is innocent imo

No. 41461

very punny ;)

No. 41462

Taylor more like Gaylor

No. 41463

man, no one else wants a cup of tea? your loss

No. 41464

If the "real Angus" shared this with you, give me his last name

No. 41465


No. 41466

That moment when its your first time on a 4chan esque thread so you have no fucking clue how any of this site works :T

Nonetheless, still a great thread 420/69 would read again.

No. 41467


No. 41468


No. 41469

im a planet

No. 41470

File: 1444596794108.png (100.67 KB, 601x717, aergaerga4ga34e4geg4ege4agerg4…)

Is this angus?

No. 41471

I'm snowiicookie from a lot of thimgs

No. 41472

is sergio here

No. 41473

Mmmmmm Tay gimme gimme mmmm~

Tay's ass id just the best mmmm nom nom lickie lickie time yesssss

No. 41475

my ass is not for you, or anyone

No. 41476


No. 41477

hammer time?

No. 41478

That was a really weird turn of events.

No. 41479

Cant touch this :^)

No. 41480

i like that i linked a lot of you here. how do you feel.

No. 41481

Angus Lanzarin

No. 41482

I feel gr8

No. 41483

Tay I'll buy you that brand new Link dildo and assplug and we can experiment with pikachu nipple tassels mmmmmm yesss ;)

Tay makes my dick so erect

No. 41484

i am the god of you all now, bow down to the mighty anon, screw this tay chick, this thread got boring. praise helix.

No. 41485

Not even for your boyfriend?
how gay

No. 41486

i don't want either of those and pikachu is absolute vermin, proof y'all don't know me

No. 41487

Like shut up trolls, Tay is like the best person evaaaarrr

Now come to my house again tonight and lemme fuck you reaaalll gooood

No. 41488


No. 41489

you like Pichu though faggot

No. 41490

But TaaaaaaY you said that Pikachu makes you wet when he goes PIIIIIIKAAAAACHUUUUUUUU and he cims inside of your pussy

No. 41491

guys, the site clearly states you have to be 18 to be on here
what are a bunch of 12 year olds doing attacking an adult

No. 41492

No. 41493

Pikachu is a different pokemon :T

No. 41494

tay was right, this was hilarious, thanks for linking me here!

No. 41495

Ok so my last name was found out but there's still no proof that I linked anyone here

No. 41496

I think the real question is
Why is an 18 year old acting like a 12 year old

No. 41497

Hilarious like your life faggot

No. 41498

But in all seriousness, really great that yall have nothing better to do with your time, I love this whole comedy sketch ya got goin o3o

No. 41499

this thread got boring.

No. 41500

But seriously though guys, Tay is the best person ever! She buys people things, never asks for anything, never shoves merch she wants in your face, is a lovely person, loves criticism and doesn't mind any negative things about her! THATS WHY SHE FINDS THIS SO FUNNY

Now sit on my face, bitch.

No. 41501

File: 1444597166409.png (187.16 KB, 503x501, 1430957966782.png)

No. 41502

I think the real question is why would anyone care about something posted on an anonymous board unless they were pure unfiltered autism?

No. 41503

ew no haha

No. 41504

i started this thread

No. 41505


No. 41506


No. 41507

Tay is a communist

No. 41508

File: 1444597273249.jpg (32.59 KB, 540x700, 10888901_435544106596766_50902…)

No. 41509

When so many people pretending to be me #feelsbadman

No. 41510

i believe angus started this

No. 41511

File: 1444597293995.jpg (2.1 MB, 3600x2700, cup.jpg)


No. 41512

Tay is nazi for lyfe maaaan, fuck the Jews, burn them all and make their ashes into dildos for her!!

No. 41513

Yall need better insults than 'faggot' and 'autistic' those are overused smh

No. 41514

hi cup

No. 41516


Yes, we must gangbang her harder

No. 41517

Lol as if mofo is totally not overused, faggot

No. 41518

well this turned to shit. i love it.

No. 41519

Doin homework while watching this thread is actually pretty fun :D

No. 41520

File: 1444597415411.jpg (181.08 KB, 600x624, ererhsrthsrthhs54yw54hs.jpg)

put boob in cup

No. 41521

Eat my shit while I spank your ass fam

No. 41522


yes you're all liver balls!

No. 41523

The funny thing is that I didnt actually call anyone a mofo, its just in my name :T

No. 41524

fun like tying you and tay up and spanking your asses

No. 41525

put cup in boob pls

No. 41526

Oh my goooood, hi Rory! ;) you're such a little slavie boy, I'm so jelly that I can't be with Tay~

I can only lick her bumie bum bum

No. 41527

Sorry ive got a boyfriend lol

No. 41528

no thanks, that's not for some disease ridden stranger to do

No. 41529

You're jelly huh? Good, good… now lick my cum off of her asshole

No. 41530

No amount of chemotherapy can save me from the cancer I got here, pls stop using me as an excuse and download smite @ smitegame.com

No. 41531

Rory is on holiday isn't he? with no internet?

No. 41532

Yall are nasty x3

No. 41533

that's correct anon

No. 41535

smite is more cancerous than this post, perfect for you all!

No. 41536

Jfc why yall tryna be Tays bf now I thought this was a hate thread

No. 41537

correct, more like erect, which my penis is right now. now lick it off, bitch nigger

No. 41538

Yes master ;)

No. 41539

oh hullo

No. 41541

You're a stupid cunt, you know that?

No. 41543

And you're a complete pervert, congratulations.

No. 41545

lick me

No. 41547

File: 1444597756437.png (82.74 KB, 510x405, 1377571604791.png)

gfhgruhrbnggg yesssssss

No. 41548

No shit Sherlock, wow!! Want a cookie for that?

No. 41549

and you're a complete faggot

No. 41550


No. 41551

i like that you are taking time out of your life to hate on someone you don't even know

No. 41552

i like your little bitch tears

No. 41553

does anyone wanna skype this thread got boring lol

No. 41554

How do I even reply on this shit, 4chan be confusing smh

No. 41555

I can skype lmao

No. 41556

So imma go to school now and I probably won't be back, but have fun doing what it is you do here and if you do happen to download Smite @ Smitegame.com be sure to use Snowiicookie as your referral

No. 41557

I'LL SKYPE! I think you have me, Tay

No. 41559

"someone you dont know"
forty keksimus

No. 41561

i want to skype you tay, seems fun

No. 41562


No. 41563

oooooo look more retard fans guehuehuehue

No. 41564

ive had like 2 sexual partners haha

No. 41565



No. 41566

one is obviously tay's royal asslicker, who wouldn't want that hot piece of ass

No. 41567

more like ten thousand

No. 41568

Its funny cuz she has a bf :T

No. 41569


No. 41570


No. 41571

one she cheats on with her royal ass licker

No. 41572

actually we can afford food right now lol

No. 41573

if food means big old hairy penises yes

No. 41574

nah u good

No. 41575

>Calling me a cunt when I have a boy's name

Top kek

No. 41576

File: 1444598423737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.58 KB, 192x300, blue-waffle-disease-image-192x…)

Tay's vagina is so yummy mmmmm taste like waffles

No. 41578

hahaha cute

No. 41580

cute like your vagina

No. 41582

File: 1444598912839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.29 KB, 814x542, ilovebigcocksandicannotlie.jpg)

mmmmmmm my fanbase oh god yes

No. 41583

i chocked on bread hahah that's funny

No. 41584

maybe you shouldnt choke on shit

No. 41585

Mmmmmm that's me and Tay

Love you fam

No. 41586

Tay, just leave. It's an obvious vendetta thread. >>41582 horrible b8 m8 this chick isn't even interesting kek

No. 41587

I totally called a choking joke lmfao

No. 41588

im here for the mad banter obviously

No. 41589

All the banter huehue

No. 41590

Now that really IS sad

No. 41591

point being?

No. 41592

File: 1444599258684.jpg (158.33 KB, 769x960, 11247975_445709602269468_61454…)

No. 41593

File: 1444599288789.jpg (7.22 KB, 261x161, 10342775_387463654793743_44124…)


when this thread is still relevant

No. 41594



No. 41595

No. 41596

omg luca is that you

No. 41597


No. 41600

did u know it wasn't originally called the legend of zelda

No. 41601


No. 41602

File: 1444599405072.jpg (11.75 KB, 375x375, 11181487_1467282060267162_6561…)

No. 41603

Stop trying to pin it on Luca you dumb asswipe lmao

No. 41604


No. 41605

Luca I Fucking Missed You You Piece Of Shit

No. 41606

I can guarantee it's not luca lol

No. 41607

did u know link almost had a sword from the start

No. 41608


No. 41609

GoD fUcKiNg DaMn Do I lOvE mE sOmE mOtHeRfUcKiN tRoLlS

No. 41610

did u know the triforce was almost from the future

No. 41611

Op here: Angus did not start this thread tbh, or had anything to do with it. I'm a longtime farmer. Congratulations, Necromorph. You proved to be one heck of a cow.

No. 41612


No. 41613

did u know theres a secret second quest in the original game

No. 41614

who are you anyway
It shouldn't hurt to tell us

No. 41615

File: 1444599599272.png (885.64 KB, 1157x859, Spongebob_Prehistoric_Rage_Qui…)


stop trying to pin it on luca you fucker

No. 41617

2hiit 2on the2e be 2ome miighty fiine mem2 you got goiin round

No. 41618

did u know the first zelda game is one of the last, chronologically speaking

No. 41619

You must be new here.

No. 41620

did u know the ocarina of time was almost made with a first person view

No. 41621

File: 1444599695611.png (67.22 KB, 533x449, 1443056927148.png)

No. 41622

did u know the japanese version of the first zelda came with stickers

No. 41623

:33 < lovin these purrfect memes

No. 41624

did u know link is based on peter pan

No. 41626

▲‌ ▲

No. 41627

oh hi Ren

No. 41628

did u know zelda's second name is fitsgerald

No. 41629

Pretty sure you're Sergio.

No. 41630


No. 41631

Christ, I've never seen so much shitposting in my life. Both sides of this thread are terrible.

No. 41632


>Posting under a Homestuck name

Fuck out of here, you literal walking cancer.

No. 41633

You're a pretty horrible samefag, Op. Could have tried harder/10

No. 41634

No. 41635

did u know link is mostly left handed

No. 41636

kindly g0 fuck y0urself lma0 ill type h0w i want

No. 41637

i love this shitty derail. it makes me cum on tay's sweaty manface

No. 41638

tell us who you are faggot

No. 41639

did u know yoshi makes a brief appearance in majoras mask

No. 41640

This thread was dead until Tay googled herself and went berserk. Lol.

No. 41642

FuCkInG lOvE pIsSiNg PeOpLe OfF wItH mY nAmEs :o)

No. 41643

did u know zelda borrows elements from super mario

No. 41644

File: 1444600154463.jpg (24.24 KB, 540x960, 11954619_10153158297280292_476…)

This thread went from being a lulzfest to being literal autism.

No. 41645

I feel bad for starting this thread, but only because it's been overrun by autists.

No. 41646

I dIdNt KnOw AuTiSm WaS a TaNgIbLe ObJeCt

No. 41647

"hey idk u but i saw u wanted thing??? mean u obv would do anything to get it so ill buy it for u???? am going to insist af but if u accept it means u r WHORE with no dignity"

No. 41648

File: 1444600243975.jpg (20.07 KB, 511x340, ireallyfuckinghateniggers.jpg)

>what tays army thought of this post

No. 41649

No. 41650

yes two

No. 41651

yes three

No. 41652

>tay finally gets job
>gets a couple hundred dollars
>wastes it on games, amiibos, ect, and a fucking tattoo
no pity

No. 41653

Extremely obvious samefag/selfpost

Kill yourself

No. 41654

The funny thing is that the tattoo was a birthday present :T

No. 41655

yeah you'd think that if she actually had such an AWFUL life at home, she'd save up that money so she could take off and start a new life

No. 41656

that's beside the point you fucking autist

No. 41657

>She's just upset cause she gets anally raped online and she can't handle all the meaty nigger cock

No. 41658

How's it beside the point?

Also 11/10 insult, call me it again <3

No. 41659

irregardless of whether the tattoo was a gift or not, she still wasted her money on shit that enhances her current life in her home instead of saving up so she can take off.

No. 41660

no she need those amiibos to hold in all her daddies yummy cum

No. 41661

you're right, that is a serious indication that her life isn't as bad as she makes it out to be…

No. 41662

1. The money used on the tattoo was from her mum, not her own earned money from here job, so it was a gift.

2. Consider the fact that she may not even have a lace to go to once she saves up enough to move out.

No. 41663

those two points have absolutely zero relevance. good job at holding your place in an argument

No. 41664

It's funny cuz they actually do have relevance to the argument of spending money. I'm holding my place well. Instead of arguing the points ive brought up, youre just denying them, which, in my experience, means you have nothing left to say.

No. 41665

She complains about shit life and then spends it on stuff that wont help her situation.

No. 41666

Follow the advice of my username and kindly fuck outta here <3

No. 41667

she has a huge savings from what i've heard.

No. 41668

I'm betting that all these posts are the same person replying to themselves.

No. 41669

actually, I have plenty left to say.
they don't have any relevance because they don't apply to the fact that she has still spent plenty of money on dumb stuff. She could easily save up her money and wait until she gets a job, buy even the cheapest apartment, and duke it out like an adult. stop making people out to be the victim.

No. 41670

she has a huge clit from what I've heard

No. 41671

i heard scotland was a hard place to get an apartment. besides, tay has 2 jobs and from what i've heard, has massive savings to buy stuff when she does get a home

No. 41672

anon is right, you're an idiot FOH. she's 18, she needs to harden the fuck up. Stop being a supporter of being a victim

No. 41673

She's got savings. It's not easy to save up for an apartment/flat and I applaud the fact that she's even trying to save up.

No. 41674

yeah it's especially hard to save up when you buy videogame after videogame, plush after plush, amiibo after amiibo, clothing after clothing, and never get anywhere

No. 41675

she stated to have two jobs so it's so easy for her to get an apartment.

No. 41676

You'd think that if she was determined enough to make her "shitty life omg :c" and if she works two jobs, that she'd have a flat by now. Stop being a pussy.

No. 41677

Holy shit this thread

No. 41678

there isn't any local flats for her from what i've heard

No. 41679

Apartments arent worth like $500 (or whever currency she uses cuz im bad at that stuff), theyre worth thousands. Its hard to save up in general, and theres also the fact that maybe shes only putting part of her pay in too. Id do that. Put in like 75% of your pay to the apartment and you have some left over.

No. 41680

did u know pokemon is inferior to zelda

No. 41683

i luv me somma dat samus franchise

No. 41686

I live in Europe. I used to have a complete piece of shit life. I didn't waste a single penny on entertainment. Then, I was able to bust the fuck out of my abusive family's home and start my own life. It wasn't easy, life isn't easy. If her life really was that awful, she would be saving every single penny to get the hell out.

No. 41688

boo fucking hoo

No. 41690

"apartments arent worth like $500 lol"
This shows you know nothing. Rent can be around 300-700 euros. If you live in the US you have absolutely no legit opinion to how the system here works.

No. 41691

did u know that link and zelda can technically never be a couple

No. 41692

I live in a pretty shitty home as well. If I actually had a job, id still be buying things for entertainment because guess what, they make me happy. Gives me a reason to live a little longer and its motivation to push the fuck forward with my life.

No. 41693

did u know link actually likes samus' booty

No. 41694

Flats in the UK can cost less than £500 a month in rent you stupid arsehole. Do your homework before you let your mouth go off.

Also if she wants to move out that badly she can find a flat out of her local area.

No. 41696

did u know this thread needs more zelda knowledge because ur all scrubs

No. 41697

Well guess what? I didn't waste any money on entertainment, because MY motivation was to reach the top and make my life better. Now I'm in a decent flat, and I've never been happier.

No. 41699

did u know this thread needs less drama, u say tay causes it but woah looky here

No. 41700

Well im sorry that I dont know as much about the price of a flat in Scotland, seeing as I dont live there.

People have different things that motivate them and you cant judge them solely on that.

No. 41701

did u know this thread needs less of your fucking autism

No. 41702

I hate living in this house a lot but I can't afford to move out at the moment, as I don't have a job. Soon as I get one, I'll be saving every fucking penny and moving out of my local area away from my parents.

She literally has no fucking excuses, believe me as a northerner.

No. 41703

did u know that zelda is actually homosexual

No. 41705

"Different things that motivate them and you can't judge them solely on that"
Yes I fuckin' can you tosser. It demonstrates the drive and core of a person's mentality.

No. 41706

did u know the song of time, more like the song of rhyme

No. 41707

did u know majoras wrath is into bdsm

No. 41708

Look, I spend a lot of my money on things like video games and merch but thats only because that's what I can only afford. If I had two fucking jobs like Tay, I'd be moving out as soon as I fucking can. In my area its damn hard to get a job no matter how good your grades are

No. 41710

Calling me names wont help your case, first of all, and its hard for me to get a job as well, seeing as my area is also really low on job openings.

No. 41711

Its because I'm so angry at how Tay spends her time and money on things online and in general, sorry man

No. 41712

did u kno that im a sexi plene

No. 41713

Your points start a line into something, make a loop, and then fizz out. I could make more sense if I ate a can of alphabet soup and shat it into the loo. Your drive is ultimately what determines where you go in your life, and you can't tell me the opposite.

No. 41715

did u know that zelda and ganon are actually a couple

No. 41717

I dont disagree with drive being where you go. What im saying is that different people have different ways of motivating their drive.

No. 41719

did u know that ghirihim fantasises about fucking link in the buttbutt hole

No. 41721

did u know midna uses her hair as rope to tie up and fuck link

No. 41722

did u no that renbow dersh is best ponpon

No. 41724

um actually aplle jak is best

No. 41726

wanana fuckign fite me bishfuk

No. 41727

did u know zelda is superior to all fandoms

No. 41728

me too

No. 41729

did u no i dont give a shitfuk

No. 41730

did u know fuk u too

No. 41731

i love this chat goodnight

No. 41732

nini fuker

No. 41736

Of course Sindy necros it. Bitch is banned from her own thread but still needs to be centre of attention

No. 41737

wut u mean

No. 41738

File: 1444603381820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.96 KB, 540x960, hmu.jpg)

hmu ladies

No. 41740

photoshopped af

No. 41741

now this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down, and i'd like to take a minute just sit right there, i'll tell you how i became the prince of a town called belair

No. 41743

No. 41744

they dont look that bad o3o

No. 41746

You're all terrible. This thread is terrible.

No. 41749

I don't know what to say. Whatever.

No. 41751

Did you know Ash is an ass man?

No. 41755

Did you know Brock is hard?

No. 41761

It was good, but then the autists showed up.

No. 41775

I thought the minimum age on here was 18. Not 12.

No. 41790

File: 1444613425105.jpeg (122.72 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Confirmed jealous huehue. Theres a hidden rule, if you have a better amiibo collection, don't mention it EVER or you will be ripperoni

No. 41791

File: 1444614420606.jpg (75.42 KB, 540x960, 1510493_929724160413450_511544…)

Let's guess what disorder her ugly-ass boyfriend has.

Also >Scotland

No. 41813

Downs Syndrome

No. 41814


Blind and ginger.

No. 41827

No. 41828


No. 41830


No. 41833


No. 41834

adadadadada(minimum age is 18)

No. 41859

Get rekt, faggot.

No. 41860


No. 42119

Get rekt

No. 42123

File: 1444672420281.jpeg (48.53 KB, 360x420, image.jpeg)


No. 42134

Well shit, this thread turned out to be a hot mess, but now this is probably gon be Gud.

No. 42135


>im totally not bothered by this thread

>but report it
>sticks and stones
>but leave my bf alone :(

keking forever

No. 42138

Well, that explains the amounts of shitposts in this thread. Is it wrong that I'm a little bit excited how this will turn out?

No. 42151

File: 1444679795948.jpg (8.46 KB, 235x214, 11667304_880541892021303_59703…)

No. 42314

get rekt nigger faggot

No. 42763

File: 1444793762441.jpg (72.82 KB, 768x894, image.jpg)

her boyfriend's face is wonky as fuck, so in the spirit of Halloween, I made him into a demon.

No. 42807

She looks like a mtf transgender and her bf is ugly and beta af

No. 42808

mfw these retards dont realise its them shitting up this thread and not farmers

No. 42976

File: 1444841231555.jpg (11.63 KB, 640x286, tay.jpg)


No. 47056

File: 1445314026942.jpg (204.61 KB, 1080x730, IMG_20151020_060607.jpg)

Boyfriend confirmed ultimate cuck

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