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File: 1660232852239.jpeg (67.39 KB, 1200x600, 82E5722F-B297-4103-A356-594733…)

No. 1612928

By popular demand in celebricows, I have made a containment thread for Ezra Miller shit.
For the uninitiated, Ezra Miller is a 29 year-old hyperwoke “transgender non-binary” actor who has been in a lot of recent trouble with the law for acts of violence, grooming/abusing minors, and drugging people.

This thread exists so that farmers can document his antics without it taking up half the fucking celebricows thread.

>A video released in April 2020 shows Ezra choking out a woman

>recorded a video yelling the KKK to kill themselves
>arrested in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment after accosting a couple at a karaoke bar
>arrested again 3 weeks later for throwing a chair at a woman at a private party
>has been described as a cult leader and has had compounds in Iceland, Hawaii, and Vermont
>the Vermont compound is reported to house a mother and her three young children as well as AR-15s and other loose guns - baby was reported with a bullet in their mouth
>groomed and later abducted a Sioux activist from the time she was 12
>has a restraining order against a separate 12 year old because of harassment and to stop further grooming of the child
>at least two women are reportedly pregnant with Ezra’s babies at the Hawaii compound
>really weird obsession with wombs
>was arrested recently for burglary after breaking into a house and stealing booze
>Warner Brothers was just outed as having done The Flash reshoots with Ezra while he was evading last enforcement
>looks like Brian in this picture

No social media because he nuked everything while fleeing the cops.

No. 1612929

Finally he’s so fucking fugly and is such a horrible person

No. 1612930

I could have sworn he was half asian though

No. 1612931

Jesus christ. Shouldn't this be in /snow/ though?

No. 1612932

yeah it really does belong there

No. 1612936

The kkk thing is not milk kek

No. 1612937

Mother fucker I meant law enforcement, not last enforcement. Sorry anons, autocorrect is retarded

No. 1612941

Maybe it’s skim but it really shows how unhinged he is especially since he singled out a specific sect of it. It was kinda the genesis of his unraveling. I remember that’s the first time I even heard of the dude tbh, the media was like uhh you good Ezra? and it all went downhill from there.

No. 1612960

he has such a weird face, it looks like a mask

No. 1612961

This psychopath definitely deserved his own thread but I'll probably end up hiding it because what he put these children through just makes me too depressed.

No. 1612968

File: 1660237122977.jpeg (694.08 KB, 1125x1993, D8E67B85-51C8-47A6-8F3D-348EE3…)

No. 1612973

Thank God for a containment thread about this guy because I'm fascinated by his crime spree and possible cult activities. I'd kill for a legal saga

No. 1612986

Is he the new Jared Leto? I wonder if he has mental health issues or if it's just drugs. He wasn't always like this from what I recall so I wonder what triggered this type of fuckery from him. Either way he's a greasy rat and I can't wait for more shenanigans kek

No. 1613006

There always has to be one esoteric emo lolita coquette ultraviolence lana del rey girl interrupted Dior man acting like a freak in Hollywood to create balance

No. 1613022

No. 1613026

He looks like jacko

No. 1613036

In this pic he looks like Joji to me…

No. 1613044

Are you guys going to talk about Ren Turner?

No. 1613051

There's more milk on the Iron Eyes family, tbh

No. 1613052

File: 1660242562984.png (115.89 KB, 932x1052, FZ12jwZWYAAN_2D.png)

No. 1613055

File: 1660242699281.jpg (158.15 KB, 920x601, FZ2n4ZlXkAAOHXi.jpg)

No. 1613058

What is there to talk about, Ezra was sheltering them from the abusive black moid and now they don't live there anymore

No. 1613061

she was stripping for him in his house. so desperate to get away from one abusive moid she runs to another that could possibly rape her daughter. what a hero he is. she needs real help

No. 1613062

Source for this claim?

No. 1613063

Let me guess, this is another Oliver Ignatius yarn

No. 1613107

didn't he get molested and dressed like a girl by his family when he was like 10?

No. 1613280

No. 1613414

Hi, Chase(hi cow)

No. 1613447

As soon as this whackjob came out as "nonbinary" I knew he was gonna turn nutty. I have to say though, I was not expecting this nutty.

No. 1613518

File: 1660284076017.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1584x2984, 1652469121660.jpeg)

Sure did

No. 1613544

What the fuck were him and his sisters raped/molested? How did his sister even know about sex…

No. 1613571

He also gained the ability to spawn in random locations like a videogame

No. 1615007

He's right behind me, isn't he?

No. 1615269

i feel like ezra miller would actually do what's in the lyrics to that shia lebouf song

No. 1615315


You're looking for your car, but you're all turned around…
He's almost upon you now,
And you can see there's blood on his face,

Running for your life (from Ezra Mi-ller)
He's brandishing a knife (it's Ezra Mi-ller!)
Lurking in the shadows
Hollywood superstar Ezra Miller

No. 1617374

File: 1660628106626.jpeg (712.44 KB, 1125x1690, A2F5148B-4E21-4DDD-A891-DCB137…)

No. 1617380

I knew they’d force him into rehab and do an apology tour. He could sacrifice 10 indigenous children to Satan on the White House lawn and WB won’t give a shit as long as the check clears.

No. 1617400

Warner Bros must be staffed entirely by clowns.

Why are they still working with this guy? He's totally replaceable. Get literally any other skinny white guy to play The Flash. Fuck it, get fucking Ellen Paige if you want maximum woke brownie points.

Is this another Jared Leto situation? Does Ezra Miller have something on a WB exec, so now they HAVE to put him in movies?

No. 1617541

the movie is already done. They will probably not let go of him until The Flash movie is released. After that he will be replaced

No. 1617723

Well TIL that being an entitled douche can be framed as having "complex mental health issues".

No. 1617763

>Why are they still working with this guy?
My tinfoil theory is that Ezra has crazy blackmail on the WB producers and executives.

No. 1617943


there's no way at least one exec or something didn't molest him. they have a type and young ezra is like audrey hepburn for pedophiles.

No. 1617972

The fact that you're asking where Tokata is shows you don't know anything and are just looking for something to be mad about

No. 1617974

I thought Ezra was the cow, not creepy Chase Iron Eyes

No. 1617976

lmao, there's so much wrong in the OP I don't even know where to start

No. 1618456

"Entitled douche" is still way too sanitized compared to what he is, a deranged pedophile with a God complex.

No. 1624914

File: 1661393748410.jpg (86.81 KB, 660x940, 11993.jpg)

Did the actors that Ezra has worked with get along well with them? Or were they an absolute nightmare onset? I'd imagine there are horror stories

No. 1835773


No. 1835797

I just burst out laughing at this post + mod commentary.

No. 1835798

He’s genuinely schizo or something plus I think he has PTSD from being raped by Hollywood pedos. I don’t think he’s treatable at this point. We will probably hear of his suicide in a year or two unfortunately.

No. 1835906


No. 1836117

can that at least happen after a full on expose on all his compounds and kids he groomed

No. 1836885

Thank god

No. 1876953

Yeah this has all proven to be fake about Rzar miller… the person who make the grroming clames admitted they liked… theres slowed footage of the chock that clearly shows hes not choking the woman… the clames he attacked someone are also not true and the rest… well… just go to the site I will provide at the vottom of this message and read it all…


No. 1876956

You’d think his PR reps would have the decency to learn how to integrate

No. 1876979

Put down the bottle and take your hands off the woman

No. 1877051

It's not them, anon. They're talking about Rzar miller, Ezra's long lost twin brother.

No. 1888193

File: 1692985264638.jpg (51.11 KB, 865x527, f.jpg)

I hope this is the end of his career.

No. 1888221

His genes should be banked so the schizo part can be removed using crispr and willing paying women can be inseminated with his handsome but slightly mentally healthier babies for years to come.(sage your shit)

No. 1888240


Point out where they're wrong

No. 1888257

Who’s pregnant by Ezra

No. 1888269

He fathered at least two children while in Hawaii

No. 1888306

File: 1692995805679.jpg (408.19 KB, 720x897, db7.jpg)

>>1888269(lurk moar)

No. 1888307

It's hilarious how OP actually thought this thread would take off

No. 1888335

He’s not gonna fuck you tranny

No. 1888511

The seething janny who probably started this failure of a thread can't even provide direct proof. Sad!

No. 1888512

Femcel moment(just stop)

No. 1889044

Imagine your greatest accomplishment is becoming a Jannie on a TERF imageboard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889137


rzar is the good twin in a video released in 2020 he saved a woman from choking and 3 weeks later politely pulled a chair out for a woman for her to sit at a private party

No. 1890853

File: 1693419729801.png (1.22 MB, 1242x2208, CA5A0971-9603-4C4C-9DCD-1BFDC3…)

I wonder if hes dropping the genderspecial shit, but doesnt he have like pending charges?


No. 1890925

Did AI write this shitty article? I have to say the "How are they doing X? Aren't they on the run from authorities?" people are actually retarded

No. 1890991

[dot]pk so more likely google translate than ai.

No. 1943632

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