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No. 1577737

Jasmine Chiswell, like leagues of untalented & unoriginal women, makes her money & is famous for skinwalking Marilyn Monroe. She has lied about so much including owning Marilyn’s house to the point MM online historians cannot stand her. She has grown to millions of asslicking followers & had a baby she uses for fodder of “oh this is what Marilyn would be like as a mother ”.

Jbunzie, although largely unproblematic, has begun converting into the new TikTok Marilyn & is allowing her ego to blow up to Jupiter over the comments as she has always wanted to told she looked like MM - she loves being worshipped for looking like anyone but herself.

Others like PinupPixie, ect. end up getting plastic surgery to convince their audience of their Marilyn Monroe beauty. She does onlyfans now.

Essentially all of them wish to capitalize off of a dead woman. Like the rest of the world. And Norma Jeane would hate all of them “paying her respect”. Especially that ugly Ana De Whatever movie coming out showing her getting raped.

Reddit Forum Of Uptight Bitches:

No. 1577738

File: 1656687386595.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1696, DCA0248D-7ACB-476A-8BE7-3865C3…)

No. 1577739

File: 1656687478383.jpeg (209.18 KB, 828x1472, 79F77C6D-B1BD-47A7-BDEA-8023D8…)

Jbunzie getting tongued down by people with poor vision saying she is the reincarnation

No. 1577760

Can people let Marilyn Monroe’s character rest? Also why the fuck would she reincarnate to be lesser knockoff of her previous existence to make money on tiktok? That’s not how reincarnation works

No. 1577761

So its a focus on one person thread even though you posted other girls in the OP.

No. 1577772

literally mentioned more than one person

No. 1577775

File: 1656690874311.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1696, 1BA3A7D7-C2B3-49AA-9B24-E8D9A2…)

PinupPixies content is sex innuendos like all of Tiktok . But she was getting bullied by Jasmine & her fanbase as well as anyone else skinwalking Marilyn Monroe to the point their accounts were getting shut down for copyright violation

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