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No. 157009

Boxxy stalker general thread. Unichan/Catiechan fags get in here.

No. 157010

File: 1422588164660.png (134.58 KB, 515x506, basedporphy.png)

This was a very amusing incident that occurred on Catiechan. A beta orbiter named Jelly was completely obsessed with this Suicide Girl named Porphyria, but he was a huge asshole who convinced the community he was deaf for sympathy points. Also, no one knew what he looked like. She eventually got fed up with his shit and posted his name, his picture, and said he wasn't really deaf.

No. 157011

Initial post in the Coffin thread if someone wants to start at the beginning


No. 157012

I want to know how OC ended up there and what caused the rift between her and the board.
Were you guys laughing when you saw her titties?
Did OC ever have some sort of following in Unichan? Any whiteknights?

No. 157013

OC went to unichan? I'm so behind on OC dramu.

No. 157014


I'm laughing now because all I can think of is "MY BRACES ARE FUCKING CLEAR"

No. 157015

I'll write something longer later, but I can say for sure there was no "rift" between her and anything. Most of us saw her true nature from the beginning. When she first came to Unichan most people disliked her, and as she spent more time in Tinychat more and more people grew to hate her. She definitely had a bunch of whiteknights and orbiters though, and still has 1 or 2.

Yeah she was fairly active on Unichan for a few years. She was the indirect link between Unichan and you guys. We learned about your board because some Unichanner found the big SR thread about her.

No. 157016


Oh gawd I still can't believe she was surfing Unichan and possibly lolcow while she was camming. Like YOU HAVE ONE JOB, pay attention/entertain your viewers, and she can't even do that without sperging out.

No. 157017

>being obsessed with a girl that has half bald/half green hair.

No. 157018

Unifag here to say that I probably hate you all if you're from Unichan. Shame, that..
Maybe in another life we could have been friends.

No. 157019

File: 1422592171569.png (92.08 KB, 1078x257, Jwaggz_toughguy.png)

I used to lurk Catiechan but never got involved in the faggotry firsthand beyond trolling Catie and her mom in their threads. Two conclusions I came to was A) Porphy was indeed ugly and B) Jwaggz seemed like a massive Jew nosed faggot.

No. 157020

wat even is this place

No. 157021

File: 1422645954984.png (676.01 KB, 900x448, Abandon_All_Hope.png)

No. 157022

No. 157023

two imagebaords that are all but dead now that revolved around boxxy.

No. 157024

File: 1468889898984.jpeg (857.91 KB, 1350x10821, Boxxyisgettintrolld.jpeg)

Lol I used to lurk catiechan in my neckbearded days purely to troll boxxy and trolling boxxy or her mom was entirely too easy. I visited her Chan recently and it's dead as fuck.

No. 157135

File: 1468932467201.jpg (50.39 KB, 619x404, srs.jpg)

Oh man I remember the Boxxy stalker days
Including the "water retention" thing when people were bringing up her weight. I sort of miss those days.

No. 1533412

Any unichanners still alive?(necro)

No. 1534524


No. 1932567


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