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File: 1653790085267.jpg (2.16 MB, 3264x2448, threadpic.jpg)

No. 1543069

Obese mass shooter fangirl with multiple shooter-themed tattoos (including knuckle tattoos reading LANZA) who cannot help but post lies online. Some recent milk/drama:

>Claims to have been accepted into Harvard University despite admitting to not finishing high school

>Alternately claims to have graduated with her undergraduate degree from Harvard and to still be attending
>Also claims that she studied at “six different universities at once”
>Turns out to have paid to take online courses offered by the schools, literally anyone can take these courses
>In a polyamorous relationship with white supremacist murderer Peter Avsenew
>Other members of her relationship include Ef, a man who she brags about having sex with his own family members
>Originally on tumblr as fakepontchartain, got banned from for trying to sell murder memorabilia, remade immediately as oddynuff
>Brags about her shitty administrative job and posts screenshots of her correcting other employees to her murder fanblog
>Recently added tumblr mutuals to work chat, spammed main chat with mass shooter sperging, claims boss is cool with it—whole situation likely a lie
>Also posts screenshots of conversations with her mother showing her mothers name onto her murder fanblog
>Her mother is a cop
>No self awareness, seems to believe her own delusions of grandeur, exaggerates her own education and knowledge
>Seriously can’t stop bringing up how she totally attends Harvard; however, her LinkedIn lists her as having been a student since 2016 with no signs of graduating, no posts about course material, or generally any reason to believe she actually attends
>Frequent Luna-level posts detailing and glamorizing her own drug use
>Previously made herself a thread; was promptly banned for self posting
>Currently planning a series of "scholarly" medium articles on topics such as mental illness, ADHD, and (of course) mass shootings. Can't wait!

tumblr: oddynuff.tumblr.com
linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/chantellebrodersen

No. 1543102

Thanks for finally making a thread anon, you did pretty well. I've been on and off keeping up with her and one of the most edgy cow things I remember her doing was how she used some of her dead brothers ashes and mixed it with paint to use on a gift for her mom without telling her.

Also is it just me, or does something seem off about her whole "polycule"? Most of it just seems like made up fanfiction to add to this narrative of how she's such a psychopath, like she was real time posting EF/Colton fucking his own mother. For someone who has claimed that she never ever leaves the house, she sure does get around a lot.

No. 1543110

Samefag but that linkedin is wrong, this is her actual one, be warned though if you do click it, she said once has Linkedin pro and can see everyone who looks at her profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chantellemoore?trk=people-guest_people_search-card

No. 1543111

File: 1653793722746.png (968.56 KB, 1254x1490, ef.png)

Yes, the Ef stuff is pretty strange. She also sporadically mentions women in her polycule to remind everyone that she's totally bisexual and then never mentions them again, unlike the nasty men she fawns over. Her stories about Ef having sex with everyone in his family and then her joining in… sorry but I do not believe that many people consent to sex with her. Not that that's the biggest issue with the story obviously.


Sorry, no idea how I did that except I'm retarded.

No. 1543114

File: 1653794012069.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1524, asdfasdfasdf.png)

She's still arguing with an actual doctor on LinkedIn btw.

No. 1543115

File: 1653794167773.jpg (102.03 KB, 663x722, 2349278357809.JPG)

Her poor mother.

Also kek at having to pay in 4 a Doordash order. How's that $40 an hour job going Chantelle?

No. 1543118

>Fatass daughter sits in her room all day jerking it to child murderers
>Spends $50+ on delivered alcohol because she can't be assed to step outside
>Ask her to please just be normal
>Hang up, sit in silence and contemplate what you've brought into the world

No. 1543120

Untreated personality disorder is one helluva drug. I can't believe this lardass is literally using a klarna type deal for food and booze delivery.

No. 1543121

File: 1653794554540.jpg (58.64 KB, 647x517, Capture.JPG)

She fucking had her tumblr followers join her work's slack channel, holy shit she's actually retarded

No. 1543127

I realize I misread it as the drivers being drunk but fuck that's actually worse… Imagine having one of your children die because of alcohol and having the remaining one be a fat tard who refuses to stop spending you money on doordash booze.

No. 1543142

File: 1653797968725.jpeg (93.28 KB, 828x717, A9AABB73-CCE9-48F8-80C0-CA07B7…)

Nice try. This retard tried to make a thread about herself a couple months back and got caught and banned for self posting >>>/snow/1408828 Give up no one gives a fuck about you

No. 1543143

That's literally in the op nonna.

No. 1543149

one glance at her tumblr and it's so incredibly disturbing how someone could gleefully make jokes about children dying. wtf.

No. 1543160

She's truly disturbing and not in the way she wants to be.

No. 1543221

She clearly reads here and this is just fueling her desire for attention. She's a nobody. Don't bother making a thread for her.

No. 1543390

File: 1653834454637.png (552.76 KB, 1080x1200, Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 1.33…)

Why does she even lie about stuff like this? It's like the most repulsive form of I HAVE SEX GUYS bragging imaginable.

No offense but are you Chantelle lol

No. 1543473

File: 1653843052316.png (50.52 KB, 666x488, avsenew.PNG)

No shit they blocked you Chantelle, they probably found out you sent him, a jailed white supremacist, letters engaging in raceplay. Been trying for a bit to find the screenshots but they seemed to be all on her fakepontchartain blog. Personally hoping one day all this interfering she's been attempting to do with Avsenew or the others' cases is gonna get her called into court for questioning.

She lies about it because she has a huge case of main character syndrome and thinks the world is one big TCC fanfiction. She's gonna get a real rude awakening one of these days.

No. 1543579

I agree. She would have been a fun cow to laugh at but since she has gotten caught self posting here before the chances of her fueling the fire just for attention makes it lame.

No. 1543601

Can you faggots seriously not understand why other people would want to make fun of the fat retard trying to fuck mass murderers. If you don't like the thread hide it.

No. 1543773

File: 1653870667058.png (1.27 MB, 672x1194, yikes.PNG)

Holy shit, she's so obese she can't even wear her Aliexpress chokers and has to wear them as wristbands. There's no way she has a harem of men willing to fuck her lmao

No. 1543953

Mom needs to cut this woman-child off. Give her cash for actual food at the most, no online purchases.

No. 1544254

Isn't she supposed to have a job at the UN?? Why does she need to rely on her mom to buy her stuff? Why is she still living at home anyway?

No. 1545815

She also already has a thread here: >>>/snow/1408828 (idk why it got locked though)

No. 1546455

That thread is locked because Chantelle made it herself, it literally says that in the OP of this post.

No. 1546850

my bad

No. 1547079

File: 1654184380245.png (16.37 KB, 696x344, fat retard.PNG)

Well, someone cowtipped. Hi Chantelle, none of your selfies are hot. Also "doxxed" kek, you put your own name out there on your own. No one doxxed you, retard, anyone can Google the name you gave out and find your address in Dallas.

No. 1547405

File: 1654208380784.png (281.14 KB, 1086x612, bigbrained.png)

I like how she leaves out the fact that she made the first thread and doxed herself

No. 1547410

File: 1654208495562.png (289.18 KB, 1086x612, asdfjasdfasdfasdf.png)

"They don't pay my bills" No shit Chantelle. YOU don't even pay your bills.

No. 1547411

Lmfao for someone "going to Harvard and Oxford" she sure is stupid as shit

No. 1547421

We know her well enough to remember when she claimed she was married to Adam Lanza's brother (his URL was emergencyshotgun I think? I'm fairly sure it was Chantelle herself running it) and officiated it in a Chuck-E-Cheese, then the story later changed that it was his cousin. When she got bored of that story arc she claimed that he was conveniently shipped off to Sibera, which is when the whole saga with Heil and Colton started.

What's even more interesting is that she's trying this narrative now where she's "engaged" to Peter Avsenew. Well Chantelle, how are you gonna marry him? Or are you admitting the whole Robbie Lanza thing was bullshit and you were never married?

No. 1547525

>one of my hot selfies
Damn, wish I was that delusional.

No. 1547686

Sage for no milk but how and why is a black girl simping for white supremacist/crazy ass incel dudes who would want nothing to do with her.

Whole new level of sad. Even she could do better kek

No. 1548138

Is it even cowtipping if she made the first thread herself? She wanted a thread on here about herself enough to make one of her own. If she's acting surprised, it's only because she wants to pretend that we're obsessed with her when she's the one who posted herself on here in the first place.

No. 1548151

File: 1654281174517.jpg (50.22 KB, 1080x443, oddynuff.jpg)

No. 1548175

How do any of her tumblr followers believe this shit? Also I wonder how many of those anonymous asks she gets are just her messaging herself.

No. 1548217

because she's a compulsive liar and a NEET who took one $50 course that anyone can do without actually being enrolled at the school. the only "job" she has is writing opinion peices for Medium and i doubt she gets paid much for that, if at all. she hasn't needed to moved out because her mother probably feels guilty over her brother's death and lets her do whatever she wants.

No. 1548238

I really question the legitimacy of a good chunk of the "friends" and followers she has. They all type like her, post the same kind of shit… I mean, she's schizo and has claimed to have hallucinations so I wouldn't put it past her.

Her mother needs to do a 5150/Baker act/whatever the Texas equivalent is. If Chantelle is making threats like that towards her, then she's well within reason to do so. Then while she's being held, change the locks.

No. 1549177

File: 1654375319673.jpeg (284.23 KB, 828x1377, 750DEA6A-6788-40FC-A04C-43DF4B…)

A quick google shows that over 330 other people contributed to this project so her saying “I won an award” just shows how bad her main character syndrome is

No. 1549447

Ohhh, so she never worked at the United Nations, she volunteered at a thinktank that spoke at the UN once. What is with her compulsion to exaggerate everything she does all the time? "I volunteered at a think tank" becomes "I WORK AT THE UN." It makes me kind of sad to think about her and how shitty she must feel about her real life to lie so much about it. But then I remember she simps for child murderers and it becomes funny again lol.

No. 1550330

File: 1654464362278.png (315.62 KB, 1078x626, jdfjkdjkdklsdkdlslslsls.png)

The harvard larp continues.

No. 1550400

File: 1654468842140.jpeg (475.12 KB, 828x1442, EDA12190-8440-4917-8B48-68C740…)

Her mom needs to seriously have her committed.

No. 1550677

File: 1654492349408.png (202.04 KB, 616x898, 1.png)

No. 1550678

File: 1654492431690.png (62.79 KB, 621x423, 2.png)

No. 1550690

File: 1654493863522.png (79.65 KB, 993x555, tedkbreakfastcereal.png)

one of her orbiters

No. 1551016

She sperges about how much she hates white women too which makes this extra funny

No. 1551062

This doesn't surprise me. Just look at her in the OP pic (she really thinks that that's a "hot" picture of herself kek I'm ignoring the possibility of this being a selfpost) it makes sense that she'd go for the absolute bottom of the barrel type subhuman mass shooter white guys because I mean who else is gonna settle for her.

No. 1551147

File: 1654538833049.jpg (40.75 KB, 582x409, Capture.JPG)

Peter Avsenew from what I can tell is currently having a re-trial and, after they participated in raceplay over J Pay emails (which I am so upset are on her terminated blog, there was so much milk, she had even said some of her emails were rejected or not received due to the nature of the content), he was probably advised not to contact anyone until the trial is over. But sure, he's so distraught that some ugly hambeast he talks to is writing to multiple murders.

No. 1551507

File: 1654555581103.jpg (251.6 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20220606-184554_Tum…)

Holy fuck, my stomach just turned.

No. 1551509

This is just a LARP, anon.

No. 1551585

Kek anon don't worry, assume all stories of her having consensual sex with anyone are false.

No. 1551631

the lack of self worth is astounding honestly. it literally blows me away. perhaps one of the worst i've seen on this site. i seriously don't get it, she must have gone to a majority white school.

No. 1551730

She claims to have been homeschooled

No. 1552124

She says this but I doubt it, her most up-to-date story is that she was in normal school, then was pulled out by her ABUSIVE mother at age 11, then completed high school and middle school by herself by 14 and got accepted into harvard. Most likely I think she just went to regular old public school her whole life. Maybe she had to be homeschooled because of bullying or something, I could buy that.

No. 1557026

How come her thread got locked when that one girl (presumably the OP) posted her hands?

No. 1557051

who is ef?

No. 1557102

From previous thread:
>Colton / Ef, a man with an addiction to smoking embalming fluid. Used to hate Heil, but now they regularly have sex while Chantelle does her homework in the same room. Got Chantelle pregnant, she mercifully had an abortion. Also formerly Chantelle's stalker, who she apparently only dates out of fear of him murdering her and her mother. Chantelle blogs about wrestling her guns out of his hands when he makes drunken suicide attempts.

No. 1557122

Because it was all just this girl self-posting. Imagine clout chasing on lolcow of all places, sad kek

No. 1557128

Why do I believe all of this shit is just this one disturbed girl LARPing with the voices in her head? I guess I can believe one or two mass shooters wrote her back, prison is pretty boring. But all the polyamorous neo-Nazi incest orgies are giving schizoposting.

No. 1557295

File: 1654968840452.png (801.61 KB, 601x1187, Capture.PNG)

"Look how mentally ill and insane I am!" kek

She's posted a handful of pictures of both Colton and Heil, they're both very real people. However I honestly believe these are just people she knows here and there that she's started making essentially fanfiction of.

No. 1560543

File: 1655227525548.png (14.03 KB, 540x239, 1.png)

No. 1560545

File: 1655227556138.png (25.68 KB, 540x386, 2.png)

No. 1560548

File: 1655227601252.png (47.64 KB, 540x359, 3.png)

No. 1560550

File: 1655227663441.png (91.65 KB, 540x396, 4.png)

No. 1560553

File: 1655227711159.png (437.35 KB, 540x872, 5.png)

No. 1560575

I’ll be surprised if this thread goes anywhere. This is Soren 2.0 but more boring. Just another schizophrenic retard writing fanfic about ~bad boys~ who would never associate with her if what she says is true. Why the fuck would a nazi hang out with a fat black girl? She’s just the degenerate, tumblr-posting, wannabe edge lord version of Shayna’s “this sexy daddy just winked at me and bought me free wine!!!!” fairy tales.

No. 1560602

she wishes she was schizophrenic lmao. these edgelords always larp about hallucinations because it makes them oh-so psychotic. same with the DID larping.

No. 1560607

Hard agree. Soren was an entire rabbit hole of fucked up lies. There was a lot of mystique surrounding Soren. This girl is just annoying. Sad. They don't make horrorcows like they used to. Honestly I barely even read the screenshots of her posts. She's just that boring.

No. 1560635

>why would a nazi hang out with a fat black girl?
She’s different Nona, she transcends racial barriers. She is the goth Lizzo.
Lizzo likes woman beaters like Chris brown
The goth one likes murderers.

No. 1560636

Who is that lmao I feel like she doesn’t even actually talk to that ugly ass person

No. 1560672

Has she posted real receipts of any type of irl relationship with these ugly ass men whose photos she posts? Because this whole thread smells like self-post and serves e-clout chasing by an obese, alcoholic hybristophile shut-in who'd be locked away on a psych ward somewhere if her mother could afford decent health care.

No. 1560676

The retarded-looking incels she posts don't exactly look like ladies' men, maybe she's the only girl who'll talk to them? I mean come on anon, this guy looks like the only sex he'd get otherwise is with a sock full of lotion kek >>1560553

No. 1560677

Saw this post on my dash and laughed because it's so obvious she made it as bait for someone to post here. She's mad as fuck her self post got deleted LMAO. Why does she think anyone cares about the ugly white men she's "dating." Chantelle, go back to arguing with experts and lying about working for the UN. Your relationships are not interesting.

No. 1560678

Missing link ass looking motherfucker

No. 1560754

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lying about dating that white supremacist murderer because he’s literally in prison and people can’t just go ask him about it unless they were really dedicated. I don’t think anyone even cares about her that much to do that

No. 1560920

Is everyone with that name Chantal destined to be an mentally deficient embarrassing obese criminal lover?

No. 1561906

File: 1655328719090.png (457.18 KB, 594x774, Capture.PNG)

We got another shout out! Another day of Chantelle being too retarded to understand what doxxing means.

No. 1561946

You didn't have to sage, it's milk

No. 1562755

Chubby sausage fingers

No. 1562786

I love this crazyass unironically

No. 1562948

Her hands are so jarring to me because they look so much like Jonny Craig's

No. 1563025

File: 1655414430732.jpg (49.55 KB, 1080x404, 1.jpg)

No. 1563026

File: 1655414460084.jpg (55.59 KB, 1080x537, 2.jpg)

No. 1563029

File: 1655414525180.jpg (181.71 KB, 1080x1614, 3.jpg)

No. 1563030

File: 1655414565454.jpg (348.44 KB, 1080x1837, 4.jpg)

No. 1563033

File: 1655414602506.jpg (100.91 KB, 1080x721, 5.jpg)

No. 1563035

File: 1655414625730.jpg (273.93 KB, 1080x1618, 6.jpg)

No. 1563037

File: 1655414656686.jpg (398.61 KB, 1080x1826, 7.jpg)

No. 1563039

File: 1655414695254.jpg (522.99 KB, 1440x1080, 8.jpg)

No. 1563042

File: 1655414740072.jpg (323.13 KB, 1440x1080, 9.jpg)

No. 1563045

File: 1655414780002.jpg (106.6 KB, 1080x659, 10.jpg)

No. 1563049

File: 1655414817277.jpg (95.57 KB, 1080x1037, 11.jpg)

No. 1563115

so romantic

No. 1563271

File: 1655433086150.jpg (95.87 KB, 500x350, i-see-youre-feeling-2-its-beca…)

In what world is taco bell greasy that shit is dehydrated af. It's cool that you're self posting and all but this is such an embarrassing conversation. I guess that's the point of your existence though. Carry on

No. 1565187

File: 1655586414033.jpg (433.18 KB, 1080x1814, 1.jpg)

No. 1565188

File: 1655586447094.jpg (314.94 KB, 1080x1949, 2.jpg)

No. 1565189

File: 1655586497265.jpg (352.49 KB, 1080x1913, 3.jpg)

No. 1565191

File: 1655586536761.jpg (142.73 KB, 1080x1068, 4.jpg)

No. 1565192

File: 1655586584323.jpg (251.6 KB, 1080x1453, 5.jpg)

No. 1565193

File: 1655586614853.jpg (512.27 KB, 1080x2128, 6.jpg)

No. 1565341

Literally anything that leaves her greasy pie hole is a lie. Literally anything. I don't even know how people can be so gullible and believe all this bullshit. The post about a follower describing her saying ''she's insane her life looks like a movie!'' like come the fuck on. She's a morbidly obese self hating black retard who thinks treating her mom like shit is so cool. The only truth in this tread is the post about this fat bitch ordering a pizza and a calzone, because nobody gets to weight like a small car by eating a salad.

No. 1565914

She's not even intelligent either, actual intelligent people don't go around bragging about Harvard (she's never gonna graduate either, it's just gonna be "Well I'm a Harvard student!" until she finally drops dead from shoveling calzones down her gullet), they don't go around talking about how smart they are. But of course she's not smart enough to figure that one out.

No. 1565938

The slaves sewing those cat leather collars in China are probably thinking "American zoo animals sure are well decorated! They asked for extra length, hopefully this one is for an African elephant"

No. 1566125

File: 1655674723504.png (891.8 KB, 714x690, Capture.PNG)

kek she got extra length and it still doesn't even fit her neck

No. 1566168

They probably assumed she put the wrong measurements, there's no one in China that large, they can't even imagine it.

No. 1566445

File: 1655696346158.png (77.47 KB, 606x678, Shopify.png)

Chantelle is on tumblr right now bragging about how fast she put together a website, but she's telling on herself because Shopify is literally just a storefront template - they do all the heavy lifting for you, I've used it before. Also absolutely hilarious that Shopify is $30 a month which she doesn't even have to spend. So much for that "high paying job" of hers.

No. 1566452

She's never gonna graduate from harvard because she never went to harvard kek. I remember someone asked her how she got in at 15 and she said she had good grades and
"plans for the future" or something… Bitch what the fuck.

No. 1566489

JFC when a choker can only tightly fit as a bracelet it's time to hide the food.

No. 1566491

She reminds me a lot of Soren but dirtier? Not sure how to describe it. I miss soren.

No. 1566622

that filthy wall

No. 1566666

File: 1655721482560.png (1.25 MB, 1242x2688, BC45A98E-6A8A-4666-8EBA-C766F8…)

No. 1566669

File: 1655722331704.jpg (166.7 KB, 1080x1284, tumblr.jpg)

This one was good too

No. 1566670

god she’s so insane

No. 1566682

i truly don’t understand how she can post a picture like this. her wrist is around the same size as non obese womans neck. so disgusting.

No. 1566702

Those ‘beetus knuckles though…,

No. 1566822

File: 1655740459902.png (186.07 KB, 1214x980, harvard essay.png)

We got an entire essay this time ladies, and she still can't understand the definition of doxxing! Also does she really think we're the ones responsible for Chris-Chan lmfao

No. 1566914

Anonymous now No. 1566910
>more intelligent and accomplished than they will ever be

i have 4 degrees and (actually) attended Cambridge

incredible that she levels herself with Chris Chan, top fucking kek

No. 1566920

>more successful than they’ll ever be

Girl, what? I have a real job, own my own house and don’t live with my Mum or have to buy DoorDash on my Mothers quadpay

No. 1566947

File: 1655747428598.png (492.93 KB, 1417x1062, chantelle moore.png)

Whatever do you mean anons? She's TOTALLY successful! You all are just jealous of her intellect and how many murderers flock to her fat ass! (inb4 she calls this fanart and posts it on her Tumblr kek)

No. 1566949

I'll be honest all you have to do to go further than chantalle is not simping for or engaging with an imprisoned white supremacist

No. 1566959

LOOOOOL the $0 balance

No. 1566964

File: 1655748789042.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2688, 2EAFDCEC-9EC1-4DC3-81CE-169B94…)

how can one person be so cringe.
I highly doubt she smokes meth but even if she does it’s fucked up that she does it around her cat and poisons her

No. 1566966

She doesn't smoke it nona, she just takes Adderall and calls it meth

No. 1566967

File: 1655749236994.png (605.3 KB, 1242x2688, C809B09C-E1B4-439F-B682-8F13FC…)


No. 1566969

File: 1655749302937.jpeg (331.27 KB, 1242x2688, A95C96F9-287A-4138-98D6-B9B575…)


she deleted it but the girls response was ‘what’s lolcow’ god she’s so insane she’s trying to convince herself that lolcow is just the same 2-3 people who are ‘harassing’ her. don’t you think worshipping murderers is a form of harassment against their victims family?

No. 1566972

File: 1655749521087.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2688, A29E8F9B-3D05-43F4-AB52-54AEF0…)

>pull another 9/11

she always threatens to carry out mass violence. she couldn’t shoot the shit out of her own ass

No. 1566974

File: 1655749551071.jpg (190.41 KB, 1080x1548, chantelle's arch nemesis.jpg)

No. 1566975

Ever notice how whenever anyone challenges her "intelligence" she goes from typing like a typical Tumblr user, to trying to flex some sort of writing skill. It's kind of hilarious, she claims to be so unbothered but the minute someone questions her, she bristles up and types out an essay.

The next chris-chan? Bitch barely even has two threads, the other farms hasn't even caught wind of her.

No. 1567011

The other farms would not give a fuck about a LARPing ugly tumblrina hambeast kek. Not unless she actually carries out/tries to carry out a mass shooting. Even then the kiwifarms thread would be pretty short lived.

No. 1567017

ayrt and yeah that was kind of my point. She's not the next Chris no matter how much she wishes to be because the website that was originally dedicated to Chris wouldn't even give her the time of day.

No. 1567054

world's fattest adderall addict. I didn't know it was possible to get so huge while on it.

No. 1567098

Unrealistic, the choker couldn't fit.

This is what really bothers me about her. Imagine a family member dying in a shooting, possibly the most terrifying way to die, then finding out some weirdo calling the person who ruined your life her blorbo and bragging about writing him loveletters. I don't know how she hangs around in terf-ish circles.

Who is this.

No. 1567109

>lolcow users harassed Chris Chan into raping his own mother
kek what a fucking retard, the amount of caping for male degeneracy

No. 1567110

Imagine taking adderalls and still being fat

No. 1567551

Does she have a prescription for Adderall? Because if she doesn't then yeah she's probably doing meth.

No. 1567582

File: 1655803665900.jpg (110.61 KB, 1080x896, 1.jpg)

No. 1567583

File: 1655803742821.jpg (199.58 KB, 1080x1343, 2.jpg)

No. 1567641

I’ve never hated a lolcow so much. The victims who died at the hands of the ugly retards she venerates were children, somebody’s baby, who were tragically and unjustly murdered, who were terrified and likely crying in their final moments, and died alone and in pain.

I hope she suffers the same fate. She is subhuman.

No. 1567850

sure, if you count the one you made yourself and another that hasn't even hit 200 posts

No. 1567875

the forced nonchalance is so funny. 'i think it was-' girl… you know exactly what channel it was, the title of the video, and the exact minute and second. let's not pretend otherwise

No. 1568125

File: 1655843338077.png (305.38 KB, 2860x1106, Heil.png)

Chantelle's latest post about Heil gave me enough information to find out his identity. His full name is Zachary Blake Mathews.

No. 1568241

I don't know which one is worse, her being 100% serious about all of this or her pretending that she's 100% serious about all of this.
Never understood the appeal of trying to be as edgy as possible to impress…who? Random teens on the internet?(sage)

No. 1568558

File: 1655890467290.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2688, D76649D2-E7FA-4469-9698-C306E8…)

Just admit you doesn’t work. First it’s I work for the UN, next it’s I have an admin job now it’s I work from home.

God imagine being 22 and threatening your Mum who you still live with for not paying the internet so you can have $50 pizza takeout (on her dollar), booze and sit on your fat ass all day. JFC she’s so pathetic

No. 1568559

I’m glad her Mum isn’t paying her internet anymore, maybe she’ll stfu and get a job and some friends

No. 1568561

File: 1655890924639.jpg (336.94 KB, 1080x1602, crazy.jpg)

No. 1568565

this woman is a femcel for sure

No. 1568569

Jesus, that's fucked up. What an absolutely evil bitch. I hope the texts are fake for her poor mother's sake. Hell, if they aren't, I hope her mum comes to her senses and kicks her out, cuts her off and takes out a restraining order against her for ruining her credit, draining her funds, and threatening her life. Chantelle is a successful online businesswoman after all so paying for her own flat and internet connection shouldn't be a problem.

No. 1568604

File: 1655894803075.png (697.72 KB, 1242x2688, 91F14A54-76FB-4F64-A384-BD737A…)

kek at her philosophy word salad, she doesn’t know what half these words even mean. Also she never went to Oxford kek

How is thirsting over school shooters feminist most teachers are women and many of the kids killed were girls

No. 1568607

File: 1655895027017.png (505.79 KB, 1242x2688, 2F25AB14-82A6-4174-9D07-8BFFBF…)

she thinks people get witness protection for being posted on lolcow girl you’re being rightfully mocked for being an obese nobody who abuses and leeches off her mother and lies about attending Harvard

No. 1568608

File: 1655895179444.png (957.63 KB, 1242x2688, F5BA3CF6-EF3F-4161-B59D-F38C7C…)

No. 1568652

File: 1655897527692.gif (773.15 KB, 498x298, 40C799CC-12AC-46F5-9183-71BA4C…)

I don’t understand - is anyone really that interested/actually cowtipping her? It’s not like she’s big Shaynus or filthy Luna, let alone Chris Chan. I just don’t understand where she’s getting all this.

No. 1568653

no one cow tipped the doxxing is all part of her fantasy LARP just like her fake Harvard degree and fake education

No. 1568719

File: 1655901384209.jpg (366.96 KB, 1080x1969, knittedhandkercheif.jpg)

Stop cowtipping, retards

No. 1568727

It's real cringe to watch a grown woman desperately beg people to waste their time on her personally and privately. You don't even have a kiwifarms thread. No one cares enough and everyone feels bad for your mother so no one wants to bring her stupid failure of a daughters internet shit to her door. She has enough to deal with having you as her biological leech and all. I wonder how often she wishes it was Chantelle over her son. At least he supposedly fucked off to be a mental case. Would she even keep anything of hers to bring her comfort after her death? Doubt it kek.

No. 1568865

Lmfao is she mad Heil's name got out? If anyone deserves any sort of protection it's her mother.

No. 1568922

Ahh I see this woman gets no attention anywhere else and the only was she can is an infamous niche way. That’s sad.

No. 1569671

I'm almost certain chantelle herself is behind that blog. No one else cares enough.

No. 1569686

Nah, what triggers her most is anyone accusing her of no being a graduate of Oxford like she keeps LARPing

No. 1569725

File: 1655990676331.jpg (213.49 KB, 1080x1177, 1.jpg)

No. 1569726

File: 1655990708127.jpg (254.95 KB, 1080x1654, 2.jpg)

No. 1569727

File: 1655990730107.jpg (337.96 KB, 1080x2140, linkedin.jpg)

No. 1569747

Who keeps bumping this thread?

No. 1569749

What do you have against this thread being bumped?

No. 1569753

Nothing really, it’s just odd that screenshots with no context or commentary are posted and then barely get interaction. Didn’t mean anything by it, was just wondering because it seems a bit weird and self posty.

No. 1569773

Milk or gtfo, it reeks of self posting and the thread should be locked at this point, its just out of context bs.

No. 1569777

File: 1655996441059.gif (578.76 KB, 220x123, 6167BB95-9851-4075-B2AA-297AC6…)

It’s also pretty odd that there are labeled screenshots that are uploaded with no context versus ones posted with whatever randomly generated label that actually contain milk and commentary.

No. 1569805

File: 1655997691001.jpeg (429.8 KB, 828x1012, DB79F46A-7563-4737-8970-F5D0E4…)

Trashy, but seeing how she treats her mom, I'm not surprised at this reaction. I wonder where she learned that from.

No. 1569810

File: 1655998264613.jpeg (764.46 KB, 828x1417, AFD785C9-714E-4CEC-BB13-46B0EA…)

She is also getting promoted, potentially. Does anybody recognize what program/website she's messaging her "boss" on? Sometimes I doubt this job is even real because of how much money she steals from her mom. Sage for no milk.

No. 1569811

File: 1655998300666.jpeg (447.99 KB, 828x740, C0495E3F-8F73-40CC-9A88-BF0AA2…)

Can't forget to mention teh haturzz.

No. 1569814

For whatever it's worth, I've been posting a few of the labeled screenshots of milk but with captions, they're just labeled I save them all in paint and not through a phone screenshot. I'm not the same anon posting the mass screenshot dumps though, so there's at least 3 or 4 people posting apart from myself.

Yeah attacks on her intelligence always seem to send her on a rant. It's almost as if she thrives on being called crazy or insane, but the minute you tell her she's not as smart as she thinks she is, she loses it.

No. 1569824

Kek are you >>1566947 because that’s fair. The other image dumps with labels and no contexts are still sus though. She obviously likes the attention and wants to keep the thread going.

No. 1569828

Yes lmao that was mine. But I agree with you, the only reason I'm still posting milk is because she's been a personal cow for a while anyway so it's entertaining to see other people find out about her antics

No. 1569830

I'm the OP of this thread and I noticed that too lmao. I really do think Chantelle is back and self posting here. If you look on the last thread she made for herself, all the screenshots she dumped were posted similarly to how you described–just a bunch of boring sc of her blog that she thought made her seem cool with no context or captions. On the other hand all the random commenters going "omg this is so boring the thread needs to be locked!!!!" are sus too. If you don't like a thread don't read it. Commenting over and over about how you want the thread to go away… Yeah.

No. 1569831

Kek she doesn’t have a job especially not one paying $40 an hour else why would she need to order takeout on her Mothers quadpay. This is all corporate jargon that she’s compressed into one paragraph as part of her deception.

I doubt she’s employed. She spends every waking moment incessantly posting about her fantasy LARP life on tumblr. She doesn’t even step away for a few hours. I think she gets disability or welfare.

No. 1569834

Yeah quite a few threads end up this way, people start posting milk and suddenly the thread is "omg you're giving her what she wants" as if attention-seeking like this isn't lolcow behavior in itself. Chantelle's definitely self posting here to some degree, she's not gonna post shit like this >>1569811 if she isn't - and you KNOW she can't sit by in silence while people say something, she's always got to have a paragraph of a last word

If she isn't making all this shit up, she might be "working" under one of those article ghost-writing jobs that pay a penny or two per word. It's not an actual job, it's more or less just one of those "beer money" gigs.

No. 1569836

Where did I say I want the thread to go away? All I said is it’s odd and seemed self-posty. Which isn’t a far stretch considering she got here by self posting. It’s milky and cringe to point out.

No. 1569840

>"I interned at the UN!"
No… You did volunteering for free online for a thinktank, and that thinktank later on presented at the UN… once. This is not the same as getting an internship at the United Nations.
>"They're continuing education classes!"
I guess she moved on from claiming to be getting five degrees at once and is now just admitting they're fancy khan academy courses that she shelled out $500+ for the privilege of listing on her linkedin. You've shown the hadurs this time!
>"I'm a degree candidate at Harvard"
You have apparently been attending Harvard university since 14 and you're now, what, 25-30? You post every minute detail of your life and yet you've never shown any proof of ever having been accepted or attending Harvard. This is the saddest larp yet and the one that she refuses to give up despite literally no one believing it.

Just… Why does she think no one realizes? Why does she continue to make fake blog to cowtip herself so she has more excuses to post quote unquote proof of how smart she is? What is the reason, I truly don't get it.

No. 1569841

I didn't say you said that, sorry. I was referring to other posts in the thread.

No. 1569846

I'm not arguing with anything you said here nona because I think you're right, but I think she's 22, she was saying how she only was legally allowed to drink last year. No doubt in my mind though that she'll continue this LARP into her 30s if she hasn't offed herself by then.

No. 1569851

File: 1656000695660.png (503.02 KB, 591x1105, Capture.PNG)

KEK she sent the Buffalo shooter nudes and got denied

No. 1569859

File: 1656000890186.gif (391.86 KB, 500x281, CCD41872-6D1C-496C-A5EC-E2B603…)

I think she’s only 21 or 22 at most. Unless she’s lying about that of course kek, but I don’t think she’s quite that age yet. Point stands, though.
Ah that’s fair, no worries nona!

No. 1569883

File: 1656002784196.png (205.53 KB, 1568x1186, Capture.PNG)

It's not really milk, but it's just interesting she won't list this supposed to 40k a year job on her Linkedin, but will post every single school or freelance site that's even slightly breathed in her direction.

No. 1569891

File: 1656003489128.jpeg (729.07 KB, 1170x1830, 5CB90050-EDC1-430A-A612-338057…)

Is this from linked in? I don’t want to click on her profile. Would someone from her “company” be commenting on her work, or can any random say something? Because if it’s the former, it seems like she works with some real great guys. All very professional.

No. 1569896

File: 1656003998558.jpg (61.22 KB, 844x1005, courses.JPG)

Do any lawfags here recognize any of these as legitimate courses?

yeah it's from hers, just log out before you click on the link (it's in the top few comments in this thread). As for that guy commenting, I think anyone is open to comment.

No. 1569935

If you google the course codes, they're real classes but they're at Dallas College which is a community college aka pretty much anyone can sign up for them

No. 1569940

Huh, that's the one she has listed second to last on her linkedin. It says she's still attending there as of 2022 so I guess that confirms to an extent that her totally real Harvard courses are just her attending a community college kek

No. 1569990

What is with her obsession with schools? I swear miss fatty got bullied and that's where it stems from.
Bragging about going to Oxford and Harvard yet simultaneously fixated on mass school shooters? What's hilarious is her attempt at sounding smart by throwing in "fancy" words amongst otherwise poorly typed paragraphs littered with spelling errors and misuse of punctuation.

I bet she was bullied and men have only ever used her for a quick pump and dump and now she's just a sad fatty living in mom's house writing fanfic and fairytales about her shitty existence because she's chronically insecure.
This is literally just a mentally ill woman spouting off shock factor bullshit knowing it gets attention and it's extremely pathetic, almost sad.

No. 1570040

File: 1656014603180.jpg (324.88 KB, 1080x1549, 7A5BE276-6460-434A-95F0-4B43B.…)

No. 1570075

File: 1656017726880.jpeg (404.88 KB, 1170x1579, 0502F7ED-800D-4325-87B7-246EC5…)

This is Karen. I’m sure all of that is why Pete called her and not Chantelle. No other reasons.

No. 1570101

The white supremacist is only calling the white girl and she can't put two and two together. We're all supposed to believe she goes to Harvard?

No. 1570146

Jesus girl he doesn’t love you and isn’t jealous of ur other husbandos girl lose some weight and find a real boyfriend.
I believe in u Chantelle

No. 1570154

She lives with ef (the dude who fucked his parents)

No. 1570158

She lives with her Mum and ef is very unlikely to be a real person

No. 1570187

His name is Colton, EF stood for Embalming fluid and no she doesn't, she never moved out of her mom's

No. 1570216

File: 1656024170179.jpg (166.11 KB, 993x1280, tumblr_b88b477e8facba7463b200b…)

Older pic but it wasn't posted itt. Fatty's body.

No. 1570243

How old is this pic? It's pre hand tattoos at least. Also I'm not an expert but something seems… off about her waistline.

No. 1570267

This girl is a military wife with three kids. I really doubt she is in any sort of polycule with this mentally ill fatty.

No. 1570406

..Hello?? that is obviously not her, the choker doesn’t even fit this lumbering meatball has to stuff her obese arm into it >>1543773
and this girl is black… the girl in that picture is white.. that’s not different lighting that’s an entirely different person and she cropped “her face”out.

There is no way she’s in a poly lie with that woman, maybe this >>1560553 ugly ass man probs hooked up with her on tinder and now she’s spinning it into a tale. But there is no way she’s actually interacted with that chick, she’s actually hot.

No. 1570410

File: 1656040723368.png (310.1 KB, 416x743, ff.png)

She's been a hambeast since childhood.

If you zoom in, you can see some signs of shooping (pic dump incoming).

I'm no expert either, but it looks like most of her torso was just painted completely black. And something about the way the necklace hangs is very reminiscent of Vicky Shingles' work.

No. 1570412

File: 1656040809616.png (2.09 MB, 2690x1814, 5d90whO.png)

No. 1570414

File: 1656040861006.png (2.22 MB, 1216x1526, y0Fw3jK.png)

No. 1570517

File: 1656052567192.jpeg (521.15 KB, 1242x1312, 86650C6E-7B4C-4493-85D1-1ACA61…)

No. 1570533

>I'm talking the entire menu!
This post of hers feels like lolcow bait.

No. 1570539

implying she doesn’t order the entire menu every time courtesy of her mothers Quadpay

No. 1570557

This is just really sad.

No. 1570594

I’m pretty sure Ef and heil are fake in the sense that they’re people she’s seen but has never interacted with them or even uttered a word to them. All her bullshit is a shitty patchwork of lies because she’s a lonely edgelord neet that leeches off her mother.

No. 1570612

Can't believe noone's pointed out yet that she keeps saying she's totally for realz on the board of directors - fixing to become the chair even - when her slack conversations with her boss like in >>1569810 clearly state she's going to become a secretary for them.
Have fun setting up appointments and dealing with manbabies in power throwing tantrums every day Chantelle!

Kek at her taking my post from >>1568569 almost word for word to insult herself with via her obvious sockpuppet account. Despite her boundless creativity when it comes to making up grandiose lies about her personal life it seems she must suck at coming up with ways to drag herself. Guess that tracks for a narcissist.

No. 1570629

Yes, exactly.

Also she's such a bad liar when she lists her education as 'University of Oxford' because everyone who is remotely knowledgable about UK universities would know that she would also be attending a specific college

No. 1570694

Her skin looks lighter because she's using a filter. Kek

No. 1570883

>contents of post hit on everything recently mentioned in this thread
>exaggerates negative traits mentioned here to absurdity
>screenshot posted with no caption

inb4 chantelle pulls a HAHA! I was only PRETENDING to be retarded!

No. 1570913

File: 1656096953670.jpg (283.21 KB, 1080x1567, 23EC8D5B-1F38-448F-B852-EAB092…)

No. 1570914

File: 1656096979395.jpg (281.86 KB, 1080x1656, F24FC48B-D3D5-4203-AD4C-99E1E7…)

No. 1570915

File: 1656097003559.jpg (697.29 KB, 1080x1915, 81610129-49A6-4659-BBD5-BF1513…)

No. 1571658

File: 1656165406309.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2688, 2B015EE3-0916-4656-828A-1F7ED9…)

harvard this harvard that bitch you don’t go to harvard shut up shut up shut shut up

No. 1571774

I find it so funny that she has that creepy baby doll in her "professional" Linkedin profile

No. 1571779

also the choker that doesn’t fit and the beauty filter kek, so professunul luv

No. 1571978

even if my some miracle she did get made
an offer at Harvard she wouldn’t get past the interview stage given she has no sense of professionalism particularly pertaining to her appearance, just look at her LinkedIn photo. a choker, facial piercings, black lipstick, filter, and some sort of aliexpress mourning dress. I mean. There’s just no way

No. 1572020

Semi related but the picture thing always struck me as odd. She has an iphone, why can't she take something other than low light, grainy, bad resolution webcam photos? Or is she too fat, embarrassed by it, and only sticks to photos where her face is barely visible? We hear every "detail" (lie) about her life, but we never see photos of any of it.

No. 1572237

because she's ugly lol

No. 1575843

File: 1656538496836.png (118.08 KB, 559x640, chantelle.png)

Hadn't been on Tumblr the last few days to see what she's up to, and apart from this and bragging about her "job" as, from what I can tell, a glorified secretary, she's be real busy showing just how totally unbothered lolcow makes her by talking about us nonstop

No. 1576124

Why would you want to see high res photos of an alcoholic shut-in posting lies on the internet?

No. 1576158

As someone who has suffered from addiction for over a decade, she really doesn't talk like an addict. Im sure she abuses alcohol and her adderall prescription. But this addict shit is another edgy LARP.

No. 1576664

I had a mighty kek at her posturing as an addict with sugary beers, pot, and prescribed meds. I don't follow this cows thread because LARPing as a groupie for violent men is peak bleak cringe, but I couldn't hold myself back from hollering at "people like me who studied addiction psychiatry and knows how addiction works down to the neuroscience of the brain". Lmfao. Those are all certainly words of an eternal shut-in who wants to believe in whatever image she thinks she's curated for herself.

No. 1577028

File: 1656623798934.png (55.71 KB, 1041x437, tumblr1.png)

channelworldbluez is a calf, imo.

No. 1577031

File: 1656623838996.png (1.48 MB, 1606x724, tumblr2.png)

No. 1577032

File: 1656623885850.png (81.03 KB, 540x466, tumblr3.png)

No. 1577033

File: 1656623925537.png (66.5 KB, 540x551, tumblr4.png)

No. 1577034

File: 1656623958919.png (308.44 KB, 540x777, tumblr5.png)

No. 1577035

File: 1656624137495.png (58.67 KB, 540x455, tumblr6.png)

No. 1577036

File: 1656624168503.png (39.75 KB, 540x410, tumblr7.png)

No. 1577037

File: 1656624191179.png (108.06 KB, 540x794, tumblr8.png)

No. 1577038

File: 1656624219252.png (52.25 KB, 540x479, tumblr9.png)

No. 1577039

File: 1656624243115.png (74.61 KB, 540x575, tumblr10.png)

No. 1577073

Pics or it didn’t happen (it didn’t happen)

No. 1577587

Aside from the fact her 'career' is obviously an outrageous fabrication, but also the timeline and pace at which she is supposedly progressing doesn't make sense.

It is very unlikely that someone would be promoted to an exective position with an assistant after 2 months AND no experience in budgeting as she admits to.

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