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File: 1415136946376.png (335.5 KB, 591x403, guest.png)

No. 146962

aka Anthony from Smosh's girlfriend, QueenBeeuty, Kalel Cullen, Kristen Smith, Cozplai, WonderlandWordrobe, Kalel Kitten, Frilly + Fancy, Kalel Padilla, etc.
I haven't been following her that much but here's what I already know. Feel free to add more info or correct me if I'm wrong.
>she's a "vegan" and acts incredibly pretentious about it
>she owns a shit ton of leather products, her car being one of those products but now it's magically leatherette
>she's eaten dairy products plenty of times in her vlogs
>has bought Savannah cats from breeders bc shelter cats are ~diseased~
>she manhandles her cats, gets in their faces and irritate them every chance she gets, and fondled her cat's balls on one of her vlogs bc she's a ~cat goddess~
>she changes her persona, makes new youtube channels, and deletes all evidence of previous personas frequently
>when the whole sam pepper thing was just going down, she was acting as if it was no big deal and people are ruining his life for it. according to her, if someone pinched her butt, she'd laugh about it. even though she gets noticeably uncomfortable when her own fiance touches her.
>she claims to be so busy but literally all she does all day is lay around her house, tweets youtubers who are more relevant than her, and spends all of Anthony's money on clothes and stuff she'll get rid of when she decides on her next persona
that's all I can think of atm

No. 146963

File: 1415139743326.jpg (24.41 KB, 500x375, large.jpg)

it's killing me that you're calling her Guest. I just can't. It's so relevant.

>she's a huge liar

She lied about everything when she started her Youtube career. She claimed to be in school and hid her real name (Kristen Smith) from everyone..later changed it to Kalel Cullen.
And yes she changes her username/persona/entire attitude and style as much as Orange Citrus does. She abandons her old channel or deletes them and starts a new one without even acknowledging it.
She acts INSANE about this vegan/animal rights thing
>Once said that she used to be overweight when she wore a size 5
There are quite a few sites about her around the net.

No. 146964

Why does everyone have a potato nose?

No. 146965

File: 1415145867352.jpg (22.98 KB, 500x333, Anthony-and-Kalel-3-smosh-2805…)

No. 146966

File: 1415145911055.gif (490.02 KB, 245x245, tumblr_static_insta.gif)

No. 146967

File: 1415146030537.jpg (52.07 KB, 590x588, 71dd31487dd520f42df0a77ebcc5bb…)

her nose looks like either a potato or a chunk of silly putty

No. 146968

Idk why she changed her name tbh, her real name truly fits her bc it's an average, basic white girl name

No. 146969

File: 1415146909861.png (29.54 KB, 588x366, 2co1t9j.jpg.png)

No. 146970

File: 1415148518656.png (570.27 KB, 738x469, truluv.png)

>when the whole sam pepper thing was just going down, she was acting as if it was no big deal and people are ruining his life for it. according to her, if someone pinched her butt, she'd laugh about it. even though she gets noticeably uncomfortable when her own fiance touches her.
pic related

No. 146971

Kalel seems like the kind of girl who rarely has sex because she sees it as a favor she's doing to her boyfriend…

No. 146972

is she really not asian like she claims? she looks at least half

No. 146973

I want to smack her several times the more I see it and tell her to stop it. It looks gross and annoying. Also cats don't lick each paw back and forth. They lick one paw and clean their head and repeat with the same paw. So I don't know what she is trying to copy. Maybe a retarded person

No. 146974

oh god if you haven't seen the video it's from, prepare yourself…
she deleted her videos from the Frilly and Fancy channel but you can see the part at the beginning here.

Don't know if anyone else noticed the horrible laugh she used to do all the time.

She was doing this all the time in every video for a while but hasn't lately. I think people must have been making fun of her for it.

No. 146975

Oh god, is she parodying PenusAngelic?

No. 146976

I didn't know about this girl until she went on that Contiki tour with FunForLouis and all the other Youtubers.

She ducked out of some of the tour in Italy because she wanted to stay in her hotel room and do college homework? Bitch, are you serious?

Even in the small segments I saw of her she was complaining about comments saying that she wasn't sticking to whatever her diet is.

Regardless I thought she was cute and went to her vlog channel and the first video I saw was her talking about the infamous PETA / Paul McCartney Glass Walls video. A video which is clearly designed to emotionally manipulate viewers.

I never knew she was this crazy. I just figured her for another mid level YouTube girl who can't quite make it like Strawburry17 or whatever.

No. 146977

this video is fucking pathetic. she's not funny at all GOD.

No. 146978

Oh my god, so glad there is a thread about this irritating twat. She is going all out Kiki crazy in this video, annoying as FUCK.

No. 146979

I'm so embarrassed for her.
>lel dis sponge go in cup what u mean handjob movements lel so quirky

No. 146980

I just hate her because she made fun of Miku.
Fucking unappreciative people going to see Miku.
Fucking casual scum. Why did they even go to the concert? They don't even know who she is.

No. 146981

What the fuck was this even about? All she's doing is just being obnoxious. This was supposed to be about her apartment?

No. 146982

apparently Guest and Meal Ticket broke up today

No. 146983

>Guest and Meal ticket


No. 146984

Next will be Food Stamp, kek

No. 146985

She looks so smug and shit in that video, whilst Anthony looks sad. Meh I think it is good they broke up because Kalel is such a self centered asshole. I bet all my
money she wanted out to be able to focus on 'a business' or something in a pathetic attempt to rake in that e-fame.

No. 146986

I'm convinced they'll be back together.

No. 146987

I'm personally not sure on whether or not they'll get back together. I can definitely see her coming back to him when she realizes no other rich guys are into her, but I'm hoping he'll wise up and realize that's she's a shitty person or at least that she's only going to be with him for his money. I'm sure he can find a better girl, who's more attractive, actually into him, and actually has things in common with him, Guest seemed to never really be interested in gaming, anime, etc, like he is. And even though she is a shitty person, I do have hopes that she'll finally find who she is and actually make something of herself other than the now ex girlfriend of a member of smosh.

No. 146988

I always thought their relationship was very forced.

They rarely get touchy feely with each other.

No. 146989

She's so fucking annoying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLfBbvG8OX0
Oh, and she already has another boyfriend:
I also found it bizzare how just a couple of months ago she was into everything cream, pink and girly, kawaii everything however now she has totally changed her style into typical tumblr/instagram aesthetic:

No. 146990

File: 1424205567254.png (179.55 KB, 515x268, GURRRRRRRL.png)

>one of those bitches who multitask while driving

No. 146991

so is anthony even vegan anymore?
& how does she even pay for that apartment? I think she just used anthony as a stepping stone for youtube, she seems to desperately want to be youtube famous. It explains why she's always changing her persona to try & find something that sticks (like kiki).

Did you see her priority list in her apartment tour?


Her studies are "learning to play the piano".

No. 146992

I agree about her being annoying, I can't finish a single video of hers these days. Her older videos were much better.
>I also found it bizzare how just a couple of months ago she was into everything cream, pink and girly, kawaii everything however now she has totally changed her style into typical tumblr/instagram aesthetic
Yeah, Guest is known for that. There's a video somewhere on yt of all of her phases throughout yt, and it's ridiculous. From my memory, in 2014 alone, she was copying cutiepiemarzia, then Evelina Barry, then she decided to quit trying to be fashionable for a bit, she had a intellectual-bookworm-vegan-I'm-better-than-you phase, and now she seems to be trying to be sexy for her new man.

I don't really follow him but I'm sure he's at least keeping up with the facade after saying the meat industry is worse than the holocaust.
I think Anthony is paying for it tbh and that's why he gave her WULAS because he knew she couldn't make enough money to support herself on her own. I also think she has identity issues and wants to be what's expected of her. Like when her and Meal Ticket were first dating, she was a nerdy girl who loved everything he loved. And she would always do that baby voice for him in her kawaii phases even when she seemed so over it all. I think Guest and Kiki would make really great friends tbh.
I personally cannot watch her videos, because she's so pretentious. She'll probably claim to be a pianist after learning one chord or a very small part of a song.

No. 146993

anyone have a link to that video?

No. 146994

so basically her plan was fuck the smosh guy, get famous for being his gf, and then dump his ass. gr8 job. now she just needs to find another popular youtuber boyfriend to stop the views from falling bc her cardboard ass is too boring to carry a channel alone.

No. 146995

Sadly, I don't. I'm still digging around for it. The video here has just like 4 of her phases, isn't in order, and poorly done imo. If anyone else has seen it, it's a mash up of clips from every phase with the amount of time she stuck with them shown. Here's a playlist of all her old QueenBeeuty videos, which is the channel and phase she stuck with the longest. www.tudou.com/plcover/gsi9d6UsD2I/
She was basically the typical blonde tanned preppy girl, then went into a scene-ish type phase, and lastly started becoming nerdy cosplayer girl when she started dating Anthony. After she started dating Anthony, she deleted QueenBeeuty and started her channel Cozplai. After a few videos, she got bored and started WonderlandWardrobe, her fantasy type style phase. Then after meeting Marzia, she decided she wanted to be kawaii and interested in Japan like Marzia, and you know the rest.

No. 146996

she's so average looking, like the epitome of the homely girl next door

No. 146997

I used to watch her a little bit on the WULAS channel with Anthony and was kind of not sure if I really liked her or not; sometimes I thought she was cute and then other times I'd find her annoying.
Unsubscribed after a while because I found her to be seeming increasingly more pretentious and irritating as time went on.
Sometimes I'll see a video of hers in my recommended section on YouTube and will watch it out of curiosity and boredom, the last one was a 'things I love' video I think and I remember her talking about this lip mask type stuff and searched it up (because I get dry as fuck lips and was interested) and saw that lanolin was in the ingredients which I'm pretty fucking sure isn't vegan. I commented 'nicely' asking if she was aware and got no response, kek. I mean, she gets a lot of comments/views but I have seen her reply to a lot of them, or at least ones that are worth an answer.
Anyway, she's pretentious and preachy as fuck about veganism and animal cruelty yet isn't even 100% vegan, which is damn stupid and hypocritical.

No. 146998

Off topic, but was it Agave Lip Mask by Bite? I've heard some people complain about it, but I haven't verified the ingredients.
If you aren't vegan and you have awfully chapped lips, this is the product for you. I couldn't wear anything on my lips that had pigments because my lips looked flaky and gross. After about 3 days of religious application and light toothbrush exfoliation I can now wear lipstick like a normal human being. Use it day and night! Worth the $25.

No. 146999

DId anyone ever find that video ?

No. 147000

Def not vegan, so I'm gonna check it out. Thanks anon. I don't believe in that whole bullshit about 'not the beeeees' when I love honey and other products too much. Vegans are ridiculous.

No. 147001

It was, yes! That sounds pretty fucking amazing. My lips are almost constantly rigid and rough-feeling. Like the skin on them always feels so thick and gross? But also very dry. If that makes sense. I've tried loads of things (Chapstick, Burt's Bees, Blistex, etc) but nothing really seems to make my lips smooth.
I'd love to give it a go. Unfortunately it's around $40 in my country which is very steep, especially for a lip balm/mask. Tempting though :(

No. 147002

File: 1462375615717.jpg (119.04 KB, 604x296, guest nose.jpg)

So, Guest got her nose done. Pic related; left is before, right is after.
I guess the comments about it looking potato-y got to her.
Literally everyone in the YouTube comments is saying it looks the same and that she should get her money back, kek. I do think the bridge looks thinner though.

No. 147003


Definitely think it's looks small. Not surprised she went through with it. This woman is so self-absorbed, that it's sickening

No. 147004

Maybe it's just the angle but I liked the before better

The after doesn't suit her face at all, makes it look elongated in a negative way and broader in a weird way

No. 147005

File: 1462377296948.jpg (49.02 KB, 703x414, Cat goddess.jpg)

I'm sure there are sane vegans, but she's not one of them.

No. 147006

Wouldn't the "correct" answer be to let the guy shoot you instead of harming ether animal? Way to put yourself ahead of animals vegan

No. 147007

This makes no sense…

No. 147008

There's no way in fucking hell she would choose to eat one of her cats instead of a random cow. No. Fucking. Way. Who is she trying to kid?
Is it kind of fucked up of me for wanting someone to actually put her in this situation so she can contradict herself?

No. 147009

File: 1462378479820.jpg (31.17 KB, 616x238, pigs-play-video-games.jpg)

Please tell me she's trolling.

No. 147010


Wtf am I reading haha.

Also why the scale of intelligence for animals to eat/not eat?
Seems like the complete opposite of vegan beliefs. Like shouldn't all loving things be respected no matter what? Instead of a what if scenario where she's eating cats

No. 147011


*living things, sorry

No. 147012

????????? Even if this was true, why does it mean (especially from a vegan's perspective, presumably) that the cat or dog deserved to die over the pig or cow? Don't ALL animals have a right to live? Did her Twitter get hacked or is she this dumb?

No. 147013

I love that "think about it" at the end, like she just said something profound. She reminds me of Onision.

No. 147014

…This cannot be real.

No. 147015

This. I feel all animals have rights to live and don't eat meat, but she's specifically being a cunt and saying dogs/cats deserve to die?? I don't get it at all.

No. 147016

I've literally never seen a person change persona and style this often and as drastically as Kalel… not only that, but the fact that she DESTROYS all evidence of anything past her current self she has made just makes it seem so much weirder.
She has said in many vlogs she is an extreme perfectionist, so that probably explains why she cant keep anything she made in the past, because she looks back at it and finds mistakes… it probably also explains why she cant keep a boyfriend.. I mean who the fuck would wanna keep up with that?
Her nice move with saying omg its my channel and im keeping the old videos, and then deleting everything just to keep the subscribers and the money flowing… pfft

No. 147017

not to mention the fact she hid in her house with all the blinds on her windows not talking to anybody for many days and crying because her acne was bad

No. 147018

well, by that logic, why don't we just resort to cannibalism and eat babies a la "A Modest Proposal"? I mean, if we're basing what we eat off've the mental capacity of the animal…

No. 147019


No. 147020

Nope. She was fully serious about it. She doesn't deserves her cats. Not after she said she'd eat them over a cow

No. 147021

>Meanwhile pigs are capable of playing video games.

Cats can play video games and dogs are smart enough to learn tricks. Why is she hating on dogs and cats?

No. 147022

Me too, no wonder they're friends.
Maniacs stick together, I guess

No. 147023

The after makes her look like Zoe Quinn imo. Maybe it's just the expression she's making.

No. 147024

well I'd love to try the taste of cat meat so I'd prolly make the same choice

No. 147025

I'm a little surprised she hasn't slipped into a Zoella phase yet. Given Zoe Sugg is one of the most successful Youtubers for lifestyle/beauty she'd be pretty choice to try an mimic.

No. 147026

This bitch is dumb as fuck. Cats, dogs, pigs…they're all easily smarter than her, that's for sure.

No. 147027

File: 1462466937673.jpg (41.2 KB, 697x175, thesalt.jpg)

So I looked up Smosh's wikia because I could've sworn him and her broke up and I saw this. Kek.

No. 147028

I went to school with Zoe and Joe Sugg and I'm so damn bitter I didn't befriend them.

No. 147029

here is a video of Kalel talking about her nosejob and generally being super white girl problems.

this comment is my favorite:
"I like how she talks about living on a dollar a day and living a minimalist lifestyle…bihh you just got a nose job AND keratin treatment. Driving around in your fancy ass car and shopping at Whole Foods which is one of the most expensive grocery stores there is. Should rename channel "First World White Girl Problems."

No. 147030

Not a fan but if I had to choose I'd rather watch someone talking about what goes on in their luxurious life than some depressing ghetto shit

No. 147031

I think there's way more entertaining youtubers doing the whole glamorous LA lifestyle. Trisha paytas, gigi, etc.

No. 147032

>white girl problems 2x

racebaiting on /pt/ again? come on

No. 147033

She's going fully into the clickbait/start some shit for viewers drama. She could have made this video without making it "to be prettier", but of course it would have been less views, kek.

Tbh she clearly has a very privileged lifestyle, but I'm wondering how she affords it. She makes a decent viewer count, but it's not nearly enough to keep up with her lifestyle. I mean, we've got keratin treatments, a nose job, eyelash extensions, a nice apartment in LA, what looks to also be a nice car, high end makeup products, name brand clothing and a high cost vegan lifestyle. It's clearly not her boyfriend since he works as a clothing store clerk (it's not a regular store, I get that, but I don't think he's making a shitton of cash either).

No. 147034

>what looks also to be a nice car

do you not know what a tesla is anon

but, she does probably make enough money off youtube to afford it tbh. but she wouldnt be spending wisely, she'd probably be spending nearly all of her income and not saving much.

maybe she has rich parents. idts, but it's possible. i think she just spends all her income.

No. 147035

Probably borrowing it, or as other anon said, using her money instead of saving it. A lot of 'poor' people I know manage to get the latest tech, clothes etc. but then can't afford anything else, or get into massive debt.

No. 147036

> do you not know what a tesla is anon
do you?
its like 70k
thats pretty nice if you ask me

No. 147037

yeah no shit

its obviously a nice car so idk why you (or that other anon) said 'what looks to be' a nice car

its a tesla
it self drives
its nice

No. 147038


I'm the original anon who posted "what looks to be a nice car" and I didn't mean it as a "oh it's just a tesla". I don't really watch her videos so I didn't know what car she drives. Let's stop with the stupid car shit.

Now that I know it is a tesla it is obvious she is well off from somewhere other than YouTube because she's had the car for a while right? And the channel has only recently been getting bigger? Maybe the car was a gift from the old bf before they broke up? Or he gave it to her since she has no real source of income?

No. 147039

sounds likely

No. 147040

Her voice can get annoying, but I started watching her vegan cooking videos and for some reason, I'm getting used to it. I don't hear her going on and on about animal abuse like on Twitter, but just her talking about what she is cooking at the moment, which is good.

I'm not vegan, but this kind of video is quite therapeutic for me to watch. She makes it look easy to avoid meat because of the food she makes. I have to say though her kitchen utensils are on quite on the novelty side, some stuff can be replaced by the trusty kitchen knife, but she does so many cooking videos so I kinda get that she wants to invest in things she could use daily to cook faster. (Or are those items sponsored? I have no idea.) Also she seems like a rich vegan because she can afford those ingredients on a regular basis.

No. 147041

A bit late as I thought it would have been posted here already, but Kalel recently posted this video on '10 Easy Ways to be Prettier' and everyone is shitting on her for it.
Your typical Guest being superficial as fuck.
Also laughed at one comment;
>"tip #1 - get a nosejob"

No. 147064

She always speaks like she's asking a question all the time. It's funny.

No. 147075

I've been going back to her old videos to see her nose and comparing it to the new one and I can't pinpoint what the exact change was. It looks different but II don't know what they doc did

No. 147077

I don't know who this person is exactly, but I saw this video on the front page and watched it. My observation is that while some of her tips are valuable and I agree with them, I feel like they are suitable mostly only to a certain aesthetic (instahoe) and more importantly, I didn't find this girl to be relatable in any way. It feels like every time she smiles or laughs she's just faking it and it was kind of uncomfortable to watch.

No. 147082

She said she just got the bridge shaved down and it's only really noticeable in profile.

Yeah it wasn't the most terrible 10 list videos I've seen, but it's so obvious that she's exclusively thinking about her Fresh Cali Girl aesthetic, kek

No. 147834

No. 148158

She should've stuck with Cozplai. At least those videos were decent.

No. 148161

Her latest video wtf was that?

No. 148162

I thought it was going to be full of bullshit but she gives some valid points

No. 148165

I love how in her newest blog she's talking about the Dog festival thing, and she's basically preaching about how terrible it is and how all animals matter, but a few weeks before she tweeted that shit about dogs and cats deserving to be eating over pigs

No. 148187

>regurgitating various shit from women's magazines

No. 164737

I guess her channel revamp flopped and she wants to quit youtube

No. 164741

Her life must be so hard

No. 164742

Every vlog of hers makes me want to tear my hair out, there is literally nothing interesting going on in her mind

bitch wanted to ask our possible next president about vegan food, wtf

No. 173971

Guest compares her cushty lifestyle and YouTube career to being an animal that's having to be forced to its death in a slaughterhouse. Her response to people calling her an ungrateful, spoiled brat is that she "worked for it" and totally didn't ride on Anthony's coattails.
Goes on and on about how she has OCD, that it ruins her life and is 'a constant battle' then uses it as an excuse to pretty much ditch her channel again. She says she won't be gone for good because she couldn't stand to lose the following she has gained. In other words, she wants to keep that sweet, sweet cash flowing.

No. 180705

Anthony called out Kalel in his updated draw my life, click the link below to jump straight into the mention https://youtu.be/fUmSSKMqeoc?t=8m29s

Kalel confirmed gold digger and manipulative(again)

No. 180706

His old draw my life as a comparison
click link to jump where he mentioned Kalel:

She probably manipulated him to include her in his video too

No. 180715

Lol you go Anthony! Wonder if Kalel will respond.

No. 180791

I feel bad for him but I'm glad he got out of this abusive relationship with Guest.

No. 180801


>Video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Anthony Padilla

Damn… he seems like a genuinely sweet dude, she really fucked him over

No. 180845

File: 1475928502021.png (172.54 KB, 399x499, EBnN0G4.png)


The TL;DW of Kalel in his old Draw My Life story:

He went to a party when he was in LA and met her. They hit it off and he asked her out a month later. He credits YouTube and his followers for helping him find "the girl of his dreams."

Damn, that's really shitty. I know how it feels like to be under that spell and then to snap out of it… No wonder he deleted that video, no one likes to be reminded that they got played like that. I'm glad that he seems to be in a better place and a better relationship.

No. 180922

File: 1475943302784.png (269.49 KB, 1140x1297, Screenshot 2016-10-08 09.13.03…)


No. 180939

>Let me make a passive-aggressive tweet about you as some form of vindication
>But totally not stooping to your level!!1!
Oh, Guest…

No. 181109

File: 1475982444032.jpg (761.63 KB, 1524x1276, IMG_2535.JPG)

Looks like guest saw Anthony's draw my life

No. 181111

Lol does she really expect people to side with her just because she is a girl? Everyone loves Anthony sorry guest

OT but Anthony's current girlfriend seems obnoxious in a holds up spork kinda way.

No. 181113

Her GG thread is wild right now, she should've just shut up about it but no, she's such a narcissist she can't help but write a whole essay of bullshit. She picked her wedding ring- she knew he was going to propose, they obviously talked about it and she not pretends he desperately wanted to marry her. She says she cried about being called a golddigger but she has no problem capitalising on their relationship and keeping his channel. She wants women to 'step in her shoes' NO, she is a liar, everyone believes Anthony because he's not a narcissistic compulsive liar like she is. No amount of feminist bullshit will save her when she has a history of victim blaming and making judgemental comments about strangers she doesn't even know, she posts their private conversations on twitter for the whole world to see just to save her ass, but she still wants to act like he came crawling back to her? No one wants your lying manipulative self absorbed ass Kalel.

No. 181114

what it sounds like to me is that after a while Anthony probably told people stories of when he was with Kalel, or maybe even went to therapy, and other people told him that it sounded like she was manipulative, and that's when he put it all together and started blocking her. abusive/manipulative relationships are totally like that, you don't see any of it until it's over and you can take a good look at it from the outside

also lol I like how she took up like 10 seconds of his video and then she writes an entire page in response like……..hmm

No. 181115

But like she's totally over him you guise! peace zen love! He's so hung up on her! /sarcasm. She's so full of shit. I feel bad for her current boyfriend.

No. 181120

File: 1475987314544.png (150.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2538.PNG)

Ya know cause he's so in love with you, Guest.

No. 181121

This is a good sign she's abusive. When a victim speaks out and breaks away from their abuser, the abuser goes "WHAT I was NEVER mean! THEY were the bad ones!!! but I'm a better person than they are, I'll never say what they did UNLIKE THEM!"

Even though the victim never did wrong, the abuser has to twist it to where they're now the victim, and the victim is the abuser.

If she had any dirt on him she'd have just spilled it and not baited her fans and tweeting useless shit to buy herself time.

No. 181138

File: 1475990501253.jpg (223.31 KB, 746x386, 20161009_034131000_iOS.jpg)

Kalel responds to >>180845 with pic related

her second tweet about her use of bitch was deleted immediately after she made it:

No. 181142

Bitch is totally triggered but she's acting like Anthony just hasn't moved on.

Cyrus is too good for Kalel. He may not be as popular as Anthony, but come on.. Jump ship already.

No. 181143

skip to 1:16 to hear her admit she likes manipulating people

No. 181146

This is so fucking creepy. Looks like she just wants the fastest way to get to people.

No. 181147

that damn site is always down for me ugh

No. 181150

as a psychology major who's not just studying the subject to learn "what makes people tick" and how to be a "master manipulator" (fucking yikes, girl) this grossed me out…like I get that she's likeable at first probably because she knows how to do the right things but little comments like that really reveal who a person really is…

No. 181151

Does she have any irl friends? Based on the videos I've watched, it doesn't seem like it.

No. 181153

Tbh those books don't really teach you that. It's like saying people who praise Dale Carnegie's 'how to win friends and influence people' are psychopaths, all it's for is making autists marginally less autistic and all it tells you is to stop being selfish and think from the others pov and not be a dick. This newer one just has a catchier title.

No. 181232

fair but the way she talks about her interest in psychology made me cringe, she's so selfish about it

No. 181235

I was wondering this too, besides that one girl. Is she still friends with Joey? I don't really keep up on her, and I can not sit through any of her videos anymore.

No. 181395

Guest is having a mental breakdown on twitter and publicly messaged Anthony a lot


No. 181398

Screen cap that shit

No. 181400

File: 1476068679617.png (87.18 KB, 576x580, ss (2016-10-09 at 07.03.09).pn…)

she deleted the tweet where she asked them if they could disxuss this over lunch, caps for that are on GG iirc

No. 181402


Salty as fuck. Gawd dayum.

No. 181408

File: 1476069710002.jpg (69.18 KB, 823x455, ss (2016-10-09 at 07.19.12).jp…)

its incredible how many phases she's gone through in search for fame


No. 181421

These tweets seem so disjointed. By trying to use every defense imaginable, she just comes off as insincere.

No. 181434


She really is void of any personality. Plus wtf with that paint she used, cracking all over.

No. 182202

So creepy, her eyes are dead

No. 182305

File: 1476249634644.png (140.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2567.PNG)

Which is why you went on a rant to Anthony and tried to bring him down for exposing your manipulative ass? Well, Guest?

No. 186044

She deleted all her videos again, except her most recent one.

No. 186360


anyone wanna place bets on her next totally permanent aesthetic?

No. 186381

it's already pretty established, she's doing the zen thing…and possibly getting more work done on her face, her lips were really swollen in her most recent video…also yeah she lives with Cyrus and they live super minimally right now it looks like? not minimal in a cool way, just in a "where's all your shit we know you have guest?"

No. 186414

I think her nose job looks really good, but I can totally see her as someone who gets hooked on ps, because of her "perfectionism", and ends up looking monstrous.

No. 186439

She just hid all but one video.
The first result is her channel and it says that she still has 50 videos.

No. 265297

File: 1488953000869.jpg (122.96 KB, 588x589, ss.jpg)

guest got another nose job, she looked better before

No. 265311

Ewwww why did she do this to herself? I honestly thought Kalel was pretty before al the plastic surgery, now she's looking old as fuck. She has ruined her face.

No. 265327

she is so pathetic. does nothing all day and once every few months emerges with a different face and a 'what i ate today VEGAN' video.

what a sad life

No. 288160

Tldr Kalel got a boob job. No longer insecure and whiny, she wants to help people find out why they get acne

(I didn't make it till the end of this video I just wanted to share first)

No. 288438

No. 362815

File: 1501315849628.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2370.PNG)

Guest isn't looking so hot anymore.
Also, "new bf" Cyrus and guest are potentially splitting. Which is no surprise to me, they always realize she's crazy after a little bit.

No. 363052

Here's the video talking about it

at 7:22 her boyfriend takes a jab at her vlogging "everyday"

No. 363075

yikes that was awkward, she tried to pass it off as him saying they eat spaghetti every day but it definitely sounded like he was mocking the vlogging. I don't blame him.

No. 363282

File: 1501384092603.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2734.PNG)

Did she lose weight? She's out here look crazy

No. 363548

even with the nose job shes looking just shy of actually being attractive. damn shame she has to have a shit personality to match

No. 363666

she created a fake instagram since Cyrus didn't want people to know his real one, it's now deleted so it's official they broke up.

She's fucking nuts.

No. 363673

File: 1501454173162.png (719.61 KB, 1255x662, Untitled.png)

The face he makes when she makes fun of him for not knowing Ru Paul contestant names. He is fucking done with her.

No. 364158

It was so rude of her to film multiple videos questioning their relationship in front of so many people and saying that they might break up. I don't think he wants to put that out in the public like that. Better for him though.

I wonder if Guest will move again (she moved three times in the past year and always bought new furniture/ plates/ accessories etc.)

She also wants to get another cat.

No. 364179

File: 1501537405540.png (78.57 KB, 636x896, Untitled.png)

She was set up to succeed with 2 million subscribers and she's still failing, yikes this is actually sad

No. 369902

She's been single for 4 weeks and that is the longest she's been single, is that true?

No. 370886

Yeah I think she did say once shes been with a boyfriend constantly since she was like 14? Feel free to correct me if im wrong.
But there is obviously something wrong with somebody who just CANNOT be single for a moment! No wonder she breaks up with alot of guys when she hardly knows them before wanting to be serious… I know some people claim not being able to be alone to be normal but I think there is a limit

No. 372290

File: 1502722267426.png (55.26 KB, 922x319, Capture.PNG)

This comment on her latest 'What I ate today' video is pretty accurate

No. 372432

I use to love her Cosplaiz videos, I had no idea during that time that Kalel was a bandwagon jumper and could never stay devoted to anything she did. It's a shame that she has so much dirt, she really fucked Anthony up. Kalel has no redeming qualities, even the plastic surgery she got can't fix how shitty she is.

No. 373135

Wow its 2017 and Kalel was in a video with another youtuber without help from her youtube boyfriend… I mean its Shane Dawson so he probably couldn't find anybody else who wanted to be in his video.

Notice how Kalel is not friends with anyone from youtube anymore, even though she seemed good friends with people like Dan and Phil and Joey Graceffa back in the days… is Kalel capable of having ANY lasting relationships, does she have any old friends?

No. 373630


She was probably only friends with them because of Anthony, since he was the successful Youtuber of the two

No. 375141

File: 1503114312642.png (31.7 KB, 806x326, hilarious.png)

I'm pretty sure she deleted this comment because I tried to reply after I screencapped it but I got an error.

On her new video saying shes going back to school to become an animal specialist.

What a fucking joke

No. 375144

Confirmed that she deleted burgundys comment. Shes going through all the supportive comments and posting <3's.

No. 375173

Why can't Kalel just hook up with Onion? They have the same attributes, they're both narcs and like manipulating people. What gives?

Yeah, this bitch is gonna fail.

No. 375197

Hasn't she already dropped out of college once and then dropped out of fashion school? We know she's not gonna stick with it.

No. 375208

Doesn't Kalel seem a bit like she has borderline? I know it's easy to home diagnose people and not everyone whos weird on social media needs to have a disorder, but she does seem to have alot of the symptoms.
Impulsive and perfectionist extreme periods of obsession with a certain aesthetic/job/career/hobby that after some time suddenly gets completely dropped, extreme shift in personality traits to the point where old friends cannot even recognize her personality anymore, no real stable friends, super unstable relationships where she wants constant validation and attention and will take over her boyfriends life and personality, constantly feeling empty and never happy with her life no matter what she does, always striving for something "better" even though she doesn't know what that is…

Sage for home-therapist bullshitting, but I do think SOMETHING is wrong with Kalel

No. 375476

The examples you give are just characteristics of those type of girls that are lost so much they follow trends and boyfriends without setting their own path. I don't think she has an illness, no instead she is just a bitch who never had a life away from her rich boyfriend's that gave her everything she has.
please stop stretching.

No. 377657

Kalel posted a 45 min video about her issues with depression, relationships, and her diagnosis of obsessive compulsive personality disorder

No. 377779

I want to know what she talks about in this video, but goddamnit I dont want to hear Kalels awful nasal voice for 45min

No. 377799

Anon come back and give us a recap I don't wanna give her a dime or listen to it either lol

No. 377821

For those who don't want to listen to the whole thing, I transcribed some parts, summarized a few, and included time-stamps for most of the topics she addresses. I put some of them under spoilers cuz they're such large walls of text. Just click on what you want to read. Enjoy!

0:30 Why she decided to create audio instead of a video:
"I'm literally terrified right now to be talking about this, but…I really want to. I really don't know actually what is compelling me so much to do this, but I really want to get this out there … and I know that if I try to film some candid-ass video, I'm gonna get it all wrong, guys."

1:41-6:10 She talks about the argument people have made that she needs to be single and why she disagrees with that logic:
Show Spoiler

6:50 She says that she's independent and doesn't like when boyfriends buy her stuff:
Show Spoiler

9:19 She describes her own ratio of how much time she puts into different types of relationships in her life (family, friendships, romantic partners):
Show Spoiler

12:25 Stops to quickly talk about the Myers-Briggs test:
"If you're familiar with the Myers-Brigg personality indicator, I actually have a very rare personality type. This isn't me bragging because I wish that this was not my personality type, to be honest with you. My type is INTJ, which less than 1% of the female population in the entire world has. I truly think this has a lot to do with my social issues. I think it's why I don't vibe with a lot of people and why specifically why I struggle so greatly to connect with other women."

13:23 Talks about how she loves being in love and then opens up about her mental illness and how she has realized that there is a connection and pattern between the two:
Show Spoiler

29:26 She talks about wanting to be in more open relationships than in one committed relationships:
Show Spoiler

30:41 Talks about her struggles with friendships, education, YouTube and social media:
Show Spoiler

36:37 Talks about her career and her struggle with it. Talks about what she wants to do and study.

39:55 She wants to go back to therapy but wants to find someone who specializes in OCPD.

I stole this from gurugossip so ignore the show spoiler part cbf going in and deleting all that

No. 377830

Good old Kalel blaming a personality type test on why she cant have any friends instead of trying to realize it might be her own fault.

Never trust a person who says they just cant "connect" or be friends with people of their own gender at all.

No. 377835

i'm usually in the camp of 'internet armchair diagnosing is total bullshit' but kalel is 100% a narcissist

it was literally a 45 minute video talking about reasons she cant do _____ and rationalizing all her poor choices

No. 377844

INTJ is somehow the rarest personality type, but APPARENTLY every other special snowflake is one.

No. 377850

right? lauren southern claims to be one as does her friend she does that podcast with.

thats why myers briggs is BS, it's too subjective according to what you WANT your result to be rather than what you really are

No. 378281

Most of the comments on this video are basically "you're a narcissist and that's your problem" along with a few "omg kalel I feel u I support u"

No. 378360

File: 1503546678470.png (81.13 KB, 882x862, Untitled.png)

lol I thought she was buying subs but Shane featuring her in his video really helped her channel

No. 434875

Kind of old by now but wanted to share anyway.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but she comes off slightly worse than Onision here. Onion’s a narc too but the man doesn’t love himself or his McMansion enough to “pat himself on the back” and show off (besides the basement), all I heard from Kal was “me, me, me! If it weren’t for me, this apartment would’ve looked like a shithole, be proud of me like I am!”.

No. 435005

Thats how she always is. She is insanely perfectionistic to an unhealthy degree, which is also why she breaks down all her boyfriends and can't keep real friends for long. She loves boosting about her shit and herself when she does good and feels like everything is perfect, but she quickly gets tired of it again. She is on a never ending quest to do things better, even when things literally can't be better for her.. she never feels satisfied for long.
I can't stand people like her, nothing is ever good enough. Watch her redecorate everything obsessivly again and eventually move out in a few months.

No. 436107

Sha sounded like fucking Elliot Rodger in her recent hair video, it was kind of unsettling to watch despite the atmosphere she was going for.

But yeah, she really loves to boast about her ~accomplishments~

No. 545696

She’s just an ethnic-looking white girl, like Björk. Lol imagine if she were a weeb into cosplay or J-fashion, she’d have no issue lying about being hapa/quapa.

No. 565869

She was when she was with Smosh Anthony.

No. 566299

She's always looked pretty fucken white to me.

No. 566688

What was the dna test for? I cba watching her boring ass videos

No. 566690

Wtf did she do to her face? Last time I watched her was like a yr ago and she looks like she has aged like five yrs

No. 566709

>ethnic girl
That's a very pseudoscientific term. All people are ethnic in a sense. Also go to Norway, Finland, Sweden or Russia and you'll see lots of girls like that.
Considering that European countries has lots of girls like her, the the context you used "ethnic-looking white girl" is really contradicting.

She definitely looks are European as it's possible.

No. 566995

Plastic surgery for no reason when you're young usually have the opposite effect of what people want.. it just makes them look older and weirder. She got a nosejob and then cried about not being satisfied with it for weeks and got another nosejob. I wouldn't be surprised either if she got fillers too, ofcourse as long as she can find a ~~VEGAN~~ version!
I can't even imagine being on the level of vain as she is, I wish she had more milk because she's has really good cow potential but alas, she is unfortunaly too bland for that too

No. 567202

She apparently gets asked if she’s Asian all the time so she decided to take a test to “find out” (or just to prove she’s a basic white bitch to her followers)

No. 573193

I think she’s bulimic. She always has a puffy face and had cavities on the back of her two front teeth (causing her to get veneers) which is something that happens from the purging. She’s always stuffing herself with junk but clearly perfectionistic with her appearance.

No. 660997

I hate Kristin so damn much. Im sick to fucking death of her videos coming into my recommendations even though i havent watched a video of her in over a year.
She's not even fun to hate watch anymore because all she does is get dumped, not have friends, be sad until she finds a new boyfriend.

No. 736238

Her new black screen video is insane. I truly think this girl is slipping into some type of serious mental illness. She talks about how she got tested by some pretty quack seeming doctor, has dry skin, acne and a little hair loss. Thinks she has a brain problem because she forgot to write a grocery list before going to the store once.

Titles the video that she is a man because she has high testosterone, which is a wildly inaccurate claim to make, high testosterone does not equal being a man.
She completely denounced veganism in the video, shading vegans although she herself was the “vegan queen” up until now.

I’m telling you guys something is so fucking off about her. Craziest video I’ve listened to in a long time. She needs help and needs to stop obsessing over ever little thing. She’s turned into a complete hypochondriac

No. 736434

Used to love her minimalism and general aesthetics. Damn. But yeah, this girl needs a psychologist and a therapist and just.. therapy. Shes alone almost all the time with a cat and the internet. Her current apartment tour, everything looked cold and IKEA catalog-ish, like nobody lived there and called it home. Thats just not healthy, not matter what diet you follow. I kinda think its important to follow up with tests for yourself but these things are freaking her out and its showing. That miscarriage story is sad, all of this is just sad.

She needs a break - a real break, stay with family and maybe head back to school to study something. And plenty of therapy. The lack of support is taking its toll.

Someone mentioned that she could be on the aspergers spectrum. Who knows

No. 736435

Are you guys new here?
Post a link, an image, an archive, something.

No. 736464

This is the vid

No. 736523

No, not new at all. But the video is black screen and like 50 mins long. Didn’t have time to download/upload.

No. 736918

i put this on to listen to while doing other shit and it makes me sad how far gone she is. reading the comments from her OWN fans, they all echo the same thoughts i had. she's beyond delusional and manages to be incorrect on every topic she spoke bout in this video. like, the very first few minutes where she explained fixed vs growth mindsets, i was thinking to myself "lol she's for SURE fixed" because of how she described them craving validation and feeling like they're good at something safe over growing and bettering themselves, and five seconds later she claims she's "100% growth mindset" and "all my ex boyfriends are FIXED that's why it didn't work lol!!!11" which…… i mean… just looking at her history, her behavior patterns, comparing her personality to anthony's, it's so obvious that it's the other way around and it's very sad to me that she can't see it. i know she's kind of a bitch and has an extremely shady past but i can't help but hope she gets serious help for whatever the fuck's going on in her brain, goes outside and makes actual changes, actual friends… i have the feeling that she's too far gone though. she either lost her authentic, genuine sense of self, or she never had one to begin with

No. 736936

I'm shocked she's now going to eat meat when she was a die hard vegan. But also the vegan community went off on her with not going 100% with it. The girl is a mess. Constantly dating different guys and changing her persona.

No. 737060

I’ve been a vegetarian for so many years and I can’t imagine ever eating meat again. It changes your view of it over time, you don’t really view it as a good anymore and more of a corpse. It’s so odd to me she just so casually went back to eating meat. I would puke because it’s been so long. I honestly have trouble believing she ever gave up meat now..she probably was eating it all of the time. Now that she wasn’t the queen of the vegans anymore she probably just got sick of publically having to eat vegan while out. I’m realizing everything to Kristin is about how she is viewed. Right now and whoever is influencing her atm (maybe someone from school?) this is the narrative she’s going with.

ALSO can we talk about how insulting to the trans community that video was and then she had thanksgiving with Nikita dragon?!?! Awkward. Unless Nikita is her the new person that she is trying to mimic the story of…possible

No. 737117

So she knows it's not justifiable and has stated multiple times she'd rather die early than eat animals…. but she won't take supplements? wat is logic. Like, a lot of people who eat animals still need to take supplements? Like vitamin D and B12 (some people need an actual shot because they don't absorb it) this girl is so full of shit lmao

I'm just skipping through parts here and there, and she's trying to sound so smart but says systematic instead of systemic lol I know it's a nitpick but it makes me lol when people try SO HARD to be smart and obviously don't know shit

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