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File: 1646788934899.png (1.64 MB, 1440x2037, Screenshot_20220226-164039.png)

No. 1461654

This fakewoke cluster B momfluencer nightmare has been wreaking general havoc for decades and exploiting her children for attention/pity/money their entire lives. She forces them to be the face of her ig accounts where she outs them with LGBT identities we can't even verify they actually have (her "lesbian" daughter is 8) and abused them into modeling her ugly ass clothing line, which they hate doing.

She recently got run out of LA for scamming and abusing too many people, left her husband for one of several men she was cheating with, and has been in a full public spiral since September 2021. Most recently she violated a court order to return her younger kids to their stable, employed father and abducted them.

Complains about being "doxxed" while publicly posting her address, phone number, license plate, and SSNs for herself and her children.

Claims that her 35k+ follower account for her business that operated at a $20k loss was "hacked" but posts and follows like a spam bot and gets her own accounts throttled.

Claims multiple marginalized identities despite being an obvious drunk straight white woman.

Lies about extensive drinking and drug use and has faked Crohn's, colon cancer, muscular dystrophy and more!




No. 1461655

Sounds interesting but post proof anon, this is an image board.

No. 1461731

I've been lurking her accounts since I saw her mentioned in the ftm thread (due to claims of transgender children), it's been a wild few months.

The summary is correct but I'll also add:
>Split with her husband weeks after posting happy family photos with them
>Immediately jumps ship and moves pets and kids back to her hometown
>Jumps into a relationship with a guy there she hasn't seen for over a decade, he is in their house, spending time with the kids and his name is even in her new family account description, this was within days of arriving
>Not even divorced yet afaik
>Literally all her friends dropped her due to her lies and scamming activities
>Never completely paid the artist who illustrated the book she has ran two preorders on (also she hasn't sent out many of these books to customers, blames "assistant" and then never mentions it again)
>Now claims the 11 year marriage was abusive the whole time, despite posting happy family photos and running a brand account together up until about October 2021

No. 1461787

Thank you for this thread. I recently started reading her fb and she seems INSANE. Please add what you know.

No. 1462253

sounds interesting, but https://www.instagram.com/survivingkirstenbosio/ doesn't work and wasn't archived.

No. 1462258

Her LinkedIn bio https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirsten-bosio-891459168/

>I was born the granddaughter of #union copper miners and Apostolic Lutheran pastors, daughter to a social worker and formerly incarcerated ordained minister and philanthropist in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We moved to Kansas City, MO when I was a baby and my parents put me in its premier public school district in the Northland. I started my career path as a Girl Scout, my first job was a librarian then a freelance journalist/photographer at the Liberty Sun as a teenager (a direct result of a childhood of avid reading). I cut my teeth as a waitress, thrift store clerk, ice rink staff, and retail worker.

>I moved to Los Angeles in 2010, was a stay at home mom to 3, developed an arts collective of over 300 members, event planned, modeled, acted, hosted a nerd podcast, and started a blog and fashion business featured in Forbes, Teen Vogue, New York Times, LA Weekly, and more.

>Currently working on minoring in graphic design at MCC, majoring in English at UMKC, then getting my doctorate in criminal law at Duke to practice in Missouri (my home state of 21 years) after being recognized as a gifted student the majority of my academic career. I’m also a political activist, brand consultant, philanthropist, martial artist, musician, comedian, illustrator, published author, child talent manager, dancer, and freelance creative director.

>I’m part of a small, but strong ethnic minority #sami or Nordic/Finnmark #Indigenous. I’m queer, disabled, grew up in the juvenile system, formerly homeless, DV survivor, and I will never stop working to benefit the greater good.

No. 1462304

No. 1462946



this insta link has loads of comments about some situation that went down with her not paying the artist who illsutrated her kids book

No. 1462948

File: 1646915549029.gif (59.32 KB, 759x523, guntank 1.gif)

No. 1463034

File: 1646925694229.jpg (132.77 KB, 838x1200, FCghpkoXsAA13VO.jpg)

Here's a cap from awhile ago where Kirsten posted her drip-feed paying technique for the same artist

No. 1463036

File: 1646925911582.jpg (134.01 KB, 1200x1200, FCgjphgXEAQAlYM.jpg)

From the same time, she thinks getting paid for your work is "using" someone for "fame" meanwhile that artist has more of a following and business than Kirsten had

No. 1463497

This woman's socials are so full of crazy, it's hard to know where to start. I hope someone who knows her IRL or someone she scammed will come here and spill some milk. I feel terrible for her kids, though.

No. 1463560

File: 1646966866012.png (924.41 KB, 1438x1866, Screenshot_2022-03-10-21-41-42…)

No. 1463561

File: 1646966897153.png (1011.2 KB, 1440x1837, Screenshot_2022-03-10-21-41-50…)

No. 1463564

She is white. She said in a Livestream her melanin disappeared because she stayed inside too much. She keeps adding new races on to her identity. She told black women that she's more of a POC than they are. Her first child's father is white too and all the sudden she's been saying he's Palestinian to give her child a more marginalized identity complex too.

No. 1463567

File: 1646967333692.png (1.59 MB, 1437x1728, Screenshot_2022-03-10-21-53-08…)

No. 1463568

File: 1646967403210.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1694, Screenshot_2022-03-10-21-53-12…)

No. 1463572

File: 1646967471873.png (1.9 MB, 1440x1800, Screenshot_2022-03-10-21-53-18…)

No. 1463573

File: 1646967542253.png (1.74 MB, 1431x1770, Screenshot_2022-03-10-21-53-28…)


No. 1463682


Her younger daughter repeatedly asking her why she has a filter on and Kirsten ignoring her

No. 1463794

Her Livestream today was so stupid. Another degen who thinks people quoting her accurately is bullying and abuse.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1463816

This is an image board, deets or vid plz.

No. 1463864

Typical sami activist. They have some weird body dysmorphia that they see themselves as some yellow asians when in actually they look just like their neighbours

No. 1465644

File: 1647129608906.png (1.81 MB, 1440x1554, Screenshot_20220312-155208.png)

Yes, so she can mine them for traumatic stories to either use against them or steal for her personal fanfic, I mean "memoir". She stole friends' miscarriage and domestic abuse stories.

No. 1466111

File: 1647165798889.png (5.85 MB, 1440x2352, Screenshot_20220313-010605.png)

Kirsten Bosio, mother of the year, dressing her second grader in tee that says Kinky

No. 1466112

I hate her, and I also don't understand how she looks and acts so OLD when she's only 33

No. 1466113

File: 1647167404800.png (2.13 MB, 1804x1238, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 6.29…)

>I don't know why my words as a survivor aren't valid
hate to be that person, but she's invalidated herself. plssss someone who knows her irl, come talk to us.

No. 1466657

File: 1647212726212.png (1 MB, 1263x1807, Screenshot_20220313-160219.png)

All Kirsten Nicole Liimatta does is scam, abuse, and then make false accusations against anyone who stands up to her.

No. 1466658

File: 1647212756334.png (1.05 MB, 1224x1295, Screenshot_20220313-160239.png)

No. 1466833

I thought it was just me, she acts like a total Karen and looks like one too. I think she does have some chronic illness (chrons, according to her) which she milks, and raising three kids plus the self imposed drama lifestyle all added together is adding ten years to her looks and behavior.

No. 1467096

Are you sure she’s not addicted to huffing gasoline?

No. 1469543

File: 1647404497663.png (726.46 KB, 1440x1122, Screenshot_20220315-210758.png)

Kirsten Liimatta Bosio's husband is the biological father of her two younger children. He got an emergency order to return them to California due to her neglect and parental alienation but she dodged service. She's a kidnapper.

No. 1469544

File: 1647404566913.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1396, Screenshot_20220315-210814.png)

Anni had to spend her ninth birthday on the run with her crazy mom and the creepy boyfriend

No. 1471909

File: 1647551654957.png (1.17 MB, 1439x1929, Screenshot_20220315-174945.png)

Claimed her online store was "hacked" and "taken down" by her "abusers", but posts this email revealing it's entirely her fault???
What a smoothbrain.

No. 1472083

File: 1647559575863.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1440x1800, 6B8430C3-862D-4742-AB42-84AF56…)

Hey, y’all. My pronouns are they/them. I have been diagnosed with a severe genetic autoimmune disease called Crohn’s which is gestational and affects my nutrient intake. I’ve also been diagnosed with ADHD, but recently Autism has been brought up. I can use the internet too FYI. I’m an open book so have it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1472122

get a job and stop exploiting your kids, Kirsten

No. 1472151

nolo, kandeis poistaa

No. 1472311

ugly old hagslag

No. 1472498

Hey Kristen if you're not diagnosed with autism, why do you constantly say you're autistic? If your Crohn's is so bad, why are you smoking cigarettes and using opiates, which are both proven to make Crohn's significantly worse?

No. 1472527

>I'm an open book so have it.
???? Do you know how to type proper English?

No. 1472534

File: 1647580553130.jpeg (107.11 KB, 828x823, DE08CC1A-F298-49CF-B8C8-F2ADCF…)

she coached her kids to call her ex by his first name instead of Dad.. i know this because she insisted she wouldn’t do that but posted this screenshot of her doing exactly that

No. 1472546

File: 1647581728973.jpeg (466.48 KB, 828x992, A6B5FA38-68AF-449E-BB13-1534C3…)

Fresh meat being uploaded. The more people see this, the less likely she can rip off and abuse people in KCMO.

No. 1472575

File: 1647585966608.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2406, Screenshot_20220317-234334.png)


This you?
Ftr, colon cancer and muscular dystrophy are not illnesses you can "have all along". Stop malingering every time you get called out you fucking sociopath.

No. 1472578

>starting to look like cancer and muscular dystrophy
why would you just casually post this? “oops, might have cancer and muscular dystrophy! I don’t actually know yet, but pay attention to me anyway!”

her poor kids are so fucking traumatized.

No. 1472580

No she doesn't

No. 1472581

File: 1647586290443.jpeg (625.76 KB, 828x1386, 5253805F-E4FD-4B2B-B823-8DFA4A…)


No. 1472583

File: 1647586780847.png (1.07 MB, 794x1430, Screenshot_20220317-235641.png)

Hey Kirsten Nicole Liimatta Bosio Reyes whatever the fuck, stop grooming vulnerable kids and teens for clout

No. 1472618

File: 1647595159740.jpg (1000.23 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20220316-172808_Ins…)

No Anon now No. 1472617

Claims her oldest child was physically mentally and sexually abused by their stepdad, then immediately moves in a total stranger of a man, leaves the kids in his care and calls him their dad. (A guy she originally met in a creepers cafe when she was underage and didnt see for a decade) Also leaves the kids with her supposedly abusive transphobic father so she can go on a vacation. Nah(namefag)

No. 1472931

File: 1647623269352.jpeg (191.69 KB, 828x1792, 1155152A-2C75-469F-AF90-117299…)

She posted this on her original account before it was deleted (both hee personal account and Tiny Bangs were totally nuked. she threatened to delete all the time but when it finally happened she went bonkers). She has not mentioned any of this since, and is always with these people. So she’s a liar or she’s surrounding her kids with bad people or BOTH. i choose both.

No. 1473201

File: 1647636354706.jpeg (206.4 KB, 828x1696, 8D336DB5-B0AC-4F34-B4F5-8EB395…)

I think she’s telling people we’re her ex-husband, kek

No. 1473258

lol why the fuck would her ex husband be here? He’s too worried about rescuing his kids from kirsten’s abusive ass and creepy boyfriend to be hanging out on an image board. i have no kids and no pets only snark for this dumb bitch.

No. 1473372

File: 1647646978637.jpeg (1005.04 KB, 828x1638, 740962A2-9911-46E4-847F-8C5DDC…)

I am screaming at this instagram account!!!! they posted two videos of kirsten talking about a black woman’s “nappy hair” and i can’t believe it. You have to request to be added but it’s worth it for so much content. I will happily repost but i don’t think i can share video here?

No. 1473581

File: 1647657106907.jpeg (88.23 KB, 750x443, 7EBF06D2-3DD3-4716-92C4-96B9CA…)

Your icon is scaring me

No. 1473626

gimme a kiss bb

No. 1473643

whoever runs this account is obviously posting here. what’s the point of a private snark account? just post it all in this thread and stop promoting here.

No. 1474201

if you actually knew kirsten you would know how important it is to aggregate this content on her favorite social media platform. She doesn’t understand the reach of lolcow but she is scared her followers will have easy access to her racist rants and videos of her abusing her kids. It’s fun to laugh at her, but actually knowing the family makes it a little more important than simply sharing to an image board. it takes a village to raise kids and it’s taking a whole fucking country to get them away from this abusive monster.

No. 1474242

well I see that it’s unprivated now so carry on. this imageboard obviously gets under her skin so you should just cross-post everything here.

I think it’s interesting that she claims Tiny Bangs is her kids’ social media but it’s just more of her personal life, and the kids don’t even have access to it. I would be so curious to hear their side of the story, but it seems like Kirsten will never let that happen.

No. 1474272

yeah i only had it on private to build the content at first, and sorry to be bitchy. it’s just been years of watching this shit unfold and now finally more people outside her immediate circle are taking notice. my biggest fear is she will do something insane to spite everybody resulting in a horrific tragedy. It breaks my heart that her ex has done everything to get the kids back but her enabling father and pedo boyfriend help her kidnap them every time they are to be served with an ex parte. it sucks. the more we can share the proof—proof she lovingly gave the world to see—the more we can attach it to her name in google searches, the more we can tag her followers to these accountability accounts (there are three i know of aside from mine), she needs to know everybody knows the gig is up

No. 1474275

lolcow is honestly a good place to put it all together. y’all should all read the rules and then post what you know here. when a thread is made on a particular lolcow, it quickly jumps up toward the top of their google results, especially if it has her full name, location, lots of pictures and links, etc.

I’ve only been following this shitshow for a couple of weeks but it’s wild. the problem is, she posts so much shit, constantly, it’s hard to sift through or archive it all. also, how in the fuck does she have so much time with three wild ass kids?

I already know the answer is neglect

No. 1474615

An unfortunate truth to this situation is that while everything about Kirsten is true and she’s a completely unfit mother, the dad sucks too. I’ve witnessed firsthand him being extremely emotionally abusive to the children, scared of what could have possibly happened behind closed doors although I do not believe everything kirsten wrote about him in the police report. Just a sad situation all around.(sage your shit)

No. 1474779

How is the boyfriend a pedo? I've heard it a few times now, but seen no proof. Not doubting it at all,just want to know what he's done.

No. 1474805

I think they’re just referencing the fact that they met when she was a teenager.

No. 1474843

Nothing has happened with him but I still think she's making a really bad choice to let a damn stranger hang out with her kids all the time in their home, he looks like a sleazebag too.

No. 1474914

File: 1647776691190.png (2.32 MB, 1439x2157, Screenshot_20220319-000033.png)


Ceasar Reyes hangs out with predatory associates of pedo Chris D'Elia like Bryan Callen and was creeping on Kirsten when she was barely legal and looked 10.

And Kirsten Liimatta seems like a pedo herself actually. Wtf is this

No. 1474916

File: 1647776749101.png (2.77 MB, 1439x2433, Screenshot_20220319-000009.png)

Thirsting over pics of your boyfriend as a child. Normal stuff.

No. 1475369

No. 1475577

For anons who want to repost videos, save it and convert it to webm https://cloudconvert.com/mp4-to-webm

then upload here.

No. 1476699


Yeah Kirsten's ex Stephen is a POS too, I witnessed his verbal abuse and anger more than once and he also helped Kirsten dick over her victims for years and then whined when he became one. Not a good guy. But he's still less of a POS than her. Low bar to clear but he makes sure the kids eat and bathe while she doesn't. And she used to throw stuff at him so she's the physical abuser. I don't think he's guilty of the stuff she wrote in the police report either, I think he had anger issues and she ran with that when she wanted to play DV victim.

No. 1476729

Thank you for acknowledging this, I kinda felt like I was going crazy with all of the Stephen praise like maybe I was the only one who witnessed his bad side. But I agree, if one of them has custody it should be him. He’s at least in touch with reality.

No. 1476741

how does she have an 8 year old, she looks 55 years-old at LEAST.

No. 1476812

I’ve never seen “Stephen praise” anywhere. other than Kirsten’s posts from last year kek

No. 1476853

I mostly am referring to former friends of hers etc, stuff on Facebook I guess

No. 1476857

People have definitely been lenient on Stephen - I am not sure if that's because people speaking out are friendly with him or because he is following the people/pages talking about spreading awareness about Kirsten's abuse. He is not innocent in all of this. They had a toxic relationship for sure but he was nowhere near as bad her. He is guilty of funding her and helping her exploit the kids and assisting her in everything she did to her victims. To my knowledge he was never violent and did a lot to clean up her messes with the kids - As in physical messes. Dishes. Bathing. House work. Her new house is trashed after a few months. It's disgusting.

No. 1476969

Hey can you please read the rules? Don't samefag and type "sage" into the email bar if you're not posting milk

No. 1477207

File: 1647963093881.jpeg (170.78 KB, 813x1501, 17B87567-6BB0-42F8-A44A-1FA189…)


The portrait of youth.

This is the face of someone who won't stop screaming that everyone is jealous of her hotness. She looks like a blobfish.

No. 1493855

Scammers gonna scam. Please report this bullshit. What she really needs is a GoFundMe… or a job???… to pay all the people she has defrauded or professionally damaged.


No. 1493894

File: 1649203981507.jpg (407.45 KB, 972x3597, image.jpg)


Is this really her dad? It sounds like Kirsten to me

No. 1495835


It looks like a ~collab~ to me. Kirsten and Michael Liimatta are cut from the same cloth. He helped her abduct her kids.

No. 1506614

Today is this idiot's court date for (losing) custody of her kids. I hope she gets her ass kicked.

No. 1507413

File: 1650507439766.jpg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20220420_094258.jpg)

I was at the courthouse today and she got in trouble for ignoring the judge's orders to return the youngest two kids two months ago. Also for calling the police when her soon to be ex originally went to get the kids. She also never showed up to mediation. The father of the younger two will have temporary custody until the follow up date in June. Now she's just on the internet, posting away like she didn't just lose two of her kids, probably for good. I'm sure she's working on how to spin the narrative to make herself the victim and him the bad guy. It'll be all about her and not about how the kids are going to be separated from their eldest sibling. Kirsten's already trying to start a new podcast with her boyfriend and just turned teen, Riot. She needs to get a real job. The internet is not paying her to be on it so much.

No. 1507427

Thanks for the info but don't use your email, read the rules before posting

No. 1507433

please learn to post but also this is such a relief. thank you for sharing. now I’m just worried for Riot.

No. 1507435

if you posted this: delete it and repost without your email

No. 1507449

She really is just posting like nothing happened, suddenly taking the kids across the country and shacking up with a new man overnight was obviously going to reflect badly on her, then ignoring Judge's orders for months. Not good, the kids do seem happy with her but she's a disaster zone with how she runs her life. I hope the children won't be separated from each other because of this.

No. 1507460


Kek nice RBG cosplay, shit-for-brains

No. 1507662

How did she behave in court?(sage)

No. 1507729

why is the child wearing a shirt that says "kinky"?

No. 1508002

File: 1650567330106.png (859.79 KB, 1440x2275, Screenshot_20220421-115028.png)

What would you do if you lost two of your three kids through your own reckless, neglectful choices and got bitched out by a judge for violating a related court order?

If you're Kirsten Nicole Liimatta you do what you always do: publicly word vomit more of your heavily embellished life story where you're always both the hero and victim.

No. 1514789

File: 1651206964448.jpg (164.2 KB, 1080x1080, kirsten.jpg)

As far as I can see she hasn't directly admitted her kids are being taken away, but posted a clip where Riot (oldest one) can be seen glaring at her from a distance. This photo with her current bf makes me think he won't be around much longer, look at that expression. He seems to have had enough.

No. 1519352

Someone fill me in on how she was able to move from LA to Kansas City with the kids and without the ex husband. Why would he agree to that? I tuned in after she moved but from what I gather she went on a trip, came home and said she wanted a divorce, and a week later she was gone and took the kids with her and the ex paid for it and helped her move. That's crazy. Especially when you're about to get divorced and now there's travel and shit? What am I missing?

No. 1519906


She tricked him. The plan she was floating was that he was going to stay earning money and tying up loose ends in LA for a few months, and then join them to continue coparenting.

Then she cut off his contact to the kids and went on thousand dollar shopping trips and last minute child-abandoning vacations with the creepy old boyfriend. He lives there for free too.

I've never seen anyone get so cucked.

No. 1520219


Even if he did believe they would coparent, why let her take their kids out of state? That's stupid and expensive before divorce even when the parents are on good terms. And why the rush? It's suspicious.

Cucked is perfect word because it's like he wanted to get screwed.

No. 1521628


Kirsten Liimatta had to get out of town fast because she was about to get sued by all the people she scammed and a bunch of school moms were about to report her for being inappropriate with their children.

At least two of her kids are away from her now. I feel so bad for the older one.

No. 1521957


But the husband's motivations for helping her? For giving her full control of the kids? It's suspicious. Is there a good reason I'm not seeing that doesn't make him sketchy or stupid as shit?

No. 1522654


You're not missing anything. He's extremely stupid. This is the same man who bankrolled her for a decade because he never thought she'd do him dirty like she does everyone else. He's a real r/LeopardsAteMyFace story.

Just answering what you asked.(sage your shit)

No. 1522836


Wait wait wait wait, she was inappropriate with kids!!? Uh, wtf what's the story there?

No. 1523344

File: 1652052527333.png (781.08 KB, 664x926, kiki MY CHILDREN.png)

extra more than usual psycho delusional vibes on this post

No. 1523511

So how was she scamming? I feel like I missed something.

No. 1526550


she's been scamming everybody for forever but I'm assuming you're asking about the scamming that made her get the hell out of los angeles fast? She faked having $12K stolen from her to cover up her shopping problem and used the fake "theft" as an excuse not to pay assistants and creative collaborators on time. Same way she'd use her "illness" (she's not ill except mentally) to get people to cut her slack. Then in September she went nuts. First Kirsten blamed the $12k theft on her black assistant and went wild smearing her. Next she used that fake theft sob story to grift money from her friends and followers, and people gave her money cuz they thought she was going through a hard time. This was also the same time she took advantage of a union makeup artist friend. She asked the friend to help out for a day and neglected to mention that "help out" meant doing makeup for free for a big group on a professional shoot. The makeup artist called Kirsten out online and it started to come out that Kirsten had a history of exploiting a lot of creatives she didn't want to pay. People mostly didn't want to deal with her psychotic abuse so they didn't publicly speak out. Also same time in September Kirsten spread a bunch of lies about her podcast cohost to save face after she got kicked off the podcast. She was also fighting with school moms, IDK the details but they called her a predator. And she also started saying she wasn't white and spent weeks making weird racist videos. So no surprises here, everyone in her life was like WTF GTFO and wanted nothing to do with her anymore. A friend she'd hired as a ghostwriter called her out pretty hardcore on all her BS and that's when Kirsten decided to run. She didn't want to pay the ghostwriter but she knew she'd get sued since the ghostwriter had sued companies before for not paying and won.

Basically everyone hated Kirsten's guts and knew where to find her, so she ran. There's other scammy stuff she did but that's the main story of why she got outta town so fast.

No. 1533582

She stole from customers too. People were sending her money for her kid's book and she didn't even try to send them copies. She was selling them on preorder and was supposed to use their money to pay for printing more copies but she spent it on herself.

No. 1536687

File: 1653271903317.png (627.73 KB, 1238x902, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 9.14…)

just a white lady pretending to be oppressed and wanting cookies

No. 1536761

This post reminds me of the navy seal copypasta, same vibes

No. 1536846

>Nordic indigenous

such a fancy way to say “white”

No. 1541870

File: 1653682853890.png (441.28 KB, 598x1202, Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 12.5…)

More pretending not to be white and also denying it? LOL will never not be funny how much shit she put out there of herself acting a mess

No. 1542113

File: 1653698714477.png (1.57 MB, 1079x1360, Screenshot_20220527-174209.png)

She is whole ass pretending for her followers that 2/3 of her kids weren't taken away a month ago. The DELUSIONS of this woman.

No. 1542231

Lmao it's so obvious, all of her recent photos are throwbacks except the Riot photos

No. 1542315

File: 1653721823848.png (3.66 MB, 1440x2161, world goth day.png)

Enjoying the sun too much to update for world goth day this year, definitely not because two of your kids are missing

She gets like 3 likes on the new tiny bangs account photos, I think people are onto her

No. 1543119

Seems like most of her photos are throwbacks now, she doesn't have anyone to scam into doing photoshoots

No. 1543395

File: 1653834921355.png (595.54 KB, 714x1178, Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 8.22…)

She deleted it but "Riot" AKA Kirsten wrote this, she's mental.

No. 1543659

isn't her daughter Riot like ten years old? why the fuck would she speak like this or care at all about something this autistic? its 100% kristen. riot wouldnt talk so positively about that tiny bangz shit considering she doesnt want to be in anything related to it anymore. i feel bad for Riot the most, she clearly is over this.

No. 1543822

Riot is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. They're 13 now but this definitely isn't them writing this. This also isn't the first time Kirsten has pretended to be her kids.

No. 1544737

File: 1653972863091.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20220530-215202.png)


Yeah that kid did not write that comment. This is one of their school papers from last year and it's not like they've been getting a better education since.

This is what you get when you let your child skip school whenever they want and have them doing unpaid labor for your ego instead of homework.

No. 1544934


Yeah that is not a great writing level for 12, it's kinda unfortunate that her kid admires her for things she keeps fucking up, like she mentions the podcast and then Kirsten has a falling out with that person or whatever, or tiny bangs itself falling apart mostly due to Kirsten's inability to ship orders or pay contributors. She should try and be less of a hot mess for the sake of her children at least.

No. 1546530


Don't think everyone knows this but Riot was barely in school even before Kirsten started single momming. They've mostly missed school for over a year maybe more. The younger two have mostly missed from November to I'm guessing whenever they got back to LA. They're all fucked.

No. 1548409

File: 1654298901010.png (974.45 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20220603-162519.png)

Kirsten, you idiot. You didn't see this on a "reddit style thread", you saw it when you wrote it impersonating your kid whose phone you took away. Get a job.

No. 1548690

You saw this screenshot from lolcow, complete with purple background, on a "reddit-style thread trashing lgbt and people with learning disabilities", ok Kirsten

So the kids are missing school while she moved across the country to chase her new boyfriend. She has done nothing since arriving in her new home, like no job, art, nothing for tinybangs, it's just the new scrote and reposts from when she put some effort into her brand+kids.

No. 1548745


She saw the comment because she wrote it herself.

No. 1549983

File: 1654441712151.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1358, Kirsten writing as Riot 1.png)

Oh lookie another time she pretended to be Riot, not weird at all.

"the kids" she's such a dumbass LMFAO

No. 1551548

File: 1654558590399.png (1.04 MB, 1079x1045, kirsten_liimatta_appropriates_…)

Now this grifter bitch is claiming her "best friend is gone" to make someone's death all about her.
On brand, but he had actually disengaged from her ages ago because she took advantage of him, slandered him, and THREATENED TO SUE HIM after he stopped giving her family free hair services. She is such a selfish cunt.

No. 1551554

File: 1654558816021.png (156.57 KB, 1079x409, kirsten_liimatta_dramatic_liar…)

Something's not about you? Then you get out there and MAKE it about you, champ!

No. 1551560

Looks like she's working from the fellow snow cow, Kathy playbook of falsely claiming to be best buds with someone who has unfortunately passed on and who can't speak up for themselves. I have never even seen her post this guy before?

No. 1551593

WTF? When did she threaten to sue him? Lord this bitch is testing me.

No. 1552604

File: 1654643133417.jpg (224.81 KB, 1242x1389, 20220607_155440.jpg)

More narcissistic alternative history. The size of her balls to talk about the Lottie Guntank book as if she doesn't owe them over nine thousands dollars.

No. 1552634

I don't think she threatened to sue Roger. Are you confusing Roger with Joe? They were business partners and Kirsten ruined that. She threatened to sue Joe but I don't think she and Roger had a falling out. He did distance himself when he learned she was sketchy AF. My understanding is Roger was in the hospital when she was prime crazy spiraling and he didn't know about anything that happened until after she moved or something. And when he did find out she was PSYCHO he felt like he had to be nice to her and stay on her good side. His health was so fragile he couldn't afford to be abused.

No. 1552650

“Gender affirming haircut” girl it’s a hairchop women get buzzcuts all the time

No. 1552721


Maybe? She threatens everyone with everything so it's a lot to keep track.

No. 1555194

File: 1654821661592.png (508.02 KB, 604x778, Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 5.19…)

Oh so she's been pretending to be Asian for years and this isn't really a new thing huh?

No. 1555303

the cognitive dissonance of breast feeding your child while simultaneous wearing a middle school uniform

No. 1558282

File: 1655051597558.png (1.61 MB, 1060x1182, Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 9.31…)

Anyone want to tell her this old man is only with her cuz he gets free rent?

No. 1560966

i'm not sure who she threatened to sue, but i know there was a photographer guy a whole ago who she was demanding remove a photo of her, Anni and Riot back in the early days of tiny bangs, because the caption used Riot's dead name. it seemed pretty contradictory, because it was at a time where of you scrolled back far enough, Kirsten's own account was full of posts with captions containing Riot's dead name - and this Roger guy she's claiming was her best friend has a huge number of posts on his IG account, again referring to Riot by their dead name - which obvs didn't bother kirsten, or she would have demanded he delete the posts or edit the captions. she seems happy to use Riot's dead name to her own advantage - calling certain people out for old posts which reference the name, yet fit herself and select other people, it's totally okay!

No. 1561151

File: 1655270436773.jpeg (49.76 KB, 828x149, AFC61590-572D-4D71-8B1B-174522…)

this comment on @littleguntank callout post kek. doesn’t surprise me. i’ve been fascinated with her for awhile and she is truly milky

No. 1562828

File: 1655404122093.png (679.75 KB, 686x734, Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 11.2…)

This was the guy I know of that she threatened to sue, its Joe the hairdresser and Roger's ex businesspartner. Kirsten is a weasel and ruined their business and friendship before exploiting Roger for free work just like she does everyone.

No. 1570398

Court was yesterday - Stephen got sole physical and she has one month visitation per year

No. 1571738

I wonder how she’s going to spin this on her socials, if she mentions it at all

No. 1572257

File: 1656212361380.jpg (808.13 KB, 1440x1800, 20220625_195816.jpg)


She's in serious denial and posting more of her "art" that looks like pubes.

No. 1572342

She does so much latergramming she'll probably make every time she has the kids a photoshoot and then latergram the results, nobody will ever guess.
So far she's been posting facetime screenshots of the two absent kids, like facetiming your own kids from inside the house wouldn't make any sense, so she is kinda subtly admitting it there.

No. 1573159


Hmm thinking ahe's gonna mention it when she figures out how to work it into the latest fictional victim narrative.

No. 1573161


Wtf are those pictures supposed to be

No. 1573589

either the back of a bus, train, or airplane

No. 1574235


I 100% believe Roger would still be alive if it weren't for Kirsten. She sucks the life out of everyone and she took advantage of him for years. It isn't right. She isn't right.

No. 1579351

File: 1656850028881.png (2.04 MB, 1440x2260, Screenshot_20220702-131008.png)

What the fuck is she doing now? It's over. She lost her kids and has to fuck off back to KC for another year after this visit ends.

Donate to this if you're stupid and like funding her shopping addiction!

No. 1580152

Did anyone else see the latest live - the one where she's begging for donations to her GFM - where she claims that the law firm she was represented by no longer has a family law department, as the lawyer who was working with her chose to quit their entire career in family law based solely on how "messed up" Kirsten's case is? Yep, that sounds plausible as an excuse to ask people to donate $5k!

Also she says that she no longer wants to work in politics. Her calling in life is to be considered for the Supreme Court.

No. 1580187

>absolute bog standard divorce and custody case any lawyer has seen a million times before
>Kirsten: Wow my case was so unusual my lawyer quit and moved to hawaii!

Guess this is the lie she's spinning to try and cover up the fact, as anons have reported, the custody case is already over and her ex was assigned the majority of the rights.

No. 1580907

That attorney story is wild. I just googled her and she is an active partner of a Pasadena law firm that maintains a strong family law department.(newfag)

No. 1581636

File: 1657100383715.png (842.4 KB, 530x918, Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 7.25…)

The fuck is this hair? No impulse control and craft scissors is a lethal combo, Kirsten.

No. 1581771


>Also she says that she no longer wants to work in politics. Her calling in life is to be considered for the Supreme Court.

I shouldn't be so surprised that this mindless twat thinks the 3rd branch of government isn't part of politics.

No. 1581783

In her latest live stream she’s literally chastising Teddy telling him to go away so her and Riot can do their little selling show. He’s only there a month out of the year, I don’t think it should be an issue to allow him to play on an iPad next to you while you play on the internet.

No. 1583652

her bangs look like she burned them off. and she bragged that she was going to be a hair stylist now because she was so amazing at it kek

No. 1587444

File: 1657745104973.jpg (501.45 KB, 2048x2048, 20220713_134338.jpg)

Oh Kirsten, stop obsessively lurking this thread where no one is doing anything but telling the truth about you and you won't have this problem.

Your bangs will still look deranged though. We can't help with that.

No. 1594640

File: 1658517739159.png (198.67 KB, 968x882, Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 12.1…)

just saw this.. is she pretending the kids still live with her in kansas city or do they all still live with her? they seem to be with her rn but I heard she lost custody.

No. 1595360

Her ex was granted sole custody of the younger two. Kirsten gets them once a month per year. July is that month. In a few days, they'll be returned to their dad in L.A. We'll see if she keeps pretending on social media like she has all of the kids full time. I'm sure she's busy making lots of content instead of, you know, getting a job.

No. 1595516


Love that she's pretending to give a shit about getting her kid's "permission" to post their entire life now.

Even if she wasn't lying like a rug, kids don't understand the full impact of what they're agreeing to and are going to just say yes to make mom happy.

No. 1597081

Does anyone know what happened in the court hearings?
what was the outcome + what was said etc(namefag)

No. 1597088

Does anyone know what happened to kirstens friend timothy heller?
Are they still friends/does anyone know anything about this

No. 1597144

She will spend the whole month that she has with the youngest two kids focused on taking as many photos as possible, rather than actually making the most of the time she has with them - specifically so that she has huge amounts of content to post during the remainder of the year, to purposefully give the impression that all the kids live with her full-time. It wouldn't surprise me if she forced them to pose for Halloween and Christmas photos etc. Both kids will be happy to get back home, to live their lives without constantly being filmed and photographed, but Kristen isn't going to admit that she post custody of the younger two kids, so her priority will be keeping up the pretence that they are with her, even once they've gone home.

No. 1604633

Sucks for the youngest 2 kids that the better parent is Stephen because he's garbage too but anything is better than Kirsten I guess. Riot is so fuqd though.

No. 1608296

File: 1659733199216.jpg (125.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220805-155747_Ins…)

Did she take down her social media accounts again?

No. 1609519

Nope, still up and the most recent post was 4 hours ago, looks like she blocked you

No. 1609734


She archived tiny bangs but everything is back up now so it must have been more of her crazy person behavior. Maybe the creepy boyfriend left her because he can't live off her stupid husband anymore and she flipped out.

No. 1609906

Yeah I noticed it was back up a few hours later, but the boyfriend has been scrubbed from the accounts

No. 1609948

it looks like Kirsten, Ceasar, and Riot were working on a podcast https://www.instagram.com/unscrambledeggspod/ but he’s nowhere to be found on that page, either. either they’re already broken up, or she’s on the hunt for her next mark and needs to appear single.

No. 1610012

Did they break up or is she just scrubbing socials for custody reasons? Feels 50/50 odds to me. She’s so intense I can see him being driven away and her thinking removing his pics now would have positive legal effects as being equally plausible(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1610032

Forgive my ignorance but how would scrubbing Cesar affect a custody battle that’s already been ruled on?

No. 1610308

i couldn't find any of her SM accounts yesterday - IG or FB - but they're back now, with every single photo and mention of Ceasar deleted. she obvs disabled all her accounts while she spent a few days removing every trace of his existence from her SM. whether he has ditched her crazy ass or she has some ulterior motive for hiding her relationship, it's bizarre that she would go to that extreme to deleted every single scrap of evidence that he even mediated in her life. but hey, it is Kirsten!

No. 1610849

It wouldn’t, but I can see her being told it might have had a negative impact on the ruling and then going to scrub all the evidence in a similar pattern of erasure to how she’s dealt with other problems in her life. But I’m only entertaining that because she behaves so erratically I can see it being true. Occam’s razor sez he most likely just r-u-n-n-o-f-t

No. 1612587

I still see photos of him on her socials so IDK whats happening. If she did scrub him it might be for spousal support reasons. unlike Kirsten the bf works and if he lives with her it might be considered household income and get subtracted from whatever she might otherwise get.

No. 1613981

Her and Cesar break up and suddenly she’s back in hospital? Hmm - very interesting.

No. 1614103

This is an image board. Post hospital.

No. 1614645

File: 1660385218152.png (227.76 KB, 200x404, 200px-Louis_wain_cats.png)

All she posted was a photo of her kid pretending to be a doctor, no details or anything.

Aside, her art looks schitzophrenic, I think she's actually schitzophrenic and holding her life together very well.

No. 1615025

File: 1660414315738.jpg (386.84 KB, 1080x1763, Screenshot_20220813-191041_Fac…)

Making sure the fall risk bracelet is in shot(namefagging)

No. 1615317

Is she saying she produced these pieces of art herself? Cause she definitely stole them.

No. 1615322

No lol anon is using it as an example to “schizophrenic art” it’s a pretty famous piece

No. 1618204

File: 1660709668742.png (2.19 MB, 1012x1268, Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 8.29…)

Her ugly ass drawings make my eyes hurt. I think she's borderline imo.

She's not fooling anyone with these strategic photos, like the cane that just so happens to be in the picture or the hospital bracelet.

No. 1623588

did she not break up with cesar? She tagged him in some stuff I think a few days ago, just trying to keep up with this shitshow

No. 1625730

File: 1661459751808.png (1.8 MB, 1440x1727, Screenshot_20220825-133105.png)

All of her posts are like this now. "📸 Riot (13)" on everything because the poor kid is just Kirsten's personal assistant and she's not even trying to hide it anymore.

And all this bullshit is during school hours of course. "Homeschooled" my left titty.

I feel so bad for this child… we've seen how she's treated all of her assistants so far, and this one is a minor who depends on her.

The dad of the two younger ones posted a pic of them starting their first day going to a good private school. I don't think he's fighting for Riot even though he's the only dad they know. This is so sad.

No. 1626729

I don’t know these people personally like a lot of you guys, but from what I’ve read, I don’t think there’s much he can do to “fight” for Riot since he was unable to adopt them and I don’t know what we could see via the internet to show us that he is or isn’t?

Seems to me like this shit show will settle down for a while, I hope the younger two are in counseling coz phewwww

No. 1630271

File: 1661816180056.png (388.66 KB, 768x1008, Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 4.27…)

I would be surprised if Riot is really attending school online or otherwise. Did you all see the screenshots on the survivingkirstenbosio account about all their absences? Receipts are all in the saved stories under "neglect" and you can see Riot missed class all the time even before Kirsten dragged all the kids to Kansas City.

No. 1631033

IDK if this will settle down for long. they have more divorce court in the fall and apparently there's going to be a podcast about the shit show. I've never met Kirsten either but I sort of know one of the victims and I think it's happening pretty soon. Not Kirsten's stupid podcast with her kid that will probably never happen but a podcast made by the victims of her fuckery.

No. 1631803

This is an image board, share the screenshots.

No. 1635936

a while back when Kirsten first got together with Ceasar and was acting like he was the kids' new dad, she definitely said that he planned to adopt Riot - ~literally weeks into their relationship - supposedly even if they broke up, because he wanted them to feel wanted and to have a father etc etc. i don't know the reality of what happened between her ex and whether he did try to adopt Riot in the past, or whether he refused, as Kirsten has claimed, but the removal of everything Ceasar related from sick media presumably means that the plan for a random guy to adopt Riot has also been scrapped - which is undoubtedly for the best, because it was an unsurprisingly impulsive proposal.

No. 1637375

File: 1662399859288.jpg (496.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220905-112205_Fac…)

Tell me you refuse to take responsibility for your actions without telling me you refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

No. 1644259

Her posts are insufferable in a way I don't feel like I've ever experienced with anyone else.

No. 1654168

Been quiet here for a bit, nothing new? I’m blocked from all her shit lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1668417

There's a Tiny Scams teaser now

No. 1684437

Do you know when the next episode is coming out? Can't find that info.

No. 1720471

File: 1670372826098.png (978.96 KB, 1248x1934, Screenshot_20221206-152420.png)


No. 1766450

Necro thread or…? Nothing new from the podcasts socials, no actual episode. What an anti climax to all this

No. 1766451

I'm guessing nobody was listening to the podcast, seems like she's just been in and out of court trying to get custody of her kids.
One interesting thing I saw on the podcast woman's page is Kirsten did an unguided viewing of the house she moved in to, no estate agent, you're supposed to swipe in or whatever to view the property and leave afterwards. She stayed in the house for two weeks before her lease began, technically squatting. Gotta admire the hustle.

No. 1785816

Update: Kirsten died yesterday. No idea yet if it was through natural causes, outside forces, or by her own hand. Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked to find out a week from now that this is another scam, but her ex-husband made a post confirming her passing.

No. 1785848

Her death is not a scam. She died by suicide.

No. 1785856

wow another dead cow, that pedobait catfisher just died not even a month ago right?

No. 1785863

Nah she killed herself. Heard from a friend of a friend.
Poor kids.

No. 1785865

You think she did it bc she had another court date in a week or so? she knew she was 100% losing everything. I think the court site said the 16th

No. 1785980


She had to face herself and couldn't handle it.(learn to sage)

No. 1785987

Imageboard. Post caps.

No. 1786136

File: 1678466021800.png (532.63 KB, 828x1792, 2B8A59B7-474B-4CF3-B25D-CED613…)

a photographer from LA (lauren.allaina) commented on Stephens insta post and posted about Kirsten in her stories, including this screen cap from Kirsten’s facebook

No. 1786236

I'm so sorry for her kids. I hope they get the care they deserve but I'm not too hopeful.

No. 1786521

They will now without her abusing them and alienating them from her ex and their extended family(sage your shit)

No. 1786687

Of course as with any suicide, i feel the most for the family. I truly think that this lady had severe mental illness and should have probably been sectioned into being a dependant adult with someone making all her financial and medical choices for her. If that were the case perhaps she wouldnt have been able to alienate herself to the point of truly being all alone. Rest in peace.

No. 1786760

Are we sure she’s gone? She was a friend of mine. I can’t find any obituaries?

No. 1786764


Your friend did horrible hurtful things to many people. Get the fuck out of here.(sage your shit)

No. 1786827

File: 1678566820648.png (97.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230311-153227.png)

That screenshot from "2 days ago" is from 9 months ago.

No. 1786841

I’ve seen all the posts. I am asking if we know if she really did it. I can’t find any info(integrate)

No. 1787138

She did. I got a number of details today. Don’t want to share out of respect for her and the family.

She was extremely ill. I knew her for many years, and saw her spiral into someone I didn’t recognize. I am heartbroken and wish she could have gotten help.(integrate)

No. 1787156

Woah what the fuck! I just randomly thought about her the other day bc she liked one of my comments a few years ago. So beyond messed up

No. 1787203

holy shit, the second cow to die this way in literally two weeks. I understand lolcows make terrible life choices consistently, never listen to anyone who tries to help, that's what makes them lolcows but you always hope they will turn their life around. She shouldn't have done this when she has/had 3 kids, what a horrible thing to leave them without a mom.

No. 1787217

File: 1678612464536.jpg (278.21 KB, 1080x1773, Tinybangs.jpg)

Two posts I found, the text on this one suggests she changed dramatically, I wonder what happened in the last few months since she went quiet online.

No. 1787219

File: 1678612498025.jpg (167.08 KB, 1080x1793, Kirstenisfine.jpg)

No. 1787250

Not to sound like an asshole but I think it's better thid way for her kids ? She was a textbook narc stagemom who used them as cashcows and kept them alienated from the rest of the family. Assuming the kids will be taken care of by healthy, non gendie adults, they'll probably turn out better than if they kept stuck with her.

No. 1787270

Stephen has had custody of the youngest two children for about a year now I think. I’m not sure who will take the oldest one now that Kirsten is gone.

No. 1787275

Parental suicide isn’t better for the kids. Now they have the trauma of knowing she didn’t care enough about them to stick around, in addition to all the abuse they suffered from her. She screwed them over in every possible way. Hope they find some peace and stability.

No. 1787399

As I said before, she was a friend. At one time. A part of my wishes this suicide was a scam. Because I can’t find any actual proof online or any records, I know there are stories and social media posts, but do we really know? I’m sure it’s just the denial and bargaining part of grief.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1787412

It might take a couple of days for an obituary to be published.

No. 1787548

There's an obituary here that comes up if you search her name on Twitter. I'm sorry for your loss, I didn't know her but saw her mentioned on lolcow and her kids remind me of myself, I feel sick to think they are left without a mom and what her last months must have been like. I wonder if anyone here has her kirstenisfine Instagram acccount followed to screenshot? It's private so maybe there is more info there. Bittersqueaks posting about it makes it legit imo since they knew each other irl as far as I can tell.

No. 1787549

There's an obituary here that comes up if you search her name on Twitter. I'm sorry for your loss, I didn't know her but saw her mentioned on lolcow and her kids remind me of myself, I feel sick to think they are left without a mom and what her last months must have been like. I wonder if anyone here has her kirstenisfine Instagram acccount followed to screenshot? It's private so maybe there is more info there. Bittersqueaks posting about it makes it legit imo since they knew each other irl as far as I can tell.

No. 1787550

There's an obituary here that comes up if you search her name on Twitter. I'm sorry for your loss, I didn't know her but saw her mentioned on lolcow and her kids remind me of myself, I feel sick to think they are left without a mom and what her last months must have been like. I wonder if anyone here has her kirstenisfine Instagram acccount followed to screenshot? It's private so maybe there is more info there. Bittersqueaks posting about it makes it legit imo since they knew each other irl as far as I can tell.

No. 1787669

I'm friends with her on all social media and I've only seen goodbye posts so far. I also know that newspaper is from South Africa and it's odd that would be the one to publish this.

No. 1788289

File: 1678777378420.webm (3.8 MB, 1920x1038, YouCut_20230313_235017420 (1).…)

No. 1788371

That link is clickbait for Google SEO. It's not a real obituary. Stop giving them clicks(sage your shit)

No. 1788413

Doesn’t she manage her eldest child’s social media? I was told they updated their user photo 2 days ago.

No. 1788625

Robert Coshland is a known abuser in Los Angeles.

No. 1788628

Her eldest is 14 so they probably have their own social media by now. You only have to be 13 to use instagram.

No. 1788637

I lowkey don’t think she’s dead. I live in the same town in Missouri and I think there would be some sort of news.

No. 1788639

There’s more crap about it.

No. 1788641

But it’s still just some random report for views/clicks.

No. 1788643

Why would some guy in india/pakistan/somewhere in the middle east give a shit about kirsten? And they keep saying "ting bangs"… i believed it at first but now i dont. Lets wait for an official obituary from her home town/state.

You should be able to keep up on your local obituary. Unless the family has asked to stay private about it, all deaths are usually reported somewhere for the public to see.

No. 1788645

I strongly feel this is all a show but maybe I’m just crazy. I’m also surprised so many people online are just accepting it because of a few social media posts and a strange news report.

No. 1788768

File: 1678844880784.jpeg (156.54 KB, 1179x1162, 7517CCC8-60C3-42F8-913F-E601EB…)

Seems pretty legit?

No. 1788776

She publicly posted that poem 9 months ago but she also posted the same poem the day she died. get it right.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1788989

Ok, “Anon.”

Why would her ex be taking care of her arrangements instead of her family? Still seems weird?

No. 1789492

why is it weird, like he said he was co-signed on her house so it’s his responsibility and he’s arranging for the kids belongings to be moved because he has custody of them now
doesn’t seem like he’s doing anything other than what he’s legally obligated to do, like arranging a funeral etc.

No. 1789636

I’m still hoping it’s not real.

No. 1789702

What’s the deal with Robert Coshland?
He’s always rubbed me the wrong way.
He was besties with Amie Nicole, which made me suspect. Sucks how she died but she wasn’t the saint that everyone makes her out to be.

No. 1789723


It is real. She's dead and the world is a better place now. I swear you dumb bitches would be besties for life with Casey Anthony if she sent you a cute text.(infighting)

No. 1789724


Typical geriatric perv who pursues women under 25 and badmouths the friends trying to protect them

No. 1789869

Casey Anthony? Come on. Are you jealous or lonely?

I swear you “dumb bitches” believe everything you read online. They’re not dead. But I seriously doubt they will show themselves online again for obvious reasons.

No. 1790141

File: 1679050305711.jpeg (81.02 KB, 750x1206, 58104E13-5DC3-4694-A5E5-B2268C…)

her FB looks like this now

No. 1790244

I think you have to provide a death certificate for that. Pretty sure that's some good evidence.

No. 1790262

No. 1790391

File: 1679084703836.jpeg (314.75 KB, 1179x1990, 26195033-192E-49F2-8B0D-293135…)

I doubt the moid she was in a custody battle with would play along with her faking her death

No. 1790467

Really? He went along with her for that long and he got everything he wanted.(sage your shit)

No. 1790660

There has not been a single legitimate obituary and no comment from her father or kid. I'm not convinced.

No. 1790689

She’s dead. They’re having the service April 2nd.

No. 1790693

Who was the first?

No. 1790741


No. 1790801



No. 1790820

Nobody in this thread knows how to sage? Read the site rules pls

No. 1790827

Her family and friends are posting privately. They’re not making public posts bc of all the online drama. Shes 100% dead.

No. 1791511

I’m friends with her friends and family online… who is posting stuff? I haven’t seen anything.

No. 1791644

You’re clearly not if you haven’t seen anything.

No. 1791664

I am. I’ve known her for many years. I haven’t seen anything. Explain.

No. 1791671

Her ex husband made a post on IG about it that was posted upthread >>1790391

No. 1791684

The ex is not credible. Until there is an actual obituary on a legitimate site and/or a public statement from a legitimate family member, this is not sufficient.

No. 1791700

Believe whatever you want. It doesn’t change the fact she’s dead.

No. 1791706

This thread has so much newfaggotry in it. Namefagging, emailfagging, and selfposting.
Btw, people itt claiming to be her friends online/irl, it's not very respectful to gossip about her here.

No. 1791782

Really? How do you think people get inside information for the updates you read? They likely know or knew the subject. I’m sure that person already knows if they’re saying shit about their friend that they are an asshole.

No. 1792266

They should read the rules.
>5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 1792352

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Kirsten.

No. 1792560

Me neither.
Plus the ex has now made his ig private (after asking for money, and removing that post a day or two later).

No. 1792583

Oh wait really? This is a bit suspicious. I screenshot a couple of things on his page but there wasn't really anything of note.
And where are these private family updates? >>1790827

Her last boyfriend Caesar didn't post anything on his ig and hasn't updated for months.

No. 1792594

why is claiming to have been homeless such a common theme among these scammers/grifters?

No. 1792611

Is it? I mean it’s pretty impressive for those who are actually homeless to work their way out of that.

No. 1792829

Because it will get them more sympathy? Duh. I know many people who are technically homeless. People who are staying in someone elses house without paying rent are technically homeless since they dont owna home, arent paying for their stay and therefore not protected by law and can be kicked out on a whim.

Alot of them probably are homeless but that doesnt mean they are without shelter or in immediate crisis. So they use that loose term of "homelessness" as a grifting tool. Its obvious.

No. 1792887

Who’s claiming to be homeless?

No. 1792926

File: 1679447120419.png (30.84 KB, 1736x490, Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 01.04…)

No. 1793178

I’ve been homeless. If she really was then it’s impressive to overcome. Our society makes it almost impossible to come back from homelessness.

No. 1793474

>>1793178 Honestly -in the case of Kirsten- not very impressed by this fact alone, in light of her incessant grifting and lies. Considering her family, any homelessness she experienced was likely by choice and thus not the type of struggle you're describing.

No. 1793694

iirc her story is she was homeless and trafficked as a teenager, she is (was?) a serial liar though so I'm not sure how true that is. She's also said she was a party girl around that age and had her first child at around 21 iirc. I think she was just couchhopping after leaving home as a teen

No. 1793710

So I’m really confused why there have been no legit obituaries. Is this real?

No. 1793762

Obituaries aren't mandatory. I know two people who had nothing published about them and from basic internet searches would appear to still be alive. It's definitely more suspicious with this one though, I could absolutely see her pulling this shit.

No. 1793767

Her immediate family haven't made a single public peep, and no one here who claimed to have seen "private posts" by them has shared any screenshots (could have been anonymised for privacy, etc.). High chance she's faking it, I think.

No. 1793814

Pure speculation, but in MO name changes can be kept from public records if due to DV. Any chance she's playing some long con? I don't see her having that much foresight (even with all those law degrees) but maybe if there's a financial incentive?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1794097

If she is, I think she will mess it up at some point. I see a lot of incentives for her to hide from the internet but she also loves being seen online.

No. 1795015

File: 1679773504168.png (2.2 MB, 1344x1646, Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 19.44…)

No. 1795017

File: 1679773623053.png (234.83 KB, 2032x1836, Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 19.44…)

Interesting how they mention "the Kirsten we know and remember", she really must have changed toward the end there. Also weird mentioning the ex as "husband".

No. 1795028

Ok I guess she is officially passed then, RIP.
She was still married I guess, she just upped and left all of a sudden towards the end of 2021 iirc.
I noticed most of the posts about her hint towards the last few months being very different, I guess it's a good thing none of it is online publicly.

This thread will probably get locked soon. Sending my love to her kids if they ever see this while googling, I feel most badly for them in all this, remember her kindness and creativity, and I hope you all have happy and fulfilling lives.

No. 1795033

Thinking of the kids, I hope this thread gets deleted, tbh. RIP.

No. 1795201

The younger kids are still separated from their older sibling and are stuck with their gross useless shite dad. This sucks.

No. 1795220

Y’all should delete this thread out of respect for her children. It’s hard enough for them already.

No. 1795224

Threads don't get deleted if the person dies, newfags. It get's locked, see Soren.

No. 1795243

Shut the fuck up you disgraceful ass bitch(sage your shit)

No. 1795260

So sad. I was hoping it wasn’t true.

No. 1795261

Getting sweaty doesn't change the rules

No. 1795308

As Kristen has been officially confirmed dead, this thread will now be locked.

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