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File: 1643389046818.jpg (93.44 KB, 1256x810, jonman.JPG)

No. 1430690

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dexthecelestial/


Not sure if this kids been posted here, couldn't find a thread.

Dex/Jonman is a 19-20 year old from Dallas, who basically got a small following online after a video of him getting arrested while on (supposedly) 20 tabs of acid.
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3j0dsddIp8

>Schizophrenic Drug Addict, claims to be sober but will constantly post/stream himself smoking, inhaling weird dust, or talking about his most recent DXM, Ambien, or some other chem binge, local authorities keep getting reports that he's doing drugs, so he begs people in live streams to not talk about drugs or snitch
>while being arrested on acid, yells about how badly he wants to fuck a girl and be cool, thinks he was abused by the cops
>lost a bunch of teeth, got his upper rack replaced but still missing chompers on the bottom, loves to post his exposed decrepit body
>Mom disowned him for being schizophrenic drug addict, he thinks she just doesn't understand his enlightened lifestyle
>Says he "posts in code" and hides secret messages in his posts to certain people
>Rants about the "spiritual significance" of his 6k on instagram

He's pretty convinced he's a higher being or some shit, hence the title "celestial." But, as you can tell, he just loves drugs.

No. 1430691

File: 1643389952004.jpg (105.15 KB, 1498x867, drugguy.JPG)


No. 1430692

File: 1643402082344.jpg (27.84 KB, 674x233, joninsta.JPG)


a bit late to add, but he posts several times a day. 2k posts on insta alone

responds to any/most dms too

No. 1430693

who the fuck is this guy,seems like a self-post.
go promote yourself somewhere else druggie.

No. 1430694

links are provided retard.

No. 1430695

This should probably just be on /snow/

No. 1649293

File: 1663288931151.jpeg (126.94 KB, 800x830, edfghfjk.jpeg)

omg he's one of my personal cows! he's a celebrity druggie reddit (https://www.reddit.com/user/Phantomcelestialdex/https://www.reddit.com/user/Phantomcelestialdex/), and has extensive lore. he has a fanbase but they also all hate him.

his name is jonathon shewmake. he lives in mesquite, texas. i know because he doxxed his entire address to a discord vc i invited him into once.

despite what the thread says. he does not believe in spirituality, but is an atheist.

I'm absolutely certain all the dextromethorphan has given him brain damage. holding a conversation with him is tiresome because of it.

his entire fat distribution has probably been changed to be like that of a woman's due to his extreme DXM use. (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/287564843_The_effect_of_dextromethorphan_on_the_testes_of_adult_sprague-dawley_rats)

he lives with his grandmother, doesn't have a drivers license despite being in his 20's, and still has to beg his grandmother to let him have soda.

No. 1649297

you don't understand, he literally doesn't have the IQ to post on an imageboard. i promise if you search through his reddit replies, you will see.

No. 1649539

Do you have any more info on him? I find him to be pretty milky. Screenshots would be cool too but please spill anything interesting!

No. 1668075

check ANY of his social media, it's a goldmine. for one, he always claims he's sober and "healthy" then posts about doing research chemicals after. he says the n word a lot too

No. 1668186

Fuck. What an awful way to go. I feel so bad for the cat and i hope this kid finds help.

No. 1668244

Poor cat.

this thread just seems like one anon. Is this a weird vendetta? self-post? Should have just stayed in "personal cow" thread tbh.

No. 1668278

What's the difference between this guy and every other junkie teen in America? Looked through his insta and saw nothing interesting. Deserves a future intervention episode maybe, but a dedicated thread…? No.

No. 1671362

and thats after veneers on his top teeth.

No. 1671364

Not a vendetta, he's a e-celeb in the DXM community. I said personal cow because he is niche. Talk to anyone on r/DXM or r/dextrodoomers about him and the perspective will be similar. I promise, I am one of many.

No. 1671365

Because he is not a teenager anymore, and if you went through his social media you would understand he is a special case.

No. 1677651

Does this look like reddit to you? Your cow is boring. You addicts are not as special as you want to be.

No. 1795736

You kinda weird for posting this tbh bro saids hes sober cuz he's not on ice anymore and the real bad shit. Homie used to be my cid plug idk why the hate(lolcow.farm/info)

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