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File: 1408647563802.png (462.34 KB, 496x750, 7.png)

No. 142735

Let's have a emo/scene thread.
Post all the stories and ol' drama about the famous emo kids and scene kids(and what happened to them/where are they now).I remember there was quite a lot of lulzy/cringy stories.

pic related is kooter before her kawaii e fame.

No. 142736

You can look at Fakebusters if you want fo find out the active social networks sites of the old famous scene kids but it seems like many…died? In terms of suicide, accidents, Kiki's mom, etc.

No. 142737

Her mom died?

No. 142738

No, I meant her causing the death of Kiki's ex aka Mr. MySpace.

No. 142739

Even back then, the cunt failed miserably at PhotoShopping images of herself, lolololol …

Dat divided by zero background
Dat waist
Dat ear/hair
Dat forearm
Dat skirt
Dat makeup

No. 142740

File: 1408761486491.jpg (15.42 KB, 196x292, dakota-rose--large-msg-1324108…)

No. 142741

File: 1418065949376.jpg (104.13 KB, 499x589, dc38b4dd43212e6753af2ffd0409c0…)

Audrey is taking now the same kawaii spiritual animal rights social justice active route as Kiki.

No. 142742

That pipe to the right sure did get mutilated. How the hell did they not get called out for horrid shoops?

No. 142743

I know it kind of seems stupid now but beyond upping contrast/creative cropping it wasn't mega common for people to use photoshop back then so people didn't really know what to look for. I actually didn't notice the pipe until you pointed it out, but it seems obvious now. I am sure people did call them out for their shoops though…their comments were probably deleted so we don't have history of it haha.

No. 142744


If this wasn't Audrey I'd think she was mocking weebs/being racist.

No. 142745

Those trousers make it look like she's oozing some black liquid from her crotch.

No. 142746

toxic spill

No. 142747

Why do former scene queens love to scam?

No. 142748

I think it's a case of
>Wow! I have so many fans!
>I could market off these people!
>Fuck, I didn't realise how much work this would be.

Holy shit how could I forget about Audrey? She inspired me to dye my hair pink back in the day.

No. 142749

I think http://internet-royalty.tumblr.com/ is a good Tumblr to follow if you want to know what they do now, most didn't change at all drama-wise.

No. 142750

File: 1426979433240.jpg (156.68 KB, 465x699, dakotarose01.jpg)


I remember them getting called out for it occasionally and when that would happen both sister and all of their scenester friends went insane and would post several bulletins bitching about the subject. It was embarrassing. I assume they are shameless because nothing has changed.

No. 142751

Bumped for a thread in /b/

No. 142752

File: 1465942005630.jpg (33.66 KB, 480x615, 6id1fbzu.jpg)

anyone remember Katie Babyfayce, aka Kathryn Skadoske? scene queen of the myspace era, she disappeared completely only about 2 years into it. There was an army of disturbed girls creepily obsessed with her and trying to be her. One of them made up a bogus story that she died in a car accident and that her real name was Callindra. Even after she disappeared for good and went on living a totally normal life and looks average as shit now, they're still stalking her and making tumblr accounts to upload her new pictures at least 8 years later.

No. 142753

No. 142754

anyone remember Brooklyn Beatdown? She was the first internet gossip story I got into way back in the day. apparently she was a "scene queen" but was a total Sif. Only ever had pictures upclose of her face and in the typical myspace angle. No one believed it because she was really fucking good at it. Then pictures cropped up of her where she was like 300lbs. Wish I had pictures but I'm not finding anything on google

No. 142755

File: 1465948877559.gif (186.71 KB, 179x240, BUSTED232.gif)

Apparently this is her but I always thought she had black ugly scene hair, idk

No. 142756

that gif is fucking horrible. more because it was made by some super bitter cunt

No. 142757

File: 1466324474619.jpg (35.06 KB, 500x641, brookelle-bones--large-msg-122…)

Brookelle Bones is an interesting one. Theres about a thousand livejornals/blogspots/tumblrs that are fucking obsesssed with her and constantly opsting about how she shoops.

No. 142758

File: 1466327670353.png (610.64 KB, 738x487, 67069_567983823213857_11892920…)

i miss scene, everyone looked like garbage and it was amazing.

No. 142759

File: 1466327717364.jpg (59.54 KB, 821x498, 229223_497336520278588_4158793…)

No. 142760

That eyebrow tattoo is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.

No. 142761

Oh man I remember when Gaia exploded when it was revealed that Sith Lord Ali was a girl. The GD was a shit show.

No. 142762

File: 1466328482698.jpg (30.56 KB, 486x376, 539380_488794507799456_1744151…)

No. 142763

File: 1466328971874.jpg (64.54 KB, 720x540, 11828742_1046294608716107_4873…)

scenies these days just don't have the same kind of charm.

No. 142764

ugh. shut up. she looks sensational

No. 142765

yeah i agree. the scene kids of 2000-2009 looked great. post 2009 scene kids just look off

No. 142766

Holy shit I remember that. She was one of the reasons I was severely tempted to become a fakeboi. All dat prommie nonsense.

I remember she said something about how her boyfriend was abusive and that's why she pretended to be a boy online or something which made no sense. Didn't faunkegin or whatever pretend to be a brolita on Gaia as well? Or was that just on lj?

No. 142767

>>When you try to move on from your scene past, but have a Hello Kitty tattoo plastered on your chest.
Once a scene kid, always a scene kid.

No. 142768

File: 1466338379560.jpg (47.28 KB, 500x740, tmp_3251-images.duckduckgo.com…)

Anyone remember Hannie Dropkick? She wasn't as famous as most other scene queens but that's likely because she's not from the US and the scene… scene was very US-dominated. She got famous by taking pictures with people's names written on a piece of paper, I forgot what that was called. She then moved onto gyaru, don't know what she's up to now. Anyway, she's not the point here. (cont)

No. 142769

Fuck yeah, I used to want to look just like her lol!
Wasn't she living in Sweden?

No. 142770

File: 1466338790579.jpg (138.47 KB, 573x719, tmp_3251-images.duckduckgo.com…)

Hannie 1.0 spawned another scene queen, Hannie Goredoll, also European and loaded as fuck, her family's business looks super shifty too.
She was a sif of the highest degree, always using MySpace angles and was fucking massive. When Hannie 1.0 got into gyaru she followed suit, and then became a bona-fide koreaboo. Afterwards she got lip fillers, a nose job, an assjob and a titjob despite still being a landwhale. Nowadays she shoops herself into ayy lmao territory and whores herself out on insta.

No. 142771

File: 1466338986066.jpg (97.7 KB, 636x720, tmp_3251-_20160619_15214411387…)

And her current photoshopped self
Possibly, but I think she was Finnish actually

No. 142772

w-what the fuck is that

No. 142773

Ahripop on steroids

No. 142774

H-holy fuck



The chin most of all

HOW ?!

No. 142775

Might be because they're still trying to fit into some of todays trends etc., they also often look the same. The old queens did too, but it was all sort of "new" back then.
I also miss how no one tried to be oh so perfect back in the days compared to now (ex.: instagram makeup etc)

No. 142776

File: 1466340299899.jpg (82.01 KB, 960x546, 13432152_1089459161114451_7490…)

Fuck, dude. She went full koreaboo. Look at those tittie tattoos!

No. 142777

Worst part is she actually used to be really cute in gyaru, she'd lost her teenage weight a little and it didn't suit her badly. Her name was also really pretty, but now she's changed it from Angela to Berlin Alieno which…??????

From her insta it seems all she does it put on makeup, go to the gym and collect designer knick knacks in a country where most people earn a bit under €300/month on average.

No. 142778

Fuck I'm Finnish and I never had any idea that Hannie was too. Found her IG and it's private, but she seems to be a normie now.

No. 142779

LOL dat face! Looks like a reflection in a funhouse mirror!

No. 142780

File: 1466346397741.jpeg (40.09 KB, 288x300, image.jpeg)

The queen that always caught my attention the most was Vanna Venom.

No. 144456

Hannie/Hanna is Finnish and lives in Finland. Her ig is hvnnvx but it's private now. And this is her tumblr http://lucyferintheskywithdiamonds.tumblr.com/

No. 144458

that's a lot of dicks

No. 144473

File: 1466363768301.jpeg (215.16 KB, 1110x1494, image.jpeg)

No. 144476

File: 1466364532264.png (179.57 KB, 351x472, image.png)

Anybody remember drooling over Alex Evans?

No. 144477

File: 1466365597410.jpg (53.25 KB, 450x466, 9d2815e07aad66c1aa23624212f367…)

he is still my bae tbh

No. 144479

omggg talk about GLO UP
looks so much better now than then, but it's so funny bcs that is the current aesthetic in guys and his scene one used to be current

I thought he was good looking, looking back on that pic the only thing I think looks good is the one eye lmao

No. 144480

Yes! I remember that picture, it was posted as every single quizilla 7min in heaven fanfic quiz result

No. 144481


Oh god yeah but tbh im not even attracted to him now

Remember when he got him and his sister involved in their very own tshirt brand on myspace? They were really naff

No. 144519

File: 1466383036329.jpg (16.05 KB, 214x320, 1f57ec7c904837ca2906959cdb18c3…)

Oh my god Alex Evans was like #1 myspace emo babe for ages. there were so many fake accounts of people pretending to be him.

anyone else remember Drewey Boy from Myspace?

No. 144522

Alex Evans' Deviant art is still up! Last post is from 2010 - http://saturdayx.deviantart.com/

looks like he deleted his official website www.alexevans.net

…anyone know what happened to him? what's he doing now?

No. 144532

File: 1466386306997.jpeg (126.54 KB, 1125x657, image.jpeg)

Anyone here remember "Miss Kristin Nicole?" I remember her posting suicide bullitens weekly and boyfriend drama.

No. 144542

File: 1466389113134.jpg (39.21 KB, 500x669, Brittany_Kramer--large-msg-117…)

there was just something always so alluring about these girls when I was a teen for some reason. I wanted do desperately to be like them and I have no idea why. I think it was because they made their lives seem so glamorous. They bragged about money, always hung out with cute guys, went to parties, seemed super popular, always looked good (kek), just didn't give a fuck at all. I think it was just something teeny wheeny me never really had.

No. 144543

File: 1466389562212.jpg (34.59 KB, 376x500, 370596009a7891636913l.jpg)

ugh I was well into that shit. As a girl with photoshop and camera skills I got pretty popular. Ran all kinds of "vanity" groups on bebo especially.

I'll never forget that a girl was using my pictures to talk to Alex Evans even though I never managed to get him to talk to me :(

this is one of my oldest and cringiest. I promise the extensions and pictures got better ;)

good times though.

No. 144544

continuing my thoughts because idk why

i really think the myspace scene era was really the pioneer for "internet famous" and back then it was so much more… pure? idk the right term, but what i mean is if you had a shit ton of myspace friends, you weren't making money off of it. you weren't getting ad revenues, you weren't doing sponsorships, none of that existed. if you wanted to make money from your popularity you had to either make shitty music or a shitty clothing/ accessory line. gaining that popularity was purely for the bragging rights. it honestly paved the way for people to make a living off of the internet

No. 144548

This is funny to think about. It really was all just for popularity and attention. When I was younger I never realized that though, I thought these girls were just being themselves and were naturally "cool and edgy" without trying.

No. 144650

She's gorgeous! One of the rare occassions where I've seen a former scene queen come out not all fucked up.

No. 145653

File: 1466393116869.jpg (98.72 KB, 1199x800, ClLpRWYVAAAB3gY.jpg)

How has no one talked about Hanna Beth? She's currently got a YouTube up she updates semi-regularly with beauty stuff, also she models for Dolls Kill. She was so pretty back when, but her lip fillers have completely fucked up her face. They're so disproportionate to the rest of her face.

No. 145654

File: 1466394632473.jpg (32.18 KB, 343x574, HannieDropkick6.jpg)

i seriously adored her gyaru look. she pulled it off so well.

No. 145657

Isn't she dating Mod Sun? They seem so different, I'm surprised.

No. 145659


Yeah anon, I get what you mean. Nowadays, being e-famous is just like any other job, so it's not as glamorous/desireable (in terms of doing it just for popularity's sake) anymore. You have to spend hours meticulously fake like-ing other people's shit in order to get more likes, keep up your numbers to maintain sponsorship, review the sponsored products, etc. People aren't fooled into thinking your life is super glamorous when it's obvious you spend more time curating your "network" than actually taking awesome pictures and going to events/parties all the time.

No. 145660

Hanna and Jac are the only ones I still follow from the main three. Audrey does nothing for me now especially now that she's on her whole overpriced crystal cactus no eyebrows alien stuff. I always thought Hanna was the most legit pretty and her lip fillers FUCKING KILL ME like why would she do that to herself? ahhhhh.

Anyway since we're at the golden girls (Jac, Hanna, Audrey) anyone know how zui suicide is fairing. She was late to the game but I'm sure you all remember #TRASHYLIFE. Did she clean up after having her baby? Does she look like a deflated Betsy Johnson purse now? Jw.

No. 145671

File: 1466398966033.png (390.67 KB, 500x498, original.png)

I mean she dated Christofer Drew back when, I think she might have a thing for "DUDE WEED" guys

No. 145673

Oh man, I used to love Jac. I wonder what she's up to now. She has a reasonably successful clothing line, doesn't she?

I really liked the era of scene kids that existed before tumblr and Instagram and even Facebook got really big. When it was just MySpace and livejournal and vampire freaks and even quizilla– I agree with the anons here that say it was much more "pure" in a way. I guess maybe 13 year old me saw their lives through rose tinted glasses (because honestly, what were we thinking with this shit) but I feel like the mid 2000s on the Internet had a certain charm to them that I don't think will ever be replicated.

No. 145674

File: 1466401823725.png (170.82 KB, 263x410, jac.PNG)

Jac's still got her clothing line. It's pretty ridiculously overpriced, though. She also has a podcast with Keltie Knight and someone else, which is pretty successful.

No. 145675

Jac's doing pretty well. she travels a lot to festivals with her clothing line, she was in Australia with it a year or so ago, and I think she is/was stocked by Urban Outfitters?

I think scene was the last real youth subculture in the true sense of the word, there hasn't been anything like it since it died with myspace. all there really is on the internet now is fourteen year olds who look twenty and over highlighted, over contoured kardashian types on instagram. scene was materialistic as fuck but something about it was much more authentic than what's around now.

No. 145700

Not true at all, as long as there are humans there will continue to be new "youth subcultures" that form, even if you get too old and crusty to realize it.

The "youth subculture" of the 2010's is the pixie cut/pastel hair/fakeboi/genderqueer/pansexual/Steven Universe/Undertale (formerly Homestuck)/thick rimmed glasses stuff you see on Tumblr nowadays.

No. 145701

oh god, really? in that case i'm glad i'm old now. fakebois really rustle my jimmies. scene is forever.

No. 145717

god the new subculture…honestly if their alright with me and just generally nice, Im alright with them. But some get so offended/sulky at the smallest thing.

No. 146019

File: 1466467711189.jpg (47.43 KB, 500x667, 18947723_1204026444_danigorela…)

Yes, exactly! Back then all you needed was some Hot Topic clothes, a decent camera, some crazy haircut and a Sidekick and if you were skinny enough you were in. And you didn't have to do anything else but post new pictures every now and then to maintain that popularity.

I wonder if thats why people like Kiki just can't hang in today's internet culture. They're used to doing almost nothing and having asspats, and the idea of doing work + being constantly available to your followers/ fans is just too much for them, so they fade away.

I love this thread, such nostalgia.

No. 146021


Pretty much.

Back then it was easy to get away with shit because lesser known truth sites, you could fake people into thinking you were this and that. As for Dakota she was lucky, she did the doll thing before it was a thing. She probably saw Allison Havard (creepy-chan) on tumblr back in 2010/2011 early < and thought "fuck it ill just do a doll style" and luckily enough because she was first in with a decent camera, enough lies to cover up and previous fans from another era she got herself a free ride.

Remember Audrey Kitching? Such a shame, she was a bit of a cow but again another era and now no one gives a shit about her.

No. 146022

Ill never get over the eps of Sceney Sceneable with Chris crocker as the crazy ass mother and sceney as a mixture between audrey and kiki

No. 146024

Holy shit! Forgot about this. I actually thought it was pretty funny.

No. 146028

lmao totally remember this

this chick actually went and got her own tv show on vh1 too

No. 146050

what was the show called?

No. 146052

No. 146055

So basically the new youth subculture is a gayer pastel vomit nerd version of ours

No. 146059

File: 1466476783196.gif (373.69 KB, 245x184, tumblr_mwlpzgYtYF1sb5rq6o3_250…)

zui's iconic appearance on paris hilton: my new bff

No. 146144

Forgot to mention to the anon who asked about Zui

She had a kid, really cleaned up her act. Her kid was diagonized with leukemia but made it through and as far as I know she's doing well.

No. 146163

Well a lot of the pastel hair fakebois on Tumblr today are probably between 14-18 years old, so of course they're going to act retarded. Hopefully most of them will grow out of it by the time they graduate college and have to get a real job. Teenagers all over the world and throughout human history say and do stupid shit, that's just a fact of life.

No. 146209

File: 1466531398787.jpeg (76.91 KB, 575x572, image.jpeg)

Does anybody know who this is? I remember seeing her picture being used by a lot of people pretending to be her.

No. 146212

her name's izzy murder

No. 146214

this seems like a natural progression.

this can be counted as proof that most scene queens were coming from affluent WASP-y suburbs

No. 146218

yess totally! like in pre 2009 they didnt shoop out bad noses and thin lips like they embraced flaws

No. 146222

i feel this so hard. in 2012 when i was 12 i wanted to be a scene queen like julie elizabeth/jenn curbstomp/brookelle bones sooo badly but i came a few years too late(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 146237

> embraced flaws
because everyone was edgy as fuck and if you dont like me FUCK YOU

No. 146239

nah, instead of shoop they just turned the contrast up really high on their photos.

tbh a lot of the super popular girls def used photoshop, like the kannibals

No. 146241

File: 1466536047773.jpg (23.44 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

anyone remmeber Taylor Bebop/ Bebop Jewelry at all? she wasn't a total queen but she had a pretty popular line of those big clunky plastic necklaces that were super popular back then. ashamed to say i still have like 6+ in my jewelry box

No. 146243

underage b&

No. 146417

Thanks! She just had a baby now that I looked her up. I'm glad she's doing good. Most former scene kids lead a normal life so that's cool.

No. 146433


No. 146435

>she looks sensational

This is so fucking funny to me, she looks great but your comment

No. 146438

This is the funniest thing I've see all day

The small world described in that picture is going to look just as dated and fucked as scene is. i wonder what it feels like to constantly just not understand life

No. 146439

She was the fucking baddest. I remember when lolscenequeens on live journal announced they would no longer post her and she made an entry with like stacks of unflattering pictures, like her peeing on a playground like actual bad shit not giving a fuck.

Audrey was a legit soul sucking person and her waxy corpse appearance now is just proof. I remember when Audrey was friends with Liz and Liz leaked that Audrey only cared about myspace, coke, and gave her really bad self esteem issues about weight. Considering how emaciated Zui always was, I feel like Audrey probably had a similar effect. Audrey probably used Zui to be high energy and the actually engaging part of them, and Audrey just stood there like her waxy vampire self does.

No. 146440

File: 1466581229408.jpg (76.89 KB, 720x481, ed2f2e19b00eaf743ad8b368a7b6e2…)

It's because the emo roots of scene are gone.
Sure, current scene weenies can claim they're "le super emo xp" but they listen to bullshit like Halsey or Twenty One Pilots. Also they dress and are styled a lot like the "Tumblr girl" style from 2011.

No. 146466

Zui is at zuiwatts.tumblr.com if anyone is interested.

No. 146515

File: 1466598989375.png (986.57 KB, 950x806, zui.png)

>cleaned up her act
>looks to be doing porn(?) and is/was homeless barely a month ago

No. 146516

Does anyone remember that chick Ophelia Vanity?? She used to run the super popular 'elite' Vanity is Perfection group … or just vanity trains in general, man … those were the days haha

No. 146526

File: 1466602926042.jpg (29.43 KB, 600x600, CjWIkqdUYAAuZbT.jpg)

I used to be kinda into Melissa Marie around 2008-9. She's not looking so good right now

No. 146533

there's nothing wrong with doing porn though.

but anyway, she did clean up for quite some time but then got in trouble again a few years back, i think for a dui or something

No. 146536

File: 1466606700254.jpg (606.89 KB, 1000x723, _GVB5642 - Copy.jpg)

she's pretty much kept the same style. i dunno I think it works from her.
I never watch bad girls club but I did this year since her and Allison were on this season.

No. 146539

you have to give props to melissa, honestly. everyone changed to try and fit the trends, even her sister to an extent, but there's melissa still rocking the big ass bows and the big ass hair

No. 146540

>there's nothing wrong with doing porn though.
It's a very dangerous job and she shouldn't produce that kind of content now that she has a child.
Why do anons think being a sexworker is a good thing?

I think she is really pretty. I'm glad she gained a bit of weight though.
What happend on bad girls club? I can't access these videos from my homecountry.

No. 146542

It was a pretty good season. Melissa & Allison came on the show a few episodes in to replace another set of sisters. Overall they were a lot more chilled out than the other girls, but were still entertaining. They performed on the show Allison got into a physical fight. Maybe you could watch the episodes with this link–the videos are sourced from VK: http://episodesthebgc.tk/bgc15

No. 146543

it looks like all she does is nude modeling based off of searching, which isn't really dangerous? and so what if she has a kid? her getting a dui (or whatever it was) and going to jail for a while has a far more negative impact on the kid than her taking nude pics

No. 146553

oh come on. u gotta admit some people on here are just jealous. i calls em like i sees em

No. 146555

Why the fuck shouldn't she do porn now that she has a kid? What relevance does this even have? There is nothing wrong with being a sex worker.

No. 146571

Please, Melissa and Allison were honestly the most boring girls I've seen on BGC in a long time. They followed the main group around like puppy dogs because they didn't want to be octracized and Allison got her ass beat in both fights, where she was clearly just blowing smoke.

No. 146658


Kinda gross when the kids grows up and sees it though tbh. Plus you sound very offended.

No. 146659


Fuck the slut shaming shit, it's gross and if I saw my mother doing that then gag

No. 146660


Cos half the people on the board are probably either cam girls or sex workers over in Japan here to bitch about each other s'why

No. 146663

File: 1466628643479.jpg (85.06 KB, 600x806, Tori_Unicorn18.jpg)

Tori Unicorn was honestly the queen of the scene make up.

No. 146670

File: 1466629581641.jpg (113.86 KB, 533x800, raquel-reed-2.jpg)

Omg, I was in love with raquel reed and Izzy hilton, I'll try to search them to see what's going on with their lives.

No. 147045

File: 1466632285770.jpg (56.05 KB, 500x680, 3f0966a35e_49277064_o2.jpg)

idk if anyone remembers Hilary Haywire, but she's been doing porn for a few years under mycherrycrush

No. 147083

File: 1466639264173.jpg (14.14 KB, 200x267, a_2dd64838.jpg)

Tabby Ridiman or tabs24x7. after the whole viral lipsynching / 4chan stalking thing she had a short lived singing career and shot a music video in germany or something? weird.

No. 147092

would never have classed tabby as scene despite her cutting her hair in a similar way and whoring out for the camera. I still follow her a little. I believe she got some kind of record deal with a swedish company due to her following

No. 147196

File: 1466659980707.jpg (247.3 KB, 960x644, 3270700_cktl_girl.jpg)

Izzy is Luna Lovebad now, she's fully transitioned and she looks amazing. Pretty sure Raquel's still doing burlesque and modelling.

well if everything she's ever said about herself is true she's been on the booze/probably coke on the reg for a long time so fair enough. Millionaires are still my #1 guilty pleasure tho, still love Melissa.

No. 147199

File: 1466660116413.jpg (79.61 KB, 768x960, 13432387_10154165615511590_841…)

Looks like Raquel's gone instahoe

No. 147204

I'm so happy to see them doing well!

No. 147209

File: 1466661639109.jpg (36.34 KB, 500x667, 10.jpg)

Anyone else remember Amor Hilton?
Stickydrama was obsessed with her, and she now does porn. Also someone used her photos on Catfish The TV Show.

No. 147210

Yeah she looks crazy now. Really went off the deep end

No. 147211

File: 1466661867750.jpg (120.57 KB, 721x960, 427325_348122295267783_6495144…)

Is that the one and only true german lolcow, Verena Schizophrenia?

No. 147216

File: 1466663108016.png (413.17 KB, 489x574, Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.52…)

Dani Artaud/Dani Gore looks like she's gone sort of new agey/Grimes/Halsey-ish, but she looks so good.

No. 147217

yup, that's her.
I'm still surprised at how big she really is

No. 147233

File: 1466667472694.png (632.45 KB, 546x598, teeth-capture.PNG)

I remember her for sure.
I remember someone on Tumblr, I think internet-royalty, mentioning her instagram because of her teeth. Poor girl, I'm no dentist but they look like they're rotting.

No. 147265


She's in the porn industry now. Apparently got new teeth (they look horrible).

No. 147269

>she's been on the booze/probably coke on the reg for a long

lmao please. did you see their season of BGC? girls hardly did anything, much less any drugs. melissa looks like a bloated mess so i believe she drinks way too much, bu they don't do it to the extremes they want people to believe

No. 147274

didnt she and that john hock guy who raped (or molested, cant remember)his girlfriend on webcam get pregnant together but she miscarried?

No. 147276

pretty sure melissa's bloated messiness comes from a combo of drinking + bulimia

No. 147318

no i didn't see it because i forgot they existed like three years ago.

No. 147974

ugh verena schizophrenia , i remember her. cause schizo is a really cool thing to hav. it doesnt ruin lives. smh fucking cunts glorifying horrible illnesses

No. 147975

didnt she go out with Andy Biersack?

No. 147977

File: 1466878036085.jpg (228.63 KB, 1024x779, amor_hilton_by_mandarocksyou-d…)

I know she dated John Hock

Trashy Amor gave him so much life back in Efagz days.

No. 147982

File: 1466878463615.jpg (78.08 KB, 640x640, 1427271765059.jpg)

Also when she tried to get veneers

No. 148210

File: 1466932515797.png (762 KB, 624x800, tumblr_n6b8ryA61N1qdek49o1_128…)

SAME. Her eyebrows always annoyed me, but her hair was like ultimate scene goals.

No. 148227

File: 1466935134608.jpg (30.46 KB, 600x400, Verena-Schizophrenia_Max_Amphe…)

I remember when the first candids of her appeared and everyone just acted like those weren't real kek

No. 148280

File: 1466944957823.jpg (97.15 KB, 780x960, vanna_jordan_by_vannajordanfan…)

Shes an absolute state.

No. 148295


Amor is looking a lot better now.
The last time that I have seen photo of her, she was anorexic and looking like she was doing a shitload of crack. Now she looks like a coke head that has a couple of meals everyday.

No. 148476

File: 1466972707170.jpg (23.19 KB, 384x384, images.jpg)

I remember that my sis loved her, she made me cut her hair like brokelle lol

I looked for her, this is seriously her now ?

No. 148479

File: 1466973369023.png (266.91 KB, 358x487, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 21.3…)

Bee pirate hooker - UK bebo famous scenester

never thought she was much cop tbh

No. 148480

No. 148486

Scrolling past and holy fuck, those are some of the biggest lips I've ever seen. People need to stop with the crazy injections!!

No. 148571

File: 1467002531721.jpg (36.97 KB, 334x500, 35a8wi0.jpg)

the bebo queens were definitely the best imo. anyone know what Doogle's up to now?

No. 148685

File: 1467040539908.png (212.83 KB, 483x597, 2016-06-27.png)


she goes by thejetskogdottir on instagram and looks like she works in security and is having a baby.

i think after her bebo kawaii scene kid days she went through a jugglette phase. i remember snooping on her whereabouts a couple years ago and she was living some hail oden viking life in a forest cabin but looks as if she is leading a normal life now.

No. 148708

Yeah, scene queens grew up to evolve into three of the following:

Insta hoes
Tumblr "alt" girls

No. 148714

KEK ACACIA CLARK i recently unfollowed this gringa cus shes resorted to sharing Clickbait sits for extra cash. perhaps the millions of followers and likes on ig that she BOUGHT hasn't paid off yet. tragic

No. 148717

File: 1467048143958.jpg (55.59 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mdatc3SJOH1rg3z03o1_500…)

she looked best in 2012, like in this pic

worshipped brookelle since 2012. wanted to be her. cut my hair like her as well lol. shes better without that instagram highlighter big lips photoshop shit look

No. 148720

No. 148737

File: 1467052304629.jpg (83.61 KB, 736x736, 70b0f652e05c7fe8495361254e491a…)

She looks truly awful now.

It's mainly the lips.
I also hate this extreme make-up that is so insta-popular. She doesn't look like a person, it's creepy and weird.

No. 148743

File: 1467052700327.jpg (79.5 KB, 604x604, tumblr_o2nl2yBo3T1rwiol1o1_128…)

Even though she is still wearing pretty heavy make-up here too you can tell her skin is pretty fucked. She has eyebags of doom.

No. 148759

lol I know
When a candid full body shot appeared people started saying that someone photoshopped her to look fat
She's still a cunt tho

No. 148889

I know! She looks so much better with the black hair and subtle make up

No. 148898

File: 1467098471292.jpg (53.6 KB, 497x640, inoccent__by_brookelle__mckenz…)

man her lips look like a prolapsed butthole, she has a nice face naturally.

No. 148905

Go use a pillow to parachute out the window

No. 149555

shes hot. anon is salty and probably ugly

No. 149571

I want summerfags to leave

No. 151041

File: 1467748736607.jpg (17.7 KB, 295x400, large.jpg)

god. I remember really wanting to be this girl after seeing her in one of those quizilla scene girl things.

No. 151042


Id see her on every piczo site, bebo and msn fake profile

No. 151055

Thin lips look better than insta-ho lips. I am impatiently waiting fpr the next trend and hoping it's better

No. 151101

it's interesting, 'cause i've seen a lot of the ex-scene girls go through ALL of these phases. it usually goes scene kid -→ tumblr "alt girl" -→ indie/hipster -→ insta ho. sometimes there's a weeaboo or ~space princess uwu~ phase thrown in, but i think the latter one pertains more to kids from the generation following the scene kid era.

some of them bounce back and forth between those. it's just interesting to note how they latch onto whatever is popular.

No. 151224

Most of the don't really have personalities. They glam up their lives on social media and leech onto whatever they see makes them popular. I have a friend who is exactly like this. Used to be super scene and post random shit online all the time but in reality shes literally a blank wall. Or Ditto the pokemon. Copies other people, has no personality.

No. 152314



Anyone remember the beef between Khemical Kid and Bee Pirate Hooker? I remember the day the Bebo's TOP 10 Scene kids kicked Briony (Bee) out of the group because of her feud with Nicki (Khemical Kid)

I have a confession to make.

I was obsessed with their rivalry, and one day I decided to make a bunch of fake accounts insulting Bee and calling her ugly, things like that.

Now back then, this online hate was a Super Big Deal and it must have pissed Bee off because she went to lengths to get her followers to try and find out who was sending her hate.

I had gone so far as to make a fake account with an entirely new fake email, which I titled "nicki_khemical" or something like that. So, when Bee's fangirls tried to add the hate profile on bebo, in those days it came up with the text "your request has been sent to nicki_khemical@hotmail.com" or whatever.

Bee promptly screenshotted that text and posted it on bebo going "Ha, got you." and insisted it was Nicki.

I was watching all of this from the sidelines, and i was a total nobody, literally no-one knew who I was, I just did the whole thing to watch a little drama in my life. I was 14.

Nicki said it wasn't her, some people believed her, some didn't. Someone found my IP address (I live in Australia) and said "Hey this hate is from someone in AUS and isn't Nicki from the UK" etc etc but Bee still hated her anyway.

Probably because she was never that pretty to begin with. I literally remember her captioning her pics with "photoshop is your friend".

No. 152325

>I live in Australia
Is there something in the water down there? Why are y'all such mad shitposting cunts on the internet? Is it because your broadband is shit?

No. 354583

File: 1500392361847.png (346.84 KB, 468x559, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 16.3…)

holy shit shes so pretty now

No. 354621

Reckon we daft teenagers were blind to it. It wasn't quite the mainstream thing it is now. But fuck all she had to do was find a blank smooth background and liquify away

No. 354874

File: 1500412751979.jpg (40.43 KB, 480x480, IMG_1764.JPG)


oh shit. i remember looking her up a few years ago out of curiousity. there was this super sketchy article up about her (i don't remember where) where this guy was interviewing former scene queens. she was anorexic, cutting herself, drugs etc - she told the interviewer that her bf raped her in the ass the night before and then they shot up or something.

i have not been able to find that article since but i remember it because it was depressing. now she looks like she's a living sex doll

No. 355017

huh? looks like every other tumblr/instagram ho. even the ugliest girl can look like that when u slap 2 tons of makeup on.

No. 363302

she does weird asmr on yt and is a cam girl as well

No. 363554

Shit wasn't anyone here into Zoe Kimball?


I know she was probably never a scene queen and was by far the most boring one but I always had a huge soft spot for her. She seems to be doing OK? Like. She actually looms pretty much the same, except with grimes hair now.

Can't find her official/personal instagram though.

No. 363573

I haven't had this good of a laugh in a while, thanks anon

No. 363604

so apparently this chick committed suicide on july 1st

No. 363606

i will always love melissa. i can't help it. she's the og scene party girl.

do you have links?? im trying to look it up but my internet is being so annoying

extra note, i just genuinely miss gloomy bear. tokidoki is making a huge comeback recently and i wish i could own a ton of gloomybear stuff without looking and feeling like a tool

No. 363613


as an ot note, never got into tokidoki stuff but i wouldn't mind getting something if i saw it around

No. 420176


That’s Izzy murder. She fucked a guy she hardly knew in the states after dumping her fiancé she was with for 7 years and popped a baby out shortly after. She’s pretty fail and last heard was working at McDonald’s

No. 452103

File: 1514218813244.jpg (23.82 KB, 314x320, Scene_Hair_for_Girls.jpg)

Bumping thread
But also, does anyone remember Alexa Ann Noelle?
She is the dark haired one in the pic.
Does anyone think hairspray stock saw a drop when the scene phased out?

No. 477013

i have milk on Hannie Goredoll/Hiromi Hana whatever the fuck her scene name was. i used to hang out with her a lot during her emo/scene days when my best friend and i were emo. she's serbian (not finnish) she used to be morbidly obese and she only had a few friends who would only chill with her because her parents are millionaires. she never went to school she was enrolled in, and eventually dropped out, i think she didn't even attend high school.

now, she got massive plastic surgery to look korean and more like her prostitute mom who she idealizes. she had her jawline done, her nose done, her lips done, her forehead done, her eyelids done, her cheeks done and liposuction. she is a full blown koreaboo and constantly posts on facebook how she hates other kpop fans cuz she's projecting harder than imax. her real name was andjela but she changed it to berlin because she absolutely hates herself. she goes on extremely luxury shopping sprees with her parents' money like every other week and constantly posts about them.

also she constantly denies getting any plastic surgery (other than fillers) while looking like a fat, deformed, asian alien; whenever someone brings it up she starts petty fights with them on facebook kek. if this bitch was less irrelevant she'd be a cow and a half

No. 477016

File: 1516567753334.png (165.72 KB, 750x1177, IMG_8890.PNG)

>but i'm totally natural guize lul only got a bit of filler in my lips

No. 477043

File: 1516569571767.jpg (171.81 KB, 375x500, 4198372671_ea52b0a87a.jpg)

I remember when all the sceenie weenies would gush over Lexi Lush
I never understood the attraction but I did laugh back when some 4Channers trolled her by pretending she was the Queen

No. 477050


Honestly i just miss this days so hard.
I know the style is tacky as hell but goddamn bring scene back.

No. 477186

Oh fuck, she looks like that lady that got so much plastic surgery she looks like a cat

No. 477237

Same here. I miss those days. Now it's all about minimalism and "natural makeup" and generally trying to look as hot as possible (kinda like scene) except while looking like you're not trying and with zero personality in the look.

No. 477342

File: 1516587312385.png (506.47 KB, 634x469, ya dun goofed internet.png)

I'm with you two. As a poor kid growing up in the middle of nowhere I loved scene queens, quizilla, and all of the mid 2000's internet culture. Now that I have grown up and things have changed it just makes me sad.

We Dun Goofed

Speaking of which, apparently Jessi Slaughter moved to Memphis.

No. 477404

Oh shit! I was friends on fb with Jessi for a minute. Like in 2012-2013??
Saged for not being milky or anything but they seemed like still in a lot of pain at the time and I hope they are doing well. Honestly now would be a wild time to get back in the internet game and bank on the name recognition but would probably not be supes healthy.

No. 477412

The scene & myspace era was just a lot more interesting. With instathot culture, sure, all those girls look amazingly beautiful and perfect in their photos, but that's not intersting or entertaining to me personally. Those are things we have always been able to access through celebrities and magazines. Scene was a mess, it was tacky, but that was kind of the point. Your favorite scenequeens weren't always the most beautiful girls you've ever seen, but there was something about their style, makeup, attitude, or photoshoots that made them fun to view. Plus scene queens also provided juicy internet drama instead of advertisements for weight loss teas.

No. 477518


Same here lads. Also from a broke ass family and the whole scene thing was big when I was maybe 14 and 15. Everything was just so much more fun. MySpace, bebo, scene hair tutorials, all the weird nicheness of scene style like posing with cans of monster or coontails or posing with random shit. Going to sleepovers and spending all night taking stupid pictures for MySpace and actually trying to be inventive and cool with your makeup and always seeing new different ideas even if they were fucking retarded in hindsight. I don't know if it's just general growing up but after like 2012 I just feel like lifestyle and fashion and social media just got depressing and boring. The 00s and like 2010ish time was great.

No. 477591

Agreed. 2004-2012 was an amazing time (fashion-wise) to be a teenager. After Instagram got popular everyone got boring AF because the focus is on being perfect rather than being bright or different or anything at all, really…

No. 477631

They never got off the internet. Just made various other tumblr personas.

I feel old as fuck not classing this event as nostalgic or anything though. I'd already been in 4chan long enough that it was absolutely abhorrent to me and shitty even by 4chan standards.

No. 477633

I really think lack of good editing programs helped everything look so natural back then. I remember it took some real skill and working within Photoshop to even achieve a filtered look.

No. 477655

I think it just was a lot more obtaintable and it felt more authentic. All you needed was some hairdye, eyeliner and a myspace angle photo. People pushed their music or t-shirts but it was part of their "brand" they made themselves.

I remember regularly friending friends of friends on myspace to hang-out because their profile seemed cool.

No. 478769

File: 1516713801637.png (64.07 KB, 449x306, zjzez4.png)

i´m not sure how OT this is, but does anyone here remember the site gosupermodel? I remember hanging out there a lot back in 2008 when I was around 11 and the emo-"culture" was absolutely thriving there. The site was pink and had an extremely girly layout so I always found it kind of funny that all the emo kids in Northern Europe would gather there.

No. 478821

File: 1516720073761.jpg (108.75 KB, 800x1066, chriscrocker.jpg)

I was really surprised to see that Cris Crocker HASN'T transitioned, he's practically macho now

No. 478825

For me Stardoll was truly the mecca of emo and scene from all over the world.

No. 478830

Agreed. Those glorious days when we all truly believed that people online/in magazines actually looked like that.

I loved Stardoll but I swear it gave me image issues when I was 11 lmfaooo

No. 478831

He's one of the rare few gay men that haven't let the transgender narrative make him change who he is. He does still dress as a woman sometimes for comedic videos, but I haven't seen any that would be considered offensive, personally, just him giving funny advice and sometimes astrology.

No. 479265

People catfishing with random people was so common then, I had girls stealing my photos and I was 14 with one of those stupid alliterated names and far too many lip piercings. It was a surreal time. I'm kinda sad I don't have many pictures from that era to actively remember how cringy I was.

No. 479311

Kinda felt for her when Mattie committed suicide as he was pretty much all that she had, after he passed she just crashed and burned for a while, changed her style and struggled with her weight again, went through a series of shitty weird boyfriends and from what I last heard had taken a step back to get her shit together and get a steady job. She was always so fucking annoying but I respect that she changed over time and at least tried to keep it together when everything went to shit for her.

No. 481381

she looks like the missing bogdanoff triplet

No. 484623

Lmao the funny thing about her is that she'd brag about getting the surgery and would post before and after pics but after a while she'd delete them and claim she's all natural. And don't even get me started on how she rants about how there's more to korea than kpop but that's the only thing she ever posts

No. 484892

Jessi is a fake boi now after going through a lolita phase. She was my favorite little wannabe scene queen.

No. 484991

Shes still annoying as fuck, shes camming now and inti the ddlg community. Shes pretty psychotic too, she likes to accuse all of her exs and abusive and like to play the victime 24/7. Girl is a mess.

No. 485259

File: 1517243283676.jpg (23.88 KB, 320x427, uc70y94TeNr9GzN8YI82mIhODXn14p…)

who can forget cameron ugh who is now a ru girl

No. 485262

File: 1517243373399.jpg (33.09 KB, 480x480, 17493955_401582856886895_72666…)

No. 485268

Farrah Moan is best Ru girl

No. 485277

Bitterfag but jealous he managed to be hot/popular/successful MySpace person AND hot/popular/successful drag queen. It’s easier to swallow when people are cringe losers at some point in their life

No. 485307

ohhh my god that's who he was??? i remember that kid. he always looked so faggy to me. i never got the attraction, but man, he was EVERYWHERE. that kid was the most popular emo kid of all time, despite no one knowing who the fuck he was, iirc. crazy that he's a dragqueen now.

No. 496511

File: 1518017908625.png (1.35 MB, 1030x1073, IMG_20180207_153444.png)

Lexi still can't dress herself and basically hasn't changed, just become somehow more cringey and irritating

No. 496513

File: 1518017999680.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1318, IMG_20180207_153509.png)

No. 548181

File: 1523037619847.jpg (192.67 KB, 763x1000, emo-hair-colors-1.jpg)

Anyone know what happened to Jenni Technostar? She was a scenequeen from Glasgow on myspace and bebo. She had a parody video on youtube where she said that she used a hoover to style her hair.

No. 548207

No. 548224

What does she look like now?

No. 548225

File: 1523039139543.png (14.09 KB, 415x222, embed.png)

>You can embed videos.

No. 551110

Anyone remember vid related?
I found her really annoying but she was around for a while on MySpace too like Alex Ditte etc
It's strange seeing The Millionaires still going too

I just can't put my finger on what made emo/scene so special aside from that 'homemade but okay' vibe from hair and raccoon eyes and the good old MySpace angles
Can anyone else put their finger on it? It wasn't just the raw and less perfected/shopped thing or simply being part of it
The music was pretty crap and cringe looking back though
Like remember Hawthorne Heights, The Rasmus (sort of), My Chemical Romance as soon as I'm Not Okay hit and how even Pink and Avril Lavigne went through an emo look/album in the early or mid 00's?

sage for fucking a4 essay but

No. 551137

I think it just felt attainable? Like you just had to go to a Myspace code site, take some photos, send some requests and that was it. Everyone was the same age group too so sending requests and chatting with people you didn't know was more acceptable. Try doing that on Facebook…

Plus everyone was in highschool so things were just easier.

No. 557014


so fkn late but this chick was such a hair inspiration for me when i was full scene. had completely forgot about what she made me do to my poor hairs in high school.

No. 558938

Holy shit thank you for posting this AHHH nostalgia

Vid related was my ultimate hair bible

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