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File: 1439825457630.jpg (51.75 KB, 500x487, tumblr_inline_nqf103Qdn81qkv5t…)

No. 14059

No. 14060

god i hate her

No. 14061

I've never heard of her. Who is she?

No. 14062

strawberry-kisu she reminds me of berry tsukasa

No. 14063

File: 1439826036193.jpg (53.24 KB, 500x495, tumblr_inline_nqf0y77xFB1qkv5t…)

lol, how many photos of herself does she have

No. 14064

dumb face on nearly all photos doesn't make her kawaii looking

No. 14065

oh my god she claims that shes like 85 lbs I forgot what she said but it was somewhere around that

No. 14066

No. 14067

No. 14068

"I can’t shop anywhere BUT the childrens section Very rare xs-s in juniors" jesus christ

No. 14069

Admin-sama you know what to do with this thread

(delete it because /b/ is full hihi)

No. 14070

File: 1439831496920.jpg (61.44 KB, 640x640, 925640_673186092769304_2091071…)

I actually think she's pretty cute when she's doing the "petite butch lesbian" look rather than forcing the ~kawaii~ down your throat with with the wigs and over the top makeup.

No. 14071

she looks like a horse

op why would you make a thread on her and not post any information, it makes you look butthurt

where are all these newfags coming from go back to your tumblr h8 blogs

No. 14072

Her face is disgusting in that picture, jfc

No. 14073

Could you make it anymore obvious your self posting

No. 14074

i thought the same thing

No. 14075

This, lmao.

No. 14076

you're an ugly horsefaced mother fucked

stop self posting

No. 14077

Where is the drama?
She looks cute but a bit weebish, who cares?
jesus christ, put NON-lolcows in b or some shit.

No. 14078

What the actual fuck. If this is the new kawaii let me be fucked. This bitch look like donkey

No. 14079

this whole thread smells like vendetta

No. 81587

bump ! she's a cam whore now. or well snapchat. she has a name ban on every gossip blog on tumblr because she's so petty and can't handle when people talk shit about her. (they do it for good reason tho). she's bitchy as fuck if you dont kiss her ass, keeps saying "muh mental illness!!!" and posted pics of her cuts.


depending what time you go on her blog it will either be 50% pink posts, 50% snapchat porn or itll be like 90% snapchat porn promoting herself. i havent had too much drama with her so i dont know all the dirt and shitty things she's done but i thought i might give it a try since she can be pretty lulzy

No. 81609

spoil me and I'll spoil you!!!
Buy my uncensored snapchat!!!
Look at my horseface!!!

I hate her so much.
She's also stupid enough to have her full name on the internet, while doing porn stuff, just like Megan Marie.

No. 81637


apparently her boyfriend is her photographer. i'd feel weird taking pictures of my "loli" girlfriend for old men online

No. 81644

File: 1453003559949.png (671.43 KB, 490x647, Capturejm.PNG)

No. 81645


out of her last 15 posts 11 of them advertising her snapchat.. she has nothing to sell tbh what you see is what you get.. a plank wooden board.
she's probably lost a lot of normal/minor followers since she never tags her nsfw

No. 81661

lol yes, all of her posts are the same anyway, someone I follow got an anon saying how she was copying strawberry-kisu's pose… Like who would even notice that?

No. 81677

This abomination has a boyfriend?

No. 81916

File: 1453065798412.jpg (473.65 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o12vboTGPL1qmrsigo1_128…)


yup. she's one of those dd/lg type of gals. she has nothing to show oh my god what could she possibly be showing on snapchat? her cunt? because that's about all she can offer.

at least anachans will like her

No. 81951


No. 81990

She doesn't even have a nice body tho.

No. 82049


the clothes she receives are cheap china shit, nothing nice besides a dildo maybe. she'd rather get plush animal toys than like pots and pans for the kitchen. i wonder if this will affect her future career or job interviews

No. 82051

File: 1453077524463.jpg (390.62 KB, 1082x1920, tumblr_nzzc5qgary1qmrsigo4_128…)

im scared. also it says in her about me that the last time she cut was: 11/2/15

No. 82053

this is a man. this is absolutely a fucking man pretending to be a girl. you cannot convince me otherwise.

No. 82056

File: 1453077946880.png (621.26 KB, 521x696, b955228a903d550c1c2c2c269f5b0f…)


nah it's a girl. i mean the people who bought her snapchat would probably know

No. 82061

File: 1453078451697.jpg (4.65 MB, 2082x2809, 1453077524463.jpg)

Whoever shoop'd this: You're garbage! Pavement shouldn't curve with your thighs, ya dummie.

No. 82064

File: 1453079023108.jpg (202.61 KB, 1280x887, tumblr_mbpkv6UjQ61qmrsigo1_128…)

I really though it was a guy too but then I saw this image from 2012.

She's just an unfortunate looking chick.

No. 82066

File: 1453079368896.gif (964.4 KB, 320x240, tumblr_nk514ckQeL1qmrsigo1_400…)


why would she shoop herself to look more like a holocaust prisoner??

No. 82068

to appeal to the kawaii uguu ~i dont eat so daddy loves me~ bloggers?

No. 82069

File: 1453079410917.jpg (1.11 MB, 1200x1152, collage.jpg)

Lol I wonder what else she shoops.

No. 82078

File: 1453081165656.gif (523.71 KB, 356x350, nose.gif)

Looks like she shoops her nose and tries makes her face appear longer.

No. 82080


but it just makes her look like a horse?

No. 82109

Makes me feel like a creep. I can only imagine her fan base. Sick.

No. 82135

judging from the rabbit teeth, she has an extreme overbite
my jaw was like hers but i got braces and fixed that unfortunate chin

No. 82154

File: 1453098063919.jpg (21.11 KB, 480x360, spongebob-eating-chocolate.jpg)

>head from strawberry-kisu

No. 82155

No. 82467

She talks about killing herself and cutting on the daily. Why doesn't she go buy a therapist or some help with all that snapchat money she's making ?

No. 82468

Her boyfriend should take all the sharp objects out of the house, remove any mirrors/tv/computer and make her sit in a corner. If she wants to act like emo tweej then treat her like it. Better yet have her put under suicide watch.

No. 82494

agree about the nose shoop, but I think that the older photo was just taken from a myspace angle, which is why the space between her nose and mouth looks shorter.

No. 82516

>licking them horse teef like

No. 82519

File: 1453146141263.png (20.09 KB, 525x291, kisu.PNG)

can't pay for therapy with amazon gift cards and alpaca plushies :^)

>today i cried so much
>today i was crying
>today i cut myself
>cry cry cry

No. 82523


>Sob sob why couldn't I be a normal girl

bitch you are. She has major special snowflake syndrome and acts like she's the only one who has it bad. plus she uses it to get name bans on gossip blogs. "muh mental illness!! You can't talk shit about me!!!!"
she's so cringy. How much does as even se her snapchat for ?

No. 82524


Whoops. Fucked up on that last line sorry I'm on mobile. I meant how much does she even sell her snapchat for?

No. 82525

$20 iirc

No. 82526


Well that's not too bad considering you get it for as long as she uses snapchat, but I wouldn't pay that much to see a hol cause survivor naked

No. 82530

tbh her body looks like a pubescent boy's but her face is just really so unfortunate. like ashe maree has a similar physique, right? but she has a really cute face.

No. 82532

what does the Japanese say on op's pic? Not only is she a dd/lg person but also a huge weeb. Double combo

No. 82545

Pa-pa no something something. I really can't figure out the last two characters.

No. 82553

Papa no Shoujo / Daddy's Girl

I think she actually claims to be Japanese. I unfollowed her a few months ago after she had a hissy fit because someone reblogged her pic and added the word "kawaii" to it.

No. 82556

Ahhh, thanks! The last two bits were killing me, I think because the characters were cut off.

No. 82560

No. 82599


this is gold omg. thank you for this. i didn't think people on lolcow would really know who she was because it seems like a lot of you hate tumblr, but people who do use tumblr can probably know how lulzy she is

No. 82626

The mind boggles. How can one person be so blissfully, stupidly unaware of themselves?

No. 83032

File: 1453224896893.jpg (58.37 KB, 665x385, 50bbbfa49d656.image_-665x385[1…)

No. 83414

File: 1453276363849.jpg (92.14 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o06o7oB4mS1qmrsigo2_r1_…)

that dick pic kek

No. 83443

Dat total lack of ass. If I didn't know better I'd think this was a trap…or maybe she is and the dick drawing is letting us all know.

No. 83555

File: 1453324085320.png (15.34 KB, 500x226, hospital.PNG)

No. 83590


but wasn't she sending pictures out on snapchat? is that text post legit or just an excuse not to run her blog and make her life seem dramatic?

No. 83600

Gooble gobble?

No. 83606

I dunno but I know she has been adding stuff to her wishlist :^)


No. 83627

>lol, how many photos of herself does she have
>I've never heard of her. Who is she?
>dumb face on nearly all photos doesn't make her kawaii looking

admin how many posts in this thread are samefag selfpost

No. 83657

but she was posting pics on her snapchat? like a shit ton. running to the "reading room" trying on outfits, jumping on her bed, her boyfriend playing with her.

No. 83659

File: 1453345566180.png (146.96 KB, 1034x740, 1111.png)


i don't doubt too many. she's not very liked on tumblr let us bitch.

also, i love how she's in the hospital but somehow has time to add weird leather suits to her wishlist. priorities right?

No. 83660

trust me. it was a lot. gotta keep the pervy old daddies happy amirite?

No. 83661

Shes revving up her wish list for "get well" presents, obviously.

No. 83662

I don't understand how the old pervy daddies can be happy with it, she legitimately looks like a store mannequin and nothing she wears "fits" her.

No. 83663

bahahaha obvsly

No. 83664

thats the point, they're into adults that look like little kids. pedos and shit

No. 83665

I get the idea, but she doesn't even look like a kid. I don't know what she looks like.. Some sort of alien horse barbie?

No. 83667

nahh not barbie. dont insult barbie

No. 83673


Barbie actually has tits and ass unlike her ;)

No. 83677

yassssss exactly lol

No. 86292

Any leak photos lol curious

No. 88241

maybe instead of whoring out her snapchat for stuffed animals and ill fitting lingerie, she could put that money towards something useful. i used to love her blog but now it's 90% 'now's your chance to buy my snapchat!! :^)'

No. 88270


nah. I'm guessing people who do buy her snapchat are either gay pedos since she looks like a little boy / holocaust survivor. Doesn't she use her real name online too? I wonder if it'll be hard for her to get employed

No. 99965

this bitch is ugly. im waiting for the whiteknights to come

No. 99971

well. now her blog is 99% 'buy my snapchat'

No. 99992

File: 1456957936667.png (601.69 KB, 1280x720, smuggle.png)

it seems like shes trying to pull the ugu little tiny adorable loli! aesthetic. while she is short and skinny, has a bad case of horseface and looks in her 20s. she tried hard though, it just dosent work for most people. no matter how small you are.

No. 100047

File: 1456968113241.jpg (452.08 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o1zsruz7BU1qmrsigo1_128…)

That belly button, though…

No. 100048

wow too butterface i cant

No. 101056

she always wears super padded bras because she literally has no tits. #deceiving.

No. 118525

What's wrong with it…? Petty as fuck.

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