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File: 1440340292867.jpg (84.78 KB, 413x640, magibon_magibonwpbmr7_N7C3EsP.…)

No. 13813

there wasn't a thread about her so..

became famous because posting her youtube video on 2ch


No. 13815

What is up with this girl's Youtube channel?

No. 13817

i rememebr this annoying me the most and made me not wanna learn japanese coz i didnt wanna look like this lol


faken weebs ruining it for everyone.

No. 13846

How do you not know her????

No. 14089

I've grown to like magibon out of sheer nostalgia
I never hated her, because despite all her stupid pandering videos, she seemed rather nice.

But I'm stumped on how she is STILL living in Japan, though…

No. 14090

Didn't she get married, or was that Leah?

No. 15139

Leah was the one who got married however there are rumors magi did as well but I always thought she was able to stay because of whatever company she works for?

No. 15154

magi didn't went to college so how can she get a working visa?

No. 20192

Magi is still in japan? What does she actually do, like what kind of work is it..? She rarely updates youtube and her blog has been dead. I wonder how her lifes going.

No. 20204

I think she's really cute but people seem to have a problem with her crooked teeth.

No. 20215

Japanese like crooked teeth because it looks cute. So it all works out.

No. 40860

No. 40861

No. 879690


jesus christ anon really?

No. 879691

No. 879694

They’re bumping tons of old threads in diff boards. Just an autistic troll, report and move on don’t give it attention

No. 879732

This bump made me google her again, she posted this year only posts of her in Japan


Anyone knows if she got married? She should be 33 by now

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