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No. 1278806

New fag bringing up dusty milk but seen she wasn’t posted here.

> “Ex” Meth user from Reno

> Sister who is her twin, Maggie, is insane, constantly in and out of jail, also meth head
> Had a few videos get views for being a teen mom, with her ex Dallas who is also, as a huge user
> Somehow kept custody of her daughter even though never a stable living environment
> Let’s her meth user sister live with them anytime she gets out of prison, or really anyone with a pulse
> Half a dozen people atleast have lived in their shacks and trailer with her young daughter there
> no real furniture or possessions just things they find on the side of the road, except for Sean’s Xbox they magically have money for
> Brags constantly about being a quack head cleaning whatever dump they are living in
> Constantly smoking, doesn’t stop even though she is pregnant, always a pack of camel cigarettes somewhere in most videos
> Her mother kicked her out of their run down condo for undisclosed reasons, most likely because she found them using. Was living in squalor in one room with her daughter for years and boyfriend Sean
> Her bf sean can never hold a job because he can never pass a drug test
> Nicole works several jobs at a time at all dead end places: gas stations, movie theatre concessions, deli work, ect.
> Does not have any goals for her or her family and moves constantly, from filth to filth
> Had a son with her bf Sean who still didn’t have a job, then fell off the face of the Earth
> Deleted some videos detailing her use and how bad her living situations actually got
> Made a post on her Facebook after realizing she couldn’t be a YouTube star without any effort, said she would get back into social media and did not
> Extremely poor and living conditions terrible but somehow always has money for cigarettes and weed
> Always films herself without any kind of makeup or coverup on herself, hair is always a rats nest

I’m stupidly interested in what she is doing now, is she in jail? She must have gotten arrested. Who is taking care of her children? Is she still with Sean? They seemed happy together and laugh a lot in the beginning now it just seems like some stoner giggles here and there




No. 1966561

File: 1708079977860.jpg (234.52 KB, 1080x1920, Snapchat-920425591.jpg)

Hi it's Nicole Barham I'm thoroughly amused to see people are still talking about me like I didn't quit doing YouTube 4 years ago I just wanted to thank you all for keeping me so relevant and wanted to comment on your want to be TMZ fake news bunk ass website but it's okay you guys can make up all the bullshit you want of me it's clear that you're absolutely obsessed with my day to day doings and that is absolutely flattering and I was excited to see that despite the absolute bullshit lies made to mold your own agenda and make me appear as someone completely opposite of who I am I absolutely am thrilled and thoroughly amused by this thread I'll probably share it to my fan page for a good laugh it's sad that you insignificant nobody's feel the need to reflect your inner feelings about yourself onto other people but what can I say when you're beautiful and full of so much potential like me and my family it's a no-brainer that there's going to be haters just seething at the fact that they're basic unfulfilled lives are so dull and boring that they get their kicks from trying to tear down actual successful and genuinely good people down but like I said you're keeping me relevant despite the fact that I haven't posted a video over 4 years thank you so much for your support LOL and just as an update Straight from Nicole barham herself my kids and I are doing wonderful and have gone through so much hell this past year when Sean died so get your fucking news right next time you're embarrassing yourself okay? But thank you for giving your time and energy to shouting out my YouTube channel used as an outlet to show the raw realities of being a young mom and real life so there is bound to be plenty of videos where I'm not wearing any makeup and definitely look like a meth head hahaha but I can't expect any of you to know what being real looks like so I don't hold it against you anyways here's an updated picture of me since you guys care so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975382

Update she is currently addicted to fentanyl and other substances. She does not have her kids they were taken away due to multiple arrests. Last I heard she had another warrant out for her arrest and Sean passed from an overdose of fentanyl.(unsaged, unsourced, this is an imageboard)

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