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File: 1626459003682.png (958.33 KB, 768x1024, asians with attitudes.png)

No. 1277974

There have been previous threads about Asians online, particularly Reddit from subs like aznidentity and AsianMasculinity.
All follow similar patterns
>hate towards WMAF
>worship (goals) towards AMWF
>obsessed with masculinity and representation
>entire folders of Asian men with white women, usually models, actors, sometimes they use Asian-passing hapas

One that stroke me the most was this Instagram page.

>Asians With Attitudes


Just to give a few examples

No. 1277977

It didn't even occur to me that there was an Asian specific culture of incels. Is Bob and Mariah like their Tyrone and Stacy?

No. 1277979

watch this thread get banned before the LSA one for "racebait" LMAO

No. 1277980

File: 1626459531079.jpg (1.04 MB, 1045x3515, kevin-the-golden.jpg)

I would like to add this guy in the mix. He was discovered by /r9k/ when they reverse searched some memes against WMAF. He knows absolutely nothing about it

No. 1277984

I once visited the aznidentity subreddit out of curiosity and couldn't fathom the measure of self hate and insecurity these people have. I remember reading a post by this dude who argued that WMAF parents always produce crazy kids (Elliot Rodger for example) whereas AMWF parents have succesful kids (Alexa Chung for instance)

No. 1277985

Is it too mean if I say he looks like how I imagine any incel to look like? The shit hair and weak chin really looks the part. You couldn't draw a caricature of an incel this accurate

No. 1277989

>is Bob and Mariah like their Tyrone and Stacy?
By Bob you mean Bryan Tanaka? He's a hapa

No. 1277992

File: 1626459916682.jpg (1.6 MB, 1045x3515, 7c4.jpg)

Thing is, WMAF has a lot of successful children. They genuinely don't look them up. There's tons of actors, athletes, models, even astronauts and billionaires

No. 1277995

this is so intriguing yet so embarrassing im kinda here for this thread upon further inspection MODS BETTER NOT LOCK IT!!

No. 1278001

File: 1626460150340.jpg (365.49 KB, 1515x810, wmaf-memes-italian.jpg)

It's when some on /pol/ and /tv/ started using their memes against them. You know the usual
>WMAF bad psycho kids like Elliot Rodger
>AMWF good like Keanu Reeves
Even though Reeves is a quapa and is dad is a WMAF hapa

No. 1278003

This is bizarre, I love it, mods please don't lock the thread for race baiting. What do we know about the guy who kicked this shit off?

No. 1278007

Why would the mods lock it? Every time a """race""" thread was about this topic it was moved on this board

No. 1278011

What we know about the guy is that he makes the memes himself. He's been making them since 2015 and by the way he talks, it's not a group, but a page handled by 1 man alone

No. 1278014

I feel super ashamed for posting this but once I was browsing PornHub and I found this channel where Asian guys have sex with white girls and afterwards stamp them with a stamp that says something in Chinese. It's gross and it's definitely because of this Asian Masculinity movement shit

No. 1278017

File: 1626460622355.jpg (1.01 MB, 2598x3464, ukraine_women.jpg)

I like when they post the obviously bought Russian/Ukrainian prostitutes and be like "WE SLAYIN MAYNE"

No. 1278021

File: 1626460833582.jpg (1.14 MB, 2581x3464, e5d.jpg)

More about this chubby fella and link.

If you scroll down you'll see all his racebaiting

No. 1278022

shut the front door anon!! not this being one man this is beyond embarrassing im cringing i have goosebumps i need a moment.
NOO this picture makes me sad like omg it looks like they are at a middle school dance i feeel the awkwardness.

do you guys think we will start to see more asian men with white girls in the future since kpop is so big?

No. 1278028

This reminded me of this Youtube video I watched some time ago which is about these Chinese-Ukranian arranged marriages and the whole thing is so forced and awkward

No. 1278030

I have some insane insider milk on part of this community does anyone want to see LOL

No. 1278032

That little girl isn't even his lol
He's literally buying a single mother, plus her kid that some white Russian guy dumped

No. 1278034

Yes please. I know the whole AMWF thing is basically a way to cope for Asian incels and not in the good way

No. 1278035

Yes please?!
kek exactly

No. 1278043

>do you guys think we will start to see more asian men with white girls in the future since kpop is so big?
I have noticed this in my country and it's sort of funny to me since it's a conservative central European country with a strong (far) right leaning government

No. 1278044

File: 1626461773729.jpg (144.44 KB, 702x881, Screenshot_23.jpg)

give us the milk nonnie

No. 1278048

>do you guys think we will start to see more asian men with white girls in the future since kpop is so big?

I live in an area with a large asian pop and I feel like I see it a LOT more than I used to. They're usually European immigrant women though, interestingly enough.

No. 1278050

Asians are pretty conservative, plus many of them have decent jobs in engineering/computers. I think it makes sense.

No. 1278051

I smell some samefagging here.

The "muh kpop" is a recurring argument in their community. They hope Kpop will allow white women to fetishize them

No. 1278052

File: 1626462384707.jpg (585.24 KB, 2937x1427, 1571916722368.jpg)


This is about the type of white women that flock by Kpopmaxxing my fellow riceman

No. 1278054

there are also currycels and watermeloncels. ban me for racebait but this is why i don't give a fuck about men of color and any "racism" they face lmao

No. 1278056

I thought they just called them "blackcels" but I admit it's funnier your way

No. 1278059

File: 1626462670050.jpg (1.71 MB, 2598x3464, Italian-womminz.jpg)

Instagram is somehow far less restrictive compared to places like Facebook and Twitter. But on the plus side, you get to see what these guys look like

No. 1278060

I try to tell people men have no racial pride only gender pride and one thing all men have in common regardless of race is that they feel ENTITLED to the women of their race that's it and that's all. they think because you share the same skin color you HAVE to be with them meanwhile they can worship and date whoever they want. men are a joke. THE LOT OF EM!!

No. 1278062

when she can't feel your nanochode so you gotta stamp her to prove you were actually having sex

No. 1278066

Any infos on the guy from OP? Asians with attitudes looks like one of the guys like >>1277980

The type that acts like street thug but is in reality a nerdy incel

No. 1278067

i saw "watermeloncels" on r/incels but blackcels is probably a thing

No. 1278069

>hate towards WMAF
>worship (goals) towards AMWF
>obsessed with masculinity and representation
>entire folders of Asian men with white women, usually models, actors, sometimes they use Asian-passing hapas
You should also add
>hate towards Asian women
They hate their women more than anything and want the approval and attention of white women

No. 1278070

KEK exactly

No. 1278071

alot of these men are generally retarded and think that only blonde,blue eyed women are white.
I had the displeasure of having classes with one of those freaks and he got surprised when one of my very obvious white friends was…white, then he started larping to us about he prefers blonde women for a solid 10 minutes

No. 1278077

While this thread is interesting i do wonder if we will be attracting /pol/ white incel trolls here by this thread.

No. 1278090

Most of /pol/ is against racemixing and generally ignore the ricecels. Ricecels are organized in communities, subreddits, entire pages of their own while the /pol/cels at best counter the shitposting when they see it and often not very well

No. 1278092

File: 1626464787097.png (24.58 KB, 818x254, asian conspiracy.png)

This is old but it was when i payed attention to these idiots.
They really dont get how pathehtic they come across to all women, they put down asian women and put white women on a pedastoll.
They would crawl naked through broken glass just so a white woman would fart on them lel

No. 1278096

was just about to say that maybe a joint thread of ricecels and white moids obsessed with muh submissive asian waifu would have been good

No. 1278100

i have once heard someone say that race/ethnicity constructs are just extensions of family/clan constructs, and they exist solely for the purpose of ensuring male reproductive access. they're basically macro scale mate guarding systems. that's why men feel entitled to fuck foreign women but god forbid their own women fuck foreign men, and that's why racism always has this overtly reproductive "they're raping our wammins/we must rape their wammins" tone

No. 1278103

File: 1626465135377.jpg (138.57 KB, 810x1260, TurboCHANGS.jpg)

Another hole they share

I sometimes went to check and they all claim to be slayers, Asian men being the most masculine
Lots of
>muh dik
And spam AMWF pics when they have nothing to do. There's about a hundred of people in this sub, but most are likely lurkers and likebots

Of course, their channel banner, is that same pic you see 100 times in all AMWF memes. Same Asian model, same overly skinny white woman.

I'd go as far to say that this is a bot community because I've seen the same pics and same couples multiple times but by different users. After 200 or so post they go back from scratch

No. 1278107

File: 1626465224862.png (358.91 KB, 359x405, rwds one.png)

Anon from above promising milk, they have a reddit community too. It used to go by names like "MongoloidCJ", where they would post fradulent studies of "asian male supremacy" based on elderly men and porn, but as of right now it is at https://www.reddit.com/r/GoldenTruth/. There are some MongoloidCJ archives on imgur, but I will find them later. I mostly just want to talk about some certain individuals. I will also try to compile the discord screenshots that i can find, they need to be sent to me.

>RWDS, Joshua Chan, SinisterGoldenMan

>Autistic underweight (5'5 and 98lbs with a potbelly) 17yo Cantonese boy
>Ex neo-Nazi
>Huge rape + gore fetish, tried manipulating a 14yo girl into cutting herself on a discord video call, was humiliated for it
>Sent a schizo jewish girl messages requesting mommydom shit, she leaks the dms, he is then humiliated
>talks about how his mom and dad have sex for 45 minutes without oral sex because they are Christian
>takes pics of his hemorrhoids and shows it to his own mother
>posted a pic of tana mongeau and claimed it was his "Ashkenazi mommy milker GF"
>Still into siegetard aesthetics in 2021, makes awful fashwave mongolia edits.

He is the only one with an active account outside of discord that I know of, but let me highlight a few others.


>Also an ex Neo-nazi!
>21 year old skinnyfat pug nosed Burmese man, likes to larp as "Tibeto-Burman" despite being 1/8th Indian
>pedophile, thinks 15 year olds girls should be claimed on a "first dick basis" and there should be white girl breeding farms
>possible AGP, liked to set his discord nicknames as shit like "Katie2003"
>said he used to hang out with nerds who liked loli in highschool and he beat them up for it
>Obsession with AAA video games such as Uncharted, and normie anime like Jojo
>Hate/lust obsession with jewish girl, spergs about how he can "steal her" from her boyfriend, while also mocking her appearance
>Thinks seasoning his food is "estrogenic", and that you should only eat high quality steaks and drink whole milk

Should I post screencaps of everything, discord links and accounts, etc, or is this shit just too personal and autistic?

No. 1278109

by making this thread you will be attracting the white moids obsessed with asian waifus. I think what >>1278096 suggests would be better.

No. 1278115

File: 1626465628702.jpg (18.74 KB, 400x400, v-m_KaxUm0PEaI6aE8oS3w7s7Gt4PA…)

I knew it was gonna be him. I think this sub called r/ToxicAMWF
tried to expose some of them and their faces.
This is another. The post titled
>So this is how your typical Amwf shilling Chan looks like…

I don'tknow if it's Mongoloid himself or not,but it's likely one of his boys

No. 1278116

Seconding this idea

No. 1278118

File: 1626465730278.png (67.36 KB, 902x667, 1568522506048.png)

We screencapped the same guy? I got his username and more posts of hi

I got this from 4chan

No. 1278120

kek this reminds me when I once went to a Meetup where the organizer was a cute Asian guy and when I expressed interest in him he passive-aggressively started flirting with a blue eyed blonde girl (I'm a basic ass brunette with brown eyes)

No. 1278121

This guy might deserve a thread of his own, but he's definitely the types you see are exactly like OP highlted

No. 1278128

The Asian culture of incels is likely the most famous one.
>shortest race
>penis stereotypes
>culturally meek and private
>their women stereotypically flock to White men

No. 1278129

File: 1626466152546.jpg (92.1 KB, 636x352, asian masculiinity.jpg)

yeah, i have that one too but its deep in some folder, i used to peruse the white/asian dating scene and the drama through reddit and twitter, but then i just got bored of it.

Anyways i find the truth isnt that white men have yellow fever but that asian women have white fever. Asian people in general are obbssed with white people

No. 1278130

My thoughts exactly. They are mad that their women worship white men, but they worship white women too

Both cases, Asians of both genders worship whiteness and white people

No. 1278133

I'll check this thread later, but I know exactly the type. They spam 4chan and you see often on youtube and Reddit making shit up
They are very easy to spot once you get to know their talking points

No. 1278136

File: 1626466640952.jpg (37.76 KB, 681x247, bts.jpg)

No. 1278138

>Anyways i find the truth isnt that white men have yellow fever but that asian women have white fever. Asian people in general are obbssed with white people

ma'am you said the hottest of hot takes asian people are really obsessed with white people to a bizarre level. its kinda sad when you put it that way.

No. 1278141

It starts to become obvious. Not a hot take at all. Just a subconscious truth that the average person doesn't like to admit

No. 1278142

guess it already started…

No. 1278144

When you stop replying to yourself maybe someone will actually take you seriously

No. 1278145

I don't know about generally, but it's true for South Korea for some reason. 30% of models in South Korea are caucasian, where barely any live. Yet 1.9% of models in the US are Asian. In SK women's magazines they actually had more Caucasian women than Asian. 52.3% vs. 47.7%.
Sources: https://thegrandnarrative.com/2009/09/13/sexualizing-caucasian-women/

No. 1278147

You too tho, don't bait them. There's lots of "mog" pics that the ricecels collect

No. 1278150

File: 1626467242084.png (166.85 KB, 476x560, korea-charisma-man.png)

Gotta love these inferiority complex comics they make where white men completely get surrounded by Asian women

No. 1278153

That is so weird and fetishy. I heard they like white models in Japan too, but not sure about the percentages

No. 1278155

File: 1626467395516.jpg (62.66 KB, 677x588, cb1.jpg)

The Chinese ones are almost as funny. They always draw Caucasians with this absurd bird noses that look like they belong in Jewish caricatures from /pol/

No. 1278160

File: 1626467500582.png (198.1 KB, 334x618, 20191114_232204.png)

nah, I don't really think so. He is not nearly active enough. Anyways here is an image of our boy Meta. Some more milk on him is that he lost his virginity to some pudgy 4/10 girl and then sent pictures of it to a 17yo boy. I'm gonna ask for his current discord.

No. 1278166

I like how he's obviously pulling down his jaw to make a "masculine" face. However he's not too bad looking. At least not compared to our boy Kevin over here >>1277980

No. 1278167

File: 1626467648267.jpg (11.65 KB, 143x165, Screenshot_24.jpg)

Wtf is that face kekkkk I can't breathe

No. 1278169

What does the speech/text say does anyone know?

Yeah it's their equivalent to mocking "slit" eyes. I don't mind the teasing, tbh. Our noses are bigger on average and probably do look weird if you're not used to seeing them. What is weird to me is them constantly drawing/portraying Asian women so curvy like >>1278150 It's a bad move, as it makes me suspicious as to how accurate the rest is, including the main 'message'

No. 1278171

Yeah, the unsaged replies make it pretty obvious that some of the posts aren't from regular users. It's annoying because the subject matter could be milky on its own.

No. 1278173

File: 1626467992547.jpg (227.89 KB, 793x1266, cartoon about sexpat.jpg)

I found someone commenting on it
>t-they are low quality!!
>b-but why Korean women flock to them?!

No. 1278174

It's like Le Happy Merchant but he's actually a blonde Scandinavian

No. 1278175

Asians are so gross looking. Definitely the worst looking race ever

No. 1278179

For me it's blacks, but don't be racist anon. Let's keep the thread on topic without trying to trigger anybody

No. 1278181

File: 1626468361624.png (715 KB, 1180x1186, metacel.png)

Elmo is the jewish girl, and she is not half cantonese. Here is the pedophilia in full display. I'll post his sideview now.

No. 1278183

File: 1626468474008.png (203.2 KB, 449x599, metaside.png)

sage for samefag

No. 1278185

Theyre here

everyone get your fishing hooks ready!!

No. 1278191

>For me it's blacks
based and true

No. 1278193

Yikes black people are brought up unprovoked the obsession is insane

Anyway these guys are embarrassing do they not realize how desperate and sad they sound obsessing over this. Maybe they should like get a hobby?

No. 1278212

Who makes this shit and like on purpose!? I’m so disturbed why are men such a disturbed species? I can’t imagine someone sitting down taking the time out of their day to draw this eyesore.

No. 1278219

Holy shit I swear this guy has posted on r/amiugly like 50 times. Ill have to see if I can find it

No. 1278221

and looks like the /pol/ scrotes are already here.
Wouldnt be surprised if this is just a psyop thread for scrotes to sperg and racebait each other.

Just ignore and report this thread.
Sorry OP but this thread is a honeypot for incels.

No. 1278228

You don't have to. Just don't take the bait and let them be

No. 1278230

Yellowfever whites are frumpy losers, male or female, no exceptions. They're social rejects who're bitter over their inability to get or keep a white gf/bf.

Inb4 racebait, this obviously does not apply to white men or white women who are with an Asian person out of genuine love and affection. This only applies to the fetishists.

No. 1278234

16 isn't pedophilia, in the vast majority of first world countries is legal and accepted. The fetish for 16 year olds is a bad sign though

No. 1278235

Honestly though I think a lot of women on this site have these opinions it’s why they were so comfortable talking to robots on r9k but yeah this is racebait central. But if the LSA can stay up I doubt this is gonna get locked
Never mind I stand corrected. Geez men aren’t even good at integrating

No. 1278241

File: 1626469974320.png (60.25 KB, 607x713, path of heaven.png)

Oh anon PLEASE do post if you find it. Anyways, here is their autistic manifesto, called "Path of Heaven", which reads like 8th graders wrote it. There is another one about "Golden Man Nutrition", but it's on a site behind a paywall.


No. 1278242

File: 1626469997270.jpg (2.54 MB, 3464x3464, aznidentity-amwf.jpg)

Getting back to the main topic of the thread, they genuinely believe that all Asians that get white women are Chads and above the rest because normally Asians don't get them. And they consider white women an upgrade from Asian ones. Basically
>a white woman likes me, that means I'm a Gigachad and she really loves me for it xdxd

No. 1278245

File: 1626470095344.png (432.45 KB, 1100x996, Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 22.14…)

eddyjqt5 has had his account suspended, I don't know whether he continues to post under another username. His twitter: https://twitter.com/eddyjqt?lang=en

No. 1278246

Lmao @ the absolute state of this thread. As if we needed more proof that moids of all races (including the ones who post here) are completely fucking insane.

No. 1278247

Sage for no milk but, and I'm pretty sure this isn't a hot take, but I've heard stories from Asian women that the moids from certain parts if Asia (particularly China) just have 0 respect for the women. The reason they flock to white moids is because they think the white ones will take care of them like in movies and TV shows.

The "we own every Asian woman and them dating non Asian men is a crime, these are westernized whores straying from tradition, but we can totally worship white girls" logic is very telling. Sadly, all moids are also awful, so they're not really even amounting to much by bagging a white guy

No. 1278250

whats the point of this, i mean i dont think its fair to post those women since they dont know that they are even a part of their boyfriends sick fetish.

No. 1278252

wouldnt be surprised if this is a scrote psyop racebait thread.

No. 1278262

>Incel white men hate white women for rejecting them and spend their lives fantasizing about having a submissive Asian waifu
>Incel Asian men hate Asian women for rejecting them and spend their lives fantasizing about having a submissive white waifu
>Both utterly obsessed with the purity their race
>Froth at the mouth when one of their women dates a man of a different race, despite wanting to do the same thing themselves
Men really are the same no matter where you go.

No. 1278264

I Was going to say this! A big reason why women date out is not because they hate their race (well some do ofc) but majority is because the men of their race treat them like absolute shit and then they fed into the myth of the white male savior not realizing that white women deal with similar issues it’s just that white people are kinda individualized (in America anyway) so that way if a white dude does something ducked up to a white woman it’s just that dude is bad not all white people. I hope that makes sense but you hit the nail on the head. Guys don’t want to talk about this because then they’d be faced with the reality that women are becoming fed tf up and want to divest. At least this is what’s starting to happen in the black community

No. 1278277

How is "men who are obsessed with women of another race, specifically for her race, are creepy" a scrote psyop? I'd wager that it's mostly women who find racial fetishism disgusting, since men seem to have little to no issue with it(unless it prevents them from getting women, of course).

Though anyone taking this as an opportunity to bash on all Asians is obviously a retard

No. 1278285

azn masc and lsa members are crazily funny cows that deserve threads, but their threads attract racists, unfortunately. I hope some milk gets posted soon before the it's locked.

No. 1278294

File: 1626471756529.jpg (994.44 KB, 2542x2499, amwf physiological.jpg)

I'm not saying that they are all like this, but even then some of their boyfriends don't exactly get out of this mindset

No. 1278298

I hate Asian Masculinity bro types too but the small penis stereotype has really been overplayed.
lmao of course he's a techbro!

No. 1278299

On the one hand, I can’t deny that WMAF often creeps me out. On the other hand Asian male seething is absolutely hilarious so I don’t really mind the formation of more WMAF couples.

No. 1278301

Is there any reason it creeps you out? It's one of the most common interracial couples

No. 1278307

nyart. Please don't be so disingenuous, you know the type of couple anon's referring to, we all do. They're obviously a minority of wmaf couples, most are happy normal people, anon's post is obvious bait, so please don't take it lol. Does anyone actually have milk? This thread is dry af.

No. 1278318

like asian moids wouldn't bang literally any blonde kpop hambeast that goes to Korea kek

No. 1278323

the sheer number of cartoons about some obscure-ass moid issues is the best proof there is that moids are inherently mentally ill. same goes for their obsession with building specific convoluted, unfunny vocabularies and terms for random shit nobody but said moid cares about (like trying to create a one word pejorative that describes a specific girl who rejected them in high school), then trying to force them as some sort of established slang that emerged organically (aka 99.9% of urbandictionary)

No. 1278329

I agree. Posting "ugly" white women to "own da ricecels" seems scrote-y, and the whole thread stinks of racebait.

No. 1278335

Kek I bet I know how this will go

>/pol/ scrote makes race-bait proxy thread with legitimate retardation by asian scrotes

>hopes to eventually be able to ease in some white genocide sperging
>nonas spam about how retarded scrotes are instead
>/pol/yp mad (x20)
>goes to meta and asks to SHUT IT DOWN for manhate/racism

No. 1278343

honestly this thread proved to me that literally every race of male is the same….deranged with extreme inferiority complexes. Like literally no matter the race of male if you talk to them or visit their little boards and servers, you'll find that they are obsessed with each other and just use women as a shiny prize they can use to be like SEE IM THE SUPERIOR MALE its like a really sad dick slinging contest thats been going on since the dawn of mankind. Only women are starting to become more cognizant and are no longer participating because men no matter the race all have the same takes, the same interests, the same le edgy humor. Its fucking sad. I cant wait until they invent a pill that makes women lose sexual attraction to them because men are truly the most useless gender. If it werent for them earth wouldnt be the literal shithole it is now.

No. 1278345

File: 1626478194473.jpg (122.56 KB, 680x962, MENtal illness.jpg)

There are tons of these, most from "EurasianTiger"(Tenda Spencer) who started the original r/hapas subreddit some years ago. All men should be put on mood stabilizers.

No. 1278349

this gave me aids so thanks anon. also this stupid cartoon makes 0 sense because the white girl literally stated that all humans have value so if thats the case her advocating for blm should have no bearing on her preference in guys because she doesn't judge people on skin color because "all humans have value". Moids are so slow.

No. 1278353

File: 1626478737465.jpg (144.65 KB, 714x936, f63.jpg)

Tenda has now a full entry dedicated to him on Know Your Meme

I didn't know until I looked

No. 1278358

Many(probably most, sadly enough) men experience sexual rejection as a form of violence. If a woman isn't sexually interested in them they view her disinterest as an act of hatred, no matter how kind and respectful she is otherwise.
He's moving up in the world!

No. 1278359

After this article about him was made, his only blog became private. And can only be seen by registered users on WordPress.
He went from Reddit celebrity to obscure blogger. He's likely still active somewhere, trying to promote AMWF and attacking WMAF

No. 1278361

File: 1626479696972.jpg (62.38 KB, 492x415, end white privilege.jpg)

He always made these stupid jabs at feminist Asian women because they always have white boyfriends or husbands

No. 1278366

File: 1626479926957.jpg (809.34 KB, 3369x1799, 9d3.jpg)

And it doesn't even make sense because he doesn't even look that Asian. He looks stupidly white for a hapa

No. 1278371

So it was him making these comics? I thought it was a deranged artist from The Onion

No. 1278374

File: 1626480151169.jpg (151.01 KB, 1224x342, 1622949330423.jpg)

No. 1278386

I thought he killed himself or am I mixing him up with someone else?

No. 1278389

Ah yes, the brads, thads and fratbros always sport a chick fil a shirt! Kek, this thread may not last past a few hours but the content is hilarious

No. 1278390

File: 1626480965415.jpeg (661.37 KB, 1536x1851, 27DF598C-F5D8-432D-BAF3-C286EE…)

There was a hilarious Quora post about this.

>In Khabarovsk Krai 86 marriages were registered with Chinese citizens between 1992–2008 which is 0.0001% of all marriages registered during this period in this region, in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast 39 marriages with Chinese citizens was registered between 1992–2008.

>So even combining all the numbers of four different regions that have or had hundreds thousands of Chinese immigrants or temporary workers, three of them literally bordering China, we still have less than 1000 marriages, this is less than one in a million if we use China’s population as a basis.

>I’ve already covered every single oblast that borders China, now let’s take a look at the other side of the border, Heilongjiang province, this province alone covers 90% of the entire Russia-China border and it has four times more people than the entire Far East region of Russia combined, not only this but also all Russian tourists from the Far East visit the Heilongjiang province for shopping because some of the shops that have Russian speaking staff, so this province is the ones that receives the most Russians and is also the region where you can find Chinese who can speak Russian, so in theory it should also be the one where all Russian women are jumping the border to marry Chinese men right?

>In a marriage agency specializing in dating with Japanese and Chinese, it is confirmed: “There are many requests from the Chinese, but Ukrainian girls almost never respond - especially the young and Kievans. Women over 40 would not mind, but the Chinese themselves do not want to get acquainted with them. Over the past few months, we only had three marriages with citizens of China, and in one case the girl was from Donbass, he took her from there and moved to Kiev himself.

>In 2017, Heilongjiang Province registered 1279 pairs of "foreign marriage" and "foreign husband" more than "foreign wife" In addition, foreigners who come to register in the province are also involved in more and more countries, mainly from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the United States, and Canada. Among them, Japan accounts for nearly 40% of foreigners' registrations, including one "Auntie" of El Salvador's nationality.

>Data made available by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the number of Chinese-foreign marriages (涉外婚姻) registered in mainland China between 1979 and 2010 suggest three key points: Chinese-foreign marriage is a recent and small phenomenon; most mainland Chinese marrying this way are women; and most marriages are cross-border, or intra-Asian, rather than international.

>In recent years on average 3 times more Chinese women marry foreign nationals than Chinese men in Shanghai.

>In conclusion, this is obviously a myth invented by some bored and lonely guys, I even found a Chinese forum with Chinese guys discussing about who invented this myth and they were posting statistics explaining how nonsensical it is, in fact the Chinese stuff I posted here was found in their thread. Some even commented it was likely invented by Chinese guys who live in the USA and Canada because they have lots of difficulty with the local women there so they invent these stories to keep themselves motivated and indeed you can find more English sites making these claims. As for me personally I couldn’t care less, I only care about numbers and statistics.


No. 1278395

File: 1626481513455.jpg (16.92 KB, 240x240, avatars-000085648570-ta78r7-t2…)

IME, hapas run the gamut. His Asian ancestry is obvious to me, especially at this angle kek.

No. 1278401

very funny, ty! I recommend clicking anon's quora link to see some truly cringey pics below kek.

No. 1278406

There are a lot of Asian feminists who post over-the-top whitebashing while dating/being married to white men(see: Sarah Jeong). But you see this behavior from white-hating progressive Asian men too, funnily enough
>Most Russian/Ukrainian women don't want creepy EE fetishists
>Most foreigners married to Chinese people are male, and most are other Asians
aznidentity AND /pol/tards owned in a single post. Truly blessed.

No. 1278407

The funny thing is that the white obsession makes almost every white/Asian relationship insane

No. 1278422

Yep. And Black, Pakistani, etc. The media keep trying to make it a "thing", hiring so-called race conscious woke (actually, hypocritical and hateful) journalists. It makes most interracial couples seem insane and race-mixing off-putting so much so you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a psyop kek.

No. 1278428

File: 1626484287500.png (1.35 MB, 1278x890, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 02.10…)

wtf is this golden truth sub?! I'm dying kek.

No. 1278432

Most straight women are already not physically attracted to males lmao, they're just falling for the cultural meme/going through the motions

No. 1278433

Sentient sperm sacks stay defining "human value" as "fuckable" and not being picked is LITERALLY JUST LIKE BEING SHOT DEAD kek. All men have raging BPD.

No. 1278438

>Having a white bf while being a female Asian supremacist is contradicting your beliefs, so hypocritical desu
>Having a white gf while being a male Asian supremacist is Chad and is literally the sole goal of Asian "masculinity"

Moid logic

No. 1278440

Why do they call everything gold? Goldpill, GoldenTruth, etc

No. 1278441

all men are unironically homosexual/romantic and they are in a constant state of cope

No. 1278459

I'm terrible at explaining things but here goes. I'm fairly sure gold has the same symbolism in eastern cultures as it does for us (wealth, prosperity, success). I think 'golden man' is referring to the 'yellow man' slur. As in, "no, no, we're not yellow, we're GOLDEN. Winning!" ('Winning' is their most used tag).

No. 1278462

File: 1626486465281.jpg (74.09 KB, 640x923, nosecel.jpg)

a classic

No. 1278465

Holy shit, my sides. I wonder if this is a joke subreddit.
I've seen them(/pol/tards and aznidentity guys) cope by claiming that the father's race matters more regarding a child's racial identity/wellbeing. So a white woman marrying an Asian man is a "loss" for white supremacists and a "win" for Asian supremacists, while an Asian woman marrying a white man is a "win" for white supremacists and a "loss" for Asian supremacists. Honestly these guys should just fuck each other already and leave women alone kek

No. 1278466

File: 1626486792671.png (631.54 KB, 1156x1126, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 02.38…)

samefag. But, what is it with them and imaginary cuck scenarios? If 'golden men' are as hot as they claim they are they shouldn't struggle to find a single real life example of cuckoldry lmao. The cringe is off the charts.

No. 1278468

>fathers matter
lmfao peak scrote cope

No. 1278469

>Down syndrome

No. 1278471

File: 1626487198648.png (1.14 MB, 1110x1146, f66liv6sn5971.png)

They've resorted to glorifying ancient eastern men kidnapping foreign women lmao. What exactly does this prove? That since time immemorial they have been so undesirable as to have to force themselves on women in order to actually have sex?… WINNING!

No. 1278474

Exactly. They really tried it here, but most women inherently understand moids of all races are hypocritical trash and trying to pick a side in their endless “muh racial purity” chimpouts is a waste of time. It’s better to just sit back and laugh at their retardation, including this abomination of a thread kek

No. 1278479

God, I forgot how much I hate ninja turtle noses. I'm going to have to hide this abomination.

No. 1278482

The Chik-fil-a shirt is sending me, you can’t deny white Americans really do love those shitty microwave chicken sandwiches kek

No. 1278486

>Asian libfem goes to a white lib because he has fewer retarded male supremacist beliefs and she can have more influence
>He's in charge not her!

God the way ricecels cope will never not be funny

No. 1278488

>east asian ricecels trying to claim steppe asians and mongols like they weren't kidnapped, raped and subjugated by them too


No. 1278489

File: 1626488173370.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1536x1854, 9187E287-BED6-49AE-B965-EFAC83…)

Perfectly healthy outlook on life and dating.

No. 1278495

You can’t tell me this isn’t just regular male coomer fetish shit with a thin gloss of racism thrown over it. They’re all pathologically obsessed with having a better dick then the next dude. I’d kill myself if I had to live life as a moid.

No. 1278498

Disagree. Creepy white asian waifu obsession has been talked to death, it's so acknowledged to be mainstream now. We need ricecel's deranged behaviour to blow up big to blow up in their faces kek.

No. 1278501

File: 1626488705319.jpg (17.59 KB, 258x310, 1626470656158.jpg)

My fucking sides

No. 1278508

>We need
No we don’t. These mentally ill moids don’t “need” or deserve any attention at all.

No. 1278513

File: 1626489500467.png (2.17 MB, 1200x1442, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 03.30…)

For God's sake get out of the thread if this shit bothers you. Why do so many farmers do this? Just read something else kek.
Picrel is one of the sub's "educational" posts, with the title "just be hunter". Someone should tell these boys off for their eUroCenTriC world view, not only wypipo have round eyes! Literal Hitler!

No. 1278514

No one is bothered, but the idea that this cursed thread somehow “needs” to exist for educational purposes is hilarious, everyone here knows moids are insane already

No. 1278518

File: 1626490115081.png (602.84 KB, 644x653, Screenshot (141).png)

I don't know if this belongs here but there's also a growing movement of Indian MRA's in India


No. 1278519

File: 1626490117098.jpg (444.42 KB, 1065x1144, 34e.jpg)

Even when it comes to memes, Chinese just copy shit and plaster their own onto it

No. 1278522

lmao it's a waste if no one replied to this with asian blepharoplasty statistics

No. 1278526

File: 1626490491237.jpg (31.05 KB, 463x650, hirai_ken_1324.jpg)

Considered by many one of the most handsome men in Japan, this singer has what some phenotype specialized guy describe as "Jomon" features

Meaning that yes, he looks very white. Can easily pass as an Italian or a Spanish dude

No. 1278527

File: 1626490509016.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1181x1726, 1648B7B0-ABB1-45DE-9C46-19B13A…)

No. 1278530

File: 1626490628964.png (3 MB, 1311x1125, 1556622292679.png)

I'm amazed by the fact that this video is still up. Just street interviews, but it's suicide fuel

No. 1278532

to blow up in the mainstream media would be another humiliation is what I meant, which is ofc funny for us. You're reading too literally, I'm aware there is no actual "need".

No. 1278534

they have the shittiest taste, it's crazy. guy looks like a slightly less retarded adam driver.

No. 1278535

File: 1626491015534.jpeg (176.87 KB, 1024x768, A08D0729-6CB6-4EBA-AB44-15DA68…)

Behold the man behind these fugly hapa memes, EurasianTiger. Amazing how this bargain bin Putin doppelganger has convinced himself that he isn’t getting female attention because he’s half-Asian and has never considered the ground-breaking thought that maybe, just maybe, regardless of his race and ethnicity he’s ugly as shit and maybe, just maybe he has to realize that you have to be more than a generic smelly y-chromosome man beast to attract a woman. What a beautiful sight to behold ladies hold your panties!

No. 1278538

File: 1626491127761.jpg (206.56 KB, 810x1440, white incels.jpg)

Just think about this. The
>white incel
lives rent free in the heads of these guys. They literally fear white incels to take their women lmao

No. 1278539

You're a bad troll. I've watched that video, they were asked about foreign men, so yeah, no shit. That whole channel panders to white people anyway, or used to.

No. 1278541

>but it’s suicide fuel

K, go be suicidal in the correct place next time, /r9k/ is next door by a few tappings of your keyboard and a click of a button, scrote. Don’t get too confused now, we’re laughing at people like you.

No. 1278543

File: 1626491467226.jpg (164.1 KB, 796x998, dapinkz.jpg)

Another one here. Also, this is how they imagine themselves

I saw the Chinese "Yes Chad" being made on /pol/ stereotypically yellow and the anon that made it didn't even bother changing its face, so it still has a straight nose and a white profile, yet the retards actually belive that's what they look like from the side

No. 1278546

File: 1626491650695.jpg (100.76 KB, 957x1300, studio-shot-young-asian-man-th…)

It depends a lot on how their skull is shaped, although some really do have this type of profile

No. 1278547

I don’t see the similarity.

No. 1278548

Well, a lot of women find Adam Driver attractive. Personally I don't see it, but…

No. 1278552

hm maybe? added context. In much of asia, marriage is much more transactional in nature and many women stop having sex with their husbands after locking men down with children, the men proceed to bang prostitutes instead and wifey turns a blind eye as long as she can maintain a good lifestyle. It's a frequent expat complaint, unlike asian men most white men don't want a sexless relationship or want to buy prostitutes instead and they feel duped. (Women will bang like rabbits until marriage + kids are sorted, then claim sex drying up is normal in their culture and he needs to look elsewhere for affection, but he must also continue working to keep satisfy her material needs). I find the phenomenon funny when the men are abusive, misogynistic trash, but do feel bad for the nice, normal guys who have legit been reeled in under false pretences. not a scrote before i'm accused…

No. 1278553

You guys are in for a show if you're a supposed lolcow farm and never heard of ricecels before. They make all the other incels look tame in comparison

No. 1278555

>what is sex?
are they aware that this comic is roasting them? That it's insulting Chinese men's sexual experiences?

No. 1278558

asian men can have pretty dominant faces like the meme suggests, but this is absolutely not an example of it lol.

No. 1278564

File: 1626492594924.png (1.99 MB, 1592x884, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 04.28…)

samefag. A better example found in the sub. "Changs" as they call it lol.

No. 1278565

Interesting thread, men are so autistic god damn

No. 1278567

File: 1626492738203.jpg (48.93 KB, 640x360, chinese-soldiers-crying-for-fe…)

Yes and none of those have a straight nose like in the drawing.. They have flat potato noses that are a trademark of their ethnicity

No. 1278571

File: 1626492954635.jpg (69.04 KB, 810x315, Chinese.jpg)

You could tell me that this is all one guy making a difference expressions and looking in different directions and I'd believe you.
I usually can distinguish Asians better than I can distinguish whites, but holy shit these guys are a literal copy-paste of one another

No. 1278573

While Tenda is a symbol amongst many of them, this is bigger than him. Unless accounts like Asians With Attitudes aren't just one of his million of sockpuppet accounts

No. 1278576

File: 1626493388767.jpg (288.48 KB, 797x1259, thiscouldbeus.jpg)

Getting major incel vibes from this guy's 2017 days

No. 1278577

File: 1626493541054.jpg (74.97 KB, 601x508, 2423p0.jpg)


No. 1278579

File: 1626493770422.png (87.46 KB, 1340x320, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 04.39…)

They're so dramatic. BPD chans. Lynched?! Are you retarded? While any increase in violence is disgusting, it's overblown, they're quite safe. It just makes them sound like pussies. Most violent perps weren't white anyway, "hate crime" is broad and includes all kinds of nonsense, most white men are responsible for verbal abuse. The few who point this out are downvoted or get their posts deleted kek. Honestly, I find it so difficult to sympathise with men re race issues because 99% of the time the complaint is really about pussy.

No. 1278580

>Dicklet moids suddenly shrieking about body shaming
>The gender of m-muh confucian stoicism

Kek, Megalians are based af and I honestly wish we had something like that in English. They're a lot more pinkpilled and extreme than western feminists - rightfully so, because Korean men are actually mentally ill.

No. 1278581

Ninja literally looks Russian, where is the goldphobia? Where is it?

No. 1278585

>butthurt incel coping as hard as he can
>asian chick married to an gross, saggy old moid
Exactly zero winners here

No. 1278589

There is literally nothing more asexual, fetid, incestuous and unerotic than having to take care of a despotic manbaby moid, his retarded kids and his Jocasta mom. In asian cultures, the whole mommy wife shit is much worse. I don't blame a single one of them, and these women deserve a new Louis Vuitton bag every week in addition to white twink prostitutes. If your husband is basically your son, the sex WILL dry up with any woman who isn't a degen incestfag.

Also, what moids don't understand is that selecting for female chastity to soothe their cuck anxiety will result in progressively more asexual women. A woman who likes sex will like it with more men than just one. They made their bed.

No. 1278590

File: 1626494570350.jpg (312.24 KB, 1400x1500, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_f5…)

According to Korean farmers our perception is wrong. Barely any Korean women are feminists and the minority who are behave like such retards they actively harm the cause. Pic is not rel but made me laugh.

No. 1278592

Most of them are hardcore lefties because they want the same privileges blacks get and want to you to think they are victims of white men. Simultaneously they promote masculinity, guns, shun homosexuality or anything that would make them sympathize with a modern American leftist

No. 1278595

>privileges black people get

And explain those privileges that black people get, oh wait I bet you can’t racebaiter.

No. 1278596

Pussy issues are men's "race issues". Everything they feel and do has to do with reproduction because that is their sole purpose. Every time you care about racism against men to the point of compromising on sexism, you're basically being a useful idiot in his incel agenda.

No. 1278598

In countries with fewer feminists (third world either economically or culturally), feminists are more extreme. America was like that in the 60s too.

No. 1278602

File: 1626495034838.jpg (83.13 KB, 798x659, 8nhiscjb3f171.jpg)

Why do they hate Russians all of a sudden, I have noticed a lot of anti-Russian posts on that sub
also this autistic asf

No. 1278603

Seconding. The hapa women ended up having to retreat to their own sub r/hapaladies because r/hapas was ruled by men who frequently shat on women if they didn't fit into their little boxes. Especially if they weren't straight and didn't feel like making everything about Elliot or "da j00s".

No. 1278605

According to them, blacks get less media attention when they commit crimes, the "oppressed minority" card and the 'masculine' stereotype. I'm not making this up

You do notice that these Asians obsessed with masculinity all talk ebonics, ghetto style like some retarded wigger?

No. 1278613

>suicide fuel
Grow the fuck up moid

No. 1278614

It's some autistic asian response to stormfront haplogroup sperging. R1a is supposedly a slav "Aryan" haplogroup. I do admire the self-own of showing them as cute twinks kek

No. 1278615

Lmao at blaming Asian women for this, he legit just looks like an ugly white dude

No. 1278616

File: 1626495584451.jpeg (127.09 KB, 1280x853, s.jpeg)

WMAF is very common in Russia, despite the average ricecel will tell you the Chinese "slay" in Russia as shown by >>1278390 they really love Russian women
Obviously, that results in hate towards Russian men

No. 1278617

It's not a self-own. It was made on /his/ to show the /pol/acks that the Aryans were feminine.
By all means, except the twink examples, what the image says is true. The "strong Aryan" warriors were indeed androgynous Eurasians

No. 1278622

Lolcow isn’t a hivemind, you're literally conversing with one person who hasn’t heard of them.

No. 1278624

Wait, a “Chang” is an Asian Chad? My sides…moids are truly the missing link kek

No. 1278625

I get it, but expecting a place that has had its fare share of threads about incels, hapas, schizo Redditors, I'd expect to at least acknowledge the existence of these people, especially because they number in the thousands

No. 1278626

File: 1626496410951.jpg (165.25 KB, 636x864, 75845.jpg)

No the Original Aryans were swarthy horse nomads who had life styles similar to "based Mongols" whom they worship
they weren't based Nordic Übermensch killing brown people like /pol/acks think they were, but they weren't effeminate twinks either

No. 1278628

Yes. See >>1278103
>Turbo Changs

No. 1278630

looks like mel gibson

No. 1278633

Interesting. Do you have stats? I couldn't find any.

No. 1278641

Women do this for men everywhere, including the West. Lit suggests there's an innate difference. In typical moid fashion they've studied it lol. "Westernization" does improve sexual functioning in women a bit, but there's more to it than that. https://sci-hub.se/https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20349208/

No. 1278644

File: 1626497641558.png (1.46 MB, 1508x1330, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 05.53…)

so rare it makes news, shouldn't that be telling them something.

No. 1278651

>Look at these attractive men
>Not a self own

No. 1278653

Alright, maybe you're female or just gay, but the twink, femboy body type isn't exactly what either side of White or Asian supremacists strive for
They both strive towards the masculine type

No. 1278654

Yeah, this goes for all tradfag types of relationship. Moids are not designed for incest avoidance so they're not affected by loss of desire towards something you take care of like a kid. Granted, they don't have to take care of anyone.

No. 1278656

It's not a super rare pairing or anything, and is hardly newsworthy. Ricecels are just bitter spergs.
NTA but the graphic was made by men, and men don't exactly find the neotenous twink face + body type ideal. They're looking at it from an unga bunga muscles big me smash mindset, not a woman's mindset where different types of male attractiveness can be appreciated.

No. 1278658

File: 1626498498580.jpg (113.5 KB, 659x574, most amwf.jpg)

>proclaimed the beta whitecel
not really. It was said by one of those "Turbo Changs" these retards pretend to be

No. 1278660

File: 1626498699732.jpg (176.07 KB, 810x1156, AlvinTan.jpg)

Yeah, this gentleman looks like he knows a thing or two about the subject

No. 1278661

File: 1626498716524.png (73.88 KB, 896x428, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 06.10…)

can only bag unattractive women cope is my fav

No. 1278662

Yes, especially to US men who are obsessed with Johnny Bravo bodies. Most Europeans find that body just plain weird and fat lol.

No. 1278663

Exactly lmfao
>trying to own the slavs by portraying them as the type preferred by women

No. 1278664

>maybe you’re female

No. 1278669

If you're actually lurking in that subreddit I suggest you to not waste your time.
Once one is them made a post saying that a semi-attractive Latina was drooling over an "Asian manlet".
I go to see who it is and…… It's Manny Pacquiao.
They had to bring out a boxing legend to justify their point

No. 1278676

File: 1626500272113.jpg (101.92 KB, 798x1044, pgfff.jpg)

It is. Look at this other
>Reddit screenshot
>no source
>blurred usernames
>assumes it's a WMAF hapa when it could be any other type of half Asian
>can easily be an account they made on the fly
Like these losers don't spend hours and did the same thing many times before

No. 1278678

I wish Russian men looked like that, most look like barely shaved monkeys IRL

No. 1278687

File: 1626500948485.png (2.89 MB, 1866x1268, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 06.37…)

Possibly one of the funniest posts. One's a professional modelling shoot from about 25 years back and the other is an acupuncturist. In the red carpet pics with Miyavi, she's looking right past him and in all the pics I looked at of that event Miyavi is quite obviously attracted to her and she looks a bit uncomfortable by it lmao. They are insane.

No. 1278690

I'm Russian and you're right kek, Russian men are fugly ass obese apes like all men who cope by calling themselves "chads". There's literally a saying, "a man should only be a little more attractive than a monkey".

Also, some of those twinks are literally pics of male models before they were recruited kek

No. 1278691

File: 1626501053436.png (452.78 KB, 782x478, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 06.45…)

samefag. he looks like a soft butch kek.

No. 1278693

the guys they posted are cute asf, I mean are men really that retarded that they can't even comprehend that women being attracted to attractive beautiful men

No. 1278694

It is quite rare:


No. 1278695

Really? I watch a lot of around the world videos, insecams, documentaries etc and most Russians look like they could be from pretty much anywhere and very normal looking. Like, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart from other nationalities. I don't understand this "ugly hideous monkey slav men" and "stunning supermodel slav women" nonsense.

No. 1278698

File: 1626502527749.png (1.99 MB, 1370x1258, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 07.13…)

These boys need psychological help. How on earth do you get THAT from this pic?

No. 1278699

Their entire schtick is writing fanfiction at this point.

No. 1278700

>Good looking guy uses Tinder
gets matches
>Ricecels use this as an example of how all Swedish women want big Asian cock

No. 1278701

File: 1626503286529.png (37.7 KB, 1294x160, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 07.12…)

They're not convincing larpers lol. This guy writes just like Bigccpenis does and seemingly only spams comments in black man with white woman cuck subs and bigccpenis's obscure asian man sub. Some recent comments.
>white redditors are so fragile and insecure about the asian man's superiority that they will deny any asian achievement whenever they can
>I've never understood the delusion that asian men were considered undesirable. In australia for example, asian men are considered to be the most desirable, and white girls will throw themselves at asian guys
>European women fantasise about being bred by asian men. Us white boys can't satisfy them

No. 1278708

this is the truth and it reflects on all amwf couples, sadly. Despite owning my own house and having a decent job on par with my asian bf I have to deal with people assuming I'm a gold digger trying to exploit him, even from his family. It's not so bad to be a dealbreaker but ngl it sucks

No. 1278713

File: 1626504520876.png (320.06 KB, 598x540, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 07.39…)

picrel, his user pic is more revealing than he could ever know kek. Also, that guy looks better than 99% of asian men and he still matched with older, plainer white women. THAT was supposed to own the pinkies? Savage kek.
>EskrimaKali: White Incel is jealous because he can never get the blue eyed blonde white woman he so craved for and it was Asians getting them. What a poor sad little shit you are.
>Kevin Johnston: Wrong. Unlike you I can actually create blue-eyed children. All you can do is create Elliot Roger mongrels.
Based. Also, so pathetic believing white men are obsessed with muh aryan blondes, so that's the women they try to hook up with. It just goes to show how shallow and homoerotic moids truly are.

No. 1278720

File: 1626505382814.png (124.74 KB, 1220x620, Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 07.57…)

superb logic from my favourite golden man

No. 1278722

They arent even trying

No. 1278723

I don't know if this belongs here but can anyone recall this asian-american artist on instagram who enjoys black women a little too much to the point he drew a comic about a black woman farting on a bunch of old racists. I swear I saw it somewhere on twitter

No. 1278757

I remember this dude. Divesters were all thirsting over him it was kinda pathetic

No. 1278773

In a lot of WMAF couples the male is often casually racist to his asian wife and children, and the wife usually tolerates this or even joins in. Just look at all the white supremacists with Asian wives.

t. Filipina with retarded aunts married to obese American whales

No. 1278775

I agree, I don't trust white guys who date Asians, Black guys who date white women and Asian guys who only date white women
All 3 despise the female members of their races and seek out "others"

No. 1278797

the fact that this pol racebait thread is still up meanwhile the gc/pp ones are down is quite telling…..

No. 1278810

Actually the twink is a popular poster on 4chan. He's a really cute guy who sometimes posted his butt and cock. I was there to see it.
Only the soldier pick is something grabbed from elsewhere

No. 1278814

>on the outside I'm a kitty, but inside… I'm a LION!!

No. 1278817

and it's not believable at all.

No. 1278833

File: 1626528535287.jpg (212.72 KB, 1106x621, Faceapp-50-year-old-guy-japan-…)

What a bunch of hambeasts. I've seen those servers online and meet some people as well, they are very similar to the late 00's weeabos, very autistic, using all kinds of crazy ass arguments to defend their favorite band. Recently I explain to one of them while playing a game how, even if some bands can be 'good' it's a result of coorporate casting couches to generate the next big hit, you should think of it as purely "commercial music" because: is commercial first then they generate music idols to draw you in and sell ad space to get revenue from other companies.
He blocked me before sperging out to me.

No. 1278845

anyone who seeks out to date people exclusively from a single race are gross and have major self esteem issues

No. 1278851

No. 1278857

what if it's your own race

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