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File: 1621280635509.jpg (120.26 KB, 900x900, Sykkuno.jpg)

No. 1232092

One of the fakest twitch streamers out there, known for being a nearly 30 year old man who acts like a innocent uwu anime boy (it's his only personality trait)

General Stuff:
>Cant handle any forms of criticism so has created a deranged fanbase of female simps who will attack you if you don't worship everything he does
>Acts clueless and innocent despite being in his late 20's
>Used an unbearable anime voice quite a few months ago but started talking more and more like a normal person in the past months
>Purposely misreads / misinterprets comments from his chat so he sympathy bait
>Acted upset for the rest of the stream after one of his friends told him not to reveal he was imposter before votes were casted
>Never tells his chat off for attacking other streamers (including his friends)
>Loves fishing for compliments and praise
>Claims to have had no friends before streaming (many of his pre streaming friends have unfollowed him)
>Claims to have an ex girlfriend from an online relationship that never really loved him
>Has said rude things and brushed them off as him being "clueless"
>Acts as if he's poor despite being one of the top streamers and his parents clearly being wealthy
>Strangely reluctant to give the artists of his emotes any credit


His ex girlfriend came forward with some claims…
>Said that he's fake, toxic, selfish, manipulative and emotionally abusive
>Were in a relationship for 3 years
>Broke up in late 2018 (got back together after 2 months) because she found out he did stuff early on in the relationship and lied about it
>Broke up for good after she found out he was lying to his fangirls about being single
>Her friends would try and invite him to do stuff but he would ignore them and then complain he had no friends
>Constantly talked bad about his friends (Lily and Aria have both been told about this)
>Has 2 permabanned league accounts
>Seemed weirdly obsessed with Lily (would keep up with what she was doing, when she was on vacation etc.)
>Gave Lily a huge bouquet of flowers when they met (he has told her and his stream that he apparently thought that was what you gave friends) and didn't even give his girlfriend flowers until she requested specifically
>Said his family is very rich

Someone on twitter also claimed (with some degree of proof)…
>They were 18 and a mod in his discord, talked to him nearly everyday
>He unmodded them and gaslighted them for defending one of their friends who was harassed by someone in the server
>Victim blamed the girl who got harassed
>One of their friends told them that he (Sykkuno) was being touchy with one of their friends who was 18 at the time (this happened in 2019)

Social Media Links:
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRAEUAmW9kletIzOxhpLRFw
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Sykkuno
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sykkuwu
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/sykkuno
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Sykkuno

No. 1232103

File: 1621281235826.png (166.4 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-025925.png)

Screenshots from his ex (1/14)

No. 1232105

File: 1621281343369.png (168.41 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-025956.png)

Screenshots from his ex (2/14)

No. 1232111

File: 1621281616767.png (176.96 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030050.png)

Screenshots from his ex (3/14)

No. 1232114

File: 1621281750439.png (162.18 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030121.png)

Screenshots from his ex (4/14)

No. 1232115

>They were 18 and a mod in his discord

So they’re an adult, what’s the deal? That isn’t grooming. What is the current milk and why couldn’t this be done in the twitch general?

No. 1232120

File: 1621282061804.png (151.63 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030209.png)

Screenshots from his ex (5/14)

No. 1232122

>>1232115 i saw that people wanted a separate thread for Sykkuno

also, a 27 year old being touchy with someone who just turned legal is weird (at least to me)

No. 1232123

File: 1621282394482.png (161.45 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030239.png)

Screenshots from his ex (6/14)

No. 1232128

File: 1621282541006.png (176.76 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030259.png)

Screenshots from his ex (7/14)

No. 1232132

File: 1621282698233.png (177.59 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030353.png)

Screenshots from his ex (8/14)

No. 1232136

File: 1621282829153.png (164.26 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030422.png)

Screenshots from his ex (9/14)

No. 1232143

File: 1621282981175.png (174.13 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030444.png)

Screenshots from his ex (10/14)

No. 1232144

File: 1621283119683.png (174.99 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030528.png)

Screenshots from his ex (11/14)

No. 1232145

File: 1621283223737.png (181.4 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030559.png)

Screenshots from his ex (12/14)

No. 1232148

File: 1621283315645.png (181.41 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030640.png)

Screenshots from his ex (13/14)

No. 1232150

File: 1621283414229.png (173.37 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030659.png)

Screenshots from his ex (14/14)

No. 1232153

File: 1621283599011.jpg (864.06 KB, 1296x5228, 20210517_213224.jpg)

Tweet from the person who claims to be an old sykkuno mod

No. 1232155

File: 1621283687909.jpg (103.01 KB, 828x1792, 20210504_064527.jpg)

Media from tweet (1/6)

No. 1232158

File: 1621283894653.jpg (91.68 KB, 828x1792, 20210504_064529.jpg)

Media from tweet (2/6)

No. 1232161

File: 1621284043232.jpg (114.51 KB, 828x1792, 20210504_064530.jpg)

Media from tweet (3/6)

No. 1232165

File: 1621284182537.jpg (95.79 KB, 828x1792, 20210504_064532.jpg)

Media from tweet (4/6)

No. 1232166

As much of a cow as syk is, does he really have enough milk to justify a whole thread? I feel like he only gets posted in the Twitch thread a few times a month with cringe shit at most.

No. 1232169

File: 1621284344158.jpg (139.92 KB, 828x1792, 20210504_064944.jpg)

Media from tweet (5/6)

No. 1232170

File: 1621284494118.jpg (138.99 KB, 828x1792, 20210504_064945.jpg)

Media from tweet (6/6)

No. 1232171

this thread will be covered in retarded tinfoils, i don't think he needs his own thread because people barely talk about him, if not at all (unless it's of course, weird nitpicks and tinfoils like what happened the last time he was on twitch thread).

No. 1232172

People have made good points about this threads usefullness but it will not let me delete the thread so I'll just leave it here to collect dust

No. 1232205

Fr it just seems like scorned fans realizing simping for some retard isn’t going to lead to a relationship. There might be more drama since every streamer is moving to Las Vegas but I sincerely doubt anything will happen during pandemic

No. 1232631

KEKW I'm here for it. These scrotes need to get knocked down several pegs. Especially the ugly ones like him.

No. 1233394

Same but I wish OP used a photo of this guy and not the anime pic since it validates his delusion/image of being an IRL uwu anime boi

No. 1241582

File: 1622333482116.jpg (60.12 KB, 687x458, E2b_OsgXEAAJWWD.jpg)


No. 1242197

File: 1622395708060.jpeg (647.39 KB, 2560x1920, 3631420C-4DDB-4B96-A416-6FE963…)

holy shit lmao

No. 1242745

he's so uwu. JFC he looks like a regular thirtysomething male of his race. And that hairline! No kawaii to see here.

No. 1244637

Amazing what a combover and some makeup can do for a guy. Dude is better at painting on his eyebrows than many of the femcows in the farms. I'm looking at you Shayna. kek

No. 1247606

If only there were as many people who hated Sykkuno as people who hate Lily. He's way more of a fake wannabe anime than she is

No. 1247655


No. 1247942

tbh would not be surprised if sykkuno was secretly one of lily's online haters lmao. Prior to his blowup he reeked incel nice guy vibes.

No. 1247956

File: 1623015752397.jpg (54.53 KB, 736x720, 9oyxytqyhzg51.jpg)

This photo is even worse

No. 1247970

Stfu newfag

No. 1247999

No. 1252986


>Seemed weirdly obsessed with Lily

Nowadays he seems to be obsessed with the vtuber Gawr Gura. His friends and chat play it out as a joke, but it seems to be more than that.

No. 1255687

File: 1623634992850.png (78.66 KB, 1170x346, Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 9.42.…)

Not really milk, but lilypichu (this is her alt account) exposed sykkuno for actually being 30 when everyone thought he just turned 29 last week.

No. 1255714

File: 1623637237332.jpeg (110.24 KB, 642x900, E3uoQ2qVkAIEbOU.jpeg)

I think some of us. Feel as if he's just a male lilypichu but he could be worse if there was more milk to the allegations, the way he plays the cute little femboy but without Photoshop or make up looking terrible or a catfish in real life.

It seems like he's using one of those face filters to hide the imperfections. It even looks like he's wearing a fake hair piece for his birthday celebration.

No. 1255715

If only he got half the shit lily got. The sexism is real.

No. 1256098

Lily forgets that she used to lie about her age and block people whenever they'd ask for her age too

No. 1256118

I agree

No. 1256134

File: 1623672281529.jpg (102.06 KB, 1099x908, E2SGfHnUcAEn9bB.jpg)

Shes really stopped caring after Michael showed up. Hope he breaks up with her hag ass once he grows up

No. 1256204

File: 1623679757698.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, 14637091896.webm)

Crossposting from the CH thread. The way he quickly covers up his face as the camera pans to him

No. 1256427

Lmao I’ve been around since lily was a topic but seething about craterface is pathetic.

No. 1256501

imagine fighting over subpar men lmao some girls on this site have the lowest fucking standards

No. 1256563

Nothing has changed

No. 1275654

Is this picture sykkuno when he was a baby or something? I know nothing really about him and his friends. Any1 know what the pic is referencing?

No. 1275792

Learn to sage. The post is referring to the one it quotes which is talking about how Lily lied about her age in the past so it's ironic she exposed Sykkuno lying about his. The image is a screencap from one of her home movies she recently shared from 1999 which lines up with her being born in 1991. That's her little brother in the picture, nothing to do with Sykkuno.

No. 1283781

File: 1627181384430.png (375.83 KB, 1652x2348, kek.png)

Sage for no milk but I'm dying at the fact that his linked business email is supposedly signed up for Pornhub. So innocent uwu.

No. 1311714

Omg. I laughed so hard reading this, I was amazed at what a lifeless person can do because of hate. thanks for the laughs, and get help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311725

that holehe thing is going to get some people divorced.

No. 1312748

Checked him out to see how fake is was. He does play into that persona. Nothing to say about the relationship shit but some of this information is horrible.

1. Criticism: Scarra, a member of OTV, sat down Sykkuno and told him everything he disliked about him and said Sykkuno handled everything well. Toast even hated him but now calls him someone who understands him.
2. Telling off chat: I agree to some degree. He avoids drama. But many other streamers who aren't friends with him expressed he would apologize offstream. His mods are quick to deal with hate comments.
3. Acting Poor: He never acted poor? Personally, what he sounds like was a college student. He said he isn't poor but also not rich and is stingy because he grew up poor/frugal. Clearly his parents are wealthy currently, but who is to say they once weren't?
4. Artists: He recently gave credit to an artist that made him 3 emotes. Gave credit to an artist that helped with his ad. And constantly thanks and recognizes people who draw him fanart. He even knows about tracing vs inspiration vs copying.

Obviously I know jack shit about this dude, but just watching some of his streams can give you basic information. Basic research and watching a few streams gives you so much more than a biased hate page. NGL he's not my type of streamer, but I just hate false information.(sage your shit)

No. 1312833

>biased hate page
you cunt where do you think you are

No. 1312887

As someone who knows him and several of the people around him, it's good you've tried to take an unbiased stance on this but you've still been duped. This 30 year old man is a major gaslighter and manipulator. He's gotten so big now - thanks to Lily always taking in horrible people under her wing - that a lot of the people he's creeped on or wronged are too afraid to draw attention to themselves. I'm hoping he's less of a weirdo these days because the guy used to give off major sociopathic vibes.

No. 1312923

>Still thinking lily is an innocent cinnamon roll whole being besties with Destiny, cp defender
Cute wk

No. 1312936

how has anything >>1312887 wrote lead you to
>an innocent cinnamon roll

absolute brain rot

No. 1314566

I used to think he was a weirdo and hated his cringe uwu softboy act but I've been watching some of his streams recently and he's been acting more normal. He doesn't keep up with the "innocent" act as often now and seems to be acting more his age which is good for him i guess. also it's kinda weird how none of his fans seem to be aware of the allegations made against him here.

No. 1314729

Sage newfag. I think spending time in GTA with people who aren’t uwu weebs was a good influence. You can tell he imitates personally traits from more extroverted funny boys so still cringe and his stans are cringe. But I’ll be quietly waiting for milk.

No. 1314974

The whole poor larping thing is really obvious when he gets subs or donations. Dude will be like “omg i can pay for dinner now” after getting a shit ton of money

No. 1317069

File: 1630936951273.jpeg (105.24 KB, 1113x845, 78F479B7-2CEA-4C66-9B3E-A6E7E1…)

I cant believe his fans think of him as cute and I’m not sure how they see him when he and toast are the ugliest peoples I’ve ever seen

No. 1317110

he looks like a shit.

No. 1317125

wow, i had no idea mario frequented lolcow

No. 1317767

yo he looks like a grandpa… also why roast toast? i agree with syk being ugly but toast is pretty normal looking to me

No. 1322837

sykkuno’s fanbase is like 90% 14 yo girls that idolise him lol. it’s crazy how many of em have a parasocial relationship with him and he doesn’t ever talk about it. was once on his stream and literally saw two people apologise to him for being late to the stream in the span of 5 mins.

No. 1323544


Because he knows they're his meal ticket.

Here's Sykkuno pushing the BS, 'I've never had a real gf/it was only an online relationship' line. He mentions GTA RP so it's a recent clip. I get streamers wanting to keep their relationships private, but straight up lying is really weird. He also must know it encourages toxic behavior from his fans and constant shipping whenever he interacts with any female streamers.

No. 1323564

1. Criticism: 'Scarra, a member of OTV, sat down Sykkuno and told him everything he disliked about him and said Sykkuno handled everything well. Toast even hated him but now calls him someone who understands him.'

I wouldn't rely on anything Scarra, Toast, or anyone from OTV or any other people he collabs with says. You think any of them are going to publically talk shit about him, especially now that he's as big as he is? He also has Lily's backing. That's also assuming they know about all the receipts. There's a clip of Toast praising Arcadum, and look what happened with that creep.
2. 'Telling off chat: I agree to some degree. He avoids drama. But many other streamers who aren't friends with him expressed he would apologize offstream. His mods are quick to deal with hate comments.'

Maybe he's improved, but I remember being in his chat a long time ago when somebody just made the comment about him streaming at a different time than normal. Sykkuno went off on the guy for a few minutes, going on about how he didn't like it 'that people think they know me' I also suggest you look up 'Sykkuno Roasts JadeyAnh' and tell me that's not some incel shit. I've also heard accusations of gaslighting from others. If he's cleaned up his chat and his behavior, great, but he did do that shit in the beginning.

3. 'Acting Poor: He never acted poor? Personally, what he sounds like was a college student. He said he isn't poor but also not rich and is stingy because he grew up poor/frugal. Clearly his parents are wealthy currently, but who is to say they once weren't?'

The water-bill, frozen burrito, and 'girls aren't into me' are now spun as memes, but they were straight up sympathy bait and a cash grab when he started out. Now he can't say with a straight face that he's poor or that girls aren't into him. Then, it was plausible. I forget the name of the town, but I'm pretty sure he grew up in a nice Bay Area suburb of SF. He also had a solid YT career before he started streaming, and had a Lexus for a while. Again, the whole 'poor' thing fits in with his 'girls aren't into me/my ex didn't really like me/it wasn't a real relationship', it's all designed to garner sympathy and donos/subs.

'Obviously I know jack shit about this dude, but just watching some of his streams can give you basic information. Basic research and watching a few streams gives you so much more than a biased hate page. NGL he's not my type of streamer, but I just hate false information.'

The false information is on his streams. There are receipts which contradict him. Again, don't go by what Toast, Scarra, Lily, or anybody who's his 'friend' says about him. Lily and Aria know he's talked shit about them and they still act like he's their friend. Streaming's a business; they're not going to expose him unless the stuff was serious enough. Remember, Arcadum was doing his creep shit for years before he got nuked. I bet the same was the case for Fed as well. His 'friends' are either unaware that Sykkuno's a shitbag or they don't care because views.

No. 1332789


Obviously his friends aren't the best sources, but I try to give benefit of the doubt. Just the optimistic retard in me. I do think back then before he blew up and when he blew up he was very fake. His voice was the most generic anime soft voice. Seeing some of his streams also showed me how easily he manipulates chat. Not saying he's not secretly a scumbag, but he seems different compared to before. His is voice is way more normal plus he acts more normally. But he does play into that uwu boy persona sometimes still which will never not be cringey. Honestly, we just have to wait to see if he is a jackass incel like Arcadum.

No. 1332816

he was horrified when he met corpse face to face and i can bet it was because he was an even bigger catfish than him lmao.

No. 1333661

Allegations are retarded, all of the girls he was in touch with mysteriously lost or deleted the convo

Dude has been acting like this for so long he deserves an oscar if his personality is actually fake KEK(sage)

No. 1333715

If you’re a sykkuno fan, you do realize you bumped this thread for the thousands of people who read this site to see? Exposing them to his scumminess? Go back to playing roblox

No. 1333849

File: 1632569907225.jpeg (68.43 KB, 736x720, 008507A3-0213-47E9-BEB2-DE81B9…)

His entire personality is fake and manufactured. You would have to be an idiot to believe otherwise.

No. 1346275


Complaining that streaming is difficult due to “unstable” income, he says on YT he is making 10x less than he used to during Among Us days.

Poor guy, he’s only the 28th highest earning streamer.

No. 1350365


I'd love to know how getting monthly subs makes streaming 'unstable'. 'Unstable' for Sykkuno probably means earning 75K a month instead of 100K.

No. 1351945


I love how Sykkuno can't avoid lying/being misleading. He first says that his YT vids make 10% of what they did during the Among Us craze, but then he just says he makes 10% in general. His videos making 10% isn't the same as him making 10%. His view-count hasn't gone down that drastically, and he still gets a ton of subs and donos. His YT revenue would have to represent the vast majority of his income for his statement to be true, which you'd have to be an idiot to believe if you look at how well he does on Twitch vs. YouTube. I also love the fact how he manages to complain about money, despite being in the top 30 streamers. The guy is such a deceitful, entitled prick.

No. 1351968

Does he wear that ugly fringe to cover up his receding hairline. This man is the biggest catfish

No. 1351976


Nothing wrong with doing things which make you look better on camera/IRL. It's the lying about his past relationship, including throwing his ex under the bus and claiming it wasn't a real relationship, and other things in his life in order to get donos from simps which is cringe. He basically does what Poki's detractors accuse her of doing, lying about her relationship status to farm simps, but he doesn't get called out because he's a guy.

No. 1351991

I mean if this thread is going to be bumped for no fucking reason anyways…

Anyone think his behavior towards gura is kind of obsessive? It reminds me of how he acted towards Lily when she was single. Gura is actually acknowledging him too in members only streams. I kind of hope they actually date because it would cause female/male simps of their fandoms to implode lmao

No. 1352840


Sykkuno acted like a weirdo with Lily even when she wasn't single. He said weird shit to her when she was with Albert and towards the beginning of her relationship with Michael. I can't tell if it's because he's a creep or a clout goblin. Probably both, TBH.

No. 1368439

People are cringe(necro)

No. 1432556

Fucking true lmoa

No. 1432561

Sykkuno's not gonna fuck you(unsaged necro/samefagging)

No. 1503683

most lilypichu haters are other women though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1551047

You talk about how two streamers are the "ugliest people you've ever seen". You call one person a cow and another a femcow. You talk about how one male streamer wears makeup and uses a filter then call him crater face, you laugh about how bad his hairline is then you discuss how ugly his combed over fringe looks. You say a streamer's persona is fake or their voice or their mannerisms, and type insults on a hate forum.

No streamer's physical imperfections will ever compete with how disgusting your heart is.

No streamer's made up persona or fake voice can ever be as pathetic as you writing insults on this forum.(newfag)

No. 1551448

wow good one jennifer

No. 1618084

Thread is dead lmao, the false accusations don't align, literally made from available knowledge from that time. These people did not do a very good job of digging up info. Haters only care when people are big to destroy them then forget about it.

No. 1618086

you bumped this faggots "dead" thread after 2 months inactivity kek

No. 1618105

Btw you guys sure are miserable for only looking for the worst in people. I feel like if you guys hear that a normally nice guy fight with his siblings your opinions would turn a complete 180, I honestly think simple jealousy is better than being that shallow of a person. But I guess haters will hate. I honestly wonder just who woke up and chose violence (well not really but I like that meme) also I saw someone reply as I was typing this and idk what to say… Kek? Kekekekekekeke… Ciao

No. 1618110

Sry just messing with whatever this thing is seemed fun, it's my first time in this kind of site I don't use internet often I just saw it on google images while looking at fanarts do emojis work?

Anyways bye!!!

Oh… I can't input a name…(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1618128

the only thing cringier than sykkuno is his fan base. jesus fucking christ what was that?

No. 1618139

Lmao kill yourself

No. 1618484

Wow!! A real life retard!! Tell me, how does it feel to be retarded???

No. 1621081


From what I see of sykkuno, it just feels like he is much more manipulative and cunning than he appears on stream (I watch OTV a lot). The guy is a multi-millionaire, 30+ year old, has a master's degree, and yet plays an image of a 16 year old uwu boy, talks about how girls don't like him (even when there's crowds of girls at every fan meet), and talks about his "water bill" (guy is a multi-millionaire), etc. It feels like the image is designed to appeal and get sympathy from certain fans, etc.

Maybe he hasn't done anything bad, but I definitely think there's more to this guy then just the "nice guy" image he puts on. Only time will tell.

No. 1621668


Look, unless you believe the park-bench allegations, Sykkuno is just a manipulative liar and douche who threw his ex under the bus to farm pity/donos, fostered a toxic chat early on through gaslighting and brigading, and who spread rumors/lies about his 'friends '. No receipts point to him being anything more than a tool.

No. 1677017

Anyone knows anything about what's happened with sykkuno/toast/miyoung (kkatamina)? I think toast and kkatamina used to go out, and then all of a sudden they stopped appearing together on stream. Now sykkuno and miyoung are always playing games together on stream. Feels like sykkuno stole toast's girlfriend lol.(necro)

No. 1677025

Toast/miyoung were dating. Sykkuno is dating an artist named weenie. Sykkuno, Rae, Yvonne, Leslie, and miyoung live in the same fucking house and are roommates, therefore they’re always making content together.

No. 1915828

I’ve seen no one mention this so far, but Sykkuno follows a crap ton of Only Fans girls on Instagram and they follow him back.

I’m expecting some tea from one of them one day. Assuming he elicits nudes and stuff.

I think Scarra said Sykkuno was surrounded by girls at parties but he said they were “V tubers” so I don’t consider that very impressive. Only Fans girls now that would be impressive. I still do think he’s awkward to an extent since I think he’s mostly e-dated people, never had like a real relationship that we know of.(newfaggotry)

No. 1915840

Had to necro the thread for this, Isabelle?

No. 1916144

Why not? Just bc the tea is kinda boring doesn’t mean there’s none.

No. 1916158

Anyways, I’m off again.


No. 1919290


>Fr it just seems like scorned fans realizing simping for some retard isn’t going to lead to a relationship

It's also people who just recently realised that sites like this exist and are grateful that they aren't alone in thinking he's fake. He IS fake. It's a relief.

He reminds me of another uwu nice guy streamer who was also openly a prick in the past. (Actually, a few of them. I'm making a list now. For personal use. Especially after the Bentellect thing.)

I guess it may not fit exactly, but it's useful. Some of us are bad at following our gut feeling, and these threads help a lot. And because uwu manipulators have a tight grip and the game do a lot of false flagging, there's nowhere to talk.

Just wanted you to know: it's useful.

(If I bumped the thread, sorry. I think I saged correctly)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1919309

>think I saged correctly
You didn't anon, to do so type "sage" in the email field and go read the rules, integration is a part of the site culture (true of almost all imageboards) and expected of you, especially if you enjoy reading here and want to contribute earnestly. Also no unique names.

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