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No. 1206648

Dog hater.
>Starts a channel about hating dogs, after a cat eats her birds she started to hate them too
>Claims to love and protect children and anyone who hates children is a psychopath
>Thinks that hating children is racist, while hating dogs is not
>Spergs in a video how making anthromophic animals is bad
>Blocked by another dog hate channel for
>Blocked her friend for disagree with her
>thinks Anyone who hates her is a sociopath
While she has a whiny hatedom and fandom,somewhat her videos are agreeable do you guys think shes a cow?
Social media links:
İnstagram:https://instagram.com/melinananaj?igshid=1pshnens7lis0 (?)
Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008362425055(shit thread)

No. 1206649

what the fuck is going on here.

No. 1206663


No. 1206717

>Thinks that hating children is racist, while hating dogs is not

Well yeah, hating dogs isn't racist.

No. 1206765

Dog people are crazy

No. 1206777

>Dog hater.

No. 1206785

Well, the fact she's a hater of dogs is based. Children, too. Cats, now that's crossing a line a bit, imo.

No. 1206805

>They use creepy baby talk when talking about dogs using words like doggo and pupper. I find this very annoying"

I love it so much, I wish she were a psuedoscience wingnut but going thru her FB shows she just seems like a liberal boomer.

No. 1206806

if you want to discuss if she's a cow or not, go to /pt/ in the thread requests thread. Don't shit up /snow/ with your pro dog autism.

No. 1206818

I'm sorry I have to post one more time but 3:25 on this video is so fucking funny. Thanks for posting this lady.. such a good laugh.

No. 1206828

File: 1618270001911.jpg (72.16 KB, 500x867, 38yh2p.jpg)

Kinda rare to see a vegan who hates dogs and cats. Not a cow tho.

No. 1206830

Who hates a cat?? Like why

No. 1206862

Holy shit, I discovered her "frito paw" video a long while ago and wondered if she had been posted here before. This lady is weird and obsessed.

No. 1207008

This is just a freak. Clear cut.

No. 1207023

Always knew dog haters were mentally ill. This is unsurprising, the "based!!1" posters ITT are in heavy denial.
I bet she's the same freak who was posting fantasies in /ot/ about the smells of dog's assholes.

No. 1207030

This woman is pretty retarded, but dog hate is based.

No. 1207225

I don't really like dogs myself, but how is it based?

No. 1207256

she sounds insane, "cancelling" vsauce because he showed a grown "shitbull" instead of a puppy? like that’s a crime? what a nutjob.
but i’m not sure she deserves her own thread… you should’ve probably just posted
this in the youtubers thread.

No. 1207984

Well she is

No. 1207988

>Starts a channel about hating dogs, after a cat eats her birds she started to hate them too

I'm sorry but why is this so fucking funny, it's like a badly written villain origin story plot

No. 1208078

> 2.47k subs
> obvious sperg and or schizo tier bullshit
> I-I-I think she's kind of based tho
Smells of selfpost lunscy

No. 1208154

I think modern pet culture is pretty sad, although I can't say I dislike dogs. I can't get behind 'my dog/cat is my baby' or 'i hate x race of people because they eat dogs' either. I mean there is an aspect of modern western culture where people are obsessed with pets to the point where they overshadow human relationships and I think we need to talk about it. Just log into reddit any day of the week.

However wanting to ban dogs completely and conflating a dog in the same home as a child as being child abuse? (She has actually said this in her vids) I think this lady is nuts. Wanting people to stop owning dogs completely? I think this lady is nuts.

She makes some good points, but she takes it too far.

No. 1208157

Cats do kill birds anon. I mean there are things we can do about it without wiping out every feline like this lady suggests.

No. 1210532

The channel I HATE DOGS is quite hilarious and accurate about the dog nuttery epidemic

This afro-american think all dogs should be exterminated and he prove it with BIG FACTS and LOGIC

"Dog only view their owner as a source of food. All it care about is eating and shitting"(racebait)

No. 1219825

What the hell? Pretty sure melina has more logic, even dog haters admitted hes bad at arguments.

No. 1329825

Lmfao thanks for the laugh

No. 1331514

>be me
>go for a walk
>be stalked by off leash dogs multiple times
>owners see and don't really care
>walk past a fenced off yard
>dogs slamming themselves into the fence while barking wildly like they want to kill me
>iT's JuSt WhAt DoGs Do
>hear numerous people irl "joke" about how much they hate cats and want to murder them and everyone thinks it's hilarious

I'm sorry for posting off topic in this shit thread but I couldn't resist the urge when I saw the topic. Anyone else just sick of getting legit gaslighted for not liking those maulers?

No. 1356665

I feel ya nonnie.
Agree 100%
I immediately consider any doggo pupperino etc etc defender/ cat hater as subhuman garbage and discard any of their opinions as irrelevant.

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