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summary of drama? she was pro-ed, taking all sorts of drugs, neglecting her health, and later met her fate on March 24th.

The strange thing about her passing is how Sam Kulji(her best friend) behaved. Only ONE day after, he creates a gofundme in her honor. Claiming that he will use the money donated to NEDA. Which sounds nice but shouldn't the $$ go to her family? to someone actually related to her? It's very obvious to me that he is just a user and an enabler. A lot of people in the IG ED community were really affected by her passing- some actually had a brain and raised skepticism. Sam responded by saying they are just haters/have no life/should get a job etc. He also bragged about the influx of followers he obtained and acted as the official spokesperson of her passing. He made use of the attention towards him and even advertised his at&t referral link.

Oh, and according to him she passed away on the 23rd but her death certificate says the 24th.

Aly info:

~*~*tumblr post that made her famouz~*~*~ : https://idrathergotohell.tumblr.com/post/162876970598/daintyaly-56-and-100-lbs/amp

Sam's info:
go scam me (proceeds go to a known drug abuser who is somehow trusted to donate the $$$ to charity. yeah right)

Direct link to death certificate:

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fuck off.

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Post this to pro-ana scumbags thread. No one else cares.

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pro ana thread was locked.

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No it’s not, you just need to lurkmore, sage your shit, and visit lolcow.info for fuck’s sake.

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