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File: 1616041423209.jpg (189.5 KB, 1080x1310, 154684128_1905640016255775_901…)

No. 1187195

>25 year old musician/entrepreneur/instathot
>Has fetishes for DDLG, incest, rape, etc
>Was a camgirl/sugar baby at 16 years old, used to post pornography with themes of child abuse and sexual assault
>Has a lot of minor fans (due to being friends with Melanie Martinez), still posts pictures of herself in lingerie/topless (but still technically sfw)
<Romanticizes serial killers purely for the edge points
<Admitted to some very fucked up shit on her old Tumblr blog (which has since been deleted)
>Now makes shitty sadgirl music, owns a jewelry store online, and makes YouTube videos promoting said jewelry.

Instagram: @yungelita, @elitamusic, @elitasjewelry, @elitaharkov2
Tumblr: @elitaisdead (inactive), @yungangelita (deleted)
Twitter: @elita_harkov (inactive)
Jewelry site: elitaharkov.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9cHP0lWR2WoWASkUTz30Q

Didn't see a thread about her yet, but she definitely qualifies for one.(shit thread)

No. 1187407

Why is "she started whoring herself out underage" always the go-to BPDchan attempt at making their personal vendettas lolcow worthy?

This wouldn't even make a splash in the personal cow thread.

No. 1276700

Finally a thread on this girl. She had a whole tumblr that was archived by the way back machine and she would repost pictures of rape kink, said she believed incest was cool, said pedos were cool, and when I saw someone try to argue that it was wrong that she said that, everyone excused her for being “13.” It’s like these people don’t know how to do any fucking research. If they did, they would know this chick is 25, and made the tumblr post back in 2015, she would have been 19-20. Weird how some people will wanna suck on her right tit.

No. 1276769

Glad someone finally made a thread on her. Forgot how her dad paid for her boob job and some other cosmetic surgeries I believe

No. 1276862

File: 1626316563970.jpeg (216.54 KB, 1242x677, AB25D041-89F0-4529-8150-4F9457…)

Does anyone know why she’s losing followers all of a sudden? She has 1 million, then I saw she had 992k, now it’s 988k. What’s going on?

No. 1276866

If it's not drama related, it's probably just IG purging bots

No. 1277067

I remember her tumblr from years and years ago because of her feud with Jasmandreamer and that Quinn girl from Canada who were living together as nudists in Australia, that was actually some pretty decent milk at the time

No. 1277068

I remember she had quite extensive thread on PULL where they exposed so much dirt on her, from info on her rich father to her photos pre boob surgery to more important stuff like posting and admitting to liking incest, DDLG and other shit on her tumblr and old socials. I have old receipts i could look for if anyones interested in discussing this cow. I see she mellowed out a bit and her new fans dobt know about drama anymore though.

No. 1277220

Ah yes, instragram’s biggest butterface.

No. 1277666

Yes please post more! I have a vague recollection of her having beef with holli vale as well? I remember Holli actually calling her a butter face >>1277220 (kek)
saying the only nice thing about her was her tits, or something like that. I hate how this was deemed a “shit thread” bc I’d always wanted more milk on her as well. In fact I’m going to check out her PULL thread if it’s still there.

No. 1277671

Who is Holly Vale? Any socials?

No. 1277673

I don’t remember them all. Most recent was @hollirx on Instagram?
>Her sister was h00dbrat (Sophie or Sophia) and they were apart of/friends w those LA rich benzo kids.
>Attended those lame ass “heaven” party’s thrown by that troon Lulo.
>Had a drug “fling” with Clare Buley.

And there was drama around a girl (forget her name) overdosing and causing brain damage. Holli was connected because she provided the drugs. Again, this was like like 2012-15 or some shit so I have no caps, it’s just what I remember.

No. 1277675

File: 1626415994757.jpeg (159.36 KB, 750x1065, 4C72B89D-D1AF-4521-B61B-88D917…)

Samefag, I just remembered she was heroingranola on tumblr. That was how I found her. She’s been posted on lolcow before but I’m not sure where.

No. 1277742

Omg finally i thread about this bitch. I never got the faking Russian persona, why?? I used to follow her Instagram but i must’ve missed the drama.

No. 1277744

Is she going for an underage look because she looks like a grown woman. These women who feed mens pedo fetishes need to be called out. It's disgusting.

No. 1277803

Pretty sure she uses yung the same way rappers use it in their names. Not saying she's not pedo pandering but that thing in particular means nothing.

No. 1277943

Yes sure i will post all that stuff in the evening when i get more time, cause i want to include photos. I watched the drama unfold. I dont remember her beef with Holi but thete was another girl posting similar risky photos like her. Dont remember the name ill post later. She followed yungelita and they were sharing messages but later she was told Emma was often reporting her account just to get rid of a rival. Yungelita was often hostile or indifferent to her female fans and copied a whole bunch of slavic instagrammers.
Anyway her name is Emma Harvey and she's canadian not some etheral russian nymph kek.

No. 1278089

Is that a dried blood splatter on the wall from injecting, yikes

No. 1278108

Not sure if she has her own thread but most milk on her was in Lilith Levisis threads, especially earlier ones.

No. 1278131

Kek. I remember this butter face blocked me on both her accounts when I was 15. i commented that she’s a junky whore who needs to stop romanticizing mental illness and serial killers. All her followers attacked me and then I was blocked lmao. I probably shouldn’t have been so mean but I was a kid. I always thought she was very ugly in the face. She looks very masculine. She had a nice body even though it’s fake. When I was a minor I thought her pics were artsy and cool. It always rubbed me the wrong way that she’d read the comments on her posts but never reply to her fans and would only block the people who left hate. She seems like a bitch. I don’t know why Melanie Martinez, let Fuglita in her movie.
It’s nasty that Fuglita wrote on her tumblr that her “pussy was tighter than a 12 year old”

No. 1278159

Birds of a feather flock together. Melanie must be into very same shit. She sexualized babies on that album which had a storyline about a 5 year old drinkin, killing, fucking, stealing boyfriends and getting raped or something. She wore tshirt saying daddy and sucked on pacifiers. Melanie stans discovered pull thread and kept warning their idol who Emma is but Melanie ignored it so i guess she doesn't care. Other than that Melanie wasn't left with many friends when the Timothy girl accused her of raping (apparently she said she lied last year buy quickly deleted? Idk that girl kept thriving with fashion opportunities after that but she disappeared entirely this year. Last thing she did was living off onlyfans and posting porny photos. Idk what to make of that and what was true.) Its possible that after drama Emma was the only friend Melanie still had. Idk knowing what "Elita" posted, this friendship doesn't speak well of Melanie Martinez.

No. 1278267

Kek Mel posted recently (maybe what, 2-3 months ago) that she herself isn’t into ddlg and finds it to be messed up or something along those lines of basically disgracing it. I found it funny since she’s best friends with one of the biggest ddlg fags on the internet.

No. 1278364

File: 1626479839804.jpg (211.92 KB, 749x500, 7690482552_93ca382142_c.thumb.…)

Incoming info and photo dump. what i remember for now:
>Real name is Emma Harvey, she was from New Foundland, Canada. Her father is an "award-winning, international, bestselling novelist, filmmaker, and journalist", Kenneth Joseph Thomas Harvey. Emma acted in a couple of his short movies with titles like "I'm 14 And I Hate The World" (i'm not kidding lol). These videos were once available on his Vimeo but he deleted them after people discovered Emma's identity and they started messaging him about what his daughter posts on tumblr (which he didn't know about and he got rightfully pissed off).
>She and another chick used to run a typical 2012-2013 hipster fashion blog called Wolf&Harkov (wolfandharkov.blogspot.com)
>Used to run a horrible quality clothing store called Pill Princess, handmade stuff with her sister. She later studied clothes making and posted photos from her fashion show. it was hilarious cause she couldn't even bother to iron her "designs" so models were walking in visibly wrinkled shit.
>Scammed people on Depop, wouldn't send clothes or send them wrinkled/stained. Scammed people posted on PULL more on that
>claimed someone stole money from her bank account and made gofundme moneybegging scam
>at one point was prescribed and further addicted to Xanax, but even when she quit it she continued to milk it and romanticize drug use for years after
>claimed to be 12/13 at various points when she was 18/19. lies frequently about age. Born August 1995.
>claims to be Russian nymph living in some forest etc., pretends she doesn't come from rich family
>claimed to be "celibate" etheral virgin but at the same time posted about losing virginity in 2013 or 2014 and posted stuff like photo of her sleeping in bed with Hedley vocalist
>photoshops to hell and back and uses waist trainers but denies it all
>it is speculated her boobs were a graduation gift by her father. Emma always ignored praise comments from fans but she ALWAYS replied to people saying she had a boob job just to yell it's all natural and "it's called puberty!" lol; her old photos claim otherwise
>on her insta stories posted gore, self harm, serial killers, scenes from porn, rape kink and torture photos, people gagged/bound, as well as couple having sex with a girl asphyxiated with a plastic bag on her head (screenshots of this exist if you want to see but i decided to leave out it)
>admits to liking incest and all that daddy nonsense
>associates herself with shady people and businesses including Dollskill and Doe Deree. Ofc loves Terry Richardson (he follows her back). For Lime Crime shoot she dressed as Lolita
>she was a camgirl and a sugar baby, which she once bragged about and posted stuff she was sent from her daddy just to vehemently deny sugaring and camming later
>posted a selfie with cum on her face
>posted and sold her "art" on Depop, read horrible scribblings of people fucking made on a wallpaper scraps/Spongebob porn
>steals look and vibe ideas from slavic insta girls like Joanna Kuchta and Hoffmanita. These girls follow her but Emma wouldn't stoop so low to follow them even though their her main source of ideas

guess it's going to be longer, it's hard to bring everything at once. good news is her entire PULL thread is archived on Web Archive, you can go through all pages (just open them in new tabs cause for some reason PULL freezes when switching pages in same card). it's a goldmine of her old photos, kekworthy photos and proofs of her disturbing shit. i'm posting most i can recall now but it's not nearly all

No. 1278365

File: 1626479924530.png (399.7 KB, 914x2162, yungelita receipts.png)

Emma admitting to being into incest on old tumblr. There was an option to see what she likes on tumblr and people discovered it was full of ddlg and incest porn

No. 1278369

File: 1626479987776.png (477.44 KB, 1380x1116, sugaring.png)

sugaring receipts

No. 1278370

File: 1626480016251.png (205.78 KB, 1232x784, sugaring2.png)

part 2

No. 1278372

File: 1626480066103.png (Spoiler Image,131.18 KB, 281x500, camgirl.png)

camgirl receipt

No. 1278376

File: 1626480214120.png (292.69 KB, 585x504, lies.png)

lying about her upbringing. no way father didn't give her money. it was a direct reaction to PULL, she read her thread constantly and passive aggresively responded to small things in a way that you knew she was aware. it was suspected she could've used some sockpuppet accounts to defend herself, you could guess from the way it was written.

No. 1278378

File: 1626480302746.jpg (154.83 KB, 814x884, videos.jpg)

screens from her father videos

No. 1278379

File: 1626480346513.jpg (714.45 KB, 1644x1744, old photos.jpg)

her old photos pre Yungelita persona lol

No. 1278380

File: 1626480383874.jpg (274.88 KB, 1549x1600, old photo emo.jpg)

add more Avril Lavigne lol

No. 1278384

File: 1626480504486.png (807.16 KB, 1316x590, tits2.png)

same bra, different tits

No. 1278393

File: 1626481322605.png (480.33 KB, 815x458, 2s.png)

Melanie Martinez vibes.
there's so much more to unpack but enough for now. i can post more depending on what you anons want to talk about or you can find it yourself on archive.

No. 1278451

This reminds me of her shitty acting job in Mel’s “movie”

No. 1278803

Oh shit, can't believe she was a Newfie the whole time. Such Russian.

No. 1279431

I might be a dumbass but how do you access PULL archives? I've tried and I can't

No. 1279851

on web.archive.org paste this:

it will show you a calendar of screenshots, hover over some blue circled date, it will show you 1 or more snapshots numbers (hours when snap was taken i guess), click on whichever one. to go further you can just replace numbers of the site in page=1 part of the link, in your usual browser link tab or in wayback machine one. you can also use 1 2 3 next page forum thing that was usually on PULL but if you do this, i advice to open it in a new tab, it oddly freezes otherwise. you can also access PULL main clicking on the header but remember not every thread of the site was archived. I personally archived some i wanted before PULL closed and i can tell it was a lot of work

No. 1299955

I have her old pull whole thread in pdf if anyone wants it lol(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1299963

Had no idea this was the girl in the Melanie Martinez film, didn't even know she was a cow.

Wild, also l2sage >>1299955

No. 1299989

God I wish there was more milk from this time. I loved that Canadian nudist insta girl crowd. Quinn’s plastic surgery got a bit out of hand tho

No. 1300012

Yeah, I wish there was still a way to find the posts from back then. Do you remember how Quinn and Jasmine would order McDonalds burgers without the meat patties and take those weird dark photoshoots with them using only the flash? And true, but I thought both of them seemed like they were getting a lot of work done at the time

No. 1300378

Yes I remember, and also the random pics of them nude in public that would occasionally go viral. there’s a lot of Quinn’s pics archived by her scrote followers online and on Reddit if you look up “lvangel69” you can find it. She also now has an onlyfans as well but it’s a lot of reposts, I think she became more private after getting into a relationship, and people online were criticizing her injections. But damn her tumblr and snapchat were wild back then kek

No. 1305969

Does she really have an onlyfans now? Wtf…

No. 1307805

hardly surprising but onlyfans makes no point in her case, she used to post nudes daily on her social media for free. i'm more surprised she makes music now, that she actually hired musicians and plans to go on tour with her nonsense. what kind of people would like to buy ticket to see her sing live? it's even hard to believe that her old fans from 5 years back or so would still actively look up to her, she's forgettable

No. 1313397

Her peak of fame was in 2017, now she changed lol

No. 1313509

why do you think she changed? i remember only a year ago she still played her "psycho girl posting porn gore and liking incest" schtick and read her pull thread obsessively. don't know if she continues that "psycho" shit but she still wears childish clothes, posts nudes and boring playing with knives photos/clips. she posts minimally less nudity and gained weight but she's pretty much same. i agree though that she's long past her popularity peak and probably alot of people moved on.
OP didn't mention but she has a tiktok too as elitaharkov

No. 1315426

Middle ones are obvious breast forms

No. 1324757

I dont like her but i kinda miss the 2016 omighty tumbrl era(necro)

No. 1376530

File: 1637972054508.jpeg (10.1 KB, 259x194, F6B768CA-DDAC-421E-BA65-4E4EFF…)


No. 1377234

File: 1638059322858.png (1.61 MB, 900x894, emma.png)

Since someone bumped… i wonder does she have any job? or still using rich father's money? cause how much money could she make on instagram, or "Elita music" (cover "art" related). also curious if Melanie finally dropped her. she's been literally lying around in lingerie and showing off kawaii knives for the last 8 or 9 years lol. she used to be way more milky a few years ago, with her disgusting interests & beef with other tumblrinas. even she seems bored with herself now.
at least she seems to have stopped with "daddy" shit, but could be wrong.

No. 1454370

File: 1646095179090.jpg (92.61 KB, 640x640, 20211007-yungelita-sour-switch…)

A question about this "sour switchblade" CD cover:

Wiki says the single was released on 2021-10-07.

But I could swear I've personally seen this specific image prior to that…like, back in 2017. It would have been within the context of a discussion related to Melanie Martinez, so I'm not confusing it with some other random Tumblrina's emo bullshit. It might not have had the wording on it at the time. (For all I know Elita plagiarized it.)

Can anybody recall having seen this image posted anywhere (by Elita or someone else) prior to release of the single?

Screenshots are ideal but anecdotes are helpful too. TIA

No. 1454476

Ok so i don't keep up with her anymore since she turned milkless and pretends she's pure angel who never liked incest and daddys xanax and stuff. however… Do you mean she plagiarized the photo idea or stole someone's pic entirely? Cause "concept" wise that photo is absolutely unoriginal, and more or less a copy of a copy of a copy anyway. Tumblr is and was full of bitches taking "edgy" photos with pink kawaii knives, and stores countless photos just like that. i believe it's 99% stolen visuals, but i'm afraid you won't find the "original" - it's such a repetitive, such overused pic, a girl lying on the floor with a pink knife. There's no way to find who "did it first" cause literally every tumblrina had a pic like that.
I don't think it's a pic of a different girl, looks like Emma to me. same short, stumpy fingers. Emma Harvey posted plenty of those stupid knives pics a few years back and looks like she didn't move on from that phase at all. so that's possible she took this photo a few years back and reused for a CD cover. Or you just can't tell the difference cause all of her photos are identical, lol.

No. 1454496

File: 1646109724033.jpg (628.96 KB, 1920x1441, vvvvv.jpg)

Old milk since she it's 2019 and she got really fat since then, but lol what a fucking hypocrite. Writes such caption while posting literal bodychecking video in which she sucks her stomach and pulls up and down pants that are visibly too big for her, several times in a row. pics don't show it off properly enough but idk how to post a video here. "Insecure", maybe about your butterface but not about body. she literally has 2 main accounts and like 3 side accounts for her music and necklaces and she posts her tits and butt on each almost every day. people weren't buying it at all though

No. 1911893

File: 1696988641838.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 935x1527, Screenshot_20231010-203159.png)

Haven't seen anyone talk about this but apparently in 2016 Elita slept with convicted rapist Jacob Hoggard of the band Hedley and posted it on Snapchat (third picture is a comparison photo from google to show it's really him)

No. 1911930

Child predator vibes

No. 1911932

yep, she did, i remember people talking bout it online. Btw it's kind of mindblowing how she "cleaned up" her image and now posts sweet coquette pics instead of porn, and how she mostly has dumbass impressionable teen girls as her audience while in 2016 her fans were primarily old pervs, pedos and married scrotes jacking it off to her pics behind wives back (which she boasted about and showed convoscreenshots).
I'm sure she doesn't mind rapists, she used to post incest porn on her tumblr and kidnapping/rape fantasy photos straight up to her insta stories, all of this is still on PULL archive but guess her current fans have no idea.

No. 1912405

It's like Covid was a chance for shitty attention whores nobody liked anymore to start fresh with a clean slate & pander to newadults with no real memory or concept of reputation

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