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No. 160523

I saw some other anons in the Quitting Weed with Shayna thread >>24354 asking for this and I also want to post about shitness (Shay fitness). Let’s hold each other accountable by posting fat Shat, sharing fitness regimens, healthy meals, and tips to curb cravings!

No. 160525

File: 1681169817682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,196.02 KB, 1936x1936, 398D6E77-D159-4095-967E-8F0220…)

Posting this as a first post here because the before and after drives me insane. I’m a former gymrat who now uses school as my excuse for not working out. I haven’t smoked a cigarette or vaped in 3+ years but I want to stop and buy nicotine every day. I want to improve my cardio but I was always big into heavy lifting because I was bullied for being tall and skinny/bony/lanky, I like yoga, and have done those within the last year. For some reason I want to run, even though it’s so painful emotionally and physically kek. I was big into treadmill running at some point 10 years ago and wish I was a cute cardio bunny. Basically I feel like I’m at a fork in the road. I want to have good cardio and feel good and my addict brain says nicotine and my idealist brain says run. How can I start running without getting shin splints? How do I warm up? Can I run on pavement (I’m 27, in good health but don’t want to fuck my joints)? What stretches do I do afterward? I know I could find this on the web but the wealth of information is too much. I want to hear what nonnie has to say kek.

No. 160526

File: 1681173269452.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.3 KB, 1125x1509, 258B6173-354D-40C5-92CB-1B3DAD…)

Hi!!! Fellow tall lanky nonna, always was heavy into cardio but recently got into weights as well and am loving the variety. I rollerblade a lot and it’s finally warm where I live so I can. If you have the coordination and inclination (as well as access to paved trails and areas) I would highly recommend as it is way easier on the joints than running. I still do sprints on the track at my local pavilion gym and also try to do a few laps grapevining if you know what those are! I recommend those mountain climber/gazelles at the gym too if you don’t want to hurt yourself running but want to get the same range of motion. If you have a local park district they may have a gym that’s emptier of people and cheaper than a membership elsewhere, mine is a great deal and it’s only a handful of nice old people at the time in the mornings that I go. Recently kicked back up to 6 days a week, RIP me lmao. A good shoe and good ankle and arch supports (inserts are great) will help with running on pavement, and if you DO get shin splints you can use a frozen spoon to relieve aches. Stretch lightly before, more deeply after. I like to do a full range of body stretches and use a stopwatch timer to make sure I do 30 seconds or 1min per side/stretch. Yoga is amazing in tandem with running!

Shaynus genuinely is a motivator for me every single workout I would rather skip kek. I actually recently got my cert as a trainer after a painstaking year getting back into my peak fitness (I was v depressed for…a lot of 2021 and 22 lmao) DONT DO THE NICOTINE HAHA U WILL RAGRET NONNA. Also jogging with sprint and walk intervals is a really good way to get into it and actually will get you fitter faster! Can’t wait to hear about your progress!

No. 160528

A good pair of shoes, first and foremost! Protecting your feet, & thus the rest of your body is important. 2nd, strength training will help with your form and posture, which will result in less injuries. ALWAYS warm up first, with dynamic (moving) stretches, & cool down with static (staying still) stretches to help release lactic acid and improve flexibility. Do not overdo it, especially as a beginner… an injury will fuck you for days, weeks, or longer so take it easy. Nike has a free running app that will help with training, from beginner runs to marathons. And of course, fuel your body accordingly to repair itself. Also, pickle juice really helps to prevent sore muscles / body parts, idk the science behind that but it works. &, if you are running outside - look into running vests with hydration packs to stay hands free. Carry pepper spray, small snacks like candy for a carb boost (you probably won't need snacks as a beginner, but perhaps useful if you'd prefer to walk long distances) & always take different paths to stay safe. Otherwise… a good sports rated, sweat-proof sunscreen, a hat, and uv protective clothing if you care about that. Or just treadmill. Find a good treadmill with a high incline for an extra strength-training bonus. Some of the modern ones even have exercise based games to play. Hope this helps, have fun nonnies!

No. 160529

I’m really trying to change my life and get my diet under control. I’ve always been really strong and have great discipline when it comes to exercising. I regularly attend HIIT classes at my gym, weight train, run and do yoga. I’m extremely active and I love movement! It really helps my depression (I’m a former lazy pothead) and keeps me entertained. That being said I have a super sloppy diet. I constantly yo-yo in weight because I’m either super strict and healthy or I basically eat whatever I want and go on junk binges.. I’m sick of the mentsility I have with food and I genuinely want a healthy relationship with eating. I’m trying to stick to some simple rules like getting adequate protein, not exceeding my TDEE 6/7 days of the week, eating full servings of fruits and veg and not having binges unless it’s maybe a holiday or something special. I used to live a lot like Shayna does- I was fat, lazy and a major pothead. My body already looks so much healthier since I’ve started regularly moving and not smoking weed a few years ago. I’m ready to drink more water and be hashtag thriving kek

No. 160531

I don’t wear cute clothes anymore cause I gained some weight I can’t imagine still dressing slutty or cute after gaining weight and just seeing how hot I was lmao but I want to lose weight with fasting and cardio 4 times a week

No. 160543

If you want to burn fat more quickly putting on a bit of muscle will help! Try doing a stair machine if you have access for like 10 min on a lower speed (it has bonus booty and thigh pump/toning!) along with jogging and eating well. Intermittent fasting is good but also remember to feed yourself well bc you deserve it especially when working out regularly!

No. 160544

This! Fasting can be useful in certain situations but for longevity, a nutrient-rich diet is your best bet. Especially if you struggle with binging. It's tempting to go balls to the wall when you want to get started losing weight, but taking it slow will make it easier to build healthy habits.

No. 160549

If it’s not too cringe I feel like we should post yummy healthy (or mostly healthy/macro friendly hehe) meals for inspo and also because it’s fun to dunk on Shayna’s charcoochie boards and pink wine kek. I was thinking about making a pretty veggie/grain/protein bowl this week! I fully understand if this is too cringe even for shaytards tho lmao

No. 160550

File: 1681249097318.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.61 KB, 394x868, 3D0D4EEB-0F31-490F-AC73-ED5F36…)

Thank you nona!!! I appreciate your enthusiasm and YES I WILL NOT SMOKE THE NICOTINE KEK
Thank you nonnie! I appreciate you and your safety tips ♥

No. 160551

File: 1681250465186.jpeg (113.26 KB, 750x1334, 001F6CAF-42BF-497F-967D-C8E861…)

Lol nona please, how is posting recipes in a fitness thread cringe…
These are some of my favorite dinners that are easy to add lots of veg into. They’re easily made veg/vegan. Also, my tip for looking at obnoxious mommy blogs with billions of ads is to click the Print option if there is one. Makes it way easier to access the recipe directly when unlocking your phone/tablet over and over while cooking.

No. 160552

Oooh yum & good tip re the printing! Also I’m TA and idk I got scared of some of the rabid mean anons who like to shit on fun in the Shay threads kek

No. 160554

I understand nona. I don't know why they would come to /shay/ though, they can go shuck themselves. Do you have any recipes to share? I've been wanting to try chia pudding, my retarded, bless her heart best friend told me "caca" or "chichi" was healthy and good to put in it, she said it was darker than dark chocolate…I'm assuming she meant cacao powder or something…

No. 160559

damn was shayna ana back in the day or did she just take care of herself?

No. 160561

Prob a combo of youth, eating well (her bf at the time was some vegan cooking boi) and I suspect she must have gotten SOME physical activity bc as much as some anons say she never had muscle tone, she definitely had some. Her back then body enrages me to see because I could have trained her into AMAZING shape quite easily LMao

No. 160567

stoner abs

No. 160577

reading through all of the Shayna threads last April motivated me to lose 40 pounds over the course of 5 months. winter was pretty hard to stay motivated and i gained 7 pounds back. determined to drop the 7 i gained plus 10 more in order to get to my goal weight. hopefully now that the weather is nicer i can walk the dog more and spend time doing something else besides thinking about what delicious restaurants Door Dash has to offer. also want to try building muscle without a gym membership but i'm kind of nervous about lifting anything without having been coached on the proper form to do so.

No. 160578

How many calories do you guys think Shayna eats in an average day? Judging from the weight she gained rather quickly, i'd guess around 3.5k a day.

No. 160616

You can try a fitness app like Fitingo or similar! They have good workouts for different levels with diagrams on how they should be done, and it’s all body weight for the main stuff—tho there are huge sections of workouts with all kinds of home equipment and even household items or your baby or cat or dog if you have one etc! I used it for a bit to help me get back into working out after about a year long hiatus and still sometimes do a workout on it here and there tho I’m primarily gym or outdoor based. Good luck and happy working out nonna!

Yeah I would guess somewhere around that maybe even 4000 (WOW) since she drinks so much super sugary alcohol. Who knows how many snacks she shoves in her face that we never hear about tbh

No. 160630

i wouldn't worry too too much about injury. watch some videos on form and if you're really nervous there are subreddits where people post form checks and get critiques, but plenty of people start lifting without a coach and are fine. you don't need to have literally perfect form and you won't be injured if your form is a little off, especially if you're just lifting at home.

No. 160717

I used to be shaynas size and i felt disgusting. i was really unhappy and took zero photos of myself for a year. she should really just quit drinking and quit delivery, i lost 20 pounds doing that

No. 160727

nonna you’re not cringe, THIS is cringe (i secretly want to attach some kind of easy fitness thing to a shay thread bingo where infighting is 10 squats, horrifying photoshops are 10 push-ups etc).

No. 160731

Omg but…………I love it lmao.
Shaythread fitness bingo/challenge. I fully accept my cringeosity for loving this idea kek

No. 160753

Samefag, ass-eating discourse in the main thread should be a burnout of something hard tho lmao

No. 160784

File: 1681482403064.jpeg (139.58 KB, 1125x1800, 6BEDDAF2-3DCB-499C-B428-C6EBF8…)

Good job on your weight loss and commitment to eating healthier! I truly love hearing how Shaynus inspires nonnas to be better! Gonna post a recipe for a tasty healthy protein smoothie below:

>1-1.5 cup milk of your choice (I like unsweetened coconut or oat unless I feel sassy then I use banana milk!)

>1 banana
>1 serving (2tbsps) of PB2 (powdered peanut butter, I like the chocolate kind for this!)
>1 scoop protein powder of your choice (I use Spiru-tein vanilla because I like the added vitamins and the lack of bad stuff)
>3-4 ice cubes
>handful of blueberries if on hand (makes it taste kinda like a PBJ)
>*BONUS* serving of super greens or similar powder, or a handful of baby spinach leaves but not necessary.
Blend in blender til thicc n creamy and enjoy! This is a favorite post workout snack of mine, and if anyone wants I can calculate the calorie content and nutrition info!

No. 160809

I almost didn’t go to the gym today, but I’m going, I will do my best to go to the gym and do my yoga workout the days I don’t go to the gym.

No. 160822

Proud of you!! Kick some ass, nonita! I was dragging for my workout bc my period is due but I’m so glad I went. Gonna blade around town later too when I’m done with work since the weather is hot and perfect!

No. 160826

If we're sharing protein smoothie recipes here's a favourite of mine

Coconut Coffee Protein Shayke
Can be any coffee, I mostly use freeze dried granules mixed in water
>600ml alpro coconut
>50g coconut cream
>10g coconut butter
>10g coconut oil
>30g double cream
>30g scoop of whey isolate 97
>5g scoop of creatine
>3g scoop of taurine
>10g cacao powder

Cal - 654
Fat - 47.88
Carbs - 22.45
Protein - 33.99

High calorie and full of protein and MCTs. It's really good when you need to enhance your endurance. Probably not for someone who isn't doing serious exercise though.

No. 160839

Hardcore gymrat nonna here, screenshotting this one thank you so much I can’t wait to try!!! It sounds so genuinely yum and effective

No. 161621

File: 1681573807010.jpeg (1.65 MB, 4032x3024, D5642E1F-39F6-40E0-9D48-E6BBBC…)

My bf spoiled me at the supplement store yesterday after we worked out together and the protein is AMAZING tasting holy shit nonnas. I’m gonna use some PB2 in the next shake so it tastes like a fluffernutter kek the pre workout is also great, used it this morning and am super pleased with the efficacy and the PUMP

No. 161622

Samefag, Shaynus should get a cute “bimbo” hydrojug and some of their water booster bc it has a fruit taste AND triples the hydration effects plus adds vitamins smh she is a lost cause tho so I’m just yelling into the void

No. 161647

Shayna's the reason I started doing ass workouts… I need to not look like hank hill.

No. 161653

I think if we do a Shay thread fitness bingo card it should be all chest and butt exercises tbh kek the areas Shat needs the most help. Proud of you getting them gains, nonna!!

No. 161677

Thanks nona! Good luck with your gains!

No. 161686

File: 1681610399323.jpeg (311.68 KB, 2102x1926, 1668186457624.jpeg)

On days you don't want to go, remember this

No. 161688

KEK the second pic I literally can hear her “have a good day sir” before she vanishes into thin air

No. 161689

Don't you mean fat air?

No. 161699

Holy fuck the sound I just made fuck you lmao

No. 161792

I did it! I went for a run! I just got back, I took my two big dogs and they are so content and calm. I just finished stretching and am going to read a book so I can finally sleep. Last night I was up until 2am because I couldn’t fall asleep and was crying on and off, I hope exercise will help. Thank you for your encouragement nonnies ♥

No. 161794

I lost 3 lbs in 2 weeks shanonnies

No. 161814

proud of you! Shayna could never, keep up the good work

No. 161947

I just completed day 7 of a 30 day yoga challenge on YT and I've been so proud of myself. Hope all you fellow fitness journey shaynons are doing great too.

No. 161948

Go nonushka! I just completed my first day of interval training in the treadmill. I guess I shouldn’t work out before bed because I haven’t slept but still…felt good to run and lift. Yoga is so good for you! I want to do it too!

No. 161952

For the last 3 weeks I’ve gone to the gym 3x to attend 1 full-body HIIT class and 2 Zumba classes. I’m so proud of myself because I’m also attempting to transform my diet into something a skinny version of myself would eat lol. I used to be skinny but got fat and lazy and addicted to crap food. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight through exercise but I’ve really got to commit to a healthier diet for myself and for my future. I’ve already cut out gluten and sweets but I’m trying to find ways to limit all added sugars. I’d rather eat a whole-food/ higher protein lower carb diet regularly. Im doing pretty well so far besides being literally addicted to cinnamon Chex and Starbucks coldbrews ugh. I’ve lost about 4 lbs this month which isn’t fantastic but I’m pretty sure I’m gaining muscle and losing fat which won’t change the scale dramatically at this point (hopefully longterm??) I’ve got about 15 lbs to go until I’m not overweight anymore but by GW is to be down 42 lbs. I’m 5’ 1”-2” with a thin frame and I looked and felt by best between 105-110

No. 161962

If you're gaining muscle as you're losing weight, measuring your waist and body fat percentage is a better way to chart you're progress. The same volume of muscle weighs more than the same volume of fat so if you're aiming to lose fat and gain muscle, weighing yourself doesn't provide an accurate way of judging your progress. To measure your body fat percentage you can either do it with calipers or electric weighing scales usually have it as a feature.

No. 161975

You don't gain muscles fast, especially as a woman. But if you start working out, your body stores water like crazy, that's why some people even gain weight, despite being in a deficit.

I agree with the measuring instead of weighing. Also: Calories in TDEE calculators are very overestimated, use a Navy Body Fat Calculator to estimate your bodyfat and then use the Katch-McArdle formula to find out how many calories you can consume.

Low Carb is the way to go, keeping the blood sugar low, eating satiating food and drinking lots of water is the best diet imo.

No. 161981

Fellow shaytists I'm pleased to announce since February I've lost 24 pounds and I'm still trucking. My doc prescribed phentermine last week to help with the chronic fatigue I have, and it's really helped me get over the hump. I've lost nearly ten pounds in the first ten days, with caloric intake between 1500 and 1700 per day. I'm eating better food, no ridiculous cravings and I have more energy to get shit done. I'm about to launch my new exercise routine and start the toning process. Forty more pounds to go, nonnas. Stay strong, we will not turn into a fat flabby blob like shaynus. We will be victorious and please remember, squats for booty tone.

No. 162031

Thank you!!

No. 162051

Good job nonna!! Keep it up

No. 162058

im on a medicine that makes me really hungry and I've been bingeing nonstop. if I'm not sick from being over-full, I'm hungry. i have to change off the medicine and hopefully it will stop me from eating like shayna all the time.

No. 162059

is it amitriptyline?

No. 162060

Lost 7 lbs from April 1st till today! YESSS

No. 162084

Idk where else to post this since it’s bloggy and spergy. But i lost 80 lbs in the past, im 5’7 and i was 210 lbs at my highest weight. I think shayna is only two inches shorter than me, and looking at pictures of her she looks identical to myself during that time in my life, so i get really heated when nonnies in the thread are like “no way she’s 200 she’s probably like 175” i can guarantee you she is above 190. But weight sperg is really annoying in the main thread.
Anyways, i came to say that and also to say that i was really unhealthy when i lost all that weight about 7 years ago, and over the last 5 years I’ve gained back about 30lbs of that. I still retained a lot of muscle and my body composition has improved greatly since i was previously at this weight due to lifting weights and a fast paced job. But between shayna and ALR I’ve decided im not going to settle for gaining an extra 5 lbs per year, im going to maintain the weight that i actually feel comfortable at. So im about 15 lbs away from my goal, having lost 12 lbs since last month! I havent even changed anything really besides being more mindful when i eat, and not smoking weed until im getting ready for bed. It’s so dumb, but i know all y’all in this thread are here with me kek. I just want to be better than shayna, and knowing I’ve done it before and become a success story when i used to look like she does now makes me not want to lose that feeling of success. I followed her on tumblr around the time that i was 200 lbs and she was still ana-skinny, and i was so envious of her body, it felt really really good to come here 3 years ago and see that she had ballooned up and now i have a better body than her. REgardless, seeing that 30lb gain made me realize I can’t take my body for granted and i need to be mindful and conscious of what im doing with it/putting in it. So thank you shayna! And good luck everyone else here using shat as a motivator!

No. 162219

So sorry i'm late to the party, Nonnies.
Literally love this thread so much, Do any of you ladies know how i can get rid of loose skin/ lower belly sag?

No. 162700

if the loose skin is really bad there is no way other than surgery I lost 60 kg and had to have a tummy tuck healthcare covered a lot of it price wise though

No. 163069

I’m at a plateau in my weight loss but I’m still breastfeeding so I can’t really cut calories anymore than I have? I’ve created a defecit through exercise and cutting out snacks. I’m trying to cut out all added sugars BESIDES my 19g vanilla coldbrew I make at home. I can’t lose that drink or id lose my sanity it’s all I have. I do a barbell class at the gym once a week, a full body HIIT, and 2 Zumba classes. Idk what else I could really do I’m beyond exhausted constantly I feel like crap and I just want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I go on vacation in July. I’m 14 lbs away at 5’ 2” (down 31lbs in 7 months)

No. 163455

Can the personal trainer anon please post the regimen for breast lifting exercises? I’m thin but my boobs really could use it kek

No. 163463

seconding this request, i found fitness anon's ideas intriguing and i wish to subscribe to her newsletter

No. 163469

other than her jacked up hatchet face, shaynas body looks good in the OP

No. 163471

i prefer for the width of my arm to be smaller to the width of my head but to each their own i guess

No. 163503

Take measurements at this point and not rely solely on the scale. It's possible you're packing on muscle density and it's not reflecting fat loss. Measurements of your thighs, hips, arms and waist will be a better indicator. If those are going down, you're good to go, nonna. If your body is looking more tone and sculpted but the scale isn't changing, it's a good thing! Keep at it and don't give up. Your body is also trying to hold onto everything it can to feed your baby, so don't forget that. Stay healthy for you and that baby, don't worry so much about the scale.

"It is it a myth that breastfeeding burns up lots of calories making milk. You will burn some stored body fat, but your body protects some fat for the purpose of breastfeeding. Many women don't lose all the baby weight until they completely stop nursing." -WebMD

So don't restrict further or increase your workout load, just understand that during breastfeeding you won't burn all your fat. This is for you and your baby's protection. I bet you look amazing anyway with your thirty pound loss!

No. 163586

For what it’s worth, I didn’t drop down to pre pregnancy weight until I stopped breastfeeding. A lot of people say it causes you to lose weight, but I found when I stopped weight fell off.

No. 163587

I’m going to a yoga class this weekend nonnies. Once I have a regular routine with that, I’m going to add running back into the mix, and will potentially start going with my sister to a climbing gym. I’m happy with my weight, but I need to get back to when I had stamina and tone

No. 163590

that all sounds so fun, climbing gym especially, please keep us posted!

No. 163594

Squats are killing me, my form is totally failing lmao, but thinking of my shayheads to keep me motivated!

No. 163597

If you're using a barbell, switch to doing lower weight dumbbell squats and do a higher number of reps. With compound exercises there can be an imbalance between sides that the stronger side will compensate for and this can affect form. Using dumbbells loads each side individually so the stronger side can not make up for the weaker side.

No. 163604

I’ll try this next week, thank you nona! ♥

No. 163613

Thanks nonas. I’m still barely losing weight and honestly my measurements aren’t changing a ton, but I have lost half inches and my friends and family have said I look slimmer! I definitely feel much stronger and overall I’m going to try and be a bit patient with my fat loss until after I’m done breastfeeding.

No. 163628

This is so interesting my baby is 10 months old but by 3 months I was back to pre pregnancy weight, but I didn’t breast feed. My sister in law said that she only lost weight because she breastfed with her first and lost nothing when she didn’t breast feed with her second.

But anyways I didn’t know this thread existed and I’m pumped that it does. I’m 30 pounds from my goal weight (I was overweight in pregnancy, only got pregnant because I dropped like 20 pounds) so I’m looking to drop my last 30 pounds. I do combination fasting, working out and vegetarian keto. I lift and row for workouts. But nothing Dee seems to be working for me lately. Not sure what I can change up. I am sort of interested in ozempic but no idea how to go about it. I have pcos and I’ve heard you can get it for pcos. Anyways
Gonna try to scrub my diet even cleaner starting on the 1st so wish me luck. I’m pretty strict but have all of nothing mentality so when I fuck up i fuck up big.

No. 163629

>vegetarian keto

No. 163634

My body doesn’t tolerate carbs, basically I’m grain free sugar free vegetarian; it’s an ethical choice but pop off

No. 163636

How are you getting 70% of calories from fat if you can't eat fatty meat?

No. 163638

You know keto doesnt mean high fat right? it means less than 20 carbs daily. i eat an avocado, coconut and whatever nuts daily, also eggs because again vegetarian not vegan. But you can eat 1200 calories with adequate protein low carb and not eat 150g of fat daily. In low carb diets fat is used to satiety and if you’re satiated why eat more fat?

No. 163701

Yeah this is definitely a sustainable and totally healthy diet…

No. 163728

ayrt Nonna good for you!! Half inch is still progress, it's just going to be slow and steady. Responsible weight loss/fitness is slow and steady. Keep up the workouts and when you stop breastfeeding, I guarantee in 2-3 months max you'll see all that hardwork surface. I've lost 36 pounds myself and in the same slow period, it sucks but it's worth it to keep building responsible, healthy habits.

No. 163780

i bought a treadmill on Prime Day, such a good investment already. so nice to have when it's not possible to run outside due to the weather.

No. 163782

Seeing Shay finally gave me some motivation to try a spin class. First class was only 5$ to try out (even Shay could afford to try it!). It fucking killed me but it'll be healthy to do more. I used to swim but covid fucked that up and I'm ready to get back into shape. The spin place isn't far from the pool so once I'm a bit fitter I might go swim right after class.
Good job anon.

No. 163972

File: 1690692375269.jpg (317.89 KB, 1080x1539, Autism.jpg)

I've become so shaytarded with my schedule that every time my phone goes off for the gym I'm reminded of what life could be with Shayna's growing, grotesque figure. Don't give up nonnas even on the days you're dreading it.

No. 163987

Omg I love this idea

No. 163999

This is smart, how do you set a photo to pop up with an alarm? Maybe I can’t because I’m a retarded Apple cuck

No. 164003

I posted in the /g/ fitness thread but I’m posting here too bc thanks to using Shayna as fatspo and minor dietary changes I’ve lost an inch of fat in various places of my body. Im so excited to lose more! Thanks Shayna

No. 164131

AYRT (samsungfag), I'm unsure if Apple will let you set a picture. But my reminder app has a button for adding a photo.

No. 164302

must resists urge to weight sperg in the main thread…. i've been 145 lbs before and i have a pretty similar body type to shayna. i garuantee you she is not even close. reeeeeeeeeeee

No. 164310

Every nonnas posts in this thread read like an anachan, ex-anachan or relapsing anachan kek I'm sorry Shay made you all disordered nonnas

No. 164316

I’m pretty sure quite a big portion of the userbase is anachans, based on the traction the anachan thread gets and the sheer amount of weight sperging around the site.

No. 164317

I'm not a anachan but to be fair the reason I exercise so much is disordered.

No. 164410

been working out every 2-3 days for the past month, partly motivated by how shayna lacks definition in every part of her body. the thought of enabling myself to reach anywhere close to her range is disturbing.
Not really aiming to lose weight, just eating at my maintenance level and going for less body fat and increased muscle. I'm at average range and want to push myself past the line into fitness range. Visually, nothing looks different but it feels a little different already, I think. Maybe it's placebo for now but I'm going to keep going

No. 164495

I signed up for a kickboxing trial class today! I’ve had a gym membership for a year but used it maybe 10-15 times kek. I cancelled my contract once I realised that my discipline isn’t high enough to work out on my own, and have decided to put that money into classes/team sports instead. I’m not overweight but I’m not particularly thin or fit and have been horrified at what complacency did to Shay, so I want to use these classes to get to a good level, and then I’ll feel like I have something to work to maintain instead of some vague idea of what my body could possibly look like.

No. 164499

got my first yogalates class tomorrow. I gained 10kg in the last year due to just getting lazy and not watching what I eat. I'm starting to look like how shay did when she was just starting to gain weight and was in her skinny fat era. I do not want to end up looking like shay does now in 3 or 4 years.
I also signed up for a course at a college that's like a 20-25 minute walk from my house. I used to walk every day for an hour when I was lean, but I stopped after we had a heatwave and it was too hot to go out and just never got back into the habit. if I'm walking there and back every day hopefully I'll be able to go back to my original weight.

No. 164512

My dear nonnies I'm going to try my best to give up vaping and I'm going to check out a women's only gym! I'm so so ready to get my health back on track. I'm so very tired of looking like Shay.

No. 164597

7 pounds away from my goal weight, was 50 pounds away when i first started reading her threads. thanks Shayna!

No. 164599

I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work

No. 164622

Her threads are amazing fatspo. I woke up feeling like shit and didn't want to do my morning workout, then an anon posted one of her twitter nudes and the motivation to exercise surged through me like a burning fire.

No. 164626

Right? Currently I have the urge to eat something I shouldn't, but instead of doing it, I'm scrolling through the Shay threads instead.

Shay is a reminder that anyone can look like a hog if they get complacent. It wasn't really all that long ago she was a normal weight. Then the pounds crept up and now she's borderline obese.

No. 164629

Should we have a dedicated thread for quick access Shatspo?

No. 164630

There's a Shay fatspo thread, it just doesn't get much use

No. 164672

It is now! I’d rather starve myself to death than end up like Shayna and you all agree, right? Let’s keep posting that Fatspo, ladies! I wanna be like Eugenia Cooney, but smaller.

No. 164686

Just because you're triggered by pics of Shay's fatness doesn't mean everyone else is an anachan who can't deal with seeing a few side by side comparisons without spiralling, jeez. Your sperging on the Shatspo thread is just as ridiculous as Demi Lovato bitching about a froyo shop having sugar free options because it's triggering to anorexics. Learn to manage your triggers instead of having a freak out whenever someone points out Shay gained weight.

No. 164692

Get over yourself kek

No. 166105

Do you guys have any workout video recommendations?? I have a hip and knee replacement (car wreck) but I really wanna get back in shape and tone up! just struggling to find anything that doesn't include knee stuff. my ass is turning into shaynas and I'm terrified of the fucking cellulite tbh lmao

No. 166109

Go fuck yourself, fatty.(chronic baiting)

No. 166110

You’re a shitty person and you know it.(chronic baiting)

No. 166111

File: 1699895789490.jpeg (401.79 KB, 1242x1420, IMG_2957.jpeg)

Here’s some fatspo for all you hogs!

No. 166112

File: 1699895824126.jpeg (107.22 KB, 800x600, IMG_2956.jpeg)


No. 166114

idk specific non-knee ones, but Kneesovertoes guy on youtube has a lot of rehabilitative knee stretches/exercises that ppl in the comments swear by, and there's a new trend of exercise videos for ones you can do while in your bed that probably dont need much knee stuff

No. 166115

You could try a chairobics which is an upper body work out that's done while sitting. You may also be able to do low impact lower body exercise like spinning but check with your physiotherapist first.

No. 166122

Idk if you have access to an indoor pool at all and I’d check with your doc before doing anything, but I think you could probably do some sort of water aerobics to strengthen your joints and skeletal muscles without overloading? I’m not a professional though I could be totally wrong! If you can’t do that I’d work on doing seated upper body and core activation (stomach vacuums) because a toned upper body is better than nothing! I wonder if you could use an elliptical in very short intervals? When I get knee injuries my go to is an elliptical with no resistance because it helps take pressure off of those joints. Maybe a physical therapist could help

No. 166182

Nonas I’m around the age Shay started to balloon up, and I’m not close to her level yet, but my shit metabolism is getting there cause I don’t know how to start eating well. I was also a “naturally skinny” girl like Shay, so I never really had to. How would you feed 20 year old Shay if you wanted to stop her from ballooning?

No. 166184

With Fat Shat it's a triple hit of obesity because she over eats, drinks excessive amounts of alcohol and doesn't exercise. As long as your not drinking 800 calories of corn syrup slop, downing a bottle of Sutter Home and eating four person charcuterie boards to yourself, then you will probably be ok as long as you stay active.

If you're concerned you can use a TDEE calculator (do an internet search because it's better to use more than one as they can give slightly different results depending on the algorithm used) so you know the amount of calories that you need to eat to maintain your weight. Some calculators will also offer macro calculations. If you're fairly active and do a fair amount of exercise daily, you can get away with eating larger portions of carbs, if not it's better to have a small portion of carbs, some fat and mostly protein for a meal. While it may sound counter intuitive, natural non-trans fat is very important, especially for women because the body needs saturated fat to synthesise hormones. Meat, eggs, fish and dairy are good sources of natural unprocessed saturated fat and contain B12, iron and all the essential amino acids you need for neurological and hormonal health.

Eat a diet of meat and vegetables.

No. 166187

less alcohol more vegetables

No. 166188

honestly nona just use common sense. it shouldnt be hard to not be shayna. the reason she “blew up” is because she survived off weed, alcohol, and then burgers and other overly indulgent food whenever she would get hungry. just learn some basic cooking skills, limit going out to eat/fast food, dont drink and smoke daily, and include movement in your day (literally just walking a couple times a week is more than shayna ever did)

No. 166219

Using Shaynas flat ass as gym motivation today. I’m super sore from last Saturdays workout still but I’m going to do full-body HIIT for 60 mins. It’s always my most brutal workout of the week but it’s nice to get it over with on Monday. I’m finally able to see some muscle definition in my thighs and srms! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had muscle definition in my life and I’ve been working so hard the last year to build up to this level of strength. I’m so proud of me kek. I really don’t know if I would have ever had the motivation to quit smoking weed, doing drugs, lose weight and pursue my fitness journey if I weren’t on lolcow. I was 18 when I found the site and on a really bad path tbh. Seeing so many cautionary tales and reading solid advice from other nonnies in /g/ for a couple of years really set me straight. I’ve always had a debilitating low self esteem and no confidence but at least I’m not a fat, lazy drug addict now.

No. 166258

Awesome anon! Her ass also motivates me, I’m sure you look great, you’ve been moving around and it shows

No. 166297

If I wanted to prevent a shay flat ass, what workouts would I do to avoid it? I’m genetically kinda naturally flat in the ass, but not at Shays level, so there’s a little hope for me

No. 166307

Hip thrusts
Bulgarian split squats
Make sure you got the right form

No. 166308

are you/is anyone able to elaborate on the right form? when i do squats i feel it in my thighs but not in my glutes and i'm worried i'm doing it completely wrong

No. 166309

NTA. With compound exercises like squats and dead lifts, form is important. If you go to a gym a trainer will usually work with you when you first start to teach you about correct form. If you're working out at home, watch youtube videos and use a mirror. If you're just starting you may want to do dumbbell or goblet squats to perfect your form before moving onto a barbell.

No. 166311

So there’s a lot of videos on YouTube on how to get the right squat form, try to do it without weights first. What I did was start from the bottom and get low with thighs parallel to the floor and then go up, you also might have long quads and need to lean forward a bit

No. 167196

File: 1705347683409.jpg (65.05 KB, 800x1000, tricep.jpg)

Lifts for Shayna's problem areas. I'll start.
Lunch lady arms - tricep extensions

No. 167206

File: 1705402006514.jpg (104.43 KB, 693x950, RDL.jpg)

Bad posture, flat ass and fursuit thights - Romanian deadlifts

No. 167230

Started the gym weeks ago after gaining 10kg in a year like a fool. Is been nice so far, I’ve got a rutine that i do early in the mornings and a few aerobox classes during the week. I’ve also stopped drinking soda and eating bread for breakfast.
Hasn’t been hard so far but I’m notorious for self sabotage and getting bored easily. Setting goals doesn’t work for me but the sole thought of ending up like shayna can get me motivated for longer

No. 167262

File: 1705580575785.png (1.45 MB, 1415x794, IMG_2348.png)

Squats for no ass. And for posture, they strengthen your back too and would make a nice complement to anon’s Romanian deadlift suggestion.
I’m tall with long femurs and YouTube videos about squat form always trigger me because they say “don’t collapse your chest” but I do have to lean forward to stay balanced. Squat University is awesome. Film yourself squatting at home (my old trainer used to have me hold a towel stretched over my head to mimic holding a barbell) and try multiple cues: squat how you always do, squat thinking “spread the floor with your feet”, squat while bracing your core, squat while focusing on squeezing your glutes on the way up, squat while trying to keep your back neutral. You’ll see what everything looks like on camera without trying to twist and see in the mirror, which will mess up your form so you aren’t really seeing what you’re doing. Compare to SU vids and proceed. Good luck anon, it’s not so complicated but I just started squatting again and want you to have a good experience!

No. 167263

Proud of you anon! You have plenty of Shayspiration material, I think we even have a before and after weight gain thread here.

No. 167278

ayrt, this is the best squatting advice i have ever received, tysm kind nona

No. 167320

I have fat upper thighs like Shaynus that curve out and I’m actually skinny, does anyone know how to fix this? I also am fairly active and my thighs have always looked like that since I was young. Can it be fixed?

No. 167332

Does it feel like your thighs are softer than the rest of you? I’ve always been slim with proportionally thicker thighs and was afraid to do weight training (didn’t want to make them bigger). But I eventually realized I had a lot of fat % and low muscle tone and a combination of cardio and weight training made my thighs a lot smaller, without looking too thin elsewhere. Still think my thighs are bigger than I want, but it helps a lot

No. 167336

Yeah I think the majority of my fat goes to my thighs which is weird bc im not a pear shape but kinda rectangular/inverted triangle. I am already really thin and look emaciated on my top half so I worry that losing any fat will make me look more sickly. Plus my legs are naturally short and I don’t want to bulk up and make them look shorter. My legs are like Shayna’s actually—they look long from the front but from the side they look shorter since my thighs have that curve kek. Do you have any exercises you recommend?

No. 167384

Sounds like you’re fine but working your legs out won’t be that bad if you put some muscle on and lose fat.

No. 167638

File: 1707954496425.jpg (41.11 KB, 700x371, goblet squat.jpg)

Goblet Squat for her flabby thighs.

No. 167639

File: 1707955783097.jpg (20.21 KB, 474x474, renegade row.jpg)

Renegade row for her bingo wings, anterior pelvic tilt and gunt flap.

No. 167689

File: 1708390993210.jpg (74.26 KB, 1000x909, lunge.jpg)

Forward lunge for cottage cheese legs

No. 168219

Does anyone have any advice for building cardio for someone who has terrible lungs and a currently negative capacity for cardio? I want to eventually be able to go for jogs around the block but right now I can't jog for even a minute. Being a skinny nerd who skipped gym is biting me in the ass kek

No. 168224

Walk. If you have access to a treadmill, walk slow with a small incline for as long as you can and then work your way up in both incline and time. I never max more than 3.5 or 4 on a treadmill walk for speed. If walking outside just go for like 15 min or something to start and assess how you feel! Good luck nonna, happy fitness ♥

No. 168225

Samefag, jumps in place like ghost jump rope (kek) is a good at home way to boost your cardio fitness, I recommend it to clients who are less cardio fit to begin with. Try a minute of jumprope simulation and see how you feel w that too!

No. 168233

Thank you so much!! I actually have an old jumprope I can start using again. The fun of jumping rope might also help push me more vs trying to run the block which bores me haha.
Thankfully walking I'm good at and can go for a while, but it's the moment I fast walk or jog (or god help me, run for the bus) that my lungs feel like they're totally airless kek. But tbh daily walks would probably do me a world of good so I'll work on that. No incline near me but there's a forest I can struggle-hike through. And next winter I can jump rope in the house!

No. 168359

Do any nonas have advice for this? So last year I tried doing these. I could only do it 20 times every other day. After about a month I was only able to do it 15 times every other day. Ended up giving up after trying it for 3 months because I never gained any strength and still had flabby arms.

No. 168360

Do it in a series of sets and reps that get progressively heavier. So 3 sets with 5 reps is 15 reps total. If you're using 1kg for example that means in total you have lifted 15kg. If you're able to do this then add another 1kg to the dumbbells so 2kg x 3 x 5 = 30kg. If you're unable to do 3 x 5, do 3 x 4 or 3 x 3.

For example
Day one - 3 x 3 @ 1kg = 9kg total lifted
Day two - 3 x 4 @ 1kg = 12kg total lifted
Day three - 3 x 5 @ 1kg = 15kg total lifted
Day four - 3 x 3 @ 2kg = 18kg total lifted
Day five - 3 x 4 @ 2kg = 24kg total lifted
Day six - 3 x 5 @ 2kg = 30kg total lifted
Day seven - 3 x 3 @ 4kg = 36kg total lifted
Day eight - 3 x 4 @ 4kg = 48kg total lifted
Day nine - 3 x 5 @ 4kg = 60kg total lifted

You can modify it however you like, such as you might want to do lower weight higher reps, or you may have to work with the weights that you have, as long as you keep the basic principle of progressive loading you will get stronger. You should also eat more protein so the body has more amino acids to turn into muscle tissue.

No. 168368

Unfortunately, targeted workouts are a myth. Gaining muscle in your triceps will not reduce flab under your arms, it'll just make you gain muscle under the flab. Tricep exercises in general are great though, and you can do bodyweight tricep dips basically anywhere. If you also do pushups, you'll gain more strength in your arms overall. I have a rule of thumb where I do 5 pushups basically whenever the thought crosses my mind. So like I'll just randomly do 5 pushups when I'm sitting at my desk working, and I usually do that 3-6 times throughout the day. It's not too hard to incorporate but you really do feel stronger over time.

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