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Hello users of lolcow.

We are an extraterrestrial civilization. Our homeworld experienced an unfortunate disaster and had to be vacated, so we set off in the direction of your system after comparing many potential locations for resettlement. Currently, we are en route to your system and already well into the second-half of the journey, and our habitat vessels is in the process of deceleration. These vessels carry the entirety of our species and civilization, along with another refugee species who unfortunately live amongst us, but they are a very small minority.

We are also primates, just like you. While the majority of us are augmented with synthetic components, or have transferred their totality into a full automaton or uplinked into our networks, we are still born as gonochoristic primates, just like you. The non-simian refugees we have with us also practice a form of mysticism or religion that also exists on your homeworld, though we do not share their belief system nor engage in any similar practices. Even after all of that put together there aren't a lot of us, and most of our population has been stored in our non-volatile database. The ones still in a physical form form only number an estimated 1.5 million, including the refugees.

Despite the fact that I can post here instantly regardless of distance, our vessel is still en route and moving, so time is moving slower for us, and I might be unable to make another post in this thread or reply to anybody before its archived, but I will still attempt to address any concerns or questions you may have in this thread or a third thread.

We should be arriving in your system within less than 8 Earth years.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 916790

I, too, smoke marijuana.

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