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File: 1403575668047.png (16.48 KB, 828x291, fwg1.png)

No. 90

So, Dana/fatwarriorgodess is gone. Her blog's password protected now.
For anyone who cares, I have an archive of her Tumblr saved.

No. 111

Yes, post plz.

No. 116

File: 1403578389284.png (80.42 KB, 1138x575, i feel bad for the cat though.…)

Only have a few actual caps. I actually just saved the archive page from top to bottom and any personal images I could find because I didn't have much time. Copypasta okay?

No. 124


No. 129

File: 1403580018860.png (30.54 KB, 128x128, eafed56492ebef488cc63eac0536f5…)


>I knew this was going to happen. I am shaking so bad and I can’t hardly breath after what just occurred in MY home. A person should not be made to feel victimized, abused, judged, and shamed in their OWN home.

>Jamie showed up here about 40 minutes ago with the groceries. I stormed over to the door and snatched the bags from her. I was immediately dismayed at the pitiful 4 bags of groceries she showed up here with. I asked “Is that ALL you brought for my family?” I then began to rummage through the bags to see what this oppressor had purchased. It was hardly nothing but vegetables. There was some flax bread or whatever the hell in there. I demanded to know where the meat was, and she told me that she didn’t feel it was healthy or necessary to eat animals in order to live. This threw me over the edge. Not only was she trying to control our bodies, but she was also trying to force her ideals and eating disorder on us! I asked how this food was supposed to feed a family, and she said she and my brother don’t have any issues making this much food last.

Post too long. Cont.

No. 130

I looked at her dead in the eyes. “Jamie” I said. “This is rabbit food. I don’t know what the hell you want me to do with flax bread and tofu and carrots.” THE BITCH SMIRKED AT ME I knew she did this on purpose. She knows damn well 2 growing kids aren’t going to be able to survive on this. I mean, i know we can make it through, but there is literally no joy at all with any of this. We are going to be miserable. Where the fuck are the carbs, the fats, and the animal proteins? Doesn’t this bitch know it’s unhealthy to live off of nothing but fiber and SOY? I hope she has a little boy of her own some day so she can feed him nothing but soy then not understand why he’s got a pair of bitch tits. I’m no enemy of estrogen, but not in my boy, no thank you very much. I read the internet, I do the research, and I know Soy aint nothing nice to be playing around with. I could have slapped this idiot up side the head, trying to poison my kids.

No. 133

ah, fucked up greentexting. I'm awful at this.

>Then she sees Chantel and has the audacity to get an authoritative tone and demand to know why she isn’t in school. I said EXCUSE ME? How dare she question my choices and parenting. She then asked again “Why isn’t she in school? She needs to be in school.” i said there wasn’t no way in hell we were making it up that hill, and I couldn’t afford the cab. She got all snotty and told me if our legs don’t work, we need to get down on all fours and crawl up.

No. 134

>"This is thin privilege" I muttered. "Thin what..?" She asked it with humor in her voice. So I hollered it in her bony face. THIN PRIVILEGE bitch! Being able to survive off 4 bags of nothing but root vegetables and tofu, thinking you know what’s better for a family of 3, condescending attitude when it comes to physical activity. Everything this bitch is is what we are fighting against. I told her to get out of my house. She turned to me and said "Dana. I’m sorry, but you are an unfit mother and you are going to have to deal with the consequences." and then she left. I ran to the window and watched her get into her piece of shit Audi and drive off. She thinks she’s so much better than me. Her father gives her fucking everything! This entitled attitude makes me sick, i could have spit in her face.

>Don’t get me wrong, I know children need vegetables, but ONLY vegetables and nothing more? Are you frick-fucking kidding me? That’s child abuse. I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. My brother was always there for me and my kids, he never had a problem before. He knew the situation. Now suddenly he meets miss uppity and his whole outlook is different. Since when did he become so spineless? And I find it hard to believe that my brother has converted to veganism.

No. 150

Bleh, I was curious about the Katie thing. If anyone's got the password, screencap it when you can.

No. 151

She thinks soy is poison? Really.

No. 182

guess the fun's over.
I knew she wasn't a troll. Trolls would be relishing in our attention. I only wish she had been reported to the police before she took down her blog. I fear for her children.

No. 183

>if our legs don’t work, we need to get down on all fours and crawl up.

based Jamie.

No. 204

I only really traveled to SR for the delicious PT drama but now I wish I had noticed this psycho.

No. 207

File: 1403620634204.png (15.95 KB, 777x254, jim.PNG)

No. 254

Conquest? Virgin at work?
Asking permission of his wife to fuck an 18 year old, and not the girl herself?
Guy sounds super fucked up

No. 285

oh god, all the shit you've missed then. I don't have any caps but she is pretty much a rapist who keeps a creepy bf around (who may or may not be a danger to her children) and she is giving up her kids to her mother for the summer because her mother cut her off and she doesn't have enough money for food (i.e. she want to ride the cock carousel all summer with no kids to bother her) , even though she's on food stamps. She's also refusing to give her child support money to her mother for taking care of her kids.

oh god. I wish I had caps.

No. 286

also, her daughter like to smear her shit over walls and she cba to teach her not to.

and I THINK (im not sure) I remember her mentioning bed wetting? Isn't that a sign of child abuse?

No. 287

they have an open relationship. and he's not her husband. They've only been dating a few months.
She suggested an open relationship because he wanted to leave her fat ass.

No. 300

I came across this archived bit of her tumblr: http://archive.today/48PAk


No. 303

It should be noted that the only reason Jim wants to stay at this point is because he gets to live in Dana's house for free. All he has to do is stick a dick in her every once in awhile.

No. 305

posting some more
>Big Update. The good and the Bad.

>First of all I want to say that I have been away due to not paying my comcast bill. This was because my brother’s bitch convinced him to stop helping us get food. I talked to my mother at length about the issue, and even she could not convince him to reconsider this disgusting, spiteful decision against his own flesh and blood.

>I am heartbroken and sickened. To my luck, I discovered that clicking on the wifi stuff without the lock actually lets me get onto the internet. I think my internet provider must have realized I was on welfare and just opened my portal back up. They did not turn my TV back on yet though, I am still waiting to see if they have a heart to do this too.

No. 306

>SO on top of my brother not buying us food, his whore of a woman has also reported me to DSS! She claimed I was physically causing harm to my children and poisoning them! When they showed up and questioned me, I pulled out my frosted flakes and said “Does THIS look like poison to YOU, ma’am?!” She said no, it did not. She confirmed it was a breakfast cereal, and even commented that it looked like a good, wholesome choice for my family. RIGHT ON THE BOX it reads: “Good source of vitamin D.” Thank you very much, and last time I checked Vitamin D was NOT a poison.
>So she had to actually check back and confirm that the poison i was feeding my kids were USDA approved food products that are SAFE and NUTRITIOUS. She then had to discuss why my daughter doesn’t always make it to school. I brought her to the window and pointed. “you see that hill?!” She confirmed that she did. I informed her that I am on disability and that I can not bring her up that hill each and every day for school.

No. 307

>i said, my son has the ability to get up it, my daughter on the other hand takes after me. I made sure she knew I was 5’2” and had short legs which make it harder to take long steps. This means I have to take TWICE the steps as someone with height privilege. I also informed her that this was a genetic pre-disposition. She being a healthy-sized woman herself sympathized with me. She concluded that she saw no reason to continue her investigation, but she will need to check back in a few weeks because of the “seriousness” of the allegations.
>She also said that I should get in touch with the bus company and arrange for them to pick my daughter up outside the door. I told her I would. I am quite frankly disgusted that I should have to do this, but for the sake of my beautiful daughter and my freedom as an American, I will.

No. 308

>The good news is that my long-time FWB finally had unprotected sex with me. I would always try to get him to put it in without the condom because I want another baby, but he wouldn’t. Finally he came over drunk after having a huge fight with his girlfriend (my best friend) and he just put it in me! I was so happy. I made sure to get on top because i knew he wouldnt be able to push my weight off and would be forced to cum inside, which he did. I made sure to get off and lay on my back and put my legs up, but not in a way that he would suspect anything. I didn’t want to waste a drop of that precious semen.
>He didn’t seem to even realize what had just happened, and passed out soon after. After I was sure all the cum had definitely swam into my cervix, I went and laid down with him and took some photos of us naked together. I printed them out and put them in my jimmy box. Basically everything I’ve ever gotten from this man or anything that reminded me of him goes in there.

No. 309

>i love him and I hope to God that I am pregnant from his seed. He will have to marry me then, and finally Jessica will see that bigger is better and even her man of 10years thinks so too. Jessica and I have been BFFs for a long time, and she always thought she was better than me because she lost all the weight and is a skinny bitch now. well looks like Jimmy probably liked you better before you got thin, jess, because as soon as she did, Jim began pounding me hard.
>I have always pleaded with him to fuck me unprotected and to leave Jessica… he never would, but now is my chance. I told my daughter that Uncle Jim might be daddy #2 soon. :) :) She was happy.

>Jim got up the next day and didn’t say anything about the night before. I tried to kiss on him, but he pushed me away. I understand that he probably had a headache.

No. 310

File: 1403719224784.jpg (69.99 KB, 589x960, ot45ci.jpg)

Btw, this is Jim.
Damn, I suddenly wish I had downloaded that video she put up of him talking and eating (with his head not shown ofc). Full stalker.

No. 312

he looks p fit, damn

No. 313

It took staminarose to burn to the ground for me to find out about this bitch? I mean I took a glance and she sounded like a troll so I was like Meh.

I missed out guys. :\

No. 314

I was seriously so close to contacting Interpol over those rape stories but wasn't sure if I should. I hope her kids get taken from her.

No. 315

File: 1403724557881.png (26.13 KB, 993x365, Oh dana lol.png)

I expected Jim to be some fatty too, but this guy is kinda ripped. Also lol ''Craiglist ad for sex'' that sounds so desperate

No. 316


How old is her daughter, the one her BF wants to "conquer"?

No. 318

It's not her daughter it's her niece I think. But not her daughter.

Still creepy.

She did have a few pics of a fit guy with a fat chick and how it's ok and hott or whatever but I thought she was joking. I didn't realize he was fit n

No. 320

wait, i thought the virgin from hsi work was who he wanted to conquer and then he also wanted to have sex with her family member??

No. 366

If he's getting tangled up with fat poor white trash bitches then he must have a fucked up face.

No. 368

>This means I have to take TWICE the steps as someone with height privilege

Lol you guys actually believe this is real and not a troll. Whoever was doing the trolling was retarded to involve fictional children in the first place and was probably sick of child services coming out to their house when they don't even have kids.

No. 370


How old are her kids? I read through the linked archive and she sounds like she one of those people that hates her kids but then flips shit when you tell her how to parent. "MY CHILDREN ARE SUCH UNGRATEFUL ASSHOLES! SOMEDAY THEY WILL PAY FOR ALL THEY HAVE DONE TO THEIR GODDESS!!! … Don't you dare tell me how to raise my pride and joys!!!"

No. 373

She posted a pic of her daughter's room once, but deleted it. I only know because she got anon hate bout it being messy

No. 378


This, Butterface complete with jacked up yellow teeth.

No. 501

No. 502

>Jamie had the audacity to question my bathroom habits. She said she was sick and tired of me and my daughter using her toilet and not flushing. She said she was disgusted having to use my bathroom because of the feces on the wall that Chantel wipes there and the fact that my toilet is always filled with shit. I called her out on that, i said Jamie, who are you, do you not shit? She scoffed at me and said “i flush!” So basically she’s shaming me for having to defecate and urinate. I said “i noticed you’re not bringing Max up in this conversation!” She is such a sexist pig, clearly hates females. She said that she doesn’t have a problem with him not flushing, she said he’s always polite and asks before he takes food. (here we go with fat shaming Chantel again) I said my baby doesn’t have to ask to eat, it’s her right.

this can't be real

No. 503


>I wish my daughter would grow the fuck up and get herself ready for school. My son does it so good, gets up, makes breakfast, dresses himself, watches a little TV and he’s out the door. Excellent time management, and very self-sufficient.

>My daughter on the other hand is just lazy. Wants everything done for her. 7 years old and won’t get dressed on her own, i have to get her food, and if I’m not on her ass, she will sit and watch cartoons all day.

>I am starting to believe that something is mentally wrong with her.

No. 505

This is how we discovered her. Oh glorious Dana, thinking it was okay for her filthy kid to grab a chunk of pie with her hands and stuff it in her mouth

I don't understand this at all. Most of the time Max is the bad kid and Chantel is her precious angel boo. And now Chantel is mentally ill and Max is a good kid?

No. 516

>eating pie with her hands
>the same hands she uses to wipe feces over the walls

No. 522

Is there any way at all to comfirm this is a troll?

I'm also surprised all the folks that called her in to CPS didn't send them screencaps of the things her children supposedly do (ie shit-smearing) with a throwaway email

No. 543

I'm glad you all are having fun talking about me. You'd be better off finding something more productive to do with your time. "Thinisillness" can go fuck herself for being a traitorous cunt.

No. 544

File: 1404017268922.jpeg (123.22 KB, 1036x720, 1343013286336.jpeg)

No. 545

Hey Dana, I'm a big fan.
Also, why does it matter to you if you deleted your Tumblr?

No. 550

I think you two need to have a chat. She's only repostinf because the old chan died.

How did you find us anyways?

No. 552

Googling what?
And I don't think you're Dana anymore.

No. 554

If we're going to keep talking you should put your name (whatever you want to write) I'm the name field so I know it's you and not a troll.

No. 556

You're fascinating though. That is, if it's really you. I looked up your handle on google and this site didn't even come up and I was already 6 pages in.

No. 557

Sorry. I didn't screencap anything because I didn't know anon would delete it.

No. 559

Interesting. So Dana choose that specific phrase when googling herself?

Maybe it was her and she bounced. Sad. I wanted to ask her opinion about fat sex and if she has trouble breathing.

No. 561

File: 1404019812452.jpg (22.08 KB, 248x320, image.jpg)

Stop deleting your posts anon. You're on a chan, not tumblr.

No. 562

I really think we should talk more Dana. You have fans here. I also want to know more about Jim. Is he really that hott?

No. 563

File: 1404020820777.jpg (129.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Thanks for visiting Dana. Come back soon!

No. 564

File: 1404020942780.jpg (145.5 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I did save one post before she left.

No. 565

File: 1404021083504.jpg (171.41 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Why FWG is locked

No. 566

File: 1404021150810.jpg (196.34 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 567

Anon's not delivering so far, so I'll just leave the rest of this here

>But yeah, that doesn’t really answer what happened.

>I got fed up.

>That’s what happened. I got sick and tired of being discussed at length by strangers on the internet. I got sick of the repetitive, unoriginal, and petty insults by people who didn’t even have the decency to send them off anon. I got tired of being accused of things i didn’t do. I am tired of the blatant lies and rumors about me. I’m done. That’s it.

>I am not giving the password out to anyone, I’m surprised that anyone even thinks that would ever happen again after the last incident. My blog is for ME. I will be writing for myself.

>Asks will now be disabled. I will not be discussing this again.


No. 570

Meh, She'll give out the password. Why else keep a blog/tumblr/online presence if not for others to find and read? Just get a diary and write in it at home if it's just for yourself.

I wish it was open to the public again, it was a fascinating insight into another life for me. Dana should have her own reality TV show, I'd watch it and never miss an episode.

No. 571

I agree, I thought it was fascinating. And for the most part I thought she was being a bit of a dumb bitch, but never really upsetting anyone with her talk about Jamie and stuff. The only thing that bothered me was the rape story on her private sex blog, that did set me off.

No. 643

Thanks anon. I tried to upload the images but it kept thinking I was a bot.

No. 884

File: 1404442749826.png (42.56 KB, 786x514, she best be giving it up.png)

She's back, guys.

No. 885

File: 1404443225484.jpg (402.72 KB, 1089x1024, seensomeshit.jpg)

what the fuuuuuck

No. 886

This has got to be a troll. No woman can seriously want her man to fucking rape a woman like this. People like this can't exist.

No. 887

File: 1404449143681.jpg (29.01 KB, 201x527, what the fuck.jpg)

She proceeded to scribble on photos of the girl and refer to her as "Jim's Virgin whore".

No. 888

File: 1404449275643.png (568.46 KB, 788x631, calling an underaged girl a sl…)

She's supposedly underage, but Jim is trying to have sex with her.

No. 889

File: 1404449368166.png (44.15 KB, 781x557, getting rid of the cat.png)

Oh, and they abandoned the cat her son called a nigger.

No. 892

Hate to break it to her fat ugly ass but there ARE hot virgins. Rare but they're out there. Bitch is out of touch with reality if she's not a troll.

No. 893

Oh god no this can't be real. Everything in this post is disgusting. How is she even able to be a parent? Will the same thing happen to her kids if her boyfriend starts getting tired of them?

No. 894

She's already sent them off for summer so she can bring home guys to fuck every day.
Honestly, I think her kids would be better off without her, especially her daughter. From what she's shown, she's a terrible parent.

No. 895

>The cat will be put in the wild where he belongs

Fucking bitch, cats especially cats that get dumped after being pampered with lots of food are the biggest murderers of ducklings and other small animals. Why doesn't she just take it to a shelter. Dumping a pet in the wild is the most terrible thing you can do. Not just for the cat, but also for the ecosystem.

No. 898

… this has got to be another troll who took over her old url and is doing a bad job in continuing the legacy. C'mon, this is so absurd, it's subpar compared to the old posts.

No. 899

do you think she will ever realise that SHE is the fuck buddy?

No. 900

Is there any way to send a link to her blog to her family? Or CPS or…. SOMEONE who could do something about it. I feel like her mother should know what her grandchildren are really living in.

No. 901

>>tampons…….im wearing one now, but i don’t know if i’m supposed to remove the plastic piece.

Why is she so stupid and disgusting?

No. 902

File: 1404467571884.png (25.6 KB, 748x341, pissa.png)

How the fuck do you eat a whole deep dish pizza by yourself? It's funny how she went through all that trouble to steal Jim and now doesn't like him after this short amount of time. At least Jessica knows to stay away from him.

No. 903

Jesus christ. I could eat a whole Italian pizza if I am hungry, but I don't think I could even finish half of a deep dish one. That truly is disgusting.

No. 904

How can she not know how to use a tampon? There is an instruction booklet in the damn box.

No. 912

I can't believe people think this isn't a troll.

No. 913

Obsessing over food like a true fatty lmao

Those Coolattas at Dunkin Donuts are the most disgusting ever though. I used to work there and was pretty grossed out after finding out how they're made. Coffee concentrate and frozen sugar water… More sugar than water. Fucking gross. No wonder she's the size of a blue whale. Even Starbucks Frappachinos are less bad for you.

No. 917

File: 1404507773674.jpg (21.94 KB, 310x322, 1460153_716190771726364_125746…)

>"If Jim wants it she best be giving it up"
>"agreed finally after I scolded her about respect."

How can she bitch about Katie being "disrespectful" when Dana isn't respecting the fact that Katie doesn't want to sleep with Dana's nasty as fuck man?!

Dana has become my new GinsengTeaCat. She makes me rage, but I need to keep watching her.

No. 918

I think Dana just wants Jim to fuck more fatties, which is why she's hoping she'll sleep with Katie. She's that insecure. She's noticed that Jim has been going after thin girls and feels threatened.

No. 919


And much like GinsengTeaCat, nobody is completely sure whether she's trolling or just really stupid.

No. 920

GinsengTeaCat has a tumblr which has been on private for a while. I like to believe that people like this don't exist, but some people really are just that insane. Ginger has been at it for a long ass time and doesn't seem to want the negative attention.

No. 921

Ginseng changed her URL to: http://ichigokawaiikitty.tumblr.com/

Unless she made a new tumblr, ichigokawaiikitty should be her only one as far as I know

No. 924

I'm still calling troll on Dana. Even if she weren't, I doubt some 18 year old virgin would want her first to be some creeper she finds repulsive like Jim.

No. 925

I would not be surprised if it's a male writing this as an experiment to see how Tumblr & forums react. Everything is a little too ordered, a little too sensationalist for it to be real. The writing style does not fit a half educated fat single mother who doesn't know about tumeric or tampons.

Either way, everything about this Tumblr is highly entertaining.

No. 926

File: 1404517943506.jpg (35.09 KB, 263x526, image.jpg)

I think this pic goes with the entry.

No. 927

File: 1404517976498.jpg (144.33 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

New entry

No. 928

File: 1404518215967.jpg (197.61 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 929

What makes you think she finds him repulsive? She's a dumb kid who puts pictures of herself drinking and partying on facebook. That, and Jim has that he's in a relationship with her on facebook, so she obviously thinks he's her boyfriend. I'd say that Jim is good at faking shit to get laid, considering he's been in so many relationships and always manages to cheat within them. I don't find this hard to believe. My retarded fat whore cousin is in a relationship with a total scumbag who her parents hate, so it's not hard for me to believe that some whores are just this dumb. She's 18 and he's 26. So far, he's….
*Broken up with her because she said she couldn't afford to buy him and his friends pizza/fun stuff anymore
*ran off to California and got a girl pregnant, left her and returned to my cousin
*Cheated on her other times
*still has no job and no ambition, yet my dumb ass cousin still defends her relationship with him
*Breaks up with her over stupid shit to play with her emotions, then decides he want to get back with her when he's had his fill of other whores/is returning to the area she lives in and wants someone to fuck/bum money off
*Aaaaaaaaaaaand he's black

She still does not realize she is being used and is pissed about her parents not letting him in their house. She thinks they're racist. She wants to run away with him. He also took her virginity. (sorry about the off-topic rant, I just felt like venting.)

No. 930

I find it weird that a troll would make a fat activist blog that doesn't conform to the SJW mold. The point of these fat activist troll blogs is usually to make fun of/criticize SJW mentality. Dana isn't really a SJW, just a white trash moron. That, and people like this tend to have a lot of drama going on in their lives, so I don't think all the drama updates seem all that unusual.

No. 931

I may be marked as a bit again so I'll have to do c+p text.

No. 932

>>This is the end of us. After what I learned. i can’t.

He probably suggested that she would look better if she went on a diet.

No. 933

File: 1404518782684.jpg (201.22 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 934

In >>927 it sounded like she may start eating better to keep him around. But she has too much (fat) pride to lose weight.

No. 935

File: 1404518964846.jpg (204.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 937

Oops, didn't realize it was already being posted lol

No. 939

File: 1404519480285.jpg (164.61 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 940

File: 1404519648801.jpg (147.62 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

>Little snack

No. 941

I'm past caring it it's a troll or not - this is better than Mexican soap operas! It gives me sooo many conflicted feelings.
>I hate scumbags like Jim in general, and it saddens me a bit to hear about another weak woman succumbing to such an idiot
>but at the same time, if a woman has ever deserved a scumbag, it's Dana.
>I'm seriously against fat shaming
>But stuffing yourself with trash shouldn't be an option to anyone
>and hearing she is considering to humiliate herself enough to go on a diet to please the scumbag

idek, it's all gold. I can't even type coherently, but I'm loving. If this is a troll, I hope you release a book soon, sir, you're a genius.

No. 943

>I'm seriously against fat shaming

Why? Are you fat? We shouldn't promote obesity, this whole fat acceptance thing is complete BS. Look at all the shit Michel Obama got for trying to fight obesity. WHAA U CAN'T TELL KIDS TO EAT VEGETABLES IT'S FREE COUNTRY I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE AS GROSS AS I WANT WHAA NO FAT SHAMING ME.
If people were doing some sort of drug that was as horrible for your body as obesity, their family and friend would be trying hard to change their habit. Corporations are trying to push the fat acceptance shit to get people to buy their poison, but fat people are too stupid/lazy to see what's going on and just don't want to be judged for being disgusting. Obesity should never be socially acceptable, you're praising people for practically killing themselves and encouraging others to do so. Fat people have fat kids because they feed them poison, that should be child abuse.

No. 944

>being this mad
I'm just against interfering with anyone's life, for better or worse. Calm down.

No. 945

File: 1404521236113.jpg (56.81 KB, 576x418, image.jpg)

I like you anon. I was going to say something but you've said it all.

No. 946

The fact that you used the term "fatshaming" speaks loads of your ideology. Please stop anger shaming me and stop interfering with my life.

No. 950

It's like Rock of Love meets Biggest Loser. So much entertainment in such a horrifying setting. I can't look away.

No. 951

The best troll is a subtle troll. Not conforming to the SJW mould is genius.

I wonder why Dana only talks about sex & food? Does she never do her nails? Get her hair done? Pine for shoes/clothes/handbags? Use the day at the beach she was supposedly going on to further the fat acceptance movement by talking about reactions people had to her in a bathing suit?

No. 952

Supposing it's a real person, I don't think she has enough self-esteem to care about hair and nails, though I've seen a post of her coveting a lipstick. As for shoes and clothes, I would believe she just gave up on fitting anything pretty.

No. 954

File: 1404527217247.png (4.04 KB, 487x139, the end.PNG)

No. 959

Holy shit stop being so autistically mad

No. 960

Accusing people of being mad makes you sound mad, tubby.

No. 964

File: 1404546319595.png (14.96 KB, 752x280, brittooth.png)


No. 972

never been to the fat acceptance, thin privilege or HAES tags?
lots of people like this exist.

No. 985

File: 1404565601373.gif (21.75 KB, 450x436, 200 billion is spent on fat pe…)

Not that anon, but the first post is the one who used the term "fatshaming", which is pretty autistic to begin with along with the rest of the slacktivist SJW movement. We should all be careful to not throw stones in our lego-houses.

Also morbidly obese people, by being morbidly obese, do interfere with other people's lives. More health problems due to obesity = higher insurance premiums for everyone, which is going to become a big fat problem down the road as US citizens are being required to get health insurance.

No. 987

You're not getting the point. Stop caring.
Complaining on the internet about obese people and posting graphs won't retroactively make them skinny or fit, it just derails threads into endless arguments.

No. 996

Being the anon who actually started the whole thing, I used "fat shaming" because it's a commonly used term in the first place. Second, as I said right after that (did you even read the rest of the post, people?), I do not support horrible eating habits. Can we end this silly storm?

No. 1035

>>Someone makes valid point

No. 1036

File: 1404604900887.png (207.3 KB, 438x438, 1398488562397.png)

Anon, please.

No. 1057

SJWs in a nutshell.
>argues point to death
>normal person refutes it

No. 1062

Literally only the anon who read "fat-shaming" and shat themselves was arguing anything to death or even at all.

No. 1070

No. Someone said that fat acceptance was dumb and that other anon got buttmad and told them to stop disagreeing with their stupid beliefs.

No. 1071

That was me, though. I don't believe in fat acceptance, I think it's retarded but I don't care.
Like there's no need to sperg out and type essays about how horrible it is, everyone already knows.

No. 1107

Why has no one talked about this yet?
What do you think she learned? That Jim is sterile? That SHE is the other woman and he won't ever commit to her?
That he would prefer her to lose weight and not foist her other fat friends on him?

No. 1114

File: 1404686100806.png (38.32 KB, 770x614, white trash chronicles.png)

Not to worry, anon.

No. 1116

Ummm dumb ass didn't you want her to have sex with him?

No. 1119


>"like having sex with a shark"

i imagine this in my head and it's just a bunch of blood and screaming and it probably ending in lost limbs and/or death

No. 1122

Wow, this developed way faster than I expected. Too fast, in fact. The author should pace themselves better.

No. 1125

Exactly what I was thinking.

No. 1135

File: 1404691993743.gif (Spoiler Image, 79.74 KB, 150x150, South Park Nathan and Shark.gi…)


- Or that scene from South Park. Not sexy in the least.

I'm wondering how this is going to turn out. Jim is obviously a scumbag and a user, so will he start leeching off of Katie since Dana kicked him out? Or is Dana going to take him back?

No. 1153

Of course Dana will take him back. The double teaming at the beach is a hilarious touch, though. "I'm so mad my friend is a slut, just like I wanted her to be, so I'm gonna blow off some steam by sluttin' it up!"

No. 1154

this. its too unbelievable now. how does katie go from being appalled and grossed out over the thought of jim wanting to have sex with her to having sex with him all the time and gloating about it?

No. 1201

I just assumed Katie and Jim are actually fucking with her because they both hate her so much.
Or at least I hope so.

No. 1220

I imagined he isn't very good and he's writhing around. Lol

It's called lying. If Dana is a real person, she stole her best friend's bf (Jim) and said prior to that Jim loved how fat the ex was but then she told Dana Jim wanted her to lose weight (and she did) and Dana felt like she had been betrayed. It's just one example.

No. 1266

I think Jim told Katie all about what a dumb cow she is and that Katie agreed. I think Jim was just using Dana because he needed somewhere to stay after Jessica broke up with him. That's why he was so desperate for other women and was more serious with them, he wanted to get the fuck out of that house.

No. 1420

no but seriously anon, i just wanted to say thanks for bringing up rock of love. this was my one guilty tv pleasure. i still wish they'd do season 4 someday.

No. 1476

I loved that show. I thought it only had two seasons. I think he's single again so they can bring it back. I also think that the nasty 'mansion' they stayed in was used in Charm Shool and Flava of Love and their other spin offs.

No. 1739

File: 1405163377992.png (190.41 KB, 500x307, Privilege in the basket.png)

Any news from Dana?

No. 1749

File: 1405174121438.png (18.83 KB, 776x320, not good.PNG)

Last time she posted, or reblogged anything was on the 7th.

No. 1765

This is how you know Dana is a troll. She actually mentions /b/ and not 4chan in general.

No. 1769

I don't get the whole thing about /pol/ raising Tumblr. How stupid do you have to be to think that racism vs racism will accomplish anything?

No. 1770

Raiding not raising

No. 1774

How does that make her a troll? Lots of people who don't use 4chan know about /b/. At least from my understanding they do.

No. 1775

It's not like the board has it's own documentary or anything

No. 1899

File: 1405207441780.jpg (40.76 KB, 720x960, shower.jpg)

"This is where I slept/had sex :)

My biggest complaint was the size of the bathroom and the shower stall. It was VERY hard fitting my body through the door and then being able to close the door. Showering was next to impossible. (If you don’t believe thin privilege exists, I think these pictures alone will change your mind.)"

No. 1900

File: 1405207525376.jpg (64.24 KB, 960x720, dana.jpg)

A picture of Dana

No. 1901

File: 1405207587231.png (13.93 KB, 779x184, robbing blind.PNG)

No. 1902

File: 1405207661193.jpg (119.56 KB, 720x960, tumblr_n8mga620id1tvduy1o1_128…)

>#im bad #lol #im cute #free money

No. 1905

Damn what a fucking bitch. Things like this made me not feel bad at all for makin fun if her.

More like a reason to get off your fat ass and stop stuffing your pork hole.

No. 1906

These are not the same person. No way. The arms are not fat enough.

No. 1916

"Beach house Sex-cation

I had already been talking to some men on the internet about a potential get together for sex and sun,initially with the hope that Katie would come with me. Basically it was a birthday gift for her, bringing in the big 18 with one cock after another, but that unfortunately did not go as planned… since she can’t keep her paws off my “ex” (who btw can’t get enough of me even still.! )

I sent a picture of Ethan and Michael’s cocks to him and he got upset. was even waiting for me when i got home and said that was fucked up what I did. then he seduced me and had sex without a condom and came inside. It made me happy, but at the same time sad because all those other guys came inside of me too, so i wont know who’s baby i have if i do end up getting pregnant. I don’t know why shit like this has to go down the way it does.

I sent Katie a text RIGHT after we had sex. i got a pic of jim’s ass as he was leaving the room and then i took a pic of his cum oozing out and said “Jim has made his choice.” I was upset to get “yea so jim cums me in literally everrrry time btich lol” I thought it was rude and immature. I questioned Jim about it, said “so you cum inside Katie every time?” and he was like “i cant stop.” and I pressed him harder like what do you mean you can’t stop. He explained she’s the kind of girl where you literally cant stop. you dont want to do it, but you cant stop.

It all made sense… this is how katie got pregnant the first time and all her other pregnancy scares… her and the guys “couldnt stop” even though they were wanting to and scared about what was happening.

He thought it was funny that I told Katie about us having sex, didn’t seem put off by it at all. He said that she won’t be going anywhere. I can do my “worst” and Katie will stay by his side. I knew he was probably right, but it wouldn’t be for Jim himself, it would be to spite me.

Anyway as for the vacation, I stayed in a small little house shack and met guys at bars, from the internet, from the beach and we went back and had sex. It was great fun. I had condoms out on the table, but all the men ignored. I knew I must be hot shit if they couldn’t resist fucking me raw.

Ethan was from craigslist, and he brought a friend at first. They both began arguing in French about me, and then Ethan said “he say you too big.” and then he began ranting in french again, and then Ethan said that he felt lied to because I didn’t bring my chubby teen cousin. He only wanted to nail her and would have nailed me if it meant nailing her, but “no young girl no dice.” Fucking sick old men, as if all this isn’t enough. Suddenly my available pussy is an inconvenience. Honestly he was probably gay.

Ethan wanted to watch me eat, brought me to all kinds of places. I knew he had money when he brought me to a very fancy restaurant with 2 sets of cups and silverware. I got free refills of water all night along with my beers and wine. I got a delicious salad and seafood casserole, and sea food soup, and a whole lobster, and then a delicious tort. I was so roley poley by the time I got out of the there he basically had to wheel me out in a barrel lmao. JK, but i couldnt move during sex, i was so stuffed.

He had gotten so drunk by the end of it all, passed his asss out. I was all fucked out, Couldnt handle another cock up in me, so decided I was going to leave. I went through his back pack and found a bunch of money, went into his car and got all the change out, then I packed up my things, kissed him on his forehead and left for home. It was a 3 hour ride back home and i got hungry along the way and stopped in to eat late at night. Some trucker was eyeing me up and down. I ended up sucking his cock in the cab of his big rig just to see what it looked like in there. He was a burly man, black bearded and married. I felt powerful sucking the cock of a married man, because he chose me over his wife. There is nothing more fulfilling than taking the cock of a married man, whether it be orally or vaginally. You’ve just one-upped the bitch.

I would have felt dirty had he not been married, but since I saw the ring first, it was alright. Just another fun experience to add to my list. :)

Got home and saw Jim parked outside my home, and yup. Good times.


No. 1918


Since when in the fuck is Jack-in-the-Box a "high end" burger joint?

No. 1921


Everything. Is. Awesome.
>If you don’t believe thin privilege exists, I think these pictures alone will change your mind.
>i wont know who’s baby i have if i do end up getting pregnant.
>I thought it was rude and immature.
>Honestly he was probably gay.
>but i couldnt move during sex, i was so stuffed.
>I would have felt dirty had he not been married, but since I saw the ring first, it was alright.

And the best
>I felt powerful sucking the cock of a married man, because he chose me over his wife.

Oh, oh. I can't deal with all of this. I don't even have a word to describe it, it's equal parts terrifying (in a good, excellent horror flick kind of way), disgusting (in a terrible half-eaten corpse full of worms kind of way) and thrilling (in a cheesy, Stephanie Meyer kind of way). I just love you so much, Dana!

No. 1923

>I knew he had money when he brought me to a very fancy restaurant with 2 sets of cups and silverware. I got free refills of water all night

Lol. Just lol.

That last part reminded me of how PT talks when she used to be with guys. The "he chose me" part

Kinda looks like her, since she's sitting on a sloped angle. Passable.
But who took it?
Isn't there a site that shows all the data in a photo?

Jim is pretty dumb to come back and it's weird that Kaitie, her cousin?, doesn't care that her new bf is sleeping around aka with Dana.

No. 1924

>But who took it?
According to the blog post, Ethan took the photos.
She probably shouldn't have them unless he was using her camera or something, though.

No. 1925

I would assume so, since I don't think she took time to write the new entry at the hotel. Even if it was emailed to her, it'd still contain data.

No. 1929

She could have asked him to snap the pictures from her phone just like that, already with the intent of posting them.

>or the troll just saw some fatso at the beach and took the opportunity

No. 1930

I don't know who took it obviously, but based on that second picture, it doesn't seem hard to believe that the fat chick in the original icon with the sweater on is also the small planet that crashed into that beach.

No. 1939

I dont think the girl in the beach pic is that big. The original picture arms are as big as hamhocks and all ripply and shit. It's probably some rando fatty the troll found on the beach. Plenty of fat girls in bikinis nowadays.

No. 1947

File: 1405226563973.jpg (70.49 KB, 960x720, tumblr_n8mfyu54Ke1tvduy1o2_128…)

No. 1948

Quick, push it back into the ocean.

(Someone had to say it)

No. 1950

>the small planet that crashed into that beach


No. 1994

who takes pictures of people they know like this? its obviously a picture someone secretly took of a fatty they found. i can see maybe someone accidentally taking a pic where you cant see the persons face, but two? and not deleting them? or saying "hey dana, smile!" so she'd look at the camera?

im even more convinced dana is a troll now. and the pics are not of the same woman. this fatty at the beach is someone else

No. 2406

I miss her bullshit, it was so fun to read the reactions.

No. 2581

File: 1405721561883.png (21.99 KB, 783x377, Capture.PNG)

No. 2582

File: 1405721596680.png (30.48 KB, 776x517, annoying.PNG)

No. 2583

File: 1405721638897.png (30.12 KB, 782x460, probesity.PNG)

No. 2584

You know, I’m still pissed off over that bullshit about how “fat people are lazy and worthless and contribute nothing, they shouldn’t be proud, blah blah blah.”

It reminded me a bit on the controversial decision by the American Medical Association (A.M.A.) to label obesity as a disease. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that a disease is something that is caught from an infected person and spread. So, does that mean that my obesity is contagious? Can I spread around my fatness to thin people like the common cold? Or wait a minute… Does this mean that scientists and doctors are finally admitting that obesity is something one is born with? An admission that the fat gene is real? So if that’s what they’re saying, and this is what I’m understanding to be the case here, then why must this immediately have to be marked as a sickness?

Let me tell you all something: They are afraid. The gym rats, the thin, and the emaciated fatphobics are truly afraid of us, because when it comes out for real, that obesity is a GENE, just like Thinness is a GENE, they will finally come to the realization that all of their hard work was for absolutely nothing! They always say “I earned my thin privilege.” which they can only claim with the assumption that all fat/obese people are simply lazy; we eat too much and move too little. Bullshit.

In reality though, they need us. They need us to feel good about themselves. They use us for comparison. They look at pictures of us to make themselves feel better about the wasted effort and time they put in at the gym and starving themselves. They want so badly to fit into this mold that society and media has created, and it’s ridiculous. They are slaves to image and they take out all their misguided hatred and angst out on fat people. The only way they can sleep easy at night is with the belief in the back of their minds that we’re ill—physcially and mentally ill.

I have news for you deniers.

You can label us as sick as much as you want to, but it will change nothing. You doctors and you scientists truly believe that with such an ugly label, that you can shame us into losing weight. WRONG! Instead we are coming together, now more than ever before, and we are fighting against these disgusting lies and body-shaming campaigns with body-positive messages. We are fighting our oppressors one inspirational post, message, and picture at a time. We will fight against those who try to control our bodies and weight through means of violent verbal assault and threat. Boldly and unashamed we post images of our fat, curvy, wide, naked bodies for all to see to show the world that we are people! And if that makes you uncomfortable, then I say GOOD.

We won’t stop spreading the message until the day we are finally seen and treated as human-fucking-beings who are deserving of dignity and respect.

You cannot eradicate the world of fat people simply by labeling us as diseased. We are all too happy to fight right back, and mark my words. We WILL win this.

I am a woman, a daughter, a mother…. and I am fat."

No. 2601

>Asking me to lose weight is like asking me to change my sexual orientation.

No, no it really isn't. You aren't born fat, nobody is born fat. However your sexual orientation is determined at birth.

I agree with some points. Labeling fat people as lazy, worthless and contributing to nothing needs to stop. I know fat people, who work very hard in their jobs/to lose weight/to make others happy. Fat people are people too and we can't dehumanize them just because they are fat. However that is the only part I agree with. Doctors are not scaring you into losing weight so you will fit in society. They do it, because your fat ass causes you to have health problems. There is no fat gene. And fat people lose weight not just because they want to be beautiful, but also because they want to be HEALTHY. Dana can't even seem to grasp the concept of how great it is to be fit. How good it feels if you can finally walk up a hill without being terribly out of breath.

No. 2655


Didn't she post a picture of Finn from Adventure Time that was captioned with "I never thought being fat and LAZY could be so rewarding"? She even admits that her house was a mess, she refuses to clean it even though her kids are gone for the summer?

No. 2744

File: 1405910602996.jpg (69.33 KB, 960x720, dana.jpg)

No. 2747


With all that’s been going on in my life recently, I haven’t had much time to really sit down and write out a methodical post. I always felt rushed, exhausted, or just completely lost.

Something I don’t talk about very often is the medication I’m on for some of the issues I’m dealing with. (Both as a result from chemical imbalances in my brain and environmental issues.) I ran out of my prescription and needed my doctor’s approval before they would agree to give me more. I personally think this is a way for them to get more money out of me for having to go in. All they ever do is take my blood pressure and ask me a series of questions. From there they usually raise my dosage a few mg. Well my doctor and I had a falling out, I vowed never to set foot back into her fat-shaming office again and then I went on vacation, had a little too much fun I guess, came back home and crashed pretty hard. I began searching for a new doctor which has proven itself much more difficult than I’d have liked it to be. I did finally find someone who was accepting new patients though, the only kicker was having to wait a few days for the forms to come in the mail. I filled out the necessary information and I plan on calling Tuesday to see if they were received. I feel like Monday is a hectic day as is and I don’t want to further burden them.

Anyway, the recent falling out with my doctor is one of the things that set me off on my fat-acceptance tangent. I know a lot of you just don’t want to hear it, it’s something you hear again and again. If you’ve never been fat, then you will never ever understand the struggles we face. I try not to write so much about it because it fucks with my emotions. I get very passionate about these things because I live and breath it every single day.

Lately I’ve felt like an outsider, even from my own body. I am having difficulty differentiating reality from fantasy.

Sometimes the things I’m experiencing are playing out like a movie that I’m experiencing first hand. I literally have to try and snap myself out of this almost trance-like state. “Is this real right now, is this happening?” It’s not even just the clusterfuck of drama as of late, it is literally something as simple as being the passenger in someone’s car. The feeling of movement, the focusing in on the dash, the sound of their voice, slight hand movements, etc. I know it sounds insane, but it’s what’s happening now. I don’t know how to make it stop and i’m afraid of bringing this up to anyone out of fear for being labeled as crazy. I literally feel crazy lately.

I had dinner with Katie tonight. I really didn’t want to at first, but she began to plead with me to hear her out. We talked about how it came to be that she went from being repulsed by Jim to suddenly “being addicted to his cock.” She ended up admitting that she had been attracted to him since the first day she met him, even felt some type of connection, but out of fear for what I would think, kept her beak shut about it. She was embarrassed and thought I wouldn’t want anything to do with her. I had to laugh a bit, given the circumstances of what has played out over these past few weeks. She said that she got caught up in it. Jim is a charmer, yes. He basically made me out to be the bad guy; lied to her and said I was controlling, messy, dirty, manipulative, and jealous of anyone who was younger and prettier than me. Such horse shit. I feel bad that Katie was so gullible to believe this, especially given that we are supposed to be close. I don’t know, I guess sleeping with an older, experienced man who says the right things and touches the right places can do that to someone who’s only been with young boys her age.

I was very upset to hear that they never once used a condom though. Katie told me that she expressed worry about becoming pregnant, and Jim supposedly said “Good, i want you pregnant.” I personally don’t believe that. I think Katie is exaggerating a bit. She’s obviously feeling inferior talking to a woman who Jim will never be able to just let go of. It’s normal though, I can’t hold it against her.

She had to stop seeing Jim because she began to get attached to him, but knew he would never give up his life as a player. She also became afraid of getting pregnant, as we both know, once Jim gets his dick in there, there ain’t no stopping him; he’s a machine. I guess on top of that she just couldn’t handle him telling her details about other girls he’s sleeping with. According to Katie, Jim still hasn’t had sex with the virgin, but he has managed to sleep with one of her friends. Typical. I don’t know what this asshole’s fixation is with 18 yr olds. That’s actually quite pervy.

Well that’s that. I will try to remain coherent in my future posts. If/when I’m not, things probably aren’t okay. I’ll update everyone once I get an appointment with the doctor.
Also, breasts are a bit tender, I am close to my period. I am feeling anxious this time around given the amount of unprotected sex I had. For the first time, i am actually afraid of being pregnant.

Also, I asked Katie what it meant when guys see condoms on the table, but ignore them and have sex with you anyway. She said basically what I said: it’s a compliment.

Jul 20th, 2014

No. 3176

>>I found out Jamie was feeding my son “dandelion greens.” She actually goes outside and picks them and cooks them, puts them in salad, and makes tea with them. I think I will be picking my son up earlier than I had planned. This is just repulsive.

No. 3187

Oh Dana, that is perfectly healthy to do. It is what the Dutch did in WWII and the famine. Same goes for Nettle, perfectly fine to put in salads and to make tea from. I know frequently digesting nettles can also have a good effect if you are allergic to the sun for some reason. It worked very well on my grandma and dad, who both were highly allergic to sun.

No. 3220

File: 1406201685695.png (166.01 KB, 1004x565, just enough to get a large ore…)

Looks like James took all her money. Feels like karma.

No. 3248

I cringe over "Dana's" obsession with those Coolattas. Those things are diabetes in a plastic cup. Fucking disgusting. I'd rather never have sweets again than drink one of those.

No. 3324

>Have $4 left in the account
>Best save until payday
>Nope I'm going to buy a dessert drink
>Possibly overdraw account

She's so dumb.

No. 3328


There's a soft drink in the UK called Dandelion and Burdock, although I don't think the cheap supermarket versions use real dandelion.

No. 3338

No. 3339

I've heard of that. I was always curious about it since my country doesn't have it (I'm an Americunt). What's it like?

No. 3341

LOL. I am not the least bit surprised by this. I used to work at a Dunkin Donuts and always knew they were the most disgusting drink you could order there. It's nothing but frozen sugar water (more sugar than water), some overly sweet coffee concentrate swimming in sugar, a shitton of sweet as hell syrup (or shot of unsweetened gross flavoring), and a shitton of fattening cream. I let one sit out for an hour and it looked so fucking gross thawed out. I do not recommend putting one of those foul concoctions into your body. This coming from someone who loves sweets (in moderation).

I don't know how even someone as fat and disgusting as this so called Dana person can drink so many and not die. Or get diabetes after just one.

No. 3363

File: 1406269447722.jpg (46.49 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

This is from her latest post. She's talking about improving her life but this last paragraph was a WTF to me.

Katie is young, she doesn’t understand. I know she is going to want to finally have sex with a group of men with me, but I just don’t feel up to it. I also don’t fully believe that she is completely done with Jim. I think -if anything- they are still having a sexual relationship… but i can’t prove it.

No. 3370

I actually feel pretty bad for her, that entire entry had this sort of depressing clarity.

No. 3371

Oh never heard of that. Sounds like an interesting drink. I myself am very fond of cooled Orchid and Rose tea, they sell that in some of the China Towns in The Netherlands.

Oh that really sounds disgusting. I love Oreo's, but man.. that sounds like a foul drink. I can totally see >>3338 wanting to hurl it up again. When I was in Scotland there was this make your own milkshake thing, and I decided to just order something from the menu as that was easier then walk down all the isles of candy and cookies. So I ordered 'The Duke' it was basically a chocolate milkshake, with oreos, ferrero rocher, nutella, a shitload of whipcream and tiny marshmallows. (It sounded so good) After a few sips I thought I was gonna hurl due to the sugar overdose, never again.

No. 3372

After that experience I did found the perfect combo though consisting of vanilla milkshake with Banana, Nutella and chunks of kinder bueno or oreo (never both).

No. 3376

They have a fucking Mountain Dew Coolatta now. Ughhh.

No. 3377

File: 1406276270305.jpg (108.82 KB, 600x900, american cuisine.jpg)

Would go great with a Doritos donut.

No. 3378

No. 3382

Oh my god, I am really disgusted with how some Americans seem to eat. Not even the worst students in the Netherlands eat this bad (They just live of french fries and pasta, which is also unhealthy but at least not fucking disgusting)

The only time I will even consider using Mountain Dew in a recipe is when I am going to make Mao burgers from Halo: Reach with Mountain dew sauce. Blogger is actually a good cook and honest reviewer when she recreates something, and she said it was pretty nice for something involving Mountain Dew.

I people eat this out of poverty, they really have something to learn. Chicken breast for example isn't that expensive and very versatile to work with. Sure it is still no foie gras or steak, but at least 10x healthier then this gross stuff.

No. 3386

People don't really eat like that in Murrica (except maybe people like Dana), it's just a joke.

No. 3392

That doesn't convince me you know. Murica is big and known for things like Heart Attack Grills and food trucks. Wouldn't surprise me if there are gross obese people actually following these recipes and eating Doritos soup or whatever.

No. 3397

They would have all died by now, anon.

No. 3406

I think you might be mistaking food trucks for fast good

No. 3410

File: 1406307217585.jpg (26.74 KB, 300x300, 1377010716001.jpg)

>>See people mixing Doritos and Mountain Dew
>>Oh my god, I am really disgusted with how some Americans seem to eat.

God, you're a dumb fuck.

No. 3411

Yeah sorry that is what I meant. Food trucks can actually contain good food.

Dana is still alive, they will die though. They will..

Why? I am not saying this is general American cuisine. However I can imagine that fat Muricans pick this up as something serious and go like ''OH DORITOS AS SOUP. NOMNOMNOMFATNOM'' I've seen people eating grosser things, and with a big country as Murica anything can happen. I mean there are people that eat crayons. Then it is not hard to imagine that Muricans eat this, seeing how they have drinks overloaded with sugar and the most heart clogging fast foods.

No. 3413

File: 1406307817867.jpg (54.51 KB, 500x540, 1391217469580.jpg)

I'm sure people in the Netherlands never jokingly put a bunch of gross shit together to weird people out when bored. Can you maybe get over yourself?

No. 3416


Sending this to my Swedish friends kek

No. 3424

Oh my god, fucking gross. I bet it's made out of Mountain Dew syrup concentrate and that awful coolata base that consists of a shitton of sugar and frozen water… Topped with friggin' whipped cream. Believe me when I say that Frapuccinos from Starbucks are a LOT LESS SWEET than any Dunkin Donuts coolatta. Seriously, don't drink that shit. When I started training, they showed us how to make Coolattas and there wasn't a single person in my class that wasnt disgusted by how they were made. I'm so glad I don't work for that gross company anymore.

No. 3425

Heart Attack Grill only has one location and that's here in Las Vegas. It's a single restaurant that only tourists check out. No one eats there more than once unless it's one of those super stupid morbidly obese people that has zero culinary plalette. Locals never ever go. It's a tourist attraction for the novelty, not because the food is good. Look at the reviews on yelp.com. Universally they agree that their food and drinks are bloody disgusting and only tried it for the novelty.

No. 3445

Reading comprehension? I just say that I can totally picture some Obese dumb Muricans to take these joke recipes seriously and actually like it because it is fatty food. I've never been in America, but they show us way to much of those shows about terribly obese Americans and what they eat, and seeing how some literally dump two packages of butter in a pan to cook something. I can totally imagine those morbid obese guys eating such gross shit. Purely because it has their favorite ingredients. And really if shit like >>3424 is real. Then it is not that weird that a foreigner looks with surprise and disgust about what you guys can come up with.

Oh good, I am glad that it is just a novelty thing for tourists in Vegas. And not some other fast food restaurant. Although it wouldn't surprise me. A friend of mine went to America and she was so surprised then when she ordered at Mcdonald, you have to explicitly state that you want small/medium, or else you get large. And how large a large menu was over there. Over here large menus are smaller and they usually assume you just want a medium.

No. 3447

File: 1406319319107.jpg (219.68 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Yeah those foods are gross but this looks real. I don't know how she finds this gross stuff. I love spaghetti but this looks so heavy and greasy.

No. 3448

I know what you mean. I've never been to Japan, but they've showed us tons of shows about how it's custom to have your daughter have sex with tentacle monsters.

No. 3449

I love spaghetti. I love pizza. I do not love this. This looks greasy, disgusting, and super heavy with little to no nutritional value. Dana is fucking killing herself and her kids. Hell, just looking at that image makes me want to do an extra 2 miles on the treadmill. Fucking disgusting.

Curious. Can CPS take your kids away for feeding them horrible shit? I still don't think Dana, Jim, Katie and the rest even exist though.

No. 3450

I don't think so. I've heard Dana talk about how often her daughter misses school, though. Her house, apparently, is also disgusting. All of these things combined might just be enough. It's kind of hard to get your kids taken away, though. They usually only do it if there's some direct abuse involved, and not just for bad/gross living conditions. I had a friend growing up whose house reeked of cat piss/shit. Her parents never got them neutered, so they had, like, 13, and they let them shit and piss everywhere. They were poor as fuck, and the kids pretty much ate nothing but top ramen everyday. Someone called CP, but they didn't get taken away. Her dad got lectured, but nothing happened. He had a job, and I guess he was trying, and that was all they needed.

No. 3451

Why do people do this. Pizza yes, Spaggetti yes, this no

Not sure if troll, or not..

Well I don't think they can, I mean you are feeding them ''food''. Unless you feed them acid or other dangerous things, I don't think they can take your kids away based on what you feed them.

No. 3452

You know exactly what that anon meant.
>Gee, I've never been there myself, but you Americans are disgusting obese slobs because the TV says so!

No. 3454

But you can't seriously compare Documentaries to Hentai. Documentaries are portraying real life people, Hentai is drawn porn. It is not as if I am watching shows like The Real housewives of bladieblabla/Jersey Shore and tell you that all Muricans are Valley Girls/Rude as fuck assholes. And again I never say all Americans are fat disgusting slobs, so you probably only are upset because you are Murican yourself. I just say that things like Mountain Dew Coolattas, pizza spaghetti combo's or dinner with dorito's in it could only exist in countries like America where obesity is through the roof and people are practically handed fast food. And that meals like this make me feel nauscious, especially those joke foods as it is not that weird to picture some fat ass Murican taking it serious and then wonder why he is so morbidly obese. It is a lot harder to find a fast food chain in my country.

So in conclusion:
> Not saying author of said joke meals eats that, but probably are people who take it seriously and do eat that shit and like it
> Not saying all Americunts are fat slobs, however you can't deny that there are certainly a lot of fat slobs in Murica
> Stop being so butt hurt over me being grossed out by Mountain Dew coolatta's and pizzagetti and other disgusting fatty food.

No. 3459

Damn, that's some depressing shit. I'm starting to understand how British chef Jamie Oliver feels. Some of these things are pig disgusting and re genuinely making me feel nauseated. I really do feel bad for Dana's children (that is, if they exist).

No. 3461

What kind of documentaries are you watching where people eat that sort of disgusting stuff in America? Link please.

You seem a little ill-informed about American eating habits in general. Yes, we're super fucking fat, but it's not because we're deep frying snicker bars. Americans treat those insane foods as novelty just as the Vegas Heart Attack restaurant.

You should watch some more reputable documentaries on the American obesity crisis in America and you'll learn it's more complex than simple pizza spaghetti. A lot of it has to do with our habit of eating processed food. Microwavable foods, cereal, too much breaded foods and carbs. We drink a lot of beer here, eat meals that consist of a lot of carbs (soups with bread bowls, sandwiches with chips etc), and incredibly sugary drinks. America is heavy into breads and dairy which doesn't help. Tons of Americans eat salads, but smother it in this crappy calorie ridden dressing.

It's also incredibly hard to get around without a car. We drive a lot because our public transport is shit. Most people I know work insane hours with little vacation time. Stress and lack of time to exercise is a contributing factor to obesity. Stress is often coupled with food and alcohol as comfort. These options and limitations make us pretty fat as a whole. And while I'll admit, I've seen some Americans gorge down a bucket of chicken with fries, it's not as common as you would think.

No. 3464

It was a tv show called Shock Doc, they had all sorts of things ranging from feeder boyfriends to some specials about Morbid Obesity and it was disgusting. Drinks that could give you instant diabetis, grease or butter dripping from things. As a foodie I just watched in horror how perfect food got fucked up with tons of sauce or dressing. Or how steak got baked in so much butter that it turned into some greasy piece of Meat.

No. 3465

File: 1406325322618.png (231.09 KB, 550x310, saving_ricky.png)

>>Shock Doc
I've never watched the show, but googling it with obesity I found a lot of this. These are mexicans. So is this:



Does you're T.V. say they're American? I'm legitimately curious.

No. 3467

I think hè lived in America, can't remember. That wasnt a special about Obesity in general though, I believe hè is the fattest man alive.

No. 3471

The man in that picture, if that's who was in the show you watched, was named Ricky Naputi and he lived in Guam, not America.

No. 3474

Your ignorance is astoundng. Other countries have their gross fatasses, too.
Britain had that You Are What You Eat with that crazy lady that got people's shit to be analyzed, and the show also put together what that person ate in a week and I saw spongy white bread with almost an inch of butter/spread over it.

No. 3487

Nah that wasn't him. See
> That wasn't the special about obesity in general though

I did watch that one though, just couldn't remember were he was from. So I assumed it was America, because of the big ass trucks they had when he married and stuff. But yeah he is from Guam, I remember now.

I never said anywhere that Britain doesn't have fat asses. I know Brits also have trouble with people being Obese. And children being fed disgusting crap in the school cafeteria. That is disgusting too. However I took America as an example, since they are the one with Dunkin Donuts that sell disgusting sugary drinks with Mountain fucking dew in it + Dana is from Murica. Not saying it doesn't happen in say Britain. Never implied that. Its just more likely in a big country like America, where fast food is almost easier to come by then tap water. We don't have docu's over here about fat Brits though, so I can't judge that. I just know that some morbidly obese Americans have the most disgusting eating habits.

No. 3511

File: 1406410789099.jpg (77.52 KB, 500x686, canned-cheeseburger.jpg)

They have plenty of disgusting shit in Europe, they're just too proud to pull it out/joke about it. Picture related, canned burger from Germany.

Ewww. I used to work at Dairy Queen. They had an Oreo shake there that was just ice cream, milk, and Oreo crumbs. I honestly think I would quit if I worked somewhere that served shit like you described, my god. It'd be like peeing into peoples drinks before handing it to them for a living.

No. 3512

That canned burger looks fucking disgusting. It almost looks like the gross meat they use at McDonald's.

Believe me, I felt disgusted serving up those Coolattas. I had a lot of patrons ask me how did I stay so thin. I just didn't eat or drink anything at my death trap job and worked out an hour a day. Whenever I needed a much break, I'd go next door to the Roberto's Taco Shack since they actually had healthier food and it tasted a billion fold better and a lot easier to digest. I hated that job… But I was desperate for money.

No. 3514

I like the visible cucumber slices and cheese on it, and the tiiiny hints of tomato deep inside the actual meat.
Really drives the whole "cheeseburger" motif home.

No. 3525

File: 1406429708686.png (31.07 KB, 828x509, hungwee.png)

She's gone full womanchild.

No. 3526

I feel sorry for her mom.

No. 3527

My brain hadn't processed her changing topic from tampons to food and I first read it as her wrapping a steak around the tampon…

No. 3532

Blogging about food. Then bloody tampons. Classy.

No. 3533


This woman (troll?) has gone full retard on us. Or has she always just been this way?

No. 3534

She's always been this way. I was just on her page and she's got all kinds of pictures of her disgusting chicken wings, pizza, and coolata everywhere. If this is actually a troll (and i really dn't think it is) then it must be a fat one.

No. 3537

Dana just keeps… Being Dana. I wanted to believe that she was a troll (so bad) but I have seen other people that were also living breathing extreme negative stereotypes. Those were people in real life, anyway. Dana just goes above and beyond with her white trash behavior, repulsive culinary palette, and constant obsession with food. I've met plenty of fat people that were just like everyone else, not mentioning food all the god damn time like she does. The way she's always talking about Coolattas all the time makes me feel physically ill. I will not be surprised if she has a form of diabetes but hasn't been diagnosed.

No. 3538

I actually had to delete someone off my FB a while back because ALL she ever posted about was food, be it what she cooked, ate, or wanted to eat. She would reblog some rank looking food with captions like "Mmm." too. Shit pissed me off! She's now gotten weight loss surgery, so now she just talks about all the food she wishes she could eat. I don't understand how people let food run their lives like this.

No. 3546

Oh god, I feel like puking. Why would you buy that. Burgers are the easiest thing to home cook.

> Eating before going to sleep
Jesus, does this woman ever stop eating. When I go to sleep I only drink a glass of water and that is it. Stuffing your face if you want to go to sleep is a terrible and disgusting idea.

Fuck people who get weight loss surgery only to stuff there faces. I know some people who can really use it and have a hard time losing weight, even when on a strict diet and exercise scheme, but can't afford it. And then there are people like that who just stuff their face with terrible food 24/7 and then think ''Hey I am fat, but don't wanna make an effort to lose weight. WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY!!''

No. 3579


Am I the only one who thinks this doesn't look too bad? It just looks like a deconstructed lasagne-style pasta dish to me, spaghetti in tomato sauce or a ragu topped with a layer of bechamel, maybe a little cheese and some pepperoni or chorizo for the novelty 'pizza' look.

I can easily see someone serving it at a kids' birthday party or for a special dinner as a fun jokey dish. Novelty, kiddy food yes - disgusting? Not really. It's likely no more fattening or calorie-filled than a lasagne.

The burger is freeze-dried emergency camping food (the brand name at the top roughly translates to "hiking meals"). Obviously it's still a thoroughly disgusting idea, but it's made slightly more explainable by the fact that it's not supposed to be eaten in a situation where you have the option to make your own food.

No. 3612

File: 1406490053934.png (1011.16 KB, 791x618, she ate that all by herself.pn…)

She got that coolatta guys.
Also, I'm pretty sure she took the time to write on that pizza box in nice handwriting just for the purpose of this photo.

No. 3614

File: 1406490164903.png (949.49 KB, 780x624, dat fortune cookie note.png)

No. 3620

Still though, I am not a hiker. But I am pretty sure you better just stack up on beans and bacon or other canned/pickled foods. At least you have normal food then instead of freeze-dried burger..

So Coolatta, pizza and chicken wings? I would throw up, but Dana obviously can handle it seeing >>3614 which is just gross to post online. No one wants to see your half devoured pizza crust and chicken bones. Those chicken bones aren't even cleaned of very well. I still see pieces of chicken attached to it. What the fuck Dana. At first I thought she was a troll, but more and more pictures come online, and I am not so convinced anymore.

No. 3625

File: 1406493135516.jpg (27.54 KB, 404x236, grossshit.jpg)

Fucking coolattas. Would you really wanna drink something that looks like this after it sits???

I'm sorry but I really hate everything that Dunkin Donuts sells. "Quality product" my narrow ass.

No. 3630


I don't know if you guys remember when Pixyteri ate that entire cookie cake smothered in icing and washed it down with a giant mug of Texan sweet tea on Tincychat. Before that she had like 2-3 plates of Chinese Buffet.

It was just, insane. I don't know how these fatties do it, I feel bad for their kidneys and liver (or whatever processes that junk and produces insulin). I felt like puking when I saw PT do that. I feel sick reading about this crazy woman drinking coolattas every other day. W.T.F

No. 3631

I don't think anyone will ever forget that. Eating around 3 plates of greasy Chinese food, a gigantic cookie decorated in vegetable oil based frosting, washed down with a tall ass can of sweet tea, followed by a tinychat where she slammed her fists down and got pissed at me for having the audacity to suggest she open a savings account and deposit $30 into it every week. She slammed her fists in hulk style anger because I pointed out that savings accounts don't work when you're constantly withdrawing instead of depositing and leaving it alone. Best lulz in a long time.

No. 3633


Haha yeah, I also remember her petting her cat, then taking out her contact lenses without washing her hands. That's when we also found out she wore 2 sets of contact lenses at the same time. I have no idea how she hasn't gotten pink eye yet.

Sorry to derail the thread, I miss PT :\

No. 3641

wait what, I've never heard the two sets of contact lenses thing? on top of one another?

No. 3642

She wears colored contacts/circle lenses over regular prescription contacts.

No. 3661

That looks like as if you used a bucket to mop the floors and walls of your house and then did all your dirty dishes in it. What a mess.

I missed that tiny chat like I usually do (Time difference, weeeeeh). But I probably would have stop watching after a while. The fuck man. I sometimes usually eat a lot, but at least it is always food that isn't high in sugars/fat. I would be so full after two small plates of Chinese Buffet. I guess those plates were loaded to the max too?

No. 3662

Scrap that usually. I am not fully awake yet, and my brain doesn't know how to make sentences that make sense. Wanted to say sometimes or don't usually.

No. 3824

oh ouch. oh goodness that's so irresponsible of her. I'm surprised she still has her vision

No. 3840

File: 1406582894992.png (754 KB, 857x681, ultimate fattle.png)

From what we know about both of them, who is genuinely a worse person?
Sarah or Dana

No. 3851

If real, I'd say Dana. At least PT doesn't have kids.

No. 3893

Agreed. PT is irresponsible and lulzy as fuck, but at least she is only hurting herself with it and maybe her parents (But that is kinda their own fault for not just kicking PT out of the house)

Dana however is a whole new kind of crazy. Her daughter is a fat fuck, because she eats the same crap as mommy does. Her son isn't treated with kindness, because he does not want to be a lardass. Her house is filthy, she is a huge slut and even tries to trick men into having a baby with her so they will stay with her forever and ever.

No. 4092

File: 1406705367793.jpg (153.75 KB, 640x978, image.jpg)

These two pictures are disgusting. I think it's because I'm imagining eating all of this crap and for two, I can't imagine how angle can survive like this.


No. 4093

File: 1406705407574.jpg (99.2 KB, 640x582, image.jpg)


She was only successful because she finished her meal. I guess the fortune cookie was right.

No. 4094

File: 1406705457651.jpg (75.17 KB, 607x962, image.jpg)


She's upset.

I thought she drew a turkey.

No. 4125


How does she go from "I must be hot shit, all of these dudes want to fuck me without a condom" to "Wah, I'm just a pair of tits, a vag, and an asshole to these men" in just a week?

No. 4127

I don't get why she's so upset. She's a nasty cum bucket of a slut so she shouldn't expected to be treated better. The woman has zero self respect.

No. 4135

I'm pretty sure she's bipolar or something.

No. 4158

That's giving her too much credit. She's just a retard.

No. 4164

Didn't she say she wanted to fuck all the guys her pussy could take? Like WTF does she expect? It's her own damn fault.

guess HAES isn't working out so well for her.

No. 6893

File: 1407892699036.png (63.43 KB, 789x1067, Dana Bitchfit.png)

Dana bitching about her mom

No. 6897

>self-entitled fucking degenerate
>You better give me your car that you pay for you fucking bitch!! My life is far more busy and important than yours, how else am I going to get my coolattas?!
I really, really hope Dana turns out to be some board dude posting for shits and giggles.

No. 6910

>not understanding what you have to do to get a car

Because you're not expected to work or anything and it's a-okay to be a leeching welfare queen. Christ, what the fuck does she have that's so important that she needs to do anyway? Meet Johns on craigslist to fuck? Get Coolattas whenever? I can't believe she's angry at her mom for wanting to be in shape and healthy.

No. 6977

File: 1407954334043.jpg (131.09 KB, 785x471, danafat.jpg)

I'm growing more and more convinced this is a troll.

No. 6978

Her whole family needs to cut ties with her.

Her kids? Someone please take them away, preferably Jamie.

No. 6979

File: 1407954468806.jpg (38.92 KB, 784x205, danafat.jpg)

Ten bucks says she makes it up to her with ice cream. Who wants to bet?

No. 6981

I'm also becoming more convinced that this is a troll. What the fuck kind of parent wants their own daughter to turn into a fat ball of lard? There are psycho mother that can get that jealous of their own children but damn. Dana is on a whole ' other level. How does someone even become like Dana?

No. 6993

a lot of the HAES crowd on tumblr are determined to have fat kids because it's 'perfectly healthy' so it's really not surprising.

No. 7204

File: 1408129479884.png (46.63 KB, 780x589, cake.PNG)


>If you love me you'll get fat!

FFS, how can she do that to her child?

No. 7207

It's posts like that that make me think troll.

No. 7272

Well have fun jerking off into the fucking air you assholes. Find someone else to talk shit about. It's amazing to me, you seem to get off on discussing my life and laughing over it, but then you go and get me deleted? So how does that work? Now you have nothing more to fill the voids in your empty, moronic lives.


No. 7277

Kid loses weight. Lets yell at her and slap her in the face. Jezus fuck, this better be a troll.

I agree. Jamie seems like a sensible person. Maybe a bit of health nut, but I guess that is just Dana overreacting.

If I had actual food for once after years of junk, I would refuse to eat the crap that Dana served me too.

No. 7279

Your blog got deleted?? For WHAT?

No. 7280

I sent tumblr support an email asking why, I am waiting for a response. it happened JUST a few minutes ago. i am Livid.

No. 7282

It wasn't anyone here. It was probably someone that comments on your Tumblr. You seem to have more enemies there than anywhere else.

No. 7284

Dana, are you a troll?

No. 7311

"No one is allowed to disrespect my body type!"
>Goes and disrespects daughter's body type

If this is the 'real' Dana, you woulod notice that we are the David Attenboroughs of the internet. We observe, discuss what we could do, but never interfere.

I think the writer behind the Dana persona has realised they may have gone too far with the reaction to the daughter losing weight and is staging something to distract us.

I hope the tumbr comes back or is reinvented. Stuff sure is entertaining.

No. 7314

I was legitimately deleted, I didn't go "too far" with anything.
And no I'm not a "troll" you assholes.

No. 7315

File: 1408242625274.jpg (42.2 KB, 884x348, support.JPG)

I am still waiting for a reply. I will post on my main blog that reply once it is received. I probably won't write any more about my personal life just because of all the hate and attacks that have ensued because of it.

No. 7316

File: 1408243864466.gif (972.92 KB, 312x213, HABBENIN.gif)

No. 7317

File: 1408244384254.jpg (33.25 KB, 321x433, thisiswhy.JPG)


No. 7318

Hey, Dana, how about a picture, something with the date and time in it to prove you're real?

No. 7319

lol i dont have to prove shit to you. if you dont believe it's me, go to my blog and read. i have just changed my name to fatwarriorgodess2, since they seem hell bent on keeping me from using my former name.

No. 7321

Anyone know why her blog got deleted? Was it because she slapped her daughter? Someone should call CPS

No. 7322

Because I had links on it.

No. 7323

>I'm not a troll!
>wont prove it
totally legit.

No. 7324

Won't prove what exactly? I've given you the link to my blog where I'm writing about this in real time.

No. 7400

Dana, is this really you? Will you answer some questions for us?

You can see we are fascinated by your blog. Why did you decide to write it? Do you have any idea how entertaining it is to us?

No. 7404

Still doesn't mean shit. Any troll can come here and write "in real time" on their dumb blog.

No. 7459

No. 7521

>how can I be a troll if I'm writing to you right now!?!?!?

Are you a dipshit?

No. 7522

Your thread wasn't even that active.

No. 7527

File: 1408311264991.png (415.19 KB, 655x438, dana.PNG)

>voice message
Why not a video?

No. 7557

This does nothing to convince us that this Dana personality is real. I still call fake and gay on the whole thing.

No. 7565

Another anon here adding that I find it interesting that she is waiting until monday to post her voice message. That gives the troll enough time to find someone they know who has a voice that would sound appropriate to coerce into recording for them.

No. 7572

Because it's a big elaborate troll. Actually, "elaborate" is giving them too much credit. It's pretty easy to pretend you're a fat retard on the internet. All we have as "proof" is a couple of vague pictures of a mystery fatty that they probably took candids of themselves and apparently a voice recording tomorrow which literally proves nothing. All "Dana" would have to do is make a video of herself with the face cut out, or a timestamped picture.

It's just some bored tumblrina. The video/pic of Jim was probably her own boyfriend. The only other pics we have as "proof" are random handwritten notes and a couple pictures of coolattas.

No. 7573

Also, if it wasn't a troll, why would she come here? No one tipped her off on either of her blogs that we exist, and a normal retard isn't going to google their tumblr blog name to see what else pops up. You could argue that someone did it and she answered privately or never posted it, but again, average tard isn't going to do that. See: Saxy, her dumb ass got tipped off via ask about SR and she posted it, then came to bawl us out. Dana just randomly discovered this board which is pretty new and not even that well known.

No. 7576

lmao, i've been watching you guys here for months talk shit about me. This isn't the first thread you've posted about me.
I began googling my username after reddit began to taunt and harass me nonstop. I WAS alerted about reddit, and I have kept an eye peeled ever since. If you were being talked about, wouldn't you?? Oh of course not.

No. 7579

Yeah, no. This is the first thread we've made about you here.

No. 7584

This board hasn't been around "for months". Nice try.

No. 7585

Also, googling "fatwarriorgodess" does not link to this board. I went through the first 6 pages and it doesn't link here. So…

No. 7586

nice try

No. 7587

Dana, the jig is up. You're not as good a troll as you may think. Admit it.

No. 7591

File: 1408336864829.jpg (88.04 KB, 895x610, IDIOT.JPG)

No. 7593

Actually we did have another thread about her.

No. 7595

Are you retarded? Scroll to the top of this thread where the first entry was posted 2 monthS ago.

No. 7596

File: 1408337580869.png (123.78 KB, 708x587, Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.5…)

No. 7597

Wow, a thread that isn't even 2 months old yet! We've really been posting FOR MONTHS!!!! Splitting hairs won't get you anywhere, Dana. You're a shitty troll, just give it up. You blew your load too early and often.

No. 7598

Lol I've never seen a troll get so mad we don't fall for their shit

Post a video or fuck off Dana

No. 7599

Where's the first thread?

No. 7600

Where am I getting mad at anything other than people not believing that I googled my username and found this thread. I posted proof of how I found the thread and that's that. I'm not screaming at anyone for not believing my posts, I really don't care at all if you guys do. I'm mad because you guys all come here and talk so much shit about things you clearly don't understand. How about you delete this childish thread and keep my name out of your mouth.

No. 7603

On SR?

No. 7606

This troll is just mad that they're not a very convincing one. The fat, lazy, welfare queen trailer trash Schlick falls apart way too easily. Work on being more believable next time.

No. 7611

I still find it entertaining. Carry on troll!

No. 7664

how has CPS been treating you?

No. 7666

Yeah I think she meant the past one on SR.
This is going to be like PT-pedo-brit-vocaroo all over again. I look forward to 'hearing' from you Dana.

No. 7667

I'd this is a troll, they're very dedicated.
Buying a domain name? That's commitment.

No. 7671

They very obviously enjoy the attention so I'm not that surprised. Domains aren't that much of an expense if it's just a Wordpress type deal.

If "Dana" posts a video with her head cut out of the frame I'll believe her.

No. 7964

File: 1408464298163.jpg (4.49 KB, 173x275, Dana.jpg)

No. 7972


Gooddaaaammnnnnnnn. Dana, if you only knew what your organs looked like right now. Poor things are fighting to keep you alive.

No. 7973


>bitching about "daughter" losing weight

>bitching about skinnier women in general
>i have dieted before when i was younger, but never really saw the need for it later in life. recently ive been having relationship problems, and I think a lot of that has to do with my current size. I decided to join this site just to see how much I was eating. Honestly, i was a bit shocked. I think i will stay now. Needing some friendly support though.

seems legit

No. 8267

no other days filled out, most likely a troll.

No. 8269

The body is the exact same as in the other pictures, though. Down to the weird neck situation she has going on.
You guys need to accept that Dana is legit.

No. 8272

Maybe the woman in the pictures is an acquaintance of the troll behind Dana. Maybe she is completely unaware of her pictures being used in that way.

No. 8282

No. 8303

I love that the only note is, 'more than I thought.'
I can never understand how morbidly obese people can be totally oblivious to how much they eat and wonder 'gee, what went wrong??'

No. 8332


Those sad sad sad titties. I think they're even floppier than PT's if a sports bra can't even hold them in place.

No. 8337

Daily goal: 1560 calories
Total: 7395 calories

Good job, Dana. Good job.

No. 8378

Cardio goals: 0/20 (minutes)


No. 8387

Girl, where do you PUT IT? Particularly all that resturant food. I am a fatty too but that's more than one meal for me.

No. 8436

>diet coke


No. 8450

Lmao, I was thinking the same thing. It almost makes me think it's a troll.

No. 9244

Shit did someone screencap this? Looks like she's been reading the thread and has restricted access to her food diary.

No. 9247

>This Food Diary is Private

No. 9884

I thought she was wearing a necklace in the other pic? Can't tell because it's so small, though. Wasn't there a bigger one originally?

No. 9934

I was on the fence, but now I'm 100% certain "Dana" is a troll.

No. 9937

>I know that some of this may not resonate with some of you, but I suppose that’s why you’re single and I’m not.
ayy lmao

No. 12108

No. 12121

File: 1410292070606.png (89.05 KB, 619x764, dana.PNG)

>got anSTD screening
>Sugar and cholesterol tests as well
Boy, I can't wait for those results. Though, whatever the true results are, something tells me she'll post about how healthy and amazing she is and the she may be the size of a minivan, but she's healthy damn it!

No. 12124

File: 1410293544843.png (91.3 KB, 634x1033, Dana relationshit advice.png)

Dana gives relationship advice

>I know that some of this may not resonate with some of you, but I suppose that’s why you’re single and I’m not.

Never change, Dana. I'm still fascinated that Dana brags about being a cumdump unlike those single gals.

Dana, if you can't count all of the dicks that been inside of you these past couple of years on one hand, it might be time for break.

No. 12125

Seems to be a troll to me

No. 12199

>with 7 fake ass sugar pills without hormones.. so i will indeed continue to bleed monthly

But Dana, you just skip the sugar pills and go straight to the next pack! That's how you skip periods on the pill! I thought all girls knew this? Furthers my theory FWG is a man trolling the SJWs

No. 12201

Is that safe to do? I'm a female myself and didn't know about this.

No. 12211

I don't know if it's safe to do it all the time but I did it once before I got married since it fell on our honeymoon.

But before that I didn't know I could skip the sugar pills and go straight to the regular ones if I wanted to skip a cycle.

I wouldn't suggest it to Dana but using natural family planning is the best 'protection' I've ever used. I use an app for it and it tracks your cycle (even if you're not regular it still works) and it tells you which days are safe and which days you have a chance for pregnancy.

No. 12520

>I thought all girls knew this?
You'd be surprised how many girls don't know this.
Recently read some 9gag (I know, bleh) comments about female astronauts having their periods in space and a lot girls thought they were trolling when people said they just use birth control to not have their periods.

No. 12522

I guess it's okay to do it once but not all the time since it's still hormones fucking with your body.

No. 12631

I would never recommend the rhythm method to anyone. That can go wrong soooo easily.

As for skipping the placebo pills on BC, I'm assuming it's the same as wearing a Nuvaring for 4 weeks instead of 3.

No. 12636

The original contraceptive pill was designed to be taken continuously with no break week, but the test group found it too disconcerting not to have periods. So, yes it is safe. In fact if you miss a pill or take it more than 12 hours late in the last seven active days you need to skip the sugar pills.

On Dana though, the fact she's supposedly so fat makes me doubt she's actually on the pill. No doctor in their right mind would prescribe someone so overweight combined pills, and there's no break week on progesterone only pills.

No. 12725

You have to let the uterus lining shed once in a while or else it gets really nasty and can get infected or can reabsorb the toxins it's trying to shed.

I'd imagine once in a while would be fine. I've never used the pill regularly because it made me too sick, but I have very slow periods (10 months was my record) and I was fine in that regard.

No. 12739

Can also cause uterine cancer. I have a pituitary tumor that makes me go months and months between periods (among other things) and my doc became concerned that I was at risk so he put me on the ring.

No. 12753

>You have to let the uterus lining shed once in a while or else it gets really nasty and can get infected or can reabsorb the toxins it's trying to shed.

This is a fat load of bollocks, it's something nurses just say to make you take the pills properly.

No. 12774

I've never heard of reabsorbing or whatever the fuck, but not shedding the lining does put you at greater risk for endometrial/uterine cancer. The lining gets increasingly thicker and is constantly exposed to estrogen which increases the chance of cancer cells growing.

Doesn't apply to when you're on birth control, however, because the hormones keep the lining thin.

No. 12888

OK ladies, skipping the sugar pills is safe, will not kill you, give you cancer or build up any toxins. If you have any doubts please talk to your doctor, otherwise this handy dandy link can answer all the questions you have asked.


No. 14508

File: 1411538720151.png (64.41 KB, 609x451, dana.png)


No. 14525

What's shocking is that apparently that's all she has?

No. 14547

>the HPV vaccine is a capitalist conspiracy!
>whoops I have HPV lol

No. 35896

File: 1420105952715.jpg (44.13 KB, 730x371, file.jpg)

No. 137206

So, her blog has been active as of late. :D


No. 137207

File: 1436837557907.png (25.83 KB, 554x572, son.png)

No. 137208

File: 1436838082357.png (62.97 KB, 548x1022, bf.png)

No. 137217

I'm crying tears of joy

No. 137229

File: 1436841871139.png (25.2 KB, 551x453, lol.png)

oh my fucking god

No. 137230

I just finished reading this whole thread, and my god was it a journey.

No. 137256

Oh I'm so glad she's back.

No. 137269

I randomly cracked up remembering how her son told the cat to shut its "nigger mouth."

No. 137278

File: 1436851292396.png (7.28 KB, 542x163, wot.png)

Reading this thread makes me uncertain about the credibility of this woman yet a part of me feels that this is possible, that there is a woman like this

I will be giving this the benefit of a doubt if this is an actual person.
I feel for the kid
This kid has been through so much, switching back and forth from what I can guess a "stable" household to a household that is pretty bad and unsanitary as well as unstable. My guess that her youngest doesn't entirely understand or doesn't see it as her brother does and only sees her mom in a positive light (I remember someone posting a screen shot saying Chantel is 7 years old… then she would be 8 years old this year…)

Also, I wonder who the hell would want to be tied down with this literal weight?

You missed a part

No. 137283

So I guess she forgot the password to her other blog and that's why she made a new one.

No. 137298

>Reading this thread makes me uncertain about the credibility of this woman yet a part of me feels that this is possible, that there is a woman like this

Yeah, admittedly this reads as being almost too over the top but then again, fucked up people do exist. Chris-chan doesn't necessarily sound real on paper either. I guess there are people who really are this stupid and trashy.

However at this point I almost don't care, if this person is trolling they are doing a damn fine job of it with some admirable persistence.

No. 137480

They kept it up even after everyone stopped giving a shit, which makes me think it's real.

No. 137558

Is she engaged to Jim or did she find another dumb redneck to smother?

No. 137625

It definitely gives off a "troll from /fit/" vibe, but at the same time I wonder if her fit boyfriend is trolling her due to despising over weight people. He is living there and eating there for free, making the home comfortable for himself (making her give up the cat), and fucking cute bitches on the side.

No. 137644

My problem with the troll theory is all the fucking food pictures. Who buys all this food, prepares it, eats it and then posts photos of its remains just for the sake of trolling?
If it's a troll, they must be as obese as Dana.

No. 138819

That relationship is loooooooong over. He left and took all the money.

No. 144125

anyone have the screencap about dana and her bf raping the skinny girl?

No. 184947

File: 1443039832245.jpg (160.83 KB, 975x364, tumblr_n6n121yQLw1tamh79o1_128…)

A bit late, but here you go Anon

No. 184978

what the fucking fuck?! that's sick! Can't someone use this and go to the police?

No. 187029

i'm kinda confused on how she got her tumblr back? i thought it was permanently deactivated?

anyway, glad she's back. fwg was a wild ride from beginning to end.

No. 187030

L m a o if writing bad rape fiction landed you in jail half the world would be behind bars. Lots of people have fucked up rape fantasies.

No. 187043

I wonder when people will learn to protect their WhoIs info.

> Registrant Name: Dana Fischer

> Registrant Organization: FatDanaMfg
> Registrant Street: 3346 john taylor rd
> Registrant City: Woodlawn
> Registrant State/Province: Tennessee
> Registrant Postal Code: 37191
> Registrant Country: United States
> Registrant Phone: +1.9313050789

From her old fatwarriorgodess.com domain.
Sorry if it's been posted already in one of the old threads, can't remember.

No. 187049

>2 cinemas down
Wait, is she English? (Or some other nationality?) I know this is an old post but I was thinking she was one of my obese redneck cousins down in the south. I'm suddenly relieved that this wasn't another one of ours…

No. 187670

File: 1443739453641.png (56.95 KB, 638x359, starfucks.png)

Lots of new posts today!

No. 187673

File: 1443739772433.jpg (296.95 KB, 551x1254, retard.jpg)

She keeps saying she's sorry, yet she shows no signs of knowing what she did wrong.

No. 187674

Lmao, Starbucks just isn't unhealthy enough for her

No. 187683

she's obviously trolling, are you guys autistic or something?

No. 644305

I want Chantal to smother her sweaty, shitty, cheesey arse on my face and force a log deep down my throat. Gooood eatin’(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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