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File: 1429836511612.jpg (548.68 KB, 1280x1920, 1424704003075.jpg)

No. 87759

Looks like we're in need of an Annie thread.

Annie May Chaplin is a /cgl/ tripfag from the UK known for manipulative, obsessive, and crazy behavior. Her activities include backstabbing, stalking, and gaslighting current and former friends, creating a Youtube channel to make tons of "hilarious" bitchy parodies of Venus Angelic, A-Log style, and samefagging the fuck out of every thread that's ever talked about her on the internet. She supposedly once even tried to spread an STD to a girl's boyfriend because of a vendetta she had against her, or fucked him and tried to convince her she had an STD or something like that.

Recently, some people were talking about her in the /pt/ cgl thread and she got caught redhanded making a fake rape threat to herself with a proxy to try and get the thread deleted and erase all the ~mean hater comments~. The delicious dramu starts at >>87247.

Some usernames

Phoxe De La Boxe
Kanina Refinn

Profiles (some are hidden or deleted)


4chan tripcodes

troll tan!W48S2eY4nU

No. 87764

On a scale of 1 to 100 how bad do you think Annie regrets making that fake rape reply now.

No. 87766

The funniest part is if she just did nothing, almost everyone would have forgotten about her. She made things 100000x worse. Like the Streisand effect on crack.

No. 87770

Honestly, someone this fucking nuts probably loves the attention

No. 87771

I doubt it. She tried so hard to get the thread removed and kept arguing with people saying she's changed, so I think she doesn't like negative attention.

No. 87776

> Annie May Chaplin
> Annie May

Excuse my autism but is that seriously her real name? I hear a bunch of weebs claim that their name both ironically and seriously.

Also that photo is horrendous. She looks like a dead man.

No. 87781

I don't know if it's real or not, but it's the name she uses everywhere.

This seems to be her main Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kanina4rt

No. 87783

File: 1429842567662.jpg (53.15 KB, 639x425, 1429776573077.jpg)

lol I always love how in that picture her face is like 4 shades lighter than the rest of her body

anyway, top lulz, i hope she comes back and embarasses herself again.

No. 87831

She dun bawwleeted everything.

No. 87875

is she the one that runs/ran the beauty board on 8ch? if so it all makes sense

No. 87909

Yet another Tumblr, not much on there though:

No. 87911

is it just me or does she look haggard as shit in the OP pic?

No. 88129

my mum really wants me to name my daughter Annie May since I like anime so much and i just
mom no.
I had a bunch of tabs open with Annie's social media up but my laptop died and couldn't recover the tabs before deletion

No. 88312

She deleted this as well.

No. 88386

I remember pics of her awful nose contouring, anyone still got some?

No. 88409

She can't do sexy. She can be cute in a mori girl way… even Orange can pull off sexy better than her.

No. 88454

I can't believe she didn't check the skin tone on her face out she looks like Asha.

No. 88840


Hilarious how self-important she is.

No. 144901

So, anyone else think Annie is genuinely attractive?

No. 144902

I don't know, I look a lot like her and I've never thought of myself as attractive, so if there's people who think that, cool!

No. 144903

Maybe Anna Mae (which sounds really American imo) or Annabel May

No. 144904

To be fair, people's bodies don't usually have the same colouring. Although it's usually the other way around, darker face and lighter arms/legs.

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