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No. 874595

Celebricows 50: Half Centennial Edition Last thread >>1128291
>Vanya is Viktor now. Greasy tran bangs are swallowing Ellen’s forehead. >>1129168
>Ezra Miller, arrested again in Hawaii for throwing chair at woman. Anons and conservative news outlets wonder if he just hates women because he can’t be one. >>1140604 Other anons say he hates everyone equally, regardless of gender.
>Is Harry Styles an uggo? >>1128482 He performs with Shania Twain at Coachella. >>1137295
>Boyegafag-chan terrorized us with her John/Rihanna fan fiction and love for his wide man hips. Boyegafag post compilation:
>Boyegafag-chan gets put out to pasture kek >>1135302
>Bennifer pt.2 >>1128950
>Interview with a Vampire looks like trash >>1129063 It’s woker to be a nice biracial brothel owner than a biracial slave owner.
>Ellen looks like a Russian gopnik >>1129283
>Azealia Banks gets more butt injections >>1129696
>Mads Mikklesen calls out method acting >>1129952
>”Not going full retard like Leto” leads us to his ridiculous antics on another movie set >>1130096 His cult island and predatory behavior can not be forgotten. Epstein energy. >>1130433
>First Harvey now Jared? Why does Lasagna del Rey associate with these scrotes? >>1130481 >>1130511 >>1130512
>Nickelodeon doesn’t invite Jojo Siwa to the kid’s choice awards but continue to hire pedophiles because muh homophobia. >>1131420
>Britney Spears is pregnant. >>1131685
>Avril is engaged to the druggie manlet Mod Sun. >>1132046
>Is Rihanna sexualizing or exploiting her pregnancy? >>1132442 >>1132545
>Emrata and Julia Fox undoubtedly sexualized their pregnancies >>1132578 >>1132596
>Gilbert Gottfried passes away >>1132664
>Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard leads the thread into tinfoils about the Memphis 3. >>1132928 >>1132961
>Olivia Munn isn’t like other moms >>1134249
>Sebastian Stan worries me as he hangs out with Tommy Lee and his long chinned wife >>1137618 >>1137756
>2022 Met Gala theme is the Gilded Age >>1137644
>Kim K’s sex tape is haunting her. If Saint could read, he might have seen a gag ad for the tape. >>1137813 >>1138235
>Trans kids of celebrities leads to the trans grooming conversation. Is it pedobait? Munchi by proxy? >>1137934
>Nick Cannon maternity shoot #37 >>1139656
>Arigato Grande >>1139685

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