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No. 873847

Spooky Bones is a disgraced former moderator and exceptional individual. A known discord and contributor to kiwi farms and lolcow.farm

Original thread written by onion farms admin Naught

The link between Spooky Bones and SKL was made through kiwi farms where Spooky/Regina terminally overshared, making several references to the forum "Bluelight"
(Spooky's 14,000+ posts can be found here https://bluelight.org/xf/search/1736674/)

And as noted in the original thread, the connection between SKL and Regina was solidified when pictures of his cats were found posted in 2021, the same cat posted on kiwi farms in the "Dox your cat" thread.

In 14,000 posts, Spooky Bones/Regina makes no reference to marriage, in fact specifically says he is not married numerous times, he details his use of prostitutes, GHB, and laments the difficulty in which GHB and roofies can be obtained. Spooky details his entire life, including his parents and extended family, his life outside of the internet, including being party to the sexual assault of a Juvenile corrections facility worker carried out by his cell/roommate.

Spooky has a bastard child with a former heroin user who he may or may not have raped, who withheld the existence of his child from him for at least 10 years.

This person is currently sitting in the peanut gallery discord server, larping like they've had a pap smear.

Old KF: https://kiwifarms.net/members/jigaboo-jones.17601/
Spooky Bones: https://kiwifarms.net/members/spooky-bones.42316/
Lolcow: https://www.lolcow.org/members/regina.555/
Onion Farms: https://www.onionfarms.com/members/regina.810/
WH40K: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/User:Based_Tzeentch

No. 873852

File: 1649969196561.jpg (38.51 KB, 800x600, average $1500 whiskey enjoyer.…)

You forgot to turn your VPN on, Micheal.

No. 873857

File: 1649969511335.png (6.25 KB, 374x85, lol.png)

What did Michael Thurlow mean by this?

No. 873858

File: 1649969562146.jpeg (17.11 KB, 275x155, CAFA61D1-B362-4D65-994F-BAFA54…)

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