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File: 1649574335214.jpg (88.69 KB, 720x900, Kuz-writer.jpg)

No. 873352

Born Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov, June 30th, 1988, Bologoye, Omsk, RSFSR, USSR.

Owner of KolymaNET (https://kolyma.org), Heyuri, VidLii, tcToruch, gurochan, BitView, etc., network administrator (and soyjak).

Alleged by 19 year old college student and owner of soyjak.party to have vandalised wiki.soyjak.party with CSA (child sexual abuse) material, including photographs and videos of real children being raped and screaming, in addition to images of large African phalluses (which he has a fondness for posting) under the same IP address he always posts under.

Additionally, the 34 year old Yuri ran a "groomer" discord server including several other CSA material posters, such as a 16 year old from North Cyprus (where Yuri is planning to relocate to) named Goth (a soyjak), who Yuri released a full dox of.

Both Yuri and Goth have so far evaded justice entirely in their home countries. It's unlikely Goth will ever face consequences as child marriage is both common and entirely legal in Turkey. It's claimed that his school has been contacted, but that remains uncertain.

Soyjaks can be and are lolcows.

No. 873353

File: 1649574674418.png (26.41 KB, 810x1080, IAS_Kuzjak.png)

Yuri's "soyjak", for reference.

Despite allegedly grooming a 14 year old from Poland, likely grooming a 16 year old Turk (who was likely on his insultingly low pay roll), and actually griefing websites with CSA material and often hosting illegal material for a living (his website 2ch was taken down for essentially being a criminal confession website), his caricature remains popular on /pol/ and other far right communities due to its not commonly known origin.

No. 873354

Worst “raid” ever

No. 873355


not a raid. just genuinely interested in further info about kuz and goth's situations.

No. 873356

he doesn't even look 34. i'd think he's lying about his personal information except he's probably just a major shut in. sunlight ages your skin a lot, and he's russian.

No. 873357

To my knowledge theses pictures are quite old too, he probably looks different today.

No. 873358

File: 1649575880442.png (580 KB, 1080x2520, goth1.png)

straight from the roach's mouth

No. 873359


Yuri owned 9channel you retard

No. 873360

kuz's gab https://gab.com/realkuznetsov

his pfp is strange since he claims he was exempt from serving in the Russian military due to poor eyesight

No. 873361

>goth had a tranny homestuck trooncord pfp

OH NO NO NO! goth bros… this can't be happening!

No. 873363

you think americans are the only people who buy military surplus gear to larp?

No. 873365

kuz claims that goth's crowd was trying to use him as a scape goat… but he kept them on his discord server while they called him their bf

genuinely sickening. it makes it all the more likely that he was grooming them, too

No. 873366

File: 1649577300827.png (304.07 KB, 1080x1845, kuzbtfo.png)

I hope he's lying about his age because this is very embarrassing behavior for a 34 year old

No. 873367


His posts supporting russia (and its planned massacres of entire cities of ukranians) are almost as bad, for sure.

No. 873368

File: 1649577860035.jpg (78.87 KB, 640x480, Kuz_little_girl.jpg)

pic of him with a young girl he claims to be his cousin. i assumed she was his niece or maybe daughter because of his age

No. 873370

They look very closely related.

At least there arent't any rumours of Yuri abusing his family members. Child abusers often target them. He's a bit of a family man according to soyteens.

No. 873371

samefagging intensifies

No. 873372

meds. now.

No. 873378

notice the psycopathy in his eyes. worrying…

No. 873385

Yeah it's kind of obvious at this point. But this cow seems interesting, just needs to be in /snow/ and not /pt/

No. 873426

i only made 12 of the 20 posts in the thread, schizo.

also do you think goth at the very least deserves pt? they've confirmed themselves that they posted violent CSA material, and then begged to be immortalised as a soyjak. i'd have to ask around to try and find it doe.

No. 873427

Nta, but still over half, schizo. Learn2sagedoe

No. 873429

Doesn't really matter what you think, new cows go in /snow/

No. 873433

Soot never accused him of spamming CP and its a very contentious debate on the party as to whether he does or not

No. 873434

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