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Hello so im gonna speak out of the topiv of Creepahow art and ill say my story about creepshow aka Shannons past online friendship in 2017. So me and shannon was friends on instagram in 2017 and it quickly turned into something really uncomfortable,Shannon and i used to talk on instagram for hours time and we also called for alot of hours and one of the times me and shannon called she said a the n word and she used the n - word in this sentence " I feel like black people are overrated too over hyped them n - words should stay in there place" in the time spand of 2017 january- 2018 december that we have talked she has always been talking shit about Emily Artful and say slurs and Genuiley talk very much trash about her past friends that i dont remember the names of i remember the Girl Robin that she was bff's with in middle school she said that robin loved spreading Lies about her and that she was a ugly annoying acum i belived her until i got contact with robin through facebook she told me everything about shannon that shannon was a bully in middle school , that shannon once bullied some kid in the 9th grade to kill themself. And stuff like that i was shocked and spoke too Shannon about it and she completly denied it and sended me paragraphs and paragraphs of these accuaations about robin and what she had done towards her and how she was horrible , Adter she started doing that she eventually threatend me that she was gonna leak my face my adress and everything, How she knew my adress is because we was supposed to meet in April of 2017 in North Antonio , Texas in a small cafe and talk for a little but those plans dident work , and in my dms with her i was confronting her with these things others have said about her and she threatend things like she like cut herself , she will kill me etc she said to me i was the r slur and the d slur when i left her , Creep show is genuiley dissgusting.
This is my story -Angela

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She wasn't wrong about calling you retarded

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u should become an hero, retard

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