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File: 1629222468757.png (625.52 KB, 720x1356, Capture _2021-08-17-11-31-48.p…)

No. 849617

Here is a woman I want the world to know. She is "disabled" (ssi disability status) but really just too lazy. She had a boyfriend for 10 years that was her "catetaker" that left her because shes a little dumb, posts her personal stuff on facebook (including drug use/selling). When he broke up with her she tried to fake a pregnancy test by marking the test with pen in a different color! Recorded the fight, faked a fall, and then blamed her "miscarriage" on that fall. She also buys alcohol and weed and other non essentials and basically every month shes asking for money or food donations. She has 7 dogs she cant care for and keeps wanting more ( they keep getting pregnant) the local animal shelter has prohibited her from adopting in the city. She also begs for dog food.
When called out she says "its my fb i do what i want, if you dont like me leave" basically. She also talks in a very dumb annoying manner thats hard to read sometimes
Please help me get her famous.
She adds friends like crazy so its easy to follow her https://www.facebook.com/candice.archuleta.14203
Thank you!(shit thread)

No. 849619

File: 1629222757704.png (500.12 KB, 720x1356, Capture _2021-08-17-11-32-56.p…)

Here is a screenshot of her fb pics

No. 849620

File: 1629222852949.png (424.11 KB, 720x1356, Capture _2021-08-17-11-33-38.p…)

Here is an example of the drama she posts and the way she talks online

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