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I have decided to make this thread because clearly the myth community cannot hold people accountable for their own actions, Francis also known as DrHeartstings is a well known myth in the myth community, it has come to my attention they have 1) cheated on pretty much everyone theyve dated and defended themselves by saying it was polyamoury, 2) they tried to force a 15 year old into a polyamourus relationship with a hypersexual 19 year old when they were 14 3) they are extremely lazy and cause their own family grief by being lazy and has on occasion spent money they didnt earn and that wasnt their own on various things, nobody wants to hold them accountable for any of this even though they need to be because of how much they do the same messed up things over and over again and they seem to be completely unaware of how their actions hurt others and refuse to take accountability for it themselves. now the myth community itself is very toxic, its full of pedophiles abusers and power hungry children, and these people are looked up to by a multitude of children who dont know any better, ill be posting more screenshots once i start this thread https://mythcommunity.fandom.com/wiki/Kazdam_Drama if anyone has any questions im open to them, this was a very rough thread.(shit thread)

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This looks promising but who tf are these people? What are they famous for? I don't know what a "myth" is in this context… Am I just a dumbass?

No. 840059

stupid roblox shit honestly probably the worst community on there, has ALOT of drama

No. 840060

its pretty much just a weird genre of mystery/horror shit

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one of francis' exes stories about their relationship, this took place when francis was 14 and they were 15-16

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