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File: 1615438242093.png (45.01 KB, 1648x640, lol.png)

No. 826095

Oi! I'm Howlbert the Wolf and let me introduce you to the worst laughingstock ever had. Meet Chibiyima, also known as Crystal Mae Franks, who is admitted to be a pedophile. She lost most of her ex's since April 2015 due to the fact that she's a pedophile.

She's currently protecting an another pedophile, named NuggetTheBalloonGirl.

Here's a link to her FurAffinity profile.

I've heard she hates wolves, roosters Tarzan, Bugs Bunny, emergency vehicles and thunderstorms.(namefagging, samefagging, literallywho, etc etc etc)

No. 826097

I was offended by her profile.

No. 826098

Is Nugget… A famous pedophile on DeviantART?

No. 826099

I remember her in 2017. I used to make hate art out of her and puts wolves in it.

No. 826101

Her and Nugget are also on Discord. Apparently, a friend of mine asked a Discord user who wanted to trash Crystal out of her account.

Yesterday, that user approached her in a calm manner by letting her try out a malicious program disguised as a Jankenman fan-game. She doubted her legitimacy by letting her friends tested a program. When a user says that program is legit and safe to run, Crystal tried it anyway. The program then steals her Discord Token ID and it thrown her out of power as a result!

This morning, the user talked to me about doxxing her profile (mostly her Facebook Profile). I wonder what she reacted to when I doxxed her?

No. 826102

who the fuck are you people and what the fuck is this thread

No. 826103

Hey hey hey everyone! I'm the Shadow Buster! And I've found Crystal's Discord server.

At first to her, I was a harmless little fella, until I decided to attacked her server. She's then banned me.

I gave myself an idea, so I'm disguised as a harmless user named "Hello Folks!" and asked her to unban me and re-join the server.

Due to being a re-tard, she unblocked me and let me rejoin the server. I was acting harmless until I shouted at her and spams bunches of howling wolf pictures at her. Afterwards, she banned me again.

Looks like we win!

No. 826104

File: 1615439400548.jpeg (393.69 KB, 640x708, 560E3E76-C367-4BAC-9436-E2E24F…)

Nice thread. kys furry trash

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