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File: 1614370741927.jpg (138.25 KB, 892x1144, IMG_20210226_231732.jpg)

No. 824124

(Copied a few elements from Kiwi farms thread because I'm suck at making a thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/erdem-alsirt-turkish-brony-gamer-turkish-chris-chan.84731/) Erdem Alsırt is turkish brony gamer,cross dresser,degenerate pervet, and turkish chris chan.
He was born in 1999 and still has not managed to graduate from online high school. lowlife who has sent dickpicks to 13 year olds on discord. He is known for spamming tech-related forums and getting banned, making unlistenably bad acapella covers and getting 81 IQ from Cambridge's IQ test.

He got expelled of middle school allegedly for committing harassment and molestation.


In 2017 he sended his dick to a 13 year old girl


He said he wants to have sex with ponies several times
>tried to take down 4chan
>Sexually harasses girls on discord

Technopat account:https://www.technopat.net/sosyal/blog/authors/megamanx.12811/(sended)

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