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File: 1428372269614.png (987.63 KB, 1600x800, brianna wu.png)

No. 76768

She seems like a popular topic around the internet these days. Anyone want to talk about her here?

No. 76769

I don't know if I'm just blind or don't go onto the places that are talking about her but could you tell us a bit more about her?

No. 76770

That name sounds so familiar isnt she the gamergate girl or whatever

No. 76790

I think you're thinking of Anita Sarkeesian, the man hating feminazi.

No. 76824


Brianna Wu is also a gamergate figure

No. 76852

nooo not my tranny brianna boo <3
gamer gate faggots routinely annoy me with their shit so i gotta stick up for my opposing sisterins

No. 76935

File: 1428395544330.jpg (150.61 KB, 466x262, Deargodkillitwithfire.jpg)

Literally Who?

I thought she had gotten better when she decreed that a few gg-er's weren't 'too' bad and spoke to one and got her ass handed to her by her own rabid dog sjws for it but then she started up the BS train again and acts like she speaks for all women. And dev women.

I'm a woman, biracial and a games artist (that's practically unicorn level in gamergate) but I hate this sjw bullshit and Brianna Wu's ability to act like she is the ONLY one out there. She isn't. The rest of women in games? We're making fucking GAMES and too busy to harp on about sexism that doesn't exist. It's literally the opposite in the industry, studios will fall all over themselves to hire women lol.

Also idk her insistence that she's a woman and has had all the experiences of being a women due to her 'harassment' kind of piss me off. I believe a trans person that wants to integrate is fine, but IDK how they can act like they've spent the entirety of their life being a gender they technically aren't biologically. Wu hasn't had the same experience as me, and never will. Just like I'll never have the experience of being a transwoman.

/endrant (almost)

Sorry but this is like my number one pet peeve at the mo. She forced my company to take down a funny image for 'national cleavage day' and acts like it was only males who had a hand in it. It really really wasn't. Plenty of women thought it was funny and cheeky. Also wtf is wrong with cleavage anyway? There are literally people being slaughtered in Kenya but ohnoesss!11 boobies! And this uproar coming from a woman who designed characters that look like this.

Pic related.

Soooo the cleavage on her characters is fine, then? And the horrendously short dresses? 'Kay. Hypocrisy at it's finest.'

No. 76939

You seriously think sexism doesnt exist in the gaming industry? Please stop right there.

No. 76942

I'm fine with breasts because why not. i guess the problem is breasts are still being used to objectify women, which is retarded since they are a part of them and not much different than moobs. I dont see the appeal of cleavage anyway. Just a chest butt.

No. 76953

Lol. It really doesn't. I say type this from my studio right this moment where I'm GASP a female that makes games and has created, loved, played games for her entire life. I have engaged in 'nerdy' stuff with men since I was the age of three, I enjoy comic books, tabletop and a myriad of other geek stuff and sure, there have been a handful of assholes, but why does their gender factor in that? I've met plenty of bitchy women in geek hobbies and most of them were bitchy to me because I was FEMALE and encroaching on their hobby. Assholes are assholes because that's who they are, not because of what gender they are. If you're going to go all 'gender stereotypes is baaad' then turn around and denounce dudes based on them? Then kindly fuck off with your shitty double standards.

Get some perspective. Do you work in the industry? Do you know the hiring policies of the industry? Do you yourself have any connection to games? No? Then feel free to get off the edge of my dick about stuff you don't know.

No. 76954

File: 1428397626464.jpg (33.93 KB, 373x369, Flynn.jpg)

which studio?

No. 76956

File: 1428398058121.gif (4.11 MB, 639x360, ib2ATzav3tl7t2.gif)

Oh u anon. Tempting but NDA and all that. Us artists get reamed for it more than programmers.

No. 76959

File: 1428398921314.jpg (193.08 KB, 630x630, 1422820442567.jpg)

no you don't. and why would a game artist be under an NDA where they can't tell people where they work?

but alright. is it an AAA title studio at least?

No. 76961

File: 1428399546817.gif (1.04 MB, 480x270, It31C14.gif)

Naw. Medium studio. I did my intern at a rather big one (that is no longer in business, shut down by a big parent company that owned it), and decided it wasn't for me. Very corporate and regimented and I didn't enjoy it.

And of course, I can tell people where I work but why would I do that on an anonboard? I usually just lurk this place on my phone waiting for renders but this is the first time I can kinda comment on something I know, y'know?

No. 76965


No. 76966

File: 1428400896696.jpg (7.19 KB, 255x170, UkVy4eu.jpg)

Btw brianna is actually a man

-the image on the left is the adopted son of a wealthy family. Just like her parents

-her husband made posts like 'since my partner is trans i understand this issue'

'She looks and dresses like a man. Can't even fix up her ratty hair and put on some makeup for a tv interview damn

No. 76968

And the guy on the left underwent gender reassignment too

No. 76984

ikr? that was so moronic i was like tl;dr bye

No. 76991

You srsly think a bunch of stupid girls will agree with you?

No. 76992

You sound ignorant as fuck. Just because you've been lucky and haven't had any first hand experience from sexism doesn't mean it just doesn't exist. Sexism exists everywhere even in the video game industry. Its not just limited to developers, but its wide reaching. Sexism in this industry affects the stories created, the characters developed/ designed, the promos of the game, how games are presented at events/ discussed, etc. etc. You sound like a dumb 15 year old who's trying to fit in with her cool geeky guy friends. Sit the fuck down.

No. 76994

It's unlikely that she hasn't experienced sexism–she just wants mega brownie points from guys and for them to think she's the "cool girl" for getting All Teh Laffz from ~other annoying girls who need to be put in their place~ ~she's not like other girlz guyz~

No. 76996

"a bunch of stupid girls"
ur 2edge anon

No. 76997

So let me get this straight…white wimmin are fighting for video game rights while a black woman gets her ass kicked for not making her hubbie a sammich? Not OP btw

No. 76998

Girls arent stupid but the girls here are. I was just being nice.

No. 76999

hoe then why are you here?

No. 77000

Filthy slut lol.

No. 77002

bye 4chan san
this topic has nothing to do with racism go argue about it on dumblr pls

No. 77003

Reality checks is not racism. Its a fact white wimmin have it so good and arent appreciating anything.

No. 77004

Stop calling me a hoe then.

No. 77005

She probably has experienced and probably has not realized its sexist, or she's just flat out lying. Either way I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt because her argument is still dumb as fuck.

How do you even know I'm white? I never once said one fight is more important than the other, they're both equally important because they both stem from the same issue. I hate this idea that issues against women need to be a battle, it helps no one.

No. 77006

lmao you can want sexism to end in video games and also stand against racism and abuse? stop grasping at straws. you can stand for more than one thing at a time you whiny baby.

No. 77009

This is why black wimmin hate feminists like you and call themselves womanists.
One is unimportant and the other will never go away.

No. 77010


No. 77012

>white wimmin have it so good
yeah, like the eastern european sex slaves and forced labourers right? Like those russian women working below minimum wage to keep their kids from huffing glue in the gutter?

It's not bait, it's a dumblerina. Tonnes of them on here recently.

No. 77013

And I could make the same argument that domestic abuse will never go away, and isn't as important as the genocides/ murders that happen worldwide to women in undeveloped countries.

No. 77014

Reality checks arent racist and the truth is not bait. Go ban bayonetta in Australia or something shoo shoo

No. 77015

Thats true. but at least domestic abuse is an issue

No. 77016

troll harder baby oh yeah

No. 77017

No. 77018

File: 1428409582407.png (666.7 KB, 1463x975, UhO68Yo.png)

No. 77019

File: 1428409644631.jpg (44.8 KB, 640x360, brianna_wu_meme_by_tdf666-d8gj…)

No. 77020

Hm, I thought so at first but I thought even dumblrinas aren't that stupid….nvm

Must be real hard fighting against racism on lolcow.farm. What a hero.

No. 77021

Her "fans" just sound real fucking stupid tbh.

No. 77022

File: 1428409713264.jpg (61.9 KB, 600x705, Brianna_wu_shut_up_this_is_a_h…)

No. 77023

this random has fans?

btw have I seen her in the brony documentary on netflix?

No. 77024

File: 1428409789422.png (274.34 KB, 671x377, 1413557270033.png)

No. 77025

File: 1428409879127.jpg (56.53 KB, 1024x558, B9XBXrBCEAAIxhj.jpg)

she forgot to log out of her account (spacekatgal) before making a hate thread about herself. She soon deleted it once she noticed, but the damage was done and everyone saw

No. 77026

File: 1428409943650.jpg (160.33 KB, 500x269, tumblr_ne6byrWRvW1u0r2b2o1_500…)

It's inspiring really. If she/he, quirky and dakooter can have fans, anyone can with the right amount of echo chamber and media exposure

No. 77027

File: 1428410005262.jpg (342.1 KB, 2000x1000, ew.jpg)

there's no way this is a woman. Manly as fuck.

No. 77030

Lol I'm sorry that you think that because I don't cry sexism at every turn means that I hate women or somehow have thrown in my hat with men. I throw my hat in with people who aren't assholes whatever their gender.

I am very much for women recruitment, I've been to uni's with my coworkers to talk to girls who want to come into the industry and give advice. Your scare mongering is exactly what's wrong with with society. By telling young women there's sexism hiding at every junction you pretty much shoo them away from industries where there isn't or is very little of it. (or has gotten better)

Is there always going to be sexist jerks who don't like you based on gender? Probably, but they're jerks regardless of their gender that's what I'm getting at here.

No. 77037

I dont even use tumblr. And with white I just mean western women, lol. We all know eastern europe is a shithole. Idiot.

No. 77039


No. 77042

the backpedaling

No. 77043

You guys r right we will win this battle! Sexism agqinst videogames is horrible omgosh

No. 77044

Hu will win vidyagame or sexism??!???? Idklkkk its just uorribelee

No. 77046

No, of course I'm not lying. There have been assholes in my time that did the whole 'geek gatekeeper' thing when I was a kid, of course, but someone being an asshole to me and calling me 'fake' is no where near sexism in regards to 'being brutally assaulted for being a woman'. I guess I don't see how someone being mean to me because 'boobs' is that bad. If they think that? Well, they're a dick and that's their opinion. I'll be happy enough to prove them wrong.

I'm just sick and tired of people moaning about an industry they don't work in, have no real experience in, and judge just based on one person's constant screeching. Has there been sexism? Sure, of course. Is it a rampant cesspool in today's industry? Not on your life. The active recruitment of women is SO high at the moment it's unreal. I've been offered jobs I wasn't even qualified for because I suspect it was because I'm female and that's bonkers.

No. 77050

What do you mean "telling young women"? I wasn't aware that /pt/ is a platform for discussing sexism with young women, I was under the impression I was talking to an adult about how despite her positive experiences, sexism still exists in the industry.

Also its not scare mongering, its education. Knowing what the problem is means people can fix it (female or male).

>Has there been sexism? Sure, of course

>You seriously think sexism doesnt exist in the gaming industry? Please stop right there.

>Lol. It really doesn't.

Which one is it? I agree with >>77042 dat backpedal doe

No. 77054

File: 1428411385210.jpg (9.94 KB, 480x360, manly.jpg)

Why does a man have to talk about feminism anyway? We don't need mansplainers

No. 77055

Also forgot to add that, once again, the problem is not just how many women are working in the industry. Its a slew of other problems and issues that should be addressed.

No. 77056

File: 1428411631820.jpg (61.06 KB, 780x439, 98debc70-936d-0132-1df4-0a2c89…)

>We all know eastern europe is a shithole
It's actually not a monolith and full of amazing culture, art and standards of living which in certain ways surpass western ones.

Eastern europe isn't glutted with arab immigrants, for one. It's also not a self hating sludge pile full of fatties.

I guess compassion for sex slaves only applies when they're not white, and eastern europeans are inconvenient to your victim complex, right?

No. 77058


Did you not see the part where I said there 'has been'? Games have been around for over 30 years, can I honestly say that in those 30 years hasn't there been sexism? Because the answer is probably. Can the same be said for almost EVERY working sector in the past 30 years? Yep!

But as of 2015? I would say there isn't amongst studios. Maybe you're right and I'm incredibly naive or just super lucky that I live in a cool laidback country where most people are nice but I'm going on the +5 years experience of myself and my friends that do work in this industry. I'm just pretty tired of being talked over by sjw agenda trying to speak for something they don't work in, you get me?

No. 77059

you're typing like a 15 year old autist on tumblr and it's not even funny. better luck next time. try a tid bit harder.

No. 77063


Also I wanna add because tone is super hard to tell over the internet and my english is secondary, that I'm not angry or anything, that I'm genuinely just trying to speak out about my own experience.

I'm for moderation in ideals and equality but leftist sjws like Wu who act like a victim and scream and cry about all those evil sexist game companies just grind my gears because it's mostly positive (I think) and has gotten better in terms of hiring women and actively trying to diversify. These are things that happened naturally not because someone was screaming at people to change and attacking them on twitter.

No. 77064

So what are these problems? I'd genuinely like to hear your take on them.

No. 77066


A recent example would be people from Squareenix recently claimed that the reason they did an all male playable cast for FFXV is because males are more relatable than females.

No. 77068

File: 1428412936546.jpg (32.37 KB, 625x352, wu.jpg)

yeah, but try explaining that to western women

No. 77070

File: 1428413044366.jpg (42.89 KB, 704x400, 1297976629140.jpg)

No. 77073


'Approachable' is the word he used, yeah, but er, FFX-2 was all female…and the majourity of their games have been split female/male down the middle all the way back to the first one. I guess I don't see why having only four leads who are men is that bad. Perhaps his wording is wrong especially since I think the opposite is true (many guys like playing female characters) but hey.

No. 77074

a lot of people think it's sexist that square enix did that, esp. people in the west, esp. people who never played a single ff game in their lives and therefore have no idea what they're talking about

No. 77075

File: 1428413209916.jpg (86.24 KB, 960x640, gamer-tease.jpg)

The reasons why he/she made her/his video game characters look like bimbo blow up dolls was because "they look like me". Seriously.

No. 77078

The fact that FF is so well known for their female characters is one of the reasons it seems like BS that they're using the "males are more approachable" (my bad for the misquote) excuse. I was actually down for an all male cast, but the fact they straight up said is such a load of shit lmao

People in Japan aren't too thrilled with it either http://barukanlog.blog31.fc2.com/blog-entry-5888.html

For me it wasn't so much, "ew, all male cast, how sexist" it was the comment that they made that an all male cast is more approachable, which is just not true.

No. 77079

File: 1428413782518.png (49.66 KB, 500x203, tumblr_nm3tj0VZB31tig8mmo1_500…)

This is as bad as that women's professor who said making games too hard was unfair to women and POC's.

No. 77082


I agree with you there. I think that if they just said 'y'know, we wanna have an all male cast to explore the connection between a group of men who are close friends' I wouldn't have an issue. His wording is pretty wrong especially
since I don't think anyone can vouch for what is approachable for every single consumer.

Look at the success of Bayo. I don't think anyone's picked up that game and put it back down because she wasn't 'approachable' as a character.

No. 77089

I've had experience in the field too anon and neither I nor my friends have had any problem. Actually I never had experience sexism in general. Sjw are definitely overexaggerating. Of course there is still gonna be sexism unfortunatelty, but not at the level they claim it to be.

Also there are some angry ass feminists in here.

No. 77102

In my experience, the "gamer girls" that get shat on are the ones that expect special treatment for having a vagina. Sorry ladies, if you're going to present yourself as a sex object, be prepared to be treated like one.

It's insulting when a woman won't shut the fuck up about being a woman because she believes the stereotype that all gamers are eternal virgins who would could off their own legs if it meant having a girl look their way. If you act like someone's a desperate virgin, do you really think they're going to be nice to you?

I mostly stick to MMOs, and I'm treated differently when I play male characters. Namely, people are meaner to me. Yup! Playing a female character means I'm treated better! My husband almost solely plays female characters because he prefers how much more polite people are to him when they think he's a girl. But please, tell me more about how I'm just too fucking stupid to realize that I'm being constantly victimized by big bad sexists.

Yes, there have been a tiny handful of guys that have treated me terribly, but they're autistic redpill neckbeards who can't have healthy interactions with anyone, or prepubescent boys that still think girls have cooties. Bit whoop.

No. 77210

I'm gonna agree with this on the gamer girls thing. I've only known one person that got shit for being a ~*~gamer gurl~*~ and she tries to throw out how much she knows about video games despite not playing some of them.

No. 77213

Wait, is this person trans?

No. 77216

Haha. Thinking sqeenix is ever progressive. That makes no sense.

No. 77218

This this this.

People like her are cancer to other women working in games.

No. 77237

Ehhhh I still think there's sexism in the game industry in general. I mean my greatest example is if I'm playing a game on mic and they'll hear I'm a girl and I'll get comments like "get back to the Kitchen!!!" or "Omg girls shouldnt play this game!!!" like I get there's gonna be assholes no matter what but if you're gonna be an asshole to me then do it because I suck not because I'm a girl it's not really something I can help… Getting special treatment is patronizing too but I mean I've only really gotten that from guys who want to hit on me

No. 77263


Go to the link titled "He leaned in over her shoulder and smelled her." Men can be creepy as fuck in this community and it pisses me off that most of the time people don't even bat an eyelash about it.

No. 77264

Oh and in another video the same fat fuck neck beard goes on to say that sexual harassment is totes normal for the fighting gaming community.

Yep, no sexism there.

No. 77267

you think video game industry is sexist? ha. try construction work. they won't let you lift anything heavier than a detour sign.

No. 77270

Wow quick to pass judgement. Cancer? Seriously? I never once said anything about being better than any other women I merely gave examples to times in which female geeks have acted in a gatekeeper fashion as well as dudes. They're not exclusive to any one gender. Being a jerk isn't just a man thing.

My closest friends have always been other girls and I actually feel more comfortable with them a lot of the time in terms of really close friendships but hey. You've taken away what you want from my words and all I'm trying to do is give a positive example of women in games that isn't full of doom and gloom because I actively want (and so do studios!) More females. As far as working environments go? Game studios are some of the best and there are far worse industries to work in as a woman that actively try to push females out. I just don't see that as the case where I've worked and had experience.

No. 77279

Artanon here again. It sucks you've encountered this and yeah, it's pretty annoying but I don't think they're inherently sexist to the point of an extreme redpiller who thinks all women are evil demons. I just think they're kind of ignorant babies who need to grow up a little. I play a lot of TF2 and do mic stuff and I've never run into too many problems like that but games like CoD, Battlefield? Attract a certain type of people, sometimes where shittalk is pretty prevalent. I do feel bad that if this is a common occurrence for you, though and you can't enjoy talking on games.

I guess I see, well, idk, 'microtransgressions' as small annoying issues but no where near as bad as actual issues of instances where females are beaten or bullied out of their homes or education systems. I have a hard time equating them as equal because in my mind they aren't.

I'm a 1st world european that has so little issues in my life and I live so comfortably doing a job a love that perhaps these little instances in which a man has said something perhaps disparaging towards me or acted really weird (like I had a dude follow me into my building which is security card entry and try to press me into going out with him. He didn't even work at my studio!) that they just seem so small in comparison to realities in countries where they really do NOT have freedoms and security due to gender. Like, I said, I just have a hard time equating nitpicky little things as 'oppression'.

Brianna Wu and her like seem to just inflate problems bigger than they really are imo.

No. 77302


Not that anon, but here's my issue with when we as women do this. Oh our problems aren't as bad as middle eastern women's, etc. Well, no shit, it's like saying oh don't be depressed, there are starving ethiopian kids. You can't draw parallel between things so willy-nilly, I believe.

I believe the issue in the west isn't so much rampant oppression, but a swept over/ignored social attitude towards woman that just isn't good.
Like your example that shittalk is prevalent, by why is shittalk so gendered. It's so 'you are a woman & women are bad lel" like it is so grossly stupid and offensive to me. but you get upset and you're told "stop being such a sensitive chick'

Yeah, I'm going to get called feminzai, pro GG, other bullshit, etc. I think it's a real issue that gets pushed aside because "hey we aren't standing at schools stopping you from entering" so it gets easily dismissed.

No. 77305


tl;dr the blatant in your face oppression is gone in the west by the most but I believe the attitudes are still there and I don't think that's ok.

No. 77307

File: 1428436673257.jpg (99.29 KB, 524x1009, 1415557235498.jpg)

guys call one another gay and tell one another to go fuck themselves on a routine basis

if anything they tend to be much nicer to women

>here's my issue with when we as women do this. Oh our problems aren't as bad as middle eastern women's, etc
That is exactly the point. Our problems are nothing. You need to grow thicker skin if you get PTSD and offended because some 12 year old said they'll rape you on team fortress. I mean seriously, it's like people are looking for problems and things to whine about.

Makes me so mad. Kinda makes me wish someone could dump all these whiny feminazis and tumblerinas into a warzone, into south american brothels, into 17th century french cities. Only in the past 50 years or so have CERTAIN parts of the world advanced so much that fat cunts with more hair dye than common sense will spend hours upon hours whining on a blog about nonsense, like bayonettas tits.

No. 77311

I think you overblow my reacrion to things, I never said I got triggered by stupid shit, but I can sit back and be analytical about it because it is something kinda shitty. But I guess that's just me being a whiny triggered PTSD tumblrina because I disagree with you? Nice tactic.

No. 77321

Me again from >>77279. And I can see where you're coming from that if you gloss over the bad parts and dismiss behaviours like this you think that it might get worse again if it goes unchecked and I can see that being a legit concern at times.

No, ignorance towards gender is a shitty thing (whether female or male, like that #killallmen stuff) but sometimes I find it personally difficult to focus on such a little grievances when things really have gotten progressively better. IDK. Maybe I'm just waaaay too laid back sometimes.

No. 77322

File: 1428437772221.jpg (5.91 KB, 235x206, miss-the-point2.jpg)

No. 77325

I don't think it's about growing thicker skin. Just because someone is having a harder time in another country, doesn't make someone else's issues in the U.S or wherever any less valid. That's a fallacy.

No. 77329

never trust a tranny with crazy-eyes.

No. 77330

I just left a job because of extremely sexist bosses and managers. I'm in a better job now, thankfully. The point is, just because women in the middle east are still fighting for their rights, doesn't mean it's okay for people to be assholes here. Women EVERYWHERE are still fighting to be treated like human beings. It's not just in some parts of the world. It's shitty to say 'it's not so bad. ' or 'get over it' when women shouldn't have to deal with it still at all, especially in places where you think it wouldn't be. Come on now.

No. 77338

Yeah sure we're having it easier, but I don't think it's a reason to ignore sexist crap when we see it.

I work in a very male dominated field too and the fact that there's sometimes not one girl in the course kind of show a problem here. It's great that a lot of men and women encourage girls to pursue various careers, honestly, but it's still far from perfect. I'm sure this generation is going to be great about gender equality but the previous generation often given us a hard time and they're the one at the top of most companies or raising their kids.

When I was younger I was flat out told I couldn't do some stuff because I was girl, unlike my brother. I mean, fuck that but there's lot of influencable kids so I'd be glad to show other women it's ok to pursue whatever career you want by doing my thing.

No. 77342

File: 1428438960811.jpg (25.76 KB, 619x488, wtf.JPG)

WHAT is the situation down there

No. 77363

Preach it. I work as a programmer and all of my colleagues, classmates etc. are male. I also have an equal amount of female friends outside of my field of work. I've met a few assholes who think GURLS CANT COMPUTER and don't take me seriously. I've been to work interviews where the male interviewer looked at me like a piece of meat and talked to me like I'm a little girl and questioned my abilities. But in all actuality these people are scarce and usually hated by other males as well because they're assholes and socially impaired in general. Most of my male colleagues have always been really chill and take me seriously because we're fucking adults and most of them have wives/girlfriends at home. The assholes have shut up quite easily after I've told them off and called them out for their sexist crap. And like I said, they're overall dicks and have other major flaws than blatant sexism so they're not exactly the workers of the week either.

I once worked with a girl who whined about everyone around her being such a misogynist and the IT field is sooooo sexist. I never, ever saw anyone being mean to her and we worked on the same project. Everyone listened to her and took her in well, but there was one problem. The girl herself was extremely full of herself, talked shit about other people, had a major martyr complex and was quite incompetent at her work. Every time she went on her rant about how sexist this IT field is I wanted to tell her to get a mirror and take a long hard look at herself because even I, as a woman, found her to be really hard to work with.

So my major problem with people like Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn etc. is quite simple. They don't give a fuck about women in IT or STEM. They couldn't care less about the sexism other women have to face. They're not campaigning for equality in the work place. They only care about their own personal needs. Just how many female IT groups have they helped to boost? How many female developers have they supported? How have they ever helped women to familiarize themselves with IT and game developing? None, none, none. In fact, Zoe Quinn even tried her damnest to destroy a feminist game jam because it was competing with her own shady game jam by yelling sexism and sending her army of whiteknights to take the whole project down.

They want to show women as weak, whiny bitches who can't function like normal adults. They represent women as fragile flowers who need a million support groups, a lot of help and suffer paralyzing amounts mental anguish after seeing big breasts on a fictional character. They represent women as people who can't make their own thing to cater to their needs and instead demand everyone else to do everything for them. To me, that's not fucking feminist. It's just sad how every normal, intelligent woman who puts her heart and soul into her work never gets recognition because it's always given to these selfish bitches who ride on the wave of shock entertainment and bullying.

No. 77366

I remember being in highschool and in a computer class with a girl, around times of the election, when Hilary Clinton was running. Somehow it came up and she said "A woman should never be president. That's a man's job" and I just wanted to die. Real young women really believe that they can't do x and y and z because they're women. That's a problem. 12 year old screaming rape and slut and whore are annoying, but they aren't necessarily doing it to browbeat women into submission, but to just be edgy faggots. the problem comes from everywhere and everyone silently pushing this agenda that women are weaker, inferior, etc. And edgy 12 year old faggots are apart of it. You hear it in games, from your dad, from your grandfather, from your boss, from your teacher, yes it really does add up.

And yes, even 'feminists' can push this agenda. as this anon >>77363

No. 77369

S/he sucking at tucking.

No. 77384

>And yes, even 'feminists' can push this agenda.
This is a perspective that almost never gets discussed. To clarify, I'm >>77363 responding and me and my female friends working in IT have met a lot of WOMEN who look down on us and want a "real worker" (a man) to do their computer things. In contrast I've heard a lot of male IT bosses say that female programmers are a lot more competent and reliable than male programmers but they're so rare they never get to hire them.

I've also met girls who do the whole "I'm not like ~other~ girls, other girls just cause ~drama~ all the time" act and I have to say that these bitches go in the same box of hate as fake feminists like Quinn/Sarkeesian/Wu. I hate it when other women perpetuate the stereotype of women being catty, back-stabbing bitches and/or whiny, helpless adult babies who can't face negative things or ideas challenging their views because it hurts their feelings. Sexism and misogynism doesn't only exist in the dens of evil nerd guys, it also exists amongst our own gender. While the genders are equal in the eyes of the law, we have a lot of problems with equality in the unwritten rules of our society and sadly both genders contribute to them.

And yes, I remember some girl saying things like "Women can't be president/CEOs" in my childhood too. I just have to wonder how are girls like them brought up and how much potential has been thrown to waste by planting these ideas of inferiority.

No. 77393

Ugh, so much of this. This is terrible stuff being planted into young girl's heads and a lot of it is how deep rooted our society makes women hate each other and themselves just to try to fit in.

No. 77394

the main character's outfit is such a blatant rip off of mass effect's miranda

No. 77397

This person isn't even a real woman. wtf

No. 77399

yeah man, it's a tranny. it's sort of obvious just by looking at it, lol.

No. 77443

File: 1428446806742.jpeg (86.7 KB, 520x293, screen520x924.jpeg)

I am not going to comment on your experience because I honestly don't give a shit but you brought up the game and I do give a shit about this one because it's such a particular case of hypocrisy.

Brianna Wu is one of the people who whine about women being sexualized in videogames, and when I found out she had developed a game, I went to search for it and see at least playthroughs on youtube.

The game is full of women in skimpy outfits, while some of the conversations are stereotypical shit women are expected to talk about, like men.

The gameplay is mediocre and there's some robo geishas that I have not seen tumblr complain about for some strange reason [or rather because they fucking know it's not convenient for them to have someone who is as hypocritical as Wu have their dirty laundry for everyone to see]

No. 77463

wow, the graphics look like they're from 1996. amazing.

No. 77474

I think maybe sometime soon, people that care about social issues will really have to look hard at the lack of personal accountability that is poisoning the whole progressive cultural debate/movement/sj whatever. People say things like 'society and the media tell girls to be skinny and pretty and polite' but how do you think people get like that - well a lot of parents especially mothers are the ones either putting these ideas into children or not addressing the fact that we are surrounded by a lot of bullshit, instead they pour their own self image and body issues into offspring.
For example, since when is it that disney is supposed to be a great role model for children and not you know, someone real?

No. 77489

That is some windows 98 looking shit. Those character designs are awful. And yeah, what a hypocrite.

No. 77491

I want progression a lot. Sadly, most of these women, esp mothers are victims to their own environment. Being told over and over what a woman should do. How many times have you heard a woman isnt fulfilled until she's married and had children? It's bullshit and not true, but that's what a lot of women are told growing up.

Meanwhile, guys can be bachelors and it's all good. There is little consequences for men– they are there, but not in the same sense as women are constantly belittled and analyzed.

(Also, Disney sucks. Fuck Disney and anyone who thinks they're role models for any person.)

No. 77498

Can we all agree sexism exists in the industry, but many women can find a respectful place and work environment in the field?

I think more of the problem is the reaction "omg woman game developer!!!!" as if we'd have problems designing and developing games. I think that's far more sexist than what SWJs are claiming.

Women are under represented and the sexism that exists is the idea that women shouldn't pursue a career in the area. It's an overall societal thing and not really a problem with women active in the industry. Men would get more encouragement and many people would assume she got free passes because she's female. Which is why gamergate was a problem. Quinn got good reviews for a horrible "game." It was sexist that she got those reviews, not the reaction. She should have been judged on the merit of her work not the novelty of her gender in the industry.

Anyways, can I have some more info on this new gamer cow? If she's such an SWJ, how come those characters look like Bratz dollz. Even the most "sexist" barbie had more realistic proportions.

No. 77512

All I know about this person is that they look like PT in about 3 years even if PT dropped her weight she'd still have no lips, moon face and witch nose.

And that Tom Preston is doing everything he can to be noticed by his Brianna-senpai. Literally ass kissing every tweet to Brianna but still making it about himself.

No. 77591

Oh god. Tom Preston.

No. 77599

too bad for Frank that Brianna is already married to a wife abuser:


No. 77602

sexism exists everywhere

No. 77607

yeah i mean mental disorders, racism and sexism are nothing because some middle eastern women have it "worst", right?
youre ignorant as fuck jesus christ
everyone can have problems

No. 77609

i still hear a lot of guys saying women can't be president and shit like that
it's fucking annoying

No. 77632

We need a thread for Tom Preston.

No. 77649

File: 1428468339659.gif (2.28 MB, 320x240, where-do-you-think-we-are-o.gi…)

>They don't realize Women's greatest enemy, is other Women

No. 77651

Or they wouldn't want a woman for a boss. It's a disgusting way of thinking that some still have that men should always be in charge.

No. 77663

File: 1428470281352.jpg (53.95 KB, 609x351, 1365100107432.jpg)

now that's true spaghetti dropping

No. 77718

No. We really don't need pro or anti REDACTED flooding this site with their bs.

Before they were linked to REDACTED they were still moronic and extremely bitter, unable to take critique and generally projecting narcissistic rage due to their failure to transition to anything resembling an actual woman.

No. 77734

lest not forget the classic

No. 77735

I like you.

No. 77802

>>77307 this. if your biggest problem with sexism today is random dudes telling you to back to the kitchen then you need to get your priorities straight. Gamers antagonize everyone. They call each other faggot and nigger too. Not just women. And bawww someone said womyn cant be President? Wow. Tough shit. They also say men cant sew or be house dads. They kind of stigimitized roles exist for everyone and if you let that hold you back then that's you're fault. I swear I think half this stuff they call sexism is just from a womans own insecurities. (Not saying sexism doesn't exist tho).
Its funny because she was the one who critiqued bayonetta for being "too sexy" (even though it was made by a woman) while her characters are the epitomy of a blowup doll. So has anyone actually played this game?

No. 77877

Yeah except saying men can't hold "feminine" roles or dress remotely feminine is still sexist because it's from the notion that doing something womanly is a shame for a man and beneath him. Not saying women don't force that gender role bullshit (which is funny because they tend to be way more relaxed with girls being tomboyish but then can't handle a straight dude wearing heels)

No. 77906



No. 137650

Revolution 60
10/10 GOTY

No. 137701

i cant find it now but somebody who used to work with her said that Brianna used to call her a dyke whenever she got mad
and she was easily angered IRL
its in the kiwifarms thread with some kind of proof but there are so many pages there that i dont want to waste my tie looking for it
TD;LR Wu may be a huge homophobe

No. 176853

File: 1441739404884.jpg (539.35 KB, 1072x905, 1441619476990.jpg)

Sorry to bring back a dead thread, but saw this today and kekked my sides into orbit.

No. 176854

File: 1441739583751.jpg (30.84 KB, 640x594, 1.jpg)

Was also busted editing the Samus Wiki

No. 176855

File: 1441739600040.jpg (12.02 KB, 720x61, 2.jpg)

No. 176856

File: 1441739614068.jpg (33.92 KB, 640x608, 3.jpg)

Top kek

No. 176858

I never really paid attention to gamergate or any of the drama surrounding Wu, but I can't believe she denies that she's a tranny. I mean come on. Look at her face and listen to her voice. She might as well be walking around with her dick flopping out of her pants.

No. 176859

>Arin Hanson follows
Fucking lol.

No. 176861

Wanna note i'm not the one who took the screenshots, I snagged them from a facebook page

No. 176873

I would say the games industry doesn't have more sexism than other places. From the reference you made, I'm guessing you work for Lionhead - I used to work for another big studio in the UK and my experience has been nothing like what Wu espouses. If anything, my office was much more open to women than those of my friends, in some ways. I could see everyone who came in for an interview and the percentage of women hired was enormous compared to the men's, we just didn't get many women, it wasn't a case of our studio keeping women out. Talking to my male colleagues was like talking to my female ones, we even discussed menstruation pain openly and in general, if anything, they were more careful not to offend us but once they understood you weren't uptight, they just treated you like everyone else and it was so refreshing to be in a place devoid of passive aggressiveness like other places I've seen (not in the games industry).
I can understand that some women might dislike that and that it's not for everyone, but it was nice and it felt like being in a really big family.

I did get really angry at people like Wu for trying to depict people like my ex-colleagues as if they were some assholes when she didn't even work in the companies that she criticises. I have really fond memories of those guys and girls and I had to leave due to health issues which weren't compatible with the lifestyle there with all the overtime, but I still see them and I miss them lots.

Anyway, if I'm right about you working at Lionhead, good job and thanks for the hard work! Or even if you don't, it's likely I've played something from your company and liked it. :)

No. 176875

Equally, if you think there's sexism because of your personal experience and erase hers, you're being limited.

Mind, I think she phrased what she said inaccurately and probably meant there's no more sexism in the games industry than elsewhere. The bit about her just wanting to fit in is just something you don't know - it's not particularly productive to just erase her experience and ascribe that kind of motivation or behaviour to her because you think she erases others' experiences by saying there's no sexism based on what she's seen.

No. 176895

Wouldn't samus being trans sort of devalue the fact that she's a woman? Like, isn't it basically saying that she's only strong and smart and shit because she was once a man?

No. 176897

File: 1441744463168.png (57.46 KB, 299x299, 1424044646027.png)


No. 176902

It would. it would devalue the entire character being an actual good female protag. And it's bullshit none the less.

No. 176916

Hasn't the whole "Samus is trans!" thing been confirmed as a crass joke by some staff member of the original games? I'm pretty sure it was a joke.

No. 176952

It was a joke, trannies are just retarded.

No. 177041

Isn't it great how Wu's kind of cretin is doing so much to improve the perception of transfolk.

No. 177063

there was nothing to be confirmed because only actual retards took it seriously.

No. 177064

Tbh she's just a regular transperson. They're all mentally ill anyway.

No. 177077

THIS. I hate this recent trend of claiming that "masculine" female characters are trans. It feels like any female character who is muscular or tall or just doesn't fit the mold of a traditionally feminine woman gets labeled trans, as if cis women who look like that don't exist. I usually don't care about gender headcanons or whatever tumblr shit people do, but that one always pisses me off.

No. 177252

PT is trans.

No. 177256

That's so shitty. It took me a long time to accept i was born with pretty masculine features and just am an overall tomboy, but i'm still very much a cis woman. Tumblr wants everyone to be hyper feminine or hyper masculine and fit into these terrible stereotypes.

No. 177281

Here's a link to the article: http://www.themarysue.com/metroids-samus-aran-transgender-woman/

The "Evidence" comes from Hirofumi Matsuoka saying in an interview that Samus was a newhalf. He also laughed about her having a dick. If you've played Symphony of the Night there's an ice spirit enemy with a weird masculine leaning voice that is listen in the enemy list as a newhalf. It's means said character is trans.

There's no source given for the interview and there's also a FAQ on the Zero Mission site (again no source given) that has Yoshio Sakamoto saying Samus may be newhalf but it's unlikely.

Child Samus is always depicted as female too.

There's also an article linked that hilariously claims that there have only been 14 playable black women in the history of gaming. I noticed it lists Fran from FF14 but not the multitude of other dark skinned female characters. Fran is also not of African decent and isn't even human.

I've found that The Mary Sue is great for a laugh. I hate to give them clicks. But some of these articles are comedy gold.

No. 177284


Yeah, that article was fucking hilarious
Pretty sure they only make that claim because a lot of SJWs don't actually play games for shit (except maybe shitty patreonbux-funded indie ones like depressionquest or revolution 60) but pretend they do so they can bitch about "geek culture" not being accommodating enough of stronk independent black womyn

No. 177292

>Both Dangonronpa and Persona 4 managed to blunder transgender representation.
Not this shit again.

No. 177467

I've also read that newhalf can be a term now women who are butch or have masculine attributes. And that Matsuoka is not really a reputable source of Metroid lore. So there you go.

Yeah, they definitely don't play these games. They just look for things that are problematic so they can start a clickbait crusade. They should just shut up and go back to Gone Home or something.

No. 177627

I totally agree with this and think it's super fucked up. One thing I see all the time is people on Tumblr thinking Sailor Jupiter is trans because she's tall and athletic which is super baffling and honestly strikes me as being the opinion of someone who has seen the shown/read the manga. If you're looking to peg someone as trans, why not go for Fisheye or the starlights?

No. 177641

>black woman
Ummm… Yeah, what the fuck. That is really obnoxious. Do these idiots grasp at straws so hard that anyone with tan skin is black?? Final fantasy is based mostly on fantasy, and you already said it, she isn't even human! She's basically part of the forest.

No. 177645

The starlights are aliens who only changed sex to hide their identity.
Fisheye is just a flaming homo and i love him.

No. 177647

Seriously, they should stay in their tumblr games like Gone home and life is strange and leave the real gamers alone. I'm a huge Samus fan. Ever since I played Super Metroid as an 11 year old girl, I was a big fan of her and I will def not accept this trans bullshit.

No. 177667

Yeah. I don't get that either. The Jupiter thing annoys me so much. Same with Pluto being labeled as black by some people because her skin is darker.

I remember in Phantasy Star (the first game for SMS) there's a translation error where the governor refers to Noah as "she". I'm so glad that game came out in the 80s and not now.

Oh man, I just realised I typed 14 instead of 12. I feel so dumb.

Dark skin doesn't not make you black. But every character with so much as a tan is a POC to them and if you cosplay them it's blackface. And god forbid your fanart is even half a shade off with the skin. It's total whitewashing.

I don't think Brianna Wu even plays games. Sarkeesian doesn't either. Gamers just an easy demographic to trash because they've been labeled as obese virginal neckbeard basement dwellers. Unbathed patriarchal scum that hates and objectifies women because they can't get dates. And girls who game are just poor victims that need protecting from the big bad penis having gamergate.

I tried playing Gone Home once. I somehow thought it was a horror game. When I realised I was mistaken I played through some of it anyway. It was kind of fun to go through the house looking at stuff. For about 15 minutes. But it gets very boring. You can look around your own house for free. And the storyline turned out to be stupid and tumblr.

No. 177701

Jupiter, seriously? She's a pretty feminine character, she just is more of the athletic type. Uranus makes more sense seeing as how she dresses like a dude and (iicr) the girls initially mistook her for a cute guy… tumblr logic, I swear.
Why can't they leave preexisting characters alone? It doesn't make any sense to try and start a debate about a fictional fucking character who is obviously not trans. What is the point? Am I missing something?These people need a hobby.

Someone needs to do a case study on the tumblr/sjw hivemind. It would be facinating.

No. 177704

I've always seen Fisheye as a ladyboy gay type, and Hawk and Tiger as flaming homos/bisexuals.

But like, SM is pretty LGBT inclusive already, it doesn't have to shove the tumblr terms in.

No. 177758

Don't try to make logic out of it. These are the same people who try to say real life musicians from Kpop bands and actors are gay and trans. I want to puke. they're horrible disrespectful in many ways.

No. 177763

File: 1441855963098.jpg (42.17 KB, 481x640, hito-vision.jpg)

I know this might be an odd reference, but one of my favorite girls I had a crush on as a kid was Hitomi from Vision of Escaflowne. I always loved the cute, athlete girls!

Hitomi is obviously cis and straight, but don't tell tumblr that.

No. 177766

People like Wu and Anita are cancer to the gaming community. I've been a gamer for more than 13 years of my life and these stupid bitches should be ignored. There have always been female gamers, and i hate dudes who act like they're some kind of unicorns. I work in a game store where 40% of the staff are female gamers.

No. 177771

I was really grateful for Fisheye in SM. gave me something to look up to, minus the whole weird shota bit.

No. 177785

>Something to look up to
What do you mean? Are you also a fabulous cross-dressing man?

No. 177792

Nah just your friendly neighborhood Trap Chan that transitioned at a very young age and did not have many resources or anyone to look up to. Felt pretty alienated as a dickgirl, was sort of stuck with effeminate cartoon characters growing up. Now I'm stuck with creepy autogenophile men that want to invade women's spaces. What a world.

No. 177809

>Sarkeesian doesn't either.
Sarkeesian is a mouthpiece for Jonathan McIntosh, who is far more radical than her. Some of FemFreq's tweets are almost ripped word for word from McIntosh's. Whenever FemFreq suddenly derails into talking about how violence in video games is the problem, that's McIntosh injecting his views into it.

Jonathan McIntosh is a delusional trust fund baby that talks about how we need to abolish capitalism and that masculinity is the source of all the world's problems. Anita is just his mouthpiece to reach a wider audience.

No. 177825

>Sarkeesian is a mouthpiece for Jonathan McIntosh, who is far more radical than her.
I'm glad someone knows this bullshit.

No. 178487

File: 1442000949370.png (288.86 KB, 670x1203, femisistgearsolid.png)

Slut shame Quiet for not wearing enough clothes then sentence her to death. So feminist.

No. 178525

File: 1442006548049.jpg (35.27 KB, 573x387, holidaywasalwaystrans.jpg)

This is interesting. After the whole "Samus is trans" debacle Wu is now saying that Holiday was always trans.

Now ever since Revolution 60 came out people have been pointing out the fact that Holiday seems to have a bit of a crotch bulge. If you look at the promo art and in game scenes she does appear to have one. I thought maybe it was just ugly rendering since the android character has it too in the promo art. But not in game from what I've seen. So while no one should be surprised that Brianna Wu now says Holiday is trans I doubt it's coincidental timing. After all the thing with Samus being trans did not go as planned. Plus her crony Kadybat even admitted that she wanted to appropriate Samus as trans and also claims Link, Zelda and Tails are trans as well. She seems like a real nutjob.

According to stuff I've read over at Kiwi Kadybat seems to be the one that edited Samus' Wikipedia entry. Whether they knew that Matsuoka was making a joke and had a history of using blue humor in interviews I don't know. But obviously this Kaddybat person was onto it not being true and just wanted to snatch Samus away as some sort of trans victory prize. Pretty sad and pathetic. Just make an original trans character. If Holiday is really trans then develop her properly as a decent character. From what I've seen she's as wooden as a two by four.

No. 178758


Wu's article on FemSnake. This unlockable character is from a mission you play where you rescue her as a prisoner. Apparently this makes the game so much better since it will appeal to women. Wu knows this character isn't a female version of Snake. But chooses to refer to her as such because finally a female protagonist. Nice originality there Wu. Apparently Snake's look and personality isn't appealing enough to a wide audience. I don't know if the intent was to make the game have wider appeal but the whole attitude behind this article is pretty irritating. It's basically insinuating that the series is so much better now because you can play as a homely woman instead of the default grizzled man. That now players of any race can feel like Snake. A character that already exists and looks a certain way but obviously you'd feel so awkward playing as him if you were black or a woman or whatever. Give me a break.

I'm not very familiar with the series. Maybe I'm off base about the intent of the game and what they were going for. But regardless, I hate this article. I really do.

Wu hates Quiet. It seems that a lot of feminists hate her for her poses and outfit. While there's a storyline reason for Quiet being scantily clad and I guess they could have covered her a bit differently, one scantily clad sexy clump of polygons doesn't ruin a game's appeal. If you think that's true then you aren't a real gamer.

No. 178794

Why are this idiots always grasping at straws? No one wants a trans character. It's so pointless. Irl,trans people's entire identity is being TRANS. How do you work that into a videogame? Most game writers can't even write women without making them walking tits or stereotypes. Being trans would be utterly pointless in a videogame situation. Cross-dressing would be more likely like Chihiro from DR.

No. 178795

>one scantily clad sexy clump of polygons doesn't ruin a game's appeal. If you think that's true then you aren't a real gamer.

While I agree with most of what you're saying, you are allowed to enjoy a game or game series while pointing out it's glaring flaws. Kojima is a good story teller, but his writes women horribly. I love the MGS series as a whole, but a lot of the women in the games make me cringe minus E.E or Boss from MGS3.

No. 178809


No. 179100

There aren't that many trans characters that I know of. Poison, who was made trans because of censorship. They didn't want to make it look like beatng up a woman was ok. But the intent was to make Poison a woman from the beginning. If censorship hadn't been so strict back then they never would have changed her. Poison trans by consequence.

Mario has a character named Vivian. But I don't know much about them. And I don't know if Gracie from Animal Crossing counts. In the west Gracie is female. But I'm not sure if Gracie is trans in Japan or just really feminine.

A very small portion of the population is trans. So expecting a lot of high profile games to cater to that demographic is very unreasonable. The character runs the risk of becoming a spectacle or fetish and that would piss tumblr off a lot. They keep headcannoning characters as trans but they don't really support the fandom for the few characters that actually are. They don't want original trans characters so much as they want to make characters trans to fit their needs.

No. 179109


I'm thinking Erica from Catherine

Sorry I play fucking terrible games

No. 179110

I always thought Gracie was just meant to be super feminine/flamboyant guy. I can see how that would get changed because of his appearance. Saharah is also actually male in Japan, with his name there being Roland. I don't know what warranted that change, other than that he has long eyelashes? But that's dumb, considering that's just how camels look. Then again, Nintendo was kind of weird about that stuff in the early 2000s.

Anyway, I feel like even if AAA game companies started including more LGBT characters in the most respectful ways possible, these tumblrina types would find something, anything to nitpick at and deem it bad. It's like if it doesn't 100% cater to them, they immediately hate it, despite them having such super specific niche desires in the first place. I'm personally of the opinion that if you want to see something different in media, try making your own instead. It's not worth wasting time investing such headcanons into characters that will never be what you want them to be.

No. 179147


>I feel like even if AAA game companies started including more LGBT characters in the most respectful ways possible, these tumblrina types would find something, anything to nitpick at and deem it bad.


>Game includes LGBT character


Everything triggers them anyway. They can't win.

No. 179156

Krem from Dragon Age Inquisition is a canon transman, but that's the only one I know.

No. 179162


Catherine is legit fun puzzle platformer though. All characters except Toby are scumbags though.

No. 179163

I thought Gracie was just a really fashion conscious male for the longest time. A lot of these so called trans characters just seem to be Japan and America butting heads on what is okay. They should of kept Poison a woman. I grew up with Streets of rage and there were plenty of female baddies to beat on in those games and no one cared. I don't know why Poison is any different.

No. 179164

Yup. All of this!

I'm happy with Dorian from DA Inquisition being canon gay, though it's kind of ironic that some people make him straight in their 'headcanon.' like okay, that's fine I guess.., however i dont like when headcanon bullshit interferes with legit game stuff.

No. 179172


It's not that bad, I just feel like weeb scum saying that. Although we're on /pt/ so we're all weeb scum by default

No. 206631

No. 207338

I'm a games artist too and you're kidding yourself or seriously naive if you think studios are 'falling over themselves' to hire women. I hardly see any female applicants and if they're on par with a man, bosses are more likely to hire the one who is a better 'cultural fit' into the studio, which is already made up of 90% dudes. Your friends won't see gender as an issue, but the higher ups think differently. The only studios I see doing anything to address the gender imbalance is in mobile tbh.

No. 218110

File: 1451354483115.png (2.83 MB, 1091x2800, 200k.png)

Some new twitter drama, in case you people still give a shit about this fucked up degenerate.

No. 218123

Can anyone elaborate/explain what went down?

Because as of now I don't know which side is being more of a dick here. Wu is a self-absorbed cunt but the smug assholes typing their hot takes on capitalism from their 1k+ macbook pros aren't any better either.

No. 218174

Tl;dr, Wu stated Capitalism isn't necessarily evil so the people Wu has been courting for the last year turned on her HARD.

No. 218176

Saging and adding my story. From my experience there IS sexism in gaming industry.

I applied for a job in a gaming company. The first thing boss said to me that I should contact other females in gaming industry. He even gave me forum addresses and spesific names of people he felt I would find helpful. None of those women worked in the said company, but because they were women I should communicate with them rather than my coworkers.

In the company I was soon alianated because guys there had their own rough way to talk and they didn't talk like that near me. So I was pushed aside for the good spirit. Also they despised artists. As I am a woman and have no experiwnce with coding everything I suggested that did include something else than "art" was laughed away, as I -stupid artistic woman- tried to make changes to their design. Needless to say, I didn't stay there for too long and after trying out some other gaming companies I decided to move on.

Also, girls hate other girls in gaming culture at least in my country. There can be only one queen bee.

No. 218476

Part of what makes her so unappealing is how unappealing she looks. She lacks basic grooming skills. Why doesn't she comb her hair? She has a permanent case of bedhead and looks unbathed and gross. Yet she appears in public and goes in TV like that.

Her hair looks greasy, frizzy and unwashed. If I saw her in an alley picking cans out of a dumpster she'd fit right in. She really needs to clean herself up a bit.

No. 218484

It's a man, baby.

No. 218487

I think the points about the female contacts and talking nicer to you, at least to my wine-addled brain, sound more like they're trying to accommodate you as a woman but it ends up coming off as offensive? I'm not sure how long ago these things happened, but maybe since sjws are so vocal about creating "women's spaces" in tech and not offending women with "crass attitudes/speech/behavior" or whatever, that was these guys' way of trying to adhere to that standard, or they're doing it out of fear of being called out/to be polite. Like those guys some time ago with the joke about the USB dongles, and they weren't even saying it to a woman, iirc. But if they were that rude about your art background, then I dunno.

No. 218741

I think the whole rudeness is just programmers being elitist and possibly having bad experience with artists in the past doing dumb shit.

No. 219048

Wu always fucks up so hard. If you're going to paint yourself as a victim, you can't say "Capitalism is okay" to a bunch of crazy marxists.

There was one time where Wu had coffee with Gamergaters and her SJW followers literally compared it to having tea with terrorists like they were ISIS or something.

No. 219062



Reminds me of a friend who worked at one of the iD tech related companies. He was the co-lead programmer on their next game and when the credits rolled his name was the second on screen. So he was definitely high up.

But when the company was promoting the game at E3 he was completely left out. They made a video with all the hipster artists at the company talking about how great the game was and how "they" designed this and how "they" wanted that. When my friend watched the video he said he didn't even know who 90% of these people were and they were taking credit for his team's work. Needless to say he quit the industry and now makes a lot more money working closer to hardware.

Of the 20 odd people in our old modding community that went into the industry 10-15 years ago (I didn't) I can only think of 3 that are still in the industry. You either have to make it to the top or else you burn out in 5-7 years. I worry for the new generation because the older guys have transferable skills and a lot of the programmers went to work at Google and the artists to places like Dreamworks. But these current kids using stuff like Unity and shitty pixel art are going to be back flipping burgers at 30 once the gaming industry crushes them.

No. 223251

John Flynt. That is all.

No. 225190

File: 1453642976656.png (156.92 KB, 1698x620, flynt.png)

And apparently, attended University of Mississippi for 10 years without getting a degree.

No. 225224

God damn, I'd be embarrassed just for not getting my associates degree after two years, but ten?

No. 225321

When you come from money there's no real excuse for that unless you got really ill or something. I guess Wu just coasted by on mommy and daddy's money until he was bored with college and wanted to pretend to be a software engineer.

Even Chris Chan graduated right?

No. 225342

Chris chan got his associates in like 5 years or something.

No. 225343

Yes. Chris Chan graduated with an AAS in CAD design after 6 years.
Even Chris Chan is better at college than Brianna Wu.

No. 225351

File: 1453694744484.png (84.01 KB, 1454x663, wusperges.png)

So why does Wu always say he was homeless when he was given so much money from his parents? Does anyone ever believe that and does he ever offer one ounce of proof? Someone needs to tweet him posing as a sympathetic person, asking about the details during his "homeless time". I'm really, incredibly curious if anyone has details or if he's elaborated on this lie.

No. 225354

>Equally, if you think there's sexism because of your personal experience and erase hers, you're being limited.

Not really.
>there is sexism
Does not imply there is sexism everywhere and everyone will necessarily face it. It does not erase her personal experience.
>there is no sexism
Implies there is no sexism and nobody will face it anywhere. It erases the experiences of those who have faced sexism.

No. 226153

Because John Flynt is a very narcissistic person. I would not be surprised if he legit was homeless but if you end up homeless while having millionaire parents means one of two things: Junkie or going completely nuts.

No. 249908

John Flynt got a SyFy special about himself.

No. 249918

This is funny because they're mirroring the patriarchal oppression structure that they claim to despise/fight against

No. 249919

What's the deal with Frank Wu? Is he an ultra beta or another lolcow?

No. 249920

her face weirds me out

No. 249926

No. 249934

him or her…what the fuck is wrong with the face? Everything is just so off. It's all wide eyed crazy-stare, twitchy waxiness.

No. 249937

she looks like peacockfeather. peacockfeather's progenitor

No. 249941

Crazy eyes

Generally caused by high levels of anxiety indicating mental disorder

No. 249946

yeah, it's not just the eyes though…it's the chin/mouth area too. Even if I didn't know anything about Wu or GG I'd think they're a fucking crazy person.

No. 249948

>Samus HAS to be a transwoman!
>brianna wu is a transwoman

go figure

No. 249953


No. 249955



No. 249958

It's weird how it can show up in a person's features like that

No. 250229


I can't stand this shit. "Hurr, no wimmenz in tuh gamez11!!!1"

You aren't fucking looking for positive character models. You're looking for one that don't fit the tumblr specific SJW model of a "real woman".

Also note they chose models to play Brianna and the husband. I lold.

Sage for OT.

No. 250736

Like I understand that trans people are fucking everywhere at the moment and John Flynt is awful, it's true. I'm not even going to lie. On one hand Caitlyn Jenner can't go two seconds without releasing a new statement about how Ted Cruz is going to set up an abortion ambassador. "Brianna" Wu claiming Frozen was all about trans issues. It's fucking insane.

I must ask however, do you know how hard it sucks being lumped in with these people? They're actively alienating any real support and if that weren't shitty enough you cringe at the mere word you have to use to explain to your friends and family with. I fucking hate Brianna Wu. I vehemently dislike all these crazy fucking trans people who make up the majority. They're insane. I only bring this up because I love this site. Make all the tranny jokes you want, personally I find them hilarious. All I ask is that you see Mr. John Flynt as another Internet crazy and not the spokesperson of all trans people. He's not. He's a disgusting sleazy shithead who drinks soylent and looks like he's having a stroke every 10 seconds.

No. 250761

I used to be totally cool with trans people. I've had trans friends, one of whom I developed romantic feelings for (I was in a relationship though, so obviously I did nothing about those feelings). My response to learning that someone was trans was a mix of pity - because having dysphoria must be awful - and admiration - because they'd had the guts to be open about it.

Nowadays, when I learn someone is trans, I assume they're probably crazy dumbshit crybabies and most likely transtrenders.

Trans culture has gone off the fucking rails recently. And just like you said, they're actively alienating any real support. It's possible I'd be a full-blown transphobe right now if I'd never known any trans people in real life.

We need more people like you, but people like you are rarely loud/stupid enough to be noticed.

No. 250770

I can't believe I'm putting myself back into this world but there are a few issues here that get conflated because of personal agendas and unclear thinking:

1) Legitimacy of gender/sex dysphoria. Some people hold that there is no such thing and that every single trans person is a mere fetishist, some hold that it's a mental illness, some hold that it's a natural orientation.

2) Treatment of gender/sex dysphoria. Some people consider transition a valid treatment, some consider it a moral outrage/normalization of sexual delinquency, some consider it harmful (though not with the "obscene" flavor as in the prior) and akin to encouraging anorexics to go full spoopy.

3) Perception of trans people at large. Aside from the legitimacy and treatment issues, some hold that all of them are batshit who deserve total disgust and contempt, some feel very sorry for them, some look on them with detached skepticism.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor am I trying to argue with anyone.

But every time this issue comes up, people talk past each other because they don't realize that there are multiple issues at stake and just want to open their mouths to say something instead of carefully examining things beforehand.

Hopefully somebody appreciates this write-up and I'm not just typing into the abyss.

No. 250784

I hate that I also have this feel. :(

No. 250820

Non-insane trans people seem rare because we don't want to be known of as trans. The T community has always had an issue with catering to the lowest/ugliest members: the men in dresses with the 3 day old beard stubble everyone laughs at. Those are the people who show up to every support meeting, show up to every pride event (since their social life is made up exclusively of people they know from group), and do nothing but scream about their oprression online. They will never ever successfully transition. They're just "trans" forever and that's how they identify/come off. They have no interest in being a woman or a man. All the decent trans people transition, successfully reintegrate into society, and blend in. They dont identify as "trans" they see themselves as men/women in a transitory period moving from one gender to another, temporary. What you're left with is all the failed males, tumblr queens, land whales, etc. Essentially the name/association, all of it is a poison well. It's been irreparably stripped of anything worth defending. Successful trans people dont want anything to do with the fucking dumpster fire that is the "trans community". I more or less piped up because not even trans people deserve to be associated with someone like Brianna Wu.

Thanks for the understanding though. Decent trans people do exist, we're mostly hidden, but we exist.

No. 250821

It is kind of a mental illness though. Think about it, apparently anorexic girls see someone fat in the mirror when they are skinny as fuck. Same logic except with gender with trans people.

No. 250822

I was gonna say something like this, I thought it was viewed as a mental disorder because it falls under the umbrella of body dysmorphic disorder. Same reason so many transgenders turn to suicide even after they go through their operation is the same kinds of reasons anorexics with all the help in the world still die so frequently. Medical science hasn't even come close to touching drugs/therapy/ect that can alter how we perceive ourselves. At the end of the day our lack of advance in this field is really the core reasons why disorders like this go on claiming so many lives and so many peoples' happiness - we have no clue how to deal with it. We still don't, and I'm not sure if I can point out a time or place where people were on the right track.

No. 250825

Thanks for reading. For sure, there are tons of trans people who fly under the radar and live normal lives because they're not a batshit cunt like Brianna Wu. (To someone who considers sex dysphoria and/or transitioning to the opposite biological sex "wrong" in and of itself, however, this is obviously not relevant.)

I'm not going to split hairs about the definition of mental illness, but the difference is that if someone with genuine gender dysphoria transitions and has adequate support, they can become successful and healthy, while if you encourage an anorexic, they eventually turn into Ashley and rot to death. (Again, if you consider changing your sex to be inherently "wrong", this will mean nothing to you.)

Transitioned people can commit suicide for all kinds of reasons - societal rejection, for example. You can't assume they always kill themselves because they're still experiencing dysphoria.

No. 250826

Speaking from personal experience of course, but I never saw myself as anything but a regular, normal, person. Dysphoria is more like hating your body not so much imagining yourself thinner or prettier.

An example I would use would be say your skin broke out ceaselessly. You'd look in the mirror, cope, tell yourself it'll clear up (just gotta try a few acne products), and generally handle the situation like a normal human being. Flash forward 5 or 6 years and you still have acne, you tried to clear it up but it never seems to completely go away, you tell yourself its no big deal and there are worse flaws to have. Move forward another 5 or 6 years, the acne is still fucking there, you start to wonder if everyone spends this much time obsessing over this, you try to ignore it but everywhere you go it ends up being pointed out, you try to ignore it but it just makes you more fucking miserable, you can't fucking stand the look of your stupid imperfect face, why the hell doesn't it ever go away.

That's more or less the gist of the experience. You don't start off obsessed with gender. It just eats away at you psychologically until one day you have nothing left to fight with and you collapse from exhaustion. For some people it gets better, for others it doesn't so oftentimes they kill themselves rather than put up with it any longer.

No. 250827

I'm probably mis-remembering this, but I thought the suicide rates post and pre transitioned people wasn't drastically different? You're right it points that there's way more in their lives that might trigger suicide, I also kinda thought that it should be an indication maybe the surgery hasn't helped their disordered thinking as much as we had hoped.Obviously anorexics can't be allowed to just continue with their dysphoria because they'll clearly die, but it worries me that two of the same sub-styles of mental illness are getting treated so differently with varying results.

The only dysphoria I experienced was my eating disorder which was all a manifestation of anxiety/depression, so strong that even though I was physically fine I would freak myself out over literally nothing, see things that weren't really there, ect. It was the weirdest time because I knew what I saw and what other people saw was technically the same, I just…didn't get how the fuck they didn't see X, Y, Z and why is that not bothering you as much as it is me?!? Idk. My experience is superficial and ended when I started to treat my completely mental thought habits.

No. 250835

Not eating will kill you and growing boobs or chest hair wont.

Treatment in psychology is always about harm reduction. If not eating had zero effect on anyones life it would be classified as a condition but harmless. Much like paraphilias.

If in order to get off you have to pay someone to whip you while you're restrained that's weird but generally harmless. If you are broke because you spent all your monry on intricate leather accessories and you couldnt afford rent or car insurance so you lost your job but you continue to spend every cent to your name on buying more leather shit, you have a problem.

While negative things can happen because a person decides to transition it's:
1) Differs with each individual
2) Caused by others non-acceptance
3) Not transitioning would make the persons life worse (suicidal/depressed)

With Anorexia not eating will always lead to harm. There is no situation where the individual continues to not eat and the psychological benefit outweighs the harm of not eating.

That's the difference.

No. 250838

Again, you can't assume that they kill themselves because of persisting dysphoria.

This is an excellent explanation.

No. 250840

As for suicide rates between pre and post-op transexuals. There was a Swedish study that found no difference in the suicide rate which appeared to be evidence that SRS/transition had 0 effect on helping transexuals. Problem was they weren't looking into why that was the result they got.

In a more recent study:

They found that SRS/transition did alleviate suicidal ideation/attempts. The reason there was no difference in the rate between pre and post op is the social factors involved hadn't changed and certain population segments already had a disproportionately high chance of suicide regardless of surgery because people just tend to treat them like shit.

It's not "the surgery is useless in treating people with GID", it's "surgery wont stop people from yelling faggot at you or trying to kick your teeth in"

No. 250852


So why transition? It seems like the outward perception of male to female or (lesser) female to male comes under the most intense hate when they've actually transition. While there's irritation towards cross dressers it's no where near what I see people getting riled up over actual post-op transgender people. Even if I wanted to, knowing that kind of culture is around I probably wouldn't, I'd get more hatred than less after transitioning. So transitioning because other people are not accepting is going in the opposite direction and very quickly. Other than that, the only thing you've said is maybe they have individual trauma or that their life would be distinctly worse if they didn't have this surgery (I'm assuming in that case, it's also weighed against the inevitable social backlash that comes with transitioning. Their need on a personal level has to be more urgent than the stress they'd get from outside hatred over their choices).

No. 250857

Not all trans people experience harassment, hatred, and social rejection. I've never once been verbally berated in public or otherwise. I just happened to be extremely feminine before hormones and if you're attractive people care even less. Additionally as a white person there's very little chance that someone will murder me since all the murdered trannies are either from Brazil or they're black. In my circumstance there is very little negative impact to my life. Most people when I tell them Im trans dont even give a shit since it doesn't affect them. I think for a lot of other trans people the years of denial and self hatred royally fucks them up psychologically. Some of them engage in activity that seriously isn't in their best interest like waltzing around in public looking like your one uncle put on a dress from goodwill and a 20 dollar wig. At that point you're basically daring people to single you out. For them though it's worth putting up with. Harassment is awful but you almost wonder if they're trying to be mocked and laughed at.

No. 250863

File: 1458410728511.gif (2.76 MB, 255x234, 1426017958389.gif)

those fucking reenactment actors

No. 250866

>Harassment is awful but you almost wonder if they're trying to be mocked and laughed at.

my theory is that this new crop of SJW trans snowflake types sees harassment and oppression as part of their identity. They're not just people trying to live their life, they're "fighting the good fight". But who or what are you going to fight when most people just go 'eh, good for you?' So they do these ridiculous things and whine about microagression because someone on the bus looked at them.

No. 250871

Agreed, the tumblr crowd and similar communities are always a lot more interested in "being trans" than actually doing anything about it. That would explain the prevalence of "saying Im trans is the same as being medically diagnosed!" bullshit I've seen lately.

No. 250885

yeah, I really think those communities, echo-chambers, hug-boxes, call-it-what-you-like just exacerbate things. They're constantly reinforcing this idea of oppression to a point where EVERYTHING is oppressive (slightly OT)

back to Wu: anyone triggered by how they talk about gamergate like it's a person? Reminds me of when some news station thought 4chan was, like, one dude or something.

No. 251041

The vast majority of media says gamergate is the return of the son of turbohitler who seek to kill everyone and ruin everything. It shouldn't surprise anyone that they use absurd arguments.

No. 251083

I hear Wu has been spending all her time trying to land zingers at Caitlyn Jenner on Twitter lately. An account clearly managed by a PR rep.

No. 251113

Well she can't have any other true and honest transwoman stealing her thunder.

No. 255249


Get ready to see some terrible shit in the congress.

No. 257452

File: 1460192409934.png (364.35 KB, 640x930, tracinglikeits2005.png)

And it looks like John also traces his artwork.

No. 299428

File: 1473189472152.png (241.43 KB, 612x726, wugoingtobigtime.png)

No. 299430

File: 1473190478968.png (425.53 KB, 720x436, Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.5…)

I am so fucking triggered I'm gonna poop

No. 299432

i can't believe one can construct an image of themselves through the internet from their living room, despite no formal qualification, despite no credentials whatsoever, and be name dropped by a fucking presidential candidate

No. 299434

And her game got released on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/350200/

No. 299435


That's call actually getting off your as and doing something instead of bitching about it on the internet.

Not a fan of hers by any means, but the lack of policing by the GG community allowed for such things to happen..

Ethan Ralph (Who was arrested the other day) is a perfect example of the type of person that helped her be able to do it.

No. 299440

>getting off your as and doing something instead of bitching about it on the internet.
That's the precise reason Brianna is a cow… because she sits on her ass all day and bitches on the internet whilst trying to maintain the image she is a 'serious' game developer.
>lack of policing by the GG community allowed for such things to happen..
…you're blaming an amorphous group of people for the way she was represented by financial/journalistic institutions? This despite their relentless expression against what was the total opposite of the media narrative these institutions tried to present about her?

You're confused.

No. 299449


It's precisely because it was an "amorphous group" that it failed.

Anyone could claim membership and anyone could say "Those people don't represent GG".

Without an official spokesperson, or representative anything anyone said was just as valid as anyone else, even if it was contradictory.

The Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesians, and Brianna Wu's present a single, consistent narrative. And that is why the media ran with them.

Why didn't they get GG side? Who were they supposed to talk to? Who present the "official" side? No one.

You're the confused one, my man.

No. 299453

you guys know it has a dick tho right, he's just another one of those ugly fucking "trans" loser nerd dickhavers in gaming

No. 299458

No. 299464

You mean him.

No. 299479

you mean it

No. 299480

The 0 part represents your intelligence/logic capabilities rite???

I'm sorry I hurt your retardo feelings by pointing out this faggot tranny is trying to masquerade as a woman.

No. 299486

Bri did have bottom surgery.

I mean, it doesn't make them any less insane, but his dick is no more, lol.

No. 299491

File: 1473235280335.jpg (124.64 KB, 432x431, 1469016498338.jpg)

wtf are you on about, as if GG was supposed to create some sort of official cringe council for PR purposes? Things don't FAIL purely because they are amorphous, the reason I used that word is because you can't blame something that is amorphous because you can't accurately describe it.

What you can blame is the power of capital accumulate representation in old media maintaining a voice strong enough to drown out the democratic voices of new internet media despite the former holding the minority opinion. It's because the whole world is so PC, and the flavor of the decade is feminist media and female representation in industry and media and those stories make money atm…

wtf is your point anyway, first you seemed to want to give Brianna credit for building a career from lies and with as little effort as possible + you've inferred that the media has an actual hold on truth i.e GG has failed because financial institutions have represented its narrative as such/ or GG has failed because it didn't get its voice made 'official' by these financial and journalistic institutions

You're not just confused about GG, you're confused about life.

GG hasn't failed, but it hasn't succeeded because it is basically asking the industries to make less money in favor of integrity which is never going to happen in this world.

No. 299566

True. Just means he has mutilated himself to have an enormous crotch wound that he refuses to let heal by dilating it every day.

No. 299622


>you can't blame something that is amorphous

Nor can something amorphous take credit for anything.

>GG has failed because financial institutions have represented its narrative as such/ or GG has failed because it didn't get its voice made 'official' by these financial and journalistic institutions

No, you brought that up in your first post:
>This despite their relentless expression against what was the total opposite of the media

I was explaining why no one listened to them. (which was your complaint.)

If you want things donw, You have to know how to play the game (you'd figure a group with "game" in their title would understand this)

> asking the industries to make less money in favor of integrity which is never going to happen in this world.

Exactly. And why should it happen?

No. 299623


Sorry for double posting..

> first you seemed to want to give Brianna credit for building a career from lies and with as little effort as possible.

I applaud anyone that can turn an adversarial situation into success.. I don't have to agree with them.

>you've inferred that the media has an actual hold on truth

Nope.. I just explained why the media ran with which side. Never claimed either side had the truth. Just that the side that was more easily accessible and consistent got their message out. Simple.

>You're not just confused about GG, you're confused about life.

Nope, I seem to have a far better grasp on how life really works than you do.

No. 299664

File: 1473322579048.gif (970.73 KB, 332x225, 68vzl.gif)

>you can't blame something that is amorphous
>Nor can something amorphous take credit for anything.
well fucking duh, I obviously knew this when I replied to your first confused reaction to the use of the word

>I was explaining why no one listened to them. (which was your complaint.)

You havn't explained anything, you're just retarded.

(fyi no one would state that people didn't listen to them except you, we're talking about hundred of thousands of people protesting on social media, I was merely expressing a familiar shock as to the power of capital to override people's genuine concerns and to perturb narratives.)

>asking the industries to make less money in favor of integrity which is never going to happen in this world.

>Exactly. And why should it happen?
um because TRUTH you apathetic wank stain

>I applaud anyone that can turn an adversarial situation into success

applauding Brianna? Your post managed to get worse, I'm puking in my mouth

>I just explained why the media ran with which side

stop pretending you explained anything, the media obviously went with the side that wasn't protesting financial mergers and product endorsement, which definitely wasn't coming from the feminist whinging.

You don't have a better grasp on life than I, you just seem really apathetic toward corruption, which makes you a cunt in my book.

No. 299691

>well fucking duh, I obviously knew this when I replied to your first confused reaction to the use of the word

Then why are you surprised that GG wasn't credited with doing anything?

> I was merely expressing a familiar shock as to the power of capital to override people's genuine concerns and to perturb narratives.)

See above: Why were you shocked? You just said you knew they would never be able to take credit for anything.

>um because TRUTH you apathetic wank stain

"Truth" is whatever the general consensus is. That's how it's always been since the recording of history. The old saying "History is written by the victor". Look it up and you will start to understand.

>the media obviously went with the side that wasn't protesting financial mergers and product endorsement, which definitely wasn't coming from the feminist whinging.

Conspiracy everywhere!!! The simple fact is, they were the accessible party. GG had no consistent narrative nor anyone to contact. As a result GG had nothing to say.

>you just seem really apathetic toward corruption

No, I just have a grasp on reality

>which makes you a cunt in my book.

Coming from you, I take it as a compliment.

No. 299697

So, what you are essentially are saying is that GG failed because the same media that GG aimed to clean up responded by doubling down and running the woman in distress narrative instead of admitting they aren't reliable?

The only real difference of there being a public leader for GG is that every news outlet would run a hit-piece about him/her every time something happened to a woman anywhere and his/her family, friends and workplace would face constant harassment via self-righteous SJWs. The modern yellow press will run the simple ZOMG WOMAN IN DISTRESS because it ships papers, gets clicks and nothing can change this.

If anything, the only thing you are complaining is that GG wasn't an established organization before the whole shitstorm started. Also, there are more strategies in this world than playing the media game.

No. 299701

ANONS PLS holy shit

no one cares about this spergy gg argument but the two of you going at it full force tl;dr

and for what purpose? gotta win them internet arguments

No. 299707

So apparently she tried to get back in the spotlight by pissing people off for complaining that people are making fun of Milo Yiannopoulos' looks in some video. It seems to be her MO, like when she had coffee with Brad Wardell (other person sympathetic to GG).

Some of the reviews for her game are kind of amusing. http://archive.is/CZM5s

No. 299717

File: 1473369007307.png (228.25 KB, 484x469, pepe.png)

>Then why are you surprised that GG wasn't credited with doing anything?
shut the fuck up it's like you're brain dead retarded or you're not even reading my posts

>"Truth" is whatever the general consensus is.

no it's not.

>asks me to look up an entry level philosophical quote whilst simultaneously revealing a total misunderstanding for said quote in the same sentence

>As a result GG had nothing to say.

are you fucking kidding, your entire point is that GG 'lost' because it wasn't 'legitimized' by 'official' narratives of mainstream media which you yourself admitted isn't the truth!?!
>I just have a grasp on reality
but absolutely no critical thinking skills

>there are more strategies in this world than playing the media game.
this. because everybody knows it is fake and doesn't make for legitimization, unlike the fukwit I was responding to before

lit have to win dem arguments

i swear it is the same shitty confused nitpicker I am always replying to

No. 299730


No. 299738

>Also, there are more strategies in this world than playing the media game.
And how'd that work out?

>you're not even reading my posts

Well then, answer, why were you "shocked" to find out an amorphous group that could take credit for anything, was ignored?

>no it's not.

Truth: a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

In the 1700's it was an accept truth that Blacks were "sub-human" and their slavery was acceptable.

The was an accepted "truth" that it was the U.S.A.'s manifest destiny to reach from "sea to shining sea" irrespective of the treaties we had made and the lives it cost.

"Truth" changes over time.

>your entire point is that GG 'lost' because it wasn't 'legitimized' by 'official' narratives of mainstream media which you yourself admitted isn't the truth!?!

No, I explained that is why the mainstream press went with the other's narrative. GG failed because in it's attempt to shield itself from criticism it eliminated it's ability to take credit for anything. As a result the came off as a bunch of neckbeards crying on the internet.

>i swear it is the same shitty confused nitpicker I am always replying to

But you keep replying.. You love me..

No. 299806

>And how'd that work out?
…er? great, there are no embarrassing GG representatives that took part in a shit show media spectacle that everyone knows is a lie and represents the vested interests of an elite.

>Well then, answer, why were you "shocked" to find out an amorphous group that could take credit for anything, was ignored?

Because you've misunderstood what I was saying, I'm not giving GG credit for anything, I'm talking about the power of capital to shamelessly ignore and rewrite narratives for its own benefit, which is something I think one can do all day about everything, not just gamergate.

>"Truth" changes over time.

no, truth is subjective.

i.e You can click on Brianna's twitter account or you can click on her lolcow.wiki page when you google her, it's right there, third one down

>I explained

stop pretending

the press went with the feminist narrative because otherwise it would be addressing corruption and potentially hindering an expansion into profit. end of story. No your bullshit 'credit' taking theory which you seem to have pulled out your ass.

>You love me..

You're right…I…I think I do love you
I'm sure this was noticed already butHow fucking unbelievably cringe is it that all the wiki articles about gamergate, Brianna etc. are obviously written by Brianna. No shame.

No. 299853

Oh man, Lowtax. The head honcho of Something Awful is still has some spark to him, I guess.

No. 299865

lol the last comment on the review 'it's about ehtics in video game journalism'

No. 299922


>…er? great, there are no embarrassing GG representatives that took part in a shit show media spectacle that everyone knows is a lie and represents the vested interests of an elite.

Yes, because they accomplished nothing except managing to not get their message out, which you were previously lamenting.

>Because you've misunderstood what I was saying, I'm not giving GG credit for anything, I'm talking about the power of capital to shamelessly ignore and rewrite narratives for its own benefit, which is something I think one can do all day about everything, not just gamergate.

Which has been happening since the invention of capitalism.. Welcome to the world.

>no, truth is subjective

And things that are subjective are open to interpretation.. You are now contradicting yourself

>the press went with the feminist narrative because otherwise it would be addressing corruption and potentially hindering an expansion into profit. end of story

You're hat needs more tinfoil.

>You're right…I…I think I do love you

I know, I have that effect on people..

No. 299929

Nigga, you can't win the media game against amoral organizations with far better resources. You use subversive tactics against them.

Your entire argument boils down to "The polish Solidarity movement isn't liked by Pravda, therefore they must be a failure"

No. 299931


Not the same at all. The Solidarity movement had an organized structure, a consistant message, and knew to get their message out despite the adversity.

GG were a bunch of whiny pissbabies crying on the internet. Big difference.

No. 299937

>argues dishonestly
>uses the word "pissbaby"
>watches this thread like a hawk

Gee, I wonder who's behind this post.

No. 299957

>Which has been happening since the invention of capitalism.. Welcome to the world.

What is your deal why are you so apathetic to worldly problems and people wanting to critique them?!

>things that are subjective are open to interpretation.. You are now contradicting yourself

*says this despite the fact you keep hamming on about how GG 'failed' because it didn't get its side of the story published by an official news outlet

>You're hat needs more tinfoil.

(your)No that's actually* 'how the world works', constantly reprogrammes like a computer in favor of profit, it's not conspiracy

>Your entire argument boils down to "The polish Solidarity movement isn't liked by Pravda, therefore they must be a failure"
This. Lit what the fuck is this fucker hamming on about with no point

I honestly think it's the same nitpicker who's every post is written like they know better in every thread

No. 299961

>What is your deal why are you so apathetic to worldly problems and people wanting to critique them?!

If I was apathetic towards people wanting to "critique" them, I wouldn't be replying..
As for the "wordly problems", it's just how human nature works, Holmes. And has been for hundreds of years.

>*says this despite the fact you keep hamming on about how GG 'failed' because it didn't get its side of the story published by an official news outlet

Which is still how a large majority of people get their news. By not doing so, all GG did was end up "preaching to the choir" which did nothing.

>No that's actually* 'how the world works', constantly reprogrammes like a computer in favor of profit, it's not conspiracy

Businesses are primarily concerned with profit? You don't say..

>This. Lit what the fuck is this fucker hamming on about with no point

As I said: The Solidarity movement had an organized structure, a consistent message, and knew to get their message out despite the adversity.

>I honestly think it's the same nitpicker who's every post is written like they know better in every thread

Yet you are compelled to reply. (I'm only in 3 threads here. No interest in the others..)

No. 299966

File: 1473452528209.gif (2.8 MB, 289x393, 1427739658578.gif)

No. 299977


That's still a reply.. You can't resist me.

No. 299982

just passing by.

is she alone at a public park in the middle of the night?

No. 300007

yes, hence the way she warily looks around before slapping her ass. it was also during a rain storm, so she's soaked.

No. 300014

No. 300027

you know. i just stopped to think. like.
had she been actually hot at the time she was doing all this mad shit.
this gif would be hot.
the queen could've been the pinnacle of bdsm had she been born into a 10/10 body.
i'm not sure how to feel about this.

No. 300035

>this entire thread

Tell me more about how GamerGate doesn't harass people.

No. 300073

If she were hot she would be much less likely to do this stuff.

No. 300135

Disagreeing with crybullies =/= Harassment

No. 300933

File: 1474191637824.png (584.62 KB, 575x550, fAvhME5.png)

No. 300945

wow all the pretentious self important posts from gamergaters on here really reminds of me how repugnant white neckbeards are. Give it a fuckin rest already.

No. 300954

wow what a lovely stinking shitpost

No. 300963


No. 300982


Yep. I especially love the retard upset that the media didn't cover them and it's important because it's the "truth", but then later states that truth is subjective.

Which, if truth is subjective, they report the truth from their point of view.

A beautiful defeat of his own argument..

No. 301008

File: 1474273035492.gif (847.96 KB, 400x225, FwHb641.gif)

you literally contradicted yourself in every post, had no argument whatsoever and didn't understand anything I was talking about

even now
>the retard upset that the media didn't cover them
sorry no, your comprehension skills are record-breakingly low, 9 days later and you're still a blithering idiot

No. 301015

I smell a samefag.

No. 301026

You said:
>you're blaming an amorphous group of people for the way she was represented by financial/journalistic institutions? This despite their relentless expression against what was the total opposite of the media narrative these institutions tried to present about her?

To which I explained why the media paid no attention to GG.. The same statement I repeatedly made. I asked you why should the press bother trying to report on a group that had no consistent message.

your response was:
>um because TRUTH you apathetic wank stain

And yet later you said:
>no, truth is subjective.

So again, if truth is subjective (your words) you can't say that what the press report wasn't true

No. 301027

Don't argue with the dishonest shill, all you'll do is feed it.

No. 301028

Give it a rest, when I mentioned truth the first time it was prior to your diversion into what the nature of truth is (because let's face it, you had to do that, you don't have a point and keep adapti g your posts), any half intelligent person is going to have known I'm merely expressing a desire for increased transparency and truth to the reality we live in.

You can stop posting now, the fact that you respect this career victim was enough info

No. 301037

File: 1474305767328.jpg (48.34 KB, 288x360, 56682366.jpg)

No. 301038

File: 1474308660706.jpg (94.58 KB, 421x834, 538.jpg)

What the fuck is going on in this thread

No. 301039

its probably brianna being a cunt

No. 301042

Nah, it's probably one of her followers who peruse the internet to defend thee faire maiden's honoure against the ever present spectre of Gamergate.

No. 301044


Nah, just a dude having fun at the expense of someones self-contradiction and furious back-pedaling.

No. 301047

File: 1474311179857.jpg (36.36 KB, 470x500, b69c9d4dde11f1b6da801265fdbb44…)

derives fun from white knighting brianna

No. 301052


I can have fun doing almost anything.

But I never "white knighted" Just explained to a retard why GG failed to get their message out when other did.

He's still butthurt over their failure

No. 301063

>still thinks he explained something
>thinks GG failed because some article 3 links down on google says so

No. 301098


Anyone with an un-retarded mind can see the explanation.. It's quite simple, but keep avoiding it because you don't want to deal with reality.

No. 301101


I ask that you please stop with the bickering. Either discuss the cow and stop dragging the conversation out or stop posting in this thread

No. 301319

File: 1474658164974.png (1.36 MB, 1520x1080, 1446476387619.png)

First of all, this "thing" is anything but a woman. Shouldn't be speaking of feminism to begin with.

No. 301381

File: 1474709627937.jpg (85.7 KB, 452x600, 452px-Finalgg6.jpg)

this combined with the fact that her characters are sexualized in the most putrid, bratz dolls style fashion is exactly what makes her one of the greatest cows.

No. 301382

File: 1474709667868.jpg (107.8 KB, 375x500, Brianna_Wu_and_his_husband.jpg)

cool pic

No. 301386


No. 301387

Why does he even try to pretend he's a lady when he looks like that. What a freak.

No. 301457

Because he knows thirsty nerds will destroy anyone who says otherwise.

No. 301522

That body looks like one of the Worm Guys from Men In Black.

No. 301558

I'm currently loving these. Surprised they haven't been posted yet.

No. 301559

No. 301564

thanks anoon

No. 301566

There are three others and it's ongoing. I just can't post them without getting a warning against flooding the thread.

It's hilarious, they really don't hold back on the insults.

No. 301627

I can't really believe the gameplay tbh, by the looks of it I played better games that came free with my cereal when I was a kid.

No. 301629

I bet none of those took 3 years to complete.

No. 301680

yah literally i think the average neopets flash game looks more challenging

No. 301707

There's also a vid from Funhaus, if it tickles your fancy.

No. 301716

hahaha oh, that was good. i like these guys

No. 302638


No. 327365

File: 1482353353275.jpg (114.33 KB, 1024x1011, fearlessshillery.jpg)


It looks like he's actually going to try to run for Congress now.

No. 327418

Dear nonexistent lord please no

No. 328628

File: 1482411346577.webm (873.33 KB, 1280x720, Women in Computing.webm)

No. 328646

His terrible hair triggers me.

No. 328666

looks like one of the hartley hooligans

No. 328675

File: 1482426258119.png (25.87 KB, 738x153, gg.png)

No. 328693

So he fought the Alt-Right somehow despite him not being relevant to that scene and only GamerGate (briefly)?

No. 329442

File: 1482618153202.jpg (123.23 KB, 584x452, hubris.jpg)

She's already confident about getting elected.

No. 329472

considering how crazy 2016 has been i wouldn't be surprised if she does win

No. 329642

Hillary was much more confident and where she is now?

No. 329760

yeah but she was "supposed to" win. outsiders have a natural advantage in the current climate.

No. 329952

i can't believe i share a city with this ho. maybe i'll see if i can spot me a brianna.

No. 331974

File: 1483356955234.png (107.79 KB, 960x640, C1IUcGiUQAAY9hw.png)

looks at the shelves lmao

No. 331976

>all that dust
Why would you not clean for the photo?

No. 331977

anti sjws are having a field day with this and it's great

No. 331978

Why though? Sure it's a mild annoyance but it's just dust. It's not like she's living in a hoard or something so why act like it's some holy grail?

No. 331980

just because they like poking fun and not take her seriously. They're all like, "herp de derr, this is the person running for congress!?"

No. 332034

File: 1483377498818.jpg (592.17 KB, 777x1080, pt2017_01_02_11_14_40_mh148337…)

Seeing that made me think this.

No. 333561

There is nothing more to talk about.

No. 335684

Just wanted to say that I love this image anon, perfectly sums her up.

No. 338363

No. 338369

No. 339439

He actually looks like a woman here, in a jowly, Hillary Clinton old lady kind of way.

No. 339915

He looks like a less-obese Roseanne Barr.

No. 342491

http://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/brianna-wu-makes-congressional-campaign-bid-bolder-democratic-party-official (https://archive.fo/MrAug)


>The next day, I expected to travel back to Boston and return to my work leading my game studio and creating jobs.

>I’ll be the first person to tell you, I’m not a politician. I am a software engineer and an entrepreneur. I launched my first startup with a quarter million dollars when I was only 19 years old. I believe my experience in the tech industry is a desperately needed perspective in government.

>As a software engineer, I am uniquely qualified to help improve our nation’s cybersecurity.

>Now, I have to say a word about my opponent, Stephen Lynch. This man has been on the wrong side of every fight for over a decade.

>It’s time for Stephen Lynch to answer to the people of district 8 for his incredibly poor record on progressive issues. He’s never had a real primary fight for district 8, but I’m about to give him one.

>I’ll spend every single day for the next two years shaking your hands, listening to your ideas, and earning your trust.

No. 342499

>I launched my first startup with a quarter million dollars when I was only 19 years old.

Pissing away a quarter million dollars with nothing to show for it really isn't something to brag about.

No. 342614

people like brianna wu are the reason i'm a little bit TERFy.

No. 342645

tbh for some reason I hate brianna wu much, much less than the average social justice warrior. I don't know why. Maybe it's because her/his arguments are weak, he's not as assholish and smug as other progressives, and perhaps can respond to criticism better. He espouses a kind of child like naivety that's hard to take seriously

No. 342792

he just reminds me of all the transwomen who'd rather yell about their own oppression while silencing feminism, which is, like, exactly what men do

No. 342836

I know what you mean. They absolutely don't represent me or any other biological woman's struggles with their physical bodies. Wu doesn't represent anyone other than themselves.

Anytime I hear someone trying to piggyback off women's issues when they're m2f it just pisses me off. People hate you because they hate trannies, not because you're a "woman".

No. 344926

File: 1485544114725.png (186.06 KB, 609x1047, screenshot-twitter.com 2017-01…)

He's still going on about Gamergate.


Otherwise his twitter is mostly taking pot shots at Stephen Lynch (the guy he'll be running against), Trump and the odd video game stuff.

No. 344929

>implying the FBI doesn't have better things to do with their limited time and resources

No. 344944

That amount of dust makes me want to dry heave.

No. 345718

File: 1485786308339.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, 1483401506866.jpg)

>when I am elected to congress

No. 346354

John has an absurd lack of understanding of what things look like to sane people. He actually thought that looked good. The same applies to his sartorial choices, like the notorious Gut Belt of Fail in that various picture, which he wears everywhere.

No. 346699

File: 1486076733528.png (249.72 KB, 609x1305, screenshot-archive.fo 2017-02-…)

He's going to fix the economy by aiming for a sci-fi show to become real.


No. 346749

A little late for that, since Donald Trump already made anime real.

No. 346779

File: 1486110413456.jpg (109.32 KB, 1600x888, 44527e4d.jpg)

Did he just say that he was gonna make Star Trek replicators? … What.

No. 346952

It's sad this tranny degenerate is never going to get numbers significant enough that Lynch even has to pay any attention to him, because it would be hilarious watching normies reacting to this freak and his idiotic trannybabble.

No. 347000

Some dumb interview where they asked easy questions.


>I am a software engineer and tech analyst

'Tech analyst' is a new one iirc.

On the topic of 'alt-right':
>They come up to me pretty often at my college talks. They seem to fit a pattern—white, male, 20-something, undersocialized. These are the guys that never got past the cheerleaders that rejected them in high school. They live in a fantasy world where women already have equality, so discussing structural sexism makes them angry. They correctly feel the era of their primacy slipping.
>The best of them seem well-intentioned, but just missing a lived experience. The worst of them have left me genuinely fearing for my life, and I’ve had to bring in security. One of them made a hobby of harassing women online and shot up a mosque in Canada yesterday, You have to take them seriously.

>Since this is Autostraddle, I’d love to throw in one last thing? It’s true that I’m married to a guy, but I grew up queer in Mississippi—which is growing up queer on hard mode. I’ve had a lot more girlfriends than boyfriends—so, statistically, ending up married to a guy was surprising to me.

No. 347004

Holy Jesus, could that Ali guy suck John's severed penis any harder?

No. 347108

>They come up to me pretty often at my college talks. They seem to fit a pattern—white, male, 20-something, undersocialized. These are the guys that never got past the cheerleaders that rejected them in high school. They live in a fantasy world where women already have equality, so discussing structural sexism makes them angry.

What's funny is this could be, word-for-word, a description of the pathetic cucked SJW males in the very scene John exists in. Just replace the fantasy world with one where sucking tranny cock gets you laid by a woman.

No. 347115

Wasn't he a fat, white, undersocialized male in his 20s?

No. 347147

File: 1486226209444.jpg (21.81 KB, 300x273, john-then-and-now.jpg)

Pretty much. The one thing that has remained constant is the weird, forced facial expressions and autistic, stilted body language.

Also he looks more masculine now.

No. 349646

Going by those ancient posts of the people who had contact with him in college, Jonnie boy was fucking mental even back then (he got compared to Buffalo Bill afair) and before the head injury. Johnnie was queer alright but not in the "likes sucking dick" sense but in the "belongs to fucking Arkham Asylum" sense.

No. 350336

File: 1486662787545.png (112.11 KB, 616x679, screenshot-archive.fo 2017-02-…)

He seems to think the best answer to conflicts of interest (or the appearance of one) is to keep the information a complete secret instead of making it publicly known. For some reason this is good for getting the trust of the people?
Also, if this anecdote is true, then he's had another interview with the softest and weakest journalist possibly known.


No. 356738

File: 1488628312352.jpg (108.03 KB, 640x745, MOON.jpg)

It never ends, this shit

No. 356800

jfc they were always so unfortunate looking.

No. 361463

Brianna had an interview in the New York Times in its little Sunday magazine

No. 361811

File: 1490126374906.png (26.41 KB, 792x169, techscare.png)

And with some other place too: http://archive.is/vE6XQ

No. 370445

File: 1492411291892.jpg (68.42 KB, 570x783, FB_IMG_1492411195039.jpg)

Of course he's a liar lol

No. 371467

File: 1492458759575.jpg (107.99 KB, 2036x1018, ef0b612fd6e99b43-2048x1024.jpg)

His new campaign logo is hilarious.

No. 371511

without my glasses, I could've sworn this said “brjama”

No. 372399

Why is tranny Sarkeesian still relevant anyway?

No. 372401

>Automation is coming and it is going to devastate jobs
It is rare that I find myself agreeing with Brianna Wu but this is very true and we need to get ready for it and the consequences it will bring to Americans.

No. 372596

He barely is. This campaign is all he has left before fading into obscurity once again.

No. 382181

He always finds another sucker to leech off and the media can't stop flattering his ass.

No. 389612

Looking at the candidacy from a neutral perspective, I can't see her winning the Democratic Nomination since the district where she's running against is a wealthier conservative area of Boston, and Steven Lynch is probably one of the most moderate Democrat often being criticized as a conservative Democrat due to his pro-life stance, but at the same time is a strong supporter of workers rights.

I could provide an analysis on Steve Lynch and criticism among his position on some of his votes among far left progressives, but I won't. The point I'm making is that South Boston, the district where she's running is essentially tailored for him, and he knows what positions to support to get the support of both the Democrats and Moderate Republicans that make up his district.

Basically, Wu doesn't have a chance in winning the democratic nomination.

No. 389663

File: 1495922067331.gif (1.51 MB, 250x191, bitch.gif)

let him try though

No. 389700


Also, I wouldn't describe Steve Lynch as a Conservative Democrat, one could argue that he would be defined as a conservative when compared to the general Massachusetts, but nationally he would be considered a liberal.

Wu is going to attack him on his pro-life stance (which won't help her since his district has a large Catholic population) and Lynch's beliefs are closer to the Democrats in that he has defended and advocated funding for Planned Parenthood.

She's also going to bring up his voting history in terms of LGBT rights. Although he publicly supports Gay Marriage and has sided with the Democrats in terms of marriage equality he did oppose a federal marriage amendment to the constitution, but did support granting medical benefits to domestic partners of federal employees. He has been accused of supporting anti-homosexual legalization by gay advocates in 2001, but I can't see anything that currently supports that he has those views.

Social issues are going to be Wu's main attacking points, but my own personal opinion as a liberal progressive is that I can't find enough to support those points. It just seems he knows how to play politics and how to appeal to both the Republicans and Democrats in his district.

No. 389945

File: 1495954955366.png (441.49 KB, 504x507, milk.png)

well lets just hope it generates a lot of milk because WU is one of those cows whose milk is satisfying even years after its production

No. 389969

If you follow him on twitter, he is a constant provider of milky statements that nobody will correct because they're invested in this incredible dumbass.

No. 390052

File: 1495971307502.png (41.55 KB, 878x186, OKYEAHSYURE.png)

games are racist

No. 390054

File: 1495971331262.png (39.77 KB, 874x178, OK.png)

No. 390057

Not completely untrue but I wish these arguments came from people who weren't fucking crazy to begin with.

No. 390062

The whole quote is much funnier when you consider that Johnnieboy was adopted by a rich and connected family that gave him more possibilities in life than most people ever will have.
Talk about being a ungrateful little shit.

No. 390533

people correct him constantly, he just blocks like crazy. Oh, I mean, his totes real assistant Natalie O'Brien blocks like crazy. also a hell of a lot of self-deleting (which has become a lot more evident since politi-whoops started tracking him)

No. 390969

I'm honestly surprised that this idiot still keeps finding suckers who'll pay for his ass to come and bullshit at their school.

No. 391013

is the gamergate the KKK of the video game industry?

No. 391093

I just hate this bitch so much. I also hate the term PoC.

No. 391097

I still don't know how that term is perfectly okay. It's the same as calling someone "colored". That shit didn't fly in the 50s and 60s, but it's okay now.

No. 397122


He got a puff-piece made out of bullshit from CNET today.

No. 397206


It's the modern day White Man's Burden. Only difference is that the guys behind the first were at least honest.

No. 397222

File: 1497562931518.png (26.41 KB, 213x254, scruff.png)

who the fuck are these journalists writing about shit they know nothing about

also, toy and games section, kek

No. 820462


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