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No. 745729

It really bothers me to see someone who used to promote self-harm and anorexia now being 'Instafamous’.

She's kind of done what Millie_Graves has done, thinks she has reinvented herself (and everyone will forget who they used to be) and trying to spread this fake positivity about their growth and mental health issues in order to help others. It’s such bulls**t.

What about all of the dysfunctional and triggering things you used to post on Tumblr?

Looking at vinylmannequin's Insta, you would never think she used to be one of the "sadbbys".

Her and Robyn used to post about their “Daddy’s”, take ‘edgy’ photos of themselves in gas masks and take disgusting photos of their anorexic bodies and thought they were so ‘cool’.

Emily tries to make herself seem like she’s so unique and created her own brand and image and she’s just another Nicole Dollanganger clone behind it all.

She has posted lots of photos of her ‘recovery’ and photos of her with feeding tubes in and a swollen face. She’s trying to mask her need for attention for her and her eating disorder with this fake positivity crap and to gain popularity and sympathy - and it’s working.

Can we stop making people like this Internet Famous. Don’t forget who they were and please see passed the fakery!

No. 745730

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