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File: 1428035739912.jpg (145.13 KB, 1024x768, incave.jpg)

No. 74566

http://www.flksite.com/phaseblog/ (her current blog)

Meet Faye Kane the Homeless Brain, a (formerly) homeless, autistic, nymphomaniac. Faye achieved internet fame in the mid-2000s when her blog, where she detailed her life of living naked in a cavein the woods, masturbating all day, and bloging about her thoughts, while making stealing power and dumpster diving for electronics to sell on Ebay. Today she is no longer homeless, living in the house of one of her fans in some sort of BDSM relationship.

Her blog (still active today) is where she posts in equal measures her unique views on society today, astrophysics talk (she apparently has at least one doctorate) and reposting rape porn.

She's not really trollable (IIRC, she trolled 789chan /cow/ pretty well when they had a thread on her), but I find her to be one of the most unique people on the internet.

No. 74587

yeah this bitch is crazy as fuck. literally.

No. 74589

File: 1428037830355.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.6 KB, 480x640, impaled_94.sized.jpg)

What in the living hell??
Is this a doll or a real dead person?

I couldn't look at it long without getting grossed out.


No. 74601

How did she blog when she lived naked in a cave?! I feel like this is probably one of the first questions people ask upon hearing of her existence, and I need the details on that one.

Honestly, this just sounds super fucking interesting.

No. 74605

Her "cave" is actually a tent. She states that herself. It's not an actual cave.

No. 74615

So is she actually intelligent ie about the shit in op image, physics, astronomy, etc?

No. 74616

I was going to trawl through her blog entries but then I realized she was into CP and I was like BYE.

No. 74617

It looks really fake but even if that weren't your automatic indication, I don't think a dead person's arms could be positioned like that when they're…you know, dead.

No. 74619

It's a doll. Looks like a place that's storing horror props.

No. 74620

File: 1428044560534.jpg (106.1 KB, 600x347, cannibal-holocaust-03-630-75__…)

Reminds me of Cannibal Holocaust

No. 74626


I don't know about the physics stuff but her computer knowledge is outdated at best even though she still claims to know loads. She knows a lot for like a teenager in the 90s but has added little to it since.

She's also crazily naive in that Always Unique, Totally Intelligent, Sometimes Mysterious way. I remember one time she posted an image of some kind of mech from a movie or game and insisted it was something real the US military has. She used to go on and on about how bad Republicans are and believed any old anti-conservative bullshit that fit her world view but these days seems to be more annoyed by SJWs.

No. 74627

spoiler tag please? Too spoopy.

No. 74628

Unless that's fake, then pardon me

No. 74637

Judging by the graves in the background, I'm gonna assume it's for some haunted Halloween thing.

Y'all got some weak stomachs for fake gore.

No. 74638

I dont mind admitting I do have a weak stomach for it. Gore is not my thing. I enjoy more psychological horror over slasher/gore stuff.

No. 74644

It's fake. It's a still from Cannibal Holocaust the film.

No. 74648

Thank you, anon.

No. 75004

IIRC the director paid the actors not to do anything for a year after it was made to add to the realism, but was then put on trial for murder by Italian authorities who thought he had made a snuff film. He ended up having to track down the cast and get them to testify in court that he didn't kill them. The "impaled girl" effect was accomplished with a bicycle seat and a prostitute who was accomplished at deep-throating.
It's one of the most fucked up films I've ever seen. I highly recommend it if you're into that sort of thing.

No. 75076

File: 1428105061548.png (21.54 KB, 1064x261, dumbfuck.png)

Astrophysics student here. Just trawled through her physics posts for about 15 mins and now I have to go for a drink.

The shit that she "explains" can be easily googled. I feel like she just read an article on "I fucking love science", formed a vague opinion on it, then decided to type it up. Other than that, all she does is spend her time correcting easy questions on Yahoo answers, talking about how smart she is and how her IQ is 147 (huge warning sign right there) and posting graphics or videos on simple astronomy topics that she didn't even make. In addition, the way she explains things is extremely weird, it's like she just spews out as many scientific sounding words/facts as possible to make her shit hard to read and follow. I've done that for reports before when I needed to cite a scientific article, I'd just re-word the articles in a different way so that they still weren't technically wrong lol, even if I had little idea of what they were saying. Also she over explains shit.

> Q: Can neutrons be electromagnetically aligned?
>Her A: Neutrons are not electromagnetically charged, but last I heard, they may have an internal magnetic dipole moment that can be aligned perpendicular to its spin axis and an external magnetic field. But I don’t see how that could affect the weak force when it releases the neutron. Even if it exists (and for all I know, they’ve discovered it), the neutron dipole couldn’t be used to accelerate it or change its linear momentum vector, only orient (rotate) the neutron in space.

Everything after "they may have an internal magnetic dipole moment…" is completely and utterly redundant. She brought up some random aspect of neutrons for no reason and they have no impact on the original topic at hand.

My verdict? Extremely doubtful. If she seriously has a doctorate in astrophys, she'd be talking about higher level shit, not "where did the moon come from?", which was her most throughly explained physics post. Also I only saw one post where she backed things up with (elementary) calculus, even though she claims she's SOOOO GOOD at it (pic related) but can't do regular math. She strikes me as a 2edgy5me "I'm so gifted" fake.

TLDR; Tacks on random redundant facts and words to her science posts to make it annoying to read, doesn't explain anything you can't easily find via google properly but can tell you where the moon came from in great detail, acts super smart and above everybody but is most likely full of shit.

No. 75213

Sounds like a jackass really. Why would you want people to think that shit was real?

No. 75266

I feel like one of her posts saying that girls should want to be raped because it's a "gift" was indication enough that she was dumb as fuck but this definitely solidifies it, thank you.

People maybe would have thought she was a ~thuper thpeshul genius~ if it were still the 90s but I don't think she realizes just how out of date she is. I wonder how old she is? At least in her 40s?

No. 75711

Well, the movie is designed to look like "lost footage" from a doomed expedition and was advertised as such. Imagine a 70's version of The Blair Witch Project. He deliberately hired a cast of relative unknowns to make it seem more real, and so he could afford to pay them off to not appear to make it seem EVEN MORE real.
The story behind the film is really interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannibal_Holocaust

No. 75789


I think "fake" is the wrong word to describe her. I've known about her for years and she is literally a.u.t.i.s.t.i.c. (stupid word filters). Not the diluted online version that would barely qualify as assburgers, but the real life "she should have a minder" version.

She's not trying to be edgy, she just literally doesn't understand the world and is as naive as a child.

The reason she's so into BDSM/rape is that she doesn't understand emotions and only understands actions. Thus she sees things like rape as lust personified.

Honestly, if you've encountered real autists before she's not that strange. She's just obsessed with sex instead of the bus schedule or whatever.

No. 75807

Well, she deserves a serious reality check.

No. 75816

autism autistic autist

Word filter is gone now.

No. 75850


No. 204812

File: 1447721763721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.39 KB, 1024x768, 04.jpg)

I never said I have a PhD. Somebody else said it. I have a BS in computer science. I was the department valedictorian.

Astrophysics is my main interest (after being fucked).

In my blog, I explain things the way Feynman did, with NO jargon. The stuff about neutrons was an answer at yahoo answers.

No. 204813

Do you program?

No. 204817

Why the fuck are you bringing back a thread that was dead for so long? No one cares. Go back to your cave you fucking sasquatch.

No. 204818

Because people said untrue things about me.

No. 204821

No. 204824

I was the senior person at LSD (Language Systems Division) at a large software company.

No. 204825

that was the answer to "do you program"?

No. 204832

>linear momentum vector
she's trying to use overly complicated terms to describe very simple concepts. My guess is that she's not trying to answer the question, rather to showoff how much she knows. I highly doubt she has a phd in this.

No. 204834

Get a fucking bath in disinfectant and bleach.

No. 204835

rape porn is good tho

No. 204844

I'm curious; who was the first person to rape you? Since you're so enamored with it, I assume it was someone close, when you were too young to understand it.

No. 204853

Can someone post pictures of her 'tent/cave'? Im kinda curious on how her makeshift home looked like.

No. 204855

people in the BDSM "community" are weirdos, all of them

No. 204873

I also want to see pictures of her cave if anyone has them lmaoo

No. 204882

I'll take things that never happened for $200 Alex.
Tons of people in advanced math are shit at mental math. No one gives a fuck because arithmetic is for plebs and calculators.

No. 204887

calculus isn't even that advanced of math, hth

No. 205177

File: 1447813695744.png (1.68 MB, 1522x782, what a joke.png)


from her flickr.

op is obviously self-posting: "is where she posts in equal measures her unique views on society today"/"one of the most unique people on the internet", please

she's a 60+ year old edgelord.

No. 205272

File: 1447836977052.png (16.84 KB, 498x320, ?.png)

mommy issues
>No, my mom did that. She intended to do the opposite. And I fell for it too, for a very long time.

calling men geeks/making fun for lack of gf
>you arrogant, pretentious no-girlfriended geek asshole (talking about windows 7 here but it is repeated)

repetitive fetish / fantasy related phrases
>pubic hair trimmed short
>bdsm etc

two examples of people being 'meanies' repeated over and over
>It seems everyone assumed I had destroyed the server myself, on purpose, almost bringing down the business so no one would have jobs anymore —just to prove I was right about needing a backup.
>At another mickey-mouse outfit, I said something to someone, but instead of using the more specific "exigency", I substituted "contingency" because I've learned that people get uncomfortable when you use a word they don't understand. But after I said whatever it was, the girl looked at me angrily and said :"Do you use big words on purpose to intimidate people?"

other repeats
>Ever wonder why that retarded kid is always smiling? It's for the same reason the smart kid isn't: they're both genetic MUTANTS.
>stupid people
>Do I look like the motherfucking Riddler from Batman?

No. 205274

That's a pretty interesting layout. I want her to do a tour of her coffin space

No. 206947

Holy shit I was just about to post about her. I wondered where she scuttled off to. She had her fucked up blog listed in her Cracked comments, yeaaarrrs ago.

No. 208004

jesus fucking christ what is wrong with your vagina

No. 208182

I'm more freaked out by her gaping asshole.

No. 228219

File: 1454254484143.jpg (651.72 KB, 963x963, me-963px.jpg)

[I'm posting this in a fre of places until someone responds]

Hi, guys.

Word on the street is that you have a thread going about me. I would like very much to participate in it (and in some other interesting stuff here), please. [curtsies]

But the registration page not only assumes you're a guy (the dick question), but it requires a captcha that does not appear.

The data definition (<dd>) structure in the HTML page source looks like you MIGHT only show the captcha if the user gives a famous lolcow name.

I put David Miscavige. He's apparently not on your list. Girlvinyl doesn't work either, so the hell with it.

BTW, by making it hard to register, you're losing customers.

I'd rather just be just "one of the guys" here and not the center of attention (other than the thread about me). That's what my blog is for.

But fora which mention me often have one dorky 'tard who gets insulting and hostile for no reason (presumably because his low ego and repeated rejection by girls induces him to show off how hurtful he can be). You know, the kinda guy that hurts little animals.

If that's the case here, I would respectfully request: please, PLEASE, tell him about my thread. I love devastating arrogant assholes on the internet. It's like, my hobby.

As one of you guys said, "She's not really trollable (IIRC, she trolled 789chan /cow/ pretty well when they had a thread on her)."

Hell, I wish you could see what I did to the rednecks at Fox 56 (news station in Kentucky). It still warms my heart to remember! I shot them 'necks in the head like walkers on TWD. Blam! Blam! Blam!

GOD that was fun.

Anyway, I rarely meet a worthy opponent, but it HAS been a while, and I'm lookin' for trouble. So if some injudicious loudmouth here wants to try trolling me, lolcowing me, challenging something I say (e.g., race and evolution), or otherwise fucking with me; tell him to try. Tell him how cool it would make him look to everyone.

He'll find his shitstained underpants pulled down in front of allll his friends so they can see his tiny dick and little-kid balls, and laugh at him for being so ugly and mean to a friendly stranger who only wants to talk about stuff.

Here, look what I did to an admin motherfucker who banned me from wikipedia: http://www.flksite.com/phaseblog/archives/category/finley

I sent that link to all his friends and his fiance.

Anyway, please either tell me how to make the captcha visible, or someone create an account for me under my name and tell me the id & pw by emailing phasedaze@yahoo.com.

In any case, please email me the status of my registration.



Where the fuck did you get the idea that I'm 60? JEE-ziss! I've said many times on my blog that I lie about my age; it's not a secret. But shit, that's WAY off.

To me, I'm 22, the age I left college and stopped developing emotionally. I just hung around for a long time, standing on the sidewalk, leaning against a wall, smoking cigarettes, and waiting for something interesting to happen.

It finally did in 2001 (which wasn't a week; it was a 3-day weekend). It was just like a religious revelation. It's when I stopped being shy and became excessively aggressive..

No. 228225

…dear god please tell me this is some sort of copypasta i missed

No. 228230

Not copypasta. And I still cant create an acct, I don;t know my pw, and I can't get pw reset sent to me because I was thrown off all google services (i.e., gmail).

No. 228234


>claims to have an iq of 147

>doesn't even know how imageboards work

No. 228236

You don't make an account here. You just post.

No. 228237

Cut her some slack, she's 60.

No. 228239

Does this bitch know the definition of rape? Can't rape the willing you fucking retard. I like your writing though, you're interesting, almost creepypasta like.

No. 228242

she tried to catfish us with the photo of some random girl with a pixie cut.

No. 228247

HAHAHA fuck me

No. 228412

File: 1454300469272.jpg (834.5 KB, 867x867, flk4.jpg)

> >claims to have an iq of 147

Now you see why I never tell anyone.

Where on my blog did you find that?

>doesn't even know how imageboards work

I was perma banned from /b four times, smartmouth. I meant that message for lolcows and wasn't paying attention to which tab I was on. Not paying attention is my Achilles heel.

> Can't rape the willing you fucking retard.

It's what I call sex, presumptuous bumpkin.It obviously doesn't mean totally nonconsensual, though I did let it be nonconsensual for a whole weekend once, in some guy's basement so I could experience rape.

Feminist Gloria Steinem said "All sex is rape," like it was a BAD thing. My calling sex rape is a joke for smart people, not cultural 'tards.

> I like your writing though,

You praise me immediately after you called me a fucking retard. Things like that are why girls don't like you.

> almost creepypasta like.

How does creepypasta apply to my original, not-copied writing on my blog?

> she tried to catfish us with the photo of some random girl with a pixie cut.

Wrong again, Albert. Look here: http://www.flksite.com/phaseblog/archives/8079

> I want her to do a tour of her coffin space

Guided tours by The Kane Travel Agency:


No. 228417

File: 1454300752732.jpg (471.79 KB, 549x549, smaller.jpg)


> HAHAHA fuck me

That's my motto. The HAAHAH part is like when Nietzsche says, "Dance to laugh at the spirit of gravity."

No. 228423

This is a website of girls, retard. You aren't going to find many "Alberts" here. We are girls. And you are embarrassing yourself.

Still don't think that's your photo.

No. 228444

I want to put my wiener in it's mouth!

No. 228451

From her blog header which includes the picture she posted here:

"I cringe when I see the synthetic picture of me. It feels like lying.
But fuck if I’m going to use a picture of an old lady.
The pic is what I feel like, not what I look like. And it is what I used to look like, so maybe it’s okay."

No. 228454

Assuming this is real, Faye how did you find this err…forum? Last post on this thread was 2 months ago and now you show up out of nowhere, why and how? Do you like, periodically google yourself?

No. 228508

She claims she isn't 60, but one of the posts on the blog she linked proves she's over the age of 53.

No. 228526

File: 1454338963999.png (79.35 KB, 1497x703, not60myass.png)

Is this the post you're referencing? The earliest comment on it is from October of last year too so yeah…


No. 228546

I don't understand your humor, so your sex life is a joke? I have gathered that myself already, but you want me to take your definition of sex seriously? Naw, you're a social and actual retard. I just think you're a fucking retard for not knowing the definition of rape.
I'm not the one delusional enough to call "rape" sex, you're an educated woman, a 60 year old woman, shame on you.
There's nothing "smart" about your response.

No. 228547

bitch has a literal shitty heart, go figure.

No. 228549

I think she wants to gain control of the situation by posting here.
We're just going to talk about how full of shit you are, just sit back and relax.
"she's not really trollable"

No. 228558

wat? How doing anal would cause bacteria in the heart?

No. 228573

it doesn't. There's no fucking way.

No. 228665

I hate people who think they're geniuses because they know how to use a computer. So far she's only shown me that she can use big words. Honestly, she's an idiot.

No. 228666

Faecal bacteria could enter the bloodsteam through open anal wounds or fissures, and potentially end up in the heart. But the way she worded it made it sound as if he was fucking her so hard he managed to push it into her body cavity somehow. Fucking spergs I swear to god.

No. 228859

File: 1454400139689.jpg (24.15 KB, 399x403, UxzUihs.jpg)

Fake Name - Faye Kane
Real Name - Kathleen Collins
Fake Address - Cave
Real Address - 11426 Lake Dr. Leesburg, Lake County, Florida
Phone Number - (904) 207 0630
Birth Date - October 26, 1956
Fake Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/faye.kane.7
Archive - https://archive.is/G80bZ
Real Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Kathy.Collins.aka.Autumn
Archive - https://archive.is/J9VlG
Faye Kane Blog - http://www.flksite.com/phaseblog
Kathleen Collins Blog - http://kathysspace.com/


No. 228863

Yep, extremely autistic indeed. This post is almost CWC levels of autism.

No. 228869

I always new her "blog" was just a bizzare self insert fan fiction about some dream hobo-rape life.

She's just a very sad old woman who believes her larger than average vocabulary makes her a genius and super special. Thus she invents this special snowflake cave life. How can you live in a cave and have high end PC's, internet, food and qualify for Obama care without a friggen address.

No. 228871

You mean uses thesaurus.com and has an old person's vernacular

No. 228987

So who the hell is the girl in the green photo? She said before that's what she looked like but this woman is nothing like her.

No. 229012


>The pic is what I feel like, not what I look like. And it is what I used to look like, so maybe it’s okay. >>228412 check the link to her website

She stole some random's photo I guess. Imagine finding your photo from FB or w/e being used online by a 60 yr old autistic rape fetishist woman lol.

No. 229088

Check your email Faye

No. 229499


Faye is currently throwing a tantrum on KF about being doxo maxo.

No. 229639

LMAO she's going to sue everyone you guys

No. 229647

Plot twist, it was a crazed grand-ma all along.
Good shit.

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