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Hi guys. Firstly, I apologize if anything in this post is done incorrectly. While I've looked into other threads, I've barely commented on them.

When I was 14, I was in a roleplay group with Jordan Frye of VenturianTale, a 'sibling youtube gaming channel' with 3+ million subs. He was 18. From ages 14-18, he groomed and exploited me. He had a foot fetish and told me a fake ass sounding story of overhearing his father mocking foot fetishes to coax me into sending him my feet. He got a bikini picture (i still have the bikini and it's tiny and childish). He engaged with me in many online roleplays that involved rape, incest, bestiality. There are more stories of the things he'd gotten from me, but long story short, I was young and he made me believe I'd be his wife someday, stupid love shit. I broke things off a few months after I turned 18 and semi-realized that things were messed up. He is now 28.

His family is very bizarre; when my mom found out about how he'd been speaking to me when I was 14, his mother didn't even seem to react or care, even at the threat of contacting police.

The reason I'm sharing this here is because I'm very unsure about posting a video on youtube. I'm worried about being doxxed by his kiddie-fans and even though I know victims like me receive support, I am scared there will be more consequences than anything else. I really wanted to put a platform up to see if he's currently exploiting any other underage girls (most of his fans are underage and crush on him so it'd be easy). I didn't know if maybe there was an easier way of exposing him that did not involve my name, or if there are any youtubers out there who might help me.

Here is the link to their channel:


Again, I'm sorry if I did any of this incorrectly. I have always known this place to cut to the chase and not fuck around when it comes to scummy youtubers and just want y'alls honest thoughts.

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You should have posted this on /snow/ at the very least. /pt/ is for very specific cows that are proven to be milky so newcomers almost never get threads here.

Furthermore, there are no receipts or anything to go with this allegation so this can come across as a half-assed vendetta to some people.

Just some constructive feedback for you!

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Oh shit, I knew I'd mess up somehow. Would it be better to delete this entire thread and repost with /snow/? I have evidence that we were interacting in 2010, as well as pictures that were taken for him. It's not much, but I have a lot of the details from things he initiated.

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Yup, take it to /snow/ and post some receipts or whatever else you can to give it credibility and see what the other farmers have to say on the matter. Chances are some other people also have dirt on him.

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Moved to >>>/snow/775525.

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