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No. 59212

I'm kinda surprised there isn't a thread on her. Well known cosplayer and apparent friend of Jnig?

No. 61375

Her and JNig supposedly had a huge falling out and Monika wants nothing to do with her. Only heard word of mouth though, no actual proof.

No. 61407

They were all buddy buddy on HOC but thats like a year or two old now.

I wanna say maybe she wised up but shes just as bad as Jnigger.

No. 61610

The only thing she's really got going for her compared to Jessica is that she makes most of her own stuff

No. 61620

Monika is such an asshole. I watched that piece of shit show HOC and it just made me dislike her way more. I can't really criticize her costumes though cause it's a least decent.

No. 61623

Her stuff is really subpar, but she could easily improve her sewing skills.Too bad she can't do that to her attitude.

No. 61627

Looks like that retarded makeup girl with the speech impediment. What was her name again

No. 61706

She has a natural resting-bitch babyface, top kek

No. 61720


No. 62509

I'm guessing you didn't really find out the reason?
There was an episode on the show where she sees Jnig for a minute, and tries to 'kiss' her, while Jnig goes "uh what I don't want to kiss you?". Her attitude, that obvious stunt for attention and crap, and how she treats other cosplayers made me honestly hate her.

No. 62521

yep she looks like foreverkaylin lol

No. 715472

Great Thread(necro)

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