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File: 1423543932597.jpg (25.76 KB, 250x300, kike.jpg)

No. 48009

This faggot is an American Jew named David Aldwinckle who moved to Japan and renamed himself Debito Arudou. He has been campaigning for years to make Japan outlaw "hate speech" and become multicultural. One of his articles is called "Japan's Future as an International, Multicultural Society: From Migrants to Immigrants".

When some people made fun of him on 2ch, he literally SUED the fucking website and almost got it shut down.

I believe he lives in Canada now, but he STILL pushes his leftist Marxist multiculti shit on Japan.

This guy took 2ch to court over posts making fun of him.






http://www.debito.org/ ← His website

No. 48012

I've lived in Japan for a little over a year now and I'm surprised someone on here mentioned this guy. I hate/love when white guys come to Japan and get their shit handed to them. It's hilarious. This guy is a nut case though.

No. 48019

File: 1423545511438.gif (9.79 KB, 501x585, trust_me_you_stupid_jew_hater.…)


No. 48021

lol, ok idgi, why do people say jews aren't white? I've always been under the impression that Judaism is a religion, much more so than it is a race (it's at least an ethnic group and that makes them white in race). Are the giant noses and jew fros that distinguishing to separate them?

No. 48023


They are middle eastern. There are some whites who are converts to Judaism as a religion, but those people are rare and this guy clearly isn't one of them.

No. 48025


idk about other white countries but here where everyone is brown jews stick out like a sore thumb

No. 48044

Jews are white and most people we know as Jews are the Russian Jews(Ashkenazi) there's other types such as Ethiopian Jews, Israeli Jews, but most of the Jews as westerners know them are in fact white.

No. 48047

>>Ashkenazi, Roman, North African, Kurdish, Near Eastern, Yemenite, and Ethiopian
R u blind nigger? They were included and confirmed not white.

No. 48048

File: 1423550811554.jpg (131.13 KB, 485x600, jews-images.16.jpg)

Couldn't help it.

No. 48119

The Wikipedia article on him cites this link: http://japanfocus.org/-Arudou-Debito/2386 where he talks about "hate speech," but AFAICT he's only talking about changing attitudes in Japan, not the law itself (unless he's mentioned so elsewhere on his own site, in which case he would be a hypocrite as such is legal under the First Amendment in the States; we also have similar reservations under the same UN treaty he refers to).

>When some people made fun of him on 2ch, he literally SUED the fucking website and almost got it shut down.

I'm guessing that he was able to sue based on maybe Japanese libel laws are stronger than in the US? I don't know. Perhaps such laws predate Japan's postwar constitution like the 1907 law that make it obligatory for porn producers to censor genitals and thus it's not retroactive; other than that (AFAIK) Japan has free speech protections similar to the United States.
>This guy took 2ch to court over posts making fun of him.
But yeah, still retarded, though. The guy's a loon.
>I believe he lives in Canada now
Lol, didn't Canada water down their hate speech laws ? Haha.

No. 48242

I could be wrong, but I recall reading something about him and hot springs a few years back.

No. 48279

Go on…..

No. 48301


Did you tell them about the lolsuits anon? He has so many against anyone who as much as looks at him funny.

also, didn't his jap wife leave him?

No. 48315

I think that japan should be allowed to have their 'no foreigners' clubs, 'no foreigners' saunas etc.

Just because we embraced multicult in the west, and fucked up our countries with it, doesn't mean that they should.

I'm kinda jelly actually. No 'french people only' cafes in france, no 'americans only' spas in the US.

No. 48319

>>West will never adapt Jap immigration policies or nationalism
:( Why do we do this to ourselves?

No. 48329

File: 1423602603165.jpg (963.98 KB, 810x1080, 1404903077351.jpg)

because muh privilege

No. 48389

There's video of him years ago where he's being interviewed by some other American in a cafe. The waitress comes up to them and asks for their order in perfect English. This apparently triggers "Debito" and he starts ranting about his rights as a Japanese and muh feelings and how disrespectful it is for the waitress to address him in English when he is in fact Japanese.

No. 48396

I wish I could go to a nail salon that wasn't run by fucking gooks. I honestly can't find one.

No. 48416

They really do have a market on nails.

No. 48422

I think the reason japanese do this is because so many western white people come to Japan or other countries when traveling and getting pissed when everyone doesn't know English.b

No. 48438

You have to admit, they're good at what they do. Asians are my fav minority. Some can be loud and rude (esp chinese village people) but at least they work hard and study hard.

No. 48488

That's not really an "Asian" thing. When you don't have much you're kind of forced to have that mentality.

No. 48498

all jews in nyc obsessed with bagels are def white

No. 48499

remember when macklemore dressed up as a stereotypical jew and he "didn't know"

No. 48511

>chinese village people

I know what you meant, but I still can't help but imagine some niche Reno act.
It's not hard to see why an Eastern nation fears a Western cultural hegemony.

No. 48524

You're ignorant as fuck m80s. We Ashkenazi are the most genetically distinct population of Jews. On the one hand we have way higher than average IQ's and have won something like 30% of all Nobel prizes despite only being a tiny percentage of the population, on the other there's also a shit ton of really prevalent genetic diseases, like tay sachs or congenital insensitivity to pain.

No. 48728

Ashkenazi are the most genetically distinct population of Jews
Eat shit, Khazar.

No. 48736

Kek. Big surprise, another jew pushing for multiculturalism in another homogeneous country.
Fuck that. Look how well it's doing in western Europe, think the Japanese are going to want that? They don't.

No. 48787

then why don't certain other minorities not do it? I don't want to say which ones, but everyone knows what I'm talking about

It's actually documented that confucius and eastern culture in general tends to value hard work and education, which is what made them mighty, and makes them awesome immigrants

I'm not saying the east is a cultural monolith, far from it, but working hard is quintessential to many esp. far eastern cultures

hell, even india (dot not feather) has that attitude ingrained. It has something to do with their philosophical period of enlightenment and the way it interlaced with hinduism, buddhism etc. respectively

No. 48798

I get what you're saying, but Nigerians are among the most educated group of immigrants in the United States, here's a link: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/opinion/sunday/what-drives-success.html

Even black women in the U.S., depending on which state they are from make up a larger percentage of college graduates compared to other races (except white): http://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=72 and http://thesocietypages.org/graphicsociology/files/2012/09/bachelors-degrees-by-race.jpg

Honestly I think it all depends on the culture, and many immigrants, specifically African ones I've met, all work very hard because it's expected of them. Whereas my hispanic friends (not bashing them as a whole) are waaaay more lax in their education, with most girls going after nursing or teaching degrees but wishing they could just get a certificate without having to go to school. I know this isn't true for everyone, just my experience.

No. 49752

Then you must not know shit about nails. That, or you're deluded by your weeb fantasies. Asian workers at nail salons never know anything about nails beyond the basic shit that you have to learn in beauty school to get your nail tech license. They usually do nails in addition to other things, like eyebrows, massages, ect. It's very rare that they specialize in nails. They work in these salons because their families in the U.S. work in them, so they want a job with their families. They don't do it because they like what they do, so they just get the basic requirements needed for working in a salon. If you want to find good nail ladies, go to someone who specializes in nails and has a passion.

No. 49755

File: 1423940770880.jpg (523.83 KB, 2000x3008, debito-arudou-02.jpg)

btw there's a /pol/ thread on /b/ if you guys want to take it there

let's keep discussing debito in this thread

No. 137765

I hate Jews. They are always ruining everything with their greed.


No. 137782

> renamed himself Debito Arudou

he sounds like a dragonball character

>and once again the earth is saved thanks to Goku who defeated the evil Debito Arudou

No. 137791

File: 1436917428421.jpg (64.5 KB, 250x250, newfags.jpg)

>bumping a 5 month old thread with nothing relevant to say

No. 137792

why do so many weirdos go to japan tho

No. 137816

Now that Japan has international cultural influence, Jews need to assure that Japan succumbs to the multicultural cancer to further propagate their agenda.

No. 137818


I did not bump this thread, it was on page 2 when I replied.

>ironically says people are bumping thread with nothing to say but just shitposts to feel suuperior or is probably just a butthurt weeaboo angry we are attacking their husbando

how does it feel to be a failure in life friend?

No. 137823

You should lurk more and learn to contribute properly, newfriend.
Also, there's a neat thing you can type on the email field, it's "sage". It prevents bumping when you post something that adds nothing to the thread.

No. 137884

You are right anon-jewdaism is a religion not a race-but the jews have convince everyone its a race so they can scream RACISM whenever anyone questions them.

No. 137886

how exactly are you contributing anything new if all your messages are complaining about other peoples messages?

this is a drama board, its not fucking parliment, maybe you are new here?

No. 137966


No. 137969

Are you even Japanese?

No. 138745


He has an ED page~~~~<3

How long until he sues?

No. 138758

File: 1437106830915.jpg (51.61 KB, 499x499, smug pepe 2.jpg)

Admin confirmed for Jew

No. 141494

He lives in Canada now and pretends to still be in Japan guy is a fruit there was a blog that used to update on his drama and antics where they found out he was bullshitting about being in Japan still.

Its pretty common for westerners to have unrealistic ideas about Japan and to go overboard because they're seen as an outsider. 9/10 were the anime English teacher types.

No. 157644


Get your facts straight, he lives in Hawaii since 2011.

No. 317476

File: 1479664866755.png (95.1 KB, 994x502, Screenshot at 2016-11-20 09-57…)

No. 317480

File: 1479665122678.jpg (22.02 KB, 320x240, wXtWZbd.jpg)

I have a few hours while my pizza dough rises, I'll make some archives.


The linked image is attached.

No. 317482

No. 317485


https://archive.is/tuqCN(repeatedly bumping a year-old thread)

No. 317496

>They hate me because I'm famous and I'm more successful than 99.999% of all people
Wew lads

No. 317497

>Don't care what you think. Have you ever modeled? I have.
Serious question, why is every foreigner/American who goes to Japan exactly the same? The fact that Dakota and Kotaclones and this guy have so much in common is hilarious.
>I'm smarter than you
>I am sexyhot model
>I am so famous, I can't even count how many autographs I've signed
>I speak flawless Japanese I just can't give you an example right now

No. 317631

File: 1479716728782.jpg (21.17 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

All I can see is this.

No. 466004

Meanwhile everyone in Japan looks at this autistfag and thinks what a dirty fucking gaijin he is and wishes he would get the fuck out permanently.

No. 466511

japan gets to say no foreigners because they didn't go to other continents and steal resources. the reason why England has so many immigrants is because they went to their countries first. stay home.

No. 466586


Wew, you really don't know anything about Japanese history. There's a couple other Asian countries that would like to discuss some shit with you.

No. 466594

google japanese imperialism you fucking weeb

No. 466634

>they didn't go to other continents and steal resources.

tell that to korea kek

No. 466644

China also begs to differ, you do realize Korea, Japan, and China are different countries, right? Stop being a weeb and get your world history straight.

Also if Japan wants to say no to foreigners they'll do it, they don't need to justify protecting their own culture and social norms it hurts no one, other than the feelings of sensitive easy-to-trigger Gaijins

No. 466806

jfc it's like /pol/ threw up on this thread
all I wanted was some milk and defense over imageboard culture

No. 471638

Still talks like a weeb.

Saged for non-content

No. 472577

found the jew

No. 474176

File: 1513015510580.jpg (27.72 KB, 640x480, km5ownmcpw201.jpg)

No. 579237

File: 1537783459949.jpg (272.26 KB, 1078x807, 765876.jpg)

No. 579246

File: 1537789906874.jpg (245.54 KB, 991x743, iuygy.jpg)


No, you're wrong OP, Dr Debito Arudou PhD doesn't live in Canada, he lives in Hawaii. https://www.linkedin.com/in/arudoudebito

No. 579707

File: 1537870831654.jpg (41.85 KB, 749x422, Debito Arudou.JPG)


Can't believe how stupid some of you are, this is obviously a fake account an imposter. The real Debito Arudou Ph.D. is a "University Lecturer at Hawaii Pacific University, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Leeward Community College"

No. 656391

File: 1556366084861.jpg (77.52 KB, 1140x232, Cal State LA.JPG)

Not anymore
He's now an instructor in Cal State LA

No. 656405

He looks like he belongs in jail because he has this criminal look about him.

The ops pic of him reminded me of mark david chapman.

No. 656415

Or a younger and chubbier version of Penn Jillette, ponytail, goatee, and all.

No. 656423

Here one recent video of him

Starts @8:12

No. 656896

Damn, lolcow was quite different 4 years ago, lol.

So he doesn't even live in Nippon anymore, does he?

No. 657399

File: 1556644315946.jpg (63.79 KB, 539x696, 2004 - Sapporo.jpg)


he live in L.A. with his Canadian waifu

No. 658974

What actually happened to make him so bitter about his experience in Japan? Was he expecting people to worship him as an Aryan god or did he try to go to an Onsen with tattoos? Were the women not meek and deferential enough for him?

I know Japan is a whole lot different to how we think it is, but when you're in someone else's country you respect their rules. This goes for people who have moved here too. Arab dudes, stop spitting on the goddamn sidewalk. Thanks.

No. 659064

He thought he was going to be the White Savior that was going rock Japanese society to its core, but he mostly faced derision and hilarious trolling from both Japanese and foreigners. His shenanigans also contributed to his divorce.

He thought he was just so exceptional, logical and more Japanese than Japanese that surely Japan would acknowledge his nearly two decades of protest against cruel acts of Japanese aggression such as the 2008 McDonald’s mascot, Mr. James.:
>“Will McDonald’s ever wink to the audience that it’s “all in fun,” and let on that Mr. James is a member of this society after all his hard work fitting in and fawning? Highly unlikely, because by design he doesn’t belong here.”

Mr. James just wanted to learn basic Japanese to get around Japan and eat some McDonald’s, bro. I never met a Japanese person who thought that character was anything but adorable and earnest in his pursuit of the Nippon All Stars Menu.

Debito and his fan boys love to compare their plight to the painful history of discrimination and dehumanization of black people in America, despite never caring about the plight of non-white residents of Japan to begin with. This exchange on his website was just ridiculous: https://www.debito.org/?p=5546 Not due to the cause, which is valid, but the endless circle jerk and delusions of grandeur about their plans. They dare to evoke the names of Rosa Parks and Emmet Till, as if middle class white men NOT being the most privileged minority in Japan at all times is on par with slavery and lynchings.

No. 660302

I'm half Jewish and I lean left. I have to say, what he's doing is really just against actual leftist thought, because as >>659064 said, he has a white savior complex. He's an egomaniac. If he really cared at all about bettering the world, he wouldn't be concerned with imposing his views on a foreign culture. That's the imperialist mindset. If he wants to push for those things, the only place he'd be in the right to do it is his own native country and culture, the US. But also, trying to impose his ideological bullshit demonstrates he has no real appreciation or understanding of Japanese culture. So yeah, fuck this idiot.

It's too bad to see some anti-semitism here, but on the race thing, in reality Jews are a nomadic group, and like any nomadic group, they're effectively mixed race. All Jews have some Mediterranean Middle Eastern heritage, at least supposedly (and most actually do). However, it's a pretty small amount. Ashkenazi are mostly Slavic and Germanic. Sephardics are mostly North African (i.e. Berber), Western European, Arab, and nowadays latino. Mizrahi tend to be Arab, Persian, and/or Turkish.

I know explaining stuff is sort of a ban risk, but there were a couple things ITT I wanted to comment on. And yeah, fuck this guy, he seems like a retarded piece of shit.

No. 775441

The man, the myth, the legend, is back


No. 775533

Dude don’t even go here in lolcow ever. Your inciting all the race speds just by bringing up racial talking points.

No. 775545

No you don't know nothing. You need first to live half of you adult life in a backward xenophobic shithole like he did from the 80s and throughout 90s 2000s and then you'll realise that everything you "know" about japan is a big fat lie.(sperging at a year old post)

No. 775546

Learn how to post you duffus

No. 775668

this rotund fuck has been blubbersucking about why japan should reform and westernize their government for 30 years with no progress, all because he got his feelings hurt, probably because of his own entitlement?
what exactly do you know he went through and how do you know he didnt instigate all of his own woes?

he preaches about understanding and cooperation but as he claimed in the video he is "japanese" but cant understand or cooperate with its culutre.
insane boomer ex-otaku had his dreams crushed because he stunk up the shinkansen and jp doesnt want degenerate immigrants. i hope japan holds off globalism as long as they possibly can.

No. 775732

Sorry you were rejected, nerd. Hope your waifu pillow keeps you warm.
>backward xenophobic shithole
Like your mess of country is any better for non-whites who born and raised there? It’s so cute how racism and discrimination only matter when it happens to YOU for the first time as an adult. And then you must scream and yell the loudest.

David is self-important weirdo with a colonizer mindset who can’t stand he just a mediocre, awkward douche who couldn’t even succeed in his marriage. In fact, that divorce really sent him over the edge. His rants about how Japan will chew up and spit you out(specifically if you’re a white male) are pure projection. The roasting he always received on r/japan was hilarious. Especially since he claimed only elites with connections can be happy and accepted.

>he preaches about understanding and cooperation but as he claimed in the video he is "japanese" but cant understand or cooperate with its culutre.

Isn’t it amazing how thousands of other foreigners, including professional white males, manage to assimilate to Japan and find ways compromise or make suggestions without completely steamrolling over Japanese? Because we have to approach things in a different way and our cultural values are not always universal or relatable. Like every other immigrant in any country, like our home countries, learns to do.

Why is it that this man had so much bad luck and while other people, with even more years of experience in Japan, thrive in comparison? He even complained about being triggered at airports outside of Japan because he was a white man with a clear American accent(even in Japanese), holding a Japanese passport with rare Japanese name. Yeah, that IS extremely unusual. Wouldn’t customs also do a double-take if a dude wearing a kurta and speaking with a Hindi accent hands them an American passport that says “John Paul Smith”? Usually the only time you see something like that is when the person was adopted, but because of the other possibility of identity fraud, authorities do have to look at those uncommon situations more closely.

There’s good reason other expats have mocked this guy for years and it’s not because they are jealous of him or they are miserable slaves to Japanese masters.

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