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No. 46800

She was one of the large influences on black girls getting into gyaru and Harajuku fashion along with Usagipyon.

She was close friends with Yukapon at the time and they had some cute dance videos together and then she delved into the world of porn and got pregnant.

I knew she had a lot of personal issues and seemed to make a lolcow out of herself but I now it seems she's gotten back on track and is doing okay hopefully.

Anyone know how she's doing these days?


No. 46803

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Also She got the swastika covered up!

No. 46805

lolwho ??????????????????????

No. 46807

One of the dances she did with Yuka.

No. 46818


most of the links on the ED are bad, but at least i kinda' remember who she is now after reading through it.

basically she's just your usual try-hard attention whore who thinks they're a milf that sells their crusty panties online.

No. 46821

Did she ever get her baby back?

No. 46823

you're new.

No. 46826

Your newfag is showing anon. Sorry your attempt to be funny didn't work.

She was surrounded by drama back in the day, she was an aspiring kawaii youtuber, who knew a lot of popular gals and youtubers like yoshi, usagipyon, and yukapon.

She was cool till she started getting into the porn thing, selling undies, and asking for money from nasty old dudes and then got pregnant.

Apparently there was talk of abuse from some guy she was with, he had beat her and I think she had posted photos of her bruises.


Not sure what happened with her baby, I think she had visitation rights or soemthing? I really don't know, I'll check her tumblr.

No. 46828

File: 1423178139652.jpg (123.23 KB, 640x626, tum.jpg)

For those of you interested in knowing what the fuck happened to me: I spent nearly a year and a half in a domestic violence relationship. October 2012 to January 2014. I endured daily verbal abuse, occasional physical abuse, and constant emotional manipulation. I wasn’t allowed any friends. My job was to stay home and take care of “our” daughter Lilyanne. The only person I ever spent any time with other than him was Scot and when Scot ended up in the ICU I became completely isolated. I remember my brother invited me to a barbecue at his bestfriend Michael’s house — my abuser blew up my phone calling me a liar and accusing me of having an orgy right then and there when in reality I was chatting up Michael’s wife as we watched our kids play together. I kept this burden a secret until I finally sought help at the end of January. Sometimes I wish I didn’t because had I not I wouldn’t be going through what I am now. My abuser filed for emergency custody of Lilyanne the day he figured out I planned on leaving. "

There's more on her blog

No. 46830

File: 1423178344752.jpg (162.34 KB, 500x723, cov.jpg)

No. 46837

Why are dudes in straight porn always so ugly? Who can get off with that ugly face around?

No. 46838

I always wonder that but I'm guessing it's so the male audience concentrates on the woman getting fucked. I know I couldn't get off to porn if the dude is ugly but hey, I'm a woman.

No. 46842

It's because straight porn is mostly watched by a male demographic. Seeing an ugly guy getting it on with a pretty woman gives them something to aspire and hope for.

No. 46843

Attractive dudes probably just go into gay porn, they make more money that way.

No. 46847

Is she really 22? I remember following her in '10 and her being older than me, and I turned 22 last month. Maybe my memory's fuzzy.

No. 46875

ew dirty pornstar

No. 46888

does anyone know if she is/was a legit scientologist like she claimed or if she just trying to be ~edgy~

No. 46895

i saw her in person at an anime convention one time. her tattoos are so bad

No. 46905

I know her kinda well and she's actually really sweet. She's doing well and is with her baby living in the desert lol. She lived in az for a while and I think she's in New Mexico now. Not sure though. Not doing porn anymore. She seemed to have a lot of horror stories of her porno days.

No. 47005


I'm extremely happy to hear that, honestly. I followed her along time ago and would chat with her occasionally. It looks like she had some bad run-ins but I was happy that she was bold enough to do what she wanted. I'm glad things have gotten better. As much as we bitch about people on this bored I don't think a lot of them deserve to be hurt.

No. 47007

* board
I'm bored

No. 47063

prolly this.

i really like how boys complain about seeing dick in porn. like… how insecure are you? i don't mind looking at a vagina and i'm straight

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