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File: 1421795889309.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, BTA5iT7l.jpeg)

No. 41777

In case you don't pay attention to 8chan's /cow/, Peter Coffin is a Youtube "comedian" who was busted a few years back for pretending to be his own long distance girlfriend.


After this broke loose he took to reddit to claim he was the victim of a smear campaign and ended up embarrassing himself further.


He is now a current lolcow for 8chan's /cow/ board, who have discovered evidence that his new wife and child are probably fake.


After hotwheels leaked the emails from Cloudflare informing him of who made a false CP complaint against 8chan in order to get it taken down, it turned out it was none other than Peter Coffin.


He has now been posting on his threads on /cow/, lying about it, and tweeting screencaps of the /cow/ board and blaming gamergate for the harrassment. He also posted a picture of his baby's alleged birth certificate which inadvertedly led to him doxxing himself.



No. 41781

What, he's at it again? What a fucking loser, holy shit.

No. 41784


No. 41787

File: 1421797656767.jpg (68.65 KB, 306x331, 1399514240274.jpg)

I'm looking through the 8chan threads, and it seems like some people are convinced that he has a Real Doll and is pretending that is his wife. It could just be a running joke, but still. What the actual fuck
The scary thing is that it's actually credible, considering she literally only has one facial expression in all the photos posted and her movement is quite awkward in the gifs. He could've shooped her eyes to move, too.
>this nigga literally went out of his way to buy a plastic doll, take selfies of that doll, make frequently updated Instagram and Tumblr accounts for the doll, pretend the doll is pregnant and fake a birth certificate for their non-existent child
This is beyond the Kimi Kobayashi shit from years ago if it's true. This is mental illness.

No. 41789

I find it funny that he has an issue with girls who wear makeup, but then chose a fake gf who wears a lot of makeup.

What other lulzy stuff did this guy do?

No. 41791

File: 1421798068324.jpg (538.86 KB, 1989x3000, 2938200.jpg)

as creepy as it sounds, I can't bring myself to dislike those dudes who have realdolls. They tend to be sad, socially awkward, autistic etc. and just want a little companionship they'll never get from a real woman.

this (indian?) guy, peter coffin just makes me feel sad. He has to be really unhappy with his life to pretend he has a gf, or even worse, have a realdoll one pretending to be his gf

No. 41792



lol he's white dude.

No. 41793

File: 1421798423329.jpg (330.67 KB, 1280x1280, 1417060536352.jpg)

Pregnant my ass. He didn't even try.

Take a look at his 'wife's' Tumblr, the photos are shady, he only posts gifs of her (no video), and he randomly places pixelated hearts on the photos to hide inconsistencies like the seams on the doll's body and the the stick used to prop her up for the photos.


No. 41794

seriously? he looks really non-white in the OP photo

or maybe I'm blind

No. 41795

WTF is that photo montage about

No. 41796

File: 1421798596672.jpg (196.77 KB, 900x900, ThQgVPC.jpg)

How did he fake his marriage certificate, videos of his wife,her countless selfies, holding a baby etc. then?

Iono I think his wife is real

No. 41797


Look at all her photos and gifs posted to Tumblr and you'll notice the inconsistencies.

No. 41798

But can't he do that shit in the privacy of his own life and home? What was the need to fake all this stuff about their life together in complete seriousness (not to mention he actually had the nerve to get indignant when called out instead of just deleting fucking everything, or, better yet, taking the path of humility and saying "You got me, I've been RPing this whole time, it's a fantasy. Now please leave me alone") on the fucking internet? To impress and deceive people who don't know him in real/daily life?
Real Doll enthusiasts aren't bad people, but this guy literally fabricated an entire life and child for some reason. It's like a new form of the "internet Munchhausen syndrome" mentioned in the anorexia threads, but he's doing things that wouldn't get any real attention from anyone but, say, family members or old classmates. And if that's the case, wouldn't the safest option be to ignore the naysayers who have all this evidence pointing to his wife being fake? Who does he know IRL that browses /cow/, let alone *chan boards and would call him out?
I just don't understand this.

No. 41799

Why does she always talk about boobs and being a female? What the fuck?

This has to be him doing the same shit again. No woman talks like that.

No. 41800

File: 1421798766457.jpg (154.87 KB, 1440x900, EerQkXA.jpg)

How is she skinny with huge tits? Is it fake tits or natures blessing?

I mean, I know people with huge tits, mine are pretty big too for my frame, but hers are ridiculously big. There's a big difference between 'ha, you have big ol' titties' and 'WTF IS THAT' Am I the only one that finds her tit size odd?

No. 41801

This was exactly the same behavior of his last fake girlfriend, always talking about her vagina and making self depreciating jokes about being Asian.

No. 41802

File: 1421798900046.gif (1.4 MB, 400x300, tumblr_n4l88bFj6l1r5ygdco1_400…)

iono, if she's real and those tits are real, then maybe they're a large part of her identity? Kind of like how gingers always talk about being ginger, or girls with wide hips like to praise their 'brthing hips' (if they're conceited anyway)

No. 41803

There's a big difference between owning a realdoll and acting as if the realdoll is your wife. There's also a big difference between acting as if it's your wife and going to absurd lengths to trick people into believing she's a real person.

No. 41804

It's supposed to be about her "pregnancy".
Apparently her tits are so large because "Pregnancy doesn't fuck around when it comes to boobs!".
>implying there's a living baby anywhere inside that skellington body

No. 41805

ugh those just look painful. i feel bad for her because she looks like a matchstick with tits

No. 41806

Have you noticed how that gif cuts immediately as she moves her arm straight to her palm on her tits?
I might be going a bit crazy with this.

No. 41807

File: 1421799139655.jpg (76.14 KB, 500x500, tumblr_naq7hgIUKu1r5ygdco1_500…)

sorry anon, but I don't see inconsistencies

photos, especially selfies done with a sitty phone or laptop cam can look weird from weird angles and really distort sometimes, doesn't make her a different person

No. 41808



No. 41809

So here's where it gets weird. Resident /cow/s already found this (now made private or deleted altogether) link:


Supposed link to her mother's facebook photos. Notice the lack of ginormous titties and braces.

Her mother commented once on Peter's facebook page to promote his comedy:


This is also the only Ashleigh COffin account found on Facebook, and it seems to be long deserted.


No. 41810

I think he's just using stop motion to make gifs. Like Gumby.

No. 41811

File: 1421799312304.jpg (77 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mu0j1zL9C11r5ygdco1_500…)

I'm just not totally convinced she's a doll or fake. Gibs me the evidence!

She is weirdly skinny to have such huge tits though. She won the genetic lottery I guess.

No. 41812

well the baby is hiding the titties, so you really cant tell yo

No. 41814

File: 1421799517938.jpg (66.09 KB, 582x906, deadguystand.jpg)

How does he do the selfie photos then? Does he photoshop her into a background? Does he have some sort of a contraption, like what victorians used to hold up corpses for photos, to prop her up?

No. 41815

So do you actually believe that a woman who is five months pregnant looks like this?

No. 41818

He's a SJW?

Why is he a lolcow though?

No. 41819

Another thing I'm left to wonder is why Peter doesn't take the opportunity to make actual video of this woman to flaunt the fact that he is now married to a gorgeous woman after being publicly humiliated on the internet after his fake ex-girlfriend.

No. 41820

Why not make a video or a Vine? Why these shitty stop motion gifs like >>41810
Hell, all she has to do is say "Hey" and wave at the camera while he's right next to her. That would end all of this.
But nope. Instead, he posts a picture of his baby's birth certificate. So much more reasonable, and a very rational action to take.
Something's going on, anon

No. 41822

you can pose realdolls. he just puts the phone in her hand and takes the picture of her. there are a few pics in the main thread where it seems like the screen of the phone is not even on the camera mode (reflected in her glasses).

was this not the gif that someone on 8ch had confirmed was from years before?

No. 41823

File: 1421800001945.gif (879.7 KB, 500x375, tumblr_moa33fZs091r5ygdco1_500…)

Technically you can be pregnant and have it not show much. I forgot what it's called, it's pretty rare though and even tho the baby can be perf healthy, it's often because the baby has some sort of birth defect. These babies tend to be really thin and 'long'.

She'd have to have the huge tits AND then the coincidence of having this rare 'hidden' pregnancy, I agree it's unlikely, but it's not impossible

No. 41824

Am I the only one who noticed her body looks extremely weird in the Incredibles costume? Particularly around her ass and thigh area. Funny how there's also hearts in two of the photos on the exact spot that looks weird. What could she be hiding?

No. 41825

since he's a SJW he probably doesn't dare to ask her for a video. too beta

No. 41826

Why is her hand in the exact same position in every fucking selfie?

No. 41827

>what could she be hiding?
a plastic seam.

No. 41828

File: 1421800198631.jpg (79.75 KB, 612x612, 547724_119445941535367_1988617…)

how did he fake the baby's birth certificate? And the fact that she CAN have different facial expressions?

also, maybe she just doesn't want to be in the middle of all this. I agree that it could easily be solved by him.

Maybe he's making a stop motion vid to prove his haters wrong as we speak

No. 41830

how did he make her stand up though? I mean, if she's a doll…

No. 41832

It's not hard to make these sorts of dolls stand, and correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure they can have posable body parts.

No. 41833

File: 1421800435630.jpg (274.81 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nedxbhiwar1r5ygdco1_128…)

Ok, I have a theory


As in, he bought some sillicone titties from ebay (you can get super realistic ones) and likes to dress up as a hot lady?

No. 41834

File: 1421800443915.jpg (119.77 KB, 612x612, 1421799977315-0.jpg)

Also, I don't think she's actually taking these selfies. Look at this photo for example. If it's a selfie, that means they have a large fucking mirror in their living that sits on the fucking floor.

No. 41835

They can indeed have posable body parts, but making them balance enough to stand is a whole other thing. They're not weighted for that sort of thing.

No. 41836

what's that piece of paper on the right? is it supposed to be stuck to the mirror?

No. 41837

no clue. could be a piece of paper, or a shitty shop. if you look at every selfie she's taken then we are to believe they have mirrors in very odd locations all over their apartment.

No. 41838

File: 1421800757798.gif (806.92 KB, 450x338, nose magic.gif)

He could've bought a doll that looks enough like this existing person (who may actually have a baby, according to archival link) to put up a front, and additionally Photoshops images of the doll to look even more like the real girl.
He definitely shoops, too. Check out that wiggly nose, it's like Dakota's early gifs.

No. 41839

File: 1421800762715.png (20.52 KB, 707x202, kokkoia.png)

so she has implants?

can't blame her, I've always wanted implants too

No. 41840

ummm those eyes WTF that's creepy

how does he even do that with a doll?

No. 41841

No. 41842

to be honest, the girl from FB doesn't look like this big boobed chick very much

the resemblance is there, but it doesn't necessarily have to even be the same person

No. 41843

File: 1421800908106.jpg (57.52 KB, 410x648, Capture.JPG)

Nose is definitely off. Look at how it shifts mid-animation. And here's a zoom in of the piece of paper on the mirror in the selfie above. Am I crazy or is the writing on that piece of paper not mirrored as it should be?

No. 41844

You guys should join us here too! We have a cute cow on the bottom of our page!

No. 41845

Photoshop, anon.
Failing that, some dolls actually can be made to close and/or move their eyes.

No. 41846

Because implants don't exist, anon.

No. 41847

No. 41848

OMG the whole thing with his 'japanese' ex is so shameful. He literally cannot tell apart japanese and korean writing.

AND she turned out to be a korean ulzzang top kek

No. 41849

No. 41850

Anon, it's in your best interest to read the entire thread. Things have gotten even more insane.
This guy might literally be mental

No. 41851

File: 1421801367734.jpg (128.33 KB, 639x476, 6a00d8341c558f53ef01a73dcafcb4…)

how did he fake the one with the dog and the one where she's pulling on her shirt though?

No. 41852

File: 1421801435685.jpg (81.48 KB, 612x612, XlNViJo.jpg)

Wait, so they also have a large mirror on the floor in front of their front door too?

No. 41853

Damn, this girl makes me want to get implants so bad. Sucks that my fiance is really against implants :(

No. 41854

Why is her the exact same length in every photo?

No. 41855

It's a fucking doll, calm your shit

No. 41856

Could the picture be taken by a webcam? It looks like there's a screen being reflected in her glasses.

No. 41857

Why would you take a picture of yourself with a webcam while holding a phone up to your face? If you look at the reflection in her glasses it doesn't even look like she's taking a photo.

No. 41858

File: 1421801757503.jpg (121.14 KB, 612x612, xWgUHLA.jpg)

Allegeldy a picture of her shopping notice the boobs aren't as big and the waist is bigger.

No. 41859

File: 1421801781708.png (24.32 KB, 184x48, fdf.png)

the reflection is…interesting in my opinion

it's like something's amiss, but I can't quite put my finger on it

No. 41860

That's because the phone's not on the camera app, which is because there is no mirror to take selfies with(unless there are several large mirrors in Peter's home), which is because she's not taking a selfie, which is because Peter is taking a photo of her, which is because sh is a doll.

No. 41861

she looks fatter in this photo

No. 41863

It's on the home app, most likely.
A lot of these pictures were picked apart on /cow/, and there's literally always some sort of giveaway with everything Peter posts.
I'd admire his diligence if it was for something less ridiculous.

No. 41864

File: 1421802050093.jpg (435.42 KB, 900x900, Zu4vy9K.jpg)




No. 41865

File: 1421802206802.gif (100.55 KB, 351x398, 1406201844539.gif)

Holy fuck, didn't notice that one

No. 41866

uh, have you seen him? If it were him, he should stay dressed as a woman, because he looks way better as one.

I could see some kind of mechanism where the heart is somehow holding her up. Then potentially the rest shooped out since it's a white background. Not sure about the picture on the right, but the blinds in the back are certainly wavy.

No. 41867

File: 1421802235294.jpg (341.72 KB, 1315x752, 1421799761936.jpg)


No. 41868

File: 1421802254163.gif (751.59 KB, 500x375, 1421801667607.gif)

AAAAA I'm scared, someone hold me

No. 41869

holy shit.

No. 41870

HOWEVER it's possible she flipped the pic, esp. since she's usually left handed (or at least takes her pics with her left hand)

No. 41871

File: 1421802326859.png (1.33 MB, 1926x710, Screenshot (193).png)

No. 41872

maybe she has some sort of a mirror on wheels?

No. 41873

did she flip this picture too?

No. 41874

I don't get it, what does this image prove?

No. 41875

it was posted in one of the 8ch threads to prove that she was in the same house as the tv on the left, but they were mixed up thinking this was a long-distance relationship like his last "relationship."

No. 41876

File: 1421802492451.png (1.95 MB, 2438x714, Screenshot (193) - Copy.png)

also this

No. 41877

Occam's razor.

No. 41878

File: 1421802538822.jpg (36.67 KB, 584x298, 1421466624522.jpg)

Apparently he's going to fuck 8chan up.

He should join forces with raven, saxy and that scamming stripper.

No. 41879




Sorry about the caps lock, but this is so creepy OMHG

No. 41880

No. 41881

Someone had also noted on 8chan that her Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr were all created on the same day.

No. 41883

>that voice
Were you being sarcastic to get people to watch the video and prove the doll theory wrong?
Because that would be alright, but where is her face, and why hasn't this puppy appeared in any other photos (except maybe the one of a woman walking her dog that is, again, only presumably actually the "wife")? This could easily not even be the same girl. God knows it's not the first time Peter stole media of some girl he wishes he had.

No. 41884

The body is too stiff and rigid in that video if you ask me.

No. 41885

I wasn't being sarcastic, I actually have my volume off, so I have no idea what it sounds like.

All I saw was the rigid body of a doll, plastic hair and a very sudden hand movement, which is conveniently done from the other side, so we can't really see anything beyond a 'hand' which could be his

No. 41886



No. 41889

how do you vote?

No. 41891

just delete the "r" on the link

No. 41893



No. 41894

I have another theory.

He has a wife, who is real and he's married to her, she had a baby.

He also has sex dolls, or at least one sex doll. The ugly gross real wife pretends to be sexy and big titted/one of his sex dolls because she's nuts and likes the attention.

No. 41895

File: 1421804239726.jpg (455.47 KB, 900x900, EYVetsg.jpg)

What weirds me out is that she's with this dude.

I mean, she has a good face, a perfect body and is young. She could EASILY get a hot, smart guy, with a nice body, or even a rich guy. Why did she settle for him?

No. 41896

So, it's proven the gifs are not his gf but actually from a dutch forum back in 2011, but them pics, we can't explain.

No. 41897

peter has 1190 videos between his 4 channels, and not one video of him and his family.

No. 41898

isn't it just one gif that was from the dutch forum?

No. 41899

File: 1421804757530.gif (693.94 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ml2mz9kuiK1r5ygdco1_500…)

damn, that's a lot of videos, does he have a lot of subscribers and views?

>dat hand

No. 41900

That's the thing if he's Scottish, the town she claimed to come from has a huge oil industry and brings in wealthy people from all over the owlrd. If she was after citizenship, she could've easily found a man who was everything that Peter wishes he was.

No. 41901

She's 22? A bit young to already be married and have had a kid.

How old is this koffing dude?

No. 41902

His average video fails to break 1K views actually.

No. 41903

where's she originally from?

Where's he from?

No. 41904

most videos are in the low hundreds of views

No. 41905

I mean, if she really is into all this nerdy shit, then she's probably not a bimbo, so I really don't get why she's with this guy.

Maybe she's blind?

No. 41906

Pete was doxxed, he's from SLC. She is allegedly from Aberdeen.

No. 41908

But she's not even geeky. She plays casual shit that all "z0mg gril gamarz" play nowadays. And we all know how those type of girls are. Worse than a bimbo if you ask me.

No. 41909

No. 41910

True, I guess I was just trying to highlight that there's nothing wrong with her, ergo that it's strange she'd pick him.

People usually shack up for mutual benefit. I'm not sure what benefits she'd get from him.

No. 41911

This is absolutely not the same body. Looks fatter for sure. Wow, what the hell is going on?

No. 41912

File: 1421805626885.jpg (239.66 KB, 800x600, AHHHHHHHH.jpg)

>tfw Peter Coffin lurked in the toy aisle at Wal Mart for hours waiting for a qt 3.14 who looks like his waifu to come down the aisle.

No. 41913

Why do some people on lolcow think that he killed her wtf? That's a bit farfetched…

No. 41914

Oh, my mistake.
But it should be sign that the other gifs are not his.

No. 41915

Personally I think that's a group of trolls with an agenda trying to make /cow/ look foolish.

No. 41918

File: 1421805877555.jpg (33.62 KB, 612x612, 16997_10151088362786583_852081…)

You're telling me that he legit has a wife like that


No. 41923

File: 1421806450025.jpg (257.85 KB, 1454x840, ummm.jpg)

OMG guys, on the left is a pic he posted on FB of him and his 'lovely wife'

No. 41924

Holy shit, if you guys can't tell this is a doll, I don't know.
Her legs stays the same in all pictures.

No. 41926

File: 1421806890642.jpg (61.49 KB, 547x646, 2014-New-3D-realistic-solid-fu…)

I think a lot of people in this thread might not know just how realistic these dolls can get.

They cost around 5000 dollars each, but are really well made, you can see some documentaries about it on youtube

Pic related, it's a doll.

No. 41927

Yep. If you pay attention to the photos certain body parts are always in the same postition in multiple photos.

No. 41928

That weird leaning and the heel not touching the ground. Can't tell if it's really a doll or some obscure ass pictures he's found. Regardless they still look really awkward "together".

No. 41929

File: 1421807408213.jpg (70.6 KB, 468x496, race1.jpg)

It's weird that he's a SJW but then was sooo racist with the fake asian ex thing

I guess he wanted to make the disguise good by being 'realistic' but damn is it cringy in light of her not being his japaneesu gf AT ALL but an ulzzang from korea.

No. 41930

No. 41932

How can anyone think that it's a real person or that her boobs and body are natural holy fuck

No. 41933

Why does he have the humour of a 12 year old? No wonder why no one watches this faggot.

No. 41935

It's weird how EVERY SINGLE ONE of her pics is about her tits

Iono, I have a tumblr, a deviantart, a twitter, and when I post pics it's stuff like places I went to, hanging out with friends, silly goofy faces, landscapes etc.

she has no variety, it's just pics of her tits

it's like her life revolves around taking pics of her tits in the same position

No. 41936

A quote from the video:

"I don't find anything like that, honestly, all that weird, because there are people that do much worse than taxidermy people. There are people that kill people and wear their skin and eat their skin and masturbate with their skin ad use their skin as condoms."

Please tell me that this is a person who hasn't been doing these things. His tone too. Freaky as fuck as he is totally chill.

No. 41940

I don't know how anyone can look at this and be like "Yeah, yup. That's a human. This is legit". I mean, she's not even looking at him…

No. 41944

I find it kind of weird/sad that he bough so much decent clothing for the doll. It's also weird how he knows hoe to put together a woman outfit, most guys can't. (Especially pathetic fucks like him). He did his research, and yet he fucks up on obvious shit like the pregnancy pictures.

No. 41945

He's very dark

No. 41946


Her face and her body kind of resemble the ones on the site. You can customize them, too. Let's see if we can find the model he ordered lol.

No. 41948

Holy shit, I see it too.

No. 41952

I don't know how to feel about this, it should be uncanny valley, but it just looks like kota/venus etc.. tier photoshop

No. 41961

That arm movement is incredibly unnatural and that laugh sounds like it's coming from the person holding the camera. WTF is going on here?! This dude is sick.

No. 41965

Am I the only one that noticed the magic breast mole? It kept on switching which breast it was on or disappear completely. May just be angles but it was odd.

No. 41967

nah i think he just steals other peoples vids/pics

she looks real, that's why her tits look saggy as

if she didnt have a bra on theyd sit at her knees, i swear

and no hips, no thanks

shes fake im p sure shes real

No. 41972

File: 1421817773509.png (700.34 KB, 964x888, 2015-01-21 02.21.45.png)

Idk… she does look like a sex doll in her last Tumblr pics, and her body looks kinda disturbing now… but if you go deep into her Tumblr pics, she actually looks real and pretty human and her body isn't that weird

No. 41978

One of his parents is from the Middle East.

No. 41979

That looks like an entirely different girl. He probably used pics from a girl who looked like the doll, that or he shooped he to hell. Her hand is weird.

No. 41986

Doesn't even look like the same girl.

No. 41988

This is OT, but if a schmuck like Peter can fake an actual human life with a plastic doll like this, what's stopping more opportunistic people from doing the same thing? I honestly would've gone on thinking this was a real girl and not a doll if no one had pointed out all this shit, and I doubt I'm the only one. It's a pretty simple plan, when you get down to it.
>Get pics of some generic-looking chick who is passably attractive but not famous
>Use loan/life savings/inheritance/whatever to buy a somewhat realistic-looking Real Doll that looks even just a bit like the generic chick
>Pass the doll off as the person in the photos, make "proof" timestamps with said doll if you must
>Make Photoshopped, stop motion gifs of the doll moving, blinking and smiling for extra credibility
>To go the extra mile, if people ask to hear "your voice", ask some girl in a /soc/ Vocaroo thread to say certain phrases, then send your sucker the links
>Get people to buy you shit, or buy shit like "used panties/socks" from you
If they put in enough effort, literally anyone could do this. What if there's this RealDoll catfishing/camming business no one even knows about?

No. 41991

Because RealDolls [or any sex doll for that matter] are not cheap if you're looking for a high level of detail. Shit like this could cost you at least $5000, and not many people have that kind of cash to spend on a doll [nor will to].
Add to that the fact that you'd have to buy the doll clothes and shit to make it look like it's a human being.

Besides, there is no point in faking this kind of shit unless you needed to prove something, like say, your family pressuring you to settle down and start a family or if there were rumors of you being gay that you wanted to clear.

What I'm trying to say is that this requires you to spend big cash and also requires you to have a decent amount of time to be able to pull it off properly.

No. 41993

What if that last fake gf incident caused him I have a complete mental breakdown and now he thinks this doll is real an is doing some creepy Norman bates shit?

No. 41997

Oh man, when I read Xiaxue's posts on this guy I googled the fuck out of him for more juices. I'm super entertained by things like cat fishing and fabricating lives over the internet, now this.
That absolutely looks like a real doll, it has that mature stripper face and everything, look here for reference
https://secure.realdoll.com all of them have square/rectangle shaped faces and over plucked brows to look like classic porn stars like Pamela Anderson.

This guy is neither hot nor rich, and his "humor" sucks so bad that the last time I checked not even Xiaxue landing him in the news could get any his videos past 200 views.

Btw he's Jewish.

No. 41998

Lol this is what got Xiaxue suspicious in here to first place. You would think a pretty girl who obviously keeps up with her appearance would talk about certain things like makeup, or whatever. But she only ever made vulgar jokes and shitting, vaginas, and would not stfu about being Asian.

He has no idea how females act so he just uses his own personality on them.

No. 41999

He does have something to prove. The entire internet was laughing at him.

Remember that he bought himself AND Kimi twitter followers. He's obviously willing to spend money on his fantasies. If he's a guy who has nothing better to do and nothing going on in his life, which certainly looks like the case given that he kept up with the Kimi persona for, what was it, 8 months of talking to himself and updating her social media? Then he could save up 5k in a few months and buy the doll, plus clothes and all that.

I remember reading a comment by somebody that said he must have a very empty life and no friends to have kept up the Kimi fantasy for so long, and so open without any family members or friends finding out.

No. 42000

File: 1421828549302.jpg (94.49 KB, 500x900, 1395458915767.jpg)

>fall asleep while browsing lolcow and /cow/ threads
>wake up and watch random youtube videos in my recommendations
>click on one
>mfw it's Peter
>he's driving a car with his doll-wife in the front seat, someone's filming from the back
>he's talking to the doll
>it starts giggling, going "mm-hmm" like in >>41879, and eventually it's talking back and moving on its own
>camera pans on its face and lips moving more than once
>apparently this was a real woman all along
>eventually, they both start talking about channers saying she's a doll
>Peter is like "You know, you're definitely hot enough to really be a doll" and she's like "Yeah?" and he goes "Except for all the fucked up things you do and say" and they both start to lose their shit, laugh their asses off
>Eventually, Ashleigh looks right into the camera, flips the bird and waves at the cameraman while laughing "Why don't we post this as a "test"?" mocking what people said about her.
>"Here's your 'proof', idiots"
>Both Peter and Ashleigh laugh and joke about this non-stop for the rest of the video
>For some reason, there's a Barbie doll dressed exactly like Ashleigh on the floor of her seat
>Think "Holy shit, why isn't this on /cow/ yet? I gotta tell them"
>copy the URL and prepare to post
>immediately wake up
>it was all a fucking dream
I'm getting too invested in this shit.

No. 42001

If that's the case he probably thought he had to be more elaborate after the whole Kimi debacle happened.

Yes but the question was what's stopping other people from doing the same thing considering it's relatively easy to pull this off provided you have the cash and time to do such thing to begin with.

We already know that he's pretty much capable of doing something more elaborate after people caught him lying about Kimi, so it's not surprising to see him trying to make this woman pass off as real and yet not doing something as simple as recording himself with his wife and the baby, talking, like a normal family.

He could've done this first thing instead of whiteknighting himself on /cow/.

No. 42003

He moved on from white knighting because his disease progressed

No. 42004

trips speak the truth

I also had a dream about this anon, but in my dream he kept her locked up at home against her will.

No. 42005

File: 1421830398661.jpg (403.66 KB, 960x960, QJ3xP0m.jpg)

I think he legit had a gf like this in the beggining, but then something happened.

Also someone from the 8chan lolcow board apparently lived close to him and went over to his place to scout things out. He was never heard from again.

I'm sure he's a serial killer. He looks the type.

No. 42006

File: 1421830648719.png (737.36 KB, 1059x314, dollyy.png)

her alongside some popular 'interchangeable doll faces'

Did anyone take a look at her hair? Does it grow or get shorter? Or does it stay exactly the same length all the time? Because if it's the latter, have I got news for you…

No. 42007

>what's stopping other people from doing the same thing considering it's relatively easy to pull this off provided you have the cash and time to do such thing to begin with

You have to be incredibly low, incredibly shameless, and have literally nothing to hope for in life. I know there are lonely creeps out there, but most people would at least feel embarrassed at themselves for going so far in fabricating a life and family that's not real. You have to renounce reality and accept that your going to devote your time, money, and everything else into living a lie.

Plus, it's obvious Peter wants to impress the internet above all. Otherwise even the Kimi incident would have been private. He could have kept this doll private have it be his dark little secret like I suppose most men do when they get one. But no, he had to flaunt it on the internet.

No. 42008

the doll guy in my strange addictions actually treated his doll as real

video related

No. 42009

File: 1421830958134.jpg (107.93 KB, 398x720, race7 (1).jpg)

Jewish and a SJW

Hilarious that he makes such racist jokes, in light of being a SJW moron. (keep in mind that BOTH accounts pictures, him and the girl flirting with him, were actually proven to be him)

No. 42012

It doesn't change length.

No. 42013

did he take a photo of someone from google and shoop her to look like ashleigh

No. 42026

I think it's just a random girl he saw in a store.

No. 42027

seriously? then she's either wearing wigs, or is a doll.

a woman's hair length DOES change, whether it's a little shorter or longer, esp. across the span of years

No. 42032

Oh man, I love xiaxue's blog, she's way funnier than coffin can ever hope to be, and cute to boot.

No. 42033

File: 1421842222209.jpg (87.13 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nasdy4vxCi1r5ygdco1_500…)

It's a weird coincidence how his wife is talking about jaw surgery on her twitter, and his ex japanese fake gf ALSO had jaw surgery

what a funny coincidence

No. 42035

This is why I'm inclined to believe Ashleigh isn't real either. If you look at her twitter she has the exact same sense of humor as Peter and a similar writing style. Shit's fucking creepy.

I used to like her blog a lot but lately all she posts are shitty advertorials and pics of her baby.

No. 42036

File: 1421842999445.jpg (61.44 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mm57b6oNaL1r5ygdco1_500…)

Her twitter is weirdly SJW…Just like coffin…She makes lame shitty jokes…just like koffin…She posts about mass effect, star wars etc…just like coffin

She sure has a lot in common with her husband. I guess that's why they got married eh?

It wouldn't be because he wants a female soapbox to blast hiss SJW views off of?

No. 42038

File: 1421843866521.jpg (35.97 KB, 500x500, 1421722750695.jpg)

/cow/ believes there may have been a real woman involved at some point (see the picture of the girl with the braces), but we are not sure what happened after that. We also think she may be a doll but again, there has been no definitive evidence to prove anything either way.

No. 42039


He just posted this seven hours ago to his vine…Those small normal boobs and the fact that are face is covered leave me to believe that she is shooped to all hell and back

No. 42041

What if he murdered some Scottish girl because she wouldn't love him and is now dressing in her skin and posting selfies pretending to be her.

No. 42042

Maybe he killed her because she wanted to leave him once she got her green card, and he preserved her corpse?

No. 42043

File: 1421844623321.jpg (50.05 KB, 500x500, tumblr_msf5fo8kDz1r5ygdco1_500…)

No. 42044

>that mask
I'm sorry, but that's not her

Where did he get a baby though?

No. 42045

Obviously two different videos put together

No. 42046

This whole thing is so sad. It seems he's one of those guys that's only a SJW so he can feel superior over everyone else, without actually BEING superior in any way, and also to pull chicks.

I bet he thinks most women are into SJW shit.

No. 42047

File: 1421845368936.jpg (71.37 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n0nistzphz1r5ygdco1_500…)

Maybe he engineered this whole hubbub around himself on purpose to gain popularity? Maybe he created the fake doll rumour himself, and wishes for it to get big, because it'll give him views and pupularity.

I mean, he DID quit his job just to promote his youtoob videos, and they're failing bad. Maybe this is his backup plan.

No. 42048

I have an idea. If we coud find this guy's mum, or any family member, we can ask that family member if he REALLY has a wife.

No. 42050

I really don't believe any sane woman would let this man put his penis in her.

No. 42051

Oh god, even herpes ridden Quirky wouldn't fuck him. There's cringe, and then there's whatever the duck this video is

No. 42053

he was on 'john harvey', kicking himself in the nuts

No. 42054

>out of shape
>strawmanning faster than a pretentious eminem on crack

Yeah sounds like a beta. Alpha is subjective anyway, everyone has their own definition of alpha. His seems to be 'those jock jerks that women don't like, also fedoras'

No. 42055

"I did not make Kimi Kobayashi up. I have literally no idea who did, at this point it could be someone in my own town or someone in Uganda, assuming there is internet there. There probably isn't."

>it could be someone in my own town or someone in Uganda, assuming there is internet there. There probably isn't.

>assuming there is internet there. There probably isn't
>probably no internet

I love how SJWs tend to be the most racist and condescending fucks, jesus christ.

No. 42060

Who the fuck would leave this guy with a baby?

No. 42061

File: 1421848107948.jpg (48.75 KB, 900x602, Reborn-boy-Winnie.jpg)

could it be a reborn baby or am I being stupidly paranoid?

pic related, it's a reborn baby DOLL

No. 42062

>I never felt entitled enough to act hostile
is he kidding?

No. 42063

The baby in the Vine seems to be moving. Can people get Reborn dolls to do that?
Because if so, that's very possible.
Imagine Peter having a fake wife, a fake baby, fake pets, etc. Literally living a lie.

No. 42064

I mean, the only reason why that asian model blogger blew the lid on his fake e e-gf, was because he kept harassing her, out of the blue (she never talked to him, he initiated the conversation) about how she had surgeries, how she's a bimbo etc.

Wow, so female positive. MUH FEMIZIZM. Female positive only when he likes the female, otherwise she's a bimbo and plastic surgery is for vapid whores, right?

No. 42066

Is this guy stable?


I'm so embarassed for him and so sad. It's like a slow tumblerina trapped in an ugly man's body.

No. 42067

That doll looks so real.
I think the baby in Peter's video is real.
It's so ugly, no manufacturer would make it.

No. 42068

File: 1421849557523.jpg (62.43 KB, 546x236, peter10.jpg)

How does he get to be such a self righteous SJW cunt when he said and did all that racist and sexist shit?

also top kek how he praises bayonetta and sakrasian at the same time. Sarkasian thinks bayonetta is just another oversexualised trope and bad for women.

No. 42069

that was my immediate thought, but the pictures from 8chan look like a real baby. Reborn dolls are usually overly-detailed newborns.

No. 42071

so it can kinda wiggle if you shake it, that's consistent with the video

No. 42072

Obviously something fucking weird is going on, there's no way a girl like that would ever marry and allow herself to get impregnated by someone that is so publicly a massive fucking joke and failure. Plus he has a history of fake girlfriends that would obviously never date him in a million years if they were real. But at the same time I don't want to let myself believe it's a doll because it would just be too hilarious and perfect to actually happen. I just can't fathom someone actually behaving like that.

No. 42075

2015 is the chinese year of the lolcow.

First chrischan, now this

it's a good year.

No. 42077

File: 1421851528397.png (205.83 KB, 639x365, 1421838950767.png)

Someone linked to this on 8chan: http://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/12hk08/rcringe_thinks_that_blogger_peter_coffin_ousted/

So a completely independent group of people from 2+ years ago also thought she was a doll.

Pic is apparently a still from a livestream he did.

No. 42078

This is so weird. Like watching a slow moving trainwreck of sadness.

I can't make heads nor tails. Is it a doll? Maybe. Something is really weird about ALL of this. If he just had a photo of his family like a NORMAL person none of this speculation would be going on.

No. 42083

Didn't the whole XX drama begin when he insulted her for having plastic surgery?

Pixy turns 30 this year as well, right? It's your time to shine, queen. Make us proud!

Exactly. They don't have a single photo or video of all three of them together where their faces aren't hidden and they're actually smiling or at least making some sort of expression other than soulless sex doll.

No. 42086

File: 1421855834779.jpg (103.41 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mk4ivywRpL1r5ygdco1_500…)

Yeah, he's some sort of a bipolar SJW. Mocking women with plastic surgery, then having his gf prais it, then turning aroun and being 'sex positive' and pro feminist.

He's a two faced shallow dude, but that's just my little old opinion.

No. 42088

File: 1421856347023.jpg (329.15 KB, 1280x1280, IaR6aEd.jpg)

if she is a doll, how come he got her such a pathetic butt? her body looks so unbalanced

No. 42090

He probably doesn't like too much junk in the trunk. Gotta have that "skinny but with big tits" aesthetic.

No. 42095

I think he got his idea of what women look like from bayonetta and 'skinny girls with big tits' porn.

Granted, some women DO look like this naturally, but it's so rare as to warrant an underlying health issue or a disorder, such as mammary tissue overgrowth (which can be dangerous and increase risk of cancer).

Some women DO lay off most of their fat in one place, eg. a condition known as steatopygia which is purely genetic. Some may also accumulate more fat in their stomach (apple shaped women) which is also genetic, but can also be due to hormonal imbalances and/or conditions.

It's possible that she's just a very lucky girl, but in all likelihood, if she's real that is, she stuffs a lot or has implants.

No. 42096

File: 1421857636309.jpg (32.6 KB, 266x500, Woman_with_steatopygia.jpg)

pic related, it's steatopygia

No. 42100

File: 1421858178842.jpg (136.64 KB, 640x410, peter kimi.jpg)

>I have never really considered myself to be hot stuff or anything like that. But I nabbed me a looker - someone I believe to be WAY out of my own league

Kek. From the Kimi era.

No. 42112

I remember reading that and cringing at the "so randum" carbs t shirt.

No. 42114

I figured out how he makes her 'stand up' lol


No. 42117

Maybe the baby is his nephew or a friend's baby?

No. 42119

File: 1421868187256.jpg (29.28 KB, 409x138, tits.jpg)

Has no visible breast support, yet large heavy breast is perfectly in position.
Also, no visible bra/breast supporting lingerie yet has large heavy breast in perfect perky position.

No. 42120

File: 1421868623862.jpg (178.5 KB, 1311x569, coffinssexdoll.jpg)

Also, foot always at the same angle when posing, even with numerous clothes changes.

White circle - this makes me think it's a doll. The fat at the top inner thighs is very dollified here. In real life, she either wouldn't have any (being thin), or the fat wouldn't suddenly taper upwards towards the top of the log joint.

No. 42121

It's posing at the same place in the pics, like he keeps it standing there when he's not…using…it.

No. 42122

File: 1421868843101.png (38.29 KB, 64x255, 76.png)

the mystery of the heart

No. 42123

File: 1421868959862.png (7.47 MB, 1280x5102, 1421800861310.png)

sorry i'm a retard and i posted a thumbnail

No. 42124

Where's that picture of her lying on a bed or sthing and the sole of her foot is scribbled out? I say it's to hide some kind of rubber molding join.

No. 42125

It's either to hide a weird unnatural doll joint or the doll stand.

No. 42126

I was thinking that too but wouldn't there be a shadow ?

The video with the dog looks super fake because nothing moves. Nothing. When she laugh there isn't a bit of boob jiggling, there's just her arm.

Now for the vine the baby (especially the head) look rigid and fake as fuck, the limbs doesn't seem to move (except because she shaking him) and babies are usually moving little creatures, but I really wonder if it's a real woman because moving that arm would be beyond difficult.

But why oh why wouldn't she at least show her face and speak ?? She got to have a mask on, and the only gif there is of her facial movements can be easily edited, honestly.
Why would a skinny bangable woman fall for this ugly creep ? it makes no sense, even love can't explain that.

No. 42127

Some of them have metal skeletons and can stand up by themselves.

No. 42128

He could be setting up the camera and taking a picture of the space then propping the doll up in the same space and photoshopping the stand out.

No. 42129

god his humour is cringey as fuck

i wonder if he secretly hates himself

No. 42131

So there are no pics of this girl out with her own friends? Or out with him? (Besides the totally fake shopping one)

No. 42132

My best friend is skinny but she had huge tits. I guess it's just rare because usually girls with big tits either don't have a thigh gap or a completely flat stomach (unless they work out)

No. 42135

He quit his job to make these videos.

No. 42138

if this was real it looks like she is wearing 10 bras at once

No. 42139

File: 1421875954761.png (2.85 MB, 2034x1228, rrr.png)

Interesting that you should mention that, I saw a real doll on the realdolls website which had a visible moldline running across the foot, rather than what you'd usually see, which is along the side of the foot.

It's very likely he was hiding a moldline or some sort of other identifying feature.

No. 42142

Bottom left doll looks so real.
I'm impressed

No. 42143

Nope, zero.
The only pictures of her outside are taken from behind, which still give away it's not the same person.

The ones that are taken outside are of a girl with less boobs and more hips. She obviously looks very real but she doesn't match the appearance of the doll.

No. 42144

The photo he took outside looks like he took it without consent. Same thing for the photo in the toy shop.

No. 42147

Ok, so I saw on the 8chan thread there was a video of her proving her accent and she wrote her tumblr account on a piece of paper but held it over her mouth as she spoke, but continuously moved her eyes/blinked/raised her brows. Is that possible with real dolls?

No. 42149

There are artefacts in the gifs and videos that point at stop motion techniques

No. 42150

Some people on the 8ch threads have been saying there was photoshop and stop motion involved in the creation of those gifs.

What we know so far [because I also lurk those threads], is that there -is- or was a real woman involved at a certain point, but that there is also the doll.

They also believe that the kid's fake.

No. 42157

inb4 he really did have a wife and baby but they both died in an accident so now he's using the realdoll to replace his dead family

No. 42158

I'm really leaning towards her being a doll but I've noticed that when she turns her head you can see the tendons in the neck. Can real dolls mimic that too?

No. 42160

no, real dolls have a hole in the back of their neck so you can hang them in a closet

No. 42161

File: 1421879538057.jpg (57.71 KB, 500x500, bullfuckingshit.jpg)

Looks like a bladder tumor. His knowledge of the female anatomy amuses me.

No. 42162

This is too fascinating

No. 42163

if this was a doll, how could he make that bulge like that?

No. 42164


The hands look off to me. I can't really put my finger on it, but they look… unnatural.

Also I've never seen a pregnant woman with an itty bitty waist and a bulge sticking out like that. How far along is she supposed to be in this picture anyway?

No. 42165

Photoshop. Duh.

No. 42166

It's actually a real person. They found pics of her on her moms fb

No. 42167

File: 1421880345361.png (203.78 KB, 1084x731, really.png)

Lol, really pete? What about your wife?

No. 42168

is her mom a real person?

No. 42169

I googled pictures of real pregnant women, and her bulge just seems…too low. If that makes sense.

No. 42170

Peter's misogyny originates from his failure in the showbussines

No. 42171

This picture was raken during labour ;-)

No. 42173

>The hands look off to me. I can't really put my finger on it, but they look… unnatural.
This! I have thought that about a lot of the pictures posted. It's not implausible that they belong to a real person, but it seems unlikely, and they seem unreal more often than not.

My thoughts exactly.

No. 42175

File: 1421881823086.jpg (186.37 KB, 517x941, mum.jpg)

someone sent a friend request to her mom on facebook, her first post there is about peter.


No. 42176

oh wow, 2015 is the year of the lolcow indeed. i thought this guy's drama ended after his fake gf thing……..

hmmm. he definitely owns a sex doll and had some girl take a few pictures/record audio but…. i guess what i'm really fucking confused about is WHY? WHY DO THAT SHIT?

No. 42178

Apex kek at the jealous landwhale in the comments section.

No. 42179

Nah, she's real

No. 42180

File: 1421882568830.jpg (37.43 KB, 495x717, 40-Discount-New-Silicone-Semi-…)

Oh yes. Realdolls can have tendons, veins, even eye veins, huge pubes and 'crusty' feet.

No. 42181

Strange how whenever they take pictures together she's always in that exact same pose.

No. 42182

It could have been an account registered already but maybe he changed the name and picture to some random old lady.
The other lady that commented on that status seems to be the only person who likes and comments on her stuff. I doubt they're both real.

No. 42183

Forgot to mention, he might have been planning this for a few years out of spite for being known as a loser.

No. 42184

File: 1421882765469.png (118.2 KB, 496x444, umhhhh.png)

photoshop and/or stuffing the stomach

btw am I the only one that thinks the bottom left photo from >>42161 looks blurred? Like someone was using the smudge tool on it?

No. 42186

top kek, what a hypocrite

typical sjw shit

No. 42187

File: 1421883006232.jpg (89.93 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mnmunxNmG51r5ygdco1_500…)

her mum's facebook is creepily short and empty in my opinion

The few only pictures her mum has on FB are of herself (like 2 pics maybe 3) and his wife. nothing else. No happy birthdays, no farmville, no posts, no articles nada. You'll get to the end of her facebook by scrolling for maybe 20 seconds or less.

Also the people that comment on her stuff have weird profiles, it could be fake.

ALSO the way she comments, his wife's mum commented on one of his pics 'oh tell ashley to call me please I miss talking to her' or something like that…Why wouldn't she call ashley herself if it's just for a casual conversation? Why does he need to be the arbitrer?

Iono it's fishy to me.

No. 42188

File: 1421883434336.png (215.85 KB, 257x388, spiky hand.png)

Apparently version 2 of the 'realdolls' doll has unusually big hands, as noted by the weirdos that talk about these dolls on forums.

One way to spot a doll hand is the lack of fingernail polish changing. Doll owners aren't keen to put on polish because to take it off, they'll have to use nail varnish remover which will damage the paint on the hands (if there was shading done to it).

If she NEVER has differing nail colours, lengths and/or chipped nails, then she's either not into nails or a doll.

No. 42190


OMG It's a fucking doll. Its arms are in the exact same position in both pictures, in fact, the angle of the phone is the same as well.
The tilt of the head, the eyes, and the fucking phone is in the exact same position, covering her mouth and nose perfectly.
THE FUCKING FINGERS are in the exact same position.

WHAT THE FUCK. How much money did he drop on this fucking thing?

I just can't. I can't. Why?

No. 42191

well, a sex doll is cheaper than a real woman, never ages, never complains, always wants sex, always has perky tits, doesn't require contraception, can't argue with you etc.

also it allows him to have a supa hot gf while in reality he'd have to shack up with a landwhale

which is what I think he actually did. He's actually married and has a child with this gross fat ugly woman, but is keeping his fetish illusion alive with a doll, that she's fine with.

No. 42193

yeah, the pixels are crazy around the belly specifically.

No. 42194

The good ones start at around 7000 dollars

No. 42195

hey I never noticed the arm thing, you're right

why would she take a selfie, then kneel down while carefully keeping her arms in EXACTLY the same position?

ALSO notice how she's very often in front of a white background, easy to shoop a stand out that way.

No. 42196

That's the doll hip, not a stomach. He turned it to make it look that way because the leg goes behind the other one. No baby bump in human history looks that fucking crazy.

No. 42198

even really skinny girls get a baby bump that starts much higher up than that. you know, big enough to have a baby in it? my step-sister weighed about 90 lbs for her first pregnancy and didn't gain much weight at all besides the belly…and i mean, she still looked obviously pregnant.

i could buy these photos being someone who is not far along at ALL but not second, third trimester.

in the halfway photo here >>41793 she strategically has her hand placed where the belly would feasibly begin to show, and >>42184 is definitely shooped. for a baby to be growing that large that low in her birth canal she would probably have serious problems, i think?

i'm not a doctor or nurse or anything, but she doesn't look like any pregnant women i've ever seen. they either show a lot or don't show at all (rare and very unusual in very thin girls).

No. 42201

Agreed. I know that anecdote isn't the plural of data, but my super skinny teacher recently had a baby, she looked like a stick with a giant beach ball stuck to it.

Like you said, 'hidden' pregnancies usually happen to bigger women, a woman like quirky might not even notice she's pregnant and it won't show much, she'll just think it's indigestion.

No. 42208

Idgi, why do people consider her to be lucky for having such a slim figure and massive tits? I mean aside from the bs that is driven through media about what we should consider attractive

Her body is not proportionate. In order to balance out what a huge bust she has, she should have a larger butt, or at least an hour glass figure with wider hips. She appears to have a rectangular body shape that is minimized by her (likely fake) boobs

No. 42209

The doll has 17 friends on facebook. Mustn't be a popular doll mold or sthing.

Hmm all her photos are taken on a really shitty phone/webcam. You know, so they're not very high definition.

No. 42211

File: 1421886598828.jpg (17.88 KB, 520x202, 01.JPG)


No. 42212

File: 1421886633409.jpg (13.87 KB, 522x181, 02.JPG)

odd hmm #2

No. 42213

File: 1421886668761.jpg (16.44 KB, 542x227, 03.JPG)

#3 hmm fake much?

No. 42215

They set up their facebooks 2 days apart? What a coincidence.

This coffing guy is full of coincidences.

No. 42216


Sorry for slightly OT but porridge-wog here, that place is a pretty short drive away from where I live, looked her up and 0 mutual friends, unless she moved from there pretty early on.

No. 42217

does no one else notice how her tits are suddenly like 6 cups smaller here

No. 42218


Yeah, I was gonna say something but I think she wears multiple bras to make her tits look bigger. Still, she'd have to be wearing about 10 bras to make that big a difference. Weird.

No. 42219

Some of them don't need stands and can stand on their own. I also noticed that in most pictures, her left heel is always off the ground.

No. 42220

File: 1421887117565.jpg (14.55 KB, 501x215, Capture.JPG)

One of her mother's friends (main comment maker) also set up a profile around the same time BUT these profiles have entries back to 2009. How does that work?

No. 42221

yeah, I posted about that

No. 42222

Maybe the profiles got deleted back in 2009 but they got them back later.

No. 42224

they've posted since then, all the way to now but it says born August/September last year. it's fucking odd.

No. 42226

File: 1421887370862.jpg (80.7 KB, 714x404, fakemum.jpg)


Oh, weird, I wouldn't put it past her to be a real person. Not like there aren't people who just accept friend requests from whoever though.

I'd censor out the names but it's not like they're not easily searchable from "Ashleigh"s mum's profile anyway, and why would anyone want to contact her?

No. 42227

File: 1421887444064.jpeg (65.36 KB, 900x485, post-13623-Pregnancy-Photo-Tim…)

The bump looks definitely weird, and even if you were skeletor, the bump doesn't stay in your belly.
That's a really abnormal pregnancy.

No. 42228

That's probably just the date when they posted the "life event" of being born/made it public or something.

No. 42230

File: 1421887876960.jpg (64.05 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mjxkismu551r5ygdco1_500…)

it's weird that all these facebook ccounts were created/recuperated and had their birthdates updated (that's when it gives you the 'birth date born status') around the same time

No. 42234

File: 1421888635274.jpg (183.18 KB, 1454x1116, once upon a time.jpg)

No. 42235

File: 1421888899781.jpg (12.99 KB, 250x223, 1345498734528.jpg)

Real fake

No. 42236

File: 1421889168887.jpg (62.58 KB, 765x319, weird.jpg)


Wow. Her mum's profile obviously has someone real behind it though. Nobody is crazy enough to fake a girlfriend, her mother, her mother's photos, and all her mother's friends' profiles for years. Not even Coffin.

Sorry for all this useless info, I think I'm just getting overexcited because Aberdeenshire feels like bumfuck nowhere compared to all these US states where most e-drama is based. I'll stop now. I promise.

No. 42238

No anon, it's great that your're so fascinated, it's people like you who make the biggest breakthroughs with lulz. The devil's in the details.

No. 42239

NO results on 192.com of anyone with the name Ashleigh Burt or Susan Phillips Burt in Aberdeenshire. That's electoral roll, births, phone directory enquiries.

A Kerry Phillips in Aberdeenshire is 25-29 years old

No. 42241

Could be her.

No. 42242

File: 1421890086932.jpg (12.87 KB, 178x178, tinfoil-hat.jpg)


Wow, that's so weird. I would have said the profile was fake and he just added random people from around the Banchory area but the few people that would accept "her" request wouldn't likely post on her facebook wall.

Fucking hell this is the strangest shit

No. 42244

Oh god, I just realised that he likes sonic.

This explains everything.

No. 42245

I'm trying really hard to find his family, but it's just not happening

No. 42246


Please disregard my autism. I tried searching the names of the mutual friends we have and some other people I know from that area. The only person who's info I could find was for an old address. At least 5 years old, I think. It's plausible that she's just not listed. Could still easily be fake, though.

No. 42248

Found his address.
He trademarked 'the stupid show'


Iono if it's his current address, but maybe it'll help one of you with the search

Peter Coffin
335 Paw Paw Ave
Watervliet, MI 49098

No. 42249

I have facial blindness so I can't tell people apart too well, but does this guy look anything like peter?

He has his surname, lived in the same place and went to the same high school. Maybe his brother?


No. 42250

File: 1421891146704.jpg (28.14 KB, 444x350, notadoll.jpg)


Aww that's kind of sweet aside from the fact I'm disturbingly fascinated by this whole thing, thanks anon.


It's almost sad, isn't it?

No. 42251

File: 1421891435217.png (166.65 KB, 890x521, sddssd.png)

His other family members. This info can be confirmed my googling each name individually, it checks out for carol and josh anyway, don't know about the rest.

If we check out his family's social media we can suss out if he's REALLY married or not, because his fb seems so be strangely lacking REAL family interacting

as if he's keeping a big lie from them…and from the world…

No. 42254

He's talking about Ashlee Simpson.

No. 42255

File: 1421891823887.jpg (180.16 KB, 550x312, peter20.jpg)

LOL that's what you think.

Anyone know Zoe Kimball? Ex "sitemodel" from myspace circa 2007. She had a legion of obsessively disturbed girls who went to ridiculous lengths to catfish her. I remember at least two fake profiles that were fighting with each other for months over who was the real one, and they both had created fake myspace and youtube accounts for her known friends (at least 4 of them), plus mom, dad, and sister. Some of the catfishers kept this charade on for YEARS and kept multiple social media like formspring, bebo, myspace, youtube. One of them was even psycho enough to cut and dye her hair a similar fashion, and create a "proof sign" with a crappy webcam but hiding half of her face to prove she was the real Zoe out of the two fakes. Photoshop was most likely involved too, I found out who the girl behind it was and she was photography hobbyist who was pretty damn good with photoshop. Everyone believed the photo, and even other fakes started editing and using it.

If insecure girls are capable of this and motivated by nothing other than a vicarious fantasy, then Peter Coffin, guy who ran fake-GF Kimi's youtube, formspring, twitter and spoke to people as her is definitely capable of this. Just remember how detailed her got when he was pretending to be her replying to people, pic related.

No. 42256

ahahaha lol I suck cocks

thanks anon. I'mma delete it so people don't get confused

Btw he's in his 30s and ashleigh is 22 right?

No. 42257




I think this is their profiles if Joshua is his brother, right?

No. 42259

No. 42260


Jeeeeeeesus fucking christ

Cheers anon, that's pretty crazy.

No. 42261

Is it possible to call some kind of government office to find out if they are married for real? Since he posted the information online and all.

No. 42262

Yo anon, the links don't work for me
Yes, and someone already did that. Go on twitter, type in petercoffin, go to 'all tweets' and see the person with the living doll avatar. They're waiting for the stuff, it's coming via the post

No. 42263

If he's from Michigan and she's supposedly from Scotland…why do they have a birth certificate from Utah and a marriage certificate from Nevada (http://petercoff.in/post/34811431715/if-youd-like-a-full-copy-of-our-marriage)?

No. 42264

I was wondering that. Unless they got married in Vegas or something.

No. 42265

I think that he is going to change the narrative soon. "Kimi" was from Scotland, and so is Ashleigh. He is going to say that he fell in love with his catfish and that he was head over heels with the persona, not the physical appearance. Bonus points that the catfish is Ashleigh, mentally unstable hot person. Or some shit.

No. 42266

File: 1421892402223.jpg (297.02 KB, 1278x628, coffin.jpg)

Sorry anon. That's weird, they work for me. Maybe you have to be signed in? I remember I couldn't view Raven Sparks' profile unless I was signed in even though it was public. You're not missing much, really.

No. 42269

Ah, I think it's a server issue! I'm glad you can get on it! If he's really married, she'd mention it on her facebook right? what mother wouldn't?

Also, coupe de grace, if anyone has a throwaway FB account, you could ask her directly about ashleigh.

No. 42270

I just read his AMA on reddit (he deleted all of his comments).

Gooddaaaammn what a colossal idiot.

He quit his day job? Does anyone know what he did before he decided to become youtube famous (be careful what you wish for lol)?


No. 42271

Judging by that happy family photo and the fact that he's not in it (are they even FB friends?) he's probably estranged from his family.

No. 42272

How does he get money if he doesn't have a job and he doesn't make money off of youtube (or does he)?

No. 42273

Hmmm why would he be estranged though? What could have possibly happened between them?

I think it's strange that he never mentions or talks to his brother or mother, esp. considering that his younger bro is a 'funny guy^' too.

No. 42274

He said he's a lawyer once, I think.

No. 42275

Oh fuck, I think you're right. I see it now, wtf.

No. 42276

File: 1421893019568.jpg (58.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ml9pb1u5RA1r5ygdco1_500…)

I think he never talks to his family because it would blow his cover on both fronts

his family would find out that he's actually a giant loser and the internet would find out that he doesn't actually have a wife

No. 42277

every time "she" posts photos she posts two pictures that are basically the same. i don't get it.

No. 42278

File: 1421893183806.png (466.59 KB, 513x521, ttttttttttttt.png)


No. 42279

File: 1421893397127.png (21.27 KB, 813x290, yo.png)

september 2014 again just like >>42213
and >>42212

Can someone explain this plz

No. 42280


With the same fucking braid, braid is always on the (it's) right side, same part on her scalp, the fucking phone covering her mouth because it only has one facial expression.

Do you guys think he fucks it then cries himself to sleep hugging it?

No. 42281

File: 1421893468231.jpg (79.4 KB, 768x597, 551709_3739051049570_123537526…)

Spot the peter.

Also his other brother ? tyler


No. 42282

of course

No. 42283

The hair is definitely a wig, not that that proves anything. The part is very wig-like. >>42276 Probably already pointed out.

No. 42284

File: 1421893605271.jpg (14.54 KB, 494x184, DATE.JPG)


No. 42285

File: 1421893635565.jpg (14.13 KB, 507x177, DATE02.JPG)


No. 42286

File: 1421893710363.jpg (70.03 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ndm4n0NVIt1r5ygdco1_500…)

this is getting ridiculous

there has to be some rational explanation for it

maybe august and september 2014 are the default dates for EVERYONE on facebook to update their date of birth?

No. 42287


Dude, why am I getting creeped out by this?

No. 42288

either they all decided to get on facebook at the same time (way after everyone else) or they are all fake profiles

>maybe august and september 2014 are the default dates for EVERYONE on facebook to update their date of birth?
doubt it. let's test that theory.

No. 42289

File: 1421893767048.jpg (13.4 KB, 499x162, date03.JPG)

one of the doll's friends

check em

No. 42290

obviously some imperfection with that part of the doll (sticker) and some latex/silicon join on foot

No. 42291

File: 1421893891756.png (22.83 KB, 813x290, op.png)

And why is she from august 2014 too?
It's august and september 2014 for so many of these profiles


No. 42292

File: 1421893961007.jpg (13.88 KB, 511x181, yup.JPG)

doll friend

No. 42293


The only rational explanation I could think of is maybe Facebook did an update or something around that time.

No. 42294

File: 1421894030519.gif (966.37 KB, 353x265, tumblr_md5889gsCN1r270l9.gif)

I find ashley's FB weird. What girl has 17 fb friends? Why even make a FB if you're not going to use it?

No. 42295

All these generic 4 letter last names.

No. 42296

File: 1421894135049.jpg (92.75 KB, 544x960, 10387303_10205023279122763_233…)

she looks a lot like the old, real pics of ashleigh with the baby and braces eh

No. 42297

When you go to make a profile, your birthday is literally one of the first things it asks you, on the front page. Go on and look. I went to my actual profile to change the birthday and it just had my actual birthday. Went to my lurking account to change the birthday (which wasn't listed) and it just had the default "month, day, year" options.

He probably just made a bunch of sockpuppet accounts around August and September and fills in pictures and and names as he needs them.

This is the only logical explanation but why did none of these people go back and change their birthday? not even one of them?

No. 42298

someone on /cow/ mentioned that the further back in her me tag on tumblr the girl looks more and more like a real person, her proportions are more normal, etc.

Maybe she was a real person once then Peter killed her and bought a sexdoll to replace her.

No. 42299

Maybe this is a real girl named Ashleigh that he became obsessed with, so he customized a real doll to look just like her, and goes back and forth with posting stolen pictures of her and pictures of the doll?

No. 42300

File: 1421894296786.jpg (65.05 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mijc7aNxJj1r5ygdco1_500…)

Yeah, I just went to check out my own and my brother's, both just have our birth dates on it, where it says september 2014 and august 2014 for all these doll sockpuppets

No. 42301

maybe he made a skinsuit out of her

No. 42302

File: 1421894443707.png (15.83 KB, 813x303, wmo.png)

His dad?

Very empty bare bones profile, hardly any posts and SEPTEMBER

No. 42303

File: 1421894639044.jpg (63.83 KB, 471x831, 1421874124547.jpg)


Very. Maybe the doll's stunt double.

No. 42304

File: 1421894697521.png (22.14 KB, 813x292, see.png)

her husband made his account on august 2014! what a coincidence ;)

No. 42306

it was pathetic enough that he had to make up his wife and her friends/family, but he is legit making profiles for his own family members.

No. 42307

Yeah, this is too creepy for me. I really hope that this is some facebook update or glitch thing.

I've checked my friends though and everyone just has either the date they made their FB or their actual birthdate

No. 42309

File: 1421895292631.gif (104.21 KB, 400x300, realdoll.gif)

Has this already been pointed out? If so, sorry, but I dragged the boob gif to photoshop where it shows all 24 layers of the gif, and some layers have been cut off! Pic related, from layer 8 to layer 9 her hand magically appears on her boob.

If you guys have photoshop, just drag the gif there and from the bottom start viewing each layer individually, when you get to layer 9 her hand will spontaneously appear. While as you look at all the other layers, the movement is consistently second-by-second. You don't miss anything.

Peter's hand must have appeared when he was lifting her hand, because there's no reason to do this otherwise.

No. 42310

No, nobody pointed this out before.

Holy shit, that's really weird then, I mean it's occam's razor at this point. Why would she, if she were real, shoop this like that?

also how does this play in with the dutch forum thing? did he really make the gif, but long ago?

No. 42311

No. 42312

Are the posts in 2009 life events. You can add events to your timeline and it will retroactively post them so to speak.

No. 42313

exactly. It's like, imagine making a gif of yourself walking, then dragging it to PS and deleting like 4 layers in the middle of the gif. So the gif moves normally but at one point you suddenly moved 3 steps forward from one second to the next. For what? Why would you even think of doing that?

No. 42314

yep. you can put 'graduated uni in 1960' and it'll put 1960 as the date, even though fb was obviously not around back then

No. 42316

File: 1421896037350.jpg (70.32 KB, 888x414, Capture.JPG)


No. 42317

No. 42318

File: 1421896242798.png (5.49 KB, 449x180, Untitled.png)

Checked my personal profile, and I've been on facebook since 2011. SOmething's fishy.

No. 42319

File: 1421896325938.png (427.48 KB, 862x512, POP.png)

I swear he killed her

No. 42320


She started posting heavily around August 2014, before then it's like the account is private. You just get to see who she befriended. Nothing else.

No. 42321

File: 1421896385243.png (24.64 KB, 865x305, sww.png)

August is good too!

No. 42322

*befriended in 2013, 2012 etc

No. 42323

No. 42324

Theres a picture of her with a caption that says something like she has to workout but she's wasting time taking selfies and she's wearing those striped tights. Who works out in tights/stockings? He's giving her the same crude personality of Kimi too like he didn't learn his lesson. No mention of having her hair done or what she bought, just pics of her boobs and vidya.

No. 42325

Had to plug in fucking headphones for 13 seconds of audio and no face. Yes, that will really make me believe you.

>"i might be a sex doll though"

>truth comes out
>it's okay guys, i told you she was a sex doll!

No. 42326


Oh jesus christ no I'm sorry I posted that without explaining in the OP post

I was just replying to a /cow/ post saying her accent is fake, basically

No. 42328

File: 1421897677302.jpg (48.76 KB, 845x358, Capture.JPG)

He also jokes about it on his Patreon

No. 42330


But I'm not him or Ashleigh or associated with him, like I said >>42325

I wouldn't have been surprised if Ashleigh/whoever's "voicing" her joked about that but I wasn't

Sorry I keep spamming replies to this but I don't want people to start thinking this is some kind of evidence

No. 42335

No. 42341

She looks so more vibrant than the doll

No. 42342

If you look at her armpit in that gif, there is a strange line going along the inner side of her arm. Could be a seam?

And you can see through the shirt that she wears multiple bras, they just squeeze everything up.

No. 42343

File: 1421902118602.png (4.45 MB, 1120x4464, 2015-01-21 23.39.26.png)

Okay guys, it took me a while to read this thread since it blew up, and I wanted to read through to see if anybody else noticed what I joticed;
forgive me if I post like a retard cause lurking is more my thing on here, but what I noticed is in the pictures posted by >>42123
I circled the anomalies on my phone, I mean she looks odd enough by herself, but nobody on this thread pointed out the background, someone on 8chan (I think?) Pointed it out once, but another person said it was a corner in the room, but I circled some oddities I noticed, and the reason I did is becsuse I was borderline about her being a doll, but the fact that the background is so obviously edited on a major level is making me wonder if he really did edit out a tripod of sorts, or SOME THING because the editing, to me, is just fucking weird. Or maybe I'm just too tired or just retarded, so forgive me if this is really dumb.
also. In the baby vine, did anyone else question where her accent went? Or am I just not ablet to recognize it? Just some thoughts after reading this thread.

No. 42344

And sorry for shitty circles and spelling errors, I'm on my phone and can't be assed to correct it all.

No. 42346

Fuck me guys, I looked at it closer and looks like the middle photo might just be from the mirror, but the top one with the magic uneven floor and wall is still weird to me. Sorry yall.

No. 42356

This… This is fucking unbelievable.

When I was catfishing people as an insecure little shit with a massive sense of pride and a refusal to ever admit defeat or that I was lying, not even then would I have gone to these lengths. Jesus fucking Christ, this is unbelievable. With the sheer amount of time required to keep up this facade he'd have to be dedicating his life 100% to this.

I'm just speechless.

No. 42358

I know this thread is very fast-paced and this is technically an old post but AMEN! Even girls who DO post "sexy pictures" a lot have some sort of variety. Hell, you see their faces quite a lot.

As for this chick, I'm a little ashamed that you farmers haven't caught on to the after effects yet. (At least not where I'm at.) Because of cows like like Kooter and Michelle Phan, it was the first thing I noticed about her wobbly gifs.

No. 42360

No. 42361

Omg, I see it!!! I also wondered about where her accent went in that video….

This is so pathetically sad.

No. 42363

Peter exists:

But not his wife?

I'm sorry but every single place in every single state that I've lived since I was a child is on Spokeo, but she's just a ghost? She had a child, she should have hospital records or some sort of paper trail but there's nothing. WHY IS THIS SO WEIRD YET FASCINATING!?

No. 42364

File: 1421909138908.png (394.18 KB, 500x500, peterstupido.png)

I'll just leave this here…

No. 42365

Are those not the door hinges?

No. 42366

possibly… perhaps fail clone stand tool for the stand?

No. 42367


>>42366 ^^^^^^^
This pic also has the hinges

No. 42368

ah, fair call.
It just looks a bit suspicious so close to her elbow.

No. 42369

Scottish people don't sound like that at all… the voice sounds like the google translate robot voice with a poor british accent.

No. 42370

I think the stand is primarily on its right leg. That's why it always has the left leg looking shorter or like its on its tip toe.

No. 42373

Didn't someone say this was a gif from 2011 though? Way before they got married and all.

No. 42378

wut is this real?

No. 42379

Yea, that's her "proof video" where she also shows her "silly accent".

No. 42380

She's really pretty

No. 42381

This guy really creeps me out.

No. 42382

>his wife's mum commented on one of his pics 'oh tell ashley to call me please I miss talking to her' or something like that…Why wouldn't she call ashley herself if it's just for a casual conversation?

Cos he killed Ashley. Someone should ask her how long it's been since they spoke properly.

No. 42383

Is it odd that her makeup doesn't change and remain consistent? Most women I know switch up eyeshadows/lipsticks/eyeliner styles every now and then.

No. 42384

I was on the fence but like the extreme and unshakable uncanny valley going on here is too strong to ignore. I've never witnessed a human being that could pull that off.

No. 42385

No. 42386

Yeah but since Peter is a misogynistic asshole who thinks women who get plastic surgery and are unnatural are vapid whores. So he wouldn't doll up his doll.

No. 42387

there's something up, definitely. I went through 25 pages of her me tag on tumblr, the really old stuff seems like a normal girl–emoting more, more normal proportions.

then there's a post of her engagement right (I guess to Peter?) and almost immediately after that the posts get more boring and same-same. the impossible boobs come out and the exact same pose in EVERY selfie.

shit's weird.

No. 42388

… would it actually look this good though? I'd say he just got the doll to cover up, but yeah that video is creepy as shit.

No. 42389

I don't get how he can get a doll that looks so fucking unrealistic body-wise (those disproportional tits and that tiny waist, wtf?), but then attack women who actually look like that in real life as "fake".
He needs to make up his fucking mind

No. 42390

Can someone see if there are frames missing in this gif?

No. 42392

Nah he thinks just like every other douchlord. He's using his sjw label to appeal to what he thinks is a huge interweb audience right now.

No. 42400

File: 1421916598108.jpg (113.98 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Either this guy lives in a wonky as fuck house or he edits these pics a lot.

Why the hell doesn't the corner match up to where the walls next to her head?

No. 42402

Frames 5, 10, 14 and 19 are empty
Total of 21 frames

No. 42404


No. 42405

But he was the same way before the whole SJW internet boom. His fake "Japanese" gf from way back when was a Korean chick who wore tons of makeup and most likely shooped her photos a lot (and quite possibly had at least a bit of plastic surgery), but he had the nerve to shit on Xiaxue for being "fake".
He just seems very hypocritical and inconsistent with his opinions.
In more ways than one, he's faker than any bleach blond with a set of beach ball tits. The difference is he doesn't even try to make himself look presentable or attractive.

No. 42408

Never mind. The layout of the house is like so:

No. 42412

File: 1421923045438.jpg (38.33 KB, 640x480, wrist.jpg)

lol, look at the wrist in this pic

No. 42416

What am I supposed to be looking at?

No. 42418

I was totally sold on it being a doll but that video where she talks seems too legit. I have been to Aberdeen and that's definitely the accent.

No. 42421

File: 1421927062172.png (583.58 KB, 695x524, 234rr.png)

What happened to her beach ball titties? Those looks like barely c cups.

She does seem like a real person in the video, but why does she cover her mouth the whole time she's speaking? Does she just have really jacked up teeth or something? Her supposedly ginormous rack is conveniently out of shot the whole time as well.

Doll or not, something fucking weird is going on.

No. 42422

her teeth shouldn't be jacked considering in other photos she had braces and apparently surgery to correct her jaw. nah, none of this adds up.

No. 42423

It must be a real girl that Peter stole pictures of. And he also owns a doll that he customized to look like this woman and is trying to play them off as the same person.

If we can only find the real sources or the real girl, that would prove it.

No. 42426

She covers her mouth because of mental issues

No. 42427

If it doesn't wear glasses it's a real girl.
His doll would look really fake without the glasses (with reflection)

About the girl in your picture (looks real) I think he saved a bunch of pictures from an now defunct instagram account and releases them at a steady pace.

No. 42428

I've been lurking /cow/'s and this thread for a couple of days now and I'm finally home and can use my laptop to reply to everything I wanted to give my input on (phone is slow and replying on here takes too long on it).

Her body is SO weird in these! The way it's leaning to the side and the feet placement is so unnatural, I mean can any human being actually stand like that? It looks too fucking much like a doll being propped up. Also in these pictures >>41833 her body looks particularly fucked. When I first saw them I thought her body looked identical to a blow-up doll.


I did an analysis thing but I'm not too aware of what to look for. Anyone here that knows how to detect shoop through this? Can you see anything?
Fucking amazing, he's a genius! Do realdolls have bellybuttons? He could easily have shooped it out though.

Her fingers do change a little bit, at least her index finger; the knuckle is higher on the kneeling one and kind of covering the eye of whatever is on her phone case and on the standing picture her finger isn't covering the eye at all. Could just be it slightly budging from her being moved into a different position though. She does seem to otherwise be in pretty much the exact same position with all else (arms, head tilt, etc.) how her phone is lined up on her face is particularly weird. It looks absolutely EXACT.

Yup, and her waist there is nowhere near as tiny as it is in all her other selfies and shit. It's usually like half of that. Her body actually looks real here and not like a fucking doll.

This is confirmed to be his brother then. Should we ask him via YouTube about Peter and his 'wife'?

I could believe that she's self conscious of her teeth as we've seen pics of her with braces and her smile seems big, but they're not bad teeth at all. But hiding anything at this point makes this all seem even more suspicious.

No. 42431

I think she's fake too, but I tried searching myself on there and got nothing, and I've definitely got a paper trail.

No. 42432

This is cringeworthy enough without knowing both of these accounts are him.

I wonder how long it will take him to go off the far end and take the doll outside. He seems like the kind of person who gets so caught up in proving the internet h8ers wrong that he'll stop caring as much about what his neighbors think.

I don't think her body shape is attractive (or realistic), either. It looks like a prepubescent child with beach balls stuffed down its shirt, completely out of proportion and ridiculous. And then he turns around and makes fun of Heidi Montag for having unrealistic fake tits.

No. 42438

Girl in pic is fat

No. 42439

This is not the doll. The doll looks like Bayonetta (one of Peter's obsessions), the girl in this picture has a friendly face.

No. 42443

It's not mirrored, but why should it be? If she's taking a photo in a mirror and a note is stuck to it, there's no reason it should be mirrored.

No. 42444

That picture of the "baby" in the 8chan thread is 100% a reborn. The eyes and lashes are a dead giveaway.

No. 42446

File: 1421934809871.jpg (92.12 KB, 643x673, elf.jpg)

Chances of two brown eyed parents having a blue eyed child is very rare.

I can easily imagine he stole this photo from someone's facebook/flickr/blog/whatever, cropped and flipped it.

No. 42447

File: 1421934907686.jpg (574.41 KB, 1540x900, titmole.jpg)

Both the have the same mole on their boob though.

No. 42448

File: 1421934913197.jpg (169.27 KB, 1023x682, Karen Beach 1.jpg)

realdolls do have bellybuttons!

There are many different 'models' of dolls, some that look really fake, some that look etremely realistic. Some that are light and have hair implants, some that are so heavy the doll owners buy a wheelchair for it and are bald, necessating a wig.

Bellybuttons are a common detail though.

No. 42449

She might have flipped the photo so when she uploads it it can be read. Supporting evidence is the fact that her hair is parted on that side in webcam pics but not in mirror selfie pics since webcams flip the image automatically, and I don't know any girls who switch up what side they part their hair on on a regular basis, and if it's a doll, then a guy is so much less likely to pay any attention to a parting. It's also the same hair style as in >>41847, but the part is on the other side, which might mean it was flipped too.

That may well be a mirror that's easy to move around. I have one that's about a metre high, but very light so I can move it around my room very easily. This isn't that difficult.

I feel like this whole thread is one of those 'if you look hard enough for something, you'll find it' sort of deal. I'm not saying either way whether or not she's a doll because >>41923 is really fucking weird, but I think much of the 'evidence' can be explained away quite easily.

No. 42450

That would imply both pictures are mirrored.

No. 42451

Yep, if ANYONE has a fb account they can spare, we need to ask his family about this fake gf stuff.

No. 42452

I see, thanks! That's what I thought. So if he really was turning her to make it seem like her hip was a baby bump we'd see a bellybutton, right? Though, like I said, he could have shooped it out but then if that were the case, why wouldn't he just put her sideways and shoop her belly bigger to seem pregnant?

No. 42453

File: 1421935211223.jpg (140.19 KB, 1638x894, ase.jpg)

considering that they both hav brown eyes (or at least peter, his mum and ashleigh's mum have brown eyes) it's strange their kid should have blue eyes in that photo, but on in another

I know kids often have blue eyes that change as they grow up, but this is fishy

No. 42454

Two brown eyed people have a 25% chance of having a blue eyed kid if they're both carriers of the recessive gene, and babies often have blue eyes when they're young anyway.

No. 42455

Leave the family alone, their daighter is severely mentally ill. Contacting the family would only worry them.

No. 42456

>their daighter is severely mentally ill
How do you know this?
And what bearing does this have on the situtation? It's just a question.

No. 42457

I already posted saying this on the 8ch thread but am I the only one that thinks that child looks nothing like Peter or something he and Ashleigh/the girl in the pic could produce? Like, where the fuck does it get those eyes from? They're so far apart and neither Peter or his 'wife' have eyes like that. Maybe there's something wrong with it; the baby's left (our right) eye looks less distanced from its nose and more averagely spaced than the right eye. When you cover its right eye it looks normal. Its left eye just looks weirdly and unevenly spaced out.

No. 42458

This is absolutely a reborn. The eyes and lashes are super fake looking. I think the baby in the other 2 pics is real but this definitely isn't.

No. 42460

Not that anon but she made a tumblr post implying she had a mental illness. Didn't mention it being 'severe' though. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 42461

>have a severely mentally ill daughter
>let her get married to peter coffin

great job

No. 42462

File: 1421935687825.png (517.74 KB, 967x589, 1418882427676.png)

No. 42463

File: 1421935754994.jpg (61.97 KB, 600x800, Birth certificate Harrison Cof…)

==Never shake a baby==

>What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Shaken Baby Syndrome occurs when a baby or young child is shaken violently and sometimes repetitively (over and over), with or without the head hitting something. The effects can be very serious and can include lifelong injury or even death.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a type of abusive head trauma, which can cause:

>Damage to a child's brain.

>Permanent disabilities, like blindness or paralysis.

Children less than 1 year old are the most at risk because they cry more often, but older children can also be seriously injured if they are shaken violently. No child, at any age, should ever be shaken.

Why are you abusing your child, Peter? Don't you care about the well-being of your son?

No. 42464

File: 1421935756335.jpg (66.05 KB, 681x558, baby grey.jpg)

Newborns have dark, dark steel gray eyes that everyone calls "blue". Pic related. The child in the twitter screenshot has legit blue eyes. Once they look that color, you can bet 100% they're not gonna change to another color.

No. 42465

I don't think it's necessarily a doll, but I do think that the baby isn't his. He just stole pictures of people holding the baby, and the pictures where hes holding the baby never show its head or face

also the closeup eye pictures is probably nicked from somewhere,imma reverse image search it

No. 42466

Idk, I've never really been in contact with a newborn, it's just what I've read. Still possible for it to happen though.

No. 42467

>imma reverse image search it

Already tried it. The picture has obviously been cropped and probably further messed with to avoid that.

It's not a reborn. The baby in the eyes picture looks nothing like that baby the woman is holding. He (or could even be a she?) doesn't have eyes that spaced out, and their skin looks to be a fairer tone than the other baby.

No. 42468

File: 1421936160546.png (607.22 KB, 1191x609, sayy.png)

No. 42469

Someone posted this blog entry of Peter on 8chan's cow
Much projection, wow

No. 42470

Goddam september 2014 was a busy month for everyone.

No. 42472

She has 'body dysmorphic disorder' supposedly, and that's IF she exists.

Anyway, it's a legit question. I really want someone to contact her family via FB just to ask if she's really married to him.

No. 42473

Well, I guess now we know why she never really smiles or opens her mouth lol.

I actually do think that baby she's holding looks a bit like Peter though.

No. 42474

No. 42477

File: 1421936532599.jpg (534.09 KB, 3264x2448, lDWO4mZ.jpg)


YOU CAN get married to a 'realdoll', there are some men that did it and publicly announced it.

No. 42480

That middle picture - who in the world holds a young baby like that?

No. 42481

How do you know you won't be not contacting one of Peter's sockpuppets. I won't put it past Coffin to create an entire social media family.

No. 42483

That must be a cheap doll. Peter's doll is more realistic (probably very expensive too).

No. 42484

BDD might explain her huge tits and skinny body, people with BDD often become fixated on one single part of their body (most commonly their nose, I believe) and trying to get it perfect. Hers might be her tits.

No. 42485

File: 1421937193646.jpg (2.68 MB, 2448x3264, 1421884956964.jpg)


This is top kek. That's obv a diff girl.

No. 42486

Wow, that's dangerous. The baby could dive head first.
Crazy stuff..

No. 42487

Oh I know, these family FB accounts might just be sockpuppets, but I'm still hopinh that if peter replies through them, he'll give away his identity somehow, such as by tard raging or sounding like himself

No. 42488

File: 1421937253119.png (34.35 KB, 1052x116, wtf.png)

8 month old babies are guided to the boob to latch on, they don't recognized your clothed chest as food.

This sounds like a lame perverted joke that a creepy guy like Peter would like to think about.

No. 42489

yeah, the way she writes is really creepy

I don't know about you girls, but if I was breastfeeding/preggers I'd mention it, sure (blaah morning sickness, blaah picking baby name) but I'd be too embarassed to talk about my breasts and milk and stuff to STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET

is it just me that thinks that the way she talks is weird? maybe she's autistic or something?

No. 42491

No. 42493

link to where he claims this?

No. 42495

She just wears a different bra in this picture

No. 42496

File: 1421937729285.jpg (339.96 KB, 1345x770, youslippedupbitch.jpg)

Nah son. I want the link to where he says this is Ashleigh before he deletes it because LOOKY WHAT I FOUND

No. 42498

Oh man, this! I found this absolutely hilarious due to the fact that she constantly posts pictures of herself, her body and, obviously, her fucking colossal titties. She clearly loves her body.

But no, h8 miself n mi huge ugli titties, so mentally ill boohoo :'''(

No. 42502

File: 1421938111296.jpg (251.81 KB, 1638x894, 1421935211223.jpg)

No. 42505

you're being trolled by a gater, peter never posted this

No. 42507

No. 42512

>implying Peter didn't set up that profile to give his real doll wife more legitimacy


No. 42514

I wonder what happens when someone replies.

Fuck I don't understand how there are people in this thread who could believe that doll is a real person. It looks the kind of fake not even photoshop could conjure up on people intentionally trying to look like a doll.

Even if this tard somehow has a real wife and child, he takes all these pictures with a doll. The way her limbs bend, the way the skin doesn't crease properly, how she doesn't jiggle, react or breathe in the gifs…. like whats blowing my mind with this lolcow isn't that he exists or what he's doing, but that there are (what appears to be) a handful of people too retarded to tell uncanny valley apart from reality.

No. 42515

Maybe Peter himself is posting in this thread

No. 42516

my guess is that this girl was once a real person he was dating / knew but they broke up, so he had a custom realdoll made to look like her

i noticed in the pictures without glasses she smiles and has expressions, also braces, that is the real girl

the pictures of her with glasses are the doll

No. 42517

Could be, he did in the threads on 8ch. Otherwise, where did that anon find the link to that breast milk advert?

No. 42518

File: 1421940448613.jpg (216.19 KB, 840x480, ayylmao.jpg)

God, that baby is fucking freaky looking.

No. 42519

That's a really good find, anon.

I wonder if he's doing this on purpose. Like, maybe he misses the attention he got from the last fake girlfriend. Kind of how Kiki enjoys the drama because she can play the victim. Am I the only one?

No. 42520


Why is there no date of when this was posted? For all we know it was posted today… And how did you even find it?

No. 42521

His Patreon only brings him 173 dollar a month

If he keeps feeding this witch hunt himself he can get some pitty-bucks from the social justice crowd.

No. 42522

holding the baby like that again….

No. 42523

hmmm, you're right, even coffin wouldn't be a loser enough to fake this

No. 42524

How she holds that baby's leg…

No. 42525

I wonder how many times she's dropped it.

No. 42526

File: 1421941923982.jpg (40.47 KB, 480x480, ggdf-large.jpg)

Can you even hold a 5 month old baby like this? Alongside a few other photos already pointed out. Would this provide enough support at all?

Hope that's sarcasm. He faked an entire life story for his fake ex girlfriend. He probably thought this would seem legit because it just seems like something too "weird" to fake.

All you have to do is register an account and post an ad.

No. 42527

She's holding him like he's a prop or an inanimate object. I haven't seen a single photo of her holding him like a normal person would. No on the chest with the baby looking over her shoulder, no cradling. Just weird and risky fucking positions. It really gives off an un-motherly vibe.

No. 42528

File: 1421942170336.jpg (57.78 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mmaft3Lp2Q1r5ygdco1_500…)

I showed some pics and gifs to my bf, who knows NOTHING about coffin, and asked him 'what do you think about this girl?'

his responses
"Umm…That's weird, she looks really deformed or photoshopped or something. She has a really tiny waist and these huge perky tits."

"Something is off, can you tell me what's wrong with her?"

No. 42529

So…what happens if someone buys the milk?

No. 42530

Yeah. She holds him like you would hold like…a cat. Or a doll.

Actually I think I would provide my cat more support than that.

If this baby is 5 months old, I'm positive the baby in the "elf eyes" picture is at the very least, not the same baby.

New moms post shitloads of photos of their kids. Even boring ones. Most of the pictures we seem to have are these pictures that mainly show off her body.

I think the baby is a nephew or something (the kid looks like him but not like her) and he got a reborn doll to look like the kid. >>42518 Looks more real in the two pictures on the left, but looks like a full-on doll in the third one, and the way he's holding him doesn't really help.

No. 42531

they can send a message that they want some, but he/she doesn't necessarily have to even respond

No. 42532

I'm sure "she" will either withdraw the ad, not respond, and post something about people harassing her so she can't believe anyone who expresses interest in her milk so she has decided to not to do it anymore.

No. 42533

Look at the door in the background, the doll makes a 25 degree angle with the floor

No. 42534

File: 1421942723564.gif (557.51 KB, 500x274, fuck.gif)

omg, what am I saying…
Reborn doll confirmed.

No. 42535

Oh yeah. Didn't think about that. Well shit.

No. 42536

Why does a the baby have a ring on the left pic? What kin of idiot would attach a chokin hazard to a baby?

No. 42537

No. 42538

Maybe the reborn doll is defective and it's one of its fingers coming loose, kek.

No. 42539

lol it's not even her name on it

No. 42540

File: 1421943126175.png (250.64 KB, 549x642, thanks cow.png)

Photo from 8ch cow
ass = baby bump

No. 42541

Phonetic spelling
Ali = Ashleigh

No. 42543

If anyone wants to seamlessly browse through a dump of near 200 selfies of Ashleigh, you're welcome to here: http://imgur.com/a/Tt0Hi#8clJDZ6

Fairly sure it was compiled by some creeper that has an obsession with teeny tiny girls with heaving jugs.
Let us know if you find anything juicy. I'm a lazy fuck and don't have the patience to skim through it all, let alone analyze all of it.

No. 42544

One of the most extreme breast-waist ratios I've ever seen

No. 42546

Wasn't anon talking about his family? That would imply his sister is ill, not his wife.

No. 42547

How the fuck can a human being stand like that and not fall over? Am I just really dumb or does that look impossible? It's baffling me.

No. 42548

yeah, I think someone needs to FB his family and find out once and for all

No. 42549


My cousin came to visit with her 5 month old son last week, when I held him there was no way I would have been able to hold him safely in any other position than close to my body. No one in their right mind would hold a baby like that, especially the baby's own mother

No. 42550

File: 1421943998761.png (679.95 KB, 592x476, 3gl9PL1.png)

WTF is that circle on her stomach here?

No. 42551

But phonetic spelling is when you sound something out and write what it sounds like. Her name is pronounced like "Ashley," not "Ali." I would think someone would mispell it "Ashley" before they made up a whole different name.

Not to mention, would you not at least….AT THE VERY LEAST…. want to know the rough approximation of the name of the woman whose breastmilk you fed to your child?

Not to mention, the note doesn't specifically reference breastmilk/children. It could be a thank you note for literally anything.

No. 42552

derp nevermind >>42462

I agree. It kind of looks like it has some kind of condition…

No. 42553

No. 42554

Not totally sure, but it could be some kind of drawstring for her pants? But they look like leggings…kind of looks like some sort of belt buckle also. But again, leggings.

No. 42555

It's for plumbing.

No. 42556

I want the baby to be real. It's kinda cute.

No. 42557

File: 1421944273443.jpg (41.23 KB, 640x480, IjrxdRX.jpg)

Her tits look waaay smaller here.

No. 42558

File: 1421944360589.png (2.1 MB, 1478x640, reeee.png)

No. 42559

the background looks unfamilliar here

No. 42560

"11 people are viewing this item per hour"

No. 42561

It could be from when she was living in Scotland (supposedly). There's more with that background in the imgur link I posted.

No. 42562

File: 1421944637562.jpg (580.2 KB, 1000x1000, N1arqO4.jpg)

Where's her insane cleavage gone?

No. 42563

This is a different girl that wears the doll's wig.

No. 42564

File: 1421944756482.jpg (77.54 KB, 640x480, idh3iky.jpg)

>guys, look at my boobs! my boobs! look at them! guys! hey! BOOBS!

No. 42565

She already had that unbelievable body when she lived in Scotland.

No. 42567

that post should have dubs

No. 42568

>perfectly legal to marry a hunk of plastic
>it's still illegal in some places to marry someone of the same sex

No. 42569

Who stands that far away when they're taking a photo of their own wife?

No. 42570

File: 1421945139132.jpg (483.72 KB, 960x960, funkUo4.jpg)

Her skin up close.

No. 42571

Her boobs change sizes so frequently.

I'm sure he hires girls who look similar enough to her when he needs videos/more realistic pictures. I did weird shit in college for money.

Yeah, I don't think that's true. Not a real marriage.

There are literally no high quality photos of her. They are all camera phone quality with instagram filters.

No. 42572

Someone respond pretending to have a baby, quick

No. 42573

File: 1421945368211.png (449.03 KB, 593x353, 11111.png)



You can totally marry a realdoll and get the papers and everything. It's v rare and they have to go to the state that allows it, but it does happen

No. 42574

Photos made with a 0.3MP java phone probably

Coffin's own youtube videos have a high prodution value (for a stupid act like his):

No. 42575

fukken davecat

No. 42576

File: 1421945463814.jpg (1.88 MB, 1800x2700, wtfstance.jpg)

Always the exact same unnatural leaning stance with her left heel lifted up. Fucking ALWAYS.

No. 42578

I loved that documentary he starred in about realdolls, he's a cool and articulate dood

No. 42579

Hey, that mask is different from the mask in the video.
Maybe he just randomly took a video somewhere of a woman shaking her baby while wearing a mask. The pressure of the cow forums (pt, cow and cwcki) might make him sloppy.

No. 42580

Seconded, not me 'cause I'll freak out and fuck it up somehow. Can we do something with her breast milk? DNA test, try to match a real person or fucking something, idk.
Wow, I'm sounding insane.

No. 42582

>no lines on her neck
>no circular lines around her neck and clavicle
>the way her neck is that thin and bends down at such a sharp angle
No fucking way. When I take pictures of myself at no matter what angle, when I get in that close, you see all the lines that people have on their skin. Between this and the hearts, I now have absolutely no doubt that it's a doll.

No. 42583

I doubt he would send breast milk. If he did though, I hope it's almond milk or something hahaha.

No. 42584

File: 1421945777712.jpg (92.97 KB, 599x592, normal_RoxxanneFashion5.jpg)

yep, you can see it in the neck in this doll too (its super realistic, i know, but its seriously a doll)

No. 42585

That is seriously my brothers birthday holy shit

No. 42586

File: 1421945877870.jpg (576.08 KB, 900x900, pf5HfYj.jpg)

The mask she's wearing in the baby shaking abuse video is a Darth Maul mask, in the selfie it's a Darth Nihilus mask. Both Star Wars related. She also has other pictures of her wearing the Darth Maul mask, pic related.

No. 42587

What kind of hot girl does that?
I mean, it's possible but usually it's attention whoring for the nerd crowd. I'm a Trek lunatic but I wouldn't be caught dead in costume.

No. 42588

Uhh congratulations??

She's so generic fake nerd girl. Is she into anything other than Star Wars and a few random video games Peter seems to be also into? And I guess Game of Thrones which literally everyone I know is into, nerdy or not.

No. 42590

File: 1421946245640.png (811.33 KB, 900x735, 3vr93ms.png)

Yes, of course, anon!
She loves Skyrim!
>am i a gamur gerl yet

No. 42591

I agree. I find her really weird, like she shows off her tits so much, it's like she's souless

No. 42593

Lmao for some reason I can picture Orange bursting in and defending this "woman" for having big tits. "I feel you're bullying her because she has big boobs just like me!!!"

No. 42596

I found some things..

Her photos were posted on this forum in Dec. 2013

Fake twitter profile using her photo, suggesting she's Mexican and adding that she's a gamer girl. Account created in 2012.

Photo posted on Russian site on June 2013

Photo on a Mexican porn site

Photo on reddit from Oct. 2010

May 2013, German site

No. 42597

If your real doll always showed her tongue you'd cover that part up for photos ;-)

No. 42598

Post history for the reddit poster, I get a Peter vibe:

No. 42599

Is the reddit account (d4rkspike) hers? I went on it and looked at some threads she's made, found out they own this Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/generalgoods?ref=unav_listing-r they also made this post http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/vomup/crazy_picture_i_got_driving_through_fort_collins/ talking about driving through Fort Collins in Colorado. I don't live in the US so I don't know, but is Salt Lake City a far drive to Fort Collins? Is it strange to go that far? Then again this could be some random that posted her picture. But it seemed to imply it was her.

No. 42600

No. 42601

btw shop owner of the Etsy shop is a girl named Alissa from Maryland.

No. 42602

If that isn't enough confirmation she's real I don't know.

No. 42603

Ugh, he posts on /r/cosplaygirls

No. 42604

On the comments user d4rkspike replies "not me :p" to someone, so it's not her account.

No. 42605

Dammit. I thought we were onto something.

No. 42606

No. 42607

Is there a doll behind her in this pic?

No. 42608

YES!!! Holy shit.

No. 42609

Where, where?! I don't see it!

No. 42610

So her pictures have been widely circulated on the internet for a couple years now, yet "Ashleigh Burt" doesn't appear on google?

I'm guessing that she must be a mildly popular person on the internet who's had her photos stolen and reposted on various porn sites. And those photos with Peter are just photoshopped.

No. 42611

You see two black shoes pointing up in the bottom right corner of the photo
It's a doll lying behind her.

No. 42612

File: 1421948792646.jpg (33.23 KB, 612x612, 38jfRH3.jpg)

Except there's the video of her on webcam holding up a sign with her tumblr name on it (nihileigh) and saying she's real, etc. That's the only thing keeping me on the fence about all this.

No. 42613

I'm scared.

No. 42614

It might have been her instagram name, twitter name, msn name

No. 42615

Haven't seen the video. Does it specifically say it's her tumblr name? Because it's possible nihileigh was a username from another account of hers. It's reasonable that she would make a proof sign anyway since she clearly has fakes and people stealing her pictures.

No. 42616

all this nigga has to do to disprove the doll theory is post a short video of him and his family (baby included) doing normal stuff. It can be like 30 seconds long. Just to see them moving, interacting like normal human beings, nothing else.
Why don't you film the video, Peter?

No. 42617

Whoops, forgot I had that file attached, this screenshot was in the dump of her pics on imgur, not sure what's going on or what the context is though?

No. 42618


No. 42619

No, I'm fairly sure she doesn't. She just holds up a sign and says something along the lines of "I just wanted to clear up that I'm real, I'm not an old man"…something something. Weird how she says "I'm not an old man" instead of "I'm not a doll", since no one has accused her of being an old man?

No. 42620

No, that doll doesn't always show her tongue. Most dolls don't have tongues, but you can buy one for a 'realdoll', you can also open, close the mouth, put the tongue back in the mouth etc

No. 42621

me too, she just acts so weird

No. 42622

No. 42623

That is such obvious stop motion. The choppy quality of the video is enough evidence, but he even put the sign over her mouth to hide that her mouth isn't actually moving. Incredible.

No. 42625

Nothing is going to convince me this woman is real and Peter's wife because

A) She's light years out of his league, and he has nothing appealing about him, inside or out.

B) It takes 5 seconds to turn on a camera and show the three of them moving/talking. Instead he chooses to fuel speculation, further humiliate himself, and waste more time fighting internet anons by twitter.

No. 42626

Sorry, she does say "My tumblr account is real". Noticed that she posted the video on her tumblr December 17th 2011. Were people suspect of her back then? Were her and Peter even together? It doesn't say when Peter reblogged it but it does say that he added the caption "Proof video & my silly accent" when he did reblog it…fucking weird.

No. 42627

Wait, maybe Dec 17th 2011 was when Peter reblogged it…idk sorry guys, I don't use tumblr. It seems her original post of it isn't there anymore though? http://nihileigh.tumblr.com/post/14361907996/proof-video-my-silly-accent

No. 42629

File: 1421950556308.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1920, comparison.jpg)

I tried to replicate the picture of her neck with my own for comparison. Left is without filter and right is with filter kinda similar to the one she uses. Maybe my skin is just weird and patchy looking but hers next to mine looks weirdly smooth.

No. 42630

>he added the caption "Proof video & my silly accent"
So he is pretending to be his gf again.

Here is a theory:
He was exposed for that fake Asian gf thing in 2011. I bet like not even a month later he started making a new one, this time more believable.
He didn't make her jump in relationship with him right then, but first made a backstory, like she had a life before him. Also sockpuppet facebook accounts of her supposed relatives and facebook friends etc.
Then he posted some selfies he stole from another woman but then he discovered real dolls so he made himself a wife, that explains the selfie transition.
If he started it all in 2011, he had whole 3 years to "develop" her.

No. 42631

I tried to do the same thing back when that picture was first posted. The lack of lines where her neck meets her body is something I didn't even notice, but it's the most blatant…

No. 42632

Is there anyone who thinks that's not a doll in this GIF?

No. 42633

File: 1421950695040.png (1.03 MB, 1080x720, justinboober.png)

I had to

No. 42634

File: 1421950774061.png (278.41 KB, 656x484, mm.png)

makes sense

No. 42635



No. 42636

File: 1421950866681.png (488.39 KB, 583x601, ss (2015-01-22 at 06.17.48).pn…)

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but if she was Scottish, why would she spell it "colors", rather than "colours"?

No. 42637

Loool it's glorious

No. 42640

Yeah, it's believable. Also 'my silly accent' struck me as sounding familiar to how he, when pretending to be 'Kimi Kobayashi', would speak so weirdly about 'her' race and make racist and stereotypical jokes about Japanese/Asians. I dunno, I can't see 'Ashleigh' finding her own accent silly. Surely she'd be used to it/used to being around other people with it (in Scotland).

No. 42644

Good point. Usually to you, everyone else is the one with the accent.

No. 42645

Ehh where I'm from it's colours but I frequently alternate to colors. Especially since 'color' is more commonly used online and in coding.

Not defending the doll, just that's extra nitpick. Nd I love me some juicy dramus.

No. 42646

Yep. I have a brit accent, which sticks out a tiny bit where I live, and I'd never make a video like that. It's so weirdly self deprecating, kinda like an asian making fun of their eyes, which is what his fake e gf did

No. 42647

Oh, yeah, I get that, I always wonder why CSS coding I do is fucked up 'til I realised I've stuck a u in there. It just seemed weird to me.

Also woah different face expression.

No. 42648

where are her ginormous tits in this pic?
She's so boring if she's real… like, no changes in make up, her hair doesnt grow, she doesn't dye it other colors, her nails don't grow and no nail polish ever…
The only shicking thing for me is that she has an excelent fashion taste. He's gotta have a friend or someone guiding on 'her' clothes choise.

No. 42649

Her boobs look smaller?

No. 42650

Whoa…I don't know why but that's terrifying.

No. 42651

This looks like a completely different person

No. 42652

No. 42653

I keep coming back to this gif. In the split second before her eyes turn away, they change color or some bullshit. And instead of regularly breathing, her breasts just… expand or something.

I don't know. Can we have a breakdown of this gif? It's been bugging the hell out of me. I know it's a doll, but I want to know how in the hell he used stopmotion to do this crappy gif.

No. 42654

File: 1421951979419.png (478.54 KB, 634x474, peter.png)


Hahahaha I read that post in a robot's voice. "Not an android". Sure.

I dunno, I'm pretty sure she knows it's mainly going to be Americans viewing that video. I call my own accent "funny" sometimes but that's just me. Not that I'd put it past Peter, especially if it looks like he added the caption when he reblogged it.

No. 42655

I'm under the impression that she stuffs to hell and back. Only thing that explains her fluctuating tit size.

No. 42656

her haor is so long, can't be a wig

No. 42657

File: 1421952195117.jpg (256.04 KB, 500x375, creepy shit.jpg)

I already had a look at the frame before, it looks weird, can't really tell what's going on but I assumed it was motion blur? Kinda looks like a cat's eyes when they reflect in the dark. Also if I was her I wouldn't upload a gif like that; it's super freaky.

No. 42659

No. 42660

I believe she's real but really, really fucking creepy. She obviously has some weird nervous disposition where she's afraid to show her mouth and poses weirdly because she's just so fucking awkward. It definitely looks like she uses photoshop to slim the shit out of her waist to make herself look like a big-tittied doll… I can think of a handful of girls who do the same over on the PULL forums.

The pregnancy photos are really weird but I think it could be down to her not actually knowing how far she really was into her pregnancy and just posting how ever many weeks she thinks she is without regular visits to a GP… her tits being so large could be chalked up to her using bras with jelly inserts which boost you up to another 2 cup sizes, they're really popular with smaller chested girls but someone who is around a DD/E cup will look fucking ginormous in them (I confess that I've done the same in the past before).

So yeah, I just think she's awkward-looking, awkward-disposition, has some kind of disorder regarding her body image and birthed an ugly baby.

No. 42661

>The pregnancy photos are really weird but I think it could be down to her not actually knowing how far she really was into her pregnancy and just posting how ever many weeks she thinks she is without regular visits to a GP

That's fucking stupid. There are online calculators and everything to know how many weeks you are. Not that I think anyone wouldn't have regular doctor visits if they value the well-being of their fetus.

No. 42663

File: 1421953266552.jpg (103.56 KB, 480x686, petercoffindouche.jpg)

Come on guys, what kind of real woman, especially if she has her looks, would marry Peter Coffin?

How do their dates look like? Hell, how does their relationship look like?

No. 42665


That's the one thing that has me convinced she's fake. That, or she has really low self-esteem, which seems plausible judging by her photos.

No. 42666

Especially after the whole "Kimi Kobayashi" thing.

No. 42669


There's nothing remotely appealing about him.
He's ugly.
He's poor.
He's old looking.
His job is being a failed "comedian" on youtube.
He's an internet laughing stock.
He has no idea what women are like.
He's probably a virgin.

I doubt she has low self-esteem. A girl who looks like that has no shortage of male attention. On one of the forums her pictures were posted on she was called a Goddess.

No. 42671


I'm sure there are 10/10s out there with low self-esteem, and even though I was talking about looks, you can also be insecure about your personality.

She's gorgeous but the way she always covers her mouth ('braces' or whatever, supposedly), censors weird places and uses weird low-quality cameras with filters could mean she has really low self-esteem or feels like she has to uphold some kind of weird public image or something.

Probably more likely she's a sex doll though.

No. 42672

>I have never smoked, don't drink alcohol or take any drugs/meds.

Yeah what about that screencap on 8ch where she says she actually does take medication?

No. 42674

He's not funny even with a script and he got no charisma.
He doesn't even have an average nice body but sort of skinny fat thing.

And that fucking baby looks fake half the time, I don't know if it's because his face has no change in color (I'm not too versed in this but babies tend to have patches of different colors because of the crying, picking their face, whatever) and his fist are always closed.

Hell the pic with him nursing a baby that seem real might be his nephew or a friend's baby who knows. If he's crazy enough to blog and pretend he got a wife and baby and they're both fake, he can totally make a dozen people on facebook and act as if they were real. He seems downright crazy.

No. 42675

Prescription meds don't count, shitlord.

No. 42676

I find it very hard to believe she has low self-esteem with the way she always posts suggestive pictures of herself and is constantly shoving her tits into frame and never goes without wearing a low-cut shirt. The only thing I could believe that she doesn't like about herself is her mouth/teeth, but that doesn't mean much on the self-hating scale considering she's so obviously in love with the rest of her body.

No. 42678

Hey Pete.

No. 42679

some kids are born with blue eyes
my sister was born with blue then a while after they went to green

No. 42682

No. 42685


Why not? The word "meds" seems to kind of imply they're prescription. If she just left it at "or take any drugs" people might take that to mean non-prescription drugs but "meds" generally means they've been prescribed to me.

No. 42687

In the case she's a real woman, which I honestly find kind of hard to believe, she has a really warped perception of herself.

From what I've seen, a lot of girls like her seem to have low self-esteem but they get validation from exploiting a feature in their bodies they consider to be attractive. This could be the case with Ashleigh and her tits.

One could explain the random heart placement with her not feeling good about that part of her body, thus the need of covering it arises. It is weird, however, that she'd cover the same area over and over again, or places like her feet soles or armpit.

I also find it kind of disturbing that she doesn't really have any personality to herself and is almost completely devoted to him, with her having enormous tits and liking to play games and being "nerdy xD" her only qualities. People back in 2012 were already suspecting she's a fucking doll, so honestly to see him not doing a fucking video of them having some family time together, which is very fucking easy, only reinforces people's theories about her not being real.

He probably thinks this is going to give him more popularity but he just looks like a sperglord.

No. 42688

tbh i think he enjoys being a sperglord

No. 42691


It's not that rare, actually… It would be much weirder if they were both blue eyed and had a brown eyed kid, but since blue eyes are a recessive trait then it's possible.
But yeah, I don't think that's a real woman.

No. 42692

File: 1421955751998.jpg (47.44 KB, 640x267, image.jpg)

I messaged peters brother and he says everything is legit.

No. 42693

That is if that's not a fake account/or barring he didn't get his 'brother' to play along.

No. 42694


I thought that too… But I added him as a friend his profile goes back all the way to 2009 with him posting on a regular basis and his friends talking to him and tagging him in photos and statuses so I at least think this is a real profile and if it's not this guy is very thorough and has far more serious issues than any of us could possibly imagine or realize

No. 42695

Peter's brother or a sockpuppet?

Not to mention he says "in short I will say…" implying there's probably a story behind it. Like, his wife is not who she is shown to be online, or is a doll. Or something.

And if Tyler has seen the same videos and pictures we have seen, that doesn't mean much. If he has seen more that somehow prove the baby IS real, then the videos exist, so why can't Peter or Ashleigh link us to at least one to stop the debate?

No. 42696


Yeah, that's essentially what I was trying to get at.

I think there's more chance of her being a doll or something too. Like another anon said earlier in the thread, you'd think after the whole xiaxue thing where he was publicly humiliated for his fake girlfriend, if Ashleigh was real, he'd want to show everyone who laughed at him that he has a hot girlfriend who isn't imaginary this time. He's full of shit.

No. 42698

OK, time to move on

No. 42699

My reaction exactly, hahaha. I'm let down.

No. 42701

But if she and the kid are real, the video where she shakes the baby while wearing a mask is also real….
I'd rather had the comfort of knowing she and the baby were dolls.

No. 42703

We'll meet again Peter Coffin, I'm sure about that.

No. 42706

File: 1421958075831.jpg (96.15 KB, 450x305, petercoffin.jpg)

I was really proud of making this. 100 hours in photoshop. ASHLAAAAAY!!

No. 42709

No. 42713

Forever holding out hope that 'married and have a son' may mean he married the sex doll.

Did anyone ever look into the birth certificate to see if the doctor was a real guy?

>baby weighs 3lbs 4 oz
>hurrdurr, okay.
Anything under 5lbs is pretty premature. 3lbs the kid would be in a damn incubator until he was of proper weight/height.

No. 42714

nostalgia overload

No. 42716

Whatever guys, I've bookmarked Ashleigh's tumblr. Her GIFs are so strange, I don't want to miss anything.

No. 42719

Anyone ordered her breast milk?

No. 42720

I dont get why everyone's necessarily taking the word of his brother? Seeing as how he doesn't want to be involved, of course he's going to be like yeah they're married and have a kid so people don't interrogate him.

No. 42722

Yeah, I was born 3 months premature and I was about 3 lbs something ounces. The doctors said if I'd been born even a couple years earlier I wouldn't have lived (since the medical technology wasn't as good), to put that into perspective. That also meant an incubator. I'm lucky to be able to walk (cerebral palsy in my knees) and my stomach did not fully develop until later than usual…. meaning that I was a huge hassle once I was out of the incubator, I would vomit and cry if my parents set me down for too long. Shit like that isn't uncommon for pre-me babies.

tl;dr 3lbs isn't a healthy baby weight, even for a 'petite' baby.

No. 42724

Exactly. I would lie to get my brother out of trouble.

No. 42725

Or lie to have people stop questioning you/your family about it.

I've been trying to look for medical records of Harrison's birth, but no go. Everything from before 1914 is locked up solid.

No. 42727

File: 1421961182614.png (393.8 KB, 598x564, 1404542901308.png)


No, he didn't. This was on one of the many Peter threads on /cow/. The guy who posted this said some chick in the gym just stood in front of him and started exercising in front of him despite there being plenty of room in the gym. Nice try though.

No. 42730

File: 1421961929208.jpg (29.04 KB, 584x199, lj.JPG)

I just don't get Coffin's logic.

No. 42731

Round 2 = blame video games

No. 42735

theses gaters don't care about the truth

No. 42738

File: 1421963438931.png (41.36 KB, 612x399, ashleigh.png)

No. 42740

That pose alone would convince me it's a doll wth

No. 42741

No. 42742

Pretty sure babies aren't suppose to be shaken like that…

No. 42743

/baph/ found this on his vine. note that it's also two videos cut together.

No. 42745

Why would you wear a fucking mask while shaking your child like an irresponsible parent- doll or not.

No. 42748

I haven't been around babies in a year or two but that kid sounds pretty distressed. Like I know sometimes you can do stupid shit to make them laugh but that kid sounds extremely upset and jiggling it isn't going to help.

No. 42749

He should try turning it off and on again

No. 42750

Ok wow that is definitely not okay.

No. 42751

File: 1421965177263.jpg (173.45 KB, 640x512, hand2.jpg)

She's real, you can see the blue veins in her hand. She still looks really odd or shooped

No. 42752

File: 1421965223613.jpg (171.65 KB, 389x848, hand.jpg)

I just made that part of the image darker to be able to see more detail

No. 42754

File: 1421965279674.jpg (157.71 KB, 500x376, cereal.jpg)

not as plastic looking without all the brightness

No. 42755

File: 1421965414190.jpg (39.1 KB, 700x276, gifyo.jpg)

She has a gifyo with 166 gifs. That explains why her gifs are missing frames. It's easy to take out frames and end up with an odd number.

No. 42757

That's Peter's hand, he's holding the doll

No. 42760

extremely disturbing

No. 42762

File: 1421965733678.png (552.35 KB, 1274x722, 1421943998756.png)


No. 42763

LOL, she wears her glasses OVER her hair?

No. 42764

that explains a lot

No. 42765


And he looks like a butch lesbian.

No. 42766

doll hands can have veins too

No. 42767

it shows on the realdoll website that all dolls can be customized with things like veins, moles, freckles, etc

No. 42768

why has his brother never met harrison wtf?

and why does he not want to 'get involved in this'?

No. 42771

Weird. He could just mail the realborn to him in the post.

No. 42777

Looks like some snotty SJW girl from Tumblr who goes by they/them/their pronouns and is obsessed with Superwholock and SnK

No. 42778

It's probably an old christmas card the belongs to one of his relatives. It's probably the closest name he could find to ashleigh & tried to play it off.

No. 42779

I can't believe the amount of people in this thread that believe that doll is a real woman.

No. 42780

I must admit he's doing just poor enough of a job to make people's autism flair up and go full circle into believing it.

Does the man have no NORMAL family videos he can post? If this happened to me I'd just post a video from a daytrip or something of me and the missus. I have many innocuous little videos that wouldn't be too much risk to my private life.

Why isn't there a clear picture of her outside the house? Why would he take pics of the back of her whilst shopping that look only somewhat like her?

How can anyone anywhere believe this man and not be functionally retarded.

No. 42781


Someone on /cow/ pointed out that the certificate is using Arial font. A font that these kinds of documents don't use specifically for forgery reasons.

No. 42782

fucking this
he can dispell all the rumors and shit just by posting a video where he and his wife move, talk, maybe dance or something.
If she has body dysmorphic disorder or something, she can edit her face and tits in adobe after effects, like kooter.

but i know coffin is mentally deranged and full of shit, so he probably stole someone's selfies and after that orderes a real doll that looks like that person.

No. 42783

File: 1421971928516.jpg (58.87 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

Why does her hand look huge in the Popsicle pic?

No. 42785

But why would he give us the satisfaction of clearing things up for us? Maybe he just wants to fuck with the internet for exposin his charade.

Or maybe, legit crazy fuck with a doll.

No. 42786

Like people keep pointing out he's had THREE YEARS to invent this person after he was so roundly exposed for his fake distance girlfriend.

He could have stolen images and gifs on an old tumblr then ordered a doll that looks as much like those pictures as possible to complete the delusion. We have three viable options.

1. (most likely) he is a pathetic little turd trying to impress an internet that embarrassed and exposed him for being a fake with a litany of fakes he has constructed but does not actually believe himself.

2. He has a real-doll who he has constructed a legitimate delusion around. He REALLY BELIEVES he has a wife and son after his world collapsed and his internet career tanked. In this case he is a dangerous and ill individual and might be a risk to people around him.

3. His wife and son are real but they just lives one of the most fucked up lives imaginable and she is a mentally deranged and possible abused freakshow incapable of looking or acting like a human being or being independent of her washed up husband. They live a strange half-life where normal everyday things or standing around the house are massive video worthy events.

Honestly the prospect of her being REAL scares me most. Peter is not a functional person and if she has the issues he says she does he is not equipped to look after her and both of them are not equipped to look after a baby in the slightest.

Whatever is true i remain unable to look away slack-jawed. Aghast at this weird pantomime train-wreck of person.

No. 42789

File: 1421972629702.jpg (195.42 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpg)

Ok, maybe I'm fucking losing it, but does anyone else see an unnatural line on her wrists? I can't unsee it. It shows even when the Han is bent towards the palm, where a crease wouldn't show.

No. 42790

Yeah, either way, he's lying about something. Why does he post official documents, with their "real" names only to be complete ghosts on the web?

No. 42792


Somewhere towards the top (or middle?) of this thread someone said that the new doll models come with unusually big hands for some reason. They'll probably fix that with v3.0 and make them more feminine.

No. 42793

I'm not seeing it, anon. I think having a crease there is normal even for that angle. If I look at my wrist, I see lines on the bottom of my wrist and a long vertical line on the top where my bones separate.

No. 42794

So much this. Anyone that believes that Ashley is a real flesh and blood human being is a fucking idiot.

No. 42795

It's possible. My mom has brown eyes, dad had hazel (brown/green kind), and my brother has light blue eyes. No one else does for a few generations.

Also, a lot of blue-eyed babies can have their eye color change.

No. 42796

I don't believe she's doll in the slightest but there really is something strange going. Like, some uncanny valley type shit.

Why do they almost never wear wedding rings?
Why does she hardly talk about her child?
Why is her Photoshop and makeup so damn bad? (Seriously I want to ban her from her lipstick.)
Was this a green card marriage?
Why is she being such a cunt and not filming a GOOD video of them together so he can stop getting harassed?

Then there's the weird pregnancy. Her stomach didn't look anything like what a pregnancy is suppose to. If anything, it looked like she was just really bloated. Then her body just "snapped back" to what it was before? She even had a c-section so her vagina stayed nice and undamaged. SHE REALLY IS EVERY GUYS DREAM!

I don't think that all of the pictures of the girl are a doll, but I am pretty confident he's lying about something.

No. 42797


I feel like if it was an unnatural crease, seeing as he's gone to this much trouble to fake his wife, he'd have covered them up with some kind of bracelet/cuff/bangle.

No. 42798

You're right imo, it's far more fucked up if she is actually real and has a kid with him. Their life seems like it would be so depressing and disturbing. At least her being a doll is a logical explanation for their bizarre behaviour.

No. 42799

Or a heart sticker, or scribbled it out with the paint tool in Photoshop! So inconspicuous, just like all the real women do!

No. 42803

I googled the Dr on the birth certificate: http://medicine.utah.edu/obgyn/general-obstetrics-gynecology/residency/current-residents/nance.php

Doctor does exist, but I'm not surprised, of course he'd know people would google the shit out of that certificate.

The font IS wrong though, just checked my bc and it's not the same font. I doubt it varies from state to state since it's federal.

No. 42804

File: 1421975421332.jpg (18.14 KB, 232x271, jkj.JPG)

Anyone else thinks his profile picture is kind of disturbing?
He is supposed to be a comedian, why is his face (facial expression) like?
He uses that picture everywhere.

No. 42805

>*like that?


No. 42807


That's what makes this so fucking good. Any outcome is a fascinating train-wreck milkable for more drama. Every possibility seems too bizarre and disturbing to be true. I couldn't have made this saga up if i tried, but i can't look away.

First thing i thought when i saw it when he started antagonizing GG people. Thought it must be some kind of psychopath. Turns out i was right. The thing that is disturbing you is

1. It looks like a mugshot.
2. His face looks like he wants to kill someone with a hammer and a screwdriver on an icy Ukrainian road.

No. 42808


I stared off into space looking at his picture. It's incredibly unflattering. When he faces the camera, you can't tell just how weak his chin is and how jew his nose is.

No. 42810


OK, so it DOES vary from state to state, I'm from CA, so maybe that's why the fonts aren't the same.

Anyone from Utah with a toddler than can check his/her birth certificate?

No. 42811

After seeing that dump of selfies from her id wager she's a fuckin doll or autistic. nO VARIETY EVER

No. 42812

Those are clearly empty shoes…

No. 42813

Ok so how long have they been married?

No. 42816

This has got to be one of the fastest growing threads in this board so far.

That's pretty impressive considering this place is small.

No. 42817

I thought so too, but the more I look at it the more it looks like the shoes are at an angle and are partially covered by the blanket/thing. That just leads me to believe he's got more than just Ashleigh as a doll.

No. 42818

dude, that's one of the most obvious signs of low self esteem, chicks who feel they need to make up for what they perceive to be an ugly personality or appearance with their sexuality

so that even if they don't find them selves attractive, they think that by making themselves appear available by dressing provocatively, it'll make guys interested, or at least willing

granted, this won't work for girls who are 4/10 and below, but I've seen guys chase after a girl who they would fuck but probably not admit it to their friends, to then openly wooing them just because she starts sporting some cleavage

No. 42824

Isn't it against the law to forge these types of documents? Someone just call the cops

No. 42825

This chick has no visible scarring in her pics. Not even the slightest bit of hyper pigmentation on her. It must never leave the house.

No. 42828

File: 1421978850377.jpg (484.39 KB, 900x900, HUFcosn.jpg)

yeah, it's weird how this topic really got everyone interested more than any other

No. 42830

that could be lolzy

No. 42833

My take is that he paid or just requested some girl to do the video/gifs/photos with the baby, and that the majority of the pictures are a doll. He has a doll that looks like this real person expect the doll has very unrealistic proportions. The baby is also a doll. Which is why it's being held so awkwardly. He must have gotten the real girl to hold the doll for the photos.
I'm totally convinced he has some Scottish girl helping him with this, either for money or who knows what. They may have actually met in person, because there is the photo of them together where she has more realistic proportions.
The majority of those selfie pics are clearly not human.

No. 42834

File: 1421979272454.jpg (67.27 KB, 500x500, tumblr_midxc5pxtn1r5ygdco1_500…)

ya, she's probably a camwhore

the whole brother reply thing is bugging me tho

why would his brother lie, unless it's a sockpuppet=?

No. 42835

File: 1421979351028.jpg (92.58 KB, 450x402, 35.jpg)

35 week pregnancy looks like this. I've been going on pregnancy forums for years and have never seen a bump that looks like her supposed 35 week picture. When you're pregnant the bump rounds out your whole abdomen area once it gets big enough. But hers looks like a tumor growing only in her lower abdomen while the upper half is completely flat. It looks like a liquify from someone who doesn't know shit about women or pregnancy anatomy.

No. 42836

What is GG? I see it being used everywhere in reference to Peter

No. 42837

gamer gate

smelly pete is anti gamer gate

No. 42839

No. 42842

he couldn't have his wife step in and wave at the camera if he was gonna do that?

No. 42843


I don't know why this made me laugh so hard. I wonder how long it took him to borrow that baby and what excuse he used.

I don't care for the baby though, I WANT TO SEE YOUR WIFE WALKING. Like seriously, that's all I want.

No. 42845

Seriously. He could be just babysitting for a neighbor or family member. Not convinced til I see his wife moving around. All he has to do is shoot a quick video of the same sort.

No. 42846

im so confused…weren't they married in 2012? and immediately had a baby? its 2015 for fucks sake….how is that baby still a baby?

No. 42847

the baby is of the least of concern. that thing is ugly and could therefore look like any ugly person at this point, such as peter,
but the baby doesn't have any of his features (see jew nose) so its just ugly next to fugly. who could tell the difference?

No. 42848


Awww come on anon, that's a bit harsh. The baby isn't his, well, I highly doubt it's his anyway (It doesn't look like him or her! Blonde blue eyed baby and he's a fucking jew and she's a brunette with brown eyes, COME ON).

But you're right, it's all about the wife at this point. I also want to see the c-section scar as those take quite a bit of time to fade.

No. 42852

There is NO MENTION ANYWHERE of "Ashleigh Burt" ANYWHERE online pre the doll posing on tumblr. No people search records.

For someone so obsessed with Star Wars and gaming you'd think there'd be some internet presence of her.

She began life when the tumblr/doll was made.

No. 42854

BTW someone correct me if I'm wrong but in this tweet: https://twitter.com/nihileigh/status/548589466474909696
She implies she hits the gym. Last I heard you shouldn't. My friend got a c-section due to complications during labor and they told her afterwards that she couldn't "hit the gym" because of the invasive surgery. It takes a long time to heal apparently. Sure she could walk all she wanted, but she wasn't allowed to run or lift weights.

Where my nurse-anons at?

No. 42855

File: 1421982959389.jpg (151.79 KB, 634x475, tumblr_mlk285wp9A1r5ygdco1_128…)

Crutches appear in two of the pics. Probably used to prop the doll up.

No. 42856

maybe it's the doll stand

No. 42857

File: 1421983273134.jpg (420.27 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nilwp3EWvi1r5ygdco1_128…)

He takes the dolls to public toilets for photoshoots

No. 42858

she HAS to be real

No. 42859

I'm pretty sure there should be straps over the kids shoulders, to you know keep them in if you slip or something and who the fuck takes their kid out in just a t-shirt when judging by her clothes its cold as hell?!
Also the head moved but the arm on the right (our right) didn't move at all.. Not even the fingers, bull shit

No. 42860

I've had a sneaking suspicion from the first post here that this might be Peter's unfunny attempt at a publicity stunt. It's just a shame that he's too autistic to pull it off.

No. 42861

OMG you guys the baby is real (not his obviously) and his "wife" was holding it by the crotch. >>42453
It could have fallen! She's standing up in these pictures holding a baby by the crotch, THEY COULD HAVE REALLY HURT IT. That's how I know it's not his baby. I see no maternal love from this woman/doll. There is no caressing or cuddling or at the very fucking least hold him correctly.


No. 42862

What if he uses a real girl in public and he uses the doll for home pics? That would be super embarrassing if that is the doll.

No. 42863

Ya'll niggas are reaching now. This bitch is real.
Buuut, I do indeed think that there is some kind of undercover fuckery going on. This whole situation is sketchy as fuck.

No. 42864

File: 1421983888634.jpg (83.36 KB, 1311x569, NOWAY.jpg)

depends where it is. maybe it's not a public place? maybe he rented a place to film something?

idk, but all I DO know is…

No. 42866

Her arms and legs are always in the same few poses. That's hella shady.

No. 42867

kek, sorry, not sorry.
i think newborns are fugly as hell and babies can have the potential to be cute, but that thing looks like fucking stewie.

No. 42868


She'd rather play with her hair than hold/caress her baby? He's just an accessory for her, what she really wants you to see is ME ME ME ME, FUCK DIS NIGGER BABY LOOK AT ME.

Also, second picture looks like he's looking at someone, like they were trying to get his attention to look at the real camera (this is no selfie). Her pose is exactly the same save for her grabbing more of her hair and the baby looking at something else in the second picture.

Peter took this, left the doll propped, stepped back, and snapped a second photo. Look at her legs!

No. 42870


The mirror is behind her, DERP PETER.

No. 42871

yeah, the pics where she looks extremely doll like she looks thinner and it never fluctuates in weight, except for the "so prego" pics. that person on the left is severely lacking the nonexistent waist the doll has.

No. 42872

File: 1421984267668.jpg (78.3 KB, 628x902, shitty circle edit.jpg)

idk about real or not ( I am leaning towards the former though), but I think the reason she covers her mouth is because of her teeth

correct me if i'm wrong, but is that a tooth sticking out a bit despite her mouth being seemingly closed?

No. 42873

>Also, second picture looks like he's looking at someone, like they were trying to get his attention to look at the real camera (this is no selfie). Her pose is exactly the same save for her grabbing more of her hair and the baby looking at something else in the second picture.
That's really unconvincing IMO, babies are always looking around at things at that age. The whole pic is really weird though.

Though if she's a doll, how does she stay balanced and not fall over? The baby's weight along with her huge tits would make her very front-heavy and I would expect her to fall over.

No. 42874

The doll's legs are longer.

No. 42875

as is its hair

No. 42876

I would have thought it was just angles at work, but the legs are significantly thinner on the right.

No. 42877


why why why does she always have the same dead stare with an awkward stance to accompany it?

why not make a silly face with your child? the only thing alive in this pic is the kid!!!!!

No. 42878

I think what's at play here is just a very crazy woman with self image issues.

No. 42881

She's wrapped up with a sweater and a coat that's lined, and the kid's wearing a short sleeve shirt. Where the fuck is it's coat?

No. 42882

yeah but its so easy to smile without showing teeth. and judging by her repetitive webcam selfies, shes pro at being stone faced.

No. 42883

Definitely looks like a tooth to me too. Then again, if my teeth looked like hers, I'd be self conscious of them too.

That said, I've noticed on the rare occasion I take selfies, if I'm using the main camera on my phone my mouth is always covered by the phone.

No. 42885

Is the sink and mirror behind her? I don't think that's how selfies work if that's the case.

Also, real classy taking a picture in such a dump of a bathroom.

No. 42886

if Brittany spears can survive walking into gas station bathrooms barefoot, so can this bitch with a shit coat and parenting skills to match.

i believe in you real doll.

No. 42887

Idk about you, but it's the other way around for me. I'm SUPER careful when I hold other people's babies, while they seem to be a bit more relaxed and will toss them in the air etc., while I stick to tickling them and stuff to play with them instead.

Having worked with the general public, it's not that uncommon to see this sort of thing.

No. 42888

But she had braces before and those gifs of her face without the phone block her mouth.

No. 42889


I thought she looked cute with the braces, if she's real, bitch is cray cray

No. 42892

She looked more normal, more human with braces. As it stands, she's TOO perfect (depending on your subjective view of perfect).

Actually, at first I thought she was incredibly beautiful, now she's just an average girl who's prettied herself up IMO since I've become habituated to her

No. 42895

Oh man, what a great time to be alive. This guy is our King. He won't stop, he won't back down, no retreat, no surrender, just gallons and gallons of milk.

This is so fucking amazing, and I found out 8chan has a cow board! MY FUCKING HEART.

No. 42896

I think she's real and has fucked up teeth, hella shoop, and shit parenting skills. I also think they should clean their house every so often.

No. 42898

In some bathrooms there are mirrors behind the sinks. Usually next to the exit door, so I don't find it that weird.

No. 42908

File: 1421989858722.jpg (30.89 KB, 630x351, dancing.jpg)

No. 42909

I bet thats where the doll stand is or goes there. Not sure if any of you ladies own Monster High dolls but It seems like thats what it could be stand wise but for a much larger doll and ps out.

No. 42911

File: 1421990642751.jpg (142.64 KB, 2000x1000, jfctwibbyfuckingfick.jpg)

Did they buy this lil nigga from the same people who made the twilight baby, cause fuck me if thats a real kid.(don't get me wrong no kid is ugly but fuuuuuuuuck)

No. 42919


So we've got this bitch in a public bathroom in the same fucking pose- exact same fucking pose, hands and everything- and people are still claiming, "oh no, she's a real person, guize." Ohkay.

However, I will say, that it is a mirror/selfie/flipped image, the Apple sign/camera on the phone is flipped, whereas if Coffin was taking the pic it would have shown it camera on the left/Apple bite on the left.

Also- if she is a real woman, can we send her some fucking parenting courses, first shaking the kid, now letting him freeze and not harnessing him in correctly. Worst parenting award, right here.

No. 42920

That doesn't proof anything. You can flip a photo in just about every image viewer.

No. 42922

Lmao hell naw

No. 42929

Found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjTfbZ0la1s
She's probably in most or even all of the other Bayonetta playthroughs too, I haven't checked yet. (It might be worth noting she had her own YouTube channel for gaming, but was deleted at some point:http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/nihileigh/videos) She sounds exactly the same as the girl in the 'proof' video (see here:http://petercoff.in/post/14362075393/nihileigh-proof-video-my-silly-accent). He sounds like such a fucking creep though.
At this point I am begrudgingly left to believe the girl, his wife, Ashleigh, is real. Although I refuse to believe this is a normal marriage/relationship. Seriously, what are the chances a girl like her (slim, pretty, huge amazing boobs, 'geeky') would leave Scotland to go after a guy like Peter (unattractive, unfit, unsuccessful heinously unfunny, misogynistic, racist, known on the internet for creating a fake girlfriend and going to freakish lengths to make her seem real. Need I go on)? This guy is a total loser. There's still stuff that seems weird about this whole thing even putting aside all the doll stuff. Something's up.

No. 42932

I think she's real too, and I also think that what we consider to be abnormal behavior doesn't resonate with her in the slightest due to any number of reasons. Maybe he paid for the boob job.

She likely not behind the blogs though. The images are def hers and she takes them herself, as fucking awkward as they are, but he uploads them on blogs pretending to be her for whatever reason. My theory is based on the fact that most girls don't speak that way about themselves unless they're trying to attract attention from shitty dudes (one of my acquaintances in hs would CONSTANTLY talk about what a nice ass she has ONLY in the presence of other guys. They would always look at each other like 'did she really just say that?'

His wife may be that way too, who the fuck knows, but I doubt it. Anyway, it doesn't explain why she hides all the time, especially when pictures are available, may as well make a video of them together.

No. 42936

he claimed his fake Japanese (Korean) girlfriend was part Scottish and his wife is Scottish as well. coincidence or utter bullshit? bullshit.

No. 42937

I do believe she herself is uploading her pictures to her tumblr though and that she does like the attention from random, shitty guys. Who else would she take all those never-ending cleavage photos/gifs for? Peter? I doubt it. They're practically all the same in every one, always the same poses, the only thing that changes are the shirts and sometimes she's standing in the photos. If she was going to take 'sexy' pictures for him, I'd assume they'd be nudes. Her pictures and gifs just seem like typical tumblr whoring.

I agree, if I were him I would have made a solid proof video of all of them together long ago. You'd think he'd be dying to prove she's real. Especially after the Kimi incident. Just one video of them moving, talking, doing life stuff, whatever. No hiding, no masks. Just fucking normal clear as day proof to debunk this whole thing and somewhat clear his name as a dollfucker.

No. 42939

They sound like a happily married couple

No. 42944

I was thinking the same thing. The girl and child are real but probably not his. She doesn't even wear a wedding ring. Has he posted any pictures of himself with the baby?

No. 42945

The phone didn't change angle yet thee pic did?

No. 42946

meant to quote

No. 42949

Has no one seriously considered its a mail order bride?

No. 42950

I did, and I doubt I'm alone in that.

I could believe he could rummage up the money for a sex doll (especially since he's already shown that he would quit his job to do youtube videos without any level of fame to carry him) but what could he possibly offer a real woman looking for a mutually beneficial marriage? Unless he got a real job and some regular income, videos with sub 1,000 hits ain't paying the bills.

More likely she is just some girl with low self-esteem thinking she can't really do better. Maybe they are both into some niche fetish. I'm sure he paid for the boobs or something as another anon said. To be honest, he seems like exactly the type of guy a "totally nerdy gamur gurl" would be dating to up her nerd cred – a fucking loser gamer.

Even more likely is she's a friend who is willing to go through this whole charade (probably due to some exchange of money/boobs/internet popularity) to bring attention to he and his videos after 3 years of failing.

Because, frankly, even if she were a mail order bride, he could still prove she was a real person. We wouldn't even have to know that much about her.

I don't think she's a doll though I won't rule out the idea that there is/was a doll involved at some point, but I honestly doubt he's all that hungry to prove she's a real person. He has probably gotten more attention in the last week than he has in years and I highly doubt that wasn't intentional.

No. 42951

If it's not a doll, they're not a couple.

For whatever reason he's found a "friend" to act as his wife, and that kid isn't theirs or at least not his.

The fact still remains that "Ashleigh Burt" doesn't exist anywhere pre Coffin on people search.

No. 42952


Idgi. How do they sound the same?
Where's her accent in the bayonetta vid?

No. 42953


>He has probably gotten more attention in the last week than he has in years and I highly doubt that wasn't intentional.

On Twitter he also seems to be blaming GamerGate for attacking him even though he clearly knows people are coming from cow and baphomet.

He's probably trying to jump on the SJW victim bandwagon but doesn't realise that men aren't allowed on board.

No. 42956

Who''d want to intentionally be called out on a sham marriage to a doll/mail order bride financial arrangement thing when he's already had the humiliation of faking a relationship?

Idk. I think he's just a pervert and he creates these "relationships" really badly thinking he won't get found out for being a pervert.

So maybe it's not a doll but there's something really fucking wrong with the relationship if it's a real woman/baby.

No. 42957

I'm also thinking how odd it is that she's obsessed with her breasts, yet chose to breast feed the baby. Breast feeding really makes your tits shrivel in a lot of cases. I would've thought someone who IS so obsessed with their tits can't even spell MAMMARY, she spells it MAMMORY. Maybe she's educationally subnormal idk.

No. 42963

If the baby is a doll then yeah that's a pretty stupid move of him. Babies grow and change very fast. If he doesn't have access to a real one it's going to be super obvious the more time passes.

No. 42965

if it gets proven that the girl is a doll, i'm sure peter will go crying to dumblr about mean anons not understanding that a doll can be a real human too and how we are oppressing doll-kin, and the whole board will explode with dumblrers

No. 42973

>Who''d want to intentionally be called out

He seems to love attention, whether it's positive or negative. Dude is clearly fucked in the head, I'm not sure we can rationally analyse his behaviour.

No. 42975

Davecat has already started a movement of wanting dolls to be treated as humans. Just saying…it's possible.

No. 42976

ok on /cow/ one of u told me to go to /fit/ and than tell him to delete that thread to get to here, i want your evidence!! you were post 17809

No. 42979

When I watch his "comedy" videos, I am reminded of Onision. Actually it seems to me they have few things in common.

Although instead of realdolls, Onision gets himself some real jailbait.

No. 42983

Yeah, the young ladies seem to love a man with a melted-looking face and shark teeth behind huge lips that are the same colour as his skin.

No. 42984

I'm sure Peter would love to get himself some jailbait, too bad for him he has the all charisma of a soggy cardboard box. At least Onision has that slimy fake "I'm a bad boy but totally sensitive at the same time" persona that 14 year olds love.

No. 42985

Scottish and they just have the same voice. Although, her accent fluctuates between Scottish and kind of American in the playthrough. I just assumed she's picked it up a little over the couple of years(?) she's been in the US.

No. 43000

Yeah, she sounded legit

No. 43004

is it weird that all her (/the doll's?) boob pics just make me really wanna take off my bra

No. 43005

yes, very weird

No. 43006

File: 1422042028697.jpg (44.58 KB, 640x480, 1421808708094.jpg)

No. 43007

they just look so squished up and super tightly confined all the time!! :( LET YOUR BOOBIES BREATHE

No. 43008

I read through Asleigh's tumlbr today.
She has agoraphobia, a body dismorphic disorder and another condition she won't mention by name.
Peter chose to import a very broken girl (she was just 19 when he imported her) from Scotland.

No. 43009

File: 1422042266130.jpg (654.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1421812365278.jpg)

No. 43010

She's stunning.

No. 43011

File: 1422042391193.png (1.84 MB, 1024x1024, 1421808749149.png)

there is something so wrong with these pictures

No. 43012

His arm goes over her arm, that's strange.

No. 43013

Compare both hands that are supposed to be Peter's. My left and right hand look nearly identical (mirrored of course)
His hands look very different, one fat hand, one more muscular hand

No. 43014

The feet in the background look so weird.

No. 43015

Peter is sitting on his knees but Ashleigh is not?
This picture is so confusing.

No. 43016

There is something weird going on with the fridge (at the bottom) and maybe the crotch area. Anyone care to guess?


No. 43017

how the hell is he sitting while shes standing…? this asks way more questions than it answers

No. 43019

look again…they are both on their knees. her legs are just awkward looking.

No. 43021

An agoraphobic could NOT get from Scotland to Utah.

No. 43023

File: 1422047191136.jpg (53.05 KB, 346x342, tumblr_m8x3dnfpcy1r5ygdco1_128…)

>another condition she won't mention by name

Judging by the redness on her (whoever it is/wife/doll/stunt double) I'd guess at bulimia.

No. 43024

Does her hair look wiggy to anyone else?

No. 43025


I'm sorry anon I just don't see it. I see his leg twisted and stretched out at a weird angle towards her. I don't see her legs, I think I need someone to draw them out for me on MS paint like some of the other pictures :(

No. 43026

All the time. If it's not bulimia it could be trichotillomania so hides bald patches with a wig.

No. 43028


Wait, I think I might see it now, n/m

No. 43029

Depends on the severity. I have agoraphobia and I could.

No. 43030


OC also has agroaphobia -_-

She could be one of those self diagnosed tumblrinas

No. 43031

I do too and I can't travel more than 20 miles from home after over 15 years of drugs and CBT. I just can't imagine anyone with it travelling so far, or even deaking with an airport.

No. 43032

fuck *dealing (and maybe deaking)

No. 43033

Agoraphobia is a fear of large crowds right? The definition o a large crowd can be subjective, but a fucking airport?! I think we can all define that as a crowded space.

No. 43034

File: 1422047966369.png (2.43 MB, 1024x1024, mysteries.png)

I get what you mean though. I can see where they are both sitting, but it's weird as fuck. What's the fucking thing on top of/near her legs?

No. 43035

It's not as simple as that. It begins with panic attacks when you're outdoors and you rush home and then get into the dilemma that you avoid going out and it all spirals downwards.

It's fear of actually leaving your space space.

No. 43036

Yup. It sure is scary. Doesn't mean they they can't do it. There's also more to it than that, of course people that don't have it wouldn't understand. There are factors in it.

No. 43037

fuck again *safe space

No. 43038

All I see in their pictures is a very unhappy girl. She doesn't seem to want to be near him, and with the few baby pictures/videos there's almost no love. I'm thinking that if she does have these mental issues, then she married peter out of desperation. (Or a green card.)

I mean, just look at how poorly she Photoshop's. She looks like a sex doll because of the way she edits. I'm a little disappointed that most of you lolcow members fell for this doll shit easy so easily. Considering most of our cows are photoshop queens it should have been obvious.

It would also explain why she isn't putting a whole lot of effort into helping prove Peter's case. Partly because of the attention she's getting and partly because she just doesn't care about him.

No. 43039

She looks a lot less thin in these pictures. I'm pretty sure shes just an abuser of photoshop

No. 43040

Makes it a lot easier to travel with someone. That's probably what ash did (if she has it) but I also doubt she has it because it's not a common thing at all.

No. 43042

Having someone with her would definitely make it more possible. That and some valium.

She could have it and that's why she hasn't been to take the baby to see her mum yet, or maybe she doesn't get on with her family if she wanted to fuck off to America to be with a weirdo pervert.

No. 43044


Such awkward body language in all their pictures, he looks like he's posing with a shop mannequin.

No. 43045

Nothing will convince me they're a couple.

No. 43046

Even the way she poses with the baby is awkward and it's like she's barely acknowledging it exists.

No. 43047

Will she get Obamacare as a Scottish immigrant? All the counseling and medication can't be cheap.

No. 43048

Maybe their dog?

No. 43049

Their relationship really freaks me out. She's half way across the world from her family, shacked up with the ultimate creepy loser with a baby by him that she seems only vaguely interested in. Plus all the weird photos and videos, all the obscured faces, choppy editing and uncanny valley posing. There's something so surreal and nightmarish about the whole thing. Like the start of a horror story or something.

No. 43050

File: 1422050072356.png (35.93 KB, 607x283, garher.png)

I hope Peter is a good fathera and won't use his kid to promote himself or social justice. Ashleigh seems so detached, the baby must feel the lack of motherly love.

No. 43051

We don't know about her past. She might have fled from her family.

No. 43055

If she's real she probably wanted to leave her country then for her to stay in murica he offered to marry her and to make their marriage look legit they even had a kid (or brought one idk) lmao

No. 43056

I'm putting my money on the possibility that she is autistic or has aspergers. She's too weird and definitely not the one behind the blog. Poor kid.

No. 43059

Well then it's even worse if having to live with him was her only chance of escape.

No. 43061

whyyy would toyota partner with him? what?

No. 43064

Yellow is her leg and then her foot (like two toes).

No. 43065

she is not real
peter lies all the time
and the worst thing is, he believes in his lies and lives in a lie

No. 43067

There's parts where she sounds scottish? Sorry, I only watched the beginning (because i hate listening to Peter. Idk, she sounded just plain American to me.

No. 43069

She's fucking fake. DOLL.

No. 43071

I'm not 100% on her being a doll, but I'm not 100% on her being mail-ordered either. Those pregnancy pictures were fucked up- not to mention, if the kid really weighed 3 lbs, he'd be small as shit and in the hospital for months.

No. 43072

Wtf those fingers and nails. It's not just me who thinks that they look REALLYYY plastic right?
So short and stubby and weirdly shaped. And the fingertips have such a weird shape too.

No. 43074

No hair part, pitch black eyes, no visible eyelid, eyeliner all around the eyes, weird and super thin eyebrows, the dead expression.
It this isn't a fucking doll then I don't know what it is, but that thing in this pic is definitely not human.

No. 43080

Those pictures were taken 1-2 years apart, I think lost weight.

No. 43081

Search youtube for "how to make your boobs look bigger"
She's doing that. In the titty shaking pic you can tell she is wearing 2 bras and probably some socks in there.

No. 43082

Those nails are a dead give away that she's a fucking doll. They never change length, there's never any polish and they're the exact same shape and length of nails those fucking sex dolls have. You have to be stupid to believe that this is a real human being. There's so many obvious signs JFC.

No. 43087

Also, no wedding photo's of them? Or ultrasound pictures?

No. 43089

For a person who looks twiglike she has surprisingly fat wrists.

No. 43114

He has a considerable fanbase on youtube

No. 43120

Peter tweeted about being glad the baby is alive. I think there were complications and the baby has probably spent months in the hospital (this would explain the lack of baby pictures)

Her mental (body) disorders could explain why there are no wedding pictures.

No. 43130

c'mon, that's not a teeth. If you look at the hood, there's some white dots, it could be one of those dots that it's placed just right at her mouth. Don't know if it's dust or the mirror is filthy of stuff but it's not a teeth.
Also, in both pics the baby is in the same pose, just his head changes. For a baby that age you should expect some change in facial expression and movement in his fingers/hands.

No. 43133

That baby is ugly as fuuuuuck

No. 43136

He has less than 200k subscribers.
For a YouTuber who wants to be famous, he's pretty fucking small.

No. 43137

The baby is photographed at a different angle in each picture.
Mounting a baby to a standing real doll would be very risky.

No. 43138

File: 1422081808496.jpg (441.17 KB, 1426x636, 123.jpg)

Just like OC

Have you seen his man hands?

I looked and couldn't find any dolls where the veins were colored blue and the fingertips were red like on a human.

They don't change in length because she said she bites her nails. That's why her fingertips are "weirdly shaped" too.

No. 43140

File: 1422081943653.jpg (572.06 KB, 861x919, 1239001982.jpg)

Clearer comparison of weight loss

No. 43141

She keeps in contact with her family on Facebook as we've seen. Ashleigh and Peter have Skyped her family multiple times with Harrison. She definitely does not seem estranged from her family at all.

No. 43142

Yup, that's why I refuse to believe there isn't something up with this whole thing. We don't know exactly what it is yet, but something isn't right.

No. 43143

Stop speculating untill you know what it is.
Don't contact Ashleigh, she has many mental problems.

No. 43144


LOL asking us to not do something is a fucking challenge accepted.

No. 43145

Who are you and why do you act like you know Ashleigh personally?
The purpose of this whole thread is to talk about and speculate on this weird situation. Get out if you don't like it.

No. 43146

Are you this >>42455 anon?

No. 43147

someone made of silicone can't have mental problems

No. 43148


Hi Peter! I was wondering if you'd find this place or not.
Welcome to our kawaii domain :)

No. 43149

Whether it's Peter or not, the white knighting will do nothing. Even if your wife is real Peter it will do no good for you here. Have you not noticed this entire chan is based on obsessing over women on the internet?

No. 43150

File: 1422085157818.jpg (308.65 KB, 562x780, toilet baby.jpg)

my fucking sides

No. 43151

this is the toilet nigga saga

No. 43153

I thought it might've been Peter too but I didn't want to 'speculate'. Are we allowed to request IP locations from admins? If that anon is posting from SLC in Utah (or Michigan, not positive on which he currently lives in) we'll know it's Peter.

No. 43160


Put your hand up against your shoulder like she's holding it and look at your own damn hand in a mirror

that's a mannequin hand

No. 43162

dude look at that room, what kind of image conscious woman would post a pic in a room as jacked as that

No. 43163

Yeah, if I had to only take pictures of myself in a room like that, I'd be positioning myself to cover all the embarrassing crap in the background.

No. 43164

I did, and it looks pretty weird but I could replicate it.

No. 43165

there's what looks like a crib, an up-ended futon frame and a bird cage, wtf

No. 43167

I'm definitely convinced she stuffs her bra to the brim. It's funny because in the Bayonetta playthrough video she makes a comment about a statue in the game having "big titties" and then Peter says "no, you have big titties" and she kind of laughs awkwardly and then it's silent for a bit. It's kind of like they both know she doesn't really have huge tits and that she's just shoving socks in there, but Peter wants everyone to think she does and that he landed a juicy-jugged wife.

No. 43168

Right? It looks like a storage room. Why would she be in there with her laptop taking selfies? So odd.

No. 43170

she should get butt stuffing too. she looks so unfortunate and unbalanced

No. 43171

Ha, that actually sounds like a cute couple.

No. 43172

File: 1422087868137.jpg (101.32 KB, 1000x747, realdolls.jpg)

All the responses are in all caps. Nobody types in all caps on Tumblr, you'd probably trigger someone and get tons of whining cringing hatemail about it.

No. 43173

I agree, her body looks really strange to me. I thought I had a flat ass but when I saw this picture >>41793 I regained hope.

No. 43174

what. That doesn't sound cute at all.

No. 43175

No. 43178

File: 1422088914824.jpg (110.27 KB, 401x296, 14220878681s237.jpg)

The guy one looks like the adult version of his baby.

No. 43179

Damn, that's some powerful breastmilk

No. 43180

God could you imagine him telling her shes fat. Poor girl/doll thing.

No. 43181


His voice is incredibly rapey like and creepy…Just sayin'.

No. 43183

/cow/ was right, Peter really looks like Uncle Fester

No. 43187


Also when i see the kid I can only think of this movie.

No. 43204

The baby reminds me of that birthing scene from V

No. 43205

Could be where they got the idea from.

No. 43206

>mfw I somehow misread "stop" as "start"
Anon, you just can't keep a good thing down lmao

No. 43213

Peter has a Green Screen
and a blue door (picture in maid costume probably not taken in a goodwill but in his love shack):

No. 43215

File: 1422098310167.png (170.14 KB, 596x487, sjw.png)

Peter is obviously fishing for SJW air support

No. 43218

File: 1422100277754.png (33.26 KB, 636x380, check em.png)

>pitty me

No. 43222

File: 1422103806097.jpg (22.6 KB, 500x375, punished.jpg)

It looks like she shows emotion in this picture

No. 43224

File: 1422104639251.png (4.06 MB, 1988x1129, thefuckamidoingwithmylife.png)

None of these are doubles.

No. 43225

oh wow, that bottom titpic doesn't look like a selife, in contrast to the upper one.
The arms are both lowered. so are we to assume that the camera just floated in the air?

the pics we see of her holding the phone are most likely photos made with that exact phone with a self-timer, so that peter has enough time to get out of the frame.
the angle the phone is held matches up exactly with the frame of the picture.
therefore he is using a real mirror too.

No. 43227

that endless stare

No. 43228

He moves that mirror all around the house

No. 43229

your skin not patchy looking at all in my opinion.
the most offputting thing with her pic is the lack of neck/collar bone. wouldn't that be visible in a real person that skinny (with fake boobs obviously at that size)? i am slightly overweight and neck bones or neck muscles are visible from any angle.

No. 43232


No. 43234

Oh, come the fuck on. That's so not his fucking baby! It looks absolutely NOTHING like him. Hair colour, skin colour, eye colour, eye shape, nose shape, fucking facial structure as a whole. How could one of this guy's sperm cells create this baby?

No. 43235

File: 1422109486671.jpg (134.65 KB, 529x526, bulbasnozz.jpg)

Fuck me, that honker. I don't think it gets more bulbous than that.

No. 43236

Peter Coffin claims he's Jewish (don't know if this is true or if it's for opression points). His child doesn't show any Jewish features at all.

No. 43237

File: 1422110156657.jpg (243.41 KB, 1458x512, 1421983888634.jpg)


No. 43238

What does this mean?

No. 43239

Left pic is possibly green screen.

No. 43243

Y'all are eating up /cow/s shit way to easily. It's obvious she's real. It's obvious the baby is real. Shes not a doll. Sorry to ruin the duramu but everything points against her benign fake.

The only thing weird around here is that they're both insecure tools and I wish I could take their baby away.

No. 43251

You're right

No. 43254

File: 1422116445972.png (42.42 KB, 599x310, begging.png)

Peter uses all the attention to beg for Patreon donations on twitter

No. 43255

Just the door hinges.
What's really impressive is her upper body pose. It is exactly the same in the two pictures, something impossible for a human to reproduce kneeling AND standing.

No. 43260

File: 1422117574258.gif (461.06 KB, 374x281, tumblr_lw7f73uDya1r270l9.gif)

obviously there is a real woman involved because …
1)we've heard her voice from the "proof" clip and the gameplay video
2) the pics/gifs of her face, with braces, saggy and smaller boobs, bigger figure etc.

tbh to me it looks like he is shoving his nerdy fandom down her throat and grooming her to become his reallife waifu. she sounds and looks REALLY young (younger than 19 imo).

considering the hints to her having mental issues, like agora phobia or body dismorphic disorder, i could imagine they use the doll to impersonate her.
and it's blatantly obvious that the content put online (like her tumblr) is coming from peter.

what we know for sure is, that there is something weird going on, and i'm worried for the baby.

No. 43261

The real Ashleigh is hidden for the public. We only see her avatar. It's spooky, like that episode from the X-Files where someone uploaded their soul to the internet and let their body rot away.

No. 43268

File: 1422120934636.jpg (81.21 KB, 480x640, tumblr_m4n6jrbM3O1r5ygdco1_500…)

in a scenario like that i could actually imagine a doll not being involved
if she
- got a boob job/stuffs/pushes up
- gets her pics shooped by peter
- tries to jump on the doll-look bandwagon
- and lost weight (like it's mentioned on the tumblr) and actually looks that skinny now

her figure seems really off though. wouldn't she have flabbier skin/cellulite if she lost weight, especially being 19-22, as opposed to as a kid/teenager. assuming all of the above is true, she must've been a kid during her weightloss, no?

No. 43276

Those nails look like they're a French manicure. I don't think a nail biter would have that put on their nails and still bite them. Bitten nails usually look nasty as hell and short, not the length that she has.

I'm still calling doll on this. I do manicures in school and none of our guests that bite their nails look as nice, well taken care of and long as Ashley's.

No. 43282

I know nail biters who get acrylics so they DON'T Bite their nails. I've also known who'd use glue on nails. (They'd usually fall off pretty quickly.)

She's not a doll guys. She's just an insecure girl being controlled by Peter.

No. 43283

The problem is that we don't know if there's a real girl anymore. She could have left, her family could have gotten her out of a bad unhappy situation, there may or not be a baby involved. I know he was holding a baby up on Vine, but seeing his track record and how the baby doesn't look like ANY of them, I think it's safe to assume that he borrowed that kid.

There is a doll involved for sure, especially noticeable here: >>42364

There's always more questions than answers, like if there is a real girl behind all of this, WHY on earth would she let Peter spend 7k on a sex doll? He's a self proclaimed lower middle class working man, how can they afford all of this with a baby? They met online obviously, but where? how? Is she a mail order bride? Why does she not give a flying fuck for that kid (look at the pictures of her or the doll or whatever, she doesn't EMBRACE the kid, no hugs, no cuddling, nada. He's just an accessory).

Why not a video of her smiling and looking at the camera for 10 seconds with Peter? WTF is up with all those stop motion GIFs? Why isn't there a stop motion GIF of BOTH of them together?

And the video "Puppy likes hair", come on you guys, that's a fucking doll! She giggles at some point and the chest doesn't move.

No. 43284

I was with the doll theory for a while, and I'm still thinking there's a doll involved here somewhere, but I'm starting to think, after seeing the evidence a couple times, that Ashleigh is a severely mentally ill person. I mean she even mentions mental illness in her Tumblr. To what extent I'm not sure, but maybe she's on board with the doll because it makes her feel better about herself when her "followers" fap to her and give her attention. The tumblr is probly still run by peter, but I'm thinking she's severely mentally ill and Peter is taking advantage of it, I just wonder what she's ill with if that's the case. Could also be the reason we never see videos of her, and in that one vine, she was shaking the baby because she's not all there. And if that's the case I fucking hope Peter is a good father, at the least. Peter could be behind everything she does, just uses her as a face and a so seksushi waifu. Treating her like his own doll, if you catch my drift.
Also, the pictures from her "familys" facebooks (this is still suspicious to me because of the dates on the facebooks) might show the reason why she covers her mouth; her teeth. They look like they might protrude from her mouth constantly, so maybe that's why she has braces/ hides them most of the time.
just some thoughts on why she is the way she is. Or maybe she's just a doll, I don't fucking know. But that's what I've been thinking about for a while now.
Honestly I think too much about all of this lol its becoming just plain sad to me now.

No. 43287


>>Peter could be behind everything she does, just uses her as a face and a so seksushi waifu.

This makes me so sad, I keep picturing a sad autistic girl just laying there while Peter's nasty ass just pounds her away. Ugh.

Her teeth are fine. I've seen her smiling with braces and they seem fairly straight to me.

No. 43288

Oh god guys, and with the puppy video, it sounds like the person laughing is the one recording the video BECAUSE MAYBE SHE'S RECORDING THE DOLL WITH THE DOG this would go along with my theory of her being on board with the doll. Why record it herself? Idfk but holy crap, what if?

No. 43289

Also, that fucking jaw surgery all his GF's have. Get creative you stupid motherfucker. Why are you so obsessed with jaws?

No. 43290

Well yeah they're straight, but her lips might not cover them, if you know what I mean? I've seen people with beautiful teeth but they kind of aren't covered by their lips completely, like they're too big for their mouth. Which would be why her lips always look stiff and weird when she isn't covering them.

Just a thought of course, but you're probly right. Like I said I've been thinking about this too much haha

No. 43291

Everything is so strange. Maybe she's autistic and nobody really considered her for dating and that's why she's ok with being with him and he write her blog, also that would explain why his family doesn't know much about her. Idk
That still wouldn't explain why there's no video of both of them.

Or, on a thread, someone mentionned she could be a normal girl and made a deal with Peter, he makes her come to the US and she acts like his wife and let him use his pics. Maybe the kid is not even his.

Otherwise I don't even see how he's financially supporting himself AND his family and she doesn't seem to work either. If he's really jewish he could have a tight knit community to help him but even so …

No. 43292

We can't rule out that while Peter may have been married to her at one point, he is now using a doll to continue the charade of a failed marriage. Neither are seen wearing their rings anymore, the kid and wife are never in the same room and an be identified, etc.

No. 43293

Exactly what I said. That laugh had to come from the person recording it, the arm movement is was too stiff and the chest doesn't move when she laughed. I really don't get how anyone can think that doll is real.

No. 43294

I wonder why she started hiding her mouth in her recent pics, when she posted them with expressions in the past:



I'm starting to think that Peter and her used to date. Something bad happened, she ditched and you took over her account with a doll.


Because she becomes less and less human the farther into their relationship.

No. 43295

I think that too. Peter is a pig and needs to kill himself.

No. 43297

I think she is off her meds since her pregnancy (causing her mental state to get worse and worse). Peter has taken over her on-line presence, keeping up appearances.

No. 43298

No. 43313


It's always something with that guy. Shot from the waist down, huh? Why? Because he couldn't find a female friend to stand in who had a super skinny waist and huge boobs like his doll?

Just as ridiculous as saying, "Here's my wife with the baby" and it's someone who looks nothing like his realdoll wearing a darth maul mask. I can't believe he thinks people fall for this shit.

No. 43314

Focus on her shadow: no long hair, no mega boobs

No. 43317

Okay. After viewing all her Likes on tumblr, I think that she is either a very weak woman who fell for Peter, or he was controlling her account.

She made her first blog post Oct 26, 2011. She liked a few things, but then started to like Peter's stuff around early November, 2011. Granted she was the only one liking Peter's stuff.

By November 30, 2011, Peter declares "Ashleigh is my heaven". She continues being the only one liking his shit.

By January 1, 2012, Peter declares that Ashleigh is his soulmate and how he's lucky. Of course he is being a condescending dick about it. Then links his forum.

January 26, 2012, he visits her.

March 21, 2012, they are engaged. Got married May 24, 2012 in Las Vegas. They had a small wedding and Wendy's for dinner. romantic right?

She admits to being 4 months pregnant on January 9th, 2014. Though she doesn't have a pregnancy belly in any of her pictures. Her baby is born late May, even though she states she should give birth late June.

She does not have any photos of the baby during it's first months.

Throughout her relationship, she brags about how great Peter is and reminds her followers that she is dating him. She often upplays her active sex life with Peter and her body when discussing her pregnancy. She states that her baby only cares about her 32G boobs, and that her body just bounced back because her pregnancy belly was so small.

Her humor is like Peter's, just as his old fake girlfriend's was.

For someone who has so many mental disorders, she likes no blogs relating to them. She likes no thinspo posts, but in fact several Fat acceptance/positive people's posts. And for a person who likes Social Justice, why is she married to a person like Peter?

No. 43320

Always shot from the waist down. No face, to massive boobs, and no long hair can be seen from the shadow. The woman walking in the video actually has hips unlike the Ashleigh doll. Who the fuck does he think he's fooling?

No. 43321

File: 1422134362681.jpg (47.41 KB, 350x511, misery.jpg)

Peter married his biggest fan, who now forces him to make cringe-worthy videos and dumb tweets.
>pic related

No. 43330

Soo she can't stop spamming the shit out of her tits but only post like 2 pics of her son and one with super fake blue eyes (I mean, his eyes can be blue but they looks super dark in video, no way they'd look this bright blue)

I'm not saying it's impossible but I rarely saw a new mom not spamming her newborn everywhere. Ok hers is pretty ugly even for babies standards but still.

No. 43340

I really do think she was real, albeit at one point in time- how obscure that point is, I'm not sure (as ref'd by all the facebook posts her 'mom'(? still questionable if she's real) makes, "Tell Ashley to call me!"- why hasn't Ashleigh been calling her? Why can't her mom call Ashleigh?)- but something may have happened to her. Perhaps, she really did date/have some sort of relationship with Peter. I think things ended up going sour though, I don't know how far- but it might go deep enough that Peter ended up needing to create a fake life for Ashleigh (i.e. tumblr to promote his stuff), and somewhere along the line bought a doll. I'm almost 100% sure that there is a doll at work, not all the time, mind you, but for photos and stopmotion gifs, I think that's where the doll comes in handy.

Videos on the other hand, I think he just asks random friends/records other people. I don't know why they would say yes or if he's asking random people, but there are too many inconsistencies- photoshopping aside.

I have no fucking clue about that baby though. It might be his? Maybe? Fuck- no- nevermind. I just, I really want access to that kid's birth records.

That's just one theory though. I love hearing everyone else's- it's so exciting! Just like a soap opera, ahaha.

No. 43342


There's a guy on /cow/ that thinks he killed her. He/she? said it would explain why he's shitting bricks now, DON'T CONTACT ASHLEIGHS FAMILY! and he says it explains why her mom hasn't really heard from her.
Also, apparently Peter is in love with the idea of human taxidermy.

Buuut I think that theory is really left field, lol.

Though, I have to say, if he did kill a girl, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 43345

I feel like CPS should be called or the police. since there's a real baby involved it could be in danger with these morons shaking him and holding him wrong. He seems creepy enough to get a replica of somebody's baby made to pose with another doll though.

No. 43349


If someone can give me his correct address I can make that call (and forward them the vine video). I mean, they won't tell us what happened once they get to his house or if he even has a baby or not, but at least they'll inform the kids parents that Peter shouldn't be around kids. I know I wouldn't like it if someone came and showed me a video of my baby being shaken around like that.

No. 43350

Someone posted proof they called CPS on Peter on /cow/

No. 43351


LOOOOL. You guys know they do take this shit seriously right? Someone already showed up to his house but Peter is surprisingly quiet about the whole thing.
You'd think he'd be screaming at the top of his lungs how GG is sending the police, the Navy, the FBI, snipers, and CPS to his house.

No. 43352


Can you link the thread? His threads in particular go by very quickly over there. I think this week alone he's had 3

No. 43364

>Someone already showed up to his house

Where did Peter ever say he had the police/or child services at his house? He made a short vine/vid saying he had a private investigator but that is in no means anything like CPS/police.

TBH, I want to know wth the P.I. found out.

>"today a private investigator found out you're a real baby!"

>okay, what about your wife

No. 43366

I don't think he's said anything at all regarding cops/cps showing up at his front door.

I do know that states don't usually dick around with kids, at the very least he got a wellness check at his house.

Why would the P.I knock on his door and ask if he had a baby? Peter is addicted to /cow/ and knows what people are doing. That's just him going nanananana your P.I was useless! No one can even verify if the guy who hired the P.I really did do it. I call troll on the P.I (and Peter fell for it).

No. 43390


I'm confused. Did he ever visit her prior to Jan? Otherwise it doesn't leave 8 months until the time of birth. Could the father be someone else?

No. 43391


Whatever phone she brought with her to the US didn't work once she got there. So she couldn't contact her mom. At least that's what she wrote on her blog. IDK why she didn't just use Peter's phone.

No. 43417


That sounds suspicious.

It was true 10+ years ago that phones from most of the world didn't work in the US but those days are long gone. Back then half the Americas used CDMA, Japan used it's own CDMA variant, and the rest of the world used GSM.

But these days iPhones are all quadband and so are even most budget level Androids. Plus I think North America has been slowly switching to GSM anyway?

Maybe she meant that her phone was SIM locked but spending £2 on ebay for an unlock code can solve that.

No. 43426

File: 1422162444560.jpg (76.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Well maybe its fucking sherk that fucking rekt that real doll pussay.

No. 43455


No. 43464

File: 1422168242776.gif (1.98 MB, 254x209, makeitrain.gif)


Shhh Shhh Shhh, it's OK.

Now stop being a faggit and hire a P.I for us, I want 20 P.I's riding up this motherfuckers ass.

No. 43478

As someone who lost weight and has BDD issues I can say that the placement of her heart things is to hide unflattering flabby skin. Also, there's pictures where her boobs look deflated so she probably stuffs to hell and back.
Oh, and the shit quality of her pictures is to obscure her looks. I don't do that, but I have another internet friend who has similar issues to me who purposely uses a shitty webcam to take pictures of herself because she thinks it makes her look better.

No. 43488

This is what I'm having trouble with. I'm 26 and all my friends have been popping out babies, and their lives become consumed by motherhood. Everything is baby related, pictures of the baby everywhere, all the time, there's no escape.

And yet all this girl does is just post a bunch of selfies and tit-pics? I don't get it.

No. 43491

thats why I don't think she's behind the blogs

No. 43493

File: 1422174029666.png (44.86 KB, 589x347, excuse.png)

Think so too.
Newest tweet of Peter

No. 43498

I don't know if that's really considered abuse/neglect to them. It'd probably have to be something a bit more intense like hitting a child/vigorously shaking/not feeding/not taking care of it. I dunno, I think we're overreacting about her shaking it slightly because it's Peter. I've seen people do the same sort of thing to a baby while playing with it. It definitely doesn't make it okay in my books though. Just I think probably not solid enough for CPS to get involved.

No. 43499

I'm 22 which is the same age as she is (if I'm not mistaken), and I see exactly the same thing with girls my age who have had kids.

No. 43500

No. 43501

Hold up, sorry, I didn't realize birth certs were only available to the general public 100 years after the date of birth. My bad.

No. 43503

She could have her hair in that side plait she often does. And I'm like, 100% sure she stuffs her bra a shit tonne, we've seen pictures of her with her body like this; average boobs, average waist and hips. Then again, the fact that she's only recorded from the waist down does seem very suspicious. When I started watching it I knew it wasn't going to pan up to her head/face, I just knew. She's always hiding her face in videos.

No. 43504

does this photo looked shooped to you guys? like thats not her face?

No. 43509

jesus christ. It's like someone took it into liquify & used the bloat tool.

No. 43512

Which is what?

No. 43513

I mean, that bitch looks diff AF

No. 43514

It looks like a different face, yeah. The boobs are a smart distraction. I mean, who's gonna look at her face with a chest like that.

No. 43515

I saw few of his "comedy" videos on youtube and to me it seems like he is not completely "there", if you get what I mean.

No. 43516

It says she was already 4 months pregnant prior to that January date. That gives enough time.

No. 43519

File: 1422180482589.jpg (396.99 KB, 1203x706, she exists.jpg)

Guys, it looks like Ashleigh is a real person. I unfortunately can't look at the actual record since you have to buy credits to view them on here, but you're able to define a search and know how many results you got. 1 match for an Ashleigh Burt born in 1992 in Aberdeen, Scotland. We now pretty much have solid proof this girl exists. If only getting Harrison's records were that easy.

No. 43521

Interesting. After all these pictures I was convinced she was just a doll…

No. 43523

Yupp and she seems like she knows nothing about taking care of a newborn. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only thing she mentioned is how her son only wants her big boobs (and even then, it seemed she wanted more to talk about her boobs than her son).

Most twenty something with no kids usually have a limited idea of what happens when you have a kid (breastfeeding ? Changing diapers ?) but new parents usually have a lot to say like baby is crying because of his teeth, baby is sick because of x etc. She doesn't give off the feeling of having a kid that young when she seems to have a lot of free time.

Maybe they're just babysitting a neighbour kid once in a while to make up for Peter lack of salary.

No. 43526

File: 1422182168378.png (84.34 KB, 1349x665, oh shit.png)


No. 43529

Wtf, I JUST found that too and was about to post! So yeah, looks like she's real. I'm super disappoint. I wanted her so badly to be a doll.

No. 43532

there's still something odd clearly going on.

No. 43539

We don't have proof that she's still alive, however.

No. 43544

There is no death certificate on that site

No. 43545

File: 1422189891344.png (30.94 KB, 637x385, petercoffin.png)

I think he's catfished again /s

No. 43549

File: 1422190959372.png (197.62 KB, 1273x722, creepy.png)

oh fuck off, peter.
we all know for a fact you made kimi kobayashi up and that there is something weird going on this time too, even if it turns out she's not a doll (pic related).

No. 43550

File: 1422190988416.jpg (58.71 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

I refuse to believe that this woman is his wife. There has to be some alternative explanation. She could have married someone attractive or at least with money.

Now I wonder, how did they meet? Especially if she's from Scotland?

No. 43552

they met on tumblr.

No. 43555

Yeah that's why you were writing tweets to each other about your sex life.
Why would someone waste their time faking a gf for you over months? You're a fucking nobody?

No. 43556

She may be real, but I still think there is a doll.
The exact same pose in every selfie, the wig, her way too low baby bump. Something is still fishy.

No. 43559

Don't forget the dog video, other doll pictures can be defended by "she shoops herself" argument but the video is the biggest proof there is a doll

No. 43564

>Why would someone waste their time faking a gf for you over months? You're a fucking nobody?
To be fair, the entirety of the show "Catfish" is about people catfishing nobodies. Usually it's not for any gain other than personal self-esteem.

But I think it was way more likely that Kimi was Peter. And way more likely that Ashleigh is Peter.

If he put effort into meeting girls irl he wouldn't have to make these people up. He probably wouldn't be swimming in pussy but he could easily get some chubby nerd girl with low self-esteem.

No. 43570

Oh come on, it's so clear that Kimi was Peter.
He even said he skyped with her. I mean, how stupid does a person have to be to not see that there is a different person in front of the cam.
And I highly doubt that the real Lee Na Young catfished him.

And his tweet says "someone made it look like I faked a girlfriend", which sounds a lot more like "she exists but someone makes it look like she doesn't!!!!!" than "I got catfished."

No. 43574

>I highly doubt that the real Lee Na Young catfished him.

No one said that? Do you understand that catfishing is when people use other people's pics and fake names to trick people into thinking that they are someone else? No one even thought for a minute it was the real Lee Na Young, just someone else using her pics (Peter).

I know Peter catfished himself with Kimi. I was just saying that being a nobody doesn't necessarily mean that no one would catfish him.

No. 43575

Other failed online relationships:
Suki Soysauce
Mary Maruchan
(Can anyone think of any more? This is fun lol)

No. 43577

I think he knew an Ashleigh in real life, the dated or were just friends and now for whatever reason they are no longer together so he brought a realdoll that looked similar to her.

No. 43579

They definitely got married; >>43526

No. 43582

They even had a Honeymoon at Wendy's

No. 43584

That doesn't mean that something hasn't happened to her- her mother keeps asking for Ashleigh to call her; which is strange. Anyone can go to your cell phone carrier and get international calling if they didn't have it already. With Ashleigh being from overseas, one would think it would have been instinctual to have it- for friends, parents, old doctors, etc.

She may have been married to Peter Coffin- but there is no reason that didn't help her adjust to the US, which makes everything even more suspicious.

No. 43588

Cho Chang? lol

(Chi Chitose
Emi Erukawa
Hina Hinamoto

Suki Soysauce new fav name)

No. 43592

Such attentive parents.

No. 43593

I don't think she has savings or a job, she's financially completely dependant on Peter. She can't call if Peter doesn't pay for a phone contract.

No. 43603

You don't have to necessarily use a fake identity to be a catfish I think?
Some people use their real identity, but are pretending to love the person just for the lulz, or to convince them later to send them money and then break up. Isn't that catfishing too?

Peter claimed he skyped and chatted with his girlfriend. He obviously didn't skype with the real Lee Na Young. But if he skyped with his fictional gf like he says, he kinda would have noticed that it's not actually 'Kimi Kobayashi' or Lee na young, right?
So he just left us 2 options. He must be either REALLY fucking blind or stupid to not notice that he is skyping with a different person, or he made everything up.
But I think we can all agree on that he is a liar and she is fictional.

No. 43605

Yuki Yakisoba
Chu Chopsuey
Sora Sobayashi

No. 43606

Maybe he's an "all asian girls look the same" kind of guy.

Could have been another asian girl trying to be that korean girl through pics.
Lol he's so stupid he probably thought "oh she probably just looks like this without makeup."

No. 43608

He was that kind of guy
Sexist, racist. But now he's totally SJW

No. 43609

That's just scamming, not technically catfishing.

No. 43617


That would explain the baby. Peter doesn't make enough money and any savings he had he probably blew to go to Scotland, bringing her to America, and visa costs.
So Ashleigh babysits occasionally for a neighbor for a little extra spending money.

Unless she's autistic or severely narcissistic, then she's not a mother. Aside from Peter controlling her social media (which seems she didn't care for in the first place), there's nothing to this girl. In fact, it's like she only takes pictures with the baby when she's forced, so Peter can prove the internet wrong again.

There is a doll.

There is a girl, but there's something very wrong with her. It's possible she has brain damage from an accident or something like that. If Ashleigh is real I truly believe she's mentally disabled. (the way she dressed AND looked at the beginning of her tumblr vs how she dresses and looks now is all of Peter's doing, I wouldn't be surprised if he's the one that photoshops her face as well)

And that's worse than buying a doll and pretending it's your wife. Now he's possibly having sex with someone that can't really consent…

No. 43619

Why the fuck would any woman let Peter stick his dick into her? Fuck, myself esteem is shit but I'd never let crap get that bad. I wonder who is the real Ashleigh and why is he using a sex doll in so many of these photos.

No. 43624

This theory sounds very plausible

No. 43625

that's a marriage license, not a marriage certificate

No. 43628

Doesn't it say document type: marriage certificate?

No. 43630

File: 1422223835175.gif (1.29 MB, 176x144, 1420572326633.gif)

Thank you.

No. 43632

File: 1422224040560.gif (1.22 MB, 1199x898, 4thdoc.gif)

This is Ashleigh, the girl that is not a sex doll and can stand up, sit down, move around, and then get her irises pointed in the exact same direction as they were before, with her eyelids open the exact same amount, and her head at the exact same angle, multiple times in a row.

Peter Coffin is so lucky! Oh how I wish I could suck his massive dick until my jaw unhinges (requiring jaw surgery).
But alas, Asheliegh is out of my league and I can never compete with her.


No. 43635

Compare the two results.
The certificate that's 3 dollars has "deputy dpd" under remarks. Peter's certificate is 0 dollar and has no remark, it's a preliminary document.

No. 43636

That's what I was thinking…like you can probably put some type of request for marriage but not go through with it?

No. 43639

There are literal screenshots of him having conversations with Kimi about his sex life with her, which not only were cringy as fuck, they were also degrading to her. So if anything I don't know why he tries so hard to pretend people made that up.

No. 43640

File: 1422226804023.jpg (80.21 KB, 600x900, 1422223778688.jpg)

Here's one of those realdoll's doing the same weird foot off the ground thing as Ashleigh.

No. 43643

In my state (TX) I needed a marriage license before I tied the knot. It was obligatory to wait 3 days before going through with it.

After said three days, the judge asked for our license, then signed the marriage certificate (along with our two witnesses). So who was the judge? Who were his witnesses?

Obviously, like me, they didn't have an expensive church wedding, so I'm not expecting to see wedding photos of her in a big, white, poofy dress… but surely they took photos of themselves that day?

And her mom wasn't there? How sad is that? I think every mom wants to be part of her daughter's wedding, even if it's small courthouse thing with dinner afterwards.

And no, not dinner at Wendy's Peter you cheap piece of shit. Most girls are not Bridezillas, but have some fucking respect for her and treat her somewhere nice asshole.

No. 43644


Too bad we've never ever seen Ashlieghs bare legs, then we could compare the two.

No. 43645

She has pics of her bare legs in that selfie dump post. It's weird how she doesn't show them that often though. It's not like they're scarred.

No. 43647

File: 1422228186478.png (710.55 KB, 561x479, 3cvHygS.png)

No. 43648

File: 1422228308180.jpg (455.49 KB, 900x900, jZ8N3U7.jpg)

No. 43649


Thanks anon!

Hmmm… She's not fat, she looks average here. It's not a bad thing, but her legs definitely don't look like here: >>41796 or here: >>42033

I guess he puts the stockings on the doll only.

No. 43650

No. 43651


Why is her left (our left) leg skinnier than the right one?

No. 43656

"Pregnancy does NOT fuck around when it comes to boobs."

"Boob level: Anime"

"This dress is way too colorful and burns my retinas"

"Sext: “I’m wearing no pants and a really intimidating shark T-shirt tee hee ;)”"

"I’m a scottish lady living abroad, so of course when I saw this cheap tartan turtleneck I felt immediately compelled to buy it."

"Is that boobs or two bald men in my shirt?
Follow for more mammory gland related riddles."

"I’m having a good boob day."

"This instagram picture is brought to you by cleavage©"

"Going to get a bunny today, I’m so excited I could wet myself. Maybe I have."

"I am clearly sex in human form."

"Cleavage of DOOM"

"On second thought, my baby definitely only cares about me right now because of my overloaded 32G bra. I am basically a walking buffet in his eyes."

"You will be blocked instantly if you attempt to sexualize the thought of me breastfeeding my baby. It is completely inappropriate and pedophiliac to sexualize situations involving children. My son is not part of your fantasy or fetish, he is an infant."

"Let’s hope so for the sake of my poor vagina hole."

A few of her posts on her tumblr.
Idk about you guys, but when I look at these, (and actually all her ask and personal tagged posts) all I read is PETER PETER PETER I AM PETER PETER IS MY NAME PETER.

No. 43659

Yeah, these are exactly his brand of humor, just boob-related…kind of like how Kimi's humor was exactly the same as Peter's, only Asian-related.

I don't think Ashleigh is real – at least not in the sense that she is this person/doll and married to him. I think he just felt humiliated by how poorly his last girlfriend turned out so he tried to be a little more careful. But he should have known better.

It's already been proven that his son's birth certificate was forged. It's already been proved that he is willing to create multiple profiles and pages for a fake person to lend more credibility to their existence. I don't think it's unlikely that he would forge a marriage certificate and multiple profiles for another person. He's done it before.

>"You will be blocked instantly if you attempt to sexualize the thought of me breastfeeding my baby. It is completely inappropriate and pedophiliac to sexualize situations involving children. My son is not part of your fantasy or fetish, he is an infant."

lol ok miss 32G buffet.

No. 43660

Fucking lol, this sounds exactly like "Kimi" did. Same unfunny brand of humor.
>"my poor vagina hole"
No girl or woman has ever said this

No. 43665

Yeah, I know some girls will say shit to fit in with the guys or try to be funny, but everything about that just screams Peter. Every tweet, caption, post, all of it. No fucking way it's anyone else but him.

No. 43666

is it just me who thinks she's not a 32g? my sister size is a 32dd which should be 2 cup sizes smaller than her and i'm actually quite small chested. also her body looks super tiny, i would say her band size would be 28inches. i actually googled "32g" and the girls that showed up had boobs much smaller than hers. hers look impossibly massive on her body. they look like that one woman's on my strange addiction who's addicted to getting her boobs done.

and i agree, her sense of humor/the things she says doesn't sound like any woman i know. every girl i know with big boobs doesn't feel the need to go on and on about it forever, actually, a lot of them try to take attention off of them. reading this, it makes me feel like he's kind of humble bragging through her, "SEE MY GF IS HOT AND NERDY LOOK AT HER MASSIVE BOOBS!!!1!!!1!" and i don't even know much about this guy or even really follow this thread.

No. 43667

mines like that too for my right leg (not so dramatic)
usually because more muscle in the right because like for going up steps i use the right first etc. so it builds up more

No. 43671

she's closer to a J or K at that band size. the only women who would have breasts that large as a G cup would have a larger band size/be fatter.

No. 43673

>dat writing style

This is what happens when people aren't educated and don't read books, they think this shitty internet fiction would actually work on others.

No. 43683

I don't think she's a 32G either. I'm a 32E and no way is she only 2 sizes bigger. If a woman has breasts as big as "Ashleigh" they would know their fucking bra size because they would either have to be special ordered or custom made. It's ALL Peter and his doll playing sex fantasies.

No. 43684


>>"Is that boobs or two bald men in my shirt?

>Follow for more mammory gland related riddles."
>related riddles

That's not even a riddle, jesus Peter, I don't even

No. 43687

Yeah… my boobs are 26DD and they're tiny. I don't think she knows how bra sizes work.

No. 43688

i definitely think it's him too. if she didn't know anything about bras, she'd wear a bra with a bigger band size. before i found out my actual bra size, i was wearing a 34d, and it's the same for many other girls with smaller bands/bigger cups sizes. with the way she loves to make it all about her boobs, she'd probably post all about the struggles of big boobs, finding bras, etc.

No. 43690

Because all of her pics are shooped to make the rest of her look thin. I'm surprised nobody has pointed it out yet.

No. 43691

Which video is this?

No. 43692

No. 43695

She really doesn't understand how a bra works. Well, let me correct that, but Peter. Adding a G in there doesn't mean that they're super huge. It's like those that think double D's are humongous.

I'm a 26F after finally getting correctly sized (wore a 34C before somehow), but they're not huge tig ol' bitties like most would think. They look average as hell.

Also, it may just be me, but I personally think she wears 2-3 bras at a time. I think she may have average sized boobs that give a decent crease/crack down the middle of the chest in tops, but wears strapless padded bras to push them together more, making them bigger/rounder from a side view. Also helps give her the appearance of being even thinner.

It's like the pregnancy photos she had up…like wtf. Everything just looked unnatural as fuck.

You can tell big time around the edges of her legs, arms, and hair. It's always blurred or has a glowing look to it. Just about every other picture has obviously been tampered with to make the body appear smaller.

No. 43696

I got you anon.


That's it. Such a creepy video.

No. 43697

Until the bitch posts something HD (even an iphone is capable) without editing, I won't believe shit.

No. 43699

Okay that video is weird. Who stays still like that when your fucking HAIR is getting eaten?

No. 43700

The pregnancy photos were a joke, was there ever anything of her at the last trimester??

No. 43703

I think someone posted down lower on the thread something that was on her tumblr about her "last trimester" but was pretty much the same awkward hip-baby/tumor-chan.

No. 43704

I wonder how involved the real girl is with the doll pictures. I went through her archive on tumblr and it seems like the doll pictures start getting more frequent in July 2012. She had been losing weight but how would she get so thin and stay that way during and after having a child. I wonder if since she has body image issues, she prefers posting the doll pictures rather than pictures of her real self. Maybe she gained weight or thought she looked fat after giving birth and thats why theres so many doll pictures and why she seems so unattached to the baby.

No. 43706

But the person holding the dog moves their hand in the beginning and end to pet the dog. I'm sure it could be anyone but it's still a human. I think Ashleigh might be a mute or retarded.

No. 43708

Her mum asks Peter to have Ashleigh call her. She must be retarded and unable to function independently.

No. 43709

But the chest doesn't move when "she" giggles and the audio sounds like it's coming from the person holding the camera. Fishy shit going on.

No. 43711

Yeah, I agree that it's definitely not the voice of the person holding the dog, but that's still a human.

No. 43712

Didn't they get married or in 2012?

The pics here make her look more regular sized.

No. 43715

That's exactly the problem with this thread. Everyone wants this to be more than it is because we haven't had a really good lolcow in a while. But there was never even a sliver of proof that she was a doll. Ashleigh always looked like an overly edited girl.

There's no doubting that Peter is a lolcow, but we could be spending time talking the things that actually make him one instead of furthering this stupid doll theory. There was NEVER a doll. Get over it!

No. 43722

OK Peter, what makes you a lolcow?

No. 43723

>why isn't everyone talking about ME

No. 43724

Sup, Peter? Got bored of your thread on /cow/?

No. 43730

File: 1422247113803.gif (1.32 MB, 450x337, eyes.gif)

Your post makes me cross-eyed

No. 43735

I'm getting vibes of that other stuffed-bra same cam angle fat chick on youtube from these gifs. This is chick so stiff though.

No. 43737

/cow/ is saying that the face is masked on, and that's why these early gifs make her look chinless


No. 43738

Was it ever explained why all her stuff is so low res? It's absurd, also I'm guessing basic level after effects.

No. 43739

I bet Peter sleeps in the top bunk

No. 43740

The only excuse for strange things so far has been her poor mental health.

No. 43741

If Peter really has a wife and kid, does he even have a job? How does he support them?

No. 43745



No. 43746

How did Peter find us? Were we directly linked on /cow/ at some point? Or does he google his name obsessively a la Kiki?

No. 43751

I'm not Peter, idiots. Have admin check my IP if you need them to.

Y'all were all just incredibly desperate to believe this doll-theory that you ate /cow/'s retarded lack of research bullshit.

No. 43752

Forgot to add, Peter is obviously getting off on all the duramu around him. I don't think he intended to start the real doll rumors, but once it got to be a big deal, he played the "vague" game to keep everyone's attention. I'm sure he hasn't had this many people check his blogs or watch his videos since the last fake girlfriend chaos.

No. 43754

Idk the way I see it is there's a very real girl who's admitted to very real disorders who married a very real man who has no job that posted a very real video of a very real child getting shaken. There's no toys in that house, there's no love shown in any of those pictures, the girl never holds him correctly, and they use him as a prop. I'm thinking we need to stop pretending she's a doll and consider there's a dangerous situation going on here.

He got doxxed so it'd be easy to call CPS.

No. 43758

I'm not sure about the disorders.
It's part of tumblr-culture to claim all kinds of mental disorders. This goes hand-in-hand with self-diagnosis.

No. 43760

True but it still doesn't hurt to call CPS. The way I see it, they show up to their house, make sure everything is okay and we find out once and for all if she's truly a doll or not. (Though it's already been proven she's not…)

No. 43761


This. She does not have any problems with her appearance, despite shooping herself into a monostrosity.