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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 365296

I got this screenshot from Takedownmans fb a while back. He has since pulled it down but in the comments he claimed to be the dude on the right! Hahahahahahahaha!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662330

File: 1558138683473.jpg (51.69 KB, 960x720, 28380992_591626827849744_64537…)

Watch out everybody, for this LolCow kiddie fiddler named"Dale Franklin Gill." Meanwhile Ladies do not accept photo's from this one. He has two wives and he sends out stock photo's. He live's in a cheap Motel. He believes he is famous and is looking for relationship with teenagers. He is gross and is a pathological liar.(read the rules)

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