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File: 1478521895668.jpg (39.78 KB, 719x720, 12742165_10206752637188686_140…)

No. 312257

"I'm the nicest, caring-est person you'll ever fucking meet!" -Amy

A morbidly obese 29-year-old Youtube "star" from Kentucky.
She first started vlogging with her somehow even fatter sister,
Tammy, but these days it's pretty much all about Amy.

Her shit-quality content usually includes hauls of various
kinds of Walmart crap, awful makeup looks and reviews, disgusting storytimes,
and random bullshit that goes on in her filthy house.

While she basks in her glorious e-fame, she fails to realize that
people only follow her for the freakshow.

Some highlights:


Accompanied by a tearful video, she started a GoFundMe to raise moneys
for Tammy's triple-sized casket, while Tammy was, and still is, very much alive.
Raised almost $900.
Posted a new video a few days later of her and Tammy sitting at a
table munching on junk food. People got mad and wanted their dollars back.
Amy started blocking everyone who dared to ask her about it. She later
uploaded a video explaining how she had given the money to their mom, for the bills,
and that she would pay everyone back. No proof of this actually occurring was ever seen.

Later started another GoFundMe for a new Macbook pro, but it was quickly closed.

>Alleged animal abuse

Amy locked her brother's german shepard in a tiny, hot camper. The dog managed to escape
through the window and bit the landwhale. The dog was taken to a shelter, and later

>Some examples of her assholism

Went on a date with some guy and tried to eat him at a hotel. Posted a video
detailing what happened, and explained that she was just trying to give his virgin-ass a
good ol' hickey. The poor dude managed to escape and Amy was left lying in bed alone,
wanting to die.
Later retaliated by giving out his number to anyone who asked.

When she got dumped by her latest boyfriend (of 1 week) DeathMetAlKaos, she pitted her minions
after him, and told them not to subscribe to his channel.
Tried to shit all over his new relationship.

Some have also suspected her of stealing PO box gifts meant for Tammy.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/twlightqueen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twilightqueen87
FB discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/664849553677861/?fref=nf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/twilight_queen8

No. 312259

Didn't one of those sisters almost die in the hospital? Was it the other one?

No. 312260

File: 1478522976567.jpg (5.87 KB, 234x215, tammm.jpg)

Yeah that was Tammy. She's in and out of the hospital all the time. Possibly in a nursing home atm.

No. 312261

OP you need to add about the time she made a video about how she was going to give away most of the makeup people had sent her as gifts or to use on the channel because she 'didn't have a lot of space at the new place' she was moving to. Oh and her niece had already helped herself to half of it.

No. 312281

My favorite story time about how she was having sex and the guy started puking and had a heart attack.

No. 312353

Her forehead always freaks me out a little every time I see it. I didn't even know foreheads could get fat.

No. 312366

She looks like a beluga whale. But the whales probably weigh less.

No. 312374


No. 312420

File: 1478555542128.jpeg (27.24 KB, 385x301, image.jpeg)

Guys her melon is crucial for echolocation

No. 312429

Have you seen her sister Tammy's forehead though? Tammy is chair-bound, by the way.

No. 312446

>Went on a date with some guy and tried to eat him at a hotel.
Lmao, it's honestly so funny they manage to even get guys wanting to hook up with them at hotels. Like what did the stupid fucker expect and why would he get mad over a hickey? As if sticking his tiny penis into the folds of this morbidly obese person's flapcheese wasn't degrading enough.
He's probably in a relationship but didn't want a hickey to let everyone know his 'other' women involve face sitting and feederism.

No. 312449

Apparently the guy was a 19 year old naive actual intellectually disabled person. He went out with Amy, thought he was going to get his rocks off and ended up traumatised and scarred for life.

No. 312458

The picture IS Tammy, though.

No. 312483

>that literal neck curtain
How do people let this happen to themselves

No. 312484

>"That sex was literally like magic and I KEEELED HIM"

I laughed harder than I should have.

No. 312490

Sadly their parents did it to them first.

No. 312513

A re-uploaded version of the infamous hotel night story.

No. 312517

"The verdict of the story is… do not bite people."


No. 312518

let's get into the makeup tutorials then.
>I wheezed because I got asthma - not because I'm fat.

No. 312521

Just talking is making her out of breath…

No. 312526


No. 312529

Holy mother of god…I'm done. Can't watch this poor whale anymore!

No. 312537

I love how in this one she just came out looking like a toad wearing too much mascara. Why did this one get, like, 5 million views? Because #bodypositivity or something? 27k dislikes though lol

No. 312540

What is that thumbnail?

No. 312541

I hope you stuck around for the final look though.

No. 312542

Becuase fat I think. She sold the rights to this one for $10K by the way. Smart businesswoman.

No. 312558



No. 312565

This is one of the most horrifying thumbnails I have seen on this site. They don't even look human anymore. That giant forehead on Tammy is creeping me out so bad. How the fuck does someone get so fat that their forehead is collapsing upon their eyes?!

These are the worst makeup tutorial videos I have seen in years.

No. 312566

There's a green story somewhere about an anon who saw a hambeast at walmart use duct tape to keep it's forehead fat out of its eyes.

These things are why we have global warming. We're long overdue for a cull.

No. 312578


No. 312586


thumbnail looks like something out of an Aphex Twin music video.

No. 312646

File: 1478634104667.jpg (13.25 KB, 500x332, 0p14k3lupp.jpg)

This really made me laugh

No. 312757

Is her titty out? WTF is going on there???

No. 312775

jesus fuck i'm terrified
how someone gets so fat they get out of breath by just talking?

No. 312785

Wow, and I thought I was a fat bitch. This is some next level shit right here, I am scarred for life.

No. 312805

Are you joking????

No. 312820

According to legend, Tammy pulled Amy's top down during a live chat.

No. 312826

Do they make bras with band sizes that big tho?

No. 312829

Burpin', cookin', dancin'…Yeah, 2 sticks of butter.

No. 312840

Such innocent times. Amy used to be so glad of the attention, and Tammy wasn't chair-bound.

No. 312859

About the gofundme drama

No. 312866

She … she tried to contour … with a BH Cosmetics "Forever Nekkid" palette, no less … I … I can't…

No. 312872

she put fixer on before the eye makeup! the end result is hilarious.

No. 313452

If these two are so attention hungry, they should try to get on that show My 600-Pound Life. I'm sure they'd be a hit to watch

No. 313468


She is drunk af in this one.

No. 313502

I genuinely feel bad for these people. I would give them money to lose at least some weight, like a good 80 lbs, because they are going to die any fucking day now

No. 313503

I genuinely feel bad for these people. I would give them money to lose at least some weight, like a good 80 lbs, because they are going to die any fucking day now

No. 313610

You would be wasting your money. The effects on their health now are likely permanent, like all of Tammy's issues and 80 lbs isn't much when you're like 400 lbs at least. Don't feel bad, they're both bad people anyways - they're scammers, they're ungrateful, and they don't care about anything, much less themselves.

No. 313723

You are right, but it is really so difficult to control yourself that you get to this point?? I'm no tiny person either but this is ridiculous. I don't fucking binge everything in my fridge at once. I think they are honestly just at the point of no return.

No. 313724

File: 1478807663134.jpg (25.55 KB, 399x401, 67556.jpg)

Why even bother contouring? Does she actually think that's doing anything for her?

No. 313819

She's a gonna get bypass surgery and get "skinny" though.

No. 313864


Isn't she too fat for it? Some people have to lose weight before because doctors consider too much excess fat dangerous

No. 314071

She's on a diet! She hasta watch a video first!

No. 314076

she admits her and tammy "suck on each others tits" at 1:11… truly horrifying

No. 314079


wtf is this shit? I don't even get the point of it. Is it just spliced soundbites or something?

No. 314172

Apparently she tried it at least once before but failed. I don't think she has the willpower for it.

… And constantly pushing out these 'taste test' videos ain't helping.
Yeah, sure she's not gonna finish those fried twinkies.

No. 314298

oh god. her nasal breathing is worse than her mouth breathing.

No. 314382

>Later euthanized
Is there proof of this? I saw somewhere that the dog was put up for adoption.

No. 314639

Her southern accent sounds like something from an SNL skit, fuck me. Not saying I haven't heard accents that deep, I do live in GA, but it with the natural "Fat chick who's cheeks are too big to move right" voice make it sound next level unreal

No. 314647

How can these women be so huge, and yet have such small breasts?? it's kind of freaky.

No. 314713

You can only gain so much weight in your boobs before you eventually start gaining it all in your stomach/thighs

No. 314800

Genetics determines how your fat is gonna distribute. So if you eat like a pig and gain 50 lbs, you might gain it mostly in your thighs compared to someone else who will have it distributed differently. Since they're sisters, they more or less have the same fat distribution so that's why they both don't have boobs and they have forehead fat kek

No. 314817

This is thin privilege: when your boobs are c cups and your forehead is not.

No. 316086

I'm 8 days late here, but I work in a hotel at the front desk. If we got any complaints from any room around them, we'd probably ask them to leave and call the cops if they didn't.

No. 333860

New video, yay

No. 333930

nephew? does she have other siblings who aren't as obese? can morbidly obese people of this level have kids?

No. 333931

Probably family friend or something. Like not a "blood" relative.

No. 333934

She lives with her brother, his wife and their two kids. The brother is the same size as her and Amy constantly reminds us he is a 'chef' at McDonalds

No. 334162

God fucking holy shit Kentucky is an awful, disgusting, and putrid state

No. 334300

File: 1483902315501.jpg (232.12 KB, 867x541, bellytable.jpg)

Her bro in the background using his belly as a table.

No. 334333

Dear god this is the epitome of what American white trash looks like.

No. 334488

God bless the American south. It's truly a wonderland of horror.

No. 334518

File: 1483942831139.jpg (4.65 KB, 204x153, TheSlatons.jpg)

No. 334542

Kind of reminds me of nikkietutorials here.

No. 334555

I've been role-playing Amy Slaton on OKcupid and there's seriously like 2 fucks that want to feed her twinkies and 20 others that want to have casual sex. I know she bans discussions on her videos but Amy! You could meet your sugar/carb daddy if you really tried. You go girl!

No. 334562

post screenshots at some point lmao

No. 334572

File: 1483963454755.gif (1.29 MB, 320x180, Valentine_s_Day_collab_with_Ni…)

YES! Please, spill the deets.

No. 334581

I'm not subbed to her but you're reaching, anon c'mon

No. 334631

File: 1483981766233.png (79.88 KB, 1373x586, 2days.png)

Idk how to take screenshots of the messenger so this is just the cut and paste.

online now!

Yesterday - 4:23pm
Hello there how are you doing this beautiful afternoon​
Today - 4:14am
Hey, I'm doing great but my sis was in the hospital for diabetes :( Do you like pizza?
Im so sorry to hear that sweetheart​
I love pizza​
What are your favorite toppings?
I like everything on my pizza ​
I would like to taste your sweetness​
Today - 5:53am
Will you feed me twinkies?
I definitely will baby​
Will you suck my big cock for me​
Yes, I'll suck it like it's a corn dog.
Ooooo baby i would love that​

This account is only 2 days old and I'm not an expert on dating sites or anything. I've previously played Raven Sparks but had a hard time finding a husbando because no teenager wants to settle, but this account is going really strong.

No. 334641

Top kek anon. If you have any screenshots of Raven's messages you should add them to her thread too.

No. 334642


No. 334697

No. 334702

feet fags - not even once

No. 335416

Dammit, the second guy actually looks awkwardly cute ): why does he have to be a feeder??
Sage cuz ot

No. 336441

Amy forcing Tammy to do Q&A

No. 336495

I swear to god I will never not be amused by the stark contrast between that adorable art she uses at the beginning of her videos and whatever troll face is waiting for me after it fades out.

No. 336600

Tammy has clearly had enough of Amys shit!
I've been following them for a while now, but the early stuff was way more value for chins. I mean foreheads. I mean money!
As a UK fag, Americans fascinate me for a fair number of reasons. But Kentucky as repped here is a US state out of the ballpark of my limited understanding!
Forget the complexities of tipping fellow brits. THIS is a real learning 'curve' to behold.
I veer from feeling bad for them, pitying them, feeling disgusted, amused, perplexed, confused, sad, outraged, horrified… and back n forth.
How does this shit happen in a civilised world?

No. 336601

File: 1484407362074.jpeg (23.91 KB, 587x364, m.jpeg)

No. 336672

Quit acting like the UK doesn't have fat asses when every other show there is dedicated to them

No. 336676

W-what…What was that lol Jesus, this is the first time I've watched one of her videos (I've been quietly reading the thread but didn't want to see her moving). Dear god, now I understand what you all are talking about.

Not that anon. I'm not American not Brit but I've visited many countries, and i can guarantee you the USA is the "heaviest" country ever because you see more obese people than in others places. I mean, it's more likely you will see a few obese people per hour in the US versus one or hardly two in other places. It's pretty disgusting. Not that is news though.

No. 336764

Old but gold.

No. 336900

the fuck is going on with her skin in op image?

No. 336901

Do her pores oose butter and pancake batter instead of sweat

No. 336916

Looks like cellulite, if that's possible.

No. 336934

225 pounds of pure cellulite.

No. 336937

This was uploaded 8 years ago.
They already were morbidly obese and disfigured. Tammy had her forehead lump since 2004. They obviously believe they are perfectly normal and have no clue how horrible their life is.

No. 336951

She looks like a living image of Joe Pesci getting severe bruising after a brawl.

No. 337047

In regards to US obesity - it really does depend on where you go. Southern States and rural areas tend to have a higher population of obese people, while some states like Washington and Minnesota have a smaller population of obese people. So you'd see a lot more overweight people in, let's say, New Orleans than Minneapolis.

No. 337051

I was referring to my feelings for Amy and Tammy not Americans as a whole
The UK is full of fat fucks too, just don't see as many THIS size

No. 337064

More like 600 pounds…

No. 337188

Their parents made them obese as children, so no.

No. 337190

If she got work on one of those feeder fetish sites she could potentially make good bank. The extra funds for junk food could allow her sister to eat herself into a singularity though

No. 337191

Haha, at 6:05 did she say she needs to find a feeder?
It's so awkward watching how uninterested she is in this.

No. 337193

my fav yet most hated story time was about her fucking her nephew. it was like a train wreck, i just couldn't exit out.

No. 337203

What the hell is this. I need an adult right now. We need to purify things and burn safe sticks and call a damn priest.

No. 337205

File: 1484664823137.png (273.09 KB, 478x280, SlatonParents.png)

They never stood a chance…

No. 337218

Whaaat? Never saw that one, wtf?

No. 337220

WTF are you serious?? That's disgusting

No. 337226

Link anon?

No. 337400

I've been following her for a while and she hasn't told such a story.

No. 337978

I agree.

No. 338172

This is one of those people who is so unfortunate looking that I honestly feel shitty making fun of her for anything. Her body is punishment enough.

No. 339353

wait till you find out about her personality though

No. 339953

jfc, what is she wearing? It looks like a retro tablecloth. And why the fuck does she keep uploading these fail videos?

No. 339955

File: 1484833586904.png (626.29 KB, 852x436, popart.PNG)

No. 339965

See this is why I (and I assume the majority of her "sussscribers") can't look away. She fails at everything she attempts. I'd love to believe that she realises the genious behind half assing and fucking everything up results in her "sussscribers" and views consistently going up. But she's short too many dolly mixtures for that.

No. 340295

looks like a juggalo lmao

No. 340971

Ok, is it me or is her forehead growing?? It seems more…filled out? Is she becoming like her sister?

No. 341007

she reminds me of the juggalo from It's Always Sunny

No. 341039

is she a literal retard or what? why are her eyes pointing in different directions sometimes?

No. 341099

Looks like a simple cross eye issue.
Her type is probably easily fixable and not permanent.

No. 341240

all of the fat in her face is putting an immense pressure on her eyes, pushing them farther and farther away from each other. soon they'll pop out

No. 341360

She's going blind from toxoplasmosis. Her eyes are degrading from it. She's pretty much blind in one eye and expects to become fully blind.

No. 341391

File: 1484922232804.jpeg (129.15 KB, 1166x668, neckdoe.jpeg)

She's going one better and also growing one on the back of her neck

No. 341406


Deng it, that hoxo toxo comin' now?
I thought that was all bullshit to garner more sympathy
This due to posting an image, supposed to be her eye, which was actually an image she saved from a website for diseases of the eye?

No. 341821

lol, someone should send this to Ashley. Wait a sec, I haven't seen out residential bonelord's thread on the front page for a while.. oh my.
Saged for OT post on another cow

No. 341845

Oh god, you know she got it from undercooked meat. That's fucking disgusting.

No. 342229

Or, more likely, an uncleared cat litter tray.

No. 342234

She finally mentioned Paracord. Paracord was a lady that was scammed out of money from Amy, then later was called a scammer by Amy. She died a few days ago from cancer, still never receiving her money back.

I wish she would read her hatemail, I bet it's hilarious.

No. 342317

Woah! Whoever spent that much money to buy her all that makeup is completely fucking retarded.

No. 342350

I think she got it a long time ago, while still in her parents' care? Either way they are shitty parents who curse their children with obesity.

No. 342353


No. 342364

Yeah, she was born with it.

No. 342368

they really fucked her over.

No. 342395

Wtf how do people live like this? Being this fat must be so uncomfortable. How do they walk their dog,pick up baskets/visit friends/work??? It must be hard to even do simple things with all this fat covering their bodies

No. 342401

She also sent Paracord's son suicidal emails right after his mom had died. The son said this in a (now deleted) comment on one of Amy's vids. Someone over at kiwifarms had a screenshot, but kiwifarms seems to have died for now.

No. 342480

>How do they walk their dog
Slowly, with lots out wheezing and breaks to catch their breath?

No. 342503

I've seen people 'walk' their dogs by driving to our local park in their car, letting the dogs out of the car without a leash, and then screaming at them to come back ten minutes later, without ever leaving the car themselves.

No. 342511


She did tell the story. In the video she was talking about how she got really drunk one night with her nephew and in the morning she woke up in bed with him and he told her "You slept with me last night aunt amy"
The video used to be on someone else's channel but it seems it's been deleted since the last time I saw it.

No. 342515

why tf did she choose to film at that angle

No. 342669

Poor guy probably still has the bite marks to prove it

No. 342710

I don't think Slaton dogs get walked.

No. 342855

So you can imagine eating her out and looking up at her disgusting face.

That or she really wanted to show off her chins.

No. 342997

File: 1485115640032.png (689.66 KB, 908x503, fuckedupeye.png)

More of her fucked up left eye.

No. 343034

What a triple whammy. Fat, hideous, and boz-eyed.

No. 343294

is there some correlation to being fat and having googly eyes? I've only ever met huge people who have eyes like this.

sage fot ot stupid question

No. 343342

There's a link between clinical obesity and eye diseases.

No. 343405

Yeah, no shit. How unfortunate can you get. I mean, the whole morbid obesity isn't a result of bad luck though. But still, damn.

No. 343646

She's got toxoplasmosis apparently, so she's going blind and doesn't wear glasses…. this is the result o.>

No. 343704


Can't that shit be cured?

No. 343850

new glamorous look

No. 343858

She looks like she's from the 1700s with all that white crap on her face.

No. 343910

Not sure if the other sister has it, I haven't noticed her eyes do the same thing, but then again i havent watched a video with tam in ages…
Also not sure if cured, but deff prolonged if she wore glasses and took proper care of herself but ………. its amy so….

No. 343992

Tammy does not have congenital toxoplasmosis. Only Amy has it. The condition will ultimately make her go blind and it's the cause of her eye misalignment. Many people born with toxoplasmosis have some form of strabismus, which occurs when the eyes don't line up properly in some manner. Amy's specific form of strabismus is called exotropia and affects her left eye. Commonly she would be called wall-eyed. She could go a long way to mitigating the effects by wearing prescription glasses but it doesn't look like she does it with any consistency.

No. 344019

Why is her forehead so damn bumpy??
Like it's been fat,but not where it looks like she has balls under her forehead.

No. 344020

Her forehead bothers me so damn much.

No. 344383

What's in Amy's purse? I'm somehow more curious about what's on her shirt. Looks like cum stains.

No. 345219


she didn't have much in there at all. and her purse was tacky looking. BORING

No. 345220

who is her boyfriend now a days? I need to know, she keeps saying she gets texts from her boyfriend. LIES?

No. 345487

There was a YouTube video that a commenter mentioned the picture in Amy's opening was drawn by her friend. Amy commissioned it from her, and told the artist that she couldn't pay her until the next day (her Guberment Check). Well, the artist never got paid for it. She kept trying to contact Amy again and again, and got blocked on every damn account she used to contact Amy with. I hope Amy eventually pays the damn girl. She actually took a sow's ear and made a silk ourselves from it…. literally.

No. 345488

Not ourselves. A silk PURSE.

No. 345490

File: 1485710365136.jpg (60.34 KB, 726x115, Screenshot_20170129-091751.jpg)

No. 345491

File: 1485710555918.jpg (245.52 KB, 745x349, Screenshot_20170129-091830.jpg)

No. 345519

It's sad and cruel af how amy has acted, but its ridiculously irresponsible to send money to someone you don't know, especially if you couldn't afford to.

it's just a dumb decision when amy already had this rep of taking money and being a drama.
A lot of people felt really bad, but imo it was her own fault in a way.

Very tragic however how amy has dealt with the whole thing, pretty sure she was harrassing para's family and such too….but idk im conflicted..

No. 345551

I have zero feelings for Paracord. Sending Amy money was a ridiculous thing to do; Amy has always had a stable income and low living costs. Paracord is milking their own stupidity for all the attention they can get. Let Paracord and Amy wrestle around in the mud together, I say.

No. 345552

I'm sure she'd love to but she died from cancer.

No. 345553

Wasn't paracord the one who died tho?
If i am not mistaken, she was asking for money back cause she got diagnosed with cancer and then recently passed away….
IF KF was still up i'd be able to check my sources but yknow aha

No. 345554

same fagging, but then amy was reportedly harrassing her family about who knows what, literally right after she died

No. 345564

Paracord's family had received an email (rumored by someone who had seen it to have the same spelling as Amy's comments and writing) stating that Amy had heard of Paracord's passing, and been ZOMGZ BOOLLEED! by Paracord's fans, was now suicidal, and who they please call the police in Amy's town to do a wellness check?
Welp, they declined to call the police, and never wrote the person back, but then suddenly in a chat room of friends, Amy mentions that a friend told her that Paracord's oldest son Will was planning on calling the cops on her and claiming she was suicidal, all just to get back at her for the lies their mother (Paracord) told them about her.

No. 345650

Oh dear, there goes my being informed. Welp.

No. 345683

4:36 is where she mentions it.

No. 345799

So she bumped uglies with her nephew? Well, now that's a stereotype on Kentucky.

No. 345985


ugh beyond gross. I can't stop watching her she's a trainwreck, I need help…

No. 346237

why didn't she get her exotropia fixed? You can get surgery as an infant even.

No. 346238

Maybe because surgery is expensive.

No. 346239

Unsure why she didn't get it corrected. Speculating, it may be that it wasn't as pronounced when Amy was a child and has gotten progressively worse and she cannot afford to get it fixed now.

Or her parents just didn't bother to have it repaired when she was young. Her mother and stepfather live like animals in that repulsive trailer and are such outstanding parents that their least appalling child is still 150 pounds overweight (there's a sister who is just American fat and not yet circus freak, ready for a TLC show level obesity like Tammy and Amy). The Slatons really don't seem like the sorts of people who care about or avail themselves of medical care that isn't emergency in nature.

But really God only knows why this wasn't dealt with long ago.

No. 346253

She wants to get weight loss surgery and be "skinny" (as she says). Going blind must surely be more worrying and more in need of care.

No. 346265


Her eye condition was not detected early enough to get it fixed properly probably. But there are still ways to help it, if she gets medical care. I think when they catch it when you're a child they make you wear a patch on one eye so your other eye adjusts to not wandering off, I knew someone had a little boy that had the same thing and he wore a patch for some time, looks like his eye is not wandering anymore.

No. 346486


Amy sure does her best at tutorials. I don't know how she manages to get even worst at makeup.

No. 346502

Her lips look like a prolapsed anus

No. 346522

Amy also wants to be a sexy vampire and bang Edward Cullen until he's little more than a moist bruise. Like most of her life plans and fantasies, her weight loss journey will always be something she talks about but does nothing to achieve. She looks fatter each passing month. She's not getting surgery on any part of her body any time soon so it's not really like she's prioritizing being skinny over being able to see.

No. 346626


She will absolutely do nothing about her weight. I think someone said she will get gastric bypass but is that still happening?

No. 346701

Come on gang, let's figure out who David is.

No. 346733

I bet he's a lovely feeder with missing teeth.

No. 346740

>Marissa her real name

No. 346953


I seriously want to see who this David is. I imagine a nasty redneck with dirty stained clothes.

No. 347500

She was hardly given this by the company was she?!

No. 347527

Id give her PR if I worked for a company. Any exposure is good. lol

No. 347563

Here's the video she deleted regarding her "hacked Twitter".

No. 347863

She is finally breaking from the stress. I wonder if she'll quit Youtube for a while.

No. 347874

why'd she delete this?

No. 347888

It's incriminating and she's piling on more lies?

No. 347925

eh, she's freaked and pulled the plug before.

No. 347938

Did anyone screenshot the tweet she's referring to?

No. 347996

This video makes zero sense. Typical Amy contradicts herself as she babbles on about random goings on in her family. Who has the laptop? What is she going on about some collab person back stabbing her? Why would someone pretend to be her mother on a fake account to troll random family friends? So many questions, tell the story properly, Amy!

>the veins on her head are about to explode, you guys!!

Well, thar she blows, I guess.

No. 348012

She deleted all her tweets, but someone showed a screen shot of the tweet from 2015. It was one sentence saying she hates homos and niggers.

No. 348025

File: 1486403731396.png (52.5 KB, 622x701, IMG_4011.PNG)

Holy shit. New Fag here. I just discovered this (literal) cow a couple days ago. Thought she was a good cringe cow and not worthy of a thread…until I read the comment section. Never have I seen a cow's followers act so venomous. They pounce on literally any comment that isnt "Ur so bootiful!! Luv u!!"
Fucking comments giving ger constructive criticism about her makeup are being ripped to shreds.

Is it just me or is her fanbase unusually rabid?

No. 348051


Amy lies constantly she's just to stupid to keep up with her lies and they come out in her videos and social media. I have no idea what the appeal is with this retarded woman but she gets views, I can not concentrate on her videos with her eye wandering to the side.

No. 348056

they are probably all obese and insecure just like her tbh

No. 348216

File: 1486422012486.jpg (96.48 KB, 700x417, 1023-don-vito-getty-6.jpg)

A match made in heaven.

No. 348256

Lol that eye tho

No. 348719

I came across a Peter Monn or Moon video the other day. Don't have any info about him but he was talking about Amy and saying he had spoken to her Mum on some SM platform regarding the whole gofundme scam. Apparently her mum had told him that obese people can't be cremated in Kentucky, and that burials are more expensive. He says he phoned around himself and found out that neither is true.
I have no idea if she's referring to that but it makes sense…

No. 348721

This one

No. 348812

why does she bother with the makeup? Who requests these things? She is so awful at makeup why just why? Ask for storytime videos at least.

No. 348940

File: 1486511117506.jpg (45.72 KB, 1088x408, Amyracist.jpg)

Ask and you shall receive.

No. 349146


damn she can't just be ugly, she gotta be a dick too? she can't possibly have more than two friends

No. 349153

Tammy OK? She fine? Anyone on her friends list that can keep us updated?

No. 349154

She has put up a video of a diet she has to do for two weeks "but is gonna do it longer". I will be interested to see if she sticks to it and if any progress is made.

No. 349199

Seriously ugly on the inside too if that is how she thinks. I can look past a persons outer beauty but if you're ugly on the inside you're just a waste of a person. I think Tammy is nicer.

No. 349218

Tammy's a racist homophobe. Receipts are on the now dead KF but some asshole who worked with Amy years ago and who was invited to the Slaton trailer told stories of how messed up Mama, Tammy and Amy Slaton are, with stories involving racism and a dislike of gays, despite their own bi-curious leanings.

The Slatons as a whole, including the lesser-known siblings, are gross, super-morbidly-obese, bigoted, low-IQ, under educated, gluttonous, violent losers. No pity should be extended to any member of this vile clan unless there is a major news story showing a Slaton rescuing a transexual lesbian mixed race black-Asian from a homophobic mob intent on killing her. Until then, all bets are off.

No. 349281

File: 1486540606956.jpg (178.46 KB, 650x400, mcpoyles.jpg)

Like some kind of supersized racist/homophobic version of the McPoyle clan. "Merica.

No. 349444

What I find really odd is she seems to only record when no one is home or when everyone is in bed. I get so panicky that someone is going to barge in and beat her for filming or talking.

Latest video she justifies her best friend is gay and that she's dated African-Americans, but she says it barely above a whisper confirming my fears that she will be Negan'd in a heartbeat.

No. 350235


Her IQ is incredibly low.. I just watch for the lolz.

No. 351612

With embarassing relatives like her, who burp, fart, yell, walk naked in the background it makes sense. I got the same kind of family, not as intellectually depraved, but it's a huge risk to do livestream while one of them is at home, because they would scream and walk into my room naked without knocking, geez.

No. 352707

She was live streaming on YouTube today. Nothing interesting. People kept asking her to kill herself and she would say "just because you're asking me to do something don't mean I gotta do it!!"

No. 352731

Amy bawwing. Single again.

No. 352739

Her speach is already awfull, but when she cries like this i can barely understand what is she speaking about.

>Why can't i be happy?

Amy. how different your life would be if you just quit binging on food.

No. 352749

Everytime I hear that garbled "hey ya'll," I think of that OutKast song.

No. 352754

So she showed a blurry as fuck photo of him and then he dumped her. Well that sucks if he was real.

No. 352776


I know i shouldn't but….i feel a lot sorry for her. Heartbreak hurts like a motherfuck. She'll probably go drown her sorrows in golden brown fried things which makes it all the more pathetic.

No. 352781

top fucking lel, anon

No. 352814

File: 1487313874453.jpg (38.63 KB, 478x351, 4e107816609e3eaed0b319947bc9c1…)

I hope someone saved a copy.

No. 352829

File: 1487322220445.jpg (50.41 KB, 720x960, fatty mcbigmacs feeder.jpg)

No. 354581

A new story time video, ya'll!

No. 354584

File: 1487957850378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.72 KB, 744x744, slatonnude.jpg)


No. 354585


No. 354587

I don't know whet I expected when I clicked on that, but for whatever reason it wasn't this.

No. 354589

Probably a weird observation, but her areola are surprisingly small given how ludicrously overweight she is.

No. 354592

No. 354616

File: 1487967767373.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 948x716, slaton.PNG)

Ask and you shall recieve:


No. 354619

No. 354641

Wtf are all the pervs in the youtube comments saying how much they want to fuck her?

No. 354646

File: 1487974594443.png (509.2 KB, 595x595, amerifat.png)

>Implying you wouldn't fuck a slaton
>Implying eau de yeastdiabetesfastfoodBOfeces isn't the hottest smell known to mankind
>Implying you're not just jealous of her forehead bulge

No. 354660

File: 1487978637436.jpg (27.49 KB, 399x385, l04he.jpg)


No. 354661

Fuck, I put sage in the wrong field.

No. 354686

I've been following these cows for over a year and it's the first time I've seen nudes. Is this new content or what?

No. 354721

I have spent way too much time on them as well and have never saw these..holy. moly.

No. 355097

that's not a human

No. 355251

File: 1488162708164.png (2.85 MB, 1520x1543, InsaneCancer.png)

Reminds me of the Insane Cancers from Silent Hill 3 tbh

No. 355321

Amy does full face using lipstick. "Hashtag …"

No. 355449

Looks like some serious battle scars on her face. This is hilarious!

No. 356171

Was anyone able to download her recent fan mail video, particularly the ending where she's super ungrateful about the church pamphlets and her brother yells about her snarfing his vienna sausages? She edited that out of the video and I didn't think to download it.

No. 356226

Shit i can't believe i missed that. No one seems to have a copy up yet. So sad.

But here's a new sassy rant video. Amy's going full ghetto bitch, lol.

No. 356269

She went HARD in being sassy. I think I only saw this vid tho.
Calme de fuck DOWNE ames
I'm getting confused tho
Italian Aly is calling ppl "motherfuckers"

No. 356389

that's rich, anon

No. 356831

She's so quiet in this, she reminds me of a kid who's scared of her mom overhearing her saying bad words

No. 356910

that's her asthma though. it's not because she's fat!!

No. 357087

File: 1488731404001.png (22.11 KB, 641x293, 5StarEntertainment.PNG)

Thanks for looking out for me, YouTube

No. 357900

Her hair has already gone back to looking like shit

No. 358647

those weird line that extend from her mouth are so funny to me, she looks like a cartoon character

No. 358690

I was in one of Amberlynns comment sections and someone said she should message amy because she's disappeared and hasn't said anything/posted in a few days. Is that legit? Or does she do that often? I don't really follow Amy, I only read her thread when I'm really bored, but if she's dead or gave up on YouTube, I really want to know. Thanks in advance.

No. 359124

She's fine. They are "changing internet providers". I swear they do this every few months.

No. 359125

I mean she o.k.

No. 373623

After seeing the My 600-lb Life episode with fatboygetdown/Steven Assanti and his brother, I can't help but think it would be amazingly entertaining if Amy and Tammy went on there. I mean, they both have to be up there in terms of weight.

No. 374383

File: 1492930718299.gif (716.01 KB, 384x464, tammmmmmmy.gif)

I'll one up your Insane Caner for a Lady Boomer from L4D2

No. 375877

Her new boyfriend doesn't look like a crazy man. I mean, look like a creepy uncle but Amy is 30 so, whatever?

No. 381383

seeing her waddle into frame was disgusting

No. 381384

>but it is really so difficult to control yourself that you get to this point??


they're southerners that grew up in a dysfunctional house, being obese is expected tbh.

No. 381387

there are 220 calories in one fried twinkie

No. 381390

>Who's more jealous. -Me
Ofcourse she is, even a man like him can easily find a woman better than Amy, in fact even marrying an actual cow would be a better option than dating that landwhale.

Isn't it a miracle she managed to get herself man at all?

No. 381396

>I mean, the whole morbid obesity isn't a result of bad luck though.

3 month comment and you're probably dead but this is wrong imho. A picture of their parents are obese and they made their children obese, children only eat what their parents allow them to eat. A child that eats nothing but calorie dense southern cuisine and sugary snacks and drinks will become obese, and that obese child will become an obese adult.

No. 388478

Don't know if this thread has been abandoned, but I noticed yesterday that on all her videos the comment section has been disabled and on her new videos there are only nice comments.

No. 390568

Just found this over on kiwi farms
She deleted it from her channel

-my sides have left orbit-

No. 398392

I am lol

I wish this thread was more active because she is still super lulzy.

No. 400030

I just can't - since all those shenanigans with Josh. But I used to love that Amy thread, thanks for the update.

No. 400077

"we went down to the river" kek

No. 402353

Kinda reminds me of those renaissance paintings of fat babies, that's literally what I thought of before thinking I was seeing a naked woman

No. 459418

plus she looks like a cherub. I wonder did she edit her hands small? if she really is that small then she needs to lose weight.

No. 459432

THEN she needs to lose weight? are you fucking kidding anon

No. 505241

Who did she take these for? O_O(necro)

No. 509369

If everybody on earth lived the way she does, in terms of both food consumption and garbage/waste, what would the environmental impact be?

No. 509372

Ever seen Wall-E?

No. 523224

No. 523349

Tammy best Slaton. Her voice is oddly cute too.

Wonder how chafed Amy is gonna get over the attention and gifts Tammy will eventually get.

No. 523353

i am fucking hype for tam fam
i hope she has dirt on amy

No. 523923

She recently did a fan mail unboxing on Amy's channel and it was more of the same shit with Amy trying to swipe the good shit from it.

She did a livestream on her channel or something a few days ago and it seemed like she was kind of shading Amy for the gofundme shit.

No. 529329

No. 529581

File: 1528669139881.gif (1.72 MB, 273x271, 1528422659699.gif)

It's fucking cake mix with apple sauce


No. 529605

This actually isn't weird at all. Applesauce is a good substitute for oil if you want to cut calories/fat. It makes a very moist cake. But obviously…that's not what she's trying to do.

No. 529684

Were any roaches sighted? Quite brave of Tam to cook and eat anything in front of everyone given the comments it may draw. Sadly she probably ate the whole thing after this was done.

No. 737363

File: 1575506457452.png (382.29 KB, 644x359, get ready.PNG)

Hate to bump an old thread but it's finally happening. They've got a TLC special.


No. 737364

Amberlynn Reid not gonna be happy

No. 737366

Fucking circus animals.
Literally honey boo boo 2.0. Great idea tlc!

No. 737368

All that kf tinfoiling over a show and there's finally something. God bless. But how come michael isn't in the preview?

No. 737382

Is he still with us?

No. 737383

Amberlynn must be seething right now as she furiously films her latest mookbang.

No. 737485

I've been wondering for a while if this might prod Amberlynn towards calling those TLC producers back again. But for My600lb Life she'd have to go offline for maybe a year - no bueno since that's her binge and Walmart money. The Slatons are getting to stay online while they film, which is what she'd want.

Congrats TLC on finding the two most garbage documentary subjects since Assanti graced our screens.

No. 737496

Michael has been in Amy’s YouTubey videos, yeah.

No. 737909

Putting this here since our Ambr thread is dead. She's pissed about this show announcement, y'all, pissed enough to do a salty live saying she's not bothered. Video veers off into other subjects after a while but you get the gist.

For context, Amber was solicited for a similar show that fell through. She also declined to talk with Family by The Ton and 600lb Life.

No. 737937

Amber missed her chance for a Fat Family show because her brother is just averagely chubby and doesn’t talk to her most of the time.

She could totally rock a Fat Friends show, though. Just Amber and Becky and Destiny and Dana alone practically weigh a ton. Add in that Rafe and Hannah and you’re well over the ton mark.

No. 756509

File: 1581284643158.gif (940.01 KB, 300x100, 47.gif)


No. 758056

I am in love with their TLC show even though I know the show makes them seems smarter than they truly are. Amy's lost so much weight.
Who else watches it?

No. 777552

I gotta admitted I was drunk when I watched the first few episodes, but I loved their show and I actually cried during Amy's wedding (I always get overemotional with wedding shit tho)
So far Amy has surprised me a lot cause as you said, she appears much smarter than she actually is
Tammy on the other hand is annoying as fuck. If she doesn't change I'm just gonna skip all the parts featuring her

No. 821871

File: 1613351493447.jpg (Spoiler Image, 841.48 KB, 2560x1920, 20210214_201150.jpg)


No. 821873

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