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File: 1417934421729.jpeg (49.17 KB, 400x400, ex9UDUhq_400x400.jpeg)

No. 28562

I went through the catalog and we never had a personal lolcow thread.

The pixy drought is strong so please share your lolcow rations with the rest of us please.

Also welcome, personal lolcows who don't go on the internet. Tell us about your IRL lolcow stories and sperging.

Pic mostly related, Londons personal lolcow, liam spooner.

No. 28581

File: 1417942041043.jpg (34.2 KB, 317x431, asdg.jpg)

I knew her when she came to Korea a few years ago, now I just check her Twitter for lulz sometimes.

>Went to Korea for Kpop

>Still obsessed with idols and attending music shows at age 22
>Was on some no name variety shows, and acts like some big star by spamming some ask.fm website on her twitter so other people can ask random questions about her.
>self centered and redirects every fucking conversation back to herself
>Always complains about her shitty life "back in the states".
>Hangs out with other Koreaboos in their 20s
>Never had a bf or even kissed at 22
>Rejected a guy because he was "too busy and got mad because I wouldn't take time away from kpop events to meet him, I can't handle that kind of person ugh."
>Talks about how much she hates her family, while spending their money to attend university in Korea.

She spams her Ask.fm a lot, so I just send her some trolling asks every once and a while .

No. 28601

all hail Liam

No. 28608

mfw I'm older than her and I still like kpop
…but at least I realize it's a hobby and have grown up relationships with men

No. 28617


Aw, anon, I've never got into it myself but there's nothing wrong with having certain tastes in music

Speaking of koreaboos, I know this koreaboo girl. She's nothing special but she's sorta cringey. Obviously censored myself but y'know.


No. 28619

File: 1417969420383.jpg (177.56 KB, 640x640, kawaii surgery.jpg)


forgot my fucking pic jfc

No. 28637

what's the surgery fo? She should've done it on her nose tbh

No. 28643

Haha it was corrective jaw surgery rather than something cosmetic. Just seemed kinda weird to take 'kawaii' edited instagram pics of it.

No. 93801

File: 1430796555489.jpg (124.66 KB, 450x600, file.jpg)

>This girl
>17 and spends literally all day on a plastic blockman game (like she'll actually sit down for hours)
>edgy as fuck
>responds to EVERY single ask on ask.fm even if it's a troll
>ita, mallgoth, baby bat, hot topic, every bad eg&l thing you can imagine packed into one person
>fried manic panic hair
>molested by her uncle multiple times

I think I have her skype kik & phone # laying around somewhere. If I find them I'll post them.(underaged cow)

No. 93840

what the hell is a plastic blockman game

No. 93858

Probably Minecraft or Roblox. Both are equally terrible games.

No. 93860

her tumblr is extremely boring, and her ask.fm extremely annoying. It's like slashing your way through a jungle looking for the milk from this cow.

No. 93862

LMAO i know this natsu something girl
she was part of the gyaru community and i always lol'd at her ugly horse face and hideous makeup
feel so bad for her rofl

No. 96463

yeah shes from roblox
shes an annoying cunt thats fun to bitch at
she basically tries to cling to anything in the ""fashion comm"" (lol for a fucking childrens game?) to make herself seem more ~*edgy*~ and cool

No. 290196

File: 1468899194543.jpg (517.79 KB, 952x960, yup.jpg)

> weeaboo who follows voice actor Vic Mangina around to different anime conventions, and is a member of his autistic-filled fan club ‘the Risembool Rangers’ (Seriously, just google it if you don’t know what it is and want some major cringe)

> regularly eats a whole bag of frozen chicken nuggets in one sitting, then complains about her weight and whines about how she can’t get laid

> is over 20 years old, but gets overly upset when she loses or doesn’t get her way (Example: Playing Cards Against Humanity with a big group, she spent the entire game speaking broken Japanese and roleplaying as her favorite kawaii uguu anime characters, then proceeded to throw a bitch fit when she didn’t win)

> has a zillion cats–because of course she does–many of which aren’t toilet-trained

> can’t hold a job because she has shit for work ethic, rages whenever anyone makes her actually do her job

> spends a ton of money at anime conventions, then bitches about how she doesn’t have enough money to afford double quarter pounders from McDonalds

I could keep going, but I’ll stop here so the post doesn’t get too long. This chick is stupid and crazy, and it’s so entertaining to witness firsthand.

No. 290199

was gonna snark about grave-digging but this is actually pretty decent milk, pls post screenshots of social media if possible

No. 290214

File: 1468907171487.jpg (1.49 MB, 1849x2030, yep1.jpg)

Oh shit, sorry. Didn't realize this thread was so ancient.

Unfortunately, she doesn't post good stuff on social media. Mostly just shares horoscope/anime/food bullshit.

Some more on her:

> Gets extremely pissed when she doesn't get a lot of attention for her half-assed, godawful last-minute cosplays

> Brags about how smart she is because she recently got certified in PowerPoint at her community college

> Say ANYTHING negative about Vic Mangina. Watch her sperg for an hour.

> Has a childish "tee hee omg gaiz" attitude towards alcohol… Think of all those fanfics written by 14-year-olds where characters get drunk off of like 3 sips of beer and then act super obnoxious…yeah.

> Loves to take credit for any stupid thing she can and is a major know-it-all

Also, she hosts really cringey panels at anime cons. I can't even laugh at them because I get such bad secondhand embarrassment. Once, when she hosted a panel for one of her beloved reverse harem animes, one of her friends walked past her with a tray of cupcakes. She really wanted the cupcakes, so she got "in character" and started chasing her friend around the panel room, shouting random shit in broken Japanese. It was so bad, guys.

And she gets utterly PISSED when people leave her panels early. Which they do. In droves.

No. 290229

I can't lie, I'm entertained, any more goods?

No. 290250

is she literally autistic?

No. 290260

File: 1468934469224.gif (436.16 KB, 200x150, O97G1_s-200x150.gif)

>cat harem
>bishounen cat

And did she really ask her mother to buy her a happy meal on Facebook?

No. 290263

File: 1468935439063.gif (483.29 KB, 500x275, tumblr_lj5aomkBsY1qbt3jzo1_500…)


No. 290264

How does she eat frozen nuggets? I don't understand. Suck on them until they melt in her mouth?

No. 290270

one can assume she heats them first

No. 290331

I really hope OP meant she buys the frozen kind (not as good for you?) as opposed to…made from scratch I guess to show how unhealthy her diet is. If she's actually eating frozen food before it had thawed well…..

No. 290352

File: 1468964544291.jpg (110.83 KB, 600x600, chicken-nuggets-ranked-Tyson-F…)

No, she is not autistic, believe it or not. No disabilities or emotional problems as far as I know, but I've never asked her about it.

She does hang out with a lot of Risembool Rangers though, and I'm convinced 95% of them are autistic.

See picture. She buys these…or it might have been the off-brand version. Can't remember. And yes, she does indeed heat them before consuming them.

I think these are around 900-1200 calories per bag. I don't know how she eats that much in one sitting. It's pretty gross to watch.

Well, she has a mild stench.

And her car and house really reek. Her car, you have to shuffle around trash and empty fast food bags in order to even sit down. Her house is like…mildly hoarder-ish. Very cluttered, lots of random useless shit. Small and falling apart. They have enough tupperware to stock a Walmart aisle. The whole place is messy and stinks like animal piss. I have an immediate urge to shower after being in her car or house.

I don't know much about her family, but I know she lives with her obese mother, who also struggles with money.

No. 290353

File: 1468967540582.png (4.53 MB, 3000x1177, vic ew.png)

Both Vic and his fanclub are pure awful. Autism and creepiness abound.

No. 290356

Vic and his fans are the perfect way to trigger someone into hating anime. And not go to conventions.

A whole bag… Of nasty ass processed frozen chicken nuggets by her lonesome. I'm horribly entertained by this snowflake. Anymore dirt?

No. 290364

And she must be one of those morons claiming fat juhnetucs.

No. 290429

This is great stuff, anon.

>adult meal

>mini corn dogs
…the fuck is she pairing wine with that garbage?!?! I bet it was shitty 4.99 sweet red wine. Disgusting

No. 290438

Holy shit, I vaguely remember who this guy is from babby's first anime and I'm kind of sad to find out how cringey he is. I haven't watched a dubbed anime in years, but I thought he was a good Ed. Please, don't tell me he ruined Rin, though.

No. 290467

He did. He ruins everyone. I'm dreading the day when the Escaflowne re-dub comes out because he's voicing fucking Folken. Vic is such a lolcow on his own.

No. 290497




And just like that, my excitement has been popped. I hate Vic with a burning passion. Fucker would not stop trying to pawn one of his Christian cds on me and a con a few years back.

No. 290503

Redubbing Escaflowne? Why?

No. 290507

Yeah, it's pretty pointless. The Escaflowne dub is perfect and painfully 90s as is, why redub it?

No. 290670

File: 1469063439696.jpg (1.03 MB, 2048x1536, rangers.jpg)

Pictured, here she is (far right) at a Risembool Ranger meetup.

At cons, she and her Ranger friends stand in line for hours in order to get an autograph and a picture with Vic. They go to all of his panels, even if it’s stuff they’re not interested in (like his panels on Star Trek or religious bullshit). Typical crazy fan stuff, but dear god does it get old hearing nonstop Vic-this and Vic-that for MONTHS leading up to the con, and then ALL through the con, and then for WEEKS after the con. But I persevere, because it’s totally worth the milk.

Her and her friends are pals with one of the Risembool Ranger “mods” who contacts Vic personally to coordinate Ranger events, and that’s some major bragging rights in their minds. This mod shared a room with them at one con, and they practically fawned over her.

Driving on the way to and from cons, she and her friends blast a lot of cringey anime openings and, of course, lots of Vic Mangina’s music. Idk what it is, but there’s something about Vic’s singing voice—I can’t put my finger on what—that just makes me want to purge it from my ears. (Also, she presides as dictator over the music. Anyone else wants to listen to a song? She gets rude and huffy about it and reluctantly plays their song 1/3 of the way through before changing it back to whatever she wants to listen to. Such a child. But it’s hilarious to witness firsthand.)

I remember this one girl at a con (not one of her friends, just a fellow Ranger) who allegedly got a strand of Vic’s hair on her shirt after hugging him…and said she’d keep it forever in a locket. Shit’s creepy. Rangers buy Vic presents, draw him pictures, and treat him to dinners and stuff. It’s majorly weird. Some of the ones I’ve met seem semi-normal, just very very weebie, but the vast majority are special snowflakes and I seriously wonder how they function in their day-to-day lives.

No. 290684

So much autism and diabeetus

No. 290706

bless you anon, this is great

No. 290820


anon i have to admit i am jealous of your overflowing well of personal milk, this is some good shit

No. 290936

Vic is a massive asshole.

I was working a music room and holding a box of like 200 CDs that we were giving away. They were heavy and I was using the elevator. When i got on he huffed like I did something wrong.

I asked him to push the first floor button and he acted like he couldn't hear me. I only found out who he was later when I was working the music panel and he suddenly wanted to be friendly because he wanted me to play his music.

No. 290946

fucking Vic, i swear to god.

No. 291158

He deserve his retard fans

No. 291176

Lmao what an ass. He's a just a VA for christsakes, its not that big of an accomplishment for him to act like an entitled fuckhead.

No. 291217

I do like how he kept the thinner, obviously more attractive members closer to him as his arm candy for the pic.

No. 291227

Shouldn't Vic get a lolcow thread of his own here? He's kinda one himself.

Oh and the dude who played Brock from Pokemon (seasons 1-8)? He likes to exploit his characters like Vic does with Ed (and Dark, I believe), yet hasn't done any voice-over anime roles since 2009-10 and probably doesn't want to unless it's for the characters he's previously played in the good ol' days.

No. 291230

He has one, in snow I believe.

No. 291235

Yup, he has a thread here. >>>/snow/103780

I didn't know that about Eric Stuart. He did a really shitty job with James from Pokémon, especially when you compare it to the way he sounded and his dialogue in the original. Gross.

No. 291241


He made Kaiba sound like Brock like, over 9,000 times it pissed me off! I too hate how he played James, he made him sound like such a stereotypical faggot. Ugh

Oh and his music is shit too. Why he gets invited to cons is beyond me. Then again, most of the cons are not as "big" as the ones other VA's go to.

No. 291243



I think he needs a thread of his own as well.

No. 293098

what is with fatties having 0 self-control and being cat hoarders?

large cons get japanese vas and guests. only cons that can't afford to fly in jp guests will invite him.

No. 293163

A former friend of mine. She burned a flag at the Trans March in SF (which was peaceful despite her.) and is getting a lot of hate.

She's been genderqueer for about a month and has denounced her Japanese heritage to us on multiple occasions.

No. 293171

Either way, I still don't get why he's still invited to 'em. He hasn't done any anime or video game-related voice work for awhile and probably doesn't plan on doing so(unless it's for the Yu-Gi-Oh (2016) movie which has yet to be dubbed in English - if Konami doesn't fuck it up which they probably will).

He also accused LK For ruining Yu-Gi-Oh by making a parody of the English dub and how it shat on his work as a director. Chris Sabat was one of the original (Funimation) directors for DBZ yet praised TFS for parodying "his work" and is even friends with them. Dude must be a narc or something to get butthurt over stupid shit like Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged. He sure fit the character pretty well, since said character was was a narcissist himself as well as a sociopath.

Why would anyone denounce their Japanese heritage? They have a beautiful culture among everything else. I have a friend who's partially Japanese yet is more attached to that heritage than her Polish one. Just because you've decided to go genderqueer or agender doesn't mean you have to abandon who YOU are.

No. 293173

Oh lord, I'm losing what teeny tiny bit of respect that I had left for Eric Stuart (and believe me, it wasn't much with his gay James voice and behavior). Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged is just comedy and poking fun of mostly 4Kids, for fuck's sake! And yet, he's taking it personally despite how he was heard saying, "4Kids is the devil!" in his shitty James voice? The dude does sound like a cow. I'd make a thread for him in /snow/ but I don't know much else about how snowflake-y he has been acting over the years. All I know is that he's a massive faggot, a crap voice actor and is full of himself.

There was a rumor going around saying that he wanted James to be gay so that's why he voiced him as such. No surprise Eric came out of the closet a few years ago with a reasoning for playing a character that way. I'm going to assume he hated the recent Team Rocket radio drama from Japan too.

No. 293182

He's gay wtf?!?!?! Doesn't this dude has a wife and two daughters? Then again, he could be bi as far as we know.

Please anon, create the thread, I'll even help you out! There's a ton of videos of him on YouTube for evidence against him. Also, go to his Facebook(and Twitter I believe), he's STILL milking his characters to this day, even when his shit isn't anime-related!

Also, fun fact: him and Vic Mignogna are friends, not fucking surprised much.

He's lucky he's (hopefully) not a pedo. Otherwise, shit would hit the fan real quick.

No. 293294

File: 1469987673818.png (336.58 KB, 429x535, lol cow.png)

I just happened to browse the dakota tag on instagram and found this photoshop pro at work. I just thought it was a little too funny not to share . I'm seriously wondering if she's a troll or if she really thinks that awful paste on make up will fool anyone.

No. 293307

Idk man, like I genuinely did shit like this at 15-16 and thought I was a living doll/so kawaii; I just looked like an utter cunt. She might be serious about it - hope she realises her cringe sooner than later.

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