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File: 1464366479765.jpg (71.31 KB, 480x640, lw.jpg)

No. 273398

Longtime lolcow, Lucas Werner is a homeless Bernie-bro atheist living off disability (which he claims to give away), obsessed with dating teenage girls and full of unrighteous indignation about "ageism" and almost everything else.


Greatest hits here:

I couldn't find a thread about him, but let me know if I missed it.

No. 273402

File: 1464367103100.jpg (256.96 KB, 720x1280, lw2.jpg)


No. 273404

File: 1464367119416.jpg (54.53 KB, 500x467, lw3.jpg)

Dating is hard.

No. 273405

File: 1464367228117.jpg (179.72 KB, 640x960, lw4.jpg)

No. 273406

File: 1464367305126.jpg (140.12 KB, 720x1280, lw5.jpg)

No. 273424

Oh my god, I forgot all about this guy. Nice to know he's still fucking crazy as hell.

No. 273963

Is he wearing a toupee?

No. 273989

>those mental gymnastics trying to justify wanting an 18 year old gf when he's middle aged

No. 273997

Fucks sake. I can't even believe people like this exist. Sounds like a right pedo.

No. 274012

Going by his logic, isn't he following the "offspring has sex with grandmother" part of his argument if he advocates a younger girl having sex with him?

No. 274016

File: 1464518838498.jpg (70.7 KB, 540x960, lucas werner.jpg)

People are actually defending this guy btw. They think women are just jealous of underage young girls, and that's why they are criticizing him. Yeah sure, women are totally jealous of a young girl being manipulated and groomed by a creep.

No. 274017

File: 1464518962085.jpg (68.03 KB, 540x960, lucas werner 2.jpg)

No. 274019

Who wouldn't be jealous of anyone that guy is trying to molest and manipulate? /s

No. 274021

File: 1464519555646.png (24.12 KB, 492x278, lucas werner 3.png)

>I'm just saying that I would personally feel better to date the youngest women possible

>B b but I'm not a pedophile!!!!!!

Yeah choose.

No. 274025

File: 1464519715096.png (12.49 KB, 514x135, lucas werner 4.png)

>Women don't want to date me because of white men with money! Totally not because of me being a creep!

No. 274026

File: 1464519928927.png (262.1 KB, 509x448, lucas werner 5.png)

>You're agephobic if you think it's wrong for a 36 year old to date a 15 year old!!!!!11!!!!

No. 274028

File: 1464520071839.png (12.77 KB, 513x133, lucas werner 6.png)

>People breeding with people in their own age group totally causes birth defects!

No. 274029

File: 1464520181921.png (16.89 KB, 510x188, lucas werner 6.png)

His justification for grooming 15 year olds.

No. 274030


It's like the ultimate creep detector. If a guy says that in any context other than a purely scientific way(bro/evolutionary "science" doesn't count) where they use both, it's pretty much guaranteed.

No. 274031

File: 1464520687624.png (53.11 KB, 511x574, lucas werner.png)

No. 274032

File: 1464520840674.png (36.61 KB, 510x268, lucas werner.png)

No. 274035

File: 1464521240541.png (368.8 KB, 1046x597, lucas werner.png)

He's proud of his bald spot btw.

No. 274038

File: 1464522327390.png (429.44 KB, 1046x629, lucas werner.png)

No. 274059

What in the ever loving fuck am I reading????

No. 274063

File: 1464530727070.jpg (32.59 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o7w7m7sX3U1tgb6wyo9_540…)

Before anyone tries to defend him read this.

No. 274064

File: 1464530738744.jpg (176.85 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_o7tnwfFu8H1tgb6wyo1_128…)

No. 274141


Yeah because defending this POS was ever going to happen. He's beyond creepy.

No. 274143

Calling it now, this dude is gonna murder a young girl in the next couple years.

No. 274145

I'd believe it. Or you find out he's been keeping girls chained in his basement. He's a fucking lunatic that needs to be locked up, either in prison or a psychiatric facility.

No. 274146

File: 1464548660246.png (11.8 KB, 430x141, defender.png)

People really have defended him on Facebook. Mostly they are creeps themselves, who have the idea that every 30+ year old guy is lusting after 15 year olds and that it's totally normal and that there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 274167

Robots came in and posted solely to defend the twitch rapist and I've seen them post things about how dating 13yos should be legal since lolcow started. It's only a matter of time.

No. 274171

Goddamn, nothing gets me wetter than neckbeards whining about us females conspiring to withhold sex from them. Although at 22, I guess I'm a bit long in the tooth for Lukeyboy…,

No. 274178

I don't understand. Men are currently and always have been the ones making laws in America. Why would they have made age of consent laws that are well over the age most of these dudes lust over if "bitter old women" were the only ones who were upset about it?

No. 274179

Ssh logic is just part of the evil undesirable females' plans. But yeah all neckbeards say literally everything is women's fault. Porn is women's fault because women love porn way more than straight men do, but any time something is even slightly censored it's women's fault because they're jealous and hate porn. Replace that with anything else and you have their thought pattern.

No. 274186

what the fuck is up with these men

is it because they get old and fat and age awfully that they want to date someone that represents the privilege they lost? in my experience these subhumans also have insane anger issues

No. 274188

It's because no one with any sense would date someone like them. So they go for the most naive and sheltered they can get. And they're pedos too ofc.

No. 274261

Why do guys like this always seem to have the impression that their female equivalents get the treatment they desire from the males they deem most attractive?

I have never, ever, ever, ever…seen a hideous, broke, sexist, overweight, and balding woman get a young hottie breadwinner man to support her. Maybe some ugly beta cuck who had to settle…but not a handsome younger man in his prime who's earning big bucks.

Where do men get these weird fantasies?

No. 274269

How come the guys who have the least chance of ever dating their ideal "female" spend the most time ranting and debating the subject? Oh wait nvm answered my own question.

Also 36 isn't even that fucking old, yet he constantly talks as if he were a senior citizen on the verge of dementia. I mean, he probably is to a teen, but he still could non-creepily hook up with 20yr olds if only he were a sane person.

No. 274273

These ephebophile delusions are off the charts. I never see successful attractive men advocating teen dating, it's always ALWAYS broke and broken manchildren (or heavy mid-life crisis sufferers). What is there to be jealous about? Even if they weren't gross fucks you just know they'd ran after a single tiny hurdle in the relationship, selfish immature dicks.

No. 274560

File: 1464646608262.jpg (61.65 KB, 338x600, image.jpg)

Why is he so agephobic towards older women?

No. 274573

>feminine youth=energy
Lol, what wisdom does this idiot thinks he can even offer? Wisdom won't help pay the bills. This guy is such a fucking loser.
I bet the actual reason he wants a younger girl is so he can dig for money from her family whereas an older woman would set expectations and wouldn't let him be a food stamps, jobless hambeast.

No. 274576

This. 36 is still relatively young. If he wasn't so disturbingly obsessed with age, I doubt most women under 30 would care about his age. He's the one turning age into a huge deal. He makes himself look like a pervert for being attracted to younger-yet-legal women, when it's not actually abnormal. A LOT of younger women like older guys, myself included.

No. 274591


well you're technicallyunder thirty, if you're lucky and pretty enough he may try to impregnate you.

No. 274635

File: 1464664061293.jpg (260.64 KB, 1280x1273, image.jpg)

I just saw this on tumblr (yes, I know). Is this one of his stupid memes? The ages are rather specific.

No. 274698

>Woman are sexist for not having sex with me
>logically I'm entitled to pussy
Fucking lol this guy is a goldmine

No. 274758

lol being socially inept has nothing to do with a woman being sexist

No. 274762

No. 274864

He is also attracted to not-legal women. He has been trying to groom a 15 year old, so he can get with her when she's legal. As soon as a girl has had her first period, he thinks it's fair game.

No. 274998

I saw the cap of him admitting that.

How is this douche not on a sexual predator list, or being watched by police?

No. 275074

Really enjoy how he thinks feminism means this 18-21 year old woman he lusts after should also hold a good enough job that he can just bum around in a house he thinks she should already own in exchange for the "privilege" of having sex with him.

No. 275120

File: 1464726067791.png (606.34 KB, 985x941, wtfwhy.png)

"Ageist millennials" …

No. 275121

File: 1464726127262.jpg (13.02 KB, 640x176, 13260072_240148769692688_19358…)

No. 275130

>the first comment


No. 275159


I wish, it's closer to 13-21.

No. 275174

Oh, my heart races at the opportunity to be judged "pretty enough" to be a "breeding partner" for a homeless, unemployed, pudgy neckbeard. He's everything my parents have ever hoped for me!!!

No. 275176

This guy keeps harping on "interracial dating". A bit racist, are we?

No. 275398

I'm seriously thinking of reporting him to Washington state police but my phone can't call american numbers. Can someone do it for me

No. 275433

For what exactly? He's creepy af but he hasn´t done anything illegal

No. 275439

Is grooming an underage girl legal then?

No. 276806

Is it weird to date someone that's 18 and i'm like 25?

No. 276818


LOL so because I and I'm sure lots of other girls reading this post don't want to sex some old gross balding fat and poor crazy guy, we're discriminating?
How on earth does he think he can compete? Even the shittiest guy with a minimum wage job our own age group is still way above his social ranking. At least they can be attractive if nothing else. What does he think he has to offer, because he does not have a good personality either.

What does this have to do with the thread? This isn't your blog.

No. 276832

Well when I was 18 I wouldn't consider it. And now that I'm in my mid-twenties I couldn't imagine ever dating a teenager.

No. 276857

What do you see at your age in a 18 year old?

No. 276866

The person is an adult and can consent. I doubt you have much in common with someone who only recently became an adult, but it's your business. It's more idiotic than weird.

No. 279085

Apparently, he dated an older, balding, overweight woman named Suzanne that was 53 and kinda crazy. Though she is kinda loony herself, she had the maturity and experience to eventually realize that she was in an abusive, one sided relationship where she worked full time so the disgusting piggish manchild could live in a filthy apartment wasting time online.

Supposedly, there was a fight in a Mexican restaurant where Lucas claims he "threw his drink against the wall" yet in the domestic abuse charge its clearly implied he in some way had an altercation with Suzanne. Suzanne pressed charges and kicked him out. He's been "choosing to be homeless" and "seeking a hot millenial" ever since.

It was pretty obvious even before that info started coming up, but it certainly confirms that he is preying on younger women specifically because they may not have the life experience to recognize the relationship as dysfunctional, controlling, and abusive.

No. 279145

>my ex who's 18 (2 years my senior)
>10. You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post.

No. 279160

File: 1465596916044.png (107.66 KB, 774x718, Capture4.PNG)

some caps

No. 279165

File: 1465597735654.jpeg (253.3 KB, 750x1245, image.jpeg)

No. 279166

File: 1465597788716.jpeg (75.53 KB, 960x806, wernerassault.jpeg)

No. 279322

His fucking profil pic

No. 279455

>gave her the best sex of her life
It's always the men that can't fuck that say this shit. How would he even know what the best sex of her life was?

No. 304431

File: 1475794447993.jpg (87 KB, 702x975, wernerisgross.JPG)

He's still been creepin on girls, just so everyone is aware.

No. 304508

What even the fuck is this guy? He's the most pathetic guy I've ever seen. He reads like a MGTOW parody Twitter.

No. 304533

I honestly hate people like him. He'll woo a young girl and then trade her for a newer model years down the line. He doesn't care about women in a real sense. He only cares that they are young and hot and once that naturally fades away, he'll go for another green sprout.

There is nothing deep or intelligent about him. I'm so glad I stayed away from older creeps like him and got with someone around my age.

No. 304576

There's probably something up with him. Dating somebody in school with no real world experience while you're out working as an adult is kinda pathetic. I'm gonna guess that he's pretty immature and/or dumb if he thinks 16 year olds are on the same level as him.

No. 304578

Onision, ten years down the line…

No. 304579

File: 1475860824229.png (478.59 KB, 885x577, okaylucas.png)

I love the irony of him creeping on young girls awhile he cries about them being "age-phobic" and not dating him because he's 30+

No. 304581

I just love it when I see those delusional men like him, that despite being old and ugly as fuck feel entitled to have a young, submissive and hot woman by their side. And the moment when they crush their mug against the hard cold wall of reality, they go apeshit and start shitting over women in general. Typical MRA shit.

No. 304809

I really enjoy seeing middle aged white men not being able to have the privilege to date 16yo girls or generally be creeps anymore.

No. 304845

Oh ikr, there's just something so sweet about seeing them miserable.

No. 304888

Can't say if it's typical MRA, but the dude is delusional as hell to expect ANY woman with looks of his.

Looser could have at least hit the gym or something.

No. 304912

He's not a hideously unattractive guy in the same vein as CWC, to be fair.

He could certainly get a decent woman around his own age if he sorted his other shit out.

No. 305142

There aren't many women who would date a homeless schizophrenic in a rapid downward spiral.

No. 305200

Well yeah I think that's the shit that needs to be sorted out.

No. 305218

Even if he turned himself around, I can't imagine many women wanting to date a man that continuously posted online going on about dating underaged girls in his 30's…

No. 307010

He looks like Cockmongler.

No. 307198

ugly roastie

No. 307932

Help me understand something, though: What is it with men like Werner who are always going after younger women who are NOT interested in being with older men?

What I mean is, during my dating days in my late teens/early twenties, I would be hounded on dating sites by men like Werner despite me constantly putting it on my profile that I'm only interested in guys around my age. I mean, surely there are young women who do love much older men, but for some reason, Werner-men don't go for them? They only go after the uninterested young chicks, why?

No. 308038

Probably the same reason lesbians on dating sites get messages from men as well despite saying No Men. They think they're special and can convert you with their charms. No bigger ego boost for them than that.

No. 308085

Because 80% of all men on these websites do not give a shit and do not read a single line you wrote about yourself. All they really look at is your profile picture and decide messaging you based on how hot you are. You could write in your profile that you haven't showered in three months and have two dicks growing out of your belly button, if you're attractive men will still hit on you.

No. 331090

This scumbag is at it again with his recent Starbucks fiasco and it's going pretty viral on Facebook

No. 331093

File: 1483061085338.png (550.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161229-172407.png)

His most recent creepy encounter.

No. 331094

File: 1483061211302.png (498.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161229-172606.png)

No. 331111

>"You're not a true liberal unless you let me fuck em at an age where they could pass as my daughters."
Someone should also let him know that "90s girls" can be as old as 26 by now, and nobody would likely have an issue with him dating a 26 year old even though that's still over 10 years younger than he is.

No. 331129

File: 1483075594584.png (163.29 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161229-213642.png)

Yeah, a friend commented something on his starbucks post and 24 hours later they had 10,000 likes. He must be banned because normally he would just delet

No. 331156

File: 1483094290648.jpg (41.89 KB, 480x640, FB_IMG_1483093151548.jpg)

oh my fucking god

No. 331179

I briefly knew about this guy but I didn't know he'd been living in a shelter and got kicked out of it and also was saying he'd kill himself unless he got a date.

No. 331480

Gimme da poosy Boss

No. 331501

File: 1483208995923.jpg (68.9 KB, 672x960, 15822768_10208011420631074_259…)

No. 331508

Holy shit

No. 331512

>Doesn't even know her name
>Why do I feel the need to be inside you.

That's creepy as hell.

No. 331515

File: 1483211272321.png (402.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161230-102646.png)

he got kicked out of the homeless shelter for being a dick. why can't the world see he just wants to bestow his knowledge and telomeres with us all??

No. 331564

He's disgusting, but I also feel kinda bad for him because he's clearly mentally handicapped; like Chris-chan, but I think I have more sympathy for CWC since he's less likely to murder a high schooler.

No. 331569

I've got no sympathy for him. Even CWC more or less keeps to himself and doesn't bother a ton of people (just a few choice victims) while this ass goes out and harasses every female he sees that glances his way and some that don't since he's snapped photos of women at the library and in restaurants before who were just minding their own business.

No. 331571

File: 1483220441711.jpg (63.04 KB, 480x800, datingprofiles.jpg)

Double post but this is how truly awful someone is to get deleted not only once, twice, or three times from dating websites but 5+ times.

No. 331580

No. 331586

Why do so many cows live in WA?

No. 331592

It's like Adelaide in Australia. Fucking crazies everywhere.

No. 331596

If this guy REALLY wants a >26 yo gf, he should stop referring to us as if we are just vaginas.

No. 331717

He wouldn't know what to do with a girlfriend if he got one. They keep standing him up to his luxury dates to Red Robin.

No. 331787

No. 331792

he should have asked onion for some pick up tips

No. 331793

It made CBS News? Werner is going to be on the creep list of every millennial in the country at this rate, as he should be.

No. 331797

So far news outlets havent released his name and I was tempted to link his public Facebook post in the comments which describes this incident but I'm not sure if it will yield more milk than if it is left alone.

No. 331800

No. 331824

Don't go to the trouble. Nearly every news page I've clicked on about it has had the comments section linking to his websites and sharing his name.

No. 331834

File: 1483310282815.png (135.6 KB, 1438x588, 20170101_153636.png)

Do you think pro bird rights posted this as a parody of this guy since he is getting so much media attention, or is it just coincidence

No. 331866

File: 1483316779082.jpg (54.93 KB, 540x960, 14355051_188332601590873_55287…)

>call the police and ask if you can date me

Fucking hell.

No. 331986

yeah he's in Spokane. I'm a local.
basically every place that has younger women employees is on the alert for this guy right now. he walks in, he's getting the oldest waitress/barrista/cashier available every time.

like there's actually all kinds of business owners in the area discussing him and how to deal with him if he walks in.

No. 331987

it's fucking Spokane. the coast isn't as bad

No. 331993

My faith in humanity for 2017 is already looking brighter.

I do wonder where he's staying now that the shelter kicked him out and he's probably going to get refused from any others for his would-be sex offender status.

No. 332002

>>Why do I feel the need to be inside you.

That's… a very good question, lol.

Jesus fucking christ, why isn't this guy sanctioned yet?

No. 332014

Fun fact, Mr. Hands and the dude that sleeps with cars are both also from Washington state. Sage for useless trivia.

No. 332016

File: 1483374842901.png (16.25 KB, 482x120, lwdate.PNG)

Details as to the note he gave the 16 year old at Starbucks.

He's totally not a creep you guys! He substituted 'sex' with 'date'!

No. 332133

i just wasted an hour on his facebook page and website and this is by far one of the most bizarre things i've seen in a while. the way he speaks is so incredibly fucked up, he's deluded himself into believing pseudo science that he made up himself and he's so out of touch with reality to the point of thinking any younger girl is gonna wanna date a guy who spends his free time going on sexually explicit rants that reduce the women he's trying to win over into sex/fertility objects, coupled with the fact that he's homeless and his only talent seems to be making memes about telomeres on grainy photos of diner food. such a sad existence but simultaneously so… unable to feel bad for him whatsoever. makes me incredibly relieved to be living far the fuck away from spokane since i work in the food industry with very young and young-looking girls.

also why does he keep mentioning incest without seeming to have a grasp on the definition of incest? from some of his ramblings it seems like he thinks incest means people in the same age group dating??? I don't know. i don't know what i'm more mad about, the fact that people like him exist or the time i wasted reading his drivel that i won't get back

No. 332145

do you think he could be doing meth? he seems like this bonkers fellow I met once who was a past meth addict.

No. 332147

File: 1483394528280.png (30.29 KB, 479x342, lucas.png)

As far as I know he's mentally ill and off his prescriptions. Someone who knew him claimed he checked himself into a psych ward but he's friended an alias account and has been posting on that all day so who knows.

No. 332302

>bro/evolutionary "science" doesn't count

M8 I think you mean evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary science/biology is really real science.

No. 332539

File: 1483478760851.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170103-212224.png)

No. 332543

For once I'm proud of DailyMail and dishing all the dirt since other news sites are still refusing to even name him in the articles or talk about what a creep he is.

No. 332621

File: 1483491357726.png (26.1 KB, 318x244, lw.PNG)

So Werner got himself someone to help him sue Starbucks. Good luck with that.

>She's of legal aged, moron. Talk to my lawyer. bigot moron. You have meme generators and lies. SHUT DOWN OR TALK TO MY LAWYER!!!! AGEIST!

>You have meme generators and lies.

Someone who makes banners, please grant us this majesty.

No. 332776

'i designed a physics shirt'

he claims to have a FTL transmitter that can 'travel back in time'

he ALSO inists that he can change another persons telemores or whatever with his semen. because humans can change their chromosomes by getting a facial from an old homeless schitzo

No. 332780

>if teenagers dont date me, theyre republicans

he has an apartment now given to him by the homeless shelter ($250/mo for 6 months or something)

it was all fun and games but now he has a place i worry about any teenage runaways in the spokane area. someone will probably go missing

No. 332782

WA has pretty decent aid for homeless crazies

No. 332808

File: 1483529848451.png (22.11 KB, 501x329, lucaswernerbs.png)

At least it sounds like the police are keeping a close eye on him? I wish they could just pick him up already but he's technically done nothing wrong unless he tries to show up somewhere he's been banned and they get him for trespassing.

No. 332811

This reassures me slightly. Dude is fucking crazy.
Does anyone remember that other American from not so long ago who spoke about similar things, wanting to date young girls I think, and would make videos of himself ranting and rambling and walking around for hours? Him and this guy seem like kindred, psychotic spirits.

No. 332821

The guy may be a little unhinged but his meme skills are unparralelled

No. 332823

lmao nobody wants your dirty old men semen lucas

No. 332889

I can't believe it took the entire article to get to the best part:

>Werner has also posted numerous rambling messages on his Facebook page, claiming that his sperm had curative powers and could 'give kids stronger DNA"

No. 333377

No. 333430

File: 1483662961569.gif (971.97 KB, 336x189, reqbUET.gif)

No. 333598

They make it sound like he wants to fuck 5 year olds and thinks doing so will literally transform their DNA.

Has he ever even claimed his sperm has "curative powers"? Maybe his whole "Older men have healthier DNA because muh teloremes" and "Inbreeding causes health problems, and inter-generational breeding is just like inbreeding because reasons, therefore 18 year olds should bear my children unless they want flipper babies" diatribes could be construed to mean that, but that's a huge stretch. But, seeing as how this is the daily mail we're talking about, I wouldn't put it past them.

No. 333619

I click onto the front page and this post sticks out
I feel sick to the bottom of my stomach
It's like he's an aspiring holy bottled water merchant but in the most paedophilic way imaginable.
How the fuck is this guy not locked up again?

No. 333714

Well he did post on FB messages that he was attracted to his super young niece.>>275121

And yes, he has claimed his sperm has curative powers. Sleeping with him can lift your mood, keep you from catching colds (seriously, check his website) and prevent certain illnesses and conditions.

No. 333915

They just roasted this guy on the 3am Fox news show. I don't know if Fox recaps the 3am news but it was funny. They kept calling him the new Joey Buttafuoco of our age and read his social media. They pointed out that millenials love memes and by them airing it, he would probably find a teenage girlfriend because there is always someone looking.

No. 333947

Lmao he also made it to the one of the most popular Croatian news site;

No. 333952

>millenials love memes
I think I just rolled my eyes so hard that I saw the back of my skull. Also why the fuck are they admitting that "Well if we air this he'll probably find an underaged girl" because that's just promoting illegal activities.
They sound as stupid as Lucas is but then again it's Fox News on a 3am timeslot.

No. 333979

You can hardly call 24sata a news site. They usually just post badly translated dailyfail articles, as they did with this one. But good for him, getting known around the world as "homeless, 37"

No. 334029

Not trying to defend Fox news but they said teenager not underaged. There are 18 and 19 year olds and they made fun of him for not dating anyone older than 25 and not wanting to breed in his generation.

No. 334032

I know, but it's better than calling it a shit clickbait site lol

No. 334033

I can understand that but Lucas has made it clear that his preferred targets are 16 and he'll settle for 18 if he has to (aka online dating sites). But all his creep factor comes from targeting 16-17 year olds in public.

No. 334253

File: 1483894297797.gif (59.44 KB, 250x250, IMG_3241.GIF)

Wow this is one fucked-up dude. I work in a group home for adults with mental illness and I think he has been off meds for awhile.

Antipsychotics tend to make you gain weight, and so this recent weight loss he is proud of may be due to that (and breaking up with his sugar mama).

My best guess is that he has schizoaffective disorder with extreme delusions and grandiose behavior. His website is a testament of his disorganized and bizarre thoughts

No. 345275

He got a small apartment shortly after the new year, he says it's a place that rents to people with mental health issues and it's $250 a month. He's gotten a bit sassy now that he's not homeless anymore and rages about the greybeards as he calls them who live in shelters getting with young girls. Because that's a super common situation for everyone but poor Lucas apparently…

Sorry for bumping but he's been really active on youtube lately and is chock full of WTF. Not that I really recommend watching him though!

No. 345276

Wonder how long he'll manage to keep his housing.

No. 345292

He thinks all older men who have gotten into relationships with younger girls are using the information from his site and are thieves. I actually felt a little scared by his anger towards the end of the video but I live on the other side of the US. I hope girls in WA stay safe!

No. 345296

Here he tells us that 5 virgins should be sacrificed, one for every year he's been single. He also thinks the age of consent for men should be raised to 35.

No. 345333

I think it's still valid that law enforcement in the immediate area are well aware of him but there's not much they can do until he breaks the law.

No. 345474

Oh the irony of this guy raging about how OTHER PEOPLE "can't let it go."

No. 345481

So, if I understand this correctly, he seems to think that people under 35 are selfish for not having sex with people over 35, because that somehow stimulates production of telomerase at a cellular level and stops them from aging?

What a fucking psycho. Telomerase production is what it is for a reason, because if it is excessive/unlimited then that leads to cancerous growth…which kills you anyway. Also, in order to create more it has to be medically induced, although I'm not sure how that works (possibly injected or chemically stimulated) - if it was just from sex people would live forever.


No. 345493



No. 345589

Doesn't he litter though? I'm pretty sure they have some law against that.
He said he leaves free food and messages

No. 345590

He's mentioned security or something making him clean it all up/take it away before. Don't know if he's still doing it though.

No. 345647

Old post but that original pic (not including Spongebob fish) has been floating around for years.

No. 345734

File: 1485792217782.jpg (205.68 KB, 929x848, candy.jpg)

When I first became aware of him he was talking a lot about giving food to the poor. Naturally I was sceptical but also very curious. Maybe despite all his sperging about teen girls and telomeres he actually is generous and gives food to those who desperately need it. Someone on kiwi farms posted a pic of pepsis and stacks of crackers that he was leaving out along with notes attached. So no he wasn't actually giving food to the poor but was leaving out snacks in places he thought young girls would be. I can't find that pic but here is one I got from his facebook page.

That could be considered littering but I doubt he would get arrested for it. We don't even know if he still does that and he has to pay rent now.

No. 346151

File: 1485911210494.jpg (27.07 KB, 720x421, _20170131_180527.JPG)

No. 346201

I bet he is gonna complain because FetLife is under serious observation for pedophilia allegations

No. 346288

I'm curious, has anyone found his profile?
I wonder if he has his telomare "research" posted in his profile in a desperate attempt to get all the young millennials after his MRSA infected Vienna sausage.

No. 346291

Waiting anxiously for caps of his profile. Dude is whacked.

Anyone ever find his dating profiles, or is he banned from everywhere?

No. 346328

If people having sex with people in their age group is the problem why doesn't he promote young men fucking older women aswell?

No. 346330

It's funny that these kind of guys go around claiming older women are jealous of younger girls but at the same time they always seem super threatened by younger men

No. 346529

Because all the now older women should have had babies by even older men, thus why he wants the age of consent for men raised to 35, so he can fuck all the women and no one else can.

No. 346663

Someone claiming to be from the Dr. Phil show emailed him. He has to call back with his counselor involved so this might be legit. He also took a minute to rant that his counselor isn't telling him which dating site to use to find young girls because if your counselor won't try to get you laid then they're useless apparently!

No. 347022

File: 1486167933889.jpg (88.27 KB, 500x882, forget cash me ousside time to…)

He uploaded this three hours ago as of this posting. I don't even have US cable here, but god I hope this is real, I can only imagine what a wider reach would do for/to his day to day life.

No. 347032

Oh please sweet milky gods let this be true. Werner is the kind of batshit that Dr. Phil would have considering he just had a girl on there that swore she was giving birth to Jesus.

No. 347033

I so hope this is legit! Of course he would accept the offer because he thinks he's going to be smartest man in the room and educate everyone. I need to see him sperge about telomeres and how that entitles him to teen girls in front of a live studio audience! I hope they have an expert on the show to explain just how wrong he is in his interpretations of the research.

Oh, he just had to mention his neglected penis in that meme. Also lol @ that filname!

No. 347327

>If you're a hoodrat I don't care

He's that desperate.

No. 347332

Wow, I made it maybe 10 seconds into this before I had to close it. He's so fucking creepy and unsettling. Like the kind of guy who lures women with craigslist ads or something, then chains them up in a basement.

Hm, maybe he'd get along with Gurgamel.

No. 347337

File: 1486264469613.jpg (28.2 KB, 352x477, gross.jpg)

Who is he to look down on anyone though?

No. 347338

I never actually seen his body before… Hoodrats are even too good for him.

No. 347340


The homeless men/younger girl situations probably arise from drug/prostitution scene, which isn't something to envy at all? Dear lord, I hope he doesn't find a way to coerce girls like that to meet him.

No. 347343

You can see more of his jiggly belly and moobs in this video.

He talked about staying with some guys in the past who had girlfriends and it sounded like the they were drug users. He seems to look down on drugs aside from weed so at least he's not trying to prey on some of the more vulnerable girls he could come across.

No. 347375

This guy is retarded if he thinks that girls consider this telomerase bullshit when we're choosing who to date. No, we go out with guys we're ATTRACTED to. You know who we are not attracted to? Guys who act like we owe them sex. I couldn't care less how much you've given to the homeless, Werner, your desperation and superior attitude are a major turn off. Go fuck yourself.

No. 347406



No. 347417


Found his Fetlife profile

No. 347431

Screenshots? Can't view as a non member

No. 347468

File: 1486314936039.png (62.78 KB, 664x541, 1.PNG)

screenshotting stuff because I'm fetlife trash

No. 347469

File: 1486314952047.png (46.05 KB, 591x548, 2.PNG)

No. 347470

File: 1486315006614.png (49.41 KB, 586x544, 3.PNG)

No. 347471

File: 1486315066020.png (48.83 KB, 587x567, 4.PNG)

No. 347472

File: 1486315118981.png (42.82 KB, 592x542, 5.PNG)

No. 347478

I hope this guy never reproduces.
I would worry for the child having such an insane dad.

No. 347479

That would imply he ever finds the willing 16 year old girl of his dreams

No. 347488

File: 1486319375930.png (342.17 KB, 394x394, 1473555616741.png)

>cutie pie little fingers
>young might raise up a quick genocide
>trick to get women as young as legally allowed to date me
>usher in a master race of super children
>my parents have several million dollars in bank
>women reach maturity 11 years sooner than men
>18 year old women dating 18 year old men are pedophiles
>this is incest and inbreeding
>I lived in homeless shelters 14 months
>I moved 418 miles because Spokane has popularity for age gap relationships
>I will be in my studio apartment 6 months
>I'm more than happy in my impoverished squalor dining alone
>Only thing that makes me want to live is my pursuit of women
>Fibonacci Sequence
>Concrete. Cheese. Animals. Alcohol. Telomerase!!!
>grey haired old guys getting young pussy on my telomerase research
>writing book on agephobia on dating sites
>send me email by clicking pizza

That was a wild ride from start to finish.

No. 347497

That first sentence was so fucked and yet I kept on reading. It's a fetish site and he drops all this deluded "science" he believes like that will get him laid. He didn't even try to conceal the crazy.

No. 347511

File: 1486324230277.png (99.77 KB, 251x238, 1367978081613.png)

Christ, this is all some insane word salad rambling.

No. 347531

Thanks for all the screenshots, anon. On his actual weebly page he's posted the same shit except with an annoying picture of himself covering some of the text, and at the bottom of the page he asks that people email him to see the text without the picture. This is just as good.

No. 347542

Holy fuck I can't even imagine what this psychos therapist has to go through

No. 347983

File: 1486386119951.png (281.15 KB, 766x336, 1.PNG)

FL anon again, he's got the same usual pics up… Nothing new or special

No. 347984

File: 1486386216933.png (2.66 KB, 374x74, 2.PNG)

…and I don't think he's done anything since joining, I would send a friend request for further spying but he hasn't even got any friends

No. 349410

Cockmongler has really hit hard times.

No. 349437

Not a very subtle self promotion is it.

No. 350206

That name is just ridiculous.

Well he did mention his counselor refusing to give him dating site tips to find younger women.

No. 350234

Hey hasn't been active anywhere fro a while. Anyone know what happening?

No. 350401


Well he's getting really really pissed at people now. He seems a lot more agitated on Facebook. Even people leaving supporting comments are getting btfo at this point. His "fame" from the Starbucks incident is basically gone and he actually thought something was going to come of it. He's that delusional. He is only seeing a psych to confirm his delusions, anything they say to counter it is ignored. He was just posting he was pissed his psych wasn't helping his get dates. Like what the fuck does he think their job actually is?

He isn't actually a danger to himself or others, and the local cops are well aware of him and keeping an eye on him…so there's not much anyone can do but watch.

No. 350771

File: 1486764590471.jpeg (467.62 KB, 702x974, 1463272734490.jpeg)

How old is Asha? Maybe they should meet.

>Both delusional

>He wants young black girl to fuck
>She wants a white man to make babies with

No. 350773

File: 1486764742835.gif (343.21 KB, 500x363, Gew5X.gif)

No. 350777

Huh, she looks less rancid than usual there.
As crazy as they both are, I wouldn't wish this psycho on Asha tbh. She's probably too old for him, anyway.

No. 350778

I've never wanted to see cows collide so badly.

No. 350780

Early twenties I think? At least 24-ish iirc.

No. 350809

As amusing as this would be to watch, imagine the hell the poor children would endure. No, I hope Mr. Wacko never finds a willing breeder.

No. 351845

Has he ever said anything else about being on Dr Phil?

No. 355574

Update 1:the Dr Phil thing turned out to be a troll and the whole thing wounded his pride. So he's gone dark on all corners of the internet and only talks in PMs.

Update 2:apparently he got kicked out of his apartment after he got in arguments with other tenants over his "research". Now he's homeless again and he can't go back to the shelter since he got kicked out of that. His "research" has pretty much got him banned from every option he can afford at the moment

No. 355575

ohhhh that's juice. how did you find out all this?

No. 355577

The first one from some comments on his last YouTube video the second one from PMs with some people who who follow him

No. 355580

Well damn. Even I believed the Dr Phil thing since he's exactly the sort of guet that would be on there right next to the girl who swore she was giving birth to Jesus.

Wonder what he'll do now since he's homeless again. Probably migrate to another city?

No. 355602

Make them feel the wern

No. 356277

File: 1488473228156.png (86.7 KB, 301x337, IMG_5763.PNG)

>imagining having asha as a mother and Lucas as a dad

No. 357444

he's currently banned from the library and its grounds, from two coffee shops as of now and one or two fast-food places in downtown spokane. He seems to be banned from pretty much any place in spokane that could have wifi. I think he'll probably have to move again.

No. 357487

If he moves I hope the law enforcement keeps tabs on him and alerts the local wherever he ends up.

No. 357488

File: 1488835279902.jpg (92.29 KB, 800x1339, t h i c c.jpg)

He should move in with CWC so they can have a lovequest bachelor pad together.

No. 357588

One more update he was involved in what the police at a sub station called a "minor tussle" within the station area and is no longer permitted inside the greyhound/Amtrak station without a ticket, this happened a little while ago (probably before he got the dungeon apartment)

No. 357589

He really does spend his days wandering the town, doesn't he? It's a wonder he hasn't ended up in jail yet.

No. 410115

The wait is over! It's been a long 5 months but Lucas Werner is finally out of the loony bin and already begging teenagers to date him. He's offering $1000 for a dinner date but the catch is you must be willing to give him babies.

4 videos later and he claims it's a joke…sure.

No. 410225

He finally got put in a ward somewhere? Looks like he didn't lessen his crazy while he was there though. He doesn't even HAVE $1000 to give to begin with.

No. 410368

File: 1499983642803.png (251.61 KB, 492x623, 700pgs.PNG)


He cashed in on 5 months of disability checks. .

Pic: I can not WAIT to see what 700 pages from a schizophrenic pedophile reads like.

No. 410372

File: 1499983912144.png (599.44 KB, 927x869, semenfor1000.PNG)

I'll stop samefagging after this but here is basically what the video says in case anyone doesn't want to watch.

No. 410390

wtf? 700 pages? Is he manic? I would have thought they would hook him up to some neuroleptics while in the nut house.

No. 410521


Is the government really this fucking incompetant? Can't someone just lock this guy somewhere and throw away the key already?

No. 410686

He is back at a halfway house.

No. 410688

So, this is a facebook group apparently so fascinated by this predator's online behavior. They think they are extra important and tell everyone not to tell the pedo about them, or any place else. Oopsie, I made a poopsie, lol. They are just as sick imo. Yes people, relax, you aint Area 51, no one cares about you either. Enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/groups/357972584379409/?hc_ref=ARRToa3iEOV2jvMDIW2r2YEBUo3oD6AnSLZniJES4PsxKsZpRCQ5W24hrHoufx1-Klg

No. 410708

Legally I don't think he's done anything wrong? He's been banned from places but hasn't really done anything they can arrest him for unless some women he harass go after charges for harassment/stalking/whatever and even then he might just get a restraining order.

No. 410711

I work at a state run psych hospital; federal law mandates that individuals with MI should be allowed to live in the community if at all possible. It is very hard to make a case of keeping someone IVC'd for a long period of time, especially if they deny any suicidal or homicidal ideation. If he truly was at a hospital for the past 5 months they probably could no longer justify his continuing stay.

No. 410805


They really should just lock him away the rest of his life at this point. There's no hope for him.


Just wait till he one day snaps and hurts/kills someone.

Then what? I feel like he needs to be put up somewhere for his own good. We've seen this story before. It doesn't end pretty.

No. 411978

honestly he said going to fucking rape and murder someone one day. might be nitpicking but his desperation is increasing and his fascination with young women aren't leaving.

No. 412253


Of course he will. And then we'll have to listen to "oh no how could've this have happened" all the while we know the government/police sat on its collective ass doing fuck all. Just like how Polly Klaas had to die before reforms were made - no one wants to do anything until they're forced to.

I'm sorry, but some people need to be forcefully committed. Get this guy into the Cuckoo's Nest and throw away the key. If he does anything to anyone, then he's not the problem but a symptom of it.

No. 412297


he's currently committed right now

No. 414382


And he should STAY committed. He should not be allowed out into the public the rest of his life.

That's what I'm saying. How many times does this guy need to prove he needs to be locked away? Just "lose" the key if need be - it's gonna save a family a lot of heartbreak, trust me.

Washington State doesn't need another Anna Svidersky if you ask me.

No. 414418

Didn't he just get out though like a week ago?

No. 414585

How can this guy rationalize claiming he's such great breeding stock when he's got fucking diabetes and MRSA?

No. 414608

File: 1500681855292.png (12.63 KB, 485x124, wern.PNG)


released on the 12th. recommitted on the 13th.

No. 414763

damn how bad you gotta fuck up to get recommitted literally day after getting out lol. did he harrass someone IRL again?

No. 487635

The Wern is back and is active on facebook

No. 487636

Did he get run out of town yet?

No. 487638

He's apparently written a novel and my money is on it being about a 50 year old and his 14 year old wife

No. 487702

Not shitting on lolcow but kiwi has a much better Wern thread for anyone who cares to follow him, more updates etc. Anyway he's still falling for catfishes and spergs about the usual. Got some guy as his "editor" and now he has a patron for his telomere research

No. 487703

Patreon* sorry

No. 487784

Got a link to the patreon?

No. 488109

Not that anon but this is his patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LucasWernerOfficial
There isn't really anything on it though.

No. 507066

Guys , I'm pretty sure the patreon is bogus. The speech patterns don't check out with the Wern's normal speech patterns, they DO match a guy on facebook's speech patterns. look on facebook, there's a page…

No. 507194

Keeping the thread alive. Some people, for whatever reason, have made claims that our man has passed away. Claims are false, the Wern is too genetically superior to pass away. Relations concerning Lucas Werner and death are non existent. Lucas sahn is alive, the deceased lucas is a nazi who died in the 1940's, link provided. >>>>
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werner_Lucas(read the rules & usage info)

No. 510694


No. 702860

File: 1568455355603.jpeg (36.24 KB, 682x604, received_217804085337245.jpeg)

Fuck this dude though, seriously.

No. 702873

Is he still at it? I thought he'd be locked up in a looney bin somewhere by now.

No. 702998

I hope he dies before he inevitably kills someone else.

No. 784996

can somebody tell these guys that the older they get the worst their sperm gets? he is not very suitable for reproduction at this age, so if young women are better cause they are more fertile so are young men cause their sperm is better which makes these old faggots completely useless. But don't say this right? It's only the same talk about biology but only when it comes to justify what's of their interest(necro)

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