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No. 26

Well? Lets not act like it's not going to be a hot topic. It caused the admin at SR to lose her shit and close down the site. We have people who say yay and those that say nay, so…


No. 39

Seeing as how there are skype convo pics they could just be making it up or it's real.

No. 45

I say they are trollin!

No. 49

Except one is in Japan and the other sister is in the US? I think? Why did they get their shit removed from PULL?

No. 75

Well, its not like PULL is on a private domain or anything. How hard do you think it would be to appeal to BB website its hosted on? No one likes lawsuits.

No. 126

I'm calling bullshit. What would make anyone believe their stories anyways?

No. 247

Personally, I say it's easy to believe because really, how much worse can she get? I'm actually surprised to learn she didn't go this far yer.

No. 249

It isn't removed but hidden, Crowdgather (the host of freeforums) got flooded by Kiki and then h´gave the PULL admins 48h to rome everything including their names because they are ~copyrighted~, they even did this to somebody on twitter.
>Description of infringement: User is posting my content without my permission as well as spamming my content to users tweeting my name

No. 250

No. 251


I think what made everything worse was PTNR (if it even was her) said she remembered her babysitting someone around that age and people started panicking. Including the trolls themselves, though they're trying to come off as suave and nonchalant about the whole thing.


No. 256

File: 1403653148828.jpg (49.99 KB, 461x523, 1399825524013.jpg)

>mfw Staminarose closed
>mfw I feel lost here
>mfw more than half of the users of Staminarose have no idea we moved here
B-But I want my daily dose of lolcow dorama

No. 258

RIP our forgotten sistren…

No. 260

We will or kawaii dorama back anon chan i'm sure of it!

No. 262

Maybe someone should make a post on /cgl/ about it or something.

No. 266

There was already.

No. 268

I feels too :(

Fellow sisters, we were felled by knaves and fools, but like the mighty Phoenix we will be reborn from the ashes. May we rebuild our holy land in great worship of the most High. All hail Pixyteri, Queen of Desu, who reigns forever and ever.

May our lost sisters find us once again.


No. 270

Actually if someone linked this url on the PT ED page people would be able to find their way back. That's how I found my way back to the different cow boards (that and checking the cwcki and cwcki forums).

No. 272

The link is there, but not sure if PTNR noticed.

I hope all this gets updated on ED. Pixy really does exist in eras.
Pixy: The Before Times
The Golden Age
Grand Exodus
The Twitter return
The Dark Ages - The Great Drought
The Britfag Invasion

No. 273

Sub arcs include:
River of Nudes
B.O. Legacy of PixyTeri
The Wind-Chime Project
The TinyChat Chronicles
PTF: The False Prophet
PTNR: The True Messiah
The CP Scandal

No. 274


Added a shitty section in the style of the rest of the article. Feel free to improve it guys.

No. 275

Can someone tell me what the FUCK happened?

I tried to get on rosechan last night and see this "taking a break for now!" What did you guys do, try to contact PTs family yet a-fucking-gain, even after that whole 911 debacle (which if you ask me, PT was asking for it, I hate her and her fake suicide threats)? Sperg out like dumbshits about Britfag's blackmail with no proof of anything whatsoever? What is it? What did you guys do this time?

Why couldn't you guys just enjoy the lols that PTNR painstakingly milked for us. Goddamnit I hate you ppl sometimes.

No. 276

Some fucking retards at SR claimed PT molested a 3 year old. Obviously samefagging and saying "Believve what you want, but it's true. I don't care if you believe me or not, here it is. It's true, but we have no proof because we dont' want to get Britfag in trouble for convincing PT to take pictures of said molestation."

Some bitches took it seriously, SR admin managed to get trolled and shut the site down because of claims of contacting PT, Interpol and local police.

Hoaxfags outed themselves because it turns out PT does babysit and someone threatened to call Interpol. They didn't realize PT babysat when they were fabricating the story.

I don't think many anons believed the accusations, but it was enough to get the already skittish admin to shut down shop.

No. 277

Shutting down sites is retarded because another one will just take it's place.

No. 280

This is glorious,now we look like a creepy sect ha ha. But as you said we will "reborn" anyway.
(I swear PT drama and all the kota/kiki/yuka/… bs is better than Korean drama)

No. 281

the SR admin is a huge faget

No. 288

whatever happened to skype anon?
Did she find her way here? what did PT say?

No. 301


With all the knee-jerk reactions the other day, I'm sure someone must have contacted PT, whether it was SkypeAnon or someone else.
I can't imagine what it would be like to hear that about yourself, but she really needs to quit the internet for good (though I'd obviously prefer she just get back on Twitter).

No. 319

Do any of you suspect that Britfag is from n0chan? at the very least he's a /b/tard

tin foil hat What if those other 2 idiots really do know him?

No. 652

Why are the staminarose admins/mods so retarded? Anyhow, I'm glad we moved here. I hope this gets more popular and replaces stamina. I once got a two month ban for arguing with another user in a thread. (About something related to the topic.)

No. 693


Holy shit, from the looks of it rosechan was just as cunty as Fran. and to think rosechan was shitting on Fran when her board lost most of its userbase, birds of a feather and all that jazz. (didn't she even start frans thread?)
Who knows how many people were banned by this fucktwat.

No. 1597

Has the queen made an appearance at all this summer. Or is britfag still being a lil bitch?

No. 1607

Skypeanon here. She didn't say anything, just called me a bitch and blocked me. Very disappointing. I was super nice too.

No. 1672

Well thanks for trying anyway anon.
Any screencaps?

No. 1681


Welcome back anon, did you cam with her or was it just chat?

No. 1710


skype anon again. It was a two second chat message, and I didn't screen cap it.Literally…it was just the word "Bitch". Eh,I tried. I was nice and again, it's not like I was a total stranger to her.

No. 1711

skype anon again. I actually did video call her, and told her my real name and showed her my facebook. She didn't answer the call, but I wanted to give her the option to speak face-to-face if she wanted. I thought she might be more comfortable with that given her recent CatFishing. But it didn't work. Oh well.

No. 1712

If only you had been born as a handsome Japanese male

No. 1733

She's stupid not to take these accusations seriously. Even though we know it probably didn't happen, false accusations can ruin your life.
I mean, think of how many men have lost their jobs over some crazy slut claiming rape.

No. 2077

Will we ever get news from the queen?

No. 2167


I spoke to PTNR on cwcki forums (well I got one message from her), she said she's really busy with work and family stuff, but she will continue posting whenever she gets a chance.

I asked her why she didn't just come here since they tend to sperg at those forums, but she never answered me. I guess the whole staminarose meltdown turned her off to imageboards.

No. 2168

File: 1405397755344.jpg (26.38 KB, 534x400, futurama-fry-not-sure-if.jpg)

No. 2241

Here's the mini PT video folder I made a while back.


No. 2254

Thank you anonymiss!

No. 2258

No problem. I'll go through it this evening and see what else I have saved.

No. 2306

You could repost her posts here anyways.

No. 87423

Britfag said how funny it was that "we got trolled lololol" and. "He totally got us" and the one that kind of pisses me off "it's super weeny that they took this so seriously" it's fucking child abuse, of course we are gonna take it seriously

No. 87424


You say Britfag but I can confirm that whatever the truth behind it was, there was at least 3 British dudes involved because I spoke to them on Skype, through voice chat.

I live in the UK myself so I can confirm that they were legit Brits too.

No. 87440

Not this shit again.

No. 87443

>I live in the UK myself so I can confirm that they were legit Brits too.

I was on that skype too, and they talked like obvious americans trying to sound british.

We didn't collectively get 'troleleleled' by your epic skillz, even if some idiots fell for it.
The staminarose admin was already on the verge of closing the site, and this was the perfect excuse for her. She was lazy as shit and got bored of the site. That was no secret.

PTNR is still around? thank goodness, that was the one true loss from staminarose, I was really bummed out about PTNR leaving

thing is, as much as this whole situation is bullshit, I agree with the anons worrying about PT around kids, considering how she sexualises children in cartoons and likes to shove cucumbers in herself while dressed as a japanese elementary school student

No. 87451

File: 1429801649925.jpg (3.18 KB, 170x73, 10055.jpg)

Why is a 9 month old thread being bumped? There hasn't been any new info regarding this.

No. 87456

All I'm saying is that their story was bullshit and they are pretty shitty to think that making jokes about child molestation and wondering why people take it seriously it beyond retarded

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