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File: 1458774344027.png (200.29 KB, 599x302, Untitled-2.png)

No. 251997

No. 252000

File: 1458774582501.png (575.27 KB, 588x745, pantsonfire.png)

Suzy claims she went to a concert wearing this. No way in hell did she wear does shoes all concer through, she probably put on jeans and sneakers after this photo.

No. 252001

File: 1458774677166.jpg (112.92 KB, 593x586, ss (2016-03-23 at 04.11.01).jp…)

No. 252003

File: 1458775148574.png (43.15 KB, 145x174, tumblr_inline_o3mijeUPsq1t0dsg…)

I think I finally found a screenshot where her make up from the charity stream looks okay. It might also be because it's a picture for ants.

No. 252005

Is that a trashbag?

No. 252008

She looks like a thumb

No. 252015

ANOTHER fucking shoe unboxing? How many hundred dollars has Suzy spent on shoes in 2016 already?

No. 252023

She looks so much better now that she's not doing the inner corner eyeliner thing.

No. 252028

Those are cute as fug, too bad she'll never wear them.

No. 252031

Those are super cute. Another pair of shoes that will probably never be worn again.

No. 252032

hahaha they all look like thumbs

No. 252035


Wow, she actually looks better make-up wise and this video wasn't fucking insufferable as fuck! Kudos to you, Snooz!

The shoes are also super cute, but I wish the heels were smaller.

No. 252043

She looks cute af in this video. But her reviews still suck

No. 252061

yeah she looks like 5 times better here, hope she keeps it up

No. 252076

File: 1458789821224.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

>be a lolita
>check main lolita tag on Instagram

No. 252100

did snoozy really tag herself as lolita?? i'm insulted

No. 252118

How is…wait how…what? How is that lolita in the slightest?

No. 252126

Maybe she thinks because the dress has a neck ruffle it's Lolita? idk. I'm trying to rationalize it.

No. 252140

The chick in the third photo is kawaii as fuck. Snoooozy, why are you tagging yourself as lolita?

No. 252142

>wearing high heels to a concert

No. 252146

Why is she always so sweaty looking invest in some sebum control powder suzy also that shade of red is so wrong for you.

No. 252165

hear me out:

we should ever-so-subtly guide Suzy into lolita. start with gothic lolita. I mean, it has GOTHIC right here in the name, right, and Soozy is super goth, right? imagine the train wreck.

No. 252166

plus, it's SOOPER Nipponese.

oh fuck me, I want to see Suzy wear lolita in Japan.

can we make this dream happen?

No. 252213

I honestly think she gets sweaty from doing the unboxing videos. Like it's some sort of physical challenge.

No. 252218

Is that a fucking sewing pattern in the background?

No. 252235

File: 1458826159514.jpg (112.06 KB, 926x592, urgh.JPG)

First of all:
Is he trying to guilt trip his fans with that caption?
Like seriously, don't complain and just do your fucking job.

Am I the only one who thinks he's ageing like milk lately?
Like, he used to look younger and now he just looks … his age, maybe even a little bit older

No. 252237

No thanks.

No. 252238

Everything is a physical challenge when you're fat like snoozy.

No. 252240

It's not just you. He joined Game Grumps-what- 2 years ago? 3 years now? He's aged badly since then. In his early NSP videos with Brain, he actually looks kind of cute. Now he looks like a father of three kids who haven't slept in years.

No. 252245

the only way it would make sense is if it were a sitting concert

No. 252257

I think that show was at the hollywood palladium which has a seating balcony area.

No. 252261

File: 1458831369360.jpg (67.33 KB, 540x720, 248595_10150258731695358_44162…)

not in japan, but here.
looks like she was into sweet Lolita of all things.

No. 252263

Wow this is fucking pathetic. Playing video games it's a job, it's something most off us do when we're off sick from work anyway.

No. 252264

How could she tag that as lolita? I don't even see it as ita

No. 252269

She tags her ig photos as dumb shit so I'm not surprised. Never forget her tagging #curvy and #curvygirl on pictures of her when she was skinnier

No. 252270

File: 1458834515903.jpeg (104.52 KB, 640x909, image.jpeg)

No. 252277

File: 1458836565705.png (104.68 KB, 480x320, 1443895875271.png)

>wrinkled dress
>footed leggings
>mismatched pinks
>ugly af RHS
>ugly glasses
it's like she bought everything off of amazon and said 'yes I am so rori'

No. 252279

Is this not a classic replica too? I'm made out of ten.

No. 252281

This is a really good example of skinny fat. Kinda makes me mad how she was too lazy to do some fucking cardio or push-ups during her ~modelling~ days. And I am not a lolita but the work ethic (or lack thereof) applies too. Always zero effort with Suzy in anything she does. That's why I think she is legit slow… I mean her KKG let's plays are enough evidence to support this claim. Anyway, do you guys think Suzy will ever get Charms level bad? I think Sooz can bounce back.

No. 252296

File: 1458840146992.jpg (139.95 KB, 1440x1619, Screenshot_2016-03-24-13-21-03…)


So curvy

No. 252298

That stance is just… I don't even get it.

No. 252299

This bitch has zero awareness and doesn't know how to pose. Was she ever truly a model?

No. 252302

Yes, I think she's going to keep getting fatter. Like you said (and I agree) Snoozy is a prime example of skinny fat. Someone who was probably a little active in her teens and early 20s but never knew how to eat properly or be fit. She seemed the type to maybe walk around the block and call it exercise. I can't imagine her lifting weights to be toned or doing some cardio an hour a day to stay fit. Now it's all catching up to her and she's paying the price. She's doughy as fuck now and soon she will be Charms 2.0

No. 252303

File: 1458841153381.png (692.51 KB, 1024x740, suzytags.png)

okay so I am not an instagram pro so I have no idea how it truly works, but I don't see any lolita tags on that photo???

No. 252305

>dat shit tier replica

When was this? I mean she blows a brand dress equivalent on shoes alone every month…

No. 252309

If someone in the comments tags it as lolita do you think it would show up then?

No. 252311

I think 2011. It's one of the few public photos on her FB.

No. 252315

It's a repost that shows up under the tag, by the shoe brand.

No. 252345

oooh okay!
But then we can for once say that it is actually not Suzys fault at all.

No. 252364

I was wondering if it was because of a brand thing.

Wouldn't that be expensive? Oh wait. Also you'd still stand at a show like that, even if you had seats. It's more classical music concerts you'd be sitting for. Which I can't see them ever going to.

No. 252421

>footed leggings
It isnt leggings really at that point, just thick stockings. Suzy isnt that bad in that pic, and hating things like rhs which was very in style at that time just makes you new in the fashion. It isnt even ita, its just a boring look that is of its time.

The difference between Suzy and Charms is that Suzy knows she is gaining weight and is showing effort, even if it is lazy and half assed, to get past it. She knows. Charms just shrugged it off and never had the self awareness to kick the habit when she was still skinnyfat. Suzy has it easier too, since her job isnt based on her stomach fat, but her ability to make videos. Even if she stays chubby suzy can produce content that her fans will eat up. Charms on the other hand has no real long term fans to keep her going.

No. 252449

not hating on the RHS as an on trend thing, hating on them because that particular pair is ugly as fuck.

Also she looks bad; the ugly shoes, mismatched pinks, loose stockings and out of place glasses. Minus the glasses, she looks fine from the waist up. Waist down makes her look a mess.

No. 252469

I'd buy this

if it were $9 dollars at ROSS. Probably less.

No. 252472

File: 1458882163896.jpg (63.64 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o4ks2t0qfq1qils0po1_500…)

If she didn't have her inner corners lined, I think this is a relatively okay look for her… Her brows definitely look better.

No. 252488


she looks very thin here

No. 252499

Actually is wearing something pretty for ones!

No. 252501

Her eyebrows are a million times better. I like the curly volume in her hair. I know doing it everyday is annoying but she should do that to her hair more often, it looks great. Also bangs.

No. 252512

With how her hair is in this pic I think she'd look really good with a shorter bob-sh style.

No. 252513

Usually I find Suzy very unfortunate looking but wow she's actually.. quite cute here. Good job, Suze.

No. 252533

She still needs a lip color, but she looks loads better here then she has for awhile.

Where is that top from? it's cute.

No. 252551

See, that's what I was thinking. Since we can't see her tattoos, we can't really gauge when this was taken.

Or, she could be wearing a cincher and shooped her arms a little.

No. 252571

Looks like a loose vneck over one of those strappy bondage bras.

No. 252803

File: 1459013498384.png (1.1 MB, 1131x743, suzymj.png)

this comment just absolutely killed me

No. 252805

I can't understand why she thinks this is such a good look and posts multiple pictures of it.

No. 252807

Those overpainted lips are so freakin obvious and badly done, and they look worse every time she posts

How does she not see this

How do her fans not see this

No. 252809

Wow her arm looks huge

No. 252822

File: 1459021743352.jpg (132.4 KB, 828x648, 1459019192726.jpg)

No. 252829

10/10 comment holy shit

No. 252831


Oooooh I made this.

No. 252833

File: 1459024282538.png (673.15 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_2016-03-26-21-29-18…)

No. 252834

File: 1459024301943.png (388.69 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_2016-03-26-21-29-23…)

No. 252840

as much as Arin is a hypocritical asshole who cant take his own medicine in the slighest, I also do really think gamegrumps fans are some of the worst yaoi loving weeby tumblr lurking lowlifes on this planet

No. 252844

The one girl in the screenshot makes a good point, though. They make jokes about them having sex with each other and that's just egging the fans on.

No. 252848

damn look how cute Suzy is in this video from 2013… what happened

No. 252850

also Danny also looks way better here than he does now, but I just realized now its MARKIPLIER in the background looking like a 12 year old korean boy with downs syndrome, geez! At least somebody looks better now than then!

No. 252856

Didn't he encourage it in one of the Q&A videos?

No. 252861

Holy crap she's genuinely adorable there. And Dan looks a lot cleaner.

No. 252870

Fat. Gaining weight makes you automatically more unattractive. And you know she'll keep gaining.

No. 252872

Hah! At that comment.

No. 252873

Game-girlier honestly has a point though. Arin makes a bunch of shitty sex jokes in almost every video but when his fans respond with the same shit, he wants to make a sour face? Fuck off, Arin fatson.

No. 252890

I can see why he is angry. He makes those jokes to pander to the audience but it must be exhausting to have people put their weird fantasies about them all over the internet and force it into them being serious. He isnt at a panel to listen to his stupid fans make their otp shit the focus, and the fans should respect them enough to keep it quiet.

The fact that this has a term of 'poly grumps' and fans think of this as legit stuff is ridiculous.

No. 252900

He absolutely did.
Have no idea where OP of that post got their info.

No. 252908

Oh please. If Arin wants them to stop doing that, he'll stop pandering. Plenty of youtubers don't egg on their audience with sexual garbage. It's the equivalent of showing your ass and tits and then expecting people to not mention them.

No. 252942

wait how old is he? i Bet i'm older and i don't look this bad

No. 252945

he just turned 37

No. 252948

please tell me you're joking

No. 252966

Nope it was just his birthday

No. 253022

File: 1459093355829.jpg (442.68 KB, 621x823, 44d14822-24ec-44e7-ab79-c8e81c…)

God help me

No. 253025


why are they so long?

No. 253035

It's yaoi/shoujo proportions. It's just another kind of shit artist.

No. 253045

File: 1459105345938.jpg (939.11 KB, 1920x2560, kkn.jpg)

Their necks… they look like swans

No. 253072

Fucking hell this exactly!

No. 253090

im triggered

No. 253110

These proportions make no sense. Hahaha

No. 253114

I gonna rant my bullshit i know its for grumps but kinda a fan thing?
my friend and i were talking with a newbie grump fan, just fine. except i was on anon and they werent. ive been a grump fan since early jon era, they JUST started when Danny. They go on long rambles about Danny and how hes better than Jon and yadda yadda. So I replied "cool!" to this new fan. Meanwhile friend introduced theselves by saying "oh hey yeah ive been a fan since early Jon, Theyve gone downhill as of late but hey you know."
Im there like. no? youve barely watched jon playthroughs, constantly replying "oh i dont like the feel" whenever ive recommended a playthrough to you. You dont understand any jokes from the jon era unless its a popular one. So. What are you saying??
I dont get why they would lie, to seem a bigger fan? kinda gave me a wierd feeling, especially when they sigh whenever I try to bring up a jon playthrough and ramble how "amazingly hot" dan is when hes almost 37.
tldr: friend pre much faked to be a long time fan when no?

No. 253118

File: 1459122412529.jpg (119.08 KB, 468x592, article-1211058-06408AB2000005…)

>ramble how "amazingly hot" dan is
Ew. He looks like a homeless version of Mika. I'll never understand the massive thirst somebody must have to find that grease goblin attractive.

No. 253122

>>253118 idm Dan but…god i will be happy when he gets his hair cut. hopefully he'll also shave.
In fact tbh with the main 2 I wish theyd attempt to sort out theyre appearences. Arin looks like a bad Tommy Oliver wankfan and Danny is hobo. I know hes growing his hair out for charity but ugh.

No. 253223

File: 1459156468129.jpg (89.84 KB, 750x750, 12479411_900194670102248_13941…)

I want to marry Holly.

No. 253234

have some fucking standards anon

No. 253241

But why? Even snoozys hotter

No. 253250

Wondering if you used a terrible picture of her on purpose or not

No. 253258

File: 1459178790376.png (234.59 KB, 556x550, delusion.PNG)

No. 253259

But it can measure health.
But who gives a shit about that, right Suze?

No. 253263

File: 1459180055587.jpg (19.98 KB, 312x312, blessed.jpg)

>tfw my classmates are also casual gg fans and hate snoozy
>bond over mutual hate
>often play the game of saying 'hey yootoob its mortemer' and trying to one-up each other in pitch
>casually mock snooz in conversation by saying things like 'uhhhmazing!'
>tfw i have the best classmates

No. 253267

I mean in a way it's right because weight isn't the number one indicator of health unless you're significantly over/underweight, but I'm sure that's not how Snooze interprets it.

No. 253270

sounds like youre all 13 year old losers tho. We all hate Suzy here but going around bonding over mocking an internet person seems very immature to me.

No. 253272

She looks comfy AND cute in that picture.

No. 253274

she looks like an autistic transman in that picture

No. 253282

Idk anons I kind of agree that she's a cutie. I wouldn't MARRY her but I'd hang out with her. She's not attractive but something about her personality draws me in, but I am pretty much addicted to people that seem to radiate positive energy. She seems sweet. Her face is ugly and her style is non-existent, but she seems like she'd be relaxing to be around.

No. 253283


nice bait. are you lost?

No. 253290

i have never heard anything so immature.

No. 253304

Damn I'm never going to get that out of my head any time I see Holly now… And I actually like Holly

No. 253326

did you just get into middle school?

No. 253328

he talked about it in a recent episode about how he finds it hilarious.

No. 253333

What the actual fuck is this ending on this vlog??? I was waiting to see the end result of her hair when it cut out, and I seriously thought something was wrong with my computer. Nope thats the legit end. She could have at least fucking filmed an ending at home, wtf

No. 253335

That was such an abrupt end.
She could've even filmed herself driving back home and talked about the results then.

No. 253343

Hmm. Suzy actually looks normal there and it might be because that girl is way more ayy lmao in contrast.

No. 253344

I love Game Grumps too and I agree my friends and I are also not fans of Suzy.

No. 253345

Holly is not but is someone with the potential of being hot.

If Holly would grow out her, dye it brown which she has and looks more natural on her btw, and last if she wore clothes for her age because she dresses like some 40 year old who is nervous of showing skin.

No. 253346

File: 1459204110855.png (111.92 KB, 232x308, ayynotbad.png)

Just like her last vlog she looks so much nicer with relatively minimal makeup. Her usual eyeliner makes her eyes look boxed in and squinty but this is nice, and her outfit isn't bad either (casual, but not unflattering, and at least she actually wears it out).

No. 253402

File: 1459223437402.jpg (18.82 KB, 480x280, Future Holly.jpg)

Holly has wonky eyes and retweeted about 50 "Birdy Sanders" fanarts

she's an insecure hipster, a vegan, and is about 5 years away from turning into the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.

No. 253404

you know they just put that there because some Tumblrina refused to be weighed

No. 253407

Wow, dumb bitch is probably part of the HAES and fat acceptance movement now.

No. 253475

I've been watching a lot of Dunkey lately and its a pity that Suzy and Arin have almost no chemistry when they do videos together. Dunkey and his gf Leah are honestly so cute (maybe not physically but yanno). I do wonder what it is that makes them so dull together.

No. 253490

If anyone follows the GG facebook, they posted some video of themselves licking lollipops?

No. 253496

That looks like it would be super hot.

No. 253497

The sign is not wrong. You can be overweight and it doesn't make you a "bad" person.

But ffs, having a healthy sense of self and being at a healthy weight are two different things. If you are obese and happy with yourself that's great, but it doesn't mean that you can't stand to improve your health. Tumblrinas miss the fucking point.

No. 253498

File: 1459263454819.jpg (157.14 KB, 553x1105, NIbuGyp.jpg)

Hot Topic Suzy for old times' sake

No. 253499

Why the fat head Suz

No. 253504

This picture is kinda fucking me up. Did someone photoshop her head onto a child's body? I'm not even saying this as a joke. It legitimately looks like they shooped her face onto a kid.

No. 253507

File: 1459264366757.jpg (176.5 KB, 522x463, BeautyPlus_20160329101128_save…)

It's shoop…

No. 253511

File: 1459264603934.jpg (164.86 KB, 540x540, BeautyPlus_20160329101541_save…)

Also here's hot topic Suzy.

No. 253535

I never thought I'd say this but I like the septum piercing. It fills the gap between her nose and lips well.

No. 253577

Same. I'm really not a fan of them but it helps her out since she has such a large space. Also, she looks so much better with understated make-up than the overdone everything she does now a days.

No. 253598

Thank you. Jfc the Holly circlejerk ITT is unreal

No. 253600

She's honestly stated before that she's completely prepared to turn into the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2, so eh.

No. 253609

File: 1459271519346.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160329-131050.png)

So I guess Suzy has a dry puss. This is what happens when you spend money on tacky shit you'll never wear instead of meds.

No. 253610

Shes probably just eating too much salty shit.

No. 253617


No. 253637

it might be anon isnt that one of the early signs of diabetes

No. 253647

she's kind of cute here. I'm shocked.

No. 253649

Pretty sure it is. Haha! Who wants to do a pool when Suzy will catch diabeetus?

No. 253650

>This is what happens when you spend money on tacky shit you'll never wear instead of working out and eating a proper diet.

No. 253674

you guys dont think it could be related to her thyroid problem?
As stupid as Suzy is, I don't think she is lying about her thyroid at all - shes just using it as an excuse for the wrong thing, which often happens with overweight people. Suddenly their condition is at fault for literally EVERYTHING to do with their body or life.
But this dehydration couldnt be related to her thyroid?

No. 253679

True, but all three would be ideal.

No. 253691

Well untreated thyroid issues can lead to diabetes so technically it could be.

No. 253692


what do you guys think about this? I feel so sorry for the man losing his wife. I like how Ross planned Guild Grumps for that purpose, though.

No. 253697

Ross is a stand up guy. Aha Suzy couldn't even finish guild grumps cuz she's such a bitch. This just makes her look bad

No. 253700

People slowly leaving guildgrumps was planned. The whole thing was staged for entertainment. Suzy is a bitch yes but let's not put things on her she didn't do.

No. 253707

Damn this made me tear up. Ross has always seemed like one of the most decent guys on the show (along with Barry who seems chill). It's kind of funny how the running gag used to always be that Ross was evil, when this shows that after all he is nice. Sorry to hear about that poor man losing his wife though as well.

No. 253721


No. 253727

the fact it was staged for entertainment just proves how unfunny grumps doing any kind of 'documentary' type video series is

No. 253791

>This was almost 3 years ago. Oh god they age so terribly.

No. 253826


Honestly I feel like Danny looks pretty fucking good for 37, even if he does look a bit aged from when he first started.

No. 253828

Sorry for namefag, I was having troubles

No. 253854

I would love to see Suzy attempt to play one of the Souls games/Bloodborne.
She sucks so fucking bad at the most simple, brainless games, it's offensive that she even calls herself a 'gamer'.

No. 253880

She would be so bad it would hilarious. But what if she surprised us all and is some sort of idiot savant for actual difficult games?

No. 253883

Well Arin already have some weird ability to somehow be surprisingly skilled at super difficult parts of games, while being mentally challenged at the easiests parts ever to the point of it being agonizing to watch.

No. 254007

File: 1459378293827.jpg (73.74 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o4vj8xtS3o1qils0po1_500…)

Game Grumps Live is tonight. Suzy seems to be going as 3goth5u to prove that she does where this stuff out.

No. 254008

can't grammar. sorry.

No. 254011

>if she wore clothes for her age because she dresses like some 40 year old who is nervous of showing skin.
There's nothing wrong with dressing conservative. If you want to dress like a slut go for it, don't rag on Holly for her style though.

No. 254018

File: 1459379727082.jpg (61.5 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o4vjwlNs1u1qils0po1_540…)

>Help! I don’t know what to wear tonight ?!! Playing around in this dress by @houseofwidow but it’s too short! Hat is an antique top hat- the one @egofaptor wore at our wedding ?!!

She is trying way too hard.

No. 254025

Part of me wants Suzy to play Bloodborne and somehow be really skilled at it just because it would be hilarious in comparison to Arin who would just spam R1 on everything.

No. 254047

His face is fine, but his hair is mess. He thinks he's free-spirited and quirky with that ratty mess, but it makes him look lazy and uneducated.

No. 254048

jfc, what a mess. Her wrist is so fat too. Has she gained more weight?

No. 254051

His hair made me think of a stoner in his early-mid twenties that wears Spongebob pajama pants and needs to take bong rips to eat.

No. 254078

when you have to be at the bdsm club at 7 but you're at the circus until 6

No. 254102

Oh come on now hollys sense of style is awful, it's even worse than suzys which says a whole lot!!
She wears chikdrens thriftstore pastel colored cardigans and skirts in 16 layers then have the audacity to claim her style is mori-girl. I have nothing against somebody being covered up and not wanting to show skin, but saying you can't rag on hollys style is wrong.

No. 254112

Jfc really
Does she seriously call it mori
She looks more like a hobo than Dan

No. 254130

She has several pictures where she uses the mori tag on her insta and tumblr. So yes

No. 254142

File: 1459411526114.jpg (97.95 KB, 855x593, jnmk.JPG)

First of all:
That meitu face

>a big black sweater
How goth of you!

No. 254149

It sucks cus Holly does what she personally likes but none of it is really suiting for her. Her hair looks really weird short and her style is crap.

No. 254158

She looks hot here.

No. 254175

Sooo true. Her individualistic style certainly goes the wrong way. She is so cute tbh but her crappy style, her fucking birbs and her crappy hair make me really cringe when i see her.

No. 254188

so hot her tummy is melting

No. 254192

File: 1459422986115.png (46.5 KB, 246x291, Screenshot_2016-03-31-13-15-18…)

What is going on

No. 254208

It's from where the shirt ends, her panty line maybe and the skirt. Pretty normal to have when not stick thin.

No. 254210

But not so obvious if she would wear some underwear that actually fits her. Those pudges would pop out as much.

No. 254211

Wouldn't damn mobile.

No. 254231

I'm going through the GG tumblr tag for their live show, and either Suzy wasn't sociable, the people who got VIP tickets weren't interested in taking pictures with her, or she wasn't included in the picture-taking package?

idk. Seems kind of odd that she's considered a Grump but didn't appear during the actual live show, doesn't it? Or am I reaching a bit here?

No. 254234

File: 1459436794532.png (157.02 KB, 640x415, image.png)

She has a hip dip/violin hips or whatever they're called

No. 254253

Suzy doing the no mirror makeup tag

No. 254260


Fuck her skin is so bad.
All that money and she can't start paying for a derm?

No. 254261

"Eyeliner is not bad"

Yeah it looks the fucking exact same and it's hideous when you do with with or without a mirror.

No. 254262

File: 1459443722591.jpg (115.85 KB, 1278x718, fwff.jpg)

Wow, looks like she's gunning for Arin's chin record.

No. 254263

File: 1459443924202.jpg (123.27 KB, 1278x719, fwff.jpg)

I just don't get it guys.
Like, if I were Suzy, and I had all that questionably obtained money, the FIRST thing I'd be doing is setting up appointments for lips fillers, neck lipo and a fat transfer to even out those violin hips.

Like, would anybody even begrudge her getting a little surgery? I know I wouldn't.

No. 254268

So Sooze can look hot after all. Why does she not try looking like that more often?

No. 254276

At this point I'm surprised she's not uh-mazing at putting on her makeup with no mirror since it's the same look she does every single time.

No. 254277

I would. She doesn't need all of that plastic surgery bullshit, she just needs to loose weight and be healthy.
Everyone has ugly features, I dont think you need to get fillers and operated on.
And if she lost weight that awful neck would be gone again. Including alot other of her problems!

No. 254282

She's said before she won't get lip injections because it could give her cancer lmao

But honestly a top lip would really help her

No. 254288

Her nose is so freakish small, it looks very cute in a way but also way too small for the rest of her face

No. 254294


>and if she lost weight that awful neck would be gone again

Actually the skin around the neck/jaw isn't very elastic. Once you put on a significant amount of weight there it's pretty much impossible to get it back to the way it was without surgery.

No. 254305

Some people just don't want to have plastic surgery and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

No. 254310

Not reaching, imo. That is kind of weird considering Arin once through shade at GG fanart that didn't include her. One person said she was there looking "ethereal" (yeah ok) You'd think she would have appeared in a few pictures?

No. 254313

Maybe she'll appear more tonight? They have another show. They make a big deal about her being the only official female grump yet she isn't in the live show… so it just seems weird.

No. 254316

File: 1459454526437.jpg (49.41 KB, 400x604, moonmoon.jpg)


I feel so bad for her skin, it's so greasy and full of pimples. It doesn't help she put all this make up on. Her skin can't breath ever.
It looks so stressed like it wants to escape her face.

Also is this the new trend?
Burping in every video?

No. 254321

I go to concerts all the time. Mostly metal shows. Tons of girls wear heels to shows. I was even at Cannibal Corpse and saw chicks wearing heels. The thing is that most of the girls who get really dressed up for shows aren't going to be standing at the front or moshing. Most people who get all decked out go hang out near the bar or at some sort of area like the balcony or side stage where things are pretty chill.

No. 254329

People are throwing mega-fits about Dan apparently going on a plane while sick because of his ears almost getting damaged. They're yelling at him like "THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO SLEEP!!!" and condemning him for not waiting until he was better but like? who in their right mind would stay in a foreign city when you're sick and your work in that city is done and over with?

No. 254344

Her jaw and chin are really unfortunate. Her profile looks so fucked up.

No. 254345

It would be cute if her face were half as long as it is.

No. 254347

Wow she's really let herself go a bit in the skin department. Stop buying shoes and buy some skincare, Suz.

I'm still convinced that she's become this 5edgygoth persona because of Katie and because she knew Arin liked that type. If she had her Hot Topic look with simple makeup, her fringe and septum and she didn't try so hard she'd be so much more likeable.

She had a cuter personality in the no makeup challenge, I wish she just wasn't such an insecure bitch about it. Her and Supermaryface are from the same flock, insecurity manifesting itself in supreme bitchiness.

No. 254353

Isn't he like almost 40? Just weird his kid fans lecture him about health lol

No. 254354

The lack of a top lip is really freaking me out here

No. 254361

He's 37, and yeah. It's super irritating how people treat him like a stupid kid over his health. Like, goddamn, man. He's a grown man. If he wants to be stupid and almost get this ear drum blown out, that's his own mistake. He's not gonna listen to a bunch 12-19 year olds that are yelling at him about something that's already said and done.

No. 254415

Sometimes I wonder if Dan honestly wants to be in the situation he is now. I mean, I know he likes NSP and he's making a fair amount of money from GG, but I would've thought he'd like to produce more serious music. Or at least not be a guy jumping from girl to girl when he's almost 40.
That's his decision, though. Some people just never grow up.

No. 254434

Judging by his sense of humor and the type of people he hangs out with, I don't think he wants to act like an adult

No. 254446

I watched a panel for NSP someone posted here in the past and he talked about how much he likes his job and something like how he never expected to make it as a "rock star" but he could have just been exaggerating his contentment for the room of fans in front of him. At the very least some of his recent work is more mature than songs based wholly around sex jokes and corny mythical creatures.

No. 254447

Sage for OT but for some reason I thought you were referring to ninjas when you said "mythical creatures" and was savagely confused. I may be a smidge retarded.

No. 254449

Honestly sometimes y'all need to let shit go.

Suzy could be healthier and loose weight but honestly wishing she'd do anything else is just weird/creepy. People look how they look and don't need a ton of plastic surgery to fix it unless they're super deformed.

Seriously, sometimes I think the ana and paralyzing lack of self confidence has poisoned your brains

No. 254453

She is deformed.

No. 254503

File: 1459481600459.jpg (14.98 KB, 236x295, vlad.jpg)

I don't care that suzy looks like a Ayy, it's funny but it's not my main gripe. it's just that in any other position, she'd be a complete failure in life, she's not that pretty, she's not a talented make up artist and her humor is questionable.

People also pin the dark ages of GG on her maybe unfairly so. Arin my mind is just as big piece of shit if not more so. He phones in his job, he doesn't animate and he lets everyone else run the show while taking credit.

I predict GG to end in a drama filled mess similar to how Rooster Teeth is going

No. 254560


Uh, JUMP SCARE WARNING, please? She looks like a fucking 38-year old midwestern lunch lady when she's not wearing makeup. Y I K E S

I bet she has one and a cabinet full of prescription treatments to boot. IME derms would rather shill more products then tell someone like Suzy what she really needs to hear which is: leave your fucking face alone. Snooz is a huge product whore so I bet she over washes, over cleanse, over moisturizes etc., then medicates on top of it. Her face has responded with that "WTF am I even supposed to do?" complexion.

Her eat-out every day diet isn't doing her skin any favors either, another huge factor that derms love to gloss over.

No. 254589

You rotten two faced ultra newfag

No. 254591

OP detected, you goddamn scaly fucking cum dumpster.

No. 254596

This girl is a gigantic fucking troglodyte

No. 254600


Fucking mongoloid robot. spoony detected

No. 254613

You vapid fucking goblin cow

No. 254663


what the fuck did you just say to me troglodyte
skeleton. goblin

No. 254673


you chubby pullfag quasimoto.

No. 254675

fuck off ember, you gigantic fucking delusional europoor

No. 254698

god look at her nasolabial folds

No. 254699

i hate this hamwhale.

No. 254700

She's an oily goblin ass salty degenerate fucking dragon-skinned crusty greasy troglodyte

No. 254702

potato nose

salty narcissist.

No. 254704


kate detected.

No. 254710


troglodyte scaly crusty fatty

No. 254765

Wrong, check my ip, goblin

No. 254769

Blatantly shooped, cancer.

No. 254780


Weeb two faced methface

No. 254790

attention whore

No. 254808


Check your privilege

No. 254815

Pathetic attempt, smh. oily cow. ratchet faggot

No. 254816

This girl is a fucking swine

No. 254917


Nice meth teeth u fucking fatty


No. 254918

File: 1459581145397.png (56.22 KB, 275x281, 1422173388556.png)

you thicc fucking buck-toothed-ass snaggle-toothed attention whore-ass sandy-ass pudgy fat-ass airhead

No. 254923

File: 1459581901981.png (476.17 KB, 747x866, 3years.png)

wow so beautiful.

No. 254927


Moldy samefag.


No. 254928

cool nasolabial folds u jealous fucking bint fucking vile slut

No. 254930


Rotten thirsty obese fucking batshit crazy greasy stubby degenerate

No. 254931

You hamconstellation

slutty pulltard. amerifat.

No. 254936


i really love you u_u

No. 254940

god i literally hope this girl gets attacked by a cat

No. 254957


Cool blog, you rotund ana-chan.

No. 254963

You gigantic fucking chubby fucking ass 32 inch waist chan ass catty ass pitiful anorexic ass lolcow

No. 254974


>implying my BMI is over 14

No. 254980

Nope you wrinkly rotund skeletonish tryhard racist chan.

No. 254991

she's a jewish cow

rotting shitposter. emaciated fatty. snowflake.

No. 254992

Yeasty salty delusional attention whore

No. 255046

No. 255052

Fucking twofaced newfag.

jealous dyke.

No. 255061


enormous fucking yeasty pudgy ana-chan.

No. 255062


fall down a flight of stairs you whore, cunt

u fucking fucking self poster 8^)

No. 255075


gorgeous grubby hands you haggard fat assed insufferable fucking slut.

No. 255078

Wrinkled hunchback.

shitposting bint. fucktard.

No. 255084

Gas this thread.

No. 255153

she's reading fanfiction ??? about her friends ?? ? what the actual fuck

No. 255162

back before they actually had fans, Brian wrote a lewd fanfic about Ninja Brian giving a blowjob to Danny Sexbang, and it made Dan extremely uncomfortable

these are the people forced to socialize with her because she's married to Arin.

No. 255167

Why does she think she actually looks like a cat? She looks like a mole person.

No. 255213

Are you actually shitting on her for reading fanfiction rather than shitting on the disgusting fuckers who write that shit? If anything I think it's obvious that someone would check out something someone writes about them or their friends the freaks are the deranged tumblrites who think it's okay to ship real people and then write shit about that.

No. 255224

This Thread is slowly turning into an hug box for Suzy and Holly

No. 255228

Why would she upload this, she looks like someone out of People of Walmart

No. 255229

File: 1459696705253.jpg (91.25 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o51g2oddfj1qils0po1_500…)

It's nice to see she's eating healthy. Dorito(?) crumbs are a great topping for those dieting.

No. 255230

File: 1459696780782.jpg (93.32 KB, 500x608, tumblr_o5175qejnP1qils0po1_500…)

As for this, at least she's wearing tights?

No. 255232

Thos donuts look straight up disgusting. And I thought Dunkin Donuts was disgusting

No. 255233

Hair and Dress are kinda good looking. But those contacts kill the look for me

No. 255264

I actually really like this, except for the contacts and whatever that weird leather belt thing is on her chest

No. 255266

File: 1459713055991.png (1.1 MB, 747x740, winkwink.png)

why does Suzy think winking is the best selfie pose ever?

No. 255267

Why am I not surprised that Suzy would get her hands on Deandri

No. 255274

This is pretty cute, but her face.. Shes gotten so round. Suze please get bangs. It would help.

No. 255281

holy shit those inner corners

No. 255288

not to be boring but I wonder if she does it to show off that mahoosive eyeliner

No. 255291

Why is she wearing one of those bondage gear things over a collared dress? That's like next level tacky

No. 255293

Oh my god, the poor thing. I feel both bad yet strangely justified knowing she looks so ugly without makeup.

However her caking make up on could be one of the main factors on why her skin is so bad but that's like a catch-22 because she either piles it on to look okay or forego it to allow her skin to heal/improve but look terrible.

She should really take care of her body first though since clothes and makeup can only go so far and are temporary.

No. 255302

Suzy is fat

No. 255314

This picture makes me nauseous. Jesus fucking Christ I almost want to send her a message about how if you have a thyroid disorder the LAST thing you should be eating is something doughy and deep-fried. No wonder she's steadily gaining weight. If she adjusted her diet even SLIGHTLY then she would see dramatic results. If she keeps going this way she is going to end up with chronic yeast infections and leaky gut syndrome if she doesn't have these issues already. I don't understand how she can keep this up and not realize that her diet is a big problem.
Oh Suzy, so close. I am so glad she's styling her hair a little better, though.
She's probably bloated from the donuts. Sugar and carbs are life ruiners for people with most thyroid disorders.

No. 255335

Yeah I mean I love me a good donut but I feel bloated just looking at all those.

No. 255468

The eyeliner makes me so uncomfortable. As well as the fake lashes. Ugh dat shitty ass mame up

No. 255494

She also did an April Fool's video on her main channel.

No. 255523

Holly did one too.


what's really sad is that Ross's fingerprints are all over this.

No. 255524

File: 1459789693711.png (1007.29 KB, 649x741, harnessoverload.png)

Suzy literally just throws a random harness on anything now

No. 255528

Her head looks shooped on here, like it's cartoonishly too big for her body (which is saying a lot in Suzy's case).

No. 255531


maybe she likes to wear it to try to define her waist. But imo it just looks stupid as fuck

No. 255533

Girl needs bangs.

No. 255543

File: 1459794677926.png (427.89 KB, 719x986, NL9r1DF.png)

No. 255544

Agreed - I have no idea why she would edit herself like that.

No. 255547

With The Creatures joining RT do you think GG will soon join them?

No. 255548

her pose here reminds me of kailyn

No. 255551

I rarely think GG stuff is funny but that is honestly pretty funny, fail much ross haha

No. 255564

i was literally just about to ask that.
if GG join i'll honestly be upset. i'm all for RT expanding their family but i think GG would be a bad decision.
i mean, their interaction with RT during the CAH panel and on the spot during RTX was super cringy…

No. 255568


God, I hope not. I haven't seen The Creatures mention GG ever so I don't know if they're even really aware of each other, but I hope not. GG x RT would just be a bad combination, RT x TC all the way.

No. 255572

Where's your neck?

No. 255579

I feel bad for Suzy, i think she seems sweet enough

No. 255589

holy shit her eyes are genuinely freaking me the fuck out here

No. 255716

I think GG are happy being independent and hiring needless people like Vernon to expand their gang.

No. 255728


She looks like an extra from the grinch

No. 255825

she ate it

No. 255950

a new 2spooky4u outfit video with cringy cringy cringy "posing"

No. 255979

These would look better (especially the first one) if she wasn't so fucking big. Augh, her weight gain annoys me so much for some reason.

No. 255984

oh come on now, yes she has gained weight and yes she should defiently diet and exercise, but "so fucking big"? People here act like Suzy weighs 450 pounds.

No. 255990


I really, REALLY wish I could get my hands on Suzy, sit her down, dye that stupid stripe out of her hair and get to workin' on a natural makeup application because this heavy eye makeup shit is SO out and ageing as fuck.

I mean, I get it, I really do. I was clinging to the goth-ninja/2spoopy style for years, but it just doesn't age 'with you'and Suzy needs to learn that. She turns 28 in 2 years right? Goddamnit suzy.

No. 255992

As though a 200 pound woman isn't enough of a travesty.

No. 256009

[Kinda new sorry for being a posting noob]
What irks me about this kid is that it feels as though she just makes stuff up. Like she's states that her old Deviantart was the most popular stock image page, how she was bullied in HS and also was super popular, how she grew up in an abusive household, how apparently most of her friends who are girls went lesbian for her or even the whole Arin sending love letters to her every day for a year [Like I know he's a bit of a dork but seriously I don't think he's that extremely in love with her]. I don't know for sure it just seems like no matter what happens in her life it's always to some kind of extreme, she seems like she thinks allot of herself but then states all over tumblr how she's not [Perhaps in an antempt to relate to edgy teens]. She was even quoted on a website for saying something like, 'I have manu talents that will astound you' which just seems far too self promotional.
She feels like the type of person that becomes super involved in everybody else's thing and has next to nothing which makes her unique. There's just something off about her personality, like how she only seems to respond to negative comments, whether it's deleting them or actually replying, which I think is a bit of a piss take considering she has a tremendous amount of fans complimenting her and some that ask her questions on her insta to just be ignored. Not saying I'd respond to every comment if I had that many, but it would be nice of her to at least respond to some questions once in a while, instead of acting like a self entitled brat~

No. 256035

She's clearly gained over 30 or more lbs and riding the wave into obese territory. When a used to be slim woman gains that much (especially considering her chins are tripled now) – it looks bad. She's fat. And from the sound of your hurt, you are too.

No. 256065

Stop fidgeting so much and just pose, god

No. 256123

Have you ever seen an obese person? Jesus anon from the sound of YOUR problem it sounds like you're pretty ana.

No. 256125

Anon chill, you seem to forget that you are on lolcow ~*where everyone is a supermodel*~.
I mostly just ignore those comments because while I see that she gained weight, I also don't think she's dead-fat. Just don't try to argue with them

No. 256131

Yeah I guess you're right anon, I just keep getting pretty shocked about how literally everyone is considered borderline obese in here.
Some anons need to know there's many spectrums in weight other than only skeleton or obese.
But you're right, discussing this on an imageboards is a lost case before you even start.

No. 256138

Yall triggered or something.

I've been clicking on the up next video on her channel really quickly and to hear her go "Hey youtube! It's Mortemer!" with her hand wave is so damn funny.

No. 256166

Jfc she's nowhere near obese. She's just fucking fat. Why are people freaking out over her weight so much when there's plenty of other dumb shit about her to talk about?

No. 256175

People are probably not using the term obese in the technical sense (BMI 30+) and just using it to say fat. Though I agree she isn't a huge balloon or anything and when she dresses in clothes that flatter her shape as opposed to highlight her worst areas, her body isn't offensive or anything.

No. 256180

Looks like she shooped her eyes bigger. Also, don't wear a skirt like that sooze…

And ugh… Them toes being squeezed out of the shoes.

No. 256181

oh my god yes YES

No. 256189

File: 1459930086424.png (44.58 KB, 823x155, ss (2016-04-06 at 02.53.41).pn…)

Oh Suzy why are you supporting this girl? She literally wont get a job and has proved to not even put effort into her work as shown in the GG animated lol

Suzy 2.0 in the making imo except the guy wont get popular like egoslob did

No. 256197

She's an animator? The name didn't ring a bell.

No. 256214

yeah the gofund me is for AmphyPop

No. 256221


The first dress looks so dirty too, probably cat hair but for fuck sake, suzy, clean your shit before filming

No. 256312

File: 1459969134640.png (225.89 KB, 347x391, Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.5…)

she is sooo steadily gaining. what, it's like, 5 lbs a month?

No. 256315

lol this looks like one of those caricatures that you buy at a theme park.

No. 256316

I don't understand what she's doing with her eyes in her photos now

She gets into these phases where she has a certain way to photoshop and then she drops it and moves onto something else

Vid thumbnail related

No. 256323

to be fair all tableflips are filmed ages beforehand

No. 256337

I don't get it, she has a steady stream of income, she can easily afford to get her neck lipo'd. What's holding her back?

No. 256340

File: 1459972314263.jpg (33.53 KB, 356x365, chinnigan.jpg)

her fucking doublechin steals the whole vid though… fuck

No. 256383

Weren't people talking about this before? Some people just don't want to get cosmetic surgery. It's a personal choice, and she could probably give a shit about her fat neck or weird face. She chooses to spend her money on clothes she never even wears.

No. 256430

Less money on surgery = more money for SPOOPY SHOES!!

No. 256514

>[horking intensifies]

No. 256544

Those contacts with that make up. It's not creepy, it's plain ugly. Stop, Suzy.

Suzy's taste in clothing is meant for her old skinnier self. How can she put out videos, see herself and not immediately try to lose weight?

No. 256562

Uhh, so can easily work out and eat better too. What is everyone on lolcow's obsession with surgery?

No. 256565

Of course she could, but everyone knows Suzy is far too lazy and gluttonous for that.
She'd faster spend her husband's money to attain something she wants rather than actually work for it.

No. 256629

Agreed, just look at that gofundme she shilled out. Donated like $100 herself and then made her flab of a husband give $300 lol

Man I don't even wanna imagine what kinda bull they buy that they don't post about

No. 256657

She looks like a fat goth baby in whatever outfit this is

No. 256660

File: 1460028072722.jpg (40.85 KB, 600x776, full.jpg)

Oh Suzy you don't have the clevage for that angle

No. 256717

That white top kinda looks like a bra

No. 256784

that "eighth grader who posts on GaiaOnline and loves Invader Zim" eyeliner lmao, at least her eyebrows look normal I guess?

No. 256803

File: 1460050345561.jpg (105.26 KB, 680x680, 1323123777747.jpg)

That dry-ass lip

No. 256809

File: 1460051405970.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1441926846763.png)

No. 256812

this picture gotta be super old tho, like 2008ish?

No. 256819

Does anyone else feel like Suzy's eye makeup is getting bigger, like making her eyes bigger will make her big fat head look less big and fat?

No. 256838

Yeah, that liner looks bad even for her, she almost always wears falsies now and no tattoo of course. And honestly, I don't think she could look skinny now even from the extreme overhead angle.

No. 256839

I noticed she's lining the bottom of her eye with white and then doing her tired cat eye. It reminds me of all those awful anime eyes that weaboos like to wear.

No. 256912

File: 1460073363629.png (1.97 MB, 697x1675, Bigduze.png)


She had Jared as a guest - I think Suzy is absorbing their chins behind the scenes.

No. 256921

File: 1460074224750.jpg (37.64 KB, 442x464, 1396036396673.jpg)

ho ho holy shit

No. 256923

File: 1460074598987.png (454.43 KB, 500x619, yeahright.png)

I think recieving art like this is going to their heads and warping how they actually appear.

No. 256932

File: 1460076413721.gif (78.44 KB, 253x230, 1458192539835.gif)

No. 256938

>Making Suzy's eyes bigger than literally anyone else's
Have they even seen her?

No. 256939

I don't think any of these looks at least slightly accurate

No. 256940

Wowzers. I don't feel so bad about myself now.

No. 256955

Brent is pretty spot on, but everyone else? Nope. God no.

No. 256960

My point exactly.

No. 257018

Eh it's fan art. They could have given them their appropriate weights but artist always have a style of drawing.

Those are massive eyes for suzy though lol

No. 257029

Sometimes drawing a person exactly how they look can be insulting if it's not a caricature. Mainly if that person just had one or two physically unappealing traits. So drawing Suzy how she really looks….yeah, she'd probably be pretty pissed.

No. 257031

File: 1460089519485.png (213.56 KB, 536x552, 1448230602934.png)

No. 257034

Holy shit I'm so happy you posted this that's exactly what I was thinking of

No. 257044

Everytime I see fanart of Suzy, I realize how ugly her freakin tattoo is and how much I hate it. It's a whole lot of chaotic pretention, just like her.

Danny wishes he was that attractive.

No. 257057

I don't think Danny is that bad looking (unpopular opinion). He could be a lot uglier. Maybe it's just his jawline, I'm a fan of guys with nice jaws. But it could be the fact that most of the people he works with are incredibly ugly compared to him.

No. 257064

Honestly Dan is handsome in my eyes; I mean he fucking needs that haircut really bad and he is atrocious at taking selfies (all his selfies are taken from a downward facing angle, making him appear super wrinkly and tired looking) but overall he is a good looking man to me. If you look at most other men who are 37 you can clearly see dan has aged well, even if he does look significantly older than when he started GG.
I feel like Dan is pretty immature because he wasted literally all of his 20s being a stoner doing nothing else but smoke weed all day. Now I'm not saying weed is awful for everything but stoners usually just sit around with no life ambitions having the days flow together. I feel like now he has stopped his mentality is still stuck very young. And I'm not taking about "omg a 40 year old can't play videogames all day", I'm taking Dan's personality and his relationships with people around him in his life.
Look at Brian, he is just as immature as dan when it comes to humor and hobbies, but he has life together and is mature in a different way than dan is.

No. 257159

Ug Suzy is starting to look like fat arin in drag. Anyone else get a vibe that arin wishes he had played the field a bit before marriage? His off hands comments on other people wives

No. 257161

No Suzy is a queen to arin and has been for over 10 years. I doubt he'll ever leave her.

No. 257172

I think she looks nice here other than the shitty eyeliner. Her face looks non FAS and she has an upper lip.

No. 257176

I like individual elements of her tattoo but not all together. I feel like it's a bit much.

No. 257200

Anon, as a stoner who wasted a couple years doing NOTHING I wanted to get offended but you're completely right. Smoking weed daily really destroys your motivation and I feel like I'm more immature than I should be because I didn't care enough to grow as a person. Sage for blogpost.

No. 257220

Yeah. It's actually well done, but it seems like too much of a mish-mash of stuff. The skull moth thing is cool, but the geometric crap on her forearm just makes it look like she has holes. Ugh

No. 257221

File: 1460134047564.png (884.41 KB, 1168x360, disneybetus.png)

Suzys latest instagram posts is nothing but sugary treats at disneyworld

No. 257224

I know this is going to sound petty, even by lolcow standards, but damn she has an ugly thumb.
ALso, if you're putting your nail into the photo, shouldn't you take the dirt out from under it first? Nobody wants to see that up close and next to food.

No. 257226

Those macarons are massive.
Did she eat all these in one day? Disgusting.
And who knows what myriad of other sugary and greasy foods she shoved down her gullet that didn't make it to her instagram.
She's almost Charms-tier at this point.

No. 257240

idk, if I were at disneyland I would eat all the sugary crap there just for the novevlty but i don't have a thyroid problem and I'm not fat and my diet normally consists of vegetables and fruit.

No. 257241

Well at least she said that at some point she became overwhelmed by the sugar, like 3 sips into the drink shown there.

No. 257242

File: 1460141902313.png (1.87 MB, 1826x940, newoutfits.png)

No. 257249

people who stand/walk with their feet pointing outward look all kinds of fucked up.

No. 257250

Okay, not going to lie but Suzy has a cute ass.

No. 257254

A person is treating themselves on vacation? Horrible!

But really, yeah her diet is garbage most of the time anyway but criticizing what she eats on a damn vacation is just stupid. A vacation is a way to get away from your day-to-day life and usually that includes being lax with your diet and exercise for a few days to have fun.

No. 257257

They go to Disneyland like every month though. It's not really a once in a while kind of vacation. I'm pretty sure they have one of those Disney passes because they go all the time

No. 257273

Probably have some benefits for working with Disney

No. 257284

I would normally agree with you, but Suzy is at disney world like twice a month at this point, this isnt a normal vacation thing

No. 257290

Not gonna lie tho I'd fucking eat that bigass macaron.

Sage for no contribution

No. 257317

File: 1460154500363.jpg (118.18 KB, 540x596, tumblr_o5c52upBHB1qils0po1_540…)

Oh hey look. She listened! Back in the previous thread, she wore this jacket with tennis shoes… now it's with boots. Still not sure if these are the best choice she could've done, however.

No. 257323

Those shoes are hideous in general, but even moreso with that dress. Is it really that hard for her to wear some plain black pumps or even sandals with that outfit?

No. 257326

>>256923 fml i hate fanart like this

i want suzy and arin to start taking care of themselves more…its kind of worrying how much they are letting themselves go. arins hair is a mess(unless hes growing it out like danny to donate fair do) and suzy…is she still ill? i know she had stomach issues, its getting really bad now though. im not even against chub, im chub. are they not eating healthy? holly and ross manage fine. et them on theyre diet. please stop binging on shit.

No. 257394

>that second to last one

No. 257419

This is the best reverse thinspo I have ever seen in my life.

No. 257428

>are they not eating healthy?
Judging from all the sweets she posts all the time, no. I imagine it's probably hard to keep on a healthy eating schedule when you're running around like they are but if you have that kind of money there's literally no excuse in my opinion.
They could easily tone down on the fancy donuts and garbage and replace it with things that are actually good for their bodies, it's crazy.

No. 257432


I'm not sure on this but it's probably the same reason/excuse Arin gave for the lack of creativity. Because they have a flaky schedule, he may get 10 or 30 minute pockets of free time, but to be creative you need a good solid chunk of time to do your own thing. So I'm guessing they don't have the time or energy to sit and cook "regular" food that are big hearty meals, so they end up pecking on random stuff through the day that totals to more than what they'd actually eat if they just got creative with food instead.

No. 257462

they also go to Disneyland ALL THE FUCKING TIME

this is not a once-in-a-lifetime trip. this is every other weekend for her.

No. 257478

10 to 30 minutes of free time? But what the fuck does he do all day? He's hardly a CEO of some huge business.

No. 257493


I referenced it from his answer on an AMA on reddit:

"Recording mos def. then we always have something to film now for a bit or a commercial or table flip or whatever, I take a lot of meetings which usually don't lead to anything, most of which are across town, I do a lot of writing, I fully manage game grumps animateds, I am involved in most if not all backend conversations about vision or direction or administration, I am the only person in the office that knows how everything runs technically so I am constantly troubleshooting and upgrading things, we also started streaming more, on top of a million little things I can't really generalize.
The worst part is just having a CHUNK of time. Creative work isn't something you can partition out, you really need a big 4-8 hour window to get anything really done creatively, so while I would have a lot of 30 minute windows of time throughout the day, there's really no way to utilize those for creative work, especially if you're on call for recording or anything like that."

So I'm kind of guessing it's that lack of solid free time that contributes to a poor diet. Don't people always say how busy folk always end up being worse because they don't have time to make good meals and instead snack throughout the day without thinking about what they eat? It's maybe the same thing.

(I don't know exactly what Suzy specifically does in her spare time and I don't actually know if she can cook…?)

No. 257507

File: 1460208822386.gif (1.96 MB, 500x281, c3785acc-334a-49bf-b477-2a786c…)

No. 257508

They should do what most healthy busy people do, which is meal prep in advance. When you do have like an hour of free time (generally at night or on the weekend) whip up a large batch of something and have it in tupperwares available to microwave or bring with you places. Or just bring some fruit, veggies, or small servings of nuts. It's not that hard especially when you have a lot of money to spend on whatever produce you want.

No. 257514

They only work on Grump stuff for a few hours, and usually they aren't even doing it every day.

Also if they needed the free time maybe they could sacrifice one of those week-long trips to Disney or Japan they take each month and spend some time being creative instead.

No. 257521

Absolutely not. Also note how often they talk about fast food restaurants in their videos

No. 257527

Another thing to consider is how hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's are also commonly linked to candida. The yeast overgrowth WILL make you crave simple carbs and sugar but eating these things will make you progressively more sick.

No. 257545

That's a good point. Candida can make you feel really lethargic too. It's a cycle either way, the symptoms can perpetuate themselves, or treating your body right thus fighting the candida gives you more energy and motivation to take care of yourself. Most people who eat shit food have candida (some research shows that 70-80% of people in America at least suffer from candida overgrowth) and would feel 10x better after a couple weeks of healthy meals.

No. 257675

God i hope this trend ends. I've been wearing bondage gear outside the bedroom since i started worshipping Depeche mode in my early teen years. I want to be associated with 80s new wave trends, not stupid nugoth trends.

No. 257677

She should dress rockabilly, like all fat, aging goffs do.

No. 257710

But then she'll think she's a sexy, curvy pin-up gal, like all the fat sjw's do. All she needs is a pair of cat eye glasses to complete that look. And she'll get Betty Page bangs, which look good on pretty much nobody, unless you have the absolute perfect face for them.

No. 257730

>muh bondaji fashun!! ugh u preps!

No. 257735

File: 1460262111492.jpg (41.65 KB, 540x440, 9beb2719-aa90-4384-a17e-ffadb2…)

Her head is so long in proportion to the rest of her body. It's kinda crazy to think about how she was once a model

No. 257783



No. 257903

You look like a moron regardless of what style you're going for.

No. 257921

Yet another shoe unboxing.

She's keeping up the lighter use of eye make-up which is good but her application is just awful. That fucking nose contour. And don't get me started on the state of her skin.

For some reason it really bugs me how at the end of her videos she always says "don't forget to subscribe, I have more AWESOME videos coming up that you DON'T wanna miss!".
Maybe I'm just being a bitch but it just makes me feel like she thinks highly of herself (like >>256009 said) and her 'creations', whether that be her boring videos, rip off jewellery, poorly framed insects, etc.
Like, all I just watched was you showing off your new shoes, saying how 'adorable!', 'dainty!' and 'uh-mayzing!' they are and then watching you waddle around in them for 40 seconds. How is that an 'AWESOME' video? What the fuck even is her content.

No. 257944

File: 1460302704825.jpg (53.42 KB, 570x570, Cute bug found on my windshiel…)

She posts way too much on her instagram about her bugs and etsy stuff. Maybe it's just me but most of her specimens look so squashed and the wings always look limp. I don't know allot about taxidermy at all, but I'm sure specimens can be presented better then this!

No. 257947


Most specimens like this come pre-spread so more likely than not she's just unpackaging them and putting them in those tacky frames.

No. 257951


Ah yes, the wondrous, esoteric art form of hot gluing dead shit to paper. She's dedicated her life to this momentous pursuit.

Oh sorry, "pinning" is her preferred term. "Taxidermy", of course.

No. 257964

just got back from a con
at least 3 stalls had game grumps fanart. kind of wish i took photos
can you guess who was drawn as a moe cat girl every time?

No. 257975

was it ninja brian?

No. 258020

Yeah, i guess her eyes would look more beady in glasses and Betty page bangs would emphasize her massive forehead. But at least she'd cover up those rolls.

No. 258136

>commonly linked to candida

so not only does Suzy have a dry pussy, but she also has chronic yeast infections

check please.

No. 258177

Arin REALLY needs to man the fuck up and start slapping this shit out of her hand.

I know my BF would keep me in check if he saw me trying to eat like Snoozy because he cares enough about my longterm health enough to deal with the awkward confrontation.

I don't get why Arin doesn't have that mindset. Is he just done caring about snoozy at this point, a secret BBW fetishist, or just a colossal pussy?

No. 258182

Probably because he is a fatass that eats the same if not worse, I don't see how anyone could say that Arin is in the position to tell others what to eat

No. 258187

True, but Arin's also a 6'2 man and his frame can handle a little more bulk than Suzy's. By no means would I say Arin looks good, but I don't feel like he's quite the male equivalent of this fat mess >>256912

No. 258344

I'm getting the beetus just looking at this trash.

No. 258347

Suzy's so fat jfc. Look at those ham arms.

No. 258348


Stop making excuses for Arin. he eats garbage too and is a fatass as well. I doubt either of them eats a healthy meal and doesn't just order in takeout or fast food every night. Arin is just as bad, if not worse than Snoozy.

No. 258356

This. I hate when people overlook the fact that Arin probably enabled her into letting herself go. She was never perfect, but he's always been a sloppy fuck.

No. 258357

Honestly if she doesn't stop eating like this she probably WILL get the beetus. Untreated autoimmune thyroid disorders make you more susceptible to other autoimmune conditions. Some people get diabetes, some people get cancer.

No. 258460

File: 1460408561148.jpg (101.07 KB, 600x800, 79432874.jpg)

Snoozer a cute

No. 258461

File: 1460408610036.jpg (137.12 KB, 600x800, 125181373.jpg)

No. 258462

File: 1460408655271.jpg (77.18 KB, 600x450, 79469142.jpg)

No. 258539


honestly I find her super cute, the weight gain is not though.

No. 258542

File: 1460418419777.jpg (1.26 MB, 1073x1439, 2016-04-12 00.44.18.jpg)

1 screencap 5 advertisements for her etsy. This is a sinking ship, quit trying to bucket out the water Suzy!

No. 258547

She'd look like 80 percent better with bangs and eyebrows with a lower arch. I don't mind the weight gain it's the god damn forehead making her facial features tiny af.

No. 258556

No. 258571

Can anyone explain why so many girls worship her and her style? Is it because she's married to Arin and a part of gg? Her style isn't even spooky or goffic. It's just plain boring and basic

No. 258589

>Letting your boyfriend control what you eat
Yikes, that's 100x worse than their relationship though

No. 258651

That's really fucked up that you let your boyfriend control what you eat. Hope you're not being abused, anon.

No. 258657

File: 1460437403939.png (299.95 KB, 520x510, Brian Wecht (@bwecht) - Twitte…)

I know I'm getting old when I find the most attractive one is Brain because he is such a great dad and if I ever have kids I want a hands on father like that.
Sage for not really adding.

No. 258658


truth. honestly brian is such a breath of fresh air to the grumps and i genuinely enjoy the episodes he is a part of. his humour is just a step above

No. 258672

I think Brian's really attractive too but only with the beard he's been growing lately

No. 258691

File: 1460446281912.png (14.49 KB, 570x97, lol.png)

As if Snoozy's eating habits couldn't get any worse.

No. 258779

File: 1460467163255.png (206.39 KB, 348x331, bitchub.png)


The year is 2020. The video begins and Suzy speaks directly to the audience.
"Hey Youtube, it's urp Mort3mer!"
Suzy giggles as she stiffles a burp, her puffy cheeks flush briefly with crimson as she recomposes herself.
"Today I'm going to talk to you about the new Chocolate Caramel Fudge McFlurry from McDonalds,"
She licks her lips as she reaches for her latest product. "It's so good… I could just eat these all day." Suzy has had two in the last hour alone.

"Now, I know that yesterday I said that nothing could beat the Double Fudge Cluster Blizzard, but this right here…" She leans in closer to the camera to show off the McFlurry causing the chair to audibly creak underneath.

"This is my new favorite."
Unwrapping the spoon, Suzy digs into the thick ice cream mix and within seconds has brought the first bite to her lips, followed quickly by the second, third and fourth.

"The chocolate and caramel," she gurgles through the syrup, "are so so good you guys, and…" she brings up another mouthful, "the fudge is…" and another, "the fudge…" and another. The commentary is cut short as Suzy becomes lost in eating, closing her eyes as as she practically devours the McFlurry in seconds, eat bite quicker than the last.
Without stopping for a beat, Suzy let's the empty carton fall from her hands as she instinctively reaches for another off-camera and begins digging in.
"Mmmmm…" she sighs to herself, "So soo… urp good."
After a moment of frenzied eating, the newest carton is soon empty, and Suzy turns her attention back to the camera.
"Ooh… I think I have one more left, let me… hiccup check…"
Straining, Suzy pushes herself from the chair with as much strength as she can muster and after many creaks from below she has risen to her feet.
As she stretches, her perpetual sweater is drawn up as well, revealing an inch of muffin top. Suzy waddles away from the camera, though her pronounced footsteps are left to fade and then return seconds later.

"Whew… back." Suzy pants as she enters the frame, collapsing onto her chair as it buckles to hold her weight.

"Remember to… like… whew… comment, and… urp subscribe…"

She digs into her fifth blizzard as a bumper promoting her fashion channel, gaming channel and vlogging channel come into view.

No. 258793

Brian honestly feels the most realistically human one compared to the band of cringy children.

No. 258795

Haha, I never liked Chris Pratt, but this just confirms he's a tryhard douche.

No. 258796

How soon until Snoozy joins some weight loss related show?

No. 258797

File: 1460469533657.png (1011.4 KB, 1028x964, 1448908929510.png)

You are my hero.

No. 258860

this post literally made me gag. you're amazing, writer-anon.

No. 258874

to be honest, the lip thing isn't a big deal. A lot of really cute girls have thin lips, and when she was thinner her mouth looked cute (different, but not bad). If she just lost the weight/got lipo or whatever and learned how to do her fucking eye makeup she would be really pretty.

No. 258875

No, she really doesn't. That's literally just her muffin top being pressed by the waist of her pants.

No. 258877

Thin lips don't bother me, but there is a lot of space between her lip and nose. The septum piercing she had also helped fill that gap.

No. 258881

I have the same thing man, it doesn't go away even if you're naked. She had it when she was thinner too, but you don't notice it as much. She has to learn how to dress herself again to avoid showing it off. Bodycon dresses/skirts are the biggest no-no with that.

No. 258923

>Tina Dayton
Snooze would.

Anon this is disgusting, great job. I can hear her burps perfectly in my head as I read them and its making me a little sick tbh.

No. 258929

Not that anon but I've asked my s/o to help watch what I eat. I don't think a partner telling you you've been eating a lot of garbage is a bad thing. It's not like he's slapping it out of her hands and making her cry in public or anything. But saying "hey you've had a lot of sugar today" or "maybe you should take a break from those chips and let them digest" isn't a bad thing especially if they are dating someone who has health issues or binge-eating problems.

No. 258950

Thin lips are ok to me but it's the lack of upper lip that bothers me. Like she literally has no upper lip

No. 258992

I think this is really cute. Cuter than the original.

No. 258997

This has to be the gayest gg fan art I've ever seen.

No. 259026

File: 1460501965685.jpg (39.14 KB, 634x450, article-2725589-208A8645000005…)

No. 259031

you clearly haven't seen the disgusting shippers on tumblr, then.

No. 259086

Found the fatties. A boyfriend who would dare to come between you and your precious corn syrup confections?! ABUSE!!!! Also notice how >>258177 was speaking in the hypothetical and how hard these two (probably one samefag, really) projected that it was a staple of her relationship.

No. 259087

And this. Is it ABOOOOOSE when a girl tells her man to slow down with the drinking? No. It's helpful moderation.

No. 259089

>I hate when people overlook the fact that Arin probably enabled her into letting herself go.
Wasn't that literally the point >>258177 was making?

No. 259094

jesus christ, thank you anon, was almost feeling too lazy to exercise today but this will help me get through it

No. 259097

>because he cares enough about my longterm health

So speaking in futuristic terms, when you're both old and health conditions are literally inevitable, is he going to leave you when you become too much to handle and a financial burden?
I've always wondered how these conditional relationships play out. Have you developed a plan of when it's time to call it quits?

No. 259098

File: 1460515635572.gif (68.65 KB, 444x200, 200_s.gif)

Not that anon but that seems quite different if its unavoidable health problems. Its a lot about attraction too. Some couples do vow to stay attractive or else they will break up even though that's kinda fucked up…

Ok. Is it just me or does Suzy's hair lately remind me of Gretchen from Donnie Darko?

No. 259101

So speaking in futuristic terms, when you're both old and health conditions are literally inevitable, is he going to leave you when you become too much to handle and a financial burden?

Listen to yourself. This is "jogging is bad for you because it'll eventually wear down your knee joints" type of logic. Just admit that you DON'T want a guy that you would have to take care of yourself to keep around, if this how you really feel about the situation.

>I've always wondered how these conditional relationships play out. Have you developed a plan of when it's time to call it quits?

I'm not the person you're asking but let me clue you in on a tragic little secret: except maybe close relatives, EVERY RELATIONSHIP IS CONDITIONAL. A guy only turns a blind eye to his partner's increasing unattractiveness because the condition exists where he thinks he can't do better, or he's too lazy to try. He isn't really just accepting it because he's fallen in love with her soul or some BS. He wishes he could stop her from gaining weight but doesn't have the leverage to actually make that happen.

No. 259102

She definitely does have it though. She always has and even if her fat is being pressed down a little by her pants no pants are gonna create that extreme of a dip in someone her weight.

No. 259105

I just think it's ridiculous and unacceptable for my partner to control what I eat. I'm nowhere near fat and I eat a decent diet but it's just gross to me when people try to control their partners like that.

Also nice backpedaling and trying to make what was originally said seem less severe by what you're saying now. The original post literally says "I know my boyfriend would keep me in check if I was eating with that" which is not language you should be using to describe interactions in a relationship.

Sorry my standards are higher and I'm above letting my boyfriend dictate what I do lmao

No. 259110

Who says? Tons of people eat right and exercise and still wind up with cardiovascular disease at old age. Women can take calcium supplements and get plenty of vitamin D but still wind up with osteoporosis. Old people get diseases, it sucks but it's the truth. Life is severely unfair.
>Some couples do vow to stay attractive or else they will break up even though that's kinda fucked up
Which is okay if that's agreed upon, but again, not everyone agrees with that kind of virtue.

>"jogging is bad for you because it'll eventually wear down your knee joints"
Anon…that's actually true.
Also obese people should avoid starting out jogging for the very reason that it could damage their knee joints. If Suzy were to work out she should start with low-impact cardio like swimming, walking, or biking.
>Just admit that you DON'T want a guy that you would have to take care of yourself to keep around, if this how you really feel about the situation.
I actually just turned to my bf (who is also a normal BMI) to ask him what he thinks about just such a relationship and he said you girls are fucked up. But again, just because I think it's an unhealthy relationship doesn't mean a person couldn't be happy in it. I guess. I don't know what it's like to be in that kind of relationship which is why I asked.
>every relationship is conditional
True, but it depends on the conditions. Some men expect their women to offer more than just looks.
For example if I were jobless, didn't have a car, an education, and all I had to offer was how "hot" I could be then I don't think my current bf would want to stay with me for long. So yes, you are absolutely correct. I just don't know what it's like to have a 4/10 dude like egoraptor hold me up to model standard.

No. 259111


You think it'd be "gross" for Arin to tell this >>258779 to watch her calories? We'll just have to agree to disagree then. I don't read "keep me in check" as severe at all. I picture a guy saying "Honey!" when his girl goes in for the third slice of cake, having also already talked to him extensively about wanting to stick to her diet.

No. 259112

Diff anon but he would be a hypocrite considering he's an overweight fuck himself. The boyfriend who tells me what to put in my piehole better be in shape himself.

No. 259114

>>I don't know what it's like to be in that kind of relationship which is why I asked.

The guys are hotter, the sex is better, and the relationships all around more exciting and fulfilling. Things that are harder to get/keep tend to be more valuable.

>For example if I were jobless, didn't have a car, an education, and all I had to offer was how "hot" I could be then I don't think my current bf would want to stay with me for long.

Why don't you give it a try and find out? I think you'll be amazed at how male attraction really works. Any guy that put it into your head that higher education factors into your attractiveness at all was lying through his teeth and blowing smoke up your ass.

"Oh baby all your crippling debt make you sexy to me. All those pointless essays you stayed up late to turn in on time make you SO much more attractive than all them other girls who just worked their way up to what you're earning on their own without a diploma. HNNNGGGG DAT GPA god dam girl dat GPA"

No. 259115

replying to

No. 259117

Me and my partner find each other attractive, have frequent sex, and we feel romantically fulfilled. I really don't know where you get your sources anon, but I don't think walking on eggshells around partners would equate to happiness for everyone. I know it wouldn't work for me, because I've dated uppity dudes who felt women have to be pretty fuck dolls while not keeping their own shit in check.

Also lol @ that rant about education. I read that out loud to my bf just now and he said "Holy shit, somebody mad that they're not college educated?" Sorry anon, looks like some guys value intelligence over boob size.

No. 259118

There's a fine line between being supportive and playing a role in someone eating healthier and being a controlling ass who "slaps shit" put of her hands to "keep her in check".

No. 259119

will all of you fucks learn. to. sage.

No. 259122

Post a pic of your bf, since you're so desperate to share him with us, apparently?

No. 259123

Why isolate me? Why not post a picture of your boyfriend who tells you what the fuck to eat. After all, he should be hot and extremely attractive based on your logic. It will be a favor for us all!

No. 259124

Yeah, that's what I thought.

No. 259125

Lol why are you mad? You realize I'm talking about my bf in response to the topic of someone saying how their bf tells them what to eat! And you who thinks that the only way to have a happy and fulfilling relationship is to be hot and nothing else!

You won't post yours either, assuming you even have one. Sit the fuck down lmao

No. 259126

Who's mad? Its the girl who was acting like her bf's opinions somehow validated her posts (ironic, given what you're arguing btw) and then got called out on him being an uggo.

No. 259127

File: 1460519225817.jpg (9.78 KB, 197x200, 897866785.jpg)

>"Oh baby all your crippling debt make you sexy to me. All those pointless essays you stayed up late to turn in on time make you SO much more attractive than all them other girls who just worked their way up to what you're earning on their own without a diploma. HNNNGGGG DAT GPA god dam girl dat GPA"

This is so extremely bitter.

No. 259128

You, you're mad. That's who.
Why are you acting like your posts have any more validation than mine? Only reason why I'm bringing it up is because you're ill enough to believe only uggos have healthy relationships that isn't dictated based on food. Get some self-respect.

No. 259129

Yes, I would. Despite what you guys think Suzy is not that fat. I honestly doubt she's even overweight, her body type is pretty average.

Also Arin is a fat slob who let himself go far before Suzy did so him saying anything at all about her diet is pure bullshit.

Once again, you might want to raise your standards if you think hypocritical and controlling actions are acceptable in a relationship.

No. 259134

Its the truth Anon. An education may have benefits, it might be the right path in life for many people, but guys don't give a fuck about that sort of thing the same way girls do. Girls need to stop pretending that it makes them more attractive.

Put a 9/10 with no education past high school next to a 7/10 with a Masters. Guys will choose to date, fuck, and fall in love with the undereducated 9. Every time.

No. 259135

The delusion is strong in this one.

Nobody fucking chooses partners like that. Looks aren't the only thing that influence a relationship. You don't just glance at a person for a couple of seconds and let that dictate the course of your life.

Most dudes might pick the 9/10 to fuck but they're not gonna go after her for anything other than that if their personalities don't line up, if they don't have anything to talk about or any common interests. You might want to go outside and get some real human contact, the internet seems to be melting your brain.

No. 259136

>but guys don't give a fuck about that sort of thing the same way girls do
There's a guy in my life, sitting next to me now, who's looking at your posts and telling me you're wrong but all you have to say to me is that he must be ugly. Just because I won't fucking post him here, of all places.

Many guys like a woman who is intelligent, can carry a conversation, and has opinions (bonus if they're opinions they agree with). A degree shows a guy that a woman can commit to something and work hard, same logic for employers actually.

You are so tragically full of shit. And I'm sorry that whatever dark event happened in your life brought you to this mindset that you can't eat what you want and you must be 10/10 hot in order to have an attractive guy who respects you. Woah.

No. 259137

You sure are desperate to make the thread about you.

No. 259138

Oh yeah, because that TOTALLY wasn't started by the person who brought up how her bf tells her what to eat in the first place. But you won't quote them to complain.
You only hate what I'm saying specifically because you don't have anything further to say. So why not just let it go?

No. 259140

File: 1460520517113.jpg (261.65 KB, 1300x957, traffic-directing-stop-isolate…)

No. 259150

She needs us all to know she has a boyfriend lol

>You are so tragically full of shit. And I'm sorry that whatever dark event happened in your life brought you to this mindset that you can't eat what you want and you must be 10/10 hot in order to have an attractive guy who respects you. Woah.

Woah indeed. Exaggerating, much? Hilarious how one simple statement about someone's BF not enabling them to eat themselves into the beetus has spawned so much triggering and butthurt.

To wrap this up: I'm glad you've found a guy who would never dare to challenge you or anything you do. Good for you if that suits you. Personally I would never want a guy like that. I want to be with somebody who pushes me to be better everyday. But I guess that takes effort. Yes, even more effort than going through the motions to get a degree (btw, you realize everybody has that option right? College elitism is sickening. Literal retards can push through the busywork to get a degree these days. It's not impressive in itself).

Ok I'm done.

No. 259153

Good god, some of you are extremly delusional and honestly scare me.

No. 259154

File: 1460522490252.png (1.06 MB, 1079x1059, Screenshot_2016-04-13-06-39-12…)

No. 259159

omfg shut up

No. 259176

>Literal retards can push through the busywork to get a degree these days.
As someone struggling to keep my grades up, wow. This is a weird assumption to make.

Anyway >>259154 Never thought seeing Suzy's face would be a welcome sight lmao, and that shirt is dumb. Who's that other lady though?

No. 259187

File: 1460530258845.jpeg (17.85 KB, 200x233, image.jpeg)

What the fuck is happening in this thread? Can we get back to Snoozy and GG please?

No. 259313

File: 1460547151718.png (61.62 KB, 300x200, ow the edge.png)

>saved by satan

No. 259342

The woman on the right is really cute and has a nice figure. Snoozy must be boiling on the inside. Also, that shirt is so ridiculous. How is this woman almost 30 years old and wearing this edgy teenage trash?

No. 259351

File: 1460556698660.png (209.42 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_2016-04-13-16-10-52…)

Apparently that girl is a playboy bunny?
What the fuck

No. 259374

No. 259408

Nintendo worked with playboy?

No. 259409

I feel bad for this woman who has to work with Snoozy's fat, smelly self. She's actually a really cute Bayo.

No. 259415

Wow, she's actually kind of a babe.

No. 259416

She looks like a man though…

No. 259418

No. 259420

File: 1460565632377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.28 KB, 600x600, pamela-horton-instagram14.jpg)

What about her looks manly?

No. 259424

She looks like a 40 year old mom still trying to be "sexy." Kind of offputting tbqh

No. 259425


No. 259429

Do you want someone to say to you that you're more devoted and more intelligent for putting down a cupcake than working to get a college degree? Most men would find that attitude severely undesirable, no less having to babysit you out of particular food choices.

No. 259431

No. 259432

8/10, would totally bone her

No. 259433

File: 1460567860476.jpg (130.86 KB, 1200x800, Gamer_Next_Door_06.jpg)

>Oh, U!

tbh she's pretty average - soft looking, medium tits and no ass. I'm assuming her popularity is the deliberate nerd marketing.


God I didn't know they did a full series of the yandere simulator. Vomit comet.

No. 259434

What's up with that tiddy shape? Looks like someone tried to reshape their sag with PS but failed miserably.
She reminds me of a brown-haired Felicia Day.

No. 259435

>no ass
ok…so?shes still hot lol

No. 259445

File: 1460569113979.png (1.13 MB, 939x631, wtf.png)

i can't stop laughing at this stupid pose

No. 259446

>people don't have different preferences in what they find cute or sexy

Not everyone likes huge tits and asses. fuck off

Yeah, that one shot is bad, but that's mainly cuz it would look terrible no matter who posed like that.

No. 259452

Not that Anon, but some people do. That Anon just voiced their opinion on it. Look at Jessica she's super popular. Everyone is entitled to their preference.

No. 259455

Looks like she's trying to take a piss in the forest.
It's on par with PT's poopin pose ahahahaha.

No. 259463

File: 1460571146000.png (1.03 MB, 990x679, screenshotian.png)

She is also the girlfriend of Ian from smosh

No. 259470

Oh. Well, that's a thing. I always thought Smosh were gay - like actual homosexuals.

No. 259471

They have the exact same haircut kek

No. 259472

aw, they're so much cuter than arin and snooze

No. 259474

It looks like her limbs were all pasted on from separate photographs

No. 259502

So did I, to be honest.

No. 259509


I never thought Ian was gay but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Anthony came out

sage for OT

No. 259510


Fuck I thought I was the only one getting honey boo boos mom vibes. Something about her laughing face and million of chins is so similar. Makes her look so trailer trash

No. 259512

I don't know if it's the haircut but she looks like she's 40. Even standing next to Suzy who's aging like spoiled milk

No. 259514

File: 1460578538592.jpg (13.88 KB, 315x155, twintag.jpg)

Her sister is so cute. Look what a difference the makeup makes.

No. 259526

File: 1460579731965.png (956.59 KB, 622x731, jeaninstagram.png)

is that a photo for ants?

but yes jean is cute, but after looking at her instagram and seeing this picture, im like YIKES its good she normally has bangs!!

Also alot of what I thought was Suzys bad skin seems to actually be really ugly freckles! Wow their freckles are so disgusting looking

No. 259531

I thought you were exaggerating, but then I clicked on the photo and yikes–those freckles really look like a bad skin disease. Usually a few freckles across the nose area are super cute, but this looks bad. Both Suzy and Jean are going to age badly.

No. 259532

Her sister face is also more "perky" suzys face is more sagging

No. 259539

File: 1460582196516.jpeg (176.92 KB, 640x900, image.jpeg)

Why is her head so big?

No. 259541

This entire photo offends me. What the fuck is going on with her hair and sloppy lower eye makeup?
Also, that dress makes her look like a block. her stomach is disgusting.

(I kind of like the shoes, but not on her.)

No. 259543

It's because Suzy is fat, anon.

No. 259555

Fucking Litas. Just the sight of those things gives me a migraine.

No. 259560

Maybe not in that pic but in the picture of her and Snooze and those Bayonetta ones she looks like a dude in drag

No. 259561

She actually looks really cute here. She should consider wearing a bodysuit under her dress to keep her belly in check, but oh well she doesn't care.

This is the pettiest fucking thread on lolcow tbh. Suzy isn't even a bad person, she sells dumb necklaces sometimes but that's legit 95% of etsy, and what all businesses do. It's mark up and she's taking advantage of the fact that fans of youtube personalities are dumb with bad taste. She would be stupid not to.

All this thread repeats is the same fucking fat comment- she clearly does not care. nothing about that is interesting or witty.

No. 259563

Sometimes I really wish she had made it onto America's Next Top Model with their fan vote years ago. That would have been overflowing milk for a week or two until Tyra canned her.

No. 259565

Ana chans are clearly venting their pent up body frustrations lately..

No. 259588

File: 1460586556674.png (575.78 KB, 575x584, no.png)

fuck's sake. genuinely likes ray and tina so should've seen this coming, since ray was already a GG fan.
but honestly, who would want that sloppy piece of shit in their office? let alone their home?

No. 259594

File: 1460588454940.jpg (105.67 KB, 640x640, 11116993_609332029167218_21191…)

Eh, her freckles aren't terrible. They definitely seem to have their good and bad days. And it does seems like Jean goes for bangs on more days than not, which is more than what we can say for Snooz.

No. 259596

I think you're taking this thread a little too seriously lmao

No. 259599

Jean is like an upgraded version of Suzy.

No. 259636

Apparently Suzy got a futuristic litter box for her cats. I wonder how much this unnecessary shit costs

No. 259638

File: 1460594253609.jpeg (126.46 KB, 750x1008, image.jpeg)

No. 259656

Like $450 not including shipping

No. 259666

I would be terrified to poop in that thing tbh

No. 259676

I wonder if it wasn't another freebie for promo.

Her cats have probably seen some shit in their time. A litter droid is probably nothing.

No. 259776

Jesus….who really needs that? It's a fucking litter box. Cats shit in it, and you clean it out. I really don't see the appeal in some futuristic device like that.

No. 259778

To each their own, some people feel the same way about dishwashers. I would love this if (if I had the money) since our cats are fuckers who get litter everywhere.

No. 259781

Does anybody in the thread actually watch GG? Just curious. I don't, but I keep up with the drama. Old episodes were ok.

No. 259799

How much little self-control do you have that your dadd-boyfriend needs to slap it out of your pudgy hands?

No. 259834

i only really find myself watching jontron era/early dan era videos. their most recent LP i tried watching was OoT but i could not get past 3 episodes without wanting to off myself.
their humour now is just so… droll, and repetitive. they genuinely sound like they aren't having a good time.

No. 259842

It doesn't matter how fancy a litter box is you'll still end up with litter on the floor and having to clean shit out of a box.
I think for them being broke for so long and not having money to buy anything ruined them. Now that they have money they seem to spend it all on frivolous things like real human skulls and litter boxes.

No. 259844

I almost forgot that Suzy has a dead person's skull in her home. And that it was gifted by Arin. Jesus.

No. 259889


I kind of agree. I remember reading an article way back when about those who grow up poor, living pay cheque to pay cheque usually spend any extra cash like crazy.

Arin and Suzy are like this but x100000 because they have such a huge financial income.

No. 259901

Anon there are better made automatic litterboxes that don't look so tacky and take up so much room. My cat gets litter everywhere so I got one of those rubber mats with the raised bristles that catch all the litter. I just shake it out into the trash when I clean the litterbox. It's cheap and works surprisingly well and it even helps get some of the litter out that gets caught up in their paws so they don't drag it around everywhere. sage for ot

No. 259945

I watched daily until like last year september. Tried to get into it again recently but I just can't. They got so repetitive in the last few months, everything Arin does is act upset and Dan literally doesn't do ANYTHING ANYMORE. He's just kinda hanging out and it feels like he couldn't care less about what happens in the games

No. 259952

I still watch episodes when its Ross+Someone who isnt Arin or Suzy tbh

Lately I can't really watch some episodes though because a lot of them just sound so tired or bored

No. 259959

If Ross and Danny are playing something, definitely. I love all the Kings Quest playthroughs so I'm waiting for that to kick off again. The last main Grump playthrough I actively watched was Dead Rising because it suited they're humour. OoT is boring. Ross and Barry has become a big favourite for people. Suzy in small doses is fine if its really late at night and shes tired and has 2 people around her.

other than that, no…….Brian is good for streams.

No. 259980

Only if the combos are
>Danny Ross
>Ross Arin
Arin and Danny got old long ago, it's just two burnt out guys counting the minutes with Arin fake-raging/talking about cock and Danny fake laughing since he's petrified of having some light-hearted conflict. Regarding the other two: Barry can barely say 5 fucking words without slurring or sounding awkward and we all know about Suzy.

No. 259983

>people who shit on Suzy's looks but never Arin's

Why? Is he too much of an easy target or something?

No. 260004

File: 1460660110247.jpg (30.52 KB, 542x416, zoinks.jpg)

No. 260015

Arin is fugly no matter what he does, but Suzy actually has some potential if she were to put more effort into her appearance.

No. 260021


arin this was fucking retarded

No. 260037

my friend thinks he's a good rapper lmao

No. 260063

I don't keep up or care about Starbomb but does Arin actually consider himself a rapper? All I know is these delusional gg fans keep hyping him up as some incredible rapper

No. 260081

I don't think he *thinks he's a rapper, it seems like more of an ongoing joke. I might be wrong though, since I don't watch the newer episodes to tell.

No. 260126

You're friends with mongoloids.

No. 260127

File: 1460676459403.png (198.37 KB, 611x605, suzy.png)

seen Suzy post this on twitter

No. 260142

File: 1460678169867.jpg (60.34 KB, 570x570, flutterby.jpg)

i literally went on etsy and typed in 'blue and black butterfly taxidermy' and found results from £30-£40 that looked better than suzy's shit. if you really wanted to get a butterfly like that for your friend, you'd look into other sellers.
at this point, i don't think these kids care about the product itself, but the 'bragging rights' or whatever they'd like to call it of actually owning something made by suzy.

No. 260148

File: 1460679942450.jpeg (69.43 KB, 639x566, image.jpeg)

Yeah $100 isn't expensive at all for a butterfly that probably takes her 5 minutes to stick in a frame. Especially when you can google taxidermy butterflies and find ones way cheaper and that look better

No. 260156

Bullshit, Suzy. It costs as little as $5 for one of those morpho butterflies.
She throws it in a cheap ass frame, hot glues some 'embellishments' on it and that's it.
She doesn't even spread them. She literally takes the insect right out of the pack it was shipped to her in and sticks it in the frame without thought or care. That doesn't make you a taxidermist at all.
And she claims her pieces are 'museum quality'. What a joke.

No. 260162

that butterfly's okay, but it's not ~*SPOOPY N GOTHIC :3 xD*~ like snoozy's are

No. 260173

I think it's also because Suzy has brainwashed them into believing that her products are the absolute highest quality and any other sellers are just going to scam you with inhumanely sourced bugs and fake materials!

No. 260177

because of this thread I actually started watching them. Mostly as something to be playing when I'm eating at home because tbh when they start talking about something like how their day was I enjoy it. Right now it's mainly their SMM videos but if Ross and Barry would continue Stardew Valley I'd be watching that

No. 260181

File: 1460687345046.jpeg (77.18 KB, 640x634, image.jpeg)

Suzy……you didn't roast anybody lmao. When will people stop using words like roasted or dragged when they don't know what it means

No. 260185

Why would she try to embarrass them publicly like that when they obviously are trying to be reasonable and respectful?

No. 260205

ffs suzy you're not an artist. at least not your taxidermy.

No. 260220

Because she's a spiteful piece of shit.

Suzy's mistreatment of her own fans is legendary. See: literally every time she's posted on the Game Grumps subreddit.

No. 260231

When did she compare gg fans to a pile of shit? Was it before or after she scammed fans with her jewelry? I think she also tried to say that was what Danny said originally to make it seem like she wasn't the bad person. Maybe I'm remembering wrong

No. 260235

Playboy doesn't do nude pictorials anymore

fucking Brooke whatsherface did a Playboy shoot. DexBonus. PressHeartToContinue. that chick.

No. 260239

what the heavenly fuck

No. 260278

Even it was a roast, I don't think Snooze has the brain to manage anything above a microwave.

No. 260282

File: 1460709750890.jpg (85.56 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.987235995_r96y.jpg)

I know you can't avoid some damage to the product in shipping and handling but there is a chunk missing from it's wing…
Funny thing is, this picture isn't edited, this is literally on of the pictures for the item zoomed in on the damage. No discount due to obvious damage. Still $100. Such an inspiration~

No. 260284

fucking suzy are you for real

No. 260285

No. 260287


No. 260296

It's kind of pathetic considering you can patch up butterfly wings

No. 260302

File: 1460717857275.png (649.72 KB, 1079x1673, Screenshot_2016-04-15-12-56-03…)

I really like Dodger, but the playboy pics look horrendous

No. 260307

maybe she thinks the damage on the product is super kewl and edgy~

No. 260318

She also puts this in all of her descriptions:
>The frame has some minor scratches on it- that's just the way it was when I got it from the manufacturer! What you see is exactly what you get!

High quality!

No. 260330

Apparently chris pratt was on their show.

Why was chris pratt on their show?

Also I do really like her necklaces but actually $100 is a lot of money to many people and if you think that kinda money is nothing then you are clearly well off.

No. 260331

File: 1460727918752.jpg (192.8 KB, 1280x853, 0lIbuC2.jpg)

Eh, I think some of the other ones are nice.

No. 260363

I don't think he was on the show, he just tweets at them sometimes.

No. 260369

Yeah, I think the grumps posted a pic of them with a watermelon that had a face drawn on it with the caption "Chris Pratt was here" or Sonnentor along those lines and he replied to them again.

No. 260370

*Something, not Sonnentor. Be damned phone!

No. 260373

This bothers me so much, you'd think she would put more effort into making it more symmetrical, especially if you're charging $100, this just looks cheap and lazy.

No. 260404

she's doing a dna test. She's spending $300 on dna tests.

No. 260412


Fairly sure that butterfly is sold wholesale on Insect-Sale, $70 for 10 males (unless I'm misreading the pricing). If someone's so desperate for one >>260127 it's really not that expensive to shop around and make your own. Hell, there are soo many cheaper and more professional options. It just baffles me that this woman's hot-gluing skills are worth such a mark up to some people.

Also, it's not that hard to touch up a frame! "oh it came scratched not my fault still full price love you" And damaged bugs? Fuck off with that. Have some pride in the shit you sell, at the very least.

No. 260413

I'm not about to watch 12 minutes of Snooze, so what is she doing this for? Is it to prove something?

No. 260414

What really boggles my mind ist the fact that she barely gets any dislikes. What'S up with that?

No. 260420

She's just desperate to prove that she's asian

No. 260429

why would you make this video and not put in the RESULTS in it too? why make TWO videos about this???

No. 260432

Well she said she's pretty much everything (lol sure) except Asian & Afican so idk about that.

No. 260433

Her double chin is so prominent. Wonder why she doesn't at least try to hide it with angles and lighting. It jiggles when she speaks…

No. 260438

Probably to finally prove that she doesn't have FAS and is just ~super special Icelandic or whatever~

No. 260462

A chair and a table could be cuter than Arin and Suzy

No. 260464

File: 1460760472206.jpg (12.94 KB, 250x350, sooz.jpg)

i searched 'icelandic face' on google and found this. she reminds me a lot of suzy tbh

No. 260465

Please don't do Björk like this. Her taxidermy would involve volcano elves, crystalline elephant tears and would cost a fraction of Sooz's shit.

No. 260466

Because more views. I get what you mean though, nobody really wants to just watch a video where someone spits in funnels.

No. 260467

A lot of people say this but Bjork is very cute and Suzy was just kinda cute even at her peak looks while now she looks beastly

No. 260468

File: 1460761615745.png (272.65 KB, 468x322, Screen-Shot-2012-09-11-at-3.16…)

a lot of people think Bjork has FAS lol.
I googled Icelandic people and none of them even closely resemble Suzy or Bjork, pic related

No. 260469


Not saying she has FAS, but Bjork probably has some Inuit gene in her family from way back seeing as their closely linked to Greenland which isn't that far from Iceland. Suzy on the other hand is a mystery and just flat out full of shit.

No. 260471

I could easily see people shitting on the girl in the yellow jacket for looking FAS-y. It's harder to tell when people have huge smiles because it smooths out their cupid's bows and gives them the appearance of cheekbones.

No. 260495

This is a mess.

No. 260496

I forgot about this too. Really disturbing.

No. 260498

Wow. This is really bad.

No. 260501

Guys, don't lynch me, but aside from the obviously crooked body of the butterfly, I think this looks really pretty?

Unless there are more flaws I'm not noticing (taxidermy isn't in line with my interests)

No. 260502

also wow wrong quote.


No. 260509

Eh, not really. Aside from a thin upper lip she doesn't have any other traits of FAS. Her features are pretty normal and evenly spaced, she's just not very attractive.

No. 260511

It does look pretty, but that's not really the point. The point is that she's overcharging for crap that other people on etsy make that's much better for a fraction of the price that Suzy's stuff is.

No. 260512


exactly. no one that's specifically looking for a pinned butterfly in a frame for decoration isn't going to buy from her. At least, I think you'd have to be pretty stupid to. You would have to do minimal searching. It's not like there's anything wrong with her "art" or whatever, her creations, they're fine. But if you're looking for that sort of thing specifically and you do some searching, you'll find stuff that is pretty much exactly what she's made for a fraction of the price. Most would go for the better deal - so who's really her target audience? I just don't buy that she's really aiming to compete with other people in this field since all I've heard is about how her prices are astronomical in comparison. Maybe that's wrong though.

No. 260527

Does she relax and set her own specimens? Or does she get them pre unfolded? If she sets sets then herself, it would explain the unevenness of the wings (which means she's being sloppy).

No. 260538

I'm not sure and I can't say I remember seeing any pictures of her rehydrating or setting her specimens (correct me if I am wrong!). With the size of the ones she is selling, it's actually not that difficult to get an even spread with the right tools and a little bit of patience. Small and big bugs are the ones which take a bit more effort but they're all very easily done.

No. 260539

people in Iceland aren't as barbaric as Americans and don't usually make fun of people like that

No. 260598


She knows all about roasts - she eats at least three every day.

No. 260638

the fact that Danny KEEPS bringing up the discussion of legal age of consent and how young a girl can be/how old a guy can be for you to fuck, just gives me the creeps so much.

I actually really likes Dannys personality but this legal age of consent talk just makes me think he is interested in teenagers, which just makes me feel really uncomfortable.
I know he claims its not like that and he asks for a "friend" but it just seems gross to me.

No. 260647

also a bonus is the cringy bad commercial in the beginning with Suzy and Arin

No. 260655

Dan is like super horny in this, holy shit

No. 260666

File: 1460822742402.jpg (35.3 KB, 450x450, k2-_9223abc7-bc0d-48a9-b7c3-7c…)

"Everything except Asian and African" Okay, so you're Brazilian and Jamaican and Chilean too? Okay Suzy.

No. 260668

Danny, you're almost forty. Don't try to fuck eighteen year olds.

No. 260672

But that's how old his fanbase is though.

No. 260674

I like to believe that Suzy was not actually acting in that

No. 260675

Those are all nationalities dumby

No. 260680

File: 1460823987073.gif (497.59 KB, 500x223, giphy (2).gif)

No. 260681

Yeah, but it doesn't mean he should fuck them. Guys that deliberately look for women way younger than they are just want an easy fuck. It's predatory as hell.

No. 260682

Watching Arin play Dark Souls is painful.

No. 260683

And? By making a huge blanket statement like that, she's effectively acting like those places don't exist. Bitch is just a mishmash of different white people. The only reason she looks ~distinct~ is because she has FAS.

No. 260685

Why would she claim specific nationalities when she's talking about race/ethnicity?

No. 260694

He's such a disgusting, washed-up greaseball.

No. 260710

File: 1460828031395.jpg (65.38 KB, 487x453, suzay.jpg)


Somebody stop me.

No. 260729

File: 1460831860365.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1082x1500, image.jpeg)

Suzy is a generic white girl with a bad combination of facial features. She doesn't even have to be some type of exotic white like ~icelandic~ for the uncommon eye shape. These are Anglo Saxons.

No. 260735

Is that Natalie Dormer?
Damn, that's an unflattering picture of her.

No. 260742

I really think Dan isn't aware of his age/doesn't feel it. Probably because he wasted so much of it when he was younger being a stoner. Tbh I thought he was totally dating that comicbookgirl19 chick but she had a boyfriend then and has one now so yeah.

No. 260755


This picture reminds me of Tom cruise laughing.

No. 260762

Yep. I had to search a picture of her with no makeup since her eye makeup is actually good and flattering instead of Suzy's which makes her look even worse.

No. 260782

I don't see what's wrong with Dorner's eyes tho, they just look puffy but not weird. If anything, it's her brows that give her a weird look

No. 260792

Does Holly have aspergers?

No. 260793

File: 1460852213820.jpeg (26.18 KB, 360x240, image.jpeg)

Nothing wrong with them (except they happen in Down's lol) they just are tilted upward and really oval shaped which isn't common in white people. Natalie Dormer would be pretty with or without them so they give her a unique effect.

Suzy has ugly facial features so they make her look even uglier and she tries to pretend she's native or some type of special white but she's just an ugly white person.

No. 260822

File: 1460861383329.jpeg (792.98 KB, 2560x2560, image.jpeg)

Her circle lenses are so fucking awful and I wish she would stop wearing them. They make her look like an alien. She actually doesn't look that bad on the right compared to the other

No. 260825

In fairness the left is a terribad shoop as well.
I don't know why so many women feel they have to shave their jaws, Suzy is one of those people that actually looks better with a fuller face imo.

No. 260837

I feel like her eyeliner looks really good far away but seeing it up close is just…yikes

No. 260838

File: 1460867290917.png (2.27 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160417-002742.png)


No. 260842

She looks like a fucking sim on the left with that skin, what even is that shoop?

No. 260861

oh jesus they're playing Dark Souls 3

No. 260862

File: 1460875547704.png (163.43 KB, 400x320, Bells-palsy.png)

No. 260871

Just be honest, it hits a nerve hearing men prefer younger women than you.

No. 260874

found the hebephilia supporter

No. 260944

The sausages are out to plaaay.
God, I couldn't imagine what their kids would look like. All squat and thumb-faced. Urgh.

No. 260954

File: 1460904936050.png (1.13 MB, 677x748, medievaldownssyndrome.png)

okay……… so Suzy might not have looked like a model in her faire clothes… but holy shit holly legit looks like a mentally unstable tranny

No. 260959

Yeah, Holly is not an attractive woman.

Suzy's medieval look works with her body type.

No. 260961

I thought looking at her face on she was kind of cute when she styled her hair properly but this really draws attention to how wonky her face actually looks. She looks like a cartoon almost. These girls need to learn how to style themselves better because everything about this is so tragic.

No. 260963

Mmm, that's not really medival. She's using a modern underbust corset with a busk, a chemise and then a long skirt. But I know what you're saying. It's the looseness of everything minus the underbusk corset. It hides fat very well.

No. 260965

Oh shut up

No. 260966

Holly is starting to look like a bird.

No. 260968

I actually think that's what she's going for.
She probably wished she could just straight up turn into an human sized pigeon

No. 260998

rofl no I'm 18. I would have been creeped out by it a couple years ago as well.

No. 261026

Are you really trying to defend him?
That was almost Onion kind of creepy to be honest

No. 261074

File: 1460932400081.jpg (310.06 KB, 1024x1024, CgNQLz9UAAA001V.jpg)

I believe you meant to say "birb" or "smol birb"

No. 261093

This is cute. Just in a couple-y way. Idk. I like their contrasting personalities.

No. 261100

They're a cute couple and obviously don't have a pathetic and dysfunctional relationship like Arin and Snoozy.

No. 261101

Wow. I heard him talk about underage girls before and finding 14/15 year old girls super hot, but this takes the cake. Danny is nearly 40. what a creepy piece of shit.

No. 261116

File: 1460946624243.jpeg (91.59 KB, 640x627, image.jpeg)

Her skin looks so dry. I wonder what she uses to take care of her skin since can obviously afford high end skin care products

No. 261117


At least holly looks like shes having fun, unlike snoozy

No. 261118


holy fuck this photo is so gross. Her eyes look like holes that were punctured into a fat slab of meat

No. 261119

it doesn't look dry to me, more like she caked on n badly applied a load of face powder or foundation. look above her left eyebrow it's like a super visible smudge, unless it's a birthmark but doesn't look like it

No. 261124

If she'd just wear some lipstick/lipgloss that isn't a nude color she'd look so much less piggish

No. 261138

What time does he get creepy? I skipped around the video because I didn't want to watch the whole thing and it was just him and Arin being boring.

No. 261141

She probably put on really heavy foundation and powder then started sweating and wiped it off by accident.

No. 261149

File: 1460959207400.jpeg (142.62 KB, 640x870, image.jpeg)

Back at it again with the donuts. Also in one of her last Instagram videos you can see Barry and his girlfriend. Apparently gg fangirls are freaking out lol

No. 261151

I wonder if just her and Arin are eating these donuts or if it's for their group of friends. I can't imagine two people eating a dozen donuts but seeing how Arin and Suzy look I guess so

No. 261227

Yeah that is super creepy, and the asking for a friend thing is always suspect.

No. 261230

She looks like Megan Marie here, nagl.

Fucking disgusting. Why has nobody called him out on this shit? Tumblr love callout/problematic posts. Are they really that thirsty for him?

No. 261247

I feel sick just looking at those. I don't know how a normal person could even stomach half of one of those monstrosities, let alone a whole box.

Even if they're giving a few away or keeping some for later it's still way too much.

No. 261299

I would love to see her post her "super healthy dinner" and stuff like that instead. For one thing, it would be better for her image, and for another thing, she does have a bunch of teenage girls as fans who she is influencing.

No. 261338


I like donuts but wtf is with these gross ass donuts suzy keeps getting? They look like they are sliced in half and filled? It looks like diabetes honestly.

No. 261345

Somehow I don't think there was a healthy dinner. Or a dinner that she thinks is healthy but isn't particularly.

No. 261389

Is it just me or are all of her ootd videos the same outfits with just only slightly different stuff? Like she always wears skater dresses and she always wears the harness

No. 261405

I always laugh while picturing arin filming these

No. 261407

The first outfit is so in your face HP, but I don't understand how the other two are HO related at all. I guess the third one has a robey feel to it, but the second one is nothing HP.

No. 261409

>click to vote on your fave
>takes you to subscribing to her shit channel

very clever snoozy

No. 261422

what do you bet she considers herself a slytherin because it's the "evil"/spoopy house?
bitch would be a fucking squib.

No. 261424

Please excuse me for being ignorant, but why is Suzy so disliked? I've watched some of her videos before and she doesn't seem particularly awful or anything, just standard youtuber stuff…

No. 261425

why dont you google "why is suzy from gamegrumps so hated" before wasting our time on this board?

No. 261426

They got fucking Steve-o on guest grumps

No. 261433

She doesn't have the defining traits of any house because all of them are impressive qualities like cunning, hard work, creativity, and chivalry.

No. 261434

File: 1461021332663.webm (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, AmbitiousSoggyHarrier.webm)

With the way snoozy puts away donuts she probably has more outfits in her wardrobe than days left to live

also good lord what an awkward person, pic related

No. 261435

3/10 carpet thing, 1/10 modeling

No. 261436

watching now and Steve-o has brought more substance to this show in five minutes than Danny has in two years

No. 261439

No. 261444

Calm down…
I apologize, I had no idea googling "why is suzy from gamegrumps so hated" would bring relevent results. I didn't think Suzy was that well known to bring relevent search results. I was not aware of the hatred for Suzy outside of this thread. No need to get worked up over a honest question.

No. 261451

not anon but it was a dumb question. asking why shes hated when you can read the thread and countless others that have been made about her and gg in general makes you look lazy and possibly stupid. forgive us for literally listing in every single thread why she isn't liked.

No. 261453

The whole thread is about why she's hated. You could just…read…in the thread you're in right now.

Also if you didn't know that googling "why is suzy from gamegrumps so hated" would give you relevant results why didn't you find out…so you would know…by googling it.

No. 261487

I want their channel to die already

No. 261498

File: 1461028872474.jpg (18.47 KB, 400x265, IMG_20160418_204933.jpg)

How? Why?

No. 261506


I want to know more about Danny tbh. We have a scamming useless waste of space that is Suzy, her pussy whipped husband and now a creeper who seems to like underaged girls in GG? Sounds like they're doing well.

No. 261547

File: 1461038579949.jpg (64.28 KB, 540x417, temp.jpg)

No. 261549

File: 1461039118010.gif (1.77 MB, 268x250, oh my god why.gif)

No. 261553

so funny and quirky xD

Also put on a shirt Arin no one wants to see your gross flabby nips

No. 261565

Every man wants to fuck hot teens. Sorry ladies

No. 261571

*every man wants to fuck hot LADIES.
Yes those ladies might be hottest when they are young adults, but only a fucking creep would fuck a teenager.

No. 261572

File: 1461047124255.jpeg (88.43 KB, 640x569, image.jpeg)

Why are all of gg and people associated with gg so fucking sensitive? Why do they care so much about stupid "mean" YouTube comments? I guess this is better than Suzy and Arin's "never read the comments!~" bullshit though

No. 261592

Her fat jiggles so slowly here. Reminds me of Homer's stomach moving like a lava lamp.

No. 261593

Suzy acts like she doesn't eat this garbage every single night.

No. 261594

Suzy must be the most boring person alive. She has been doing the same makeup for 10 years.

No. 261595

Fuck off and read the thread.

No. 261596

That marauder's map dress is super cute and would look nice on someone who isn't overweight trash like Snoozy.

No. 261599

Ross or Barry will publicly respond to negative criticism, even if it's rude but correct.

Arin and Suzy are "mean comments hurt my feelings, didn't read!"

Danny isn't nearly invested enough to even acknowledge that there are comments

Brian would just make a smarmy wise-ass reply while dismissing the underlying issue

Kevin is even less invested than Dan, pretty sure all he does is crop out individual shows and add the intro and end title

Holly is a wilting flower who gets pathologically depressed if people say mean things about her

I don't even know those other 3 or 4 dudes who are Grumps now

No. 261602

This is extremely accurate.

No. 261612

Super accurate, only thing I'll add is that Suzy defiently deleted all kind of negative comments, aka. all comments who doesn't kiss her ass

No. 261614

Ohhhh so this is where (most of) all the shitbags go. thats nice to know. enjoy your corner of the internet.

No. 261617

Well aren't you a precious little knight

No. 261625

>Every ephebophile wants to fuck hot teens.
Here, I fixed your statement for you

No. 261626

But every man is an ephebophile. That's why they shouldn't be trusted around young girls.

No. 261627

… dude you're screwed up

No. 261628

And you're denying reality. Enjoy having your daughter get raped by her gym teacher

No. 261632

Holy shit guys stop shitting up the thread. Danny does not seem that into having sex with a 16 year old, but more of an 18 year old, you know an adult. Sorry but that is a normal thing for a guy to want.

No. 261633

File: 1461067659958.jpg (125.34 KB, 914x592, ijnk.JPG)

Agreed, as long as everyone involved is legal I don't think it's that huge of a thing.

Anyway, let's get back on topic

No. 261637

>Holly is not an attractive woman.
Really don't care for this meme. Would marry her up in an instant.

No. 261640

Normally I would agree, but this is a GG thread yet most of the comments are about Suzy (either her weight or makeup) it's nice to see some diversity every now and again.

No. 261644

File: 1461072499119.png (678.03 KB, 477x596, 65487878.png)

What is that red mark on her neck? Is it a hickey? A pimple?

Holly looks a million times better when she wears make-up. Without it she has a very plain face.

>pic related

No. 261646

File: 1461072558070.png (1.12 MB, 1017x1634, Screenshot_2016-04-19-15-27-53…)

No. 261671


You could be her little birb and be all quirky and special and unique together <3

No. 261684

>This is inspiration for some peoplr
Fuck this gay Earth

No. 261685

I think she has a good point, it's just worded poorly.

Shouting abuse and insults at someone is not a constructive way to try and fix problems. Anger and hatred just turn a situation into defense vs. offence rather than a legitimate conversation.

Constructive criticism might cover some "mean" things but it should be done respectfully, otherwise it's just not an effective method of voicing a complaint. Neither is bullying someone into submission, because if they do change it's not because they want to or feel that it will better them, but because they're scared to do anything else.

No. 261686

Projecting your own fucked up fantasies does not equal reality

No. 261694

Are you fucking serious?
Wanting to fuck a 16 year old when you're almost 40 isn't normal, it's beyond perviness. Most 40 year old guys would find a 23 year old hot, yeah, but not a fucking 15 year old.
This is also new to me that he feels that way, because in one of the Disney Princess videos, he said that his age range for dating is 28 and up. That's the creepiest shit right there. Jesus Christ Dan.

No. 261699


Wow. Women literally fear youth the way insecure men fear chads, apparently.

You're only here because A LOT of men in your ancestral line got boners over hyper-fertile 14 year olds. The human race would have died out if we had the only 18 and up rule back on the savannah when we were hunting mammoths and shit. Nature has designed men to be sexually attracted to girls the second they grow boobies and some hips. Get over it.

No. 261700

So is it also perverted for a 16 year old to want to fuck her hot 40 year old teacher? You know, a phenomenon that occurs at every high school in the world where a hot 40 year old teacher is employed?

No. 261701

Regarding what you said, I should add to my post >>261694 that I completely understand that that is how men are designed by nature. I see that it's natural for a guy to be sexually attracted to an 18 year old if she's hot, regardless of his age, but I think it's creepy to actually go after her if she's 16 and the guy is 40.

No. 261702


Except that doesn't mean this is true, either. People can restrain themselves. I've wanted to fuck plenty of my same-age coworkers. Does that mean I go around hitting on them? (much less raping them, jesus christ) No. That would obviously be a mad move for me longterm.

No. 261703


Well I pretty much agree with you there. Natural attraction is one thing. But to talk about it on your video game show with a large 16 year old female fanbase is…not very subtle? To say the least?

No. 261704

*bad move

No. 261705

It's not perverted, but it's be weird if her to seek it out. When I was 16 I had a crush on my 40 year old teacher, that's normal like a 40 year old thinking a 16 year old is attractive, like I said in my second post. It's just creepy for either to try to actually have sex with the other. Fantasy is seperate from reality.

No. 261706

Danny said he had "an unusual love life" in this, anybody know what hes talking about?

No. 261707

He's probably talking about the fact that he doesn't actually pursue normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, it's mainly about sex. He said once that he can't hold a stable relationship, and he said another time that back in his twenties and early 30's he fucked up a lot of real relationships by cheating on girls.

No. 261712

Why do I not get that vibe from him at all?

Not saying hes lying. I just think that if you're actually a "chad", don't act all shy and bashful about sex when another "chad" jokes around with you about crushing puss. That just makes a completely acceptable lifestyle choice feel really creepy and predatory to me by being disingenuous about it…

No. 261720

Eh, you can live a sex positive lifestyle without having to play along with Steve's obnoxious and crude dudebro humor.

No. 261721

to add onto this, in one of the katamari series he said he used to be severely in love with this one girl, and always hoped it would work out - but then she got married and it obviously was a one sided crush that went on for years
then after that he said he just started to be with anyone because of it

No. 261730

I guess we are just going to follow you everywhere now?

No. 261732

is it just me or is the camera quality super bad, not sure how to describe it but when she tries showing things off like those windchimes and whatever else, i just cant see them
its like super blurry or not blurry but like it moves so much and??

No. 261742

Yeah, it only seems to actually focus when held still at something for a couple seconds. Overall still better than her usual repetitive videos and the outfit is pretty flattering on her imo

No. 261743

File: 1461093638906.jpeg (155.02 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

No. 261744

File: 1461093670727.jpg (172.86 KB, 1024x1559, CgbUBaGWsAAvZ-0.jpg)


No. 261746

Dan is adorable in this

No. 261747

Much like Berry I'm sure they didn't want to be filmed.

No. 261755

It actually wasn't a horrible episode, Steve-o was surprisingly funny and engaging

No. 261756

File: 1461095464361.jpg (5.76 KB, 268x200, 99390309.jpg)

Yes, all men are rapist scum who are out to harm and rape young women we should all cower in fear before they rape us.

No. 261757

Who hurt you?

No. 261758

Berrys Girlfriend looked so pissed when Suzy filmed her

No. 261759

File: 1461096414344.png (1.1 MB, 1237x3166, RENN FAIRE WITH THE GAME GRUMP…)

Can you blame her? I mean Suzy vids don't get a lot of show on the reddit and people still asked about her.
Youtube fans are terrible when it comes to the private lives of others. Shit Mark had to move because of bitches and it was mentioned in different suzy vids fans would stalk there hotel rooms.

No. 261763

Poor girl, hope she knows how to deal with this kind of attention. Would be a shame if they broke up over stupid fans.
#I'm also kinda jelly over her nice hair, it's so long#

>Dan gets along with the sheep because he fucks them

Fucking kek

No. 261764


I don't think Suzy understands the concept of people actually wanting to enjoy themselves outside of Youtube. Those Renaissance fairs are great fun but no, this bitch has to be like FILM FILM FILM LOOK AT US.

No. 261781

I honestly hope that she asked permission from everyone before she filmed. Judging by the reactions though, of course she didn't.

I would have been pissed too.

No. 261791

I don't think Suzy understands the concept of novelty. People like when jvloggers do shit like this because its a window into a foreign culture that would take a some decent time and money to see with their own eyeballs. A renaissance fair is a fucking renaissance fair. Anybody interested can easily experience it for themselves.

No. 261792

Except 14 year olds are not as fertile as women in their later teens through late twenties. I think you fear any female old enough to have a drivers license.

No. 261793

I'll bet if Suzy saw that post she would be fucking mort3fied.

No. 261797

"if you know the name of this band link it below please"

fuckin' wow. she couldn't even be assed to look up the name herself. snoozy, you're the one that actually knows the name of the event and you're the one that probably still has the program in her purse. put down the camera or donuts for a second and go look it up yourself.

No. 261806


Judging by the way she greets holly with "Hey Holly! I'm filming a video! It's a ren-fair follow me around" I'm gonna say no. lmao.

No. 261811

Hi Dahvie Vanity

No. 261828

implying this isnt heavily photoshopped either

its not a meme, shes ugly as fuck. and its ok if you want to marry ugly girls.

No. 261839

Holly has a resting bitch face at that part definitely, along with a very unenthusiastic greeting. Even Arin looks like he can't be bothered.

No. 261840

Its yet more evidence to support the case that suzy is literally borderline retarded. Low IQ people can't read social cues for shit. And her observations in this vid ("you look like a hippy!") are something only really dumb people think are worth declaring.

No. 261845


Maybe she's on the spectrum.

No. 261848

Lmao please, there is so much wrong with this.

First of all, we do not have the same brains that we did millions of years ago. Back then we didn't even have fucking neocortexes in our brains. People would also do shit like drink stagnant water and eat rotten foods to stay alive when our brains weren't even fucking developed, so shouldn't we also be running around doing this if we're the exact same people as the cavemen running around on the savannah? Oh wait, we as humans know better, just like we know a grown man having sex with an extremely underaged girl is wrong.

The only instincts that still rule our brains are the ones that keep our bodies living and breathing. You do not need to bone a 14 year old to do either of those so it is not an instinct we still use.

I also don't know where you get the idea that 14 year olds are hyperfertile. Most 14 year olds have hardly even developed. Their menstrual cycles are incredibly inconsistent at best and in a lot of cases haven't even started. They do not have fully developed bodies that allow for the safe and healthy carrying of a fetus for 9 months, nor are their breasts developed enough to properly feed an infant after it's born.

Literally all of your excuses for why you're attracted to 14 year olds are bullshit. You're a pedophile dude. Get help.

No. 261850

File: 1461117826503.jpeg (57.75 KB, 600x603, image.jpeg)

Can the janitors please ban all this off topic it's gotten out of control when someone posts 10 paragraphs.

No. 261851

Oh I'm sorry, please let's just keep posting the exact same comments about Suzy's makeup over and over. That makes for a /much/ more interesting thread.

No. 261860

could be the FAS

No. 261872

It would help if you watched the video. Again he clearly is not into girls that young. He actually remarks about how young someone is at 16, since he would have been in his 20s when they were born. He is not saying he wants to fuck a 16 year old girl.

What he is talking about is the age of consent. Which is 18 in america with some 16 year old states since america is weird like that. That is literally the convo, there is nothing about him saying he is into that or that he is happy about it being that age. You are all taking a conversation that lasted a minute and ended with the almost 40 year old talking about how young 16 is in a way that is just him commenting on how crazy it is to think of the law now you are older, into something way different all because you cant even watch the video linked to you.

Jesus christ you are all retarded.

No. 261873

I am getting graveyard girl vibes from this because like everything else, Bunny did it first. She does a yearly follow me around when she goes to the fair although it is just her and her bf and they do it because they are theatre nerds who dress up and are actually into it.

No. 261874

No one's asking you to post the same regurgitated garbage, just don't get off topic.

No. 261879

How can anyone look up to Suzy? How?

No. 261881

Those false lashes look awful.

No. 261884

File: 1461125576083.jpeg (111.51 KB, 640x828, image.jpeg)

1shirt did her wrong using super hq pictures like that lmao

No. 261886

Yeah, I would never want to be publicly exposed and deal with GG's insane fanbase either.

No. 261888

>literally a scientifically correct term for being attracted to 14 year olds
>literally uses the word pedophile anyway because it sounds more sensational

Rage harder against nature, bitch. It won't change the fact that your innate physical attractiveness has been/will be a rapidly depreciating quality since you hit/when you hit 25.

Suzy's ugly.

No. 261892


robot gtfo

No. 261894

Go back to your fucking containment board. Mods!

No. 261895

I'm just now noticing how big her forehead is holy shit

No. 261905

ayy lmao

No. 261907

Men who seek out teens to fuck are simply pathethic losers. They know perfectly well they have no qualities that could attract a self-aware, grown woman, so instead just try to get a cheap shot off of someone easily impressionable.

Because I'd like to believe no man is stupid enough to actually put up with unstable, inexperienced and potentially dangerous just for the sake of marginally tighter pussy and marginally perkier tits. Teens are amazing lays only in porn - where they are played by 20yr olds.

No. 261909

it looks like someone took a picture of a normal girl then fucked around in photoshop for the first time

how can someone look so scary (and claim its not FAS)

No. 261927

aww Ross really wants a dog

I wonder why he just doesn't just get one considering the fucking menagerie he has to live with.

No. 261936


dogs require a lot of time invested in them. you can't leave them alone for a long while like cats and you can't count on other animals to meet their socialization needs like birds. the game grumps lead notoriously busy lives so i would not be surprised if ross is smart enough to realize his lifestyle does not work with what is needed to responsibly have a dog. plus they'd have to put in extra time to train the dog to behave around all the birds.

No. 261969

Well put anon. I'm sick of people just going out to get a dog like an accessory when they lead such busy lives. They take a huge amount of work and live a very time long, not to mention behavior training is tough when you already have other animals like cats and birds in the home. It isn't a short-term pet.

No. 261981

No kidding. One of my dogs has cancer and that on top of work and school leaves me with a pretty much nonexistent social life.

No. 261999

This is a game grumps / Suzy thread, so people don't just have to regurgitate the same shit about Suzy. If we're talking about anything within the game grumps, it's on topic.

No. 262021

Your piece of shit argument about ages and whatever the hell else, does not belong in this thread.
Yes, it was a topic that Danny talked about, but you took it way too far fattychan.
Try again.

No. 262025

Sorry about your doggo anon, I hope things get better soon. Sending virtual hugs your way.

No. 262038

Game Grumps was so much better without Suzy. They're turning into commercialized sell outs.

No. 262055

I respect where you're coming from but most men simply don't give a fuck about anything other than looks. That's all that younger women have over older and that's all that matters. Not how good they are in bed, not the long-term implications of their stability, not a developed personality, just tighter skin, brighter eyes, and perkier boobs.

Stop mini-modding god damn. The janitors will mop up as they see fit.

No. 262076

You sound delusional. Men definitely do not only care about looks. Maybe for a one night stand or series of hookups, but most people end up with someone in the same range of age and attractiveness as them in long term relationships. Things like stability, common interests, friendship, etc. win out over looks in every single worthwhile relationship.

I'd hate to live in the reality you do where you think a woman's worth is all in her looks and a man's love only applies to that.

No. 262097

None of them have the talent to make anything of substance alone. Selling out pays the bills.

No. 262107

File: 1461189627418.jpeg (137.42 KB, 640x666, image.jpeg)

I think someone already posted this in the thread but did Suzy even actually say this? Lmao

No. 262109

File: 1461189881135.jpeg (124.56 KB, 640x722, image.jpeg)

Who said Suzy would pick Slytherin because it's spooky and goffic? She's so boring

No. 262110

lol I did.

But now I'm kind of thinking of ways she could actually fit into the house. She's not outright cunning, but she's convinced people that she's talented and artsy, as well as marrying someone who was more successful, which allowed her to display these "talents" to others.

No. 262111

No. 262123

Suzy's boring ass would be a squib if anything.

No. 262160

sour grapes sour grapes lmao

No. 262194

Well remember, it's more about what traits you value rather than what traits you actually have (Peter Pettigrew was a coward but got into Gryffindor because he looked up to his brave friends, etc.). I think Suzy would be a Ravenclaw, because in addition to intelligence they value creativity and individuality and she loves to think she's a speshul snoflek

No. 262195

"You only want to be skinny cuz ur dumb teehee". Pretty sure people who want a flat tummy have been living with their "extra weight" know how they feel about it without you having to explain it to them.

No. 262200

File: 1461204752411.jpg (57.56 KB, 486x720, MV5BMjEwODQ0MjI2OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 262210

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 262223

>the janitors will mop up as they sit fit
I reported that post last night, went to bed and worked my 12 hour shift. This is more than enough time for a janny to heat up and consume whatever the tumblr equivalent of hot pockets are and actually do their job.

Not that I expected the useless fucks to do anything since this whole board has devolved into half blog posts and tumblr vs r9k fights. But apparently talking about cows is boring anyways so let's just shitpost in all the threads.

No. 262239

File: 1461212304236.png (768.51 KB, 937x507, autism.png)

No. 262242

How is this Autism? She cares for all her birds not that different than caring for a dog or cat. I own a snake and I would be just as upset if she got cancer and it didn't go away. She might be strange and has major self esteem issues but this is okay.
Sagen' myself for not helping.

No. 262243

Whenever somebody gets butthurt over another person's opinion they resort to "fatty chan". You're not a mod, grow the fuck up.

No. 262248

File: 1461215848471.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 1453013244197.gif)

Caring for an animal that isn't a dog or a cat? Autism.

No. 262249

sorry anon, birds are awesome

No. 262252

Eyes…exact fucking eyes!

Nah. Pigeons are pretty cool and calming. A little autistic that she's putting an older pigeon through surgery, but meh, you get attached to pretty much any kind of animal you bond with.

No. 262259

The instigator was banned many hours ago, before you even wrote that post. Bans don't always come with a public message. Especially when it might encourage further derailing.

No. 262275

When I had rats and mice I took them to the vet too. Even gave them medicine. Hell, two of them had to have tumors surgically removed. I must be off the charts, treating pests ad if they were a living, feeling beings.

I'm impressed with Holly honestly, many owners of "exotic" animals quickly give up when they realize a general cat and dog vet can't do anything, and never even seek out a specialist.

No. 262286

File: 1461228906149.jpg (55.86 KB, 633x360, sluts - pump em and dump em.jp…)

ITT rapidly aging catladies wondering where the good guys are.
Hint: they married pure waifus. No hymen no diamond.

No. 262293

File: 1461230715886.gif (11.64 KB, 200x200, Bait_5c538b_5515578.gif)

No. 262302

Wait I thought dudes didn't want any of us because we're older than 14, now it's because we're not virgins???

No. 262305

You're pre-owned so your value is dramatically lowered. You're also bitter about it which is a turn-off.

No. 262310

File: 1461233603774.jpg (320.33 KB, 2215x3150, Vincent_Crabbe.jpg)

Well, she does love to scam people and make them overpay for worthless shit. She is extremely self-centered and lacks compassion.
I'd think she'd make a decent Slytherin. She would be like the female equivalent of Crabbe or Goyle, mooching off more succesful people and barely being able to think and act for herself.

No. 262368

People can't be owned. They also don't have value in the context you're giving. The only real turn off here is that you want to treat potential marriage partners like a commodity. Leave.

No. 262369

Where the fuck do you live, Saudi Arabia?

No. 262376


Arin would be Hufflepuff

No. 262386

Cute graph but it's missing a source

No. 262395

Arin isn't trustworthy, kind, just, or hardworking. He's a lazy manchild with no motivation to do anything that doesn't come his way without ease, and he's hypocritical and rude and dismissive of fans' genuine concerns. All I could say is that he does seem loyal to Suzy.

No. 262397


robot pls

No. 262412

No. 262431

Rofl I interpret the graph less as guys are going after the virgins and more as the virgins look to settle down more than a woman who likes having lots of sex.

No. 262433

forgot to sage so I'll add something relevant: Arin would be more of a Slytherin than Suzy, because I think he likes the idea of ambition and success but is too stuck in a rut to do anything ambitious.

No. 262437

You can interpret it to validate your feelings if you want but that doesn't follow from the findings. The study shows that a woman's capacity for a fulfilling relationship deteriorates over time and cocks.
Women are child-like and don't think big picture, while men are the opposite. This is shown in the study as men who have slept around don't suffer the same difficulty in having a happy marriage.

No. 262439

File: 1461263164409.gif (135.59 KB, 468x1840, Science_8ed62c_1101628.gif)

Nope this can't possibly be biased since we live in a culture that hates women who have sex. Nope, can't be that there was an ulterior motive.

Pls robot.

Find some actual studies and not dregs of the internet. You're aware new sites are notoriously bad at misrepresenting what the actual studies are saying, right?
Pic related.

No. 262441

PS I can search google as hard as I want to support any stupid shit claim I pull out of my ass, like vaccines causing autism. Doesn't make the study true in the slightest.

No. 262442

when will this pointless discussion finally end?

No. 262444

Statistics are misogynist. Someone should shut them down.

>we live in a culture that hates women who have sex

You're delusional.

I get it. The truth is difficult to hear sometimes, but by burying your head in the sand you're only hurting yourself.

No. 262447

File: 1461263700786.png (66.94 KB, 1150x258, Screenshot 2016-04-21 11.33.47…)

It doesn't validate my feelings as I'm an 18 year old virgin myself but whatever fam.

>pic related

In which Suzy thinks projecting her insecurities onto unwitting victims is a superpower.

No. 262451

Because studies are always 100% factual always and never biased ever, right, Andrew Wakefield?

Fucking robots are so gullible, but it supports their pea-brain delusions about WOMMINZ so god help them.

No. 262454

>robot this robot that
Yes, everyone who disagrees with you are stupid sheeple. How mature.

I don't see what this article has to do with the study I posted. Did you read the .pdf, or just start sperging out because you have a personal investment in this argument?

No. 262457

>muh totally neutral and trustworthy sources like focusonthefamily.com and retard tier dailymail and nationalmarriageproject
>what is deliberate fraud
>what is falsified facts

In the same way a source that literally is called focus on the family and national marriage project can be biased against premartial sex, so can an anti-vaccine scientist report about a link between autism-vaccines.

Can you even analogy, or are you too obsessed with bitches and whores? Maybe cut your nuts off so you can focus?

No. 262460

File: 1461264980446.jpg (81.84 KB, 625x482, myimmortal.jpg)

Stop derailaing and feeding the troll, ffs

No. 262461

>attacking the sources and not the material.
A sure way of knowing the person you're talking to has zero counter arguments.
Again, have you read the .pdf or are you just offended that someone would make these assertions and back them up with research? This isn't even the only to come to these conclusions.

>all this vitriol

I guess I hit a nerve.

No. 262466

No. 262470

guys aren't affected?
>the targets who had engaged in a high number of sexual activities with a high number of sexual partners were … rated less desirable as a marriage partner by both men and ~women~.
and taking it even further
>men rated the target as more desirable than did the women participants
Meaning the guys saw the less desirable women as more desirable than the women saw less desirable men.
>Perceptions of sexual experience and preferences for dating and marriage Luis T. Garcia

girls hate man sluts more than guys hate lady sluts woops

No. 262472

That has nothing to do with the point I made in that post. Guys can have a happy marriage even if they play the field. For women it's difficult.
Please try and understand what you have just read before responding to it.

>girls hate man sluts more than guys hate lady sluts

But notice that they both hate sluts, making my earlier point. Think about what you're saying.

No. 262474

but you're trying to act like its ok for guys to be sluts, but clearly, women don't like nasty guys. your entire point was how gross girl sluts are. but guy sluts are just as undesirable.

No. 262476

>you're trying to act like its ok for guys to be sluts
Not at all, only that they're not as bad as women sluts for various reasons.

No. 262479

except that study stated that slutty men are actually ranked worse by women than men rank slutty women. men are more okay with slutty women than women are with slutty men.

No. 262483

You twist the words to make it sound positive. Sluts are undesirable in general.
The ranking discrepancy is interesting, though. This tells us that men are more forgiving of sexual indiscretions. Possibly one of the reasons why they find it easier to have fulfilling marriages. Also brings into question that "women-are-shamed-for-having-sex" certain sociologists so fervently believe. It seems it's the other way around.

No. 262484

I'm the person who posted the video where Danny talks about legal age of consent and now that I see how this is spiraling out of control I really regret it!!

sage for nothing

No. 262485

Shame on you dude

No. 262487

im twisting it as much as you are twisting it against women. i'd say women have less fulfilling marriages because marriage is worse for women in general. there are studies showing women who get married lose job promotion prospects, while men receive them. i'd be pretty unhappy, too, if that happened to me. that was just one example; i'm certainly not going to sit here and write a dissertation on the subject on an anonymous Taiwanese animation forum to someone who seems to already have their opinions on the matter set in stone that non virgin women = unhappy slut harpies

you are trying to link sex partners and unhappiness as two absolute causal relationships, and i am saying it is far far far far more nuanced than you want to imagine.

and yeah, women are shamed for it, haven't you ever heard of the Madonna–whore complex? women can't win in this situation. men love fucking sluts, but not marrying them (although they like them more than women like male sluts, clearly) but men want a chaste waifu and then sign up for Ashley Madison to cheat on them for more sluts.

No. 262492

>women who get married lose job promotion prospects
I'm very skeptical of this. I think you read a study on pregnancy and mistook it for marriage.

>non virgin women = unhappy slut harpies

I simply make the claim that women with a high number of pre-marital partners are less valued romantically and less likely to find themselves in a stable happy marriage, which is evident to anyone unless they're lying to themselves for whatever reason.

>men love fucking sluts, but not marrying them

Now you're making my points for me again. How generous.

>(although they like them more than women like male sluts, clearly)

Women are infamous slut-shamers. They're even harder on other women.

No. 262493

Does anyone happen to remember the video where Danny says something to the effect of "I can only sleep with a girl if there's an emotional attachment?" He's also said that he finds women that throw themselves at him unattractive (fucked if I can remember the source for that either).
Personally I think that he's less of a tail chaser and more of a casual dater. Friends with benefits sort of shit; connection but no commitment. Could be totally wrong but it's a thought.

No. 262499

I was always ignorant to the obsessive stalker fans until I watched this. Didn't think people were actually that bad but holy Hell. Starting around 16 minutes Ross is tripping balls whenever he sees someone in the hallway. By the end, two guys are standing outside their doorway, slipping a note under the door pretending to be hotel staff requesting they text a phone number.
These people are fucking nuts.

No. 262504

Nah, game grumps fan are fucking cancer. I feel like most of them have none existent social skills or self awareness

No. 262505

>women who get married lose job promotion prospects

That is true, in school we were taught to never wear a wedding ring to an interview. Employers often take preference of promoting men because they're seen as "breadwinners" and women are expected to give birth (take time off), regardless of whether they want them or not and then are seen as neglecting their children if they chose to work afterwards.

No. 262526

Poster was banned. Stop derailing.

No. 262532

Holly is so lovely I want to scream. No wonder the best GG member gets the best girl.

No. 262534

Yeah, I've seen some bad fanbases, but GG is one of the worst. Right alongside AVGN.

No. 262535

I don't think it's possible to have over a million subs and not have an awful fanbase.

No. 262538

It's really the type of people they attract with their 'humor.'

No. 262540

Weird how the running gag for a long time was how horrible Ross is but he's actually the most genuine and stable of all of them. Sure Holly isn't the hottest or least goofy but she's legitimately kind and they have a nice relationship. I think they encourage each other in their passions and help bring out the best in each other unlike Suzy/Arin who are mutual enablers of their worst qualities.

No. 262544

File: 1461281153457.jpg (64.69 KB, 1280x720, km.jpg)

>their 'humor'
I have no idea what you could be referring to.

No. 262562

That's really embarrassing for anyone past middle school age.

No. 262575

this video is fun and relaxed…their all being very themselves. I miss that in they're videos.

No. 262604

>Arin is approaching 30
>Brain is 40 with a wife and child
>Danny is nearing 40

This is fucking embarrassing.

No. 262623


If I was a grump I would fear for my life too

No. 262626


oh come on now. the fact that it is an embarrassing and stupid thing to say is pretty much the whole joke.

No. 262654

File: 1461312573450.jpeg (109.09 KB, 640x738, image.jpeg)

I actually like her eye makeup from what I can see but the fucking lips. Suzy please use a lip liner so it's at least a little less obvious they're badly overlined. Also the hair lol

No. 262658

you may only like it bc that fucking winged eyeliner is obscured but it looks like the same shit

No. 262664

I hate those pom-pom things, but I think she looks nice with her hair up? If her lips didn't look like an abused, bleached asshole this would be cute.

No. 262700

She sorta looks like Megan here

No. 262741

File: 1461338069797.png (689.97 KB, 1252x599, no.png)


No. 262744


I bet this is Vernon's doing. Hey let's get celebs on the show to make it more popular! Ugh, it's embarrassing. There's a ton more channels with potential.

Also Suzy suits the buns but she looks like she kissed a wasp's ass.

No. 262748


jfc suzy you're obviously self conscious about your thin ass lips. Just go get lip fillers already

No. 262750

>only credible source comes from fucking BYU

No. 262766

To be fair though, Dan and Arin did mention in an episode that they were contacted by Coheed and Combria on Twitter about hanging out sometime. They have been contacted by celebrities before, regardless whether we understand why though.

No. 262846

File: 1461355779126.jpg (19.94 KB, 588x112, Jon.jpg)

What did he mean by this?

No. 262849


He's saying vote Bernie and that Shillary is lizardpeeple.

No. 262851

Oh I though the reptile comment was a dig at Trump considering he did really well in NY.

No. 262856

Psychic Pebbles is also really high on Bernie dust, which I find really surprising

No. 262859

I just lost a ton of respect for Jon.

No. 262862


Could be Trump, I'm not sure. I'm not American so when I see people mentioning reptiles I usually assume Shillary.


I'm just a humble Brit but tbh if I were American I would vote Bernie-san.
Out of every candidate his policies are the most relatable, compassionate and believable. All the others exude this aura of Colgate whitening strips and dishonesty.
They're not politicians, they're out-and-out businessman and I don't think they really give a fuck about benefiting the people of their country, only themselves. Bernie seems like he legit gives a fuck.

Even if you don't agree with most or all of his policies, integrity is THE most important quality of a potential leader. I do not see integrity in Hillary, Trump, Kasich.

Trump is obviously a plant, and Hillary is a puppet, but I really don't know who seems to be lesser of two evils when comparing her with Cruz, who's so slick you could dump gravy over him and have it slide right off.

Then again, it's not my country, not my politics.

No. 262863

because he insulted Hilldawg or because he's a Berncuck?

No. 262865

Honestly, with how corrupt congress is it really doesn't matter who wins. Bush only had so much power, Obama only has so much power and whoever wins will only have so much power. The president is litter more than a figure head at this point. That being said if Trump wins I give him 3 months before he's assassinated…which is a win/win imho.

No. 262867


idk much about that, all I wish is that we had a Bernie in the UK instead of this fucking man-shaped snake Cameron.

No. 262875

I'm sorry about that Anon. ):

No. 262876

Jon is such a meme-loving fuck I bet he'd support Trump if he wasn't so pro Israel.

No. 262881


Eh, the British people have done it themselves really.
Our government has been conditioning us to complacency for decades now, and its been very successful. The kind of shit that happens here on a regular basis is what countries like France would be fucking rioting over, but we never do anything about the corruption because "lol kep kalm n' caree on m8".

No. 262895

File: 1461361875264.jpg (66.49 KB, 553x640, d22.jpg)

No. 262917

rip jon



>And sometimes, you're stuck in a position where you owe something to a certain entity and you… there's nothing you can really do about it.


>But yeah I just, I dunno, I just feel like it… it sucks that I couldn't be more transparent with this, but yeah, like Starcade, it's definitely not, like… the project is not my baby.


>It's very… It's very difficult because when something goes up on a YouTube channel people assume, just 'cause it's YouTube, that, you know, the creator is the, uh, 100% behind it, which is not necessarily always true.

JonTron left Polaris and admitted during a drunk stream (I think it's vid-related) that Starcade wasn't really his own idea and he was kind of pressured into it.
Game Grumps are still Polaris and Starcade featured his big reunion with Arin.
>Oy vey goyim, Jon and Arin are friends again. Excited for Star Wars yet?

Disney owns Maker Studios
>Now, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, Maker Studios is the global leader in short-form video and the largest content network on YouTube.

Polaris, formerly The Game Station, is the gaming wing of Maker Studios
>Maker’s verticals already include genre-specific hubs such as gaming channel Polaris

Here's an incomplete list of their stars from the time they were rebranded in 2013.
>Polaris features programming from top gaming talent such as “PewDiePie;” top female gamer Dodger, of “PressHeartToContinue;” “The Yogscast,” the largest gaming channel in the U.K.; as well as Toby Turner; Jesse Cox; “HuskyStarCraft;” “TotalBiscuit;” “Day[9];” “GameGrumps;” and “Markiplier.” “PewDiePie” alone has over 11.3 million subscribers.

An updated list from Wikipedia. No source, but it's accurate to the last list I heard.
>Formerly known as The Game Station, Polaris is Maker's sub-network for video game culture. It includes channels such as KSIOlajidebt, Cryaotic, Vegetta777, Alexby11, OhzGamer, Chuggaaconroy, Markiplier, Dodger, SomeOrdinaryGamers, UberHaxorNova, TheCreaturehub, Kootra, SlyFoxHound, ImmortalHDFilms, TheRunawayGuys, StephenPlays, Shofu, Did You Know Gaming?, Continue?, ProJared, Larry Bundy Jr., Stampylonghead, IBallisticSquid, CaptainSparklez, TotalBiscuit, The Completionist, The Black Hokage, stacyplays, Mattshea, Tomato Gaming, JonTronShow and Stumpt.

No. 262919

this would also explains all the funding, eceleb faggot and stars on the show

No. 262923

>Tim Buckley
>not even once

No. 262924

>Game Grumps are still Polaris
They arent anymore

No. 263081

Jesus Christ, that choice of filter was awful. What made her think that making her camera lens look dirty was a great idea?
Why didn't she just edit sparkles or some shit instead? Pretty lazy, snoozy.

No. 263098

>Game Grumps are still Polaris
Well you're wrong there. I will never understand why people dream that they still secretly hate each other. At most they view each other in apathy imo.Some people aren't friends for life, doesn't mean they can't evolve into acquaintances you enjoy seeing.
>Starcade wasn't really his own idea and he was kind of pressured into it.
I hope so. Starwars is garbage and resulted in no good Jon content for months. Starcade was a mistake.

No. 263102

I normally love Jons content and Starcade was horrible. He's kinda getting back to the roots lately (The "Food Games" Videos he made were …ok I guess, a little try hard on the comedy but I laughed here and there, the Talking Cat Video was great) and I'm very happy about that

No. 263209

Remember when Jon indirectly said that Arin sucks at video games in their sonic 06 lp? Yeah. I don't know how you can be a gamer and never improve. Sure the souls games take getting used to, but he's terrible at almost every game (or maybe he had improved, i only watched game grumps for jon). He button mashes and hopes for the best. How is that remotely fun?

No. 263217

Does Suzy not make makeup videos anymore? All she makes are those awful ootd videos and unboxings

No. 263219

That's because she only has one makeup look

No. 263234

What in the HELL happened to this poor thing? As someone who puts a hell of a lot of time and effort into catching, killing, and showing my bugs, I can safely say her work is BS.

It is obvious she bumped the wings in the setting process (if she even did the setting process, from the posts on here I'm guessing she bought it from somewhere else pre-set). There are marks all over the wings suggesting she was too hard with her tool or literally just touched her fingers to it. And jesus what happened to that thorax!? did she stab it with the pin 50 times over? And not showing the abdomen … if there even is one … how pro of you suzy.

I catch dumb Kansas bugs and treat them with more respect. Just cause you bought them online and didn't put in any work doesn't mean you just wipe your cheeto/oreo fingers all over it. This got me so damn mad. Didn't even attempt to keep the antenna on. and I will bet my savings account that the legs are just a curled mess underneath it if she even bothered to not chop those off as well.

No. 263237

File: 1461465040984.png (711.65 KB, 747x477, twins.png)

i've noticed this girl on a few mortemer tags on instagram now and she seems to be trying to emulate suzy so very hard. it's a little unsettling.

No. 263239

Oh man. When the lip fillers don't go as planned.

No. 263241

I've seen this girl before. Even her Instagram description is very Suzy 2.0. Shit's creepy

No. 263242

Thats so creepy and weird. Why do girls "cosplay" her again? I don't get it. Nice find anon

No. 263244

I desperately want to believe that this is some sort of elaborate parody but I know it's not and it's making me really sad

No. 263245

arin's wife if he didn't have millions.

No. 263251

Of course she's fat. What a weirdo. This is one level below stalking.

No. 263253

File: 1461475550465.jpeg (33.44 KB, 640x204, image.jpeg)

Her ig description though lol

No. 263254

omfg the top middle picture. she looks like she's been crying for hours.

No. 263286

File: 1461492940636.jpg (54.19 KB, 595x589, jiji.JPG)

No. 263296

Holly got a really weird tattoo, looks almost as bad as Suzys


No. 263297

File: 1461498063857.jpg (547.2 KB, 1024x1024, tumblr_mkyt3mwFQA1rzedgyo1_128…)

Looks like a cover up of this one

No. 263305

I don't follow these threads but one things about their vids is weird to me. They get curiously few dislikes considering how shitty their content is. Maybe I'm giving the average YT viewer too much credit but damn

No. 263306

What is that? Some Mass Effect thing?

No. 263311

It's worse IMO, the bird looks fucked up. It's not a good coverup of >>263297 this either..

No. 263316

File: 1461502993753.jpg (19.84 KB, 526x297, 526x297-j4z.jpg)


thi particular photo of holly really resembles this woman to me for some reason.

No. 263318

I don't know anything about tattoos but holy shit they tried covering up that tattoo but you can see the bottom part poking out and the rest underneath the bird's body.

No. 263327

Fans like their content. But if you find a gg epi with suzy there are a lot of dislikes.

No. 263332

You can basically see every bit of her pre-existing tattoo? What kind of tattoo artist would cover an almost solid black geometric piece with some sketchy line work with no dark areas?
She got a raven ffs. The cover up should have been a piece of cake since they're black birds, but instead the artist chose to go with some sketchy hipster looking crap that will age horribly??? I couldn't even tell it was a bird until I saw it's head.

No. 263347


i thought it was a vulture lolllll

No. 263351

File: 1461516000443.jpg (203.11 KB, 480x270, site5.jpg)


This is just linework. Like in the middle of this picture.
She's probably going to get color in a different sitting (many tattoo artists suggest getting line work first for large pieces, then they color it in later after it's healed. Breaking the sessions up is good for people who are pussies and can't take getting the whole tattoo in one sitting) and the color will do most of the cover up job, especially the part thats poking out.

I also thought it was a vulture, the head doesn't look raven-like.

No. 263352

That's the whole tattoo, not just lineart.
All the artists tattoos look like this https://www.instagram.com/natalietattoos/

No. 263354

I think it was supposed to look like the bird is sitting on the circle?
Honestly I think the tattoo isn't that ugly but doesn't really work as a cover up

No. 263355

File: 1461516609923.jpg (99.69 KB, 640x640, tumblr_n2g91snpNi1rzedgyo1_128…)

Hollys Tattoos in general are pretty bad

No. 263356

File: 1461516686784.jpg (89.47 KB, 583x874, holly1.jpg)

No. 263357

Looks a lot better with full color and shading but yeah definitely not great…

No. 263387

those are a couple of handsome gaming specimens

No. 263391

File: 1461526370537.jpg (151.4 KB, 971x453, Bern.jpg)

Holly also sides with Jon.

I would guess Arin and Suzy are more right-leaning while Dan hasn't voted in his life.
No clue about BarryBrianRoss.

No. 263392

Dan votes and is definetly anti republican

No. 263394

Really? Can you recall when he said it? All I remember when politics coming up on the show is how much Dan says he doesn't care.

No. 263395

Oh god, that was a while ago.
In one of the super mario 3 episodes he talks about how he donated some money to clinton(?) when he ran for president (I think it was this one, not sure. I'm at work so I can't listen to it rn) and in one of the more recent episodes (no clue which one that was, sorry) he makes a joke about how they all need to move If Trump wins

No. 263396

It wasn't Clinton, it was John Kerry

No. 263399

File: 1461528232950.jpg (65.61 KB, 640x640, 12750274_581749621994257_41256…)

those are really, really shitty.

here's another "crow"

what the fuck.

No. 263402

File: 1461528510350.png (212.1 KB, 586x618, literally reddit.png)

someone braver than I am needs to go dig up her "Birdie Sanders" tweets

she lost her fucking mind that day

No. 263403

File: 1461528607167.jpg (66.08 KB, 640x640, 12552438_171527543221119_14136…)

and an "owl"

No. 263408

This looks like a fucking tadpole with wings. They live in California, can't they find a decent artist?

No. 263411

File: 1461530229116.jpg (237.52 KB, 1024x1365, CgwdMr3UoAA1-YU.jpg)

you'd think so.

this is the sketch for Holly's tatt

No. 263413

This one looks a bit more coherent. Wonder what the hell went wrong.

No. 263434

Who is this literal-who on Guest Grumps?

No. 263436

The recent one? Isn't it Steve-o?
(He's one of the main people behind the show 'Jackass'.)

No. 263445

I actually really like this one. It reminds me of Nomi Chi's work. Her other tattoos are very questionable.

No. 263446

No, there's a new one today too.


He seems to be a rapper. Is he known in America? I've never heard of him before and he doesn't even have a 5th of the followers Arin does on twitter.

No. 263449

I've never heard of him, and I'm American.

I guess they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as "guests" go

No. 263453

I haven't listened to the episode but hopefully it's just someone they met and clicked with instantly. Maybe it's even to help get him more exposure.
At-least that's what I'd like to think, surely they could snag some bigger names for a guest grump.

No. 263458

Grey Worm from Game of Thrones

No. 263460

File: 1461539991124.jpeg (588.01 KB, 1920x2250, image.jpeg)

Am I the only one that finds Suzy Instagram tags embarrassing? The first one didn't even have anything to do with Japan lmao

No. 263461

that hairstyle is so much more flattering than what she has right now

No. 263462

File: 1461540578014.png (326.73 KB, 515x287, hey grey worm.png)

He's Grey Worm from Game of Thrones. The new season premieres tonight and it's a depressingly huge get for them for geek cred, I guess.

No. 263463

As >>263458 already pointed out.

No. 263464

Holly just looks so much better in darker hair colors in general. the pastel thing is shit.

No. 263481

This looks like shit. The wings are wonky and why is it's head so huge?
It looks like a parrot with macrocephaly.

No. 263484

She said on her huniecam playthrough that her followers went through the roof when she started using lots of hashtags and using prettier pictures.

No. 263485

lmao they literally got one of the most boring characters/unimpressive actors.

No. 263488

Thought GOT was milked so hard they were too far ahead of the books to continue. I don't want to hear about this garbage from everyone I know again.

No. 263493

Suzy was arguing with somebody in her comments on one her Instagram posts lol. Does she always respond to people? I thought she just deleted every comment that wasn't kissing her ass

No. 263494

Instagram comments are such a mess and an eyesore. Don't know how any popular user can read it.

No. 263495

They started diverging from the ASoIaF (books) plot ages ago and now it's just completely different since GRRM gave them the go-ahead… So have fun hearing about that garbage for a long time to come

No. 263498

So it's basically the new Harry Porter where everyone claims to love the books but just enjoys the media?

No. 263501

I know she deletes YouTube comments all the time but I'm not sure about Instagram comments

No. 263544

File: 1461567370453.jpg (150.89 KB, 1024x1365, Cg2t5q6UcAEmf0n.jpg)

hipster as fuck

No. 263580

File: 1461582982825.jpg (107.09 KB, 750x750, plu.jpg)

Hollyposting triggers me. It reminds me she will never be my awkward, warm big sister.

No. 263586

File: 1461585410665.jpg (188.29 KB, 717x346, 01111.jpg)

Wow, these are dodgy.
The proportions are so weird and off; their heads are way too big for their bodies.
I had a look through the tattooist's IG and her stuff seems to be really hit and miss. Some things look clean and pretty nice, while others are a complete mess, pic related.
Saw this toad one and thought it looked quite good and that she wasn't so bad, but then I came across the snake…

Fucking why, Holly. You and your husband are artists and actually fucking decent ones at that. You have an eye for this stuff! I don't get it.

No. 263590

The toad looks really awesome

No. 263605

Thats what that is? Christ, I must be dafter than I thought. I spent a good minute trying to make sense of that thing and was stumped.

No. 263606

Meant to reply to >>263590

No. 263613

Same even if she has terrible tattoos and a weird "birb" obsession she seems so genuinely kind and nice to be around, and I would love to teach her how to do some simple daily makeup that would improve her face 10x just by widening her eyes and covering the dark circles

No. 263624

Who wore it better? Two edgy favs posted within hours of each other.

This dress is not flattering on their stomachs at all.

No. 263625

File: 1461599419582.jpg (848.8 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


Forgot pic

No. 263630


I go with Suzy because Victoria is an insufferable cunt

No. 263631

This feels wrong, but I'm going to have to say Suzy.
Victoria seriously looks exactly like a gay guy I know. It creeps me out.
Suzy actually looks nice in that picture after you stare at Victoria on the right for long enough.

No. 263632

lel talk about damning with faint praise.

No. 263643

First and foremost, fuck Victoria. Let it be known that I think this girl is utter garbage. But, and I say this apprehensively, at least she makes the goth schtick work. Sort of. This side to side looks like one of those expectations vs real-life pictures. Suzy just looks like a gnome in a wig. Vicks looks like shit too, but just…less shit.

No. 263649

I will say at least Victoria is active in her sense of style, if that makes sense? Like she wears that shit in public, Suzy doesn't.

I think Suzy looks…better…But she would probably be jealous of Victoria.

No. 263655

I want her to teach me how she's so positive despite having shitty family and other personal problems.

No. 263661

Suzy looked like she photoshopped her body smaller. Seriously, her head is fucking gigantic.

No. 263666


It pisses me off to no end that she uses all these tags and she's nowhere near to actually being a goth or alt person. She doesn't listen to the music?? Like I remember one of her fave albums was Tiesto, for fucks sake. She doesn't even have a metal background, or industrial. Doesn't she even know Emilie Autumn? Psyclon Nine? Cradle of Filth? Shit, even Nine Inch Nails or something. She doesn't at least mention any old school horror movies or themes. She's just very spoops, much scare. Liking occult symbols doesn't make you goffik.

Phew, had to get that out.

Also y'all are right her head is looking seriously bobblehead-y these days, wtf. I would definitely have called photoshop although you'd think you'd want to make the head smaller if you shrink (ahem, liquify) the body.

No. 263667

Didn't even know she had any issues in her life, unlike with Suzy, we would all hear about every little thing nonstop. Remember when she had a flight delay and threw an enormous shitfit over it trying to rally people against the airline?

No. 263676

Vic is prettier than Suzy without shoop. With shoop she's hideous. Also, Vic is definitely a way worse person than Suz. So I dunno. It's a toss up. Aesthetics alone, Vic, I guess.

No. 263679

Somebody please post the tweet were she demands that AA reimburse her for the day's lost "wages"

Snoozy's lasers are always set to "scam"

No. 263680

never heard of this victoria before, what's so awful about her?

No. 263681

No. 263683

File: 1461616459881.png (11.17 KB, 265x140, Unnamed image (15).png)

Only just noticed Suzy's Twitter bio. I cackled.

No. 263688


>goth music

>Emilie Autumn
>Cradle of Filth

I don't want to derail into some goth music discussion but fucking lmao

No. 263694

That title. So edgy~

And yet another ootd video where she wears almost the same thing as the last one. All her ootd videos are interchangeable

No. 263696

why does suzy look like an alien in literally all of her recent ig uploads? she genuinely looks like a living breathing ayyy lmao

No. 263698

Wonder if she's using a stretching app. Her head looks huge.

No. 263699

MTE fucking hell anon Emilie Autumn and Cradle of filth are about as goth as Avril and enoby darnkness raven way

No. 263702

Enoby Darnkness Dementia Snoozy Raven Way is the queen of goths and she puts up her finger at you prep

No. 263705

all of her outfits look like she's raided a Hot Topic circa 2008

No. 263708

Pinup, wiccan, goth, mini dress malibu…instagram fashion? Kill it with fire.

This has to be the worst mesh of try hard I have ever seen. Throw in anything that is popular with social media and you have a snoozy outfit video.

No. 263718

Its interesting comparing the two because you can see that Victoria, as shitty as she is personality wise, does look like she wears this stuff. She also spent more time on making herself look a certain way, editing that jaw, and put effort into the photography. Suzy probably used something like beauty plus or is too lazy to properly edit so she blurred her face to the point she looks like MJ but didnt try to smooth her stomach.

No. 263790

Ewwwww…. Ikr. My vampiric lifeline is being drained

No. 263815

That he's a Berncuck.

But mostly because he's trying to make his fans vote for the candidate he likes.

No. 263828

honestly these videos are just boring as fuck now

No. 263830

ho boy

No. 263855

I cringed at what you think is goth. It's almost as bad as suzy

No. 263887

File: 1461675183504.jpg (87.52 KB, 914x589, ,ld.JPG)

Snoozy got snapchat

No. 263889

File: 1461675403222.jpg (115.62 KB, 939x589, sds.JPG)

She also listens to edgy as fuck audio books, who's surprised?

No. 263890

File: 1461675461462.jpg (113.39 KB, 935x594, jdmk.JPG)

No. 263892

File: 1461675585426.jpg (107.67 KB, 928x583, kokol.JPG)

No. 263894

She also posted a pic of some kind of Starbucks frap and some outfit pics.
Just realized that she actually follows Victoria on Instagram, so I guess you can tell who copied who

No. 263895

They're doing this because despite their constant "shoutouts" to him he hasn't appeared on their show right? This is all desperate hopes to bag an actually big celebrity name as a guest

No. 263902

How did she fuck it up so badly? You can do this with any old headband and it's easy. Aurora must be the shittiest product if it just knots your hair.

No. 263910

What's "the snapchat incident"?

No. 263914

They said they deleted it after getting tons of snaps while they were working which was kinda annoying. Also they got a lot of gay dudes sending nudes and at least dan complained about that kek

No. 263915


Maybe I didn't express myself correctly but I meant "doesn't she at least know these artists?" I never said they are goth. But a lot of goth people know of them. No need to be condescending 'bout it.

No. 263926

If they're aiming for Chris Pratt they're going about it the wrong way. They need to start praising Jesus and all that overt Born Again stuff, otherwise he'll never pay attention. Their audience isn't quite that huge.

No. 263948

Can't they leave the poor dude alone? They're like one of those desperate teenage girls on twitter constantly tweeting @ their fav celeb.

No. 263954

some male anon snap suzy your dick

c'mon take one for the team

No. 263962


Ahh, I get you now, anon. That makes more sense.
I guess they kinda fit into the whole "dark alt" scene anyway, so I see your point.
Sorry if I came across as condescending. There are way too many people like Suzy who think general edge = goffick

No. 264019

File: 1461742893276.jpeg (141.95 KB, 640x893, image.jpeg)

KKG will probably be passing her main channel in subscribers before long

No. 264021

Odd. She seems so uninterested in a lot of the videos, at-least there's SOME passion in her main channel. Maybe it's because of all the guests or just a testament to how popular LP's are.
Also Huniecam was awful. I expected little and still felt cheated. Only one CG per girl which he already posted on twitter before the release.

No. 264026

They look so disgusted in the Huniecam thumbnail. Don't tell me it's a whole episode of SJW rambling..

No. 264029


Oh god I hope not. I was interested in Huniecam since I love time management/tycoon type games. But after reading reviews I've been hesitant to get it

No. 264038

File: 1461751352498.jpg (196.69 KB, 1061x644, 2016-04-27 10.55.53.jpg)

Do you think she's trying to name drop buying antique frames for her bugs or for her grotty house. Either way we can conclude she gets supplies for either on ebay which makes sense why allot of her house and bugs look so cheap~

No. 264080

I thought she would have way more subscribers on her YouTube channels. She has nearly 200k just on her Instagram. She's had her main channel for so long and I'm surprised it only has 240k subs

No. 264112

They both love the Huniefranchise. The only thing that bugged Suzy IIRC was being able to send your camwhores to escort which usually ends up with STDs.

No. 264158

If you're interested, just torrent it tbh. I think it's fun for what it is, and there is a level of challenge in the tycoon aspect, but I wouldn't say it's worth the amount of money it is.

How does one "accidentally pocket purchase"??

No. 264161

Wow this could be a post from onision all this fucking edge snoozy. Also, at 2x speed why? A book is for enjoyment you aren't cramming for a test

No. 264166

Because reading them on the page is too hard, but hearing them spoken aloud at the proper pace is too boring, duh! Blasting through them absentmindedly and not absorbing anything is, like, ah-mayzing.

No. 264222


Hey anon it's alright! :) I know what you mean. I'm more from the metal side (the darkwave/80's goth music isn't really my cup of tea) but no matter which spectrum the person falls into they have usually heard of these artists and admired them.

Especially Emilie Autumn since she's a mental health snowflake and pathological liar, you'd think Suzy would just looooove to be an Asylum Rat.

No. 264262

It's like 5 bucks. Lunch costs more than that.

No. 264286

Honestly, anyone who was remotely into watching Adult Swim would vaguely know who Emilie Autumn is since she did the violins for the Dethharmonic song in Metalocalypse and iirc Brandon Small was one of the reasons she attempted suicide. Tbh I'm really surprised Suzy hasn't been all over Emilie Autumn since her Opheliac era style is pretty similar to Suzy's taste in terrible outfits (example: table flip and the renascence festival outfit).

No. 264350

But her most popular lps are the ones where Arin is playing the game…

No. 264367


I've seen Metalocalypse but we don't have Adult Swim. I learned about Emilie through Nightwish fans. Ironically at first I hated her Opheliac album. Now I love it, and even though it seems to be from her worst era, it made amazing music. Yeah her abortion and Brandon from Smashing Pumpkins are the reasons she tried to kill herself.

The Opheliac asylum vibe is totally something Suzy would suck up to. At least Emilie, for all her bad personality traits, stuck with that aesthetic. But I think her music is maybe too dark for Suzy (lol). She is too ironic, too much into mental madness, which I find cathartic to listen to, but I think Suzy is the type of person that wants positivity around her when she feels bad, judging from her intolerance for criticism.

Marry me, he said through his fat chins, rap beats and then
Marry me instead of that emo ex boyfriend, but when
I was in his bed, and my jealousy of Katie sold me
I knew I hadn't any choice, hushed my voice, did what any leech would do

And when I am shameless at least I was famous
And when I am a bitch at least I was rich
I'll hide my behaviour with food as my saviour

But oh, what beautiful shoes I'll wear
What ill fitting dresses and fug hair
I'm lucky to share his bed
Especially since I'll soon be dead

sage for ot

No. 264376

Eh exchange rates. But yeah, I would just save for lunch than pay for hunicam

No. 264452

File: 1461789487587.jpg (14.33 KB, 640x360, ashens.jpg)


>Game Grumps

…who? Ashens >>>>> them.

>Suzy Bearcow

…the good Dr. Stuart Ashen would give her a taste of the Blowtorch.

For there is only one THE GOOSE!:


No. 264467

No. 264499

I love Ashens. My favorite is of him and his friend destroying MLP toys with toxic chemicals.

No. 264510

File: 1461797415407.jpg (56.51 KB, 500x375, tumblr_o6bb0ceU5V1qils0po1_500…)

I… don't know if I would've posted something like this if I were Snoozy. These pictures are 10 years apart. Basically same make up, but the present-day picture isn't too flattering.

No. 264552

She's been doing the same look for over 10 years and she's still terrible at it. Most people who regularly wear makeup improve as time goes by and it just looks like her technique and style stayed the same

No. 264567

Her hair looks so dirty in the left pic. Yikes.

No. 264632

File: 1461820087235.jpeg (136.11 KB, 640x917, image.jpeg)

No. 264635

The gamegrump guys surround themselves with the most basic boring girls dear lord, none of these 3 peopke have charisma and look like shit

No. 264642

hey dude, holly might not be a beauty, but she's genuinely nice unlike suzy, i take holly over suzy any day.

No. 264643

The grumps are a very painfully average looking group. Danny is pretty attractive but he also looks like he hasn't showered for weeks sometimes

No. 264662

>have over 20K in cute outfits sitting in her wardrobe
>wears jeans, graphic t-shirt, and a hoodie every time she leaves the house

Is Snoozy some sort of a master troll?

No. 264730

I don't get why Ninja Brian would leave a stable teaching job to "work" as a social media manager. How many assistants do they need for a damn youtube channel

No. 264737

Brian makes sense to me. They needed another host to keep it fresh and help out since Danny barely does non-grump videos and Ross is busy with his animationshit. I'm guessing grumpcade/steamtrain will mainly be Brian and Barry along with some Arin/Ross/Suzy to mix it up. Plus Brian was a safe choice even if they didn't look at it from that angle. People lose their shit when new hosts are added so they went with the guy affiliated with their most popular host (Danny).
The ones that seem tedious to me are Vernon and all their interns.

No. 264751

#airportrich #livinthatmericanlife

No. 264774

If you mean in terms of looks, then yes.

No. 264816

He already has been working with them as this for a while. He just recently got into being on the show too.

No. 264821

>20k worth of clothes
You have to be joking… Please be joking

No. 264823

Not the poster but it does make sense. I mean the Thousand of dollars in shoes. All the dresses she got from milk clothing and others. 100 dollar sunglasses. Fuck all the VS PINK hoodies and sweatpants add up over time. She might not have paid for them all but it's there.

No. 264824

File: 1461867095158.jpg (23.44 KB, 304x492, snoz.JPG)

No. 264838