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File: 1447505385748.png (12.84 KB, 676x223, tumblr (2).png)

No. 203794

New tumblr thread, old one reached posting limit.

Old thread: >>189689

No. 203799

Ugh these kids.

If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure the feathers they use for those tacky "Indian" costumes sold in shops aren't actual eagle feathers.

No. 203842

Not to /pol/ this up, but who's ready for tumblr to come to the defense of the attackers in France? Like, I do understand the concern about the safety of Muslims residing in the country who are just trying to live life, but I feel tumblr is going to be all "Oh no! You can't blame the suicide bombers! Blame the oppressiveness in the country!It's not their fault they did this!!!"

No. 203844

They're pretty much already started. There are posts floating around telling people that this kind of stuff happens all the time in Syria and that's who they should be praying for. While it's true, it's just such a gross, undercutting move. You can have it both ways.

No. 203846

I keep getting posts on my FB feed about how we shouldn't support France because they used to colonize and how we should feel bad because we aren't upset about terror attacks in other countries. I just want to say bitch this is the worst attack in Europe for like ten years. Show some fucking respect for the dead.

No. 203848

Yeah, they are well on it already.
I don't think it is good to generalize groups of people, but funny how tumblr SJW's think it's okay to pick and choose when it is OKAY and NOT okay to generalize.
>tumblr: ALL men are rapists
>tumblr: ##not allmuslims
Hate this double standard shit they do.

No. 203852

Oh man I used to know a tumblrina back when I was a junior in high school that you guys would've loved. Literally everything under "people in the future" in OP's pic plus radical SJW views. Faked being raped for SJW sympathy points and so that she could claim that all men are rapists. Told my school's Japanese department that they shouldn't give out Japanese nicknames cuz MUH CULTURAL APPROPRIATIONZ!!! despite that the Japanese department was run by Japanese people and all the Japanese teachers are Japanese. She isn't even Japanese, she's a Paki who thought the Japanese department didn't understand because they're so meek and mild that they just bend to the will of the evil white supremacy. Also went by Hiyoko on Tumblr and was kin with a bunch of Japanese animu characters despite saying that white people cant be kin with Japanese characters. Said shit like "I wish I was a kawaii Japanese school girl" and reblogged creepshots of jap girls while saying that white people literally shouldn't do the same shit that she was doing. She was a mess.

No. 203853

"Don't act like something isn't a problem because someone has it worse!"

>proceeds to the do the exact same thing to the France situation.

No. 203883

File: 1447537711963.png (17.19 KB, 470x305, ss (2015-11-14 at 12.46.33).pn…)

>non-binary parents

pls dont tell me these crazies breed

No. 203895

Why make up dumb abbreviations like "guardi" when the word parent exists? And the thought of these gender-obsessed weirdos reproducing makes me feel ill. I just shrug it off when it's a teen saying this dumb stuff, but someone in their 20's? Or, god forbid, their 30's? Fucking hell.

No. 203904

>they sound rich and mysteriously important
There you have it folks, the most important thing in life is to sound cool no matter what. Even when your mom is a manipulative selfish nutjob.
Surely that kid will grow up to be a well adjusted member of society for not being able to call his mother "mom" in fear of her flipping off in anger after being misgendered.

No. 203945

File: 1447547414213.png (486.55 KB, 768x1024, Screenshot_2015-11-14-19-28-55…)


No. 203989

What the fuck is that thing?

No. 204012

How do you guys handle your IRL friends that are slightly SJW? I have two, one way more tumblrina then the other. I enjoy hanging out with them but when it comes to certain subjects it can be unbearable. I remember discussing with one of them the subject of boners vs periods. I was telling her I felt bad for guys, since they can just spout a chubby whenever and how they're considered a pervert if they get one in public, while at least a girl's period can usually be kept undercontrol and underwraps better. She seemed offended and kept telling me that a guy pitching a tent in the middle of class is no where near as bad as a girl getting her period. Yet

No. 204017

I just smile and nod

No. 204019

getting a boner is annoying because I can at least stick it in my waistband but I'm sure having your period in class is a lot more of a problem. It's silly that your friend would be offended at something so inane as sympathy for the opposite gender

No. 204020

This doesn't strike me as sjw at all anon.

No. 204021

'periods are literally the worst thing ever' is kind of an sjw thing.. i think getting your period unprepared and bleeding all over everything is worse than getting a boner but hopefully almost 100 periods have taught someone to keep stuff with them

No. 204022

ah, i see more of the "bawww i wish i had a period, ciswomen are so lucky, pls never talk about them ever cause muh triggers" thing

No. 204025

The mentioned friend constantly reblogs stuff about how tampons and pads should be free and how everyone sucks for not understanding every single little detail in regards to periods. Maybe I have low standards and/or shitty friends, but she fits into the tumblrina image well. Overweight and complains about the aches and pains of it (but not really doing anything about it), dumb looking shaved sides with a tuff of hair on top, draws herself much skinnier then she is, draws in AT style a lot and tries to say its not lazy, thinks communism would solve everything, procrastinates on projects so she never turns them in on time or completed, complains about money issues but then goes and fully pays for a preordered game for a system she doesn't even have yet, smokes weed constantly, doesn't have her license so always bumming for rides even though she is 5 minutes from the university, bumming rides for everywhere but never chips into gas money, the list goes on. She's not full on SJW luckily, but sometimes it feels pretty close. It's funny cause she will constantly say 'faggot' and nigga' in public, despite being in neither 'category' for either.
Looking over it, I suggest staying far from even slight SJW now, if for the sake of your health.

No. 204026

sounds more like a shitty person than an SJW

No. 204027

As if they aren't the same thing.

No. 204051

I had a couple buddies who were pretty similar to that description and over time they became total extremists talking shit like "kill all white people". Once they get infected by the SJW hivemind it's all downhill lmao.

No. 204053

I'm sure not all people who get a little bit of SJW in them turn out completely terrible, but its unfortunate that so many turn down that path.

No. 204078

Well, "gaurdi", doesn't sound that cute to anyone Irish because the police in Ireland are called The Gardaí (pronounced "gaurdi").

Also how is "gaurdi" supposed to be a shortened term for parent when they're the same length?

Fucking Tumblr logic.

No. 204092

>Well, "gaurdi", doesn't sound that cute to anyone Irish
You're Irish? Duh, this means you are just an oppressor and not entitled to any opinion. I bet you are cishet scum as well.

Sorry to disappoint you Anon, but your friends sounds already shitty without the SJW part. The SJW is just the iceing on the cake. Grow a spine and stop being friends with shitty childish people you clearly don't seem to like very much instead of anonymously complaining about them.

No. 204129

I know, right? The Irish are oppressors despite what history proved time and time again. We're white so that automatically means any evidence of us being treated as slaves by the English (and treated as less and worth less than African slaves) is null and void.

Seriously, this is a prevalent thing on Tumblr - non-Irish SJWs refuse to acknowledge this was a thing that happened because ~ only non-Whites can be oppressed~ and if you dare try to talk about it, you're racist for thinking your people were oppressed. Because like the Irish Famine totally wasn't a genocide caused by the British. Also, the Irish language totally isn't almost dead because of this and the harsh corporal punishment inflicted on those who spoke a word of it in schools in the 19th Century. Yeah didn't happen. And then Irish migrants to America totally weren't refused jobs based on the fact that they were Irish. “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” totally wasn't a thing either. Nope. Us privileged white Irish scum have no idea what being oppressed means…Fuck Off!

That's one of the things that pisses me off most about Tumblr: the popular mindset that hard facts and history didn't happen (regardless of the mountains of evidence) purely because it conflicts with their idea of society. Not to mention them making up their own definitions of highly complex concepts to fit their opinion. I guess babies can't deal with cognitive dissonance and deal with it in a rational and objective manner.

No. 204135

Guardi sounds fucking stupid, but it'll catch anyway. Just like 'Comfy' instead of comfortable did. And then tards like that lord of the fucking idiots pastel-ugly/angelic-shitmoji will be slurring it left in right under each set of 10,000 selfies.

"I'm not comfy with my fat jiggling lardfolds but I'll show you guys anyway uwu body posi !!" "Went out with my guardi to take some more bodiposi shots since I'm eternally 12 and not comfy with learning how to drive yet! My guardi had to wipe my asshole for me when we were done since I'm not comfy with touching my nono parts, it triggers me uwu" I can see it now.

No. 204140

Comfy is a word though. You've never heard it outside of the internet?

No. 204153

File: 1447606371868.jpg (135.75 KB, 651x489, 1444656657052.jpg)

Not IRL friend, but my old internet buddy turns full SJW from time to time. I like her as a person, but she sometimes goes full retard with her preachy tirades. I used to ignore that, but recently she started writing long-ass posts about cultural appropriation, so I anonymously sent her an ask (because I don't dabble with SJW stuff too much) correcting one of her statements. I wrote that ONLY Americans (including descendants of immigrants from that country) get angry about people simply wearing other people's traditional clothing in a respectful way, while the native people from whatever country simply do not care, and they don't want people to get angry in their stead.

She went batshit insane, wrote a long-ass angry reply, started throwing religion, collonialism and dreadlocks into this (???), and immediately told me to GTFO her blog/mailbox/life. I tried explaining my point in simpler words, because she missed the point…
And she replied quoting thisisnotjapan as a reliable source, because I'm clearly an insensitive barbarian and need to be educated.

I laughed out loud.

No. 204157

File: 1447606736294.gif (1.07 MB, 446x270, 1445225881431.gif)

that's totally true though
i know a lady who i work with that went to Jamaica and alot of people there nicely offered to give her dreds (but she said no, because she thought she would look crazy in it)
it's funny how the only people who whine about cultural appropriation are the people with no culture, kek

No. 204158

Ditch that bitch.

No. 204179

That's probably because they wanted money. A lot of people get suckered into getting braids, usually, even though it rips out so much of their hair.

No. 204188

Excuse me, but barb*rian is a very offensive slur and I must ask you never to use it again. As a white honorary POC, it really upsets me.

No. 204226

This picture sums up pretty much every Tumblr debate I've ever had

No. 204246

File: 1447616466913.jpg (132.06 KB, 675x1200, xA58Ewp.jpg)

these people sure like to pin labels and project their hate on fictional characters.

No. 204276

Oh god why

Honestly, this shit is why I hardly take trans people seriously. I bet the bitch who wrote this is a fakeboi.

No. 204289


>"hurr we need more female characters in video games! representation!"

>get more female characters in video games
>"she is obviously a translesbian aromantic cishetphobe with multiple systems!"


No. 204291

I wish we could take everyone who thinks like this, put them in a rocket, and launch them out of the solar system.

No. 204300

and risk potential alien invasion? the extraterrestrials don't want these sorry fucks either.

No. 204314

File: 1447627189368.png (624.98 KB, 521x887, why is everyone trans.png)

why is it that these people REFUSE to let someone be not trans. why does legitimately EVERYONE in the world have to be trans to these people? Christ.
It's like they're saying "yes, be dysphoric and miserable like us!!" or "oh yes don't be yourself at all!!!! you must be trans or you're just garbage!!!!"
But then if I bring up that, people are gonna whine about how "not all trans people are dysphoric!!!!!! u fucking truscum!!!!"

No. 204319

>all female characters must be trans

bit sexist tbh fam ngl smh

No. 204320

It's sexist as fuck to make female characters trans, especially characters that are a bit more strong willed like Zelda or Samus. It really pisses me off tbh.

No. 204321

I want this trans trend to be fucking over.

No. 204322

female Link was just announced like two days ago. How is this already happening? fuck this world

No. 204323

but anon that makes you a dirty disgusting transphobe! everyone knows transmowen ARE REAL WOMEN and more REAL than you could ever be you vagina haver uwu ~

No. 204324

Having your period is worse than having a bone that you can easily hide or make it go away by thinking safe thoughts. I dunno, you kind sound like the jerk of the conversation tbh

No. 204326

meant boner

No. 204335

>a boner that you can easily hide or make it go away by thinking safe thoughts.
Well, that's easy to say when you never experienced the awkwardness of having an involuntary boner in a crowded train and you don't even know why.
Seriously, both genders had its hardships, can we just agree with that and stop the "no I suffer more than you" Olympics?

No. 204336

Honestly, I'd count their response times as impressive if it weren't so sad. Of course, there's no pleasing the spoiled and stupid, so I'm not really surprised kids are getting up in arms over something so inconsequential as a video game character. At this point you should expect it.

No. 204338

Shouldn't you be in the robot thread?

No. 204340

>baw akward boner in a train
Yeah try having cramps so bad you literally can't straighten up. I'll take an "embarrassing" problem over a painful problem any day.

No. 204341

Just because he's male doesn't mean he's a robot, hon

No. 204344

When you get a boner do you get stomach pains so bad you can't even do anything besides lie in bed in pain even after taking meds while blood gushes out your genitals? No, you don't. I know both genders have hardships, but periods are clearly worse than boners. Ffs, one is for the sake of having sex, the other is a painful reminder that biology wants you to be pregnant.

No. 204345

Only robots feel the need to whinge about their boners whenever women mention periods.

No. 204347

wtf is the gender of that thing even? Female?…I guess?…

No. 204358

Sorry you're getting all these negative comments anon, didn't mean to cause a mini shitstorm. I am a girl and I understand that random boners are not a fun experience. Like I said before, at least with periods girls can at least try to plan ahead for it. Not to mention the fact that not every girl gets terrible bad cramps, or that some girls have the option to take birth control to lower the number of periods. I've been in places where I have gotten my period and wasn't prepared for it. One time it was at a competition, and because I had been a bit irregular I hadn't noticed till it was my time to go see the judges. I was embarrassed and my teacher had to go buy pants for me to wear since we were out of town, and it sucked. However, I think it would suck too knowing that you have to walk in front of a classroom sprouting a chubby. Everyone assumes you're a pervert, and like the previous posters people assume you should just be able to think it away or that you must have been thinking dirty thoughts for it to happen. If your nipples get hard does that mean you're an insatiable horndog? No it's just blooodflow, same when your body decides to go half mast during a lecture. Not to mention, a girl can usually get out of class for a period emergency (I was always able to, not going to speak for everyone's experience), but a guy just kinda has to try and hide it. But I feel like more anons are just going to complain about this issue, but I wanted to let yo know that you at least had one femanon on yourside.

tl:dr- Periods can suck, boners can suck.

No. 204361

You know what's really shitty?
Taking away biologically female characters.

There's always been a lot of critique on how females are inferior to men, so why take so many strong female characters and reduce them to being biologically male? It's just saddening, it makes people think only boys who pretend to be girls can be good. And that real girls are just shit tier after all.

Yes I mad.

No. 204364

whaa, whaa, i'm embarrassed for a few minutes. Not, i'm in a state of constantly pain for 4-7 days every single month until menopause comes. And seriously, even with the cramps and bloating, bleeding and getting blood on your clothing, underwear etc is just fucking awful. I cannot believe we're even comparing the two. I've had days where I was in so much pain, I had to call out from work and I work retail. When I can't afford to call out, I have to smile and endure. And god for fucking bid you tell your coworkers you're having your period in passing.

>defending boners this hardcore

No. 204366

That's what I don't get. Female characters that aren't just plot devices are already so rare. This trans bullshit needs to end. Cis people are more than 98% of the population. they need to get the fuck over that.

No. 204367

File: 1447631424293.jpg (169.23 KB, 1161x640, feminism31.jpg)

Because those strong female characters were made by men, and therefore can't truly be strong characters, but rather sex objects or idols meant to be fapped to by the boys who play video games.

Even characters made by women, like Bayonetta, are torn down just because they are "sexy" or their boobs are too big or whatever other shitty metric they use to determine if a character is sexist or not.

What you need to understand is that these kinds of people will never be satisfied with a character

No. 204368

>muh projection

No. 204374

No. 204381

File: 1447633241199.png (244.43 KB, 450x653, latest.png)

>putting 'generic animal crossing player character' and not saharah
i shiggidy diggidy

No. 204383

>not trying to understand the disadvantage of both
I'm not trying to rage a war, saying that boners are worse or as bad as periods. Cause it just matters on the person anon. I'm sorry your periods are hellish for you, and I know that other girls suffer the same. But not every girl does. My periods can hurt like a SOB, but they never last more then four days. Most of my friends end by the fifth day, and the last day is just spotty. I've learned methods to help me alleviate my cramps, what to do to make myself feel better. If a girl doesn't carry around pads or tampons, then usually that is their fault for not preparing before hand (give or take on the situation). I know many girls who go the way of birth control and only ever have their period once or twice a year. I don't mind letting friends or coworkers know that I may not be on top of my game because of 'nature'k Not every girl has those luxuries though.
A guy can have a boner any day, several times in one day. They can't always hide it, or they have to worry about it being visible to others. There's a stigma that if people can see if, they are going to be considered a perv for a long time, and then comes the name calling if everyone thinks you got a tiny dick. If a female teacher gets a period during class, she just had an unfortunate incident, whereas if a male teacher were to get a boner in the middle of class then he is a massive pervert. On the other hand, a girl may get her period on a bus and have no way to hide it, bloodstains on her clothes or even the seats, while a boy with a boner in the same place could have a better time hiding it.
It depends on people, places, situations. There are many ways periods are worse then boners, but there are many negative attributes to random public boners. For me, I can handle my periods fairly well but that doesn't mean another girl is going to have an easy time. Same with different boys. To just dismiss a boy's problem with boners is just ignorant, and I truly do feel sorry for any boy that has had to suffer consequences from them (just as I do for any girl and her period).

No. 204384

Let me just add that I am, in no way, trying to dismiss your situation as not being important either. I just believe this a subject that is often overlooked.

No. 204385

File: 1447633561343.jpg (97.77 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nqgfj0HdfY1r33af9o1_500…)

No. 204386

>wake up and this greets you
what do?

No. 204387

File: 1447633713817.jpg (49.4 KB, 642x362, file_198151_0_Full_Metal_Jacke…)



No. 204389

Anyone else see a load of "white ppl cant cook lol' posts? I always seem to get them on my dash. Not to mention, all of the tumblr's dedicated to 'whiteppldocrazyshitlol', do these people have nothing better to do with their time?

No. 204391

Have these people not heard of french cuisine? Italian? Basically anything?

No. 204393

File: 1447634168534.png (6.18 KB, 679x427, HA.png)

>do these people have nothing better to do with their time?

No. 204394

I live in Texas, and the only complain I've heard about most 'white people food' is that it wasn't spicy enough (which I can understand, given how spicy things work on a person), but never really any complaints that the food was bland.

No. 204395

File: 1447635088521.jpg (16.17 KB, 325x268, schoolshooter.jpg)

It's just teasing white people like "white boys can't jump" or all white people are school shooters

I'm sure some tumblrcunts take that shit seriously but its just some racial humour. People make fun of blacks and other minorities for similar shit so I don't really care, its even funny sometimes

No. 204403

File: 1447636710975.jpg (27.74 KB, 516x400, disgust.jpg)

>mfw this bitch has a chupryna

No. 204404

I guess if you come from a culture that uses a lot of spices and shit then you go to your whtie friend's house and the mom serves tendies or boiled chicken and mashed peas and you think that's how all white people cook. It's just taking a specific example and applying it as a generalization.

No. 204406

I vote medical experimentation. Make 'em useful.

No. 204410


The only thing I've seen of that vein is tumblrites laughing when whine people call food from other cultures "exotic", which makes no sense, since the definition of exotic is literally that which is outside on one's usual experiences.

No. 204412


*white kek

No. 204413

File: 1447638825977.jpg (393.53 KB, 1280x1534, tumblr_nxh870l1lx1rzyibvo1_128…)


No. 204418

I bet you own a meninist shirt

No. 204420


What the actual fuck is wrong with these idiots

No. 204422

And I bet you are a sad, lonely girl. I'm sorry you can't experience empathy, anon.

No. 204423

You don't befriend them.
dont be friend with crazies.

No. 204425

pls go back 2 tumblr lil feminist

No. 204426

Lol wtff

No. 204428

File: 1447639712959.jpg (126.39 KB, 986x591, Raisins_Face.jpg)

Oh my fucking god. Someone please shut down tumblr before it's too late.

No. 204432

File: 1447639817406.gif (5.36 MB, 320x240, nope-cat-o.gif)

No. 204435

Dude I'm just sick of all of it.
I will bet all of my fucking autism dosh that whoever made this list hasn't played half of the games their "trans headcanon babies" are from.

As someone else said already, you can't cry about no female representation and then take canonically female characters and say "Well no they're trans!!"
It's disrespectful to women who actually give a shit about games and to trans people who aren't crybaby spergs.

You want trans representation? Make your own goddamn games. Make your own goddamn games and make the characters you've always dreamed of. Nintendo doesn't give a fuck about trans activism. Actual trans people don't give a fuck about your harebrained headcanons.

sage for drunk sperg ranting

No. 204438

File: 1447640059872.gif (974.67 KB, 245x239, tumblr_m4h8mvBK8K1rwcc6bo1_250…)

>statutory rape
>tfw you realize someone might be thinking these things about your cat right now.

No. 204439

Must be a fukin troll

No. 204442

You would think, but is it really that far fetch for sick fucks to really be into that.

No. 204443

>You want trans representation? Make your own goddamn games. Make your own goddamn games and make the characters you've always dreamed of. Nintendo doesn't give a fuck about trans activism. Actual trans people don't give a fuck about your harebrained headcanons.
This sums up pretty much how I feel about the "lack of representation" of PoC and the white privilege thing. I know plenty of black people that don't sperg out over the whole white privilege thing and grew up accomplished and just fine. It sucks that these people that feel so triggered and miserable about everything have the loudest voice and influence in society these days (so it seems, anyway).

No. 204444

>tfw technically I am a demisexual
>can't and don't want to call myself such because of being associated with people like this

No. 204445

Fuck tho, honestly… It's just ridiculous

No. 204446

>any of these characters

No. 204449

File: 1447640742796.gif (990.91 KB, 245x245, Tina_why_god.gif)

Yeah, you gotta be pretty depraved to be into beastiality. But it definitely exists. It's so disgusting that it's almost funny.

In addition to tranny freaks in the ladies room, I now have to worry about tumblrtards raping my cat.

No. 204455

>reasons I don't let my cat outside
>would probably kill birds if he wasn't… how to say nicely… simple
>edgy kids pretending to be pagan like to steal cats and "sacrifice" them where I live
>and now weird otherkin kids like this motherfucker right here

No. 204458

Wait I am confused, how are they saying these characters are trans? That they're MtF or something? That they are boys? I am so confused.

No. 204461

File: 1447641674396.png (34.84 KB, 650x512, 1442078674157.png)

>I am a fictive otherkin but these days I am transotherkin because I am transitioning into a cat

No. 204463

Zelda pretended to be male in Ocarina of Time…but…she was just cross-dressing.

I have an ACTUAL trans friend and her life is shit right now. She doesn't wish "trans" on anyone. She just wants to live her life as a woman like a normal person. Trans people want to be normal and these tumblrs are the opposite. They think it makes them special but anyone who is choosing to life their life as something that is not biological is incredibly difficult. Fuck these people.

No. 204466

This. Trans tumblr has 10000% shit on transpeople irl. They just want to incognito pass. They're not interested in crashing feminist spaces (unlike tumblr trans). they don't wanna fuck lesbians with their ladydicks (like tumblr trans). they don't want to re-write biology and society for themselves (unlike tumblr trans). Tumblr trans has ruined any hope for them.

No. 204476

Everyone is trans because tumblr is full of trans fetishists who don't care how marginalising their attitudes are to both trans people and women.

Yeah I've got a trans friend too. She is so different from the tumblr stereotype, and I wish more people would realise that actual trans people and tumblr trans people are not the same. Unfortunately what people see is tumblr trans people since they're so… how to say this… noisy. It's so damaging to the trans community, but they for social justice warriors they really don't care all that much since trans is trendy now on tumblr.

No. 204480

Birdo is the only one there that is arguably trans. The original manual for Super Mario Bros 2 says that Birdo is a boy who believes he is a girl. Besides, there are other trans characters in video games too like Poison from Street Fighter. There's not much of a need to go arbitrarily slapping the label on every female character. Given that people will speak out on not dismissing the unique experiences of trans women, isn't it kind of also insulting on that note to dismiss the experiences of biological women? And isn't it being rude to the artist who already has a set vision of their character?

No. 204484

most of people in this earth are demisexual

No. 204486

File: 1447645229599.jpg (50.88 KB, 396x385, sadfrog.jpg)

Iunno, seems like most people just care about random sex nowadays

No. 204488

it's almost like some people are interested in having more casual sex and others like long term relationships, or even both!

No. 204491

It's because men think so poorly of women that they would rather M2Fs have more rights and privledes than biological women.

No. 204494

Why… do any of these characters come across as trans exactly?

Man, I almost feel like for the majority of these dumbfucks that are ~*trans*~ are actually just experiencing a combination of narcissism, being a loser, and hating their ugly selves.

No. 204496

jfc lock it in the loony bin.

No. 204497

It is full of self importance and being disrespectful. Having a fantasy is one thing, but they should really keep shit like this to themselves. Come on, is genderbending not good enough for these spergs?

No. 204499

what? no.

No. 204515

I was just think about Saharah and Gracie.
Like who ever made this list seems to also forget Poison from Final fight.

No. 204526

sorry ot but fuck I love that gif

No. 204530

while I agree with you for the most part, I wouldn't say "only" Americans, because I'm sure there are many cultures out there (upon the thousands at the very least) who do not want people to dabble into their traditions if they haven't grown up under and earned their right to wear certain pieces. For example, if there are certain groups that must pass tests of strength to earn the right to have a certain piercing, a foreigner (of any background) coming in asking to get the same one because they "get" the meaning behind it and think its awesome may not warrant them getting one.

No. 204532

dude I know a guy that got accused of sexual harassment for simply having a random boner in front of a chick

she literally didn't know guys can get random boners without thinking anything sexual in the slightest, the worst part is that her and her gang of raging bitches didn't either so they attacked the poor dude

only other guys came to his defense, so it looked even worse for him

I'd rather have a period stain with bad cramps than suffer through that shit

No. 204534

But how common is that really?

No. 204539

probably not at all, but just the possibility of it happening to other people is crazy

I used to work at a nursing home in hs and I remember a woman coming in to visit her mom and telling her that she was scared that her son was attracted to her because he got an erection while she was bathing him, and her words exactly were "I don't know what to do mom, he's a little kid I didn't think that could happen"

like to jump to that conclusion is insane over something that is unpreventable and that you can't plan for

Don't get me wrong, I've cried from how bad my cramps have been and usually have to get up in the middle of the night a few times to make sure I haven't leaked onto the bed so those few days suck

but to be worried (if you've been through it) that you may be accused of that at any time sucks too

No. 204540

how common is having a horrible period? obviously not everyone does, I just take pain killers. other people can't function.
boners and periods can suck, the end. a horrible period is worse than getting a boner, the end.

No. 204544

I saw a post on tumblr about how the next Tomodachi game should add a nonbinary option. As if you can't already make miis extremely neutral looking or marry together same sex couples as long as you make one of them the opposite gender in the mii maker. I guess that arbitraty gender sign you need to click through is too triggering for them. as is having it show up in the profile.

But it's super easy to get what you want regardless. All clothing is unisex equipable. The miis might not like certain clothes but they'll still wear them.

Some of these are good suggestions. But 2 and 3 are totally SJW. We'll be lucky is we even get same sex couples in any future Tomodachi games. I'm surprised this list didn't include polyamory.

And I really do hate this "every character is trans" trend. Don't they realise how highly unlikely this is? Actual trans characters are few and far between. The vast majority of popular and obscure characters are not trans. That's just the way it is. Taking away actual female characters and claiming they are trans really does make it sound like they are saying real women are second class citizens after all. It really does.

Some of these SJWs get really irate when you try to tell them they are wrong. And they'll insist their interpretation HAS to be canon. I really don't think they play even a fraction of the games they claim these trans characters are from either. I totally don't buy it. Because if it were true they'd know that their headcanons can't be actual canon. It doesn't make sense.

It makes me wonder how they explain cleavage on a transgirl who couldn't have possibly gotten implants due to age, technology level, historical setting, income ect…

What do they do about the ones that have babies? I'm actually curious as to how they step around the issues and keep insisting said character is trans.

No. 204549

You're right. The actual number of trans people are so miniscule, yet they seem to be the most vocal minority. I don't fucking get it.

No. 204551

I don't. I've cut ties with most of my SJW friends by now. Just now I had a friend in the area of the Paris terrorist attack area and understandably I was worried sick about her and this one bitch had the balls to make passive aggressive posts about how nobody cares about the poor middle easterns who experience attacks like this on a regular basis. AT THE TIME IT WAS STILL GOING ON. Told her off and I'm never talking to her again. This isn't some fucking empathy contest. Fucking tumblrinas I tell you.

No. 204553

File: 1447656722935.jpg (43.2 KB, 500x464, jr5kS0t81snji0s.jpg)

You are a smart fucking person. No logical human being should have SJW friends.

No. 204558

Someone should start telling these SJWs that it's cultural appropriation if they aren't of Ukranian descent. I'd love to see their reaction.

I'm 1/4 Ukrainian and I feel triggered now. how dare they steal 1/4 of my cultural history?

No. 204562

Ukranians are white and as it is a well known fact that whiteys have no culture, it can't possibly be cultural appropriation. Duh.

No. 204565

"Exotic" and "fetish" seem to be the two go-to terms every time an SJW feels that some culture is being mocked.

Yet at the same time you are racist if you don't like that culture enough. A good example is if you say you aren't attracted to a certain race you are racist. But if you are attracted to someone of that race it's a fetish. You don't really love them. You just fetishize them for being exotic. Personal preference and true love don't even get considered.

You literally cannot win. There's no use arguing. SJWs will gush over biracial babies but lambast interacial couples because "muh exotic fetisization".

I grew up in a very multicultural area. So I do not see people from races other than white being anything but ordinary. Maybe it's different if you're from an all white or predominately white area. But I did go to school in an all white area and it was extremely weird and alien to me because to me it didn't feel normal.

To me people are never exotic. Fruit is exotic. Flowers are exotic. Birds are exotic. So unless you're a pineapple, an orchid or a bird of paradise, you aren't special for wearing cultural clothing and sporting a bindi or a turban. Sorry. You're just a normal human being.

The thing is that I really do think some of these SJWs want to be exotic and someone's fetish. Deep down they actually enjoy it. Which is why they keep posting pics and ranting about it. They love the attention it brings. And when people stop paying attention to them they get upset and start ranting again.

Exotic isn't a slur. There are far far worse things that people can be called. But I guess that's so played out that they need to bring ordinary words into the mix and post hate on people's blogs, twitters and instagrams every time they post a picture of some food or clothes and call them exotic.

No. 204566

I had to explain something similar to my sister. As americans were are so hooked on selling sex when we understand so little about how it works.
Thats why we have so many tumblrinas thinking they are different for not being interest is abnormal.
Hell one of they tried to convince me i was demisexual because i want my first time to be with someone i care about. Like i want sex with someone i can about, its pretty fucking normal. Most relationship do this.

No. 204567

To be fair. You can perfer your own race or other races but if your preference includes shit like "i like Asian girls because they are submission" " black girls ate too loud and i dislike their bug lips" but you fapping to Kylie's plastic ass then you are kinda giving into stereotypes.

No. 204573

this is a troll post, look at the tags

No. 204592

I hate that people have made racism = power + privilege. Like, wow yeah language evolves, because you fucking propaganda-d racism to mean what you want so people can't say things are racist. AWesOME

No. 204594

File: 1447673888500.jpg (102.27 KB, 736x530, 1b36a56ccdc76169406d393541526e…)


I always tep kek when I see Dumblrs trying to push the whole "whites have no culture" thing, like bish who do you think you're kidding lel

No. 204595


SJW's use these tags all the time.

No. 204597

Historically west(first europe, then america) hates Slavic just for existing(You can even find books that telling how they are inferior glorions europeans, despite being less educated in general themselves), it's impossible to use any victim card tainted with anything slavic, even bringing up origin of word "slave" doesn't affect washed brains of SJWs.

No. 204606

>The thing is that I really do think some of these SJWs want to be exotic and someone's fetish. Deep down they actually enjoy it. Which is why they keep posting pics and ranting about it. They love the attention it brings. And when people stop paying attention to them they get upset and start ranting again.

I completely agree with this. I was laughing the other day because some black girls on tumblr were saying they hate looking at media that states "black girls fuck better or black girls have the best pussy," while a few posts earlier reblogging or making posts about how much better black people are at everything especially engaging in activities that are explicitly sexual (ex. twerking on guys).

They say it isn't sexual at all and just innocent. Though when they see asian, white or latinas twerking, they're appropriating they get upset, but you'd think that they'd be happy that others participate in something that is looked down upon anyway.

I don't get it, in america (and because of that all over the world, just to a smaller degree) black culture is popular, and black people are expected to engage in and provide in it. No one is taking it away from them so I don;t know why at this point in time they feel threatened when anyone participates in their culture.

No. 204607

Most white americans dont really give a shit about their European roots unless they are from a family like Italians and they still engage in traditions from the homeland.

No. 204608

Have you never talked to those "I'm one quarter Irish 3/8 French 4/9 Swedish 1/16 Cherokee…" people? Everyone wants to seem exotic or special.

No. 204609

Agreed. As a slav it makes me sad sometimes, but then I just get on with it. Being seen as inferior is just a fact of life we fought through centuries, to the point that today we are nearly equal…And with no affirmative action or slav lives matter necessary.

A victory earned on your own is worth a thousand victories handed to you.

No. 204610

Those are wrost because its meaningless if you are only stating such for points. I have NA in my bloodline, but im not fucking Pocahontas.

No. 204650

idk people use it as a kind of icebreaker or pickup line.
it is such a lame way to feign interest in a person "what is your heritage? ancestry? your people - where are they from?"
i kek whenever i hear people trying it

No. 204651

its like.
"originally. im from america."
good lord does it matter what my 50 shades of white are?

No. 204663

I think its cool to understand where your ancestors are from, obviously its obnoxious to try to make yourself sound special like >>204608
is saying.

Have you ever heard of 23andme? Its really interesting to see where your DNA is from

No. 204668


>>204153 poster here. I fully agree, there are cultures like that, but my SJW friend's post mentioned only European/East Asian countries so there was no need to get into such detail.

Apparently I triggered her so badly she turned off anon on all her blogs, lol.

This is how you can instantly tell someone is an American.

No. 204674

I'm Scandic and honestly slavs can have it worse than non-whites at times where I live… for some reason it seems to be okay to be openly hostile and racist towards slavs while people have to be sneaky when they wanna be racist towards non-whites (not always, some times).

No. 204709

Anon, I like how you think. I'm Ukrainian too and it just burns my ass when I see shit like that.

Worst one I ever came across was this one though.


>Headdresses white people can wear that aren’t appropriative of non-white cultures

>Russian kokoshnik

Here's an idea, don't wear it if you aren't Russian because that's literally cultural appropriation. But slavs are "white" so it doesn't count on tumblr jfc

No. 204731

All white people are the same culture obviously. I like that they included Greek-style headpieces as well. Because Greeks have no culture.

No. 204733


It's kind of weird though.
I'm English and it's like an American coming up to me and asking where I'm from and me being like "Hmmm well I'm part viking and DNA testing shows that I have some Roman and Pict blood and my aunties' grandad's daughter's nephew's cousin's dad are all Welsh and…".

Like, no1curr.

No. 204735

This. I've got endometriosis and until I got on birth control my periods were murder on my reproductive system. I missed school really often because of them and the cramps were so bad I couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom.

No. 204737

You mean not being a slut? That's most people in this world.

No. 204740

Fuck off. I rather be a bit embarrassed than unable to eat or sleep, have bloating, and feel sick then when I finally bleed it's like crazy and I can't stop eating. Also terrible cramps both pms and on period. I had to be put on birth control and it doesn't even help with it now.

No. 204741

They obviously never had southern white grandma food.

No. 204744

I thought it was matt joseph diaz for a second. I hate so much this fat insecure fuck.

No. 204754

HAH nice try anon, we all know that shit was appropriated from black and native people!

No. 204755

Well blacks got it from Asians and Middle Easterns so they're appropriating too.

No. 204757

Eeh, I'm sorry if I offended your womanhood I think? I wasn't saying boners are worst than periods but rathet both hold the same amount of shit that makes them annoying and that the whole "b-but I suffer more than you!" is simply pointless because it's impossible to completely sympathize with the struggles of the opposite gender. Just calm down.

No. 204760

But it only counts if it's whities appropriating from ~POC~, silly.

No. 204769

File: 1447711288183.png (10.97 KB, 626x104, shut up friend.png)

or perhaps tumblrinas are so hostile with how that speak about people that aren't gay/bi/trans that they're faking it just so they don't get hate. or, even more likely, they're just following the crowd because being trans and gay is more ~interesting~ than being a ~boring~ person who's cool with their gender and like people of the opposite sex.

No. 204811

File: 1447721437057.png (502.17 KB, 489x583, enhanced-8007-1447698435-1[1].…)

No. 204837

I actually sometimes do that when talking to people about their family's history, etc
Not in a bragging way and not the amounts, but I just find it interesting to talk about my/other's history and how much of a mix some people can be and how they got to where they are now.
It's pretty cool.
That said, although we do have some native american in the family (mom did the genealogy stuff so I don't know specifically which, sorry) it's like 3% compared to 97% white lol
I hope I'm not a speshul snowflaek for finding my genetic history interesting.

No. 204848

File: 1447728036231.png (22.8 KB, 518x248, surejan.png)

Next up on "Things that Totally Happened."

Man, these children claiming asexuality as their orientation really wanna be oppressed for some reason. Last I checked, no one was ever attacked or had their rights withheld from them for being ace, let alone being forced to sit through some weirdo teacher's tirade about it being a disease.

No. 204849

Unless the conversation is about that, or you're talking to someone like a close friend who cares about the small details of your life, it's boring.

No. 204850

Holy fuck, it's like a tv show where the bell rings perfectly, huh?
These kids are ridiculous with their stories.

No. 204851

It's just women and their victim complexes, nothing matters more than their own self-suffering and discomfort. Even when you present a simple opinion that both periods and random boners are kind of shitty, women always need to have it worse.

Pitiable creatures.

No. 204871

I doubt it because it came from tumblr, but some teachers can be ridiculous.

I work at an elementary school and am an assistant teacher for different grades. One of the teachers I most like surprised me the other day. I walked in about 2-3 minutes late because I was taking with my supervisor and hear the teacher talking about religion in colonial times and its significance in American history to her fourth graders. At one point while I was getting settled it seems one of the boys was asking about whether or not everyone wanted to follow the beliefs or cultural practices involved in his limited vocabulary and the teacher responded with, "not everyone believes the same thing, for example, some people think we came from god and that god created the earth and all the animals along with humans. Some other people think we came from monkeys, now I don't know if you agree with that, but I don't."

Students: Monkeys??
Teacher: Yes, but don't you think if we came from monkeys that there wouldn't be anymore monkeys around?
Student: Yeah that makes no sense
Teacher: exactly, thats why you need to question some of what people tell you, they can be wrong

Me internally: OMFG are you kidding me? You've been a teacher for how long, have your Masters in education and don't fucking know that scientists theorize we evolved from a common ancestor???

Me: about to raise my hand to tell her this more politely
Teacher: changes the subject

No. 204874

asexual people arent oppressed.
holy shit who gives a shit about what your teacher said? asexuality isnt healthy nor normal anyway

No. 204875

im a woman and i agree to some extent.
the only women who have victim complexes are mostly for tumblr.
most of my friends who are women dont like to appear as victims and dont get upset about stupid shit like this

No. 204878

I think suggesting women have a victim complex is a bit too harsh but I tend to agree. There's certainly a trend for certain (sub)groups to make any issue about them for some bizarre reasone

No. 204904

I hate when tumblr has to refer to characters as they're sexuality. Like every time I see an art post its usually along the lines of:
"I never watched/played this, but take this totally gay -insert descriptive-!!!" Way to take a possibly interesting characters and take that all away in favor of their sexuality.

No. 204906

>Pitiable creatures.
Seriously? fuck off robot

No. 204907

Okay, I'm just trying to find your reason behind this – how isn't it healthy? They're people who don't wanna have sex. I don't get how that's detrimental to someone's health.

No. 204909

not being sexually attracted to anyone nor wanting to have sex nor masturbate can't be healthy

No. 204913

I don't see how

No. 204914

Sounds more like a personal preference more than something unhealthy. That's kind of like saying that not liking a certain food that most every other person in the world finds delicious "unhealthy."

No. 204918

I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few teachers back in my school days that had been completely crackers. Then again, I live in the Dirty South, so that kinda thing is expected. I feel, though, that asexuality isn't really something people acknowledge or really know much about, unless someone who identifies as it is tumblr level retarded and foisting it into their faces at whatever chance they're presented.

Live and let live, man. You'll be happier that way. If a certain group of people aren't interested in sex, well hey, that has little to do with you, huh?

The chief issue I have, is that people try to make it out as comparable to actual "sexual" orientations. You know, the ones people legitimately get hurt over. Just, no.

The tumblr community only embarrasses itself by trying to paint asexuality as something it isn't.

No. 204933

I mean… it's kind of a victim complex where some posters here are taking their bad period experiences and applying it broadly to "all periods everyone has"… Mine are fine and I may get mild bloating or cramping so for me a random boner would be a lot worse. Like the percentage of women who get terrible periods vs. the percentage of guys who could pop a random boner, it's kind of a bad comparison.

No. 204938

If there's no desire there's really no way that can affect your health. I don't understand where you're getting that it's unhealthy from.

No. 204941


No. 204963

Whatever dude, I wasn't trying to insult anyone, but I guess there's no correct answers with either the mr robots nor the feminazis and that there will be always someone out there willing to twist your words and make you sound like an ass just for shit and giggles…

No. 204975

File: 1447776202884.png (33 KB, 510x380, ss (2015-11-17 at 04.00.54).pn…)

No. 204980

File: 1447778233896.png (14.25 KB, 508x166, ss (2015-11-17 at 04.36.34).pn…)

The stormfront side of tumblr is pretty wild as well.

No. 204983

I hate how not only tumblr but a lot of people in general have become afraid to say anything about about minorities.

I mean I'm european and you'd think only people on tumblr would say shit like "just let every person ever into europe they're poor, oppressed and all perfect little angels or else you're racist" but holy shit I'm seeing it every single day in real life.

On a more tumblr related note, I'm getting amazingly sick of not being able to say I couldn't give a fuck if a character is nonbinary/asexual/transgender/etc or not. I just don't care. The more they make a huge deal about it the more I dislike it.
You should like the character for what they are, not because despite never playing the game you hear that they might be gay so you love them.

No. 204990

No. 205000

File: 1447781291586.png (16.71 KB, 447x413, ss (2015-11-17 at 05.27.55).pn…)

No. 205004

"They weren't considered white at the time, but they are currently considered white, and I consider all whites racist. So, I'm gonna completely overlook the point of your post and still continue to say that all whites (including slavs) are racist and have never been oppressed and just go ahead call you stupid because I want to feel like I've won and I don't want to think this through because then I would have to acknowledge that some white people were in fact oppressed and my views are wrong."

No. 205008

Someone needs to rescue Ruffle before it's too late.

No. 205009

probably female since they're using He/They pronouns. its fairly same on tumblr to just assume everyone is a transtrender now.

periods are worse than boners. not only are periods embarrassing, much like unfortunate boners, but they are fucking painful. also, in a lot of third world countries, women don't have access to hygienic supplies and a lot of other terrible shit comes along with girls getting their periods (being shamed, sexual assault, etc.)… so yeah, boners don't compare.

i go on tumblr; i get why subversive humor isn't ~~~as bad~~~ as if the situation was reversed (i.e. why are people gay?), but don't they get how fucking annoying and up-their-own-ass they sound when they say stuff like "keep pissing off the straights xDDDDD"

No. 205020

Come on now. Is this a real post? I'm a gay woman and this is making me cringe. It's not a damn choice. and you can't just decide to switch sexual preferences for 'funsies.'

I have nothing against heterosexual people/couples, especially since they make up over 90% of the world's population- This tumblr post is so irritating.

No. 205022

It most likely is a real post. Unfortunately when people view sexuality and gender as a trend, they do start to think you can just BE that if you want to.

No. 205023


Ouran is probably one of the most gay-friendly and trans-friendly animes out there.


No. 205026


lol she didn't even try to answer taht shit.

>hurr b-but black people died under hitler u r wrong the end

Also that "they weren't considered white at the time so w/e" line has never been acceptable argument as to why e.g. Irish "privilege" is an oxymoron to tumblrites. Now suddenly it's ok?

No. 205028

File: 1447788197715.png (1.1 MB, 1017x729, gu.png)

No. 205030

I want to fucking scream.

>mfw these people will never realise how bad polish people have it

>mfw they don't realise that they are STILL being oppressed just like any other coloured minority
>mfw these people don't realise that non-whites are racist as fuck to other non-whites at all times
>mfw i have no face

No. 205032

Damn, I'm astounded at how offensive a harmless non-sexual manga about a cross-dressing girl can be if you try hard enough.

No. 205033


Yeah, Poles may have had it bad like 9000 years ago (lol wtf even), but have they ever had some wicked evil nazi white supremacist republican klansmen threaten to shoot up a shit-tier university?

Didn't think so. Cry more, cracker

No. 205034

No. 205040


No. 205042

tumblr: if you try really really hard you can be offended by everything!

No. 205043

File: 1447792409814.png (253.45 KB, 475x750, tumblr_nxz3h0Ok9u1uw8ecso1_500…)

No. 205045

Geez,wish tumblrinas would let go of JJBA.

No. 205047

I assume they like it because the characters look so androgynous.

No. 205048

dat narcissism tho

No. 205050

what a cunt

No. 205051

No. 205053

You know, if they aren't killing people, rapping people, or a pedo, there isn't much need to doxx someone.

The best comment from someone who reblogged this.

>Yeah cause getting her fired stops racism…the only thing is she doesn’t have a job anymore! She’s still racist! There…

No. 205054

raping (fucking auto correct.)

No. 205056

File: 1447794973734.png (61.48 KB, 784x608, blkppl.png)

The rest of that person's comment.

No. 205065

Some solace: the original post had no caption. It was just a showcase of female Nintendo characters. Someone else added the caption

No. 205066



Black Tumbltards need to get over themselves.

No. 205096

>Tumblr says: you can't choose your sexuality
>Tumblr says: why do women choose to be straight


No. 205097

File: 1447803691737.png (189.41 KB, 966x817, tumblr_nnl205zB2r1uurzd5o3_128…)


>"if im having a breakdown/paranoia episode/psychotic episode/etc., please give me constant attention and reassurance. also please keep me from doing anything impulsive. also feel free to ask me if something is wrong if you feel that i might be in distress, but if i tell you that i dont wanna talk abt it, dont bring it up unless i do so first."


No. 205098

>"please don;t ignore me bc when im ignored i get very impulsive and violent."

…oh my god

No. 205102

File: 1447804098549.png (3.31 KB, 481x55, Screenshot_45.png)

Of course

No. 205103

On the topic of black tumblrtards….a bit of a rant ahead.

There's this girl I'm friends with at school. She's white, mind you, and she has turned into a full on SJW. This bitch actually called me racist because I said I'm not attracted to my own race (I'm black), and that I prefer white boys. Oh I'm sorry that I'm not pansexual and find every pussy or dick that traipses by fucking magical or enchanting. Not everyone's fucking pretty to me or others. She also called me racist because I said I hate the way french sounds. How the fuck….I dead ass lost all expression in my face at that statement. She was serious too!

Another time where she was an sjw was when she said that our English teacher was racist FOR DISALLOWING SLANG IN HER CLASSROOM. This pisses me off just remembering this bullshit. Her logic is "Ebonics and AAVE (?) Is apart of black culture!! And words like thot or whatever is apart of how they communicate!! That's just capitalist and oppressive!!" Wow. Um. Okay. So when they're in a professional environment or are writing a term paper they should totally use words such as thot, turnt up, whack etc? It's not even racist as she's targeting everybody. If anything, the rednecks get the brunt of her rules because they don't enunciate.

When she and two good friends of mine were talking she kept bringing up and asking "isn't it racist that Anon isn't attracted to her own race?" And they both gave her the odd eye and said no (they're both black too). She tried to argue that it was but she was btfo. How are you gonna sit and argue with black people over something being racist when they're telling you it's not??? It takes so much not to chew her out.

Anyway I asked where she gets all her information from and she said "well the black people on tumblr…" And I lost it. I told her don't listen to or acknowledge anything that a black person on tumblr says because they breed ignorance. I told if she wants to hear actual black people's opinions, she should go to black twitter.

TL;DR white bitch argues with black people over what is/isn't racist and her supporting evidence is black tumblrfags.

No. 205104

I've pretty much cut ties with anyone in my circles who got wildly offended at nothing. Having differing opinions isn't a big deal to me, but I hear shit like "freedom of speech is of lesser importance than potentially triggering someone!" and I'm writing them out of my circles in an instant.

No. 205112

File: 1447804876165.gif (288.42 KB, 800x600, cute 173.gif)

AAVE mean African American Vernacular English

instead of trying to teach blacks how to actually speak the goddamn language we just let them speak in their ebonics. Surely this will help the black community prosper!

Telling her to go to black twitter though is just as bad. She should just come to you if she wants a black perspective on something.

No. 205122

Fuck not black Anon but I don't even understand why there has to be a 'black perspective'

Tumblrs version of PC is just segregation of everyone/thing

If anyone wanted true equality they'll have to start treating everyone as actual equals

No. 205131

uhh pretty sure they were all just crossdressers

No. 205134

Tfw triggered by left-wing politics

No. 205139

They were probably thinking of Haruhi's dad even though he's not actually transgender, just a transvestite. People assume all male crossdressers/drag queens want to be women, like how bitches think Kuranosuke from Kuragehime is a trans gurrrl for liking women's fashion.

No. 205147

this makes me lose faith in the LGBT community
man it's really going downhill, i'd rather pretend to be straight

No. 205168

If you have a problem with ebonics, I hope you also have a problem with the way people from the deep south speak. Just saying.

No. 205175

Lesbians that go out of their way to antagonize straight/bi girls and men are the worst. Why can't you people just like girls in peace instead of doing this high school bullshit, it makes us all look bad and adds to that predator lesbo out to convert girls/lesbians are all man haters stereotype (there's a difference between outright hating men and not being attracted to men). But honestly there are bound to be dumb bitches anywhere.

No. 205191

I only told her to look at black twitter because they're more sane compared to the fuckwads that traverse tumblr.

I really don't want her coming to me on the daily asking me what's racist and if she's triggering my ancestors or some shit. That's so fucking aggravating just thinking about it.

I do wish there wasn't a black perspective. They're (sjw) just digging this divide between races deeper and deeper with shit like that. It's come to the point where I feel as though if I tell her blacks really don't give a fuck about that shit, she's gonna say "I'll give a fuck for them!/You can't speak for all blacks!".
Lol I totally forgot her veganism. W/E.


Not that anon, obviously, but I have a problem with that and Ebonics. The English teacher does too and she's from the south herself.

I dislike Ebonics because blacks expect every black to know every slang word, no matter your origin. And most of it sounds mad dumb.

No. 205193


Typing on mobile is hell…

No. 205198

Im black but even i know AAVE has a time and place. I never spoke AAVE at school unless it was downtime with friends. Your friend needs to get her head out her ass.

But then again, im from thr south and went to a black historic school(it was made specifically black students in the early 1900s)

No. 205205

Wouldn't the black tumblrfags hate her for being a dumb white ally? And why are you still friends with her?

No. 205212

if not that then they'd find some other reason to tear her a new asshole.
And I don't think SJ (don't know about black twitter specifically) are much better than tumblr.

No. 205273

yeah that's why the sex industry exists, because most people are demisexual

No. 205285

I'm having a hard time because one of my better friends is slowly turning into a cosplay SJW, mind you it's mostly within cosplay community she cares about and it's driving me up the wall, she's getting upset over white people cosplaying non-white characters (not blackfacing or brownfacing, just dressing like the character) and when she's upset she just gets super aggressive and can't take criticism or opposing arguments and it's just so frustrating to talk to someone who has a mindset like that.

No. 205286

Well, yeah, I had forgotten if he was actually transgender or not (the dad), but even if he's just a transvestite I still feel that show is more trans friendly than say, most other popular anime. Haruhi is also kind of a positive character regarding gender? I never got the impression she was, how you say, cishet.

No. 205287


Why can't Haruhi be cishet? Is it because she doesn't care for Stereotypically girly things? I thought we trying to move away from gender stereotypes not re-enforce them.

No. 205294

Isn't black twitter just white kids trying to act black? If she wants a real black person's opinion, she should just fucking talk to them in real life and outside of radical circles.

No. 205336

I only call her a friend mostly becauses she's not all that bad with that shit excluded. If she didn't talk so much about sj and veganism and I have to walk on eggshells to prevent arguments… She'd be okay.

Black twitter means all black users on twitter lol

No. 205348

I'm not saying she isn't, but when people misgendered her in the show she didn't make a fuss about it either way. So, to me as a viewer, she didn't come off as someone who was cishet, though she might be.

No. 205351

Haruhi is a woman, but she is a bit of a tomboy and that's fucking okay. I'm sick of these idiots labeling any female character as trans if she isn't wearing a pink frilly dress or has long hair. I've been a short haired woman all my life and gotten the whole 'are you trans' thing before. It's bullshit

No. 205365

File: 1447874796708.jpg (430.76 KB, 570x1652, jem&holos.jpg)

Remember kids, if a film has an all female cast its the bestest film ever and totally immune to criticism or you're a meanie sexist :(

No. 205372

File: 1447876559425.jpg (50.28 KB, 540x531, 73bf7b5c1d_101949978_o2.jpg)

The only good thing about that movie was the misfits at the end. 10/10 of doing a modern version of them and still being able to tell who's who. That movie pissed me off so much

No. 205374

File: 1447876697273.jpg (83.35 KB, 620x220, JemHolograms.jpg)

Also, I would like to note that it was written/directed by all MEN. They never once went to Christy Marx and got her input on this monstrosity.

No. 205380

>women do 90% of the worlds work and own 1% of the worlds property

holy fuck this delusion

I am fucking mad


link related

No. 205391


Well their "about me" page states that they're a minor, and their "privilege" page (what the actual fuck) states that they're developmentally disabled, so… some terrible parent is letting their retarded child use the internet unsupervised. Cool.

No. 205394


>Animal Crossing playable character is trans


No. 205396

The newest version allows you to crossdress.

No. 205418


Yup. Kind of blows because in one corner we've got the antigamergators saying that games aren't inclusive of girls because there aren't very many female playable characters (there really aren't though tbh) and then in the other corner we've got all these trans fetishists who have to make every girl character trans. There is just no winning.

No. 205446

I don't care if someone misgenders me not because I must be ~trans nonbinary~ but because who the fuck cares what a stranger's impression of me is. It's not like Haruhi shows any signs of dysphoria.

No. 205450


See these kind of people see what they WANT to see with this shit, Ouran included, it's as simple as Haruhi doesn't give a fuck what people call her/ doesn't care if people call her a male because it's as simple as having no fucks to give, but they wanna see it as she's trans blah blah blah muh pronouns. Fucking insane all of them.

No. 205469

This makes me hope all aliens look like Cthulu.

No. 205471

I wonder how many of the SJWs complaining about Jem tanking so badly even knew it was an 80s cartoon.

No. 205474

Wow, what a good article. Thanks for sharing.

No. 205481

I wish sjw would stop invading my precious fandoms, some of which I've been a part of for over eight years.
You think you can come into this shit and tell me to stop dressing them up and down, and playing with them, to you this is some "serious issue".
I hate you so much

No. 205486

File: 1447901060103.jpg (111.46 KB, 500x667, stupid sexy cthulu.jpg)

id still put my dick in it

No. 205487

File: 1447901135927.png (253.26 KB, 803x688, bluegold.png)

>participates in "fandoms"
>probably "ships" characters
you bring this on yourself

No. 205489

Meh. I sort of agree with you, but at the same time I sort of shrug off SJW bullshit in my fandom. I mean, I've been a trekkie for pretty much my entire life, and I think trekkies are pretty idealistic as a whole due to the nature of the show, which paints picture of a kind of plasticky utopian future tbh. So some of the SJW shit, which can easily be confused with legit attempts to make the world a better place, sort of crosses over sometimes. It's tiresome to read when it's not hella fun to laugh at, but to me it seems pretty well harmless.

No. 205499

I know anon, but it's such a guilty pleasure of mine!
Yes, I am guilty as charged.

No. 205532

I'm so glad that many of my favorite games aren't that popular due to age or obscurity. They're a lot less likely to become the targets of tumblrtards who want everyone to be trans with neo pronouns.

When you like something popular and all you see is a bunch of posts about how so and so character is trans, autistic and asexual it gets really irritating. Especially when they start insisting that it has to be canon. Or worse, they are that character.

And people thought it was bad when every hot bishounen was made gay in fanart and fanfiction. It's completely jumped into new territory now.

Of course you can ignore it. But I really hate the fact that many fandoms have become like this now.

No. 205535

Ooooh baby, want to meet me in R'lyeh later tonight for, um, drinks?

No. 205539

I notice a lot of the annoying fans are young and new to fandom. The older veteran fans tend to be better, though it's sad when they end up becoming dumb tumblrfags that insists the creator has to cater to their headcanon.

No. 205542

So? She doesn't show any signs of dysphoria, she's cis.

No. 205564

File: 1447935338065.png (10.04 KB, 304x162, jellyfersh.png)

Someone please fucking end my life oh my god

No. 205576

File: 1447938407690.png (24.81 KB, 475x171, wat.png)

No. 205585

Well, honestly, I did always think that Adele was purposefully affecting a "strong black woman" voice. IDK.

No. 205586

I llov e the edgy typing styl e like?:::???11

Having a certain type of voice is now offensive and racist?

No. 205594

File: 1447946311705.gif (997.95 KB, 500x281, ac487ff05f93a0f69abfe8c0ade24b…)


No. 205595

Anyone can sing soul music wtf. Music doesn't "belong" to anyone. These people must want the world to be as boring and as segregated as possible.

No. 205596

they want segregation to the extent that white people - you stay on your side and POC - you do you, even if it means crossing your side

No. 205599

Let's see what an average Adele-hater looks like.

No. 205602

>that typing style
are they having a fucking "triggered panic attack", hence why they can't type? Shit is fucking annoying.

No. 205606

Yes, it's what happens when you upset a Tumblrina.

No. 205612

I totally disagree with her that white people are appropriating black culture by singing soul, but the rest of her post is actually pretty legit. There are so so many people who worship Adele and call themselves soul fans without listening to anyone else or caring to. I asked an Adele obsessed friend about this once and said it was because while the voices were beautiful, she couldn't relate to others. Even though they were singing about the exact same shit. The reason for this is simple; many whites just simply cannot relate to black people at all, even if they totally would of they magically turned white. Many whites can't relate to soul music at all, but the second you have a white girl singing about the exact same stuff, it's the best music ever. Adele is the most successful soul singer for a reason and it's not because she's among the best. I mean, just look at what happened to rap the second Eminem got on the scene, same general concept. Then of course, there's the biggest example of rock and roll and Elvis.

It's a shame because whiny little Tumblrinas like this make it look like people are just making this shit up because there's nothing legitimate to be offended by. If she cared about ~educating~ people then she would link to articles explaining this shit or discuss it in a manner that people will actually respond to.

No. 205615

I didn't even know Adele was considered "soul". I just thought she was pop except she could actually sing and had generally better sounding music. Idk it's fucking dumb to hate on Adele just because she's good at what she does but is white at the same time.

No. 205622

>emphasizes in video she has nothing personal against Adele and thinks she's really talented
I'm not seeing what's wrong with this video. She states her points well (though a little inarticulately) and while I don't agree with everything she says, I certainly see where she's coming from. Honestly, if you think she's overreacting or her overall message is ridiculous, you have to be impressively ignorant to the entire history of race in the USA and whites relationship with black culture and music, as well as too blinded by your hatred of SJWs to think clearly.

No. 205626

Either way none of that is Adele's problem. And White people can relate to black people and vice versa through music. Happens all the time. People just need to get over pulling the race card or the "pity" card now I guess (or entertaining people who still use it). Yes, its basically JUST hating.

No. 205628

Not to be rude, but did you not read the entire post?

The problem is not that she's white singing black music. It's that she's the most successful soul singer BECAUSE she's white, despite not being anymore talented. It's that so many white people worship her while simultaneously not giving a fuck about any other black artist because they simply can't relate to black people. it's the fact that througout the histlry of black music, this type of situation has happened time and time again.

This really isn't one if Tumblr's made up non-issues. Look it up.

No. 205630

Nope. I believe white people choose to PROMOTE the crap out her because she is white. If you did the same with a black artist, you would get the same result. Basically I'm saying is I don't think this is so much about the masses as I think people make it out to be.

No. 205631

See >>205628

This isn't people playing the race card. Yeah, Adele shouldn't be shat on for it, but it's still an issue. Sure many whites can and do relate to black music, but that doesn't change the fact that just as many don't. If that were the case, then explain to me Adele's success over every other soul singer. It's obviously not because she's better. The fact you're ignorant on this issue and choose to live in a world where these problems are just black people and Tumblr being uppity doesn't make it any less true.

No. 205635

Except that black artists have been promoted that much. Ever hear of Beyonce? Whitney Houston?

How about bother Googling this shit before acting like you know what you're talking about.

No. 205636

Okay, sry if i seem to be repeatin myself, but honestly I do believe that this is a race issue, but I don't blame the masses as much as I do the people who are promoting Adele and other pop stars. It might be more about narrow mindedness there and believing a white artist is worth more money to do this with in the first place (based on the largely white population here ofc).

No. 205637

When asked about how one composes soul music, singer Patti LaBelle explained: "I believe that you first of all have to have soul. You could be white, black – it doesn't matter – straight or gay. You can compose from your soul. And if it's your soul – like Adele – she's a beautiful big ole white woman, okay? Now, she does have that soul and she composes and she does it all."

No. 205638

Yea, and the're really famous. That's kind of why I said something similar is bound to happen. Its just that white people are most likely to be chosen, just not by the masses. ~Implies I don't know those people are VERY famous/promoted~

No. 205639

not the norm =/= bad, unhealthy
For one, they are less likely to get STDs.

No. 205649

I think it's a combination of both. Like, they promote her more because they know as a white singer she'll do well with white people, then as a result of the promotion more white people are into her over others than would actually be.

No. 205651

I think their point was that black singers are heavily promoted, but Adele still does way better in sales.

No. 205653

On December 16, Apple announced that Beyoncé was the fastest selling album in the history of the iTunes Store, both in the US and worldwide.[126] It sold 828,773 digital copies worldwide in its first three days, and topped the iTunes Store charts in 104 countries.[126] Six days after its release, the album had sold one million digital copies on iTunes Stores worldwide.
And Beyonce dropped that album with no warning or promotion whatsoever…

No. 205654

R u sure? I wasn't aware of this..(I may look it up later). But even if that's true, I don't think white people should feel bad for enjoying her music even if they are supporting her for being white (and maybe overweight?), or even if they do, I don't think they should feel they owe black people anything, including sympathy. And o matter how you spin, the much smaller group of people who promote are still part of the problem. I could go on & on about this honestly, but I'm trying not to T.T..

No. 205655

Being this fucking dumb.
Are you black?
Getting this upset over a white person singing a certain style.

No. 205656

Only on tumblr.

No. 205658

Thanks for finding this. I don't think I can take that other anons words after all.

No. 205661

I don't see how they sound mad. If anything, you sound more mad.

No. 205662

>December 19th
Great, now lookup what Adele just sold a couple months ago.

No. 205664

>white people don't owe blacks anything, including sympathy
>white people don't owe blacks sympathy
And this right here us why I would take SJWs over your lot no matter how annoying they might be. At least they don't try to act like racism is dead and whites haven't done anything to blacks to warrant their anger.

No. 205667

Where did they say they were upset about white people singing soul? Anon even said they disagreed that it's cultural appropriation. You guys will take any chance to paint someone out as a rabid sjw if you disagree with them.

No. 205668

But it wouldn't matter. If Adele beats Beyonce, that's ok because was bound to happen someday by whoever. Im not competitive myself, but if black people stopped being so salty about white people accomplishments and vice versa, and treated it like a friendly competition instead, that would be an improvement to how things are now. But I still don't think her success needs to b brought down to her skin color & then compared to other black artists. Every black artist and Adele are all different PEOPLE walking through different paths in life. Adele's just led her to tons of fame and admiration. The same happened with Beyonce.

No. 205670

This tbh

>It should be socially acceptable to like people just for being white and not black whilst copying black styles of music and/or aesthetics
Fuck off

No. 205671

Not that anon, but Beyonce is also the most successful black artist by a long shot, so I don't really think she's the best comparison. I looked into the numbers of other back soul artists because this thread got me curious and they all do significantly poorer than both her and Adele. Plus, promoters and magazines have whitewashed her a lot in the past to cater to whites. I agree with the anon who says promotion is the big factor.

No. 205673

Liking white people more for being white isn't at all racist and anyone who says otherwise is just an idiot sjw

No. 205674

I never said that. I meant it as part of the reason. Pretty much every race in the U.S. will try and support their own, black people definitely do this same thing. Its therefore not fair to single out white people in the most stereotypical way possible.

No. 205675

>most successful black artist
How old are you? Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston all sold far more than both Beyonce and Adele. My point was that Beyonce had no promotion whatsoever for that album and it still managed to break sales records.

No. 205677

Nobody gives two shits about your racism debate, either post screencaps/links actually relevant to the thread or gb2 tumblr

No. 205679

You don't understand by a long shot.

No. 205680

Sry, this was for

No. 205682

Actually, it's completely different. Blacks support each other for being black because of a little thing called systematic oppression and the fact that throughout history, they've been treated as subhuman by the Western world. Whites don't need support from other whites for being white. By all means, if you want to have pride in your origin (French, English, German, etc.) have at, but pride in being white and supporting others just because they're white makes you a racist given that your race has no history of being the oppressed, but the oppressor. The fact you're white has done nothing but benefit you in ways you wouldn't have if you were black because of a system white people put in place throughout history to assure such, that's nothing to take pride in. As a white person, I can't for the life of me imagine not seeing the clear as day difference in black pride vs white pride.

No. 205684

wew lads, another race war cooking up here I see. We all know how well that goes
Saw this shit when tumblr was promoting his/they/her/zir's AMA. Saw that MTV was reblogging it. MTV sure is struggling to stay relevant these days. Better hop on whatever is "cool" with tumblr!

No. 205685

Oh please, if you post race related shit from tumblr, obviously people are going to give their two cents. Go back to /pol/ if you can't deal.

No. 205686

Then explain why Asians and Mexicans do pretty much the same thing.. I'm so sick of hearing people imply that white people should codemn each other over stupid stuff (whose more popular), and then love/support black people with all their hearts. This doesn't make sense. Its sounds dumb actually.

No. 205688

No one is saying that white people should condemn each other. Literally my only point was that being white and supporting someone because they're white makes you a racist and yes, it is very different from oppressed minorities doing it. Sorry the truth is too Tumblr for you.

No. 205689

>>Beyonce is also the most successful black artist by a long shot

Wasn't even involved in this discussion, but you might wanna fact check before you spew bullshit. Beyonce has sold 120 million solo and 60 million with Destiny's Child (around 180 million total). Michael Jackson has sold between 300-400 million, Rihanna sold 200 million (old figure), Whitney Heuston sold about 200 million too.

No. 205690

The same logic applies to Asians and Mexicans as well. Or are you really just that ignorant that you're unaware there's racism against them, too?

No. 205691

I was specifically talking about soul artists, not pop artists.

No. 205695

It doesn't make you racist, it makes you narrow minded. That word is overused. And why is it always white vs black, but never about the rest of the minorities? If white person chooses a white artist over other artist, they didn't just choose them over black artists.

No. 205698

Everyone can be racist. Just because you are a minority does not mean you cant be racist. If a white person supports another person because their white, especially in the ENTERTAINMENT industry, how is that incomprehensible? Won't they relate better? Again, I'm not saying just because they are white.

No. 205700

Are you trying to tell me Whitney Houston isn't a soul singer now?

No. 205701

It was white vs black since the entire discussion that led up to it had to do with white and black people. Other minorities were never mentioned.

No. 205703

Funny how the're always "never mentioned".

No. 205704

She's officially classified as R&B.

No. 205705

>implying this is an example of not caring about other minorities
The conversation started due to a post about whites and soul music. Explain to me where the fuck Mexicans and Asians fit into this specific discussion?

No. 205706

Nope. I'm implying issues like these always are about black and white, even when the exact same thing can be applied to other minorities, as u already mentioned. This didn't only magically happen in this thread. I want to shut this argument down, but it would some splianing (and hard to do without contradicting myself). ~sighs~

No. 205708

Can everyone stop talking about this now and just agree to disagree? Anyway…

There was this amazing tumblr conversation I saw posted on /cgl/ once. A white girl was freaking out at a black girl because she disagreed that Frozen was racist due to only having white people. The white girl was really awful about it, callung her a cunt, saying she was an iduot who didn't know what racism looked like, and she told the black girl flat out that her opinions and perspective on race as a black person didn't matter because she was the first one she ever talked to that didn't say it was racist. Keep in mind, this girl's Tumblr was super anti-Frozen, meaning obviously most of her discussions were going to be with people that also thought it was racist. When other black people came to defend the girl, she told them the same thing, that because they disagreed, they obviously had internalized racism and their opinions and perspectives on matters involving race didn't matter. She also told the girl that by being a fan of Frozen, she was a traitor to her race. It was so beautiful, I wish I capped it. Anyone by chance have it?

No. 205709

if you're a white girl who hops on beyonce's dick, you're seen as desperate to ingratiate yourself with 'black culture', SJWs, or simply trying to stay 'hip&trendy' for the sake of your vanity. that all comes down to beyonce's image.
if you're a white girl who hops on taylor swift or adele's dick, you're an everyman's-classic-good-ol'-girl. you don't stand out. all white girls like their starbucks and their taylor swift and their leggings and uggs, right? and the reverse applies as well; black girls who like adele are discouraged because their peers will be like 'what, are you trying to be white now?'…which, even though whites get harrassed over how privileged they are and how great they have it, it's somehow still seen as betrayal to try to integrate into the predominant 'white culture' in an effort to better your situation here in 'murrica.
anyways, it comes down to catering to a specific market image, imo. adele simply happens to have an image that executive decison-making award-givers (probably old white dudes, admittedly) preferred.

No. 205720

Considering this is a thread about Tumblr stupidity and not to debate about race, no. This thread is quickly veering off topic.

No. 205723

File: 1447963616431.png (83.14 KB, 520x1157, whiners.png)

Seriously, the only asexuals I've come across besides myself, (I cringe every time I think about telling anyone, though, because holy shit who in their right mind would take me seriously a this point?), are just so… whiny. Yeah, being told it's weird/strange/wrong that you aren't into sex is kinda dickish, but it's not oppressive. You're life hasn't been thrown down the proverbial shitter just because your parents wanted grand kids and being hit on makes you uncomfortable.

>Asexuality is to sexuality as atheism is to theism. It’s not another type of thing, it’s the lack of it altogether. I honestly don’t think it belongs with LGBT. It’s just not the same issue.

This is a fair comparison to make imo. Not like the one who made the comment was unreasonable or making himself out as an asshole in his wording. But you have the tumblrinas flying off the handle because "muh oppression," along with the fact that they're both clearly too thin skinned to handle a single differing opinion on the internet. Honestly, if they don't like it, they can gtfo.

No. 205725

Well, the argument was going to ways, so singling out the "tumblr" side just makes you look like a whiny faggot who can dish but not take.

No. 205726

I don't understand how asexuality is a thing. Like, you seriously have never been attracted to anyone ever and not once have been horny?

Not trying to rip on you, just genuinely curious.

No. 205727


>obviously people are going to give their two cents.

Except race discussion is banned from /pt/ because of sensitive little bitches like yourself whining at people to check their privilege every time race is brought up.

>omg gb2 /pol/

I'm not the one posting essays about my views on race. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with whatever bullshit you're spewing, I'm just telling you it's not relevant.

No. 205729

Oh please, stop acting like that argument wasn't two sided. Your side is just as responsible for dragging on the discussion. Don't act like your shit smells so much better.

No. 205730

Yes, you're all a bunch of faggots. Please shut up now.

No. 205733

File: 1447964768967.jpg (15.29 KB, 310x160, idgi.jpg)

Yup, it's like the atheists who make churches and basically preach to people about how God doesn't exist.
Asexuals claim to lack sexuality, so why in the world would they want to be an ally of LGBT? Trying to stand up for your lack of sexuality by adamantly demanding to be included by a movement that is 100% focused on human sexuality makes no. goddamn. sense.

Real asexuals and atheists wouldn't give a shit and would just live their own lives without religion or sex. But we apparently live in a ridiculous world where atheism is basically a religion and asexuality is considered a sexual preference.

No. 205734


>your side

>I literally just said I wasn't on any side
>all posters on /pt/ are one person

I know naturally the tumblr thread is going to bring up race, but it's pretty basic common sense that when it turns into a race debate rather than laughing at nonbinary dangan ronpa-kin demiboys it's starting to go off the rails. All I'm sayin.

No. 205735

>I don't agree or disagree with the bullshit your spewing
>bullshit your spewing
Yup, totally neutral wording right there.

No. 205736


They don't give a shit about acceptance, they just want oppression points. I'm like 99% sure nobody has ever been disowned by their family, attacked, thrown in jail, etc, for not having an interest in sex.
I hope to fuck that most of these people are just dumb kids trying to fit in.

No. 205737


I'm not even trying to be insulting here, are you legitimately autistic? Or at least ESL or something?

Both sides were spewing bullshit.

"You" wasn't referring to you exclusively. I was addressing everyone ranting about Adele and Beyonce. Not just you yourself. My first post didn't even quote anybody in particular.

Holy victim complex, Batman.

No. 205738

Different anon, but I interpreted it the same way. You worded it poorly. You also seem to really want to keep this shitfest going.

No. 205740


petty bitches

No. 205741


You can interpret it however you want, I'm explaining what I meant.

And no, I don't want to keep it going. Admittedly I got really carried away, but I don't see how I must automatically have some kind of agenda for that given that it happens in every thread. You're keeping it going, too, and I'm pretty sure you're not intentionally trying to derail the thread.

Anyway, TL;DR I should probably stop replying seeing as I'm now just shitting the thread up as much as the race debate has.

No. 205752

ehnn, not that anon, but I consider myself asexual and it's kind of a gray area.
i can look at someone and go, 'oh, they're cute', but I've never looked at someone and been like 'oh, DAMN, I would tap that'. romantic attraction doesn't go away, and I still like being in relationships with people just for the sake of companionship, but the idea of having sex with someone is just…squick. no thank-you. I can still get horny and I masturbate occasionally but the subject matter that 'turns me on' during that time usually doesn't involve a partner, stuff like fucking machines or tentacles or something. other than that I'm not really interested in sexual acts with other humans, although I've had sex before to please whoever my partner was at the time. there was one guy who literally would not let me leave the bed for 24 hours when we first started dating, we had sex like seven times in a day but I never got off from it. not really sure why sex is something other people seem fascinated with. idk if this is what others consider asexual but it's my personal interpretation of what it means. sage for life story.

No. 205771

Do you think it's possible you would like sex with a person if they were good at it? I didn't think I had any interest in sex until I was 22 because it just felt gross to me, but then I fucked a guy who actually knew what he was doing and it was was what I imagine heroin feels like.

No. 205779

>At least they don't try to act like racism is dead and whites haven't done anything to blacks to warrant their anger.
You do know all races got killed and aped right? Not only black people, dumbass.
I dont owe you an apology for something that i didnt do that happened in the past.
If a black person rapes me, does it mean black people owe me an apology? No. Fuck off

No. 205780

>implying there were never anti-white crimes and white people never faced death, torture, etc.
Why do you need to bring slavery? ALL RACES experirnced slavery. And systematic oppression is rare.
Everytime a bitch whines about it, its always an upper class who has food, a house, internet, iphone, etc and yet whine as if she was oppressed lmao

No. 205781

I agree. Theres nothing oppressive about being asexual lol

No. 205782

I thought adele was a model for people because she was fat? Wat

No. 205783

Then make one yourself bitch. Making a good film isnt easy.

No. 205784

Its one of the reason im losing faith on the lgbt community.
I feel sometimes its just LG community.
I mean (some).gays and lesbians think bisexuality is a phase and think we have some kind of special privilege but when we come out we get shit by them and straights. I dont get it tbh

No. 205785

What does queer mean? Im used to LGBT but now people add up a lot of letters after it and im confused
Ive seen some people saying LGBTQ++ like what the fuck does that mean

No. 205788

Yeah, some people don't feel sexual attraction or don't want to have sex. It's really not that difficult to grasp.

No. 205790

>Everytime a bitch whines about it, its always an upper class who has food, a house, internet, iphone, etc and yet whine as if she was oppressed lmao

fucking this, the "systematic oppression" is always petty shit like "wahhh not enough ___ people in the TV shows/video games, MUH REPRESENTATIOOONN".

No. 205797

>the only examples of systematic oppression are slavery and people complaining about lack of representation
Lol no. You just straight up are living in ignorance and don't know what the fuck you're even talking about.

Seriously, y'all need to shut up about race. The sjw shit was already annoying, but you idiots on the other side of the spectrum are just gross.

No. 205798

No offense taken, man. I can't speak for anyone except myself, but for me personally, it's not so much about being horny as it's about having the desire to have sex with other people. Like any teenager (I'm 22 currently), I was a victim of my hormones, but I'd never had the desire to act on those feelings or to experience them with another person. It was just another irritating aspect of life I had to deal with, like acne or school work. I dunno, you could just call it a lack of interest, I guess. Though, that's not completely accurate either, since the idea of sex pretty effectively disgusts me, too. Like I said, it's entirely personal and has nothing to do with anyone but myself. It's just the way I've always felt. I'll note, too, that I've never been molested or sexually assaulted at any point in my life, since some people like to use asexuality as a coping mechanism for the sexual trauma they've endured.

As for attraction, none of this is to say I can't appreciate a good looking person when I see one; I'm sex repulsed not blind. I just don't have any interest in pursuing relationships outside of what's platonic. From what I understand, that puts me pretty high up on the aromantic scale, too…

Hopefully, this was a little bit informative, or at least gave you an idea of where I'm coming from. Anyway, sage for personal OT bullshit.

No. 205800

>the other side of the spectrum

if you think that's what the other side of the spectrum is you're even more stupid than i thought.

No. 205802

File: 1447974438401.webm (2.94 MB, 720x400, cao mengde.webm)

>you just don't get it! These people are oppressed really, I'm not going to tell you how or anything, ill just say you don't get it and call you an idiot

go back to #mizzou

No. 205820

I mean, the guy was supposed to be good at it. He was good-looking, nice body, long thick dick, excellent stamina, even went down on me a couple times. It actually kind of hurt his ego that I couldn't come because he said that he'd never had sex with a partner that didn't; that was one of the reasons why we just kept doing it, he was trying to figure out the trick and I was like, 'well, if it makes you happy…'
I've had sex with around nine guys so far in my dating life? So it probably sounds weird to call myself asexual, but it's always happened either because I wanted to do something nice for my partner or because they were pressuring me to do it.
The folks ITT are right, though, there's really nothing 'oppressive' about being asexual. Like, it kind of sucks sometimes because I think about how other people seem to enjoy having sex and I don't, but it's like 'darn, this sucks but oh well'…mostly because books and movies always make such a big deal about how AAAYYYMAZING sex is supposed to be. It's also kind of put a damper on past relationships because guys are always dtf and they're confused by my total lack of enthusiasm if I'm honest about it. Like, I'll fake getting excited by it so it doesn't upset my partner, because I know that having a healthy sex life is an important part of a relationship, but it's all acting.
The robots itt probably hate me right now.

No. 205826

are you me

No. 205832

File: 1447980136393.jpg (25.37 KB, 720x400, 1406012480213.jpg)

No. 205849

File: 1447982306981.png (91.82 KB, 637x1300, 2015-11-20 01-14-02.png)

>Adele owes her sucess to white supremecy and racism against black people

I'm not a fan of adele's music but i dont think anyone can deny shes popular because her voice is impressive. beyonce doesn't come near to having her range but shes kinda held up like the tumblr queen. There was a similar and more scathing post saying the same thing about amy winehouse if i can find will post.

No. 205855

File: 1447983072197.jpg (34.54 KB, 500x738, 1276432739229.jpg)

No. 205857

I hate when people have these arguments and think they win by trying to paint you as the racist one when they don't even know the first thing about you. You (205800) anon have your opinion, and I don't see what's so racist about it.

No. 205868

I'm very happy/proud to be white.
If this makes me a racist, then so be it.

No. 205870

I thought the Q was supposed to mean questioning. Queer is used in a derogatory way against LGBT people but some people are trying to reclaim it and make it an umbrella term for LGBT or not straight and/or cisgender. A lot of older LGBT people that had to deal with being called queer aren't okay with it.

No. 205872

Holy shit, THIS.

No. 205873

File: 1447987450022.jpg (184.23 KB, 558x757, ss (2015-11-19 at 09.43.03).jp…)

So blm got another person fired! Emily Faz got fired for this tweet and blm created a hashtag for her, sent death threats, racist remarks and eventually called her work and got her fired. She didn't even say anything wrong.

No. 205875

I laugh every time someone says "systematic oppression" straight face.

No. 205879

that's absolutely fucking crazy. hypocritical cunts

No. 205881

so basically, you think you're oppressed even if you:
have education
have a house
have expensive shit (iphone, tv, internet)
are upper class
The only privileged people are rich people. I can't deal with bitches like you who have everything they need in order to be happy but whine about stupid shit that rarely happens

No. 205882

also, ALL races experienced slavery.
Any race isnt special.
All races endured a ton of shit but you see people OF ANY RACE living successful race so keep acting like a victim and lmao why is the word ignorance always used by special snowflakes?

No. 205883

*successful life

No. 205884

Tumblr's fashion trends are ugly

No. 205916

But it exists. It just gets approached/discussed idiotically in mainstream discussion. For example, I don't think the system is designed so much to hold black people back, but more like it benefits rich people the best. Since a large percentage of blacks are poor, they automatically assume this oppression is largely racial. That systematic oppression based on race is largely/mainly from the 'Jim Crow' days (although I do think racist feelings/sentiments are present these days and do a part to hold black people down..ironically I don't think black people realize they are part of the problem WITH white people).

No. 205922

File: 1447992774885.jpeg (215.85 KB, 540x743, image.jpeg)

seen on my dash earlier. I can't believe someone actually put all of this on a poster asking for a room mate.

No. 205925

the person who made this is 28 years old. this is so infantile and disgusting. it's like looking at an adult baby fetish pic.

No. 205926

oh also i think those things on the bottom are supposed to be cinnamon rolls but they look like piles of shit with cum on them

No. 205927

This is Chris-chan level

No. 205929

Awww there so adorable. This kinda melts my heart.

No. 205932

this is just..
This is how you stay roommate-less

No. 205934

wtf is wrong with you? it's not 'adorable', it's a 28 year old waste of space being trying to sound like a cute innocent child

No. 205935

It says he's mentally ill (fair warning)..

No. 205937

*she's. You get the point, they r disabled (probably mentally for both).

No. 205938

File: 1447994106404.jpg (78.11 KB, 500x500, madfrog2.jpg)

>literally have massive welfare programs
>huge amount of money spent on affirmative action programs
>cuckolds in the government and other institutions bending over to the whims of a bunch of uppity blacks
>systemic oppression exists tho!!!!

go the fuck back to tumblr, why are you even here?

No. 205939

I feel like it's almost forgivable since it's in Seattle, which is like Portland UwU's second banana.
I think it borders on cutesy and cringy but I know a lot of people in that age range who still act like they're fresh out of high school.

No. 205941

You got it wrong, I never said this? Maybe a dif anon…

No. 205943

The __ is a precious cinnamon roll thing on Tumblr is so embarrassing. It's one thing to call fictional characters that, but seeing someone calling real people or referring to himself/herself as one makes me cringe.

No. 205948

File: 1447995313698.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, hJkJYSNo.jpg)



So, I guess this bitch bawwwwwed about the World Fantasy Award featuring Lovecrafts head and got them to change their award statue. So, are we just going to knock down every author with semi-racist views who lived about a century ago? Can we not appreciate Charles Dickens without sociology majors whining about his microaggressions and problematic word choice? This shit's stupid and the fact that everyone submits to the will of these retards makes me lose faith in western civilization.

No. 205954

File: 1447997087781.png (12.19 KB, 510x152, umwhat.png)

ffs it's not real women's fault that they don't have to cake on the make up and walk around in hyper-feminine clothing just to be considered female.

besides, i thought the point of all this trans shit was eventually being able to pass as your preferred gender. how can these wannabes expect to be taken seriously as women, if they aren't willing to put forth the effort being a woman requires?

No. 205955

Feels like we're being dragged back to gender stereotypes in a way.

No. 205959

File: 1447998220609.jpg (918.94 KB, 1200x845, bids7.jpg)

How is this different from blackface? Why does Tumblr rabidly hate one while praising the other?

No. 205966

A very good question.

The answer seems to be that trans women are the most oppressed people evar, and are the only people to suffer from being killed, being raped, being oppressed, denial of rights and persecution. Because of that anything they do to make themselves feel better is ok, even if it ends up hurting othere because you know, they are the most oppressed.

The person who wrote that is a fucking idiot-there have been studies conducted that women who do not wera make up end up being treated differently and get less pay, and women who are feminine also face discrimination http://www.forbes.com/sites/tykiisel/2013/03/20/you-are-judged-by-your-appearance/
also" the effort being a woman requires" this sort of thinking is the problem, because how does one define that?
The idea of "feminity" that many trans women uphold is their own fault, they think its what makes them a woman, they also shoot themselves in the foot with it.
Totally agree and its depressing.

No. 205968

Most dragqueens aren't even trans

No. 205971

This questions gives me cancer everytime
I mean first of all they all gay so kind of get more shit than straight women
But yeah this really isn't worth an answer

No. 205972

The person who wrote the Tumblr post about Adele has since deleted it. Some interesting points were brought up here about why Adele is as successful as she is, but the post was poorly written and insulting. I and many other people know about/became fans of Adele just because she's popular and accessible. Being an Adele fan has nothing to do with my racial preferences or not being able to relate to non-white people.

>It's a shame because whiny little Tumblrinas like this make it look like people are just making this shit up because there's nothing legitimate to be offended by. If she cared about ~educating~ people then she would link to articles explaining this shit or discuss it in a manner that people will actually respond to.

Exactly. And people give shit like this legs to stand on by reblogging it. I'm glad the poster realized their error (I hope?) and took it down after getting some backlash. They can do better.

No. 205973


Woops. Didn't realize someone else had posted a second screencap from another post. I talking about >>205576

No. 205993

File: 1448008378314.jpg (134.21 KB, 551x971, 1447537555938.jpg)

>I told if she wants to hear actual black people's opinions, she should go to black twitter.
They're no better than tumblr, just more ghetto. Tumblr blacks are the kinds who think they're smart because affirmative action got them into college. Black twitter is more the average run of the mill nog, aka the ignorant as fuck kind.
>This bitch actually called me racist because I said I'm not attracted to my own race (I'm black)
Look at this race trading whore

No. 205999

I'm glad I watched SNL for the first time in years last week, if only for this skit

No. 206019

I think you are confusing sexual repression with asexuality.

No. 206025

I just don't get this. Yes, I understand that AAVE can be seen as a language with consistent grammar, its own vocabulary and shit, but that also means that it ISN'T English and therefore not approproate for using in an English educatinal context.

I mean ffs, I am from Denmark and therefore speak fluent Danish, but when I was studying in America last year, I didn't insist on speaking Danish on the basis that it was a part of my ~culture~

No. 206029

The problem with the United States is that it has no "official" language, so certain groups can see that as an excuse not to conform to "oppressive power structures".

If it were up to me, I'd make English (and possibly Spanish) the official language(s) and be done with it.

No. 206044

File: 1448030347934.png (27.03 KB, 343x440, ss (2015-11-20 at 02.38.40).pn…)

This is what happens when a cartoon boy wears a dress to sing on a stage.

No. 206047

Then go live with them and see them go nuclear when they discover you're not a ~magical transabled femme depression ridden homo~ like they specify on the flyer…
Seriously, tumblr obsession with "awkward" and quirky juvenile attitudes and pastel aesthetics sickens me as much as its ageplay/ddlg community.

No. 206048

>your race has no history of being the oppressed

WELL I GUESS IRISH PEOPLE AREN'T WHITE THEN. Thanks for clearing that up. I'll have to put something else on census and equal opportunity forms when I fill them out now. Lol.
I'm pretty sure there have been other groups of "white" people that have dealt with oppression and white-targeted hate crime as well.

No. 206049

Yea, I think its stupid when trans people act like there not trans. You cant just ignore the fact that your biologically not the sex you align yourself as. Why can't they just be trans women/men and proud of their trans-ism instead of "proud to be a women/man." Unfortunately in these days, no matter what they look like on the outside, they are the sex they're born as at the end of the day.

No. 206050

Ugh, I remember this one bitch who, excusing herself as an asexual agender fakeboi, loved to imagine, write and draw boys on dresses/panties.
Like, she degenerated all the canon universes on any show she watched and morphed it all into "omg you know what would be cute???? Lil [insert character here] takings his hormones and looking at himself in the mirror waiting for his hips to widen in his cute pink panties heart emoji I luv my trans cinnamon rolls!!!1!1"
It was fucking gross to see a 20 something old hag talk like a psycho and in the same breath say "th-this is not a kink u guys, I just get really carried away with my headcanons, wanting representashum ain't no fetish!!1!"
Dude… keep that for yourself if you don't want to get teared a new asshole and being seen like the sick fuck you are.

No. 206051

>and feel good and safe

Haha this kind of logic is some of the most laughable tumblr shit to me. I guess I'm just too fucking privileged because I can't think of a moment in my life where a cartoon or otherwise has ~empowered~ me or made me feel ~safe and accepted~ in any way.

No. 206052

It's the same as the Barbie argument (that the doll gives children false beauty standards).

I think the majority of people who feel better from having cartoon "representation" are these insecure tumblr teens and broken adults–both much older than the intended audiences.

No. 206053

OMG it's like one of ChrisChan's attraction signs! I lol'd.

No. 206066


of course there are a few exceptions to what anon was saying, but generally throughout history white people are known for oppressing none-whites. white people /do/ have 'white privilege' as much as you hate that term, lol. i'm not saying the tumblrtards way of handling this fact is right, because it's not, it's ridiculous. but it's still a fact.

No. 206067

File: 1448035875229.png (217.16 KB, 1142x2200, 1447997974048.png)



No. 206069

i like the script that says gay bugs

No. 206070


White people also oppress other white people. Black people have oppressed other black people. Every race has been a slave at some point in history.

Stop looking at it like "all whites are evil and take advantage of minorities," rather it's a case of the haves v.s the have-nots. A lot of the "haves" have been white, yes, but just because you're white it doesn't mean you're an oppressor, and just because you're not white doesn't mean you can't oppress other people.

Tumblr is so American-centric it sickens me.

No. 206071

This… this can't be real, right?

Tumblr has leaked into real life and its bullshit makes me want to blow my head off. I have little hope for the human race.

No. 206072


I didn't know that not being a judgemental asshole and minding your own business was a gender identity.

But that's probably my white, cis, hetero female scum background talking.

No. 206074


I also hope it's an elaborate troll but they seem to take it too seriously


Just read blog description
>Demivegetarianism is a poorly-understood type of diet. It is similar to vegetarianism, wherein one may not eat any sort of food that requires an animal to die, except that in demivegetarianism, it's okay to eat meat products only if they are among your favorite food.

it's called being omnivorous

>Demivegetarianism is not bullshit, nor is it a special snowflake ideology or a way of "cheating" on vegetarianism. All I ask for is understanding.


No. 206099

File: 1448044151848.gif (1.22 MB, 440x300, tumblr_inline_nsgianA80i1qhv8u…)

No. 206103

File: 1448044371320.png (184.18 KB, 842x948, rage_face_by_rober_raik-d4e0fx…)

why the fuck do people need labels for everything? to feel special???
saying "i dont really eat meat but i occasionally enjoy bacon" is easier to explain to other people than these stupid snowflake labels

No. 206107

>but generally throughout history white people are known for oppressing none-whites.
lmao maybe in your americentric worldview

Newsflash: the whole white world isn't just USA or UK

No. 206109

File: 1448045674475.png (182.39 KB, 788x1039, kek.png)

Her name is Nnedi Okorafor, apparently. She wrote "Who Fears Death"

>The novel takes place in a fictionalized post-apocalyptic future version of Sudan, where the light-skinned Nuru oppress the dark-skinned Okeke. The protagonist, Onyesonwu (Igbo for "who fears death"), is an Ewu, i.e. the child of an Okeke woman raped by a Nuru man. On reaching maturity, she goes on a quest to defeat her sorcerous father Daib using her magical powers.

Christ, that sounds awful. Reminds me of Arkh Project.

>The person who wrote this attempting to discredit Lovecraft

No. 206112

This is the most fucking ignorant thing I've ever read, period. There are plenty of Caucasians who have been oppressed by varying nations. Look into the Eastern European history. Look into what the Irish have experienced. Look into the Armenian history. Look into the Finnish history. The Sami history. The vast majority of the African slaves were imported to the middle east to the Arabians, not the western white world. In fact, the black Africans themselves started the slave trade. It was a common practice for them to take the lesser tribe as their slaves. In modern Somalia, the Bantu people are still treated as slaves. God, just look at the Egyptian history. They're famous for having slaves and they weren't white. But for some reason the whites are the only ones who need to carry some collective responsibility for slavery, the other races and nationalities are let off scotch free.

No. 206115

And when white people would listen to jazmine sullivan and promote her sales the tumblr SJWs would go mad over them "appropriating black culture" like they did when white people started listening to black rappers and buying their music. ugh. There's no pleasing SJWs.

No. 206145

I'm not saying you don't have a point, but at I believe the reason you are looking for is that when you look at today's world you just ask yourself who benefitted most. Also, are you sure most other countries blame whites for slavery alone?

No. 206154

Well, who did? "White privilege" only extends to the North American continent and that's only because white people are the majority there. It doesn't exist outside of it, save for a few European countries.

No. 206158

Well, down here we blame money and power. Since aristocracy back in the day used poor people from the country side who couldn't complain against someone promising some money while pointing a gun to their heads. If you were poor, your race was the last thing to be worried about.
So, most people still hold a grundge againt the rich and patrimonial big name families that hold some political influence.

No. 206165

File: 1448052352573.jpg (28.43 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Tumblr needs to fuck well off with this labelling bullshit. Seriously.

Like, I honestly can't fathom how at one point they're expecting everyone to be accepting of LGBTs (including marriage, adoption etc.), but then come out with this bullshit. Like that latter shit undermines the former efforts, but I guess their Tumblrina melted brains are blind to that. Whoever came up with this, needs to have their internet access revoked and spend that Tumblr time volunteering for charity - seriously this shit wouldn't come into the consciousness of someone who was in touch with reality, had a life in the real world and didn't spend all of their time on Tumblr trying to get validation from strangers.

No. 206173

Around the world money is the only privilege one can have. If you're of ANY ethnicity you will have power if you have enough wealth. These tumblrites bitching about "representation in media" and other trivial bullshit don't realize how privileged they themselves are, writing on their expensive computer in their cozy homes and having food in their fridges. Even those Mizzou protesters are REALLY well off and FAR from being "oppressed" and "underprivileged" being in a prestigious university but no, a halloween costume nullifies it all.

No. 206188

If you only knew how ridiculous all this shit looks from an outsider's perspective.

No. 206193

No. 206196

Fucking Christ.

No. 206201

>race trading
Idgi but k.
She's more offended by the fact that I have preferences than anything. Sometimes I feel it comes as a surprise to her that most people aren't pansexual.

Idk man I'd rather her just shut the fuck up altogether.

About black twitter. I don't mean thouse faux equality for everyone accounts where they try to take away a tragedy such as fucking terrorism over white people pretending to be the KKK on campus (I haven't read what actually happened so I'm going by what was being said on twitter…which wasn't much). The people I follow (benadryI, milfbitch, daddy khadds, deray) are all for black solidarity or whatever but they know when something needs more attention. Do you get what I'm saying? It's like when those cunts attacked Bernie at a speech and they were condemned by most of the pro blacks on the net (twitter mostly imo). The same would happen if those people in your screenshot were more relevant, I think.

No. 206230

File: 1448069674622.png (106.68 KB, 230x199, 1441428029347.png)

>hurr durr blacks are opressed, now give us total control
>all dem buzzwords
>c i s h e t e r o p a t r i a r c h y
Eurofag here, how do you deal with people with this kind of mindset irl? (''tumblr extremists'' or whatever you wanna call it) I've never met one and it looks like hell from here

No. 206231

i think most of them are in the north USA, im from the south and have not encountered one who even looks like a tumblr sjw or acts like one, most people here wouldnt tolerate those fuckers.

No. 206234

The anons point was about trans women and tumblr which i was answering, I am aware drag queens are not transgender.

No. 206237

>I do not have an answer because i'm really offended so i'm going to be condescending and shove this stick further up my ass.

Good show old bean. Also the fact you are just generalising drag queens and trans people as being "all gay" shows how stupid you are. Maybe think next time before getting on your high horse.

No. 206238

File: 1448071759414.gif (402.89 KB, 220x123, raw.gif)


idk either anon, thankfully I've never encountered people like that in my country.

They literally are asking authorities to

>hire mentally ill people, ex-con and trannies as school staff

>Remove all kinds of qualifications to work/study in there, (apparently those are white privileges kek)
>remove surveillance cameras,jails and police forces (white oppresive devices!!!1!)
>get everything for free

aka turning school into IRL Tumblr just because "HURR BLACK GENOCIDE". Go figure.

No. 206239

Yeah like i understand there is racism and not denying it but pinning that as the major factor to adele's success is a huge reach. Its also not like there are not massive black female singers(beyonce, nicki minaj, rhianna etc) and tbh i dont understand how adele has somehow stolen a "black womans voice". That also suggests black women all sound the same which is untrue.

No. 206241

Irish people were oppressed, but not for their skin color.

No. 206253

File: 1448075770695.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_2015-11-20-21-12-41…)

She's not doing anything wrong. People just want to complain about SOMETHING. If not this, something else, like the fact that she says she doesn't want to be skinny, so therefore she MUST be promoting obesity..

No. 206261

This is bullshit. I'm skinny, love food, and I don't exercise. I would say I love food more than anything else, I just don't stuff my mouth with it every day. You can have an interesting and varied diet and not be fat. I even drink soda and get fast food sometimes. Honestly I wish fat people would admit they have an addiction.

No. 206270

No you have a different body. It could be that she just puts on the wetight easier? You just said you "love food" too. If she's happy with her body, I'll be happy for her since so many are not happy about theirs (or are ungrateful).

No. 206272

Uhhhh, no. Assuming you're not a troll, it's just because Adele eats more than me, plain and simple.

No. 206273

File: 1448079455688.jpg (25.81 KB, 534x326, shamelessbegging.jpg)

Tumblrina needs donations because "Mah nonbinary dysphoria".

Here's the actual art: http://latestroses.tumblr.com/post/133568587243/please-commission-me

As you can see it looks like a nine year old drew it while having an epileptic fit. I don't know how this person thinks that they can get money for such awful art. Messy lines, bad coloring, sketchy junk left in what is supposed to be the finished product.

Do people ever actually commission these artists? I don't know why anyone would pay for something like this. Maybe they get pity donations.

No. 206274

Who cares? So many people are overweight. It doesn't necessarily mean they are gonna eat themselves to death.

No. 206282

Honesty? I like this message. People in the music industry tear women down over their image and not their music and it's bullshit. I don't care for Adele's music, but i can be cool with her message.

No. 206284

It legits makes me rage too. They have 15 different sexualities and now fucking you can't just be omnivore, vegetarian or vegan? What the fuck

No. 206287

>Adele eats more than me
more calories*

that's an important destinction.

No. 206288

You are very misguided. My girlfriend and I eat exactly the same food, literally, we share every meal and do everything together, and I weigh 125lbs and she weighs 200lbs. Our metabolisms are just different. People who weigh more than you could eat the same or even less, and just don't have as fortunate genetics.

No. 206310

>Stop criminal background checks for all faculty, staff, and administration.
Let's see how much they freak out if and when they find out some member of administration is a rapist or something.

No. 206318

>incest baiting
muh incestsexual oppression

No. 206322

your girlfriend is most likely a secret eater then

No. 206325

They might eat like shit or eat a lot. Female TDEE tends to be lower than men, shorter people tend to have lower TDEE, small people, buff people etc. There are tons of factors, which is why their girlfriend shouldn't be eating the exact same thing as her partner here.

That strikes me as kind of odd anyway, but maybe it's normal. What do I know.

No. 206340

Also if her hormones are messed up it could affect her weight. It's been proven that people with insulin resistance need 200-400 fewer calories than is recommended for someone of the same height and weight.

No. 206345

uh yeah, gender differences?

like, male tdee at 5'4" is a 200+ kcal difference, and it's just from being male (more muscle, more bone density, testosterone, it all goes into play)

your gf shouldn't be eating as much as you if you're a male anon

No. 206350

Why does every character have to be cis?>>204769
Or perhaps you're just a bigot

No. 206351

So… what's your tumblr URL?

No. 206354


No. 206355

>complain Paris attacks stole their headlines

Holy FUCK, how can you be this self-centered ?

No. 206381

Fuck off.

No. 206401

rofl because over 98% of the world is cis, you stupid tranny.

No. 206402

It's harder for men to gain weight and easier for them to lose it, which is why fat men are even worse than fat women because they really have to be absolute gluttons to become obese.

No. 206403

99.7% according to recent studies, which is even funnier in this context.

No. 206404

seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. NO

No. 206415

You know where to head back to

No. 206434

Only transtrenders would think debilitating dysphoria is a cute and quirky headcanon. But then again none of these dipshits know what dysphoria is like because they don't have it and think that not conforming to societal expectations of gender means they must be trans.

No. 206472

people demand respect without doing anything deserve it. its bullshit

No. 206483

File: 1448140162488.png (53.48 KB, 543x673, b1c95c155b13cb71c372e7b86c396b…)

Really hatin this post.

No. 206487

They were oppressed for other reasons, but then their appearances became grounds to judge them. Just like blacks.

No. 206488

>i need money urgently to curb lots of dysphoria

what the FUCK

No. 206489

are you fucking retarded

do you really think all human beings are biologically wired to absorb nutrition the EXACT SAME WAY

No. 206490

Yeah, the laws of physics mean nothing! It's not about her needing to input less energy and output more. She's just a super special magical snowflake and that's why shes obese; there's no way around it!

No. 206492


No. 206499

File: 1448142502494.jpg (130.95 KB, 640x1136, 1448044761114.jpg)

The ignorance of these people make me laugh

No. 206500

File: 1448142531785.jpg (47.54 KB, 500x605, 1448045844942.jpg)

No. 206508

Oh man! what are height differences! what are different racial difference! what is cultural difference! oh man, what about diseases? I have never heard of diseases that can affect nutritional intake. WOW.

No. 206509

No. 206510

What the fuck are they doing to my favourite t.v show

No. 206512


No. 206514

butthurt fatty / fatty enabler detected

No. 206516

>down with cis shirt
Do people really do this?

No. 206519


please stop

No. 206528


Kek this is so ass-backwards and anarchronistic I don't even know where to begin.

>world is at peace

Just lmao
>Indus people invent writing, do great math
She misspelled "Mesopotamia".
>Native Americans get hella advanced
She's off by about 3-4000 years here.
>Africa has great medicine
Assuming she means Egypt, Egypt /= all of Africa
>Mongolia is scary powerful
"Mongolia" didn't even exist. Xiongnu people shit up China so much the latter had to build walls to defend against them. But then again, "you go mongolia!".
>greece gets very racist for no reason hurr
Maybe has something to do with being on the doorstep of the biggest empire the world had ever seen?
>white people rape, enslave and murder = boo hiss
>Mongols rape, enslave amd murder - "you go mongolia!
>white people force capitalism on the world
I don't think this person knows what capitalism is.

Jesus Christ why are these people so fucking stupid? Is this level of ignorance cute?

No. 206534

dude they don't actually study history

If they did they wouldn't be borderline communist. As a history major I get extra offended

No. 206535

b-b-but it's not real communism you capitalist shitlord????!!!!!!!!!

No. 206544

The anxiety circlejerk on tumblr needs to stop.
'uwu, you have to treat me very nicely and delicate cause i think everyone is secretly being mean to me! here's a bunch of comics showing how delicate i really am!!!"
I'm usually sympathetic to things, but when you constantly reblog how you can't be expected to do stuff because of your anxiety constantly then it just become sympathy searching. So you can play games with random people online or on xbox live, but "dont make me talk on the phone or get a job!!!"
Fuck you.

No. 206547


>Mongolia is scary powerful

>But world is at peace until the evil white appears

lmfao, those Mongolians never conquered anything, they were just "scary powerful" in their own little country according to Tumblr.

No. 206548

Anon whyyy

No. 206555

File: 1448157296771.jpg (18.66 KB, 320x337, 7b2.jpg)

>There are honestly people this dumb and ignorant to think only white people ever started wars or attacked their fellow man.

No. 206556

I agree.
but black people apparently think it's only them who endured slavery and think that their slavery history is tHE WORST ONE AND THE ONE THAT TRULY MATTERS!!!! WAH IM OPPRESSED EVEN IF I DONT LIVE IN AFRICA I HAVE A LAPTOP AND INTERNET AND IPHONES AND EDUCATION AND RICH PARENTS BUT IM OPPRESSED!!
just ignore them lol

No. 206557

she doesnt deserve money.
shes not special for being nonbinary (aka a made up term to look oppressed)
fuck this bitch

No. 206558

98% of people are cis.
You are only trans if you experience dysphoria.
The fuck are they talking about?

No. 206559

can someone explain me what's the point of women's studies? ive seen some girl whining because "STEM IS SEXIST BECAUSE THERES NOT A LOT OF WOMEN" but she encourages women to major in women's studies.

No. 206563

File: 1448158587776.png (262.24 KB, 327x623, tumblr_inline_ny1pw09eHg1rovoo…)

the best part of this blog

No. 206564

Stop watching my favorite show? I haven't seen it in awhile…

No. 206565


Ugh this so much!
I'm sick of seeing all of these snowflakes with their made-up genders saying you don't need dysphoria to be trans. Yes you do. If you don't, you're just a girl who likes masculine things, or a guy who sometimes wears make up. And that's fine. You don't NEED to have a special label, why would you want to alienate you? Why do they want to be oppressed? It infuriates me!

No. 206567

Imo it can be pretty interesting. It's true that women were oppressed for basically forever and are erased in much of history, so that's cool to learn about. I only took the one class though and I'm not even sure what a degree entails exactly or what the point of it is either. Meh

No. 206570

File: 1448161156081.jpg (18.21 KB, 300x192, do it.jpg)

>It's true that women were oppressed for basically forever and are erased in much of history
>all the history majors laugh at once

No. 206571

No. 206579


Except it's true.
Pretty much any female that wasn't a Queen or a notable noble nobody knows fuck-all about, but we can all recite the names of hundreds of male painters, executioners, doctors, statesmen, presidents, inventors, engineers, mathematicians, scientists etc.

Male pls leave.

No. 206581

Seriously why is learning more about women in history so offensive to you anon? You're probably a delusional MRA who got offended by my saying women were opressed lmao. Like I said idk much about women's studies but that class was one of the best I took.

No. 206582

You don't have to be a raging feminazi to recognize that women have been historically given the short end of the stick and in many countries still are.

No. 206585


Uh, did you mean to reply to my post or…

No. 206586


I think you mean to say every country*

Legit, literally every country in the world oppressed women in the past and in many instances today I'm the present.

And men still like to bang on about female privilege, like being viewed as a sex toy and having any man around your at any moment be willing to fuck you is a good thing, because that seems to be the only thing they talk about when discussing how "privileged" we are isn't it? Sex?

No. 206588

No. 206589

File: 1448167699539.jpg (69.68 KB, 500x333, 17315204268161.jpg)


>yfw men bitch about how women had "privilege" in the past e.g. "ladies first!", "women and children first!"

>yfw this stems from men's thinking that women are "little tender delicate creatures to be treated with care"
>yfw they still don't get this

No. 206597

before it was, "well that was just an issue of white people killing other white people!"

now it's this bs

No. 206609

The idea of being trans without dysphoria makes no sense and when you ask them how that's possible they'll call you a truscum transphobe instead of answering the question. What makes a cis person who doesn't conform to gender expectations like butch/stud women different from a trans person without dysphoria? What does it mean to be trans if you have no dysphoria?

I think people have the wrong ideas about dysphoria, you don't have to be in anguish over your genitals every moment, some people can learn to accept their genitalia since the options for SRS aren't accessible to everyone, but the disconnect from your sex and your gender still has to be there. Women typically don't have beards, men typically don't have breasts, there are things like PCOS and gynecomastia but the cis people who have those conditions aren't happy with having those things. If you claim to be a trans man but never bind and flaunt your breasts or a trans woman refusing to shave your beard you're probably not trans.

There's this artist who insists on male pronouns but dresses as femininely as possible with makeup and cute lingerie and all. There can be feminine men, cis or trans, but I don't think a trans man would ever want to wear dresses to formal events and show off his frilly bras. I don't think it's a surprise that most transtrenders are biologically female, I think they choose to identify as men even with the absence of dysphoria because of how women and interests for women are so often looked down upon, along with how these people tend to project onto yaoi femboys.

No. 206620

It's hilariously sad when men want to complain about their own rules they made for social construct being sexist.

Perfect image.

No. 206621

Because women in history are never fucking talked about even though there are tons who contributed. They get brushed over casually all the time and you can probably only name Marie Curie if you're lucky.

No. 206622

This is the most ignorant thing I've seen in awhile, but then again, it's tumblr. argh

No. 206626

yes, I agree.
at least a huge section if not majority of transtrenders obviously are a direct product of yaoi obsessed fan girls.
for what it's worth, I like men together and I'm a girl - I always assumed that was natural because I'm attracted to men, why not men together. I understand I can't be romantically involved in a gay male relationship though.. which some people do not. transtrenders always seemed like girls who want to get off on a kawaii uke man and draw it/write fanfic and are acting it out irl.

No. 206629

i haven't been on deviantart in forever, but aren't points like deviantart's currency that you buy with real money that you can only use to buy deviantart subscriptions and prints and stuff?

No. 206633

>We DEMAND that standardized tests such as the SAT, SAT II, and ACT no longer be considered during admissions process, as high scores on these tests correlate most closely with higher household income, disproportionately benefiting wealthier, white students.
Well wtf are they supposed to look at when accepting students? They're demanding to be judged based on their race rather than their capabilities.
>We DEMAND that University cafeterias, gym memberships, libraries, and class registration be free to all residents of North Carolina regardless of admittance into the institution.
Top fucking kek. Enjoy having creepy hobos invade your campus. Where the fuck is the university going to get the money for that?
>We DEMAND that all hiring of therapists should make the utmost priority to hire people of color with a strong structural analysis of mental health and anti-oppression. Students should be able to attend counseling sessions that do not reinforce and antagonize them based on oppression that is already forcing them into the counseling session in the first place.
Whaaa I had to go to therapy cuz someone called me nigger
>We DEMAND Gender Non-Specific housing and bathrooms across UNC’s campus.
Ewwww, enjoy your rape. How long until they start crying about men invading their safe space or whatever?
>We DEMAND that cameras surveilling students, workers, and white supremacist monuments on campus be deactivated and removed.
>white supremacist monuments
I didn't know they had those
>We DEMAND an end to the list of people banned from the University campus, who we are certain are disproportionately poor and homeless people of color.
Again, enjoy your rape.
>We DEMAND that UNC not privatize its police force and/or contract with other security or surveillance firms now or in the future. Still, a public police is no better, if not worse. Policing as an institution must be abolished, and must be replaced with restorative and transformative justice practices, rather than functioning as a mouth into our penal system.
Holy shit, wut. This screams of "I have never seen bad things happen in my life".
>We DEMAND the elimination of tuition and fees for all students.
…where will this money come from?
>We DEMAND a University and hospital-wide minimum wage of at least $25.00/hour
>We DEMAND that all administrators be compensated at the same rate as workers.
>We DEMAND a minimum compensation of $15,000 per course for all adjunct faculty.
Spoiled rich kids think money falls from trees
>Stop criminal background checks for all faculty, staff, and administration.
>We DEMAND that sexual violence and all forms of racist, gendered violence should be seriously addressed in employment practices on this campus
How the fuck is that gonna happen when you got rid of all the criminal background checks?
>We DEMAND language justice for all workers at UNC. Trainings, materials, and all communication should be made available in all languages that workers prefer.
>Everyone should learn my language whaaaa

No. 206636

Oops sorry no. Meant >>206570

No. 206653

What's funny is that the fire nation is based on Imperialist Japan.

No. 206655

>White people export homophobia, racism, transphobia, ableism
Yes, because I'm sure NO OTHER ETHNICITY IN THE WORLD has things like capital punishment for homosexuals.. oh, wait. The majority of Islamic countries. How silly of me.

And no country in the world is guilty of ableism other than the whitey. No, in Africa albinos were never hunted down and killed. Around the world people never left their disfigured/disabled child in the woods to die. It's all white people.

>White people cause global warming

Bitch assuming global warming is human-caused which it most likely isn't (local pollution is a different story) have you ever been to India or China? China is the top emitter of fossil fuels, deforestation AND greenhouse gases. And they sure aren't white to me.

>White people steal four continents

North America … Western Europe … that's … 1 and a half continents?

>Greece gets very racist and oppressive in general for just no reason

[citation needed]

Ugh, going through this whole thing is a waste of time. The worst thing is that I'm pretty sure that on tumblr numerous people believe this to be true and reblog it without ever questioning this unsourced post on the internet.

No. 206657

These people are delusional. They basically think an UNIVERSITY is like a state which has endless amounts of money and resources to fulfill every bizarre demand. And if they want a "safe space" how come they're demanding and end to background checks, security surveillance and ban lists? You want a shooter or rapist walking down your hallways you idiots? Well I guess for them it's ok as long as the criminal is a beautiful poc standing up against the whitey uwu

And to think these people are fucking university students. Let that sink in.

No. 206658


>Trainings, materials, and all communication should be made available in all languages that workers prefer.

aka Ebonics, RIP English language.

No. 206659

for tumblr trans debates, I don't understand why transgender people are so insistent that being or enjoying masculine things = you being a man, or being or enjoying feminine things = you being a woman.
Why do I have to change pronouns and pretend I was born as something else if I enjoy being masculine or enjoy feminine things? I don't understand the need to suddenly want a sex change and getting dysphoria because my genitalia is not an innie or an outie.

No. 206660

>every country
that's some dangerous generalization there buddy

No. 206661

>I think they choose to identify as men even with the absence of dysphoria because of how women and interests for women are so often looked down upon, along with how these people tend to project onto yaoi femboys.

Hit the nail on the head anon.

No. 206669

Thanks for the laughs, anon.

No. 206672

All demands and absolutely no evidence of giving solutions to fulfil these demands. Honestly, seems like they made this list so it could be rejected just so they could baw on Tumblr about how oppressed they are for being treated like the entitled, unreasonable brats they are after their highly-unrealistic demands weren't taken seriously.

No. 206681


This so much.

In fact, someone else said it (in the previous thread i think?) that it's funny that so many transtrenders identify as feminists, when the idea of actually being female seems to revolt them.

No. 206702


It's not a generalisation if it's true.
Go find me one country in the world that at some point in the past or present hasn't oppressed its female citizens.

No. 206709

But in so doing, arent they just perpetuating the idea of gender roles which they are fighting against in the first place. Kek
They decide to enjoy male activities because womens things are frowned upon and seen as vapid or lame, but then they are just reaffirming x is a mans activity, y is a womens thing.

No. 206716

No. 206717

exactly how I reacted

No. 206720

How the fuck are you going to be able to prove that, or the opposite for that fact? I haven't lived in every single country in all of human history.

No. 206722

>She took his old rough hand into her equally old rough hand.
>the old nomadic couple had barely survived the dry thundery night of lightning
Is this a fucking joke or what

No. 206724

>dry thundery night of lightning
Simultaneous cringe and lol

No. 206729

You dont have to live somewhere to have any idea of its history. Jeez
This isnt some minor thing that anon is generalizing. It is a pretty common fact that women have been oppressed in one way or another in all cultures

No. 206733


>what is Google

But wait, you're telling me my assertion is a dangerous revelation but you're admitting you know nothing abotu world history?

No. 206737

File: 1448213782014.png (324.94 KB, 560x559, fredo.png)

If you lazily glaze over history like feminists do, yeah, women had it pretty shitty sometimes. However deeper investigation is needed to see how true that is.

The problem you are forgetting is that through most of human history BOTH genders are forced into specific roles that have both benefits and disadvatages

we are told that women were "oppressed" for all of human history, but this ignores the BENEFITS of being a woman, and the DISADVANTAGES of being a man. It also ignores CLASS. Are rich women as oppressed as a peasant woman? Is a peasant man more privileged than a rich woman?

For gender roles, i like to look towards modern Islam to illustrate my point. Many people agree that being a woman in Islamic countries is hard, and it is. Often times this point of view is taken for granted and it assumes that men must live like its a party or something and they are totally free. There is a really great tumblr post that explains this is more detail than I possibly could here: http://feminismisahatemovement.tumblr.com/post/68002730205/on-feminist-inflation-of-patriarchal-oppression

so were "all women were oppressed in all of history"? No, it depends on the time period, the geographical area and the culture of the people that lived in that area.

No. 206739

File: 1448214117982.png (238.31 KB, 608x655, lmao.png)

In other tumblr news…

No. 206740

Can I just say that in the nation I am from women had it just fine until Christianity showed up.

No. 206745

>LGBTQ advocates

>tfw these are the people speaking for us

No. 206749

They make it seem like there is no wealthy people who arent white. What bullshit.

No. 206750

Forced into specific gender roles by who exactly then. If women were being treated so shittily because of their gender roles, do you think women designed them…themself? No.

Sometimes men got the short end of the stick, by accident, not design, but women got the short end of the stick because they were viewed as inferior and it was designed to keep them inferior.

No. 206754

Example: Women in the USA weren't allowed into direct combat until 2013 (although plenty of women did serve in direct combat under the radar)

In 1948 The Women's Armed Services Integration Act excluded women from direct combat. Who do you think pushed for this policy. women? Do you think women were the ones making these decisions in 1948? No. Men were. Women are delicate stupid lambs who will just distract soldiers, better keep them away.

Now, if women are excluded from direct combat, (and today are still ineligible for a fifth of the armed forces positions) who does that leave…oh right, men. So men, by believing this horseshit, foisted themselves into the role of being war fodder.

No. 206760

I love this example because it's held up as one of the biggest ~female privileges~ (not having to enlist and serve as cannon fodder), too. People can't make up their minds about whether it's an example of women being valued over men or of women being infantilized, treated like second-class citizens, and not given equal rights.

No. 206762

Well, I'd say it is obvious which way it swings. Black people in the military in those times were also treated unequally and didn't usually get to see direct combat

so… where's the argument that this is because black lives are considered "more valuable" and not just a result of racism. Because no one would make such a stupid argument. It's obvious that this was a result of racism, so why can't be just as obvious that for women this was because of sexism?

No. 206764


And who is it that is forcing both men and women into these roles in the first place? Who is it that held power in every country, at any time, at any place, any period etc.

Can you say it a little louder, cause' I don't think I heard you the first time?

tbh you sound like a guy from /r9k/ in which case I'm going to discount anything you have to say from hereonin.

No. 206765

File: 1448220794343.jpg (312.07 KB, 2048x1864, comethefuckon.jpg)

>but who forced people into these roles?!?!

Geez, maybe NATURE you fucking morons
Men and women are biologically different. The world was a harsh place where one single bad crop harvest could kill your whole fucking village. Thanks to technology we don't have to fit into these gender roles so much anymore but people still do. Look at the feminists complaining about no women in STEM degrees, women have the most freedom ever in the history of mankind and they STILL ~~CHOOSE~~ (keyword) to go into more social, nurturing jobs because they want to.

Men have to do the hard and strong work and the fighting in wars because we are bigger and stronger than women. Women need to be protected or the tribe will die out. That's just how it was

>who held power in every country, at any time, at any place?
The rich and powerful, regardless of gender.

>im just gunna ignore you because I think you come from /r9k/!

typical tumblrshitter argument tactics. Maybe you should go back there if you are going to be a fucking dumbshit and say things so childish

No. 206766

True Life is a show mtv makes, so obviously they are going to promote someone they are having on their site. True life actually has some interesting stuff, its good if you want to watch cringe shows.

No. 206772

File: 1448222334974.jpg (641.05 KB, 677x2422, feminism13.jpg)

women shouldn't fight in wars. pic related

first off race is not the same as sex. I will address this point though. During both world wars, different races were used. Usually they would be in their own separate regiments because racism but they weren't excluded completely. The Brits didn't have an army at the beginning of world war one (thanks socialists) and they used Indian troops for the first bit of the war until they could muster their own men. Second, many blacks did participate in wars. There were even black SS soldiers. There were blacks during the American civil war. There are a bunch of other examples you can google yourself.

Now about women, first, Women have fought in battle before. A lot of soviet snipers were women, as well as pilots. In these instances, women aren't being used as infantry though because of the things Pic Related mentioned. (There were women gladiators, but they were extremely rare, again a solitary role. Shieldmaidens are another example but their existence is debated and they possibly never existed but I felt it might be good to mention them anyway)

If you want to go further back in time. Imagine yourself as a woman living during the Roman Republic. You would have to leave your home and children (your man would also leave too, so who the fuck would watch your farm and kids?), to go stand with a bunch of dirty men and be forced to not only hack people to pieces, but watch your friends and possibly yourself get hacked to pieces. If you could stay at home and play with your kids instead, why the FUCK would you ever want to go to war. Even if women were allowed to join the ranks, they probably wouldn't have wanted too. Hell, even today women rarely enter the armed forces, only 14% of US armed forces are women. Its even more dangerous for a woman to be in a sword and board unit of battle because you are responsible for the man directly to your left and right, if you can't handle holding your shield and spear and fighting all day then you are worthless, even as a man.

No. 206774

I'm a woman and female privilege doesnt fucking exist. Men are equally seen as sex toys.
>Legit, literally every country in the world oppressed women
lol yeah right.

No. 206775

Women studies won't get you a job nor help you in life. it's a fucking useless degree.

No. 206776

I don't think gender roles are bad.
What is so immoral about women being housewives and men working to bring the money? people talk about gender roles as if they were still forced today in fucking america.
and >>206765
amen dude

No. 206778

i also meant to say that male privilege also doesnt exist.
white, male, female, black, etc privilege just dont exist.
what happened to "we are all equal"??
why are people now trying to divide everyone?

No. 206780

…because people WEREN'T considered equal before? like wat.
are you actually trying to deny this? slavery, women's rights, etc?… ..

No. 206781

Can you speak english because I have no idea what you are trying to say

No. 206782

are you retarded?

No. 206783

Everyone was oppressed in their own ways.
I don't get why feminists always exaggerate and only focus on women.
so did everyone else? i'm not denying it, i'm just saying people like you act as if all women were beated down every fucking second of their lives before feminism lmao which is false.
ever thought a lot of women were happy before feminism? that staying at home wasnt bad? what about the shitty ass conditions men worked while the women stayed home?
and people are equal now so there is no privilege.
the only privilege that exists is being rich/upper class.

No. 206791

>I don't get why feminists always exaggerate and only focus on women.
>feminists focusing only on women
>doesn't understand
okay yeah never mind you are actually retarded, carry on.

No. 206799


lol yeah, it was the mythical force of nature that said women couldn't legally own land or achieve an education or choose who she desired to marry, or vote.

Yes, all nature.

You're definitely a man. Get out.

No. 206801


You're saying that women weren't allowed to have an education because otherwise the crops would go bad and her entire village would die?
Can you hear yourself?

No. 206803


>I'm a woman and

No, you're not, you're the neckbeard guy in this thread trying to argue that women were oppressed by nature and not men.

Because nobody on this board starts off a post with "durghh I'm a woman", because the DEFAULT gender on this board is female, dumbass.

No. 206804


Fee, Fi, Fo, FUM, I smell the stench of a /robot/men…..

No. 206808

Jesus christ did you even read what I wrote

I never implied that nature is what oppressed women. Thats just waht I said invented gender roles at the start.

LEARN TO READ. In fact, in the first post I made I said that the degree to which women were oppressed fluctuated depending on the circumstances, and not once have I implied that women NEVER experienced oppression.

Of course, actually trying to argue with the real point im making is too hard for retarded feminists

No. 206812

File: 1448227436570.png (55.11 KB, 681x287, Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.28…)

This thread is for posting pics from Tumblr. Not for acting like tumblr. All of you need to shut up and post something funny instead.

>Dieting causes pedophilia!

No. 206815

I think this is a little blown out of proportion, it was just the defense lawyer trying to make a shitty case. Its retarded, but what else are you gunna do when the evidence against him is so high

No. 206823

This makes my blood boil.

No. 206833

>linking someone from avfm

Omg could you bait any harder?

No. 206839

File: 1448231818210.jpg (25.69 KB, 400x600, chanmi.jpg)

>ad hominem

No. 206841

Couldn't be bothered it's too obvious.

No. 206842

File: 1448234654401.png (244.8 KB, 495x551, tumblr_ny43xwBjI91t3b9sxo1_500…)

kill yourselves please

No. 206845

I'm not retarded.
I don't understand why they focus on women when men also are oppressed.
Oh nevermind, i get it. they want special privilege and think they're oppressed because they have a vagina.
go back to tumblr

No. 206846

I'm a woman you fucking idiot.
I say I'm a woman because people like you assume EVERYONE who is against feminism is a robot.

No. 206847

>be lost in japan
>close to dying of starvation
>can't eat japanese food because you're scared of being racist

No. 206848

also i'm >>206846
and i'm not the anon who said that.
Men were also oppressed by women. get the fuck over it. everyone oppressed each others.

No. 206849

Hahaha true
Do these people travel across the globe yet
Still eat food from the homelands aka mcdonalds? (no wait thats sweatshop tier) um…. So what do sjws eat while traveling?

No. 206850

tumblr truly doesnt know what cultural appropriation is.

No. 206851

No. 206855

File: 1448235660365.jpg (81.68 KB, 738x947, UjNmlBf.jpg)

No. 206857

Why do they always wear those ugly cat-eye glasses?

No. 206858

>So what do sjws eat while traveling?

Organic Non-GMO free-range leaves

No. 206859

Trick question!
SJWs don't travel.

No. 206860

To scare people away. It's a primitive form of self-defense.

No. 206864

Well, I'm off to the gym.

No. 206867

Who is actually offended by that? Men have dicks. Women have vaginas. I keep forgetting that biology triggers sjws.

No. 206868

T is the loudest fucking minority now and i'm sure there are decent Trans people out there, but seriously, I'm a gay cis woman and I hate getting mixed into that bunch. Gay people have it bad enough without trans crazies and sjws.

No. 206869

File: 1448237678007.png (13.57 KB, 551x111, mexican food.PNG)

wow, just wow. I mean they're trying SO HARD to make this an issue it's embarrassing

No. 206870

Survival of the fittest.

No. 206871

Holyshit, what the fuck. If I feel like eating a damn taco at 1am, I'm gonna do it and not feel guilty over it. Sjws must be aging badly from the stress they give themselves and are all going to die of heart attacks or aneurysms at 30.

No. 206872

food have nothing to do with political or sexist issues or w/e
what the fuck man
this is why i dislike SJW and stay away from them.
while they're bitching about how eating foreigners food is bad, there are thousand of people craving for food and wishing they had our lives.
this disgusts me so much

No. 206876

tbf, and I'm not defending this shit, I think a lot of these people make a living (the worst ones at least) off writing articles, staying relevant on tumblr/twitter/etc. So what do you do when you have a deadline but no real issue to talk about? Just churn out this kind of bullshit.
They can't be this ridiculously out of touch with real life?

No. 206922


No. 206938

all of the stupid in this thread is triggering me

No. 206950

omg I've been enjoying indian and japanese cuisine without even thinking about social constructs and gender issues and whatnot.

>tfw I'm a oppressing shitlord now.

No. 207013

good news for us then

No. 207021

Don't worry, I think it's all over for now.
Damn it guys, were here to shame on radical tumblrinas not become ones.

No. 207024

File: 1448304098548.png (36.28 KB, 497x549, ss (2015-11-23 at 06.40.55).pn…)

No. 207028

I fucking hate Everyday Feminism. Also, the "food gentrification" piece that that article links to is one of the more poorly argued, evidence-lacking things I have read on the internet.

No. 207029

I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can get them converted into actual currency. A friend of mine used to do commissions on DeviantArt and it helped him save up for his trip to see his girlfriend.

No. 207034

File: 1448307894034.png (140.49 KB, 702x881, friendship.png)

ok guise but being a special snowflake is a serious and real condition?!?!?!?!?

No. 207037

tbh, they're more describing best friendship than just regular friends, but this kind of pretension and the backlash it (rightfully) receives is probably the main reason why I decided to never "come out" as an aromantic asexual non-anon

No. 207040

Aw, sweetheart, you just don't get it do you? Sigh, how will people ever know who we are down to our core if we don't label ourselves. Labels don't limit us, they liberate us. They keep us from interacting with people who might trigger us. No longer will we have to wonder whether or not the people we love and who make us happy are actually oppressive bastards towards groups of people I never interact with by simply eating an Americanized version of their food that they don't even relate to? I mean c'mon, California rolls? Fuck any best friend you've ever had if they're willing to put that crap in their mouth knowing that there's more to Japan than anime and sushi. Indulge in their issues too, not just their food.

No. 207042

Does anybody remember back in 2007 when everybody was screaming not to be labeled?

No. 207049


I don't know where this trend came from of needing to label yourself.

No. 207082

what is a political lesbian anyways?

No. 207086


My guess is people who are saying they're lesbians just to make a political statement and not bc they actually like women, if that makes sense.

No. 207104

you're TRIGGERING me with your oppressive AMERICANIZED JAPANESE FOOD

No. 207105

That is the definition, and actually lesbians have a right to be pissed off about that, if it's real.

No. 207106

File: 1448320912270.png (38.1 KB, 517x623, sigh.png)

the person who posted this had to issue an apology because the tumblr community can't handle an opinion that exists outside its comfort zone. thing is, the majority of the list makes a fair amount of sense if you've played the game, but what use does being rational have to tumblr? i can only imagine what kind of garbage was sent the OP's way.

i mean ffs, some of them act like you just murdered and cannibalized their entire family in front of them with how disproportionately they respond to the opinions they don't like.

No. 207113

Why… why call yourself a lesbian then? What about calling yourself an ally? Do these people not understand that kind of thing ironically undermines LGBT? I've known people who call themselves gay or lesbian then go for the opposite sex so hard. All it does is make people think those things aren't legit.

No. 207115

If I remember correctly, political lesbianism began in second-wave feminism as a big FUCK YOU to men and to increase solidarity among feminists.

No. 207119

Ahh that kind of got to me. You see I'm half-Russian and that's just a part of our culture. The kokoshnik is traditional, it has history. Russian culture is majestic, it's beautiful. But because Russians are white, it suddenly doesn't exist (even though not all Russians are white but ok).

Why can't we celebrate all cultures without belittling others, I don't understand? Where is the acceptance, where is the tolerance? Where is the equality? The amount of notes it got makes me a little sad and hopeless.

No. 207120

File: 1448323869360.png (490 KB, 700x548, screenshot-globalnews.ca 2015-…)

No. 207122

>“I think part of the reason that this is so popular now is that people are just pushed to a point that this — accommodating whining people for no good reason, or for not a good enough reason — has just gone too far,” said Scharf.

Damn if she isn't right, though.

No. 207126

I would understand the anger if a culture that has been trying to keep to itself, is not bothering anyone, and has practices or creations that aren't really of any real value (dances, recipes, etc) to anyone outside of this culture was repeatedly approached by an outside culture and harassed to share with this outside culture without being offered anything in return. Then that cultures practices get copied and spread in another culture, while the original culture gets either no credit or put down. Hell, even if that culture wanted to share and was not credited or looked down on it despite it.

In that sense it would be appropriation and legitimacy behind the anger, but this? Imo, and according to my friends this is an optimistic way of looking at it, people just want to feel passionate about something and as though they're serving some purpose. They just don't know where to direct their sentiments, and end up reaching this fucking far. However, this is mainly true with the people with too much time on their hands but the lack of mental capacity that would handle conducting or analyzing research on the topic they're so quick to "educate" others on.

That includes the people from the very culture/race they're talking about. That's one of my biggest pet peeves, if a person of any background is telling you the reality of how they experience life as a/an _______, they need to understand it and that they're version of what its like for that group of people is narrow minded.

One of the thing that irks me the most on tumblr is seeing all these suburbian black kids talking about how every race on the planet is so anti black, not understanding how diverse black people are (which is true, they have the most genetically diverse dna, even among other black people), so that it makes no sense to hate them based on skin colors or features that don't encompass all black people. True, I can support that. But I don't get why the same black people go and tell a biracial "black" person that they're not fully black and will never understand what it's truly like to be black, while in the same sentence reminding them that they're black and to not be so self hating by saying they're biracial. Or that all Latinos and racist against blacks when Latino is an ethnicity made up of all racial group, it literally makes no sense.

Sorry for the rant but it's something thats bothered me for such a long time, it makes me not take black people's comments on tumblr as seriously. Especially when they respond to every rebuttal with the crying/laughing emoji and some lame joke about white people.

No. 207131

>“I’m hoping as a global society we can all take a look at this and have a good laugh. Because it is really funny.”
She's my kinda girl.

No. 207133

Antarctica, bitch.

No. 207151


soon they also will close capoeira and taekwondo lessons, right?

No. 207159

hopefully! And they'll ban eating sushi and hummus on campus or listening to rap because that's just appropriating another culture too, you filthy imperials! Truly, the way to a more just, tolerant and inclusive society.

(this post may contain high levels of sarcasm)

No. 207181

Antarctica is a continent not a country. Please try again.

No. 207210

They should ban their study abroad programs too! It's literally another form of imperialistic colonialism!

No. 207212

oh my god bitch, you're everywhere.

No. 207237

File: 1448372724510.png (Spoiler Image, 218.15 KB, 1280x968, one of my many personal vendet…)

No. 207239

Why? I… I don't understand how someone can push you to do this… I pray for your well being

No. 207240

Someone has a furry vagina fetish

No. 207257

tiguurrrrhhh striiihhhpsss

No. 207260

File: 1448381766834.png (25.52 KB, 212x200, thejoke.png)

No. 207268


pls don't trigger me

No. 207269

>read almost all the active threads in the past month on pt/snow
>running out of shit to read
>decide to read the tumblr thread, brace self for rage
>end up raging more at our own posters retarding up the thread with things like how bad periods are, sexual orientation arguments, etc

Does this thread improve any if I skip past that or is that pretty much the thread?

No. 207277

>not noticing all the threads are like this

No. 207304

File: 1448392944681.png (20.2 KB, 342x486, ss (2015-11-24 at 07.21.50).pn…)

Trainwreck from start to finish

No. 207305

File: 1448392968194.png (444.3 KB, 465x455, laughingwhores.png)


>real world


No. 207309

so why is it okay for people on tumblr to hate others for something they have no control over (skin color, gender, sexual preference)? It is because it's okay to hate anyone who is white, or straight, or a girl who is comfortable being a girl? Is it okay because it's "normal"?


No. 207321

Outside of the context of snowflakery, I don't get the hate over letting kids/teenagers transition early? It's a lot easier to transition before puberty happens, and real trans people usually "know" from a young age that they're trans. It's just karma if fake trans tumblr people butcher their genitals for notes and then regret it. Not that they would, since they don't think you need to experience dysphoria to be trans.

No. 207322

ok but this "seeing your partner as your enemy" and "men hating their wives" isnt exclusive to heteorosexuality. dear god

No. 207326

I think it's kinda in the same idea of letting kids get a tattoo. Sure some of them may know for sure, but at that age we shouldn't really let them make too many life changing choices.

No. 207347

Were these people parented by Hollywood? Ffs, the shit you see in movies or on tv does not accurately represent reality.

No. 207588

being gay or trans is not the same as getting a tattoo

No. 207593


Who do you think is to blame for this fucking shit? The parents being liberal "let the kids do whatever they want" passive parents. Look at the way Lena Dunham was raised. Thats America today

No. 207600

Being a teenager does come with a lot of conflicting opinions of yourself and confusion about your body and things like that. Maybe when kids on tumblr stop being transtrenders it may be a nicer idea.

No. 207602

I think they meant teenagers/children that show signs of extreme dysphoria from a young age, such as a child trying to cut off their dick or developing severe trauma/depression from having to go through puberty. Usually those kids are put on hormone blockers before their parents allow them to go on T/estrogen. But the key thing with these early transitions is the presence of dysphoria, usually severe, which none of these transtrender kids have. See stuff like tucute, which are people who claim to be "non-dysphoric" trans and support the nounself/"cute" pronouns like bun/bunself.

No. 207604

Cutting off genitals for notes aside, is it possible to take hormones and then go back to normal? I can understand why legit trans kids may benefit from such things and this would keep tumblr retards from hurting themselves too much.

No. 207605

I don't think so. At least with detransitioned ftm I've heard they still experience the effects of T like facial hair growth. That's why they suggest young children and teenagers that want to transition to remain on hormone blockers until they're certain that this is what they want.

No. 207610

No. 207613

Did you ever think they did? Everything they refer to it as is obsolete.

No. 207622

It really depends on how long you take them. There are a lot of permanent changes. Basically anything you would get through puberty is there. There is also health risks, more for MTF because you need to block the male hormones as well as give female for transitioning. Bone density is a concern too.

So for example a mtf will still have any breast growth that had happened, and their muscles there would already have shifted a bit to that change, and that will not reverse. A Ftm will still have any facial hair that happened to grow in, but it wont continue to get any thicker than that, but it will exist.

No. 207746

File: 1448469195526.jpg (569.51 KB, 510x1826, 2015-11-24-hate.jpg)

No. 207747

They need to stop encouraging trans people though. It makes me sick to think anyone is making young children go on hormone blockers when no one is ever old enough to figure out what they want unless they're late teens/early 20s half the time.

No. 207748

It hurts my soul that tumblr got a hold of Undertale…

No. 207752

File: 1448471409943.png (15.04 KB, 467x217, ss (2015-11-25 at 05.07.50).pn…)

No. 207761

you gotta admit that some of the fanart coming from there is pretty nice tho

No. 207794

i feel you, anon. it was only a matter of time, though, considering tumblr's constant clawing for representation. while i'm sure Toby had good intentions–the game's "progressiveness" isn't the least bit preachy, but you wouldn't guess that from its fandom alone–everyone knows that if you give the tumblrinas an inch, they'll take a mile.

while that's true for a lot of things tumblr gets their hands on, they almost always accompany it with some kind of holier-than-thou statement about their own headcanons concerning the characters, and throw fits when not everyone agrees with them. they act like that, because you think differently about something, you're somehow trying to take their headcanons away from them. it's childish and completely without sense.

No. 207801


Yes you are a fucking girl. Just an average lesbian and there's nothing wrong with that.

WHY does everyone wanna be a fucking snowflake? Fuck off.

No. 207839

These stupid hoes spend way too much time thinking about their genitals. Get a life.

No. 207845

The "DON'T LABEL ME!!1!" trend went on until about 2011 and then got slowly replaced with the SJ special snowflake labels trend

No. 207847

Yes but as a teenager you do have a lot of conflicting identities. During my teens I thought I was bisexual for a good 2 years until I realized I really don't like girls like that.

No. 207970

File: 1448551900989.png (29.01 KB, 468x441, ss (2015-11-26 at 03.24.44).pn…)

Post title: "If you're a vegetarian dating a carnist"

No. 207974

File: 1448552530327.png (35.4 KB, 500x190, tumblr_nye36iBBzV1uvgzv5o1_500…)

Trying to police who can reblog your posts is the dumbest thing ever.

No. 207976

File: 1448552837481.png (12.15 KB, 484x319, ss (2015-11-26 at 03.47.03).pn…)

This is just sad

No. 207978

File: 1448553522662.png (9.6 KB, 459x172, ss (2015-11-26 at 03.57.51).pn…)

~fragile flower uwu~

No. 207980

File: 1448553737472.png (17.18 KB, 511x382, ss (2015-11-26 at 04.01.57).pn…)

The next big YA novel.

No. 207981


Sounds just like the kind of bs Kiki would spew

No. 207982

File: 1448554380497.png (64.13 KB, 518x934, emotional labour.png)

No. 207985

File: 1448555455817.png (999.57 KB, 996x938, 6h2t29f.png)

This looks like a great website.

No. 207988

File: 1448557118983.png (8.74 KB, 475x191, ss (2015-11-26 at 04.58.29).pn…)

No. 207990

A million rage memes could not describe my rage nor would a text block of caps. Just know, I am enraged.


No. 207998

I genuinely hope these weak as shit people just die already. If they're so weak how the fuck are they going to survive LIFE

No. 208001


For a website so quick to call shit 'abusive', they certainly promote a lot of abusive shit.

No. 208019

I hate when certain guys do this every time they do something wrong though, and then you're the one who ends up comforting them. No excuse to be such a bitch though.

No. 208023

File: 1448564693622.jpg (111.32 KB, 669x664, currentyear.jpg)

We've conditioned men to be like this. They are told from a young age women are princesses and they can't do this and that to girls. How do you think that translates into real life. A bunch of men who either hate women for their entitled, stuck up princess shit they also bought into, or a bunch of beta males who apologize for doing anything against a woman.

No. 208034

File: 1448567549567.jpg (37.96 KB, 511x351, image.jpg)

This all does make a lot of sense tho, why attack op? What a shame that this cool game had to attract such a shit fandom
>maybe it's because they told people they will never get to fuck Sans

In all seriousness I think it's because tumblr just gets way too attached to these characters. If you say something that is not universally accepted by the fandom you're a witch and should be burned at the stake

No. 208043

Its racial humor. I find it hypocritical because for sjw its okay to make fun of white people but racial jokes about blacks is wrong and evil!!! I think both are okay.
I havent seen those posts tho

No. 208044

>im a feminist shirt
>is positive thinking oppressing you
>implying you can oppress yourself
>implying being vulnerable is bad but being a narcissistic arrogant bitch is empowering women

No. 208052

File: 1448572788597.png (10.39 KB, 535x246, ss (2015-11-26 at 09.18.54).pn…)

Sorry everyone, kek is now cultural appropriation

No. 208055

No. 208056

It's keke but who cares when you could whine about appropriation instead :^) Such an awful act of oppression!!!!1

No. 208057

File: 1448574001303.png (11.73 KB, 550x236, ss (2015-11-26 at 09.39.48).pn…)

No. 208059

File: 1448574107742.png (38.34 KB, 556x585, hwun is a bitch tho.png)

this was a picture of a random Norwegian guy.

what if i made an "Anti black" or "anti asian" blog and reblogged and posted pictures of uglies?? would i not be shat on and probably have a hit man hired on me?
i know there are some ugly whites out there, but this bitch is ridiculous. why can "poc" shit on one race ?? but we can't do so much as criticize their attitude?

No. 208069

gonna need a link to that post

No. 208070

and a link to this please

No. 208072

File: 1448577494396.png (60.51 KB, 625x685, itswhateveriguess.png)

eh, from what i saw in responses to the post, a lot of people were going apeshit over the lgbt comment and the fact that OP was "dissing" the characters. so, what, we can't address the problematic actions video game characters take anymore? i thought tumblr was all about that "calling out problematic behavior" garbage, but i guess they're willing to look past anything a character does nowadays so long as that character is conveniently fuckable.
>not like they'll ever get the chance, those dirty, wannabe skeleton fuckers.

No. 208077

File: 1448578048398.png (8.71 KB, 552x149, a0b793679f0aec38feded1007b86f4…)



here it is, anon. but watch out, she's a major bitch and will go on a two day rant or just block you, then make fun of white people again and pat herself on the ass because she won the argument by calling you ugly :)

No. 208092

good thing I don't associate with niggers so I never have to worry about this.

Why don't we just reinstate segregation? I mean, lots of SJW types have already suggested it before. Racists would obviously want it, and blacks who are "oppressed" by whitey would want it

No. 208105

Because segregation is retarded and only causes more problems. Been there, done that, and it's never been a viable solution. We should just put all the racists, SJWs, and dindus on an island and watch them kill each other off.
I like having friends from different races and experiencing other cultures, so these people can fuck right off with their PC shit. They're ruining everything.

No. 208108

No. 208111

File: 1448585952949.gif (961.89 KB, 245x245, tumblr_mgr6idZvIw1qb9pa3o1_250…)

No. 208112

lmao, I live in Atlanta (lot of black people here) and when I was younger my mom would call everyone she met sister/brother. They would love it, they never felt offended. They'd smile and laugh. Why is Tumblr so no fun allowed?

No. 208122

File: 1448588358225.jpg (116.62 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)


No. 208123

I can understand a concern for the way animals are treated, the ongoing problem with the way NA are treated and all that jazz…but fuck, these people must live an utterly joyless existence.

No. 208127

File: 1448590194483.gif (1.22 MB, 305x239, kajshdlkafhskasd.gif)

Girls like these are bitter af. They need a good dicking and a man to treat them nicely and then they'll stfu.
I'm not into sappy romance stuff, but this is retarded. It's a really nice feeling when a man goes out of his way to spoil you. The end goal will always be sex (for BOTH parties), but that's how we propagate the species, and it's the ultimate expression of romantic love.
Were these bitches comatose through all of their biology classes or something? Why else would a man even bother to court you if he wasn't interested in mating?

It's like they're regressing or something.

No. 208128

did a white person make that post?

No. 208129

Idg why was this made into an issue of race

No. 208152

heavy metal

No. 208155

the furries have gone too far.

No. 208170

Sounds like jrcach.

No. 208177

File: 1448602203457.png (27.95 KB, 508x261, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2015…)

God forbid someone asking about tips on how to write a good female character.

No. 208179

File: 1448602385465.jpg (57.04 KB, 400x400, madfrog3.jpg)

No. 208180


Next time they will cry cultural appropiation on other races leeching welfare or eating at KFC

No. 208181


No. 208212

If you are trans, I'm pretty sure you're trying really hard to fit into the social constructs of gender by directly attributing your identity to your body parts.

No. 208232

File: 1448634080823.png (284.25 KB, 500x300, https://41.media.tumblr.com/81…)

Why does Disney fans are always so…. Ugh.
>baaaaw a complete stranger felt uncomfortable when I show them my self inflicted scars, they were supposed to kiss them and tell me how wonderful I am!!1!

No. 208239

>dismissive and acted like she wanted to leave

Ironically, that's perfectly in-character for Elsa. She's an insecure, unsubtle bitch who runs from her problems.

No. 208263

Should've tried with an Anna actress and had a torrent of spaghetti dropped on her instead lmao

No. 208275

Wtf this is disgusting. Do they think it's funny or cute to act like this? They're all for empowerment and body positivity when it's about them but will turn around and say ruthless, unnecessary shit about someone else just because…? Because he's a white man? Ridiculous. It's like the fucking fats preaching body positivity until they see a picture of a fit woman, and suddenly they're triggered and have no choice but to say ugly things about her.

No. 208287

They know they're just fucking actors, right? It's not the real Elsa, who is fictional anyway? Most people are going to be extremely uncomfortable if a complete stranger walks up to them showing off their raging mental illness. I feel so bad for Disney actors, I'm sure they have to deal with so much concentrated autism and adult children when they're really there for the actual kids. It sickens me.

No. 208290

Either this is a troll or some delusional girl who got inspired by that story about how some girl got comforted by a Peter Pan actor at Disneyworld after he accidentally saw her cutting scars while hugging. It's not their job to be a therapist for fuck's sakes, anyone would be taken back by a complete stranger just running up to them and shoving their psychological issues to their face. These people are so entitled they just assume everyone is there for them to serve their every need without any of their own.

No. 208293

File: 1448643672275.jpg (50.84 KB, 443x550, lPYN8fz.jpg)

Pretty sure she expected this bullshit to happen… Sadly, real life is not that whimsical, not even in Disneyland were the actors are there to entertain toddlers for a living, not to be your therapist.

No. 208305

File: 1448646931567.jpg (39.67 KB, 500x335, 1432106415262.jpg)


For some reason, it reminded me of this post…

No. 208326

That's part of Elsa's character though.
And did she honestly think that she would get fawned over for having self harm scars? Does she think it makes her like one of those Make-a-Wish kids or something? Seriously fuck tumblr.

No. 208328

I think this was why I didn't like Frozen that much and don't like how little girls look up to Elsa as a princess. Running away from your problems isn't cool, and I fear that there's going to be a new generation of emo kids because of that damn "Let it Go" song that is STILL playing everywhere even after 2 years of the film being out.

No. 208339

File: 1448651441933.gif (2.68 MB, 255x191, awesome.gif)

>mfw I think scars are sexy

No. 208340

It's been a time since I physically felt the cringe

No. 208347

That criminal was Albert Einstein.

No. 208352


And then he did a sick skateboard flip

No. 208364

No. 208370


>implying you can appropriate language

I don't think this person has any clue about, well, anything.

No. 208404

Is this going to be the new 'My uncle works for Nintendo" kind of trend?

No. 208441

If it was slang or "white" language (like German or French or something) then you can be sure appropriation would not exist for it.

No. 208451

File: 1448679314992.png (1.5 MB, 1627x966, fat racist pig.png)

This girl honestly seems like a cow. She likes to post garbage about whites, mexicans, and anyone not black and call them racist. In this case she attacks this white eyebrowless girl just for making a valid point.

Of course, she herself is white as fuck and just a fat, kool-aid haired pig and was probably jealous a creepy skinny white girl made a point against her. Every time she gets called out on it she links her Amazon wishlist and sperges all over the place like in this picture. Sift through her tumblr because it's a typical SJW ~black lives matter but fuck your race~ goldmine. There is no self awareness.

No. 208452


The thing is you just know she's one of these retards that reblogsthose dumb "WHEN BAE BE LIKE [x]"/"WHEN YOU THIRSTY AF" or whatever, most of which are written by white kids being "street".

No. 208455

I swear to god tumblr people are so stupid that they completely ignore any characters that would at least somewhat make sense or have canon history/backstory that could hint to them being trans.

No. 208517

Her and her bff nigga-chan (yes really ugh) were two of the main instigators of zamii's harassment (you can find them on posts celebrating her suicide attempt and attempting to prove that she isn't in hospital). She's truly disgusting.

No. 208518

File: 1448706882583.png (22.44 KB, 303x643, ss (2015-11-28 at 10.34.12).pn…)

This was commented on a video zamii posted of herself in hospital.

No. 208522


It's so sad how the "SJW" movement has just turned into a way for bitter, nasty people to attention seek and bully and harass others whilst still claiming to be righteous, and no one can disagree with anything they do because that's racist/misognistic/transphobic etc.

No. 208523

Yeah I used to follow my share of dumb white teenagers on tumblr who reblogged a lot of WHITE PEOPLE SO RACIST AND UGLY EATING SUSHI IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION REEEE type of posts and constantly wrote in stereotypical ebonics trying their best to act black. It reached creepy levels when they started reblogging selfies of black people and adding their "THIS PERSON IS SO PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH BEAUTY BEFORE I LOVE THIS" and sometimes even draw OCs based on them. Like damn that is fetishization if ever saw it. Black people are a novelty to them.

No. 208524

File: 1448707933243.png (20.46 KB, 408x372, ss (2015-11-28 at 10.51.17).pn…)

bogleech is also a ~fragile flower~

No. 208525

But she looks so white herself..?! She does have brown eyes and curly hair but gurl that skin is caucasian white. Reading through her Tumblr I'm actually shocked to see she's as old as 20 because you'd think most people would grow out of this 2edgy phase.

It seems that the mixed kids are always the most radical ones. Like almost every time I see some really out of control race-centered SJW it's almost always a white-passing mixed girl who desperately tries to hang on to that tiny percentage of black/native/asian/hispanic genes.

No. 208533

She's a cunt but her "white culture" tag is hilarious tbh

No. 208535

>i cried the rest of the day
nice grammar

No. 208555


This tag really is funny. Why is it always these white passing types obsessed with race? For disliking white people so much, she just talks about basically nothing but them and feels like she's some sort of gatekeeper on what white people can and can't do.

No. 208571

I wonder if this type of hyper "anti-white people" sentiment comes from living in an affluent life in secluded suburbs, where populations are mainly white and/or another race. Maybe these type of people see mass media and don't realize it's all just fabricate bullshit to make money, and take it to be zomg real life. Or maybe they have nothing else to worry about except righting the wrongs of society. Does anyone else have experiences living in very mixed and diverse neighbourhoods? I don't want to derail so ignore me if this is OT, but I lived in a very city with an incredibly diverse population from around the globe, and my friends and I we're never so hyper sensitive. Saying things like "lol white people" would be met with a joke at the expense of another race, but it was never malicious. I think that growing up where you aren't exposed to other people makes you go inward and forces you to make snap judgments of "all white people must be like this" or "all black people are this" and that can be either positive or negative traits.

Also she picks the worst outlier examples of viral Internet posts and takes them seriously. How is this different from reacting to viral posts of black people saying "lol BLACK CULTURE"

No. 208576

I think you're onto something, anon. A lot of these Tumblr kids are using Tumblr as their window to the world, and many admit this when talking about anxieties and the like. So it wouldn't surprise me if the sentiment is firstly fueled by their secluded surroundings, and it's echoed and amplified by the limited and inexperienced perspectives of other affluent, white kids. Not to mention, that this sentiment caught on like a trend without much questioning - as if, one is only a cool hip white person if they're constantly saying "kill whitey". It seems more like a lot of them are trying to please other races by constantly talking shit about their own race because they're that desperate for approval and they need the ass pats?

No. 208580

I just noticed all my typos damn autocorrect.

But yeah, I agree also in that being a "race traitor" is so cool now. Tumblr itself can belong to a middle/high class society since it requires a) internet access and b) education as far as being literate. It's this really scary echo chamber where white people are the most terrible evil to ever exist. But this kind of thinking erases a lot of history of other cultures, and that's inherently racist too, isn't it? Basing an entire life perspective on the Internet is very dangerous. Sure you see white people sayingand doing dumb shit, but everyone does that. The Internet in no way represents real life. Does this girl has a job? Does she interact with people of all races on a daily basis? But what really annoys me is her saying nigga and shit. Damn girl. Be self aware. Love yourself. Being white isn't the end of the world, just get off the Internet and meet some real people.

No. 208600

Nigga-chan used to be ok like a year or more ago.

No. 208678

File: 1448750880016.png (27.59 KB, 485x244, Screenshot 2015-11-28 at 5.39.…)

Why are black people on tumblr so full of themselves? I read another post that said: "all society does is copy black people then act like they’re better than black people". I mean for fucks sake, yes some people have blatantly copy black people in the U.S. without giving them credit or while simultaneously hating them, but to generalize to this extent is ridiculous.

They always claim they're the most oppressed group in the world (I guess they think aboriginals don't exist) and that they merely exist to be copied. If they're hated to that extent, then why not gtfo and turn Africa into a better place. Make the gov there stop providing resources to others and make the counties there better. That way, they'll only be surrounded by the magical kings and queens they're always talking about and won't have to worry about not being the majority.

No. 208680

>"all society does is copy black people then act like they’re better than black people"
I mean they're not completely wrong, but it annoys me how American-centric they are. Africa is a huge continent with 50+ countries. There is no single black culture but many different cultures, traditions etc.

No. 208681

I've met native blacks from their respective African countries and even some blacks from Brazil. They were really nice, if not almost humble acting? That stupid attitude is almost entirely a black American problem. It's funny they think that everyone copies them, because they're incredibly removed from their culture, probably more than anyone else. I guess they think they have to fight for what little they have. Little do they know that culture is spread because people enjoy it and admire it

No. 208682

except gender is real.
the reason why trans people think they are the opposite gender is because they suffer from a mental illness.
dumb bitch

No. 208683

because they want to be special and whine about non-existant oppression.
while irl they shut up because they know they'd look like complete morons and spoiled brats

No. 208684

I'm sure black Americans still face a lot of racism that's worth talking about but I wish they'd stop making it about only themselves all of the time. Same goes for certain brands of feminism. If it's only ever about YOU I'm just going to assume that's all you care about.

No. 208685

I'm Nigerian and something about the way blacks on tumblr try so hard to push other people out of ""black"" culture just really makes me scratch my head. I love it when people show an interest in my culture. Just the other day, my friend who is white tried making jollof rice and wanted me to taste some and I can't even tell you how happy it made me. When people show curiousity about my culture it makes me so happy. Like "wow, they think my country is interesting enough to want to wear the clothes or wear their hair in traditional styles, etc." I would never get angry over something like that…its not stealing my culture, it's showing adoration for it I think…do they not see this at all?

No. 208693

They don't know anything about black culture. Black culture = soul food, the Harlem Renaissance, ragtime, jazz, blues, etc. Gullah and black Louisiana creole are still distinct regional cultures. Black culture =/= ghetto culture. These Tumblr kids are so short-sighted.

No. 208697

Honestly. I think their ancestors would be turning in their graves.

No. 208698

It really makes me wonder whether they ever read anything by James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Maya Angelou…you name it. Anything other than tumblr posts.

No. 208701

Very few of them that I've come across have ever referenced them, and those that have tend to live in larger cities or have white friends.

I get ticked off at black people who spew this bs on tumblr, yet are in loving relationships with white people or have white friends yet and live in the suburbs. Much of the "black culture" that "society" imitates originates from big cities, where people don't give a fuck where you're from as long as you don't think yourself better than anyone else, so they share their art/food/slang etc with you. Many of these tumblr kids have no connection to their own "culture" and I think if they live in a predominantly white neighborhood or close to one, it's why they probably feel the need to claim their race so hard on tumblr. They want to feel special and valuable, and there isn't a problem with that, they should. Though to go and claim that no one else can participate in it while they're own people are actively selling it for everyones consumption is hypocritical.

Like they feel just as bad when people ignore or dislike something from their culture.

No. 208706

you're probably right and it's something I just can't really relate to (being a white European in Europe) but the hypocritical thing certainly rings true.

No. 208809

>using white people's inventions to complain about society copying black people's culture


No. 208815


they assume a "look but don't touch" attitude


No. 208836

File: 1448771286319.jpg (36.33 KB, 752x306, 1448760257099.jpg)

Shitstorm incoming. Feminist pornstar allegedly raped by feminist pornstar. The male pornstar is a jew who was complaining about white girls not fucking black men being racist.

No. 208863

>But she looks so white herself..?!
How the fuck does she look even remotely white? Are you a nigger?

No. 208867

I deadass, DEADASS read that as Paula Deen the first time through.

No. 208874

File: 1448776146644.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, sopranos.gif)

What the fuck lmao

No. 208879

Lmao fuck off, she has white skin and her facial features are pretty white. If her hair wasn't so frizzy and she didn't outright say she was mixed race, you'd think she was white.

No. 208883

don't even worry about that anon, there are recurring surges of racism on this site whenever anyone doesn't say horrible things about black people

No. 208885

No. I'm not even saying that she looks black, but she defiantly does not look white in the slightest. Black people think that everyone lighter than black must be white. Even without her hair her skin is dark and her general facial features are no where near caucasian. (I though she was mexican at first)
>She doesn't look white
>horrible things about black people

No. 208888

File: 1448780091402.jpg (81.98 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nxxi4uEcfR1r8aczvo2_400…)

>she defiantly does not look white in the slightest

No. 208889

She looks hispanic aka white.

No. 208890

Yeah, I think that anon was just baiting, or they're really delusional and salty for no reason, especially with all the "hurr black people think everyone with light skin is white!!!! are you anigger???" bait sprinkled around their post.
She looks white.

No. 208892

File: 1448780418107.gif (1.67 MB, 540x720, tumblr_nwluxxW42h1r8aczvo1_r1_…)

>her skin is dark
I agree, just look at this ebony pallor

No. 208896

File: 1448782657461.jpg (304.12 KB, 1280x1814, tumblr_nygpc1ehmX1r8aczvo1_128…)

>Niggers think this is white.
She looks like a fucking beaner all the way. I bet you though Zimmerman was white too huh cunt?

No. 208897

I don't think that's her real hair. I've worked with ethnic and mixed hair as a hairdresser and this straight up looks like she got a weave made out jumbo braid. Bitch, it's called BRAID for a reason.

No. 208898

>still looks pale in the photo you posted
Her skin isn't dark and she looks pretty white. Just deal with it, you delusional stormnigger.

No. 208907

File: 1448787464294.jpg (37.98 KB, 500x333, 3964887767_e2cb8c3601.jpg)


Not the anon you're talking to but

>what is filters

>what is overexposition

agreed, she's not a pitch-black nigger but her facial features doesn't suggest being 100% white either, pic very related.
There are a wide variety of skin tones, not just black and white, you know.

No. 208910

File: 1448787973221.jpg (513.16 KB, 3000x2246, brown.jpg)

I had no idea white people had brown skin. Even with the camera flash white washing her, she's brown.

No. 208912

T-thank you anon, now I'll have some ugly butter-related nightmares

No. 208917

American white population is really mixed with black, native and Mexican so they consider the right to be a white girl.

No. 208919

That's only the Irish that are mixed with sub-humans, hence why people say they aren't white. Niggers think blacks and whites are the only two races in the world. They even consider themselves black and hate whites despite being part white themselves (And descended from statutory rapists, at that. Nasty.)

No. 208921

File: 1448791787050.png (463.55 KB, 1414x755, Capture d’écran 2015-11-29 à 1…)

the james deen tag is a mess atm

Like always tumblr is jumping on the bandwagon right away.

No. 208922

File: 1448792863825.png (6.19 KB, 521x188, kek.png)

Brown eyes are not "yours" white girls.

No. 208927

I call bullshit. James Deen wouldn't fuck around with his career by doing something like that, and is an all around good guy. This whore just wants attention… she's a nobody pornstar. This is a goldmine for her.

No. 208928

File: 1448794496451.gif (756.21 KB, 248x200, 1n1nZOn.jpg.gif)

i fucking hate tumblr kill it with fire

No. 208930

File: 1448794853578.png (27.51 KB, 640x385, Capture d’écran 2015-11-29 à 1…)

But they have evidence !

No. 208931


I've never even heard of Stoya. But I have now.

No. 208932

nobody on this earth would tell James Deen to stop and use a safeword js like that skinny white boy kno how to fuck a bitch damn good

No. 208933

Tru Dat

No. 208934

File: 1448795261419.png (194.94 KB, 725x707, Capture d’écran 2015-11-29 à 1…)

No. 208940

They've done some magic scenes together.

Weren't they engaged, or a least lived together… This is a bummer.

No. 208941

LMAO that @NEOBRUTALIST guy is hilarious. And so is the dumb bitch who is implying Stoya is more "comfortable" telling all of Twitter about her "rape" instead of… going to the authorities. And that @Neobrutalist is actually accusing her of raping him apex kek

No. 208942

James needs to sue her for libel and slander for tweeting that bullshit

No. 208945

File: 1448796393014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.77 KB, 1000x1000, jamestoya.jpg)

They where the golden couple of porn, but she always was in his shadow.

No. 208946

You do realize there's more than one way to look white, right?
If we're going by your logic, Italians must not be white because they don't really look like the Aryans the typical stormfag is used to poring over photos of online.

>Even with camera flash white washing her, she's brown.
Except in the pic I posted? You deliberately chose a phone pic of her in dark, warm lighting and compared it to a professional photo of someone in bright, cool lighting. She literally has a white person standing right next to her, too, so why would you go out of your way to find another picture instead of just comparing the two?
You need to try less.
She looks white, sorry.

No. 208949

Ugh she' so ugly an average looking why did he choose her.
Everyone backing her lame ass up needs to wake the fuck up bc her lies are sooo obvious

No. 208950


No. 208954

File: 1448799206605.jpg (45.09 KB, 600x581, BtnGcEXCIAIGKvC.jpg)

Stoya didn't mind when Deen said this to this reporters back then.

No. 208955

>Other one is taken of a super super pale ginger girl in cold bright lighting
>Other one is a camera phone selfie in shitty lighting

I'm white and I have the same colour of skin as she does. Are you trolling or retarded? Her hair is fake af and she only has brown eyes and kind of a wide nose but she's super white passing and looks more hispanic than black.

No. 208957

Something like that can seem fun at first but then when the relationship falls apart, it can feel like betrayal. She's coming off like she feels betrayed and that's okay to say if it feels true for her. But her twitter statement - a legal accusation - is nuts.
I read a long interview with her a while back (I've forgotten where) and she seemed to be trying so hard to sound like a tough bitch. Poor thing prolly has BDP. I know I've gone mental at people back when I was a raging case.

Sage for ramble.

No. 208960

Oh dear:
His real name is Bryan.
She wrote "log in to the internet".

No. 208965

i fucking love this gif

No. 208989

You are both wrong, she looks mixed.
Which is what she is.

No. 208991

Probably because that was done within the consent of both of them. Things can change very rapidly in a relationship and something that was okay before might not be okay later.

I don't think this is a case of "le evil husband" raping her on purpose, but it seems there was a communication failure between them. I am disappointed that instead of going to court about this she posts about it on social media instead, probably in hopes of angering the mob so they'll lynch him, I think that's wrong.
However, I also think he might have done something wrong too here, but it's all speculation since we don't know what happened. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out he did do something bad.

No. 208992


This is something I really don't get about that logic.

Wouldn't it be more beneficial to actually go to the authorities? Especially if you view your rapist as a big enough threat that he may rape again (or has already done so prior to you?)
Because if you don't report it and he does rape again, then aren't you kind of complicit or at least partly responsible? Like you should have done something but didn't?
And I'm not talking about that deep shame, "keep it to myself"/repressive kind of not telling, but like "lol ill tell all of twitter that a guy raped me but not the police" kind of telling.

I know there's a whole load of psychological shit going on, but this whole "LOL SHE DON'T NEED TO TELL ANYONE IF SHE DON'T WANT TO FUCK YOU I GOT MINE" crap is really counterproductive.

No. 209002

Yeah, it'd be one thing if she carried that secret to the grave out of fear/repression/psychological damage etc. but she took it to social media so there's absolutely NO reason not to take it to the authorities at this point. If she had, im sure they would not condone or be especially favorable to her accusing him outright of rape on Twitter. Unless this is some sort of publicity stunt then this is really shady.

No. 209008

I don't get it either. If she reported it and nothing came of it, I'd understand the public accusation now. But publicly accusing him without reporting it first and using his professional name (not real names) in the accusation, does seem shady on her part - seems like she wants his career ruined instead of him being punished appropriately by the courts for the alleged rape. But I'm basing this on the assumption that she didn't report it (I've no idea if she has or hasn't).

There's way more to the story than these two tweets (obviously) so I do wonder what more will be said by them and what will come of it in due course.

No. 209015

Nobody's arguing that she isn't mixed. She's just white-passing.

No. 209031


These people are leaking into real life and working with children. I'm pretty sure gender-neutral pedagogics doesn't mean forcing kids to abandon their identity for your own stupid experiments. Telling girls it's a bad thing that they prefer to play with crayons rather than lego blocks is much more damaging than "encouraging".

No. 209032

File: 1448809908976.png (515.57 KB, 448x1201, triggered.png)

lel they just can't help themselves

No. 209033

lmao I love it when they prove a point themselves and don't even realize the irony

No. 209041

Speaking as a student teacher, this is exactly the shit you're not supposed to do - force your ideals on the kids. Jfc the extent we're allowed to go to is telling the kids "if girls want to play with legos thats fine and if boys want to play with Barbies that's fine too" as far as gender equality is concerned - not fucking ban the use of perfectly fine toys to try and change kids attitudes towards them. She's fucking up as a teacher if she felt that the only way she could get the girls to play with them was by banning the boys from playing with them. Legos are great for all kids cognitively and creatively so her banning of them for this reason is doing more harm to the boys than good. I doubt their parents okayed this pseudo-experiment - the school didn't anyway.

No. 209043

I really want to know why she did that. Accusing someone of rape via Twitter got her in a situation where he could sue her. Didn't she think about that?
I understand not wanting to tell the police. In some areas people had really bad experiences doing that. But why use Twitter for this?

No. 209058

What makes you think she didn't try to report it quietly, and then have nothing come of it before publicly accusing him on Twitter?

No. 209063


Did you miss the part where clearly said I had no idea if she reported it or not? I just posted a bunch of ideas as other people ITT were doing based on the same two tweets!

To answer your question: a rape accusation is very serious - she's a porn star celebrity and currently media outlets are all over this story. And usually (not all of the time ofc), when shit this serious is reported by a celebrity (even a porn star), the media magically has access to what was written in the police report. But no such info is available currently. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean she didn't report it/try to report it though.

No. 209066


Playing devil's advocate here, but maybe because she'd also be up in arms about how the police didn't believe her when she reported it?

No. 209080

How is it a communication failure if someone uses their safe word and the other person ignores it? Because if that actually was the case, idk how it could NOT be rape.

No. 209082

The fuck? Why didn't they just, I don't know, get more fucking lego? Enough for the girls and the boys to be able to play with? Damn, that's stupid.

No. 209083

Damn her body is kinda manly

No. 209106

No, you're mistaking me. She LOOKS mixed. She doesn't look 100% white and she doesn't look 100% whatever. She has some none-white features and a lot of white ones. So, mixed.

No. 209107

Terms that have been agreed to earlier, she might not have been clear enough, etc. Due to her posting this on twitter instead of taking it to court makes her statements less believeable so I am not sure if I am inclined to believe she actually told him no and stop.

No. 209148

File: 1448832099685.jpg (168.29 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Idk if anyone has posted about this since I'm on mobile.

MTV's True Life just made an episode about being Genderqueer.

Anyone have a subscription to MTV they wanna share with me?

No. 209151

genderqueer doesnt exist.
youre either a woman or a man.

No. 209155


I read about genderqueer and that's basically… A dude with girls clothes on. Or a girl with dude clothes on. Do we really need a special denomination for that.

No. 209157

Sounds like the most boring shit ever. 30 minutes of "I have a vagina but I like to wear guy clothes sometimes, I'm so special!" "someone called me the wrong pronoun once, omg oppression"

No. 209161

I was referring to the use of the n word

No. 209162

Truelife has really lost its merits…

No. 209163

so then should "poc" with non brown eyes be excluded from any appreciation of bs

No. 209172

yeah, pretty much

No. 209175

so basically genderqueer means transvestite?

No. 209178


Nah. A tranvestite men would shave to look more like a woman. A genderqueer men is basically a "lol fuck this" tranvestite.

As a girl If I cut my hair short and wear suits (and date girls? Dunno if even counts) I'll totally be special genderqueer denomination.

No. 209180


This must be the first time I see someone get asked "pronouns?" By other people.

These two are the epitome of tumblr.

No. 209184

That "pronouns"-scene was so fucking uncomfortable to watch

No. 209185

me too.
Unless your trans, if you care so much about pronouns you are a sad human being.
like, pronouns arent fucking important.
these dumbasses need to stop acting and embarassing trans people who suffer from dysphoria, fuck

No. 209192

Anyone have links to the full episode.

No. 209194

It's not like green eyes originated in Central Asia and are common there or anything. They're common in the Middle East to a lesser extent as well.

No. 209195

The girl featured on that episode has a channel. Of course.


Real useful things like "ask a non binary babe" (wut? I thought she didn't identify as a girl?), ask a pan, etc.


No. 209197

there's part one

No. 209198

oh no nvm ignore it

No. 209199

True Life has been a dying show for the past 5 years, but this is really the trigger puller.

No. 209200

It's a real shame too. I used to love watching this on MTV but now it's just documenting a bunch of people whining.

No. 209225

>and is an all around good guy
>shames women by calling them racist to get them to do the porn he wants
>uses "feminism" as a tool so he can profit from the exploitation of other without being called out as a scumbag

No. 209226

File: 1448843606189.png (41.37 KB, 598x376, cunt.png)

Fucking hate stupid cunts like this.

No. 209229

For some reason I think of Angela Merkel

No. 209242

"I could easily be a girl, but that's not what I want."
Most genderqueer people just look like gay, scrawny dudes, and fat or tomboyish chicks who felt like they weren't good enough at being their actual gender. They're just making things harder for themselves by creating this imagined oppression trap where no one understands their super special imaginary gender, when in reality, most people really don't give a fuck if you're an ugly tomboy or a feminine guy. And is being able to wear a skirt and get weird looks and attention from everyone on the street THAT important to these men when they're not even trans? I bet they get off on it.

No. 209247

File: 1448846389550.gif (435.27 KB, 300x192, Puck.gif)

The use of pronouns in this trailer is fucking ridiculous. They/them when referring to a single person is idiotic and confusing. Same with calling a woman "he/him" when she's obviously not a man.
I hate this.

No. 209259


>porn star defending Islam

Just lol

No. 209276

why is islam the new progressive thing to support? it is so ass backwards, like, does tumblr even know how islam treats women and freaks like them? hint: death

No. 209288

they/them can, has, and will continue to be used for referring to a single person. i don't understand how people get hung up on this.

No. 209294

these people think everything they dislike comes from tumblr

No. 209297

granted, they/them as singular pronouns are usually referred to some hypothetical person (replacing one/oneself or the usage of some kind of s/he his/herself convention) or talking about a particular person not present in conversation/you don't know their gender already.

I typically don't give a shit about they/them as singular pronouns but hearing it used in the MTV clip was a little jarring, I'll be honest.

No. 209299

There's no proof.
tumblr makes me sick. this shit could ruin an entire person's life.
unless there's no proof, shut the fuck up about it.
what happened to innocent unless proven otherwise?

No. 209300

People have been wanting gender-neutral pronouns in English long before Tumblr. Ey/eir/em was proposed decades ago. It's not necessarily for "preferred pronouns" reasons, it was just another way to obscure the gender of your partner if you were gay and didn't want to out yourself when talking about your love life.

I think they/them is fine as a gender-neutral pronoun but the variations like xe/xim and ey/em sound stupid even if they predated Tumblr's existance and neopronouns/cute pronouns shouldn't be taken seriously period.

No. 209301

Pan does not exist.
Fuck people who say they're pan.
This is bi-erasure (im sorry for sound sjw) at its finest.
People are so ashamed of bisexuals or want to be oppressed and special so badly they invent new sexualities because they dont want to be associated to bisexual people (because theyre looked down and called cheaters)
fuck this shit man

No. 209302


Because Islam = brown people, therefore they are automatic victims in need of white help.

No. 209304


No. 209310

I don't get how putting on a dress or wearing man clothes and having short hair suddenly makes you not the gender you are. Like, you can reject societal norms and not act or dress in a way that is expected of your gender, but that doesn't suddenly make you genderless or the opposite gender. That is actually fairly normal. Most people aren't 100% masculine or feminine. Usually we carry traits from both sides. People like "Brennen" would have just been a tomboy back in the day, but in the age of Tumblr, she is now a "he."

I also wonder how these type of people feel about the fact that many languages have only masculine and feminine forms when referring to people and objects. No room for snowflakey labels there. But Tumblrites probably just think basic grammar is oppressive.

No. 209322

File: 1448857443054.jpg (313.02 KB, 822x497, kabul.jpg)

Eh, not all of islam is that bad actually. People just need to modernize and realize that holy books written thousands of years ago are not going to be 100% completely right. A lot of it is about giving to the poor. But yeah, the treatment of women by muslim extremists is fucked up, and is one of the reasons why the middle east is fucked up today.

pic related: Afghanistan in the 70s.

You're right, there isn't any proof. I am not saying I believe her at all, but sometimes, rape can be really hard to prove. Especially since victims are often too scared to go to the police about it when it happens. It is a very serious accusation, and it could ruin someone's life. But I oftentimes try to believe people who disclose to me that they were sexually abused/assaulted but were too frightened of their attacker to report it, because the same thing happened to me.

HOWEVER. I am not going to easily believe someone who broadcast their accusations on twitter, especially in such explicit detail. I have a really bad feeling about this. I don't think that she is telling the truth.

I despise tumblr.

No. 209324

It's funny– how do their snowflakey gender terms work in other languages? What about Japanese/Chinese/Korean? They can't like, make up new characters for their special gender, right?

No. 209325

Someone asked my friend which pronouns she prefers just because she crossplays. I fucking hate it when Tumblr spills out into real life.

No. 209332

Where's that screencap of a sjw asking a Chinese speaker to draw cat faces for kitself neopronouns?

No. 209335

Japanese doesn't use third-person pronouns often, which makes the anime character pronoun drama/trans headcanon pronoun posts more pointless. They have their own terms for non-binary identities like x-gender.

It doesn't seem like third-person pronouns matter much in Korean or Chinese, but I don't know enough to talk about that matter.

No. 209342


>why is islam the new progressive thing to support?

Where have you been for the last 15 years? The left has always supported Islam but it really kicked off after 9/11.


Those old photos from Afghanistan are from inside the old British/American/Soviet zones in Kabul. The pictures of women in Western clothes are mostly family of diplomats attending international schools and some of the pictures are even American or Russian women. They get posted a lot to show how Islam can be liberal but they're nothing of the sort. If anything, they show the benefits of colonialism.

No. 209346

Holy shit.. that is some unreal levels of cringe.
In chinese, the pronoun for 'they' (a group of boys, or a mix of boys and girls) is 他们. For group of girls, it is 她们. For animals or inanimate objects, it's 它们.

All these are pronounced the same: tamen.

He is 他, she is 她, it is also 它. And funnily enough, these are also all pronounced the same– ta.

I honestly have no clue how special snowflake gender words or whatever would work in Chinese. There's just no real way to make it work and have it be comprehensible/grammatically correct. Not to mention acceptable to the average person.

No. 209350

I'm looking some stuff up now, but I still can't really figure it out. I'll ask my professor about it. (I can imagine the weird look she'll give me– "What are you saying, anon? There is only boy and girl!")

No. 209359

I'm sorry to keep posting, I will sage so I don't keep bumping. Here's a list of words (that seem pretty accurate) concerning gender and transexxualism. >http://nonbinary.org/wiki/Glossary_of_Chinese_gender_and_sex_terminology
I also read about people using the pinyin word TA as a gender neutral pronoun (for use in writing, as the pronouns are pronounced the same in spoken language.)
However, I still don't see anything about 'cat, cats and catself' pronouns. Unless someone wanted to use 牠, the pronoun for animals (like cows…?)

I just really don't think these special snowflake genders with special snowflake pronouns (sol, solaire, solself) translate well into Mandarin. And most of the articles I can find, even about the subject of purely gender neutral pronouns, don't know what the fuck they are talking about in the first place.

Basically.. I don't know. Essentially, in spoken language, the pronouns are pronounced the same. And you can use na ge ren or zhe ge ren when you want to say 'that person' or 'this person' as well. I'm not too sure about the written characters, though.

And I don't think that fae/faes/faeself is ever going to be a thing there.

(Also, just for some more cringe: http://tranifesto.com/2012/09/10/ask-matt-gender-neutral-pronouns-presenting-a-problem/)

No. 209363

File: 1448867043168.jpg (112.35 KB, 500x636, 1412031882821.jpg)

>you can use na ge ren or zhe ge ren

Sorry, my keyboard software fucked up. *那个人 is that person, 这个人 is this person. I'm not sure about the written characters for made up genders/made up gender pronouns.

Sorry guys, I'll quit my samefagging now.

No. 209366

File: 1448867405333.jpg (50.41 KB, 739x447, 1424864749572.jpg)

No. 209372

When one of your worries is about which emojis white girls are going to use, your life must be really cozy.

No. 209390

File: 1448877558312.jpg (81.36 KB, 456x386, 1448148740148.jpg)

that fucking story

No. 209426

Hahahaa you couldn't make that shit up…. Oh wait.

No. 209462

I want to say this is an obvious troll, but I honestly just can't tell anymore.

No. 209463

File: 1448905564962.png (397.66 KB, 1280x550, 1423754967954.png)

here it is.

No. 209471

File: 1448906729866.png (313.37 KB, 598x720, 1445027551357.png)

>I'm just a badass magical girl here to voice my outrage against privileged, self important cis people who think they're allowed to push their opinions in on trans matters.

>privileged, self important cis people who think they're allowed to push their opinions in on trans matters.

that's every fake transtrender on this website tho

No. 209485

This episode would make a great drinking game. Every time that fugly tumblr-y hairstyle is shown, take a shot.

No but really I kind of want to watch this episode just to see how cringy it is

No. 209487

File: 1448910013829.jpg (20.15 KB, 446x422, MAKE IT STOP.jpg)

No. 209497

I'm not defending islam. I know it's a mysoginistic, intolerant religion. I'm against condemning muslims and treating them as a violent hivemind out to steal our welfare/jobs.

I wouldn't really give a fuck if not for all the hateful, borderline neo-nazi shit that spilled all over social media and real life in my country when it was first announced that some refugees need help.

No. 209511

One time I was waiting in line for Subway at a con and next to me these two teens were talking and they introduced themselves and one of them just pauses and says quietly, "…and how do you identify? them/they?"

No. 209519

Either it's a troll or a delusional author thinks Japan caters to obese people

No. 209520

You know, I was legitimately surprised by the number of blacks on tumblr who were in full support of thanksgiving despite the number of native americans opposed to it. Being that they spam the shit out of posts talking about recognizing the importance of them having visibility and others respecting their history, culture, etc, you'd think they would have done the same for native people instead of getting #thanksgivingwithblackfamilies trending

No. 209521

This hurts my soul. Draw a little.. cat? Are you fucking serious?

I hate tumblr. I hate tumblr so fucking much.

Idk about you, but if someone asked me for my pronouns, I'd feel a little offended.. what, I don't look like a girl or something to you? smh

No. 209522

Black people on tumblr don't care about anything but themselves.

No. 209523

As I was reading this, I felt myself slowly descending into hell.

No. 209530

I love how these transtrenders often identify with animu characters. I wish a legit Japanese person saw this and would tell them no one of their beloved animu characters and mangakas in glorious Nippon would ever give a shit about "truscum", or would want their characters to fight against "transphobia" and for the use of kitself pronouns.

No. 209541


As a race blacks are horribly selfish.
Since they've got their own civil rights they're just all "Fuck you I got mine" to everyone else. This goes for LGBT, Natives, immigrants, terror-attack victims, whoever.

No. 209565

No way, I was only referring to those on tumblr. The vast majority of black people I come into contact with at work or school are nowhere near to how these people on tumblr are, which is why it's so baffling to me. Idk if it's due to us living in nyc or what. (Maybe because there is such a diverse population which each willing to stand up for itself?)

No. 209571


I think those on Tumblr are the worst, sure.
It's like they think because they have a college education they are hot shit. Utter worst entitlement cases.

No. 209581

This post embodies current SJW blacks. Their biggest fear is a white person using a black emoji, implying it's somehow racist and "taking" from them. Do they literally want an app for blacks only to use black emoji? It's like the only people encouraging racism and segregation are these people.

No. 209585

I thought they meant it as white people using it to be racist as in saying derogatory things against blacks and then using the emoji on top of that (which I don't understand why it would bother them just as much…)

No. 209587

File: 1448928943636.png (17.41 KB, 480x388, lmao what even the fuck.png)

tumblrtards never go outside confirmed

No. 209588

File: 1448929204483.png (115.73 KB, 469x560, tumblrisms.png)

huh, well how hypocritical is that

and even if these weren't people that participated in the very thing they're complaining about, it's interesting that they still like to use tumblr as often as they do

No. 209596

No. 209599

File: 1448931105028.png (727.13 KB, 490x3456, replies.png)

No. 209634


Black women should just stop caring about what their male counterparts do, i know it made my life easier.

They do raise valid points, but they sound bitter as fuck so of course they won't be taken seriously.

No. 209636

I just hate how they make it seem like white girls are at fault for black guys being interested in them. Do I think black guys should prefer white over black women? No, of course not. However, thats not representative of all black guys, there are some who are genuinely more attracted to white, asian, latina or middle eastern women. It's something different. It's not an attack against black women or them being self hating black guys.

Like, these tumblr black people have to turn everything into a pity party for blacks. This morning I was watching a fb video featuring that little girl people call Ling Ling (primarily black people from what I've seen), she's the little Asian girl who's always lipsyncing to rap songs while flashing all the money she has. In the video this black guy is harassing her, saying she's poor, and when she defends herself he keeps making jokes about her selling chinese food.

When people pointed out how this was racist, black people all of a sudden freaked out, talking about all that they've been through. Because that justifies it somehow. Because they = their ancestors.

No. 209684

File: 1448946657886.jpg (64.68 KB, 861x720, 1351879190374.jpg)

>As well as attempting to stop transcum because they were once magical until they got corrupted

Wut haha omg
So, they just hate all trans people who don't fit their mold? That's awfully transphobic of them lol

No. 209688

>dont follow if you are not mentally ill
What the fuck? And i love how she thinks whites cant experience racism and men cant experience sexism because you know, white people are worshipped everywhere . Its not like they had hate crimes and were raved and enslaved by others. Nah

No. 209695

me too anon but now I have to wear long sleeves or I look like an edgelord

No. 209697

They care a lot more about the white girls in the video than the black guys, just saying.

No. 209701

Truscum are trans people that believe you need dysphoria to be trans and see transsexualism as a medical condition. So people that are actually transgender and not teens that think being gender non-conforming (tomboys, feminine men) = trans.

People like that blogger think it's okay to wish death threats upon truscum and mock them for having dysphoria, I've seen things like FTM truscum get told by MTF that they have shrimp dicks and that they're just jealous of MTF with their natural and bigger "girldicks."

So yes, it is transphobia but that doesn't matter to them because most truscum are trans men and trans men are still scumbag men in their eyes so it's okay to say things like trans men are worthless.

No. 209715

>So yes, it is transphobia but that doesn't matter to them because most truscum are trans men and trans men are still scumbag men in their eyes so it's okay to say things like trans men are worthless.

Going on a further tangent, they treat MtF truscum like Uncle Toms and misgender them.

No. 209738

Do you guys know if there are any tumblrs that collect this kinda shit or expose the tumblrinas in reblogs? Or a place that calls out the sjws and such?

No. 209739

I like how they're more bitter about the girls than the dudes who are allowing them this.

Also what a fucking stupid question, black guys are just people, it's essentially asking "do you like male human beings"

No. 209766

No. 209769

File: 1448987273029.jpg (84.66 KB, 600x959, IDCPaskingforit1.jpg)

she's disgusting

No. 209782

Stupid question here: do Americans consider North Africans as black people? I've seen a shit ton of people on tumblr bitching about how Maghrebi especially are white people and thus oppressors, and I find it hilarious because we don't see ourselves as white at all. But I know that many of us don't see themselves as black either. Are there even North Africans in America in the first place, actually?

I've mostly seen this because of some bitch called firebends who wouldn't stopcalling another user brando-relatable an arab or a middle eastern even though she's Moroccan, and tried to call her out because b-r said "swag" which is appropriating african culture or some shit.

No. 209794

If your skin ain't dark you ain't black here m8. Unless it can be proven you're half black, then you're black. And nothing else, just black you self hating coon.

Every race has its own distinct differences, that's why the question was raised.


Actually, from my personal life as a black female, some black guys do go for white girls because of self hatred and an attack on black women.
I even had a guy dump me because a white girl liked him. And with my other ex i was constantly compared to white girls and he'd always say he preferred them (and he was the one who asked me out too… glad i finally left him). But what i think is, they should just stop caring and let it go.

If tyrone wants a white woman let him be.

No. 209796

Depends on which Americans you're speaking to.
For the most part we kind of just lump in North Africa with the Middle East tbh. Not white, but not black either. Like it's not sub-Saharan Africa, but for simplicity's sake since America is bad at geography we want to lump in North Africa somewhere.
FOX news viewers probably very well think North Africa is in Antarctica for all they know tho. So there's that.

No. 209805

In the same family and from the same parents you can have people with pale skin and people with very dark skin. I know this is more or less common and this is the case with me and my siblings.

As an advice: don't call a Berber/North African/Maghrebi/whatever an Arab or a Middle Eastern. But I guess it's because of the language used and Islam being the official religion in North African countries. Anyway this is good to know, since I could very well go to the US for studying or for an internship someday.

No. 209806

I saw that one of my friends is now fictionkin. Honestly don't know how I feel about it.

No. 209812

Yeah I wouldn't. They're different parts of the world. Just expect it and understand that a lot of Americans really just don't know better.
Good luck with studying or interning if you choose to come here though. That would be a fantastic opportunity, and I hope it works out for you.

No. 209850


You know, i probably should have made it more clear i was just being facetious lol. But you're right, more people should realize this.

No. 209867

Try to bring them to their senses and plz let them know that tumblr is not real life.

No. 209869

Thanks a lot anon! I hope I'll find an internship abroad since it looks really good on a resume.

Sorry, it's kind of hard to notice when someone is sarcastic or not online. Especially since there are people who actually think what you said in your previous post. But no offense taken of course.

No. 209876


The best thing about it is that the owner isn't a raging /pol/ fag, just a normal, sane person.

No. 209877

File: 1449010886724.jpg (113.29 KB, 327x456, IDCPwikiedit.jpg)


>Since IDCP is delusional enough to think Sayaka is transgender, despite evidence to the contrary, she went and edited the official PMMM wiki to say she was.

Fucking lol

No. 209883

"Trans" isn't even a gender…

No. 209890

Yeah it's really not. I dunno how I feel about this though… I have a few mtf friends, but I never think to call them trans even though they recognise this as a part of their lives. I just call them girls because that's what they identify and live as. Just girls.

No. 209893

I think most actual trans people who aren't just angsty teens want exactly that: to simply be seen like any other average man or woman.

No. 209897

File: 1449015583637.gif (159.67 KB, 390x379, 1413335185809.gif)

Can these retards get any more autistic? Sayaka is a fucking girl. changing the wiki of a character you didn't create is just ridiculous and offensive to the creator. I'm sure Gen Urobuchi would love people rewriting his characters for him.
Why don't they change the Sailor Moon wiki while they're at it? Usagi can be a fat trans black girl with a big red nose and buck teeth. She can wear a flower crown and have dyed armpit hair. Instead of saving the world and being a badass mom, she'll sit on tumblr all day eating cheese wiz and blogging about trannies and the lack of strong womyn characters in vidya and anime.

No. 209907

what is it with mtfs and magical girls?

No. 209908

MTFs are fetishists, they get off to stereotypical/exaggerated presentations of femininity.

No. 209976

Sayaka is my favorite. FUCK YOU TUMBLR. How dare you change a canon sex of a character because whaa whaa, cis people are so boring even though they're 99% of the population for a reason. trans trenders and trans fetishtists are fucking disgusting.

No. 209978

No. 209984

Except that idislikecispeople is an actual a girl lying about being a transwoman for oppression points. I mean I know that autogynephilla exist but you're talking shit

No. 209987

I'm salty as fuck about people who draw Usagi as fat or as another race on Tumblr. I know you're exaggerating for effect's sake but "chubby Usagi" (who's actually fat in fan art) is super huge fanon for some reason right now and it irks me.

No. 209988

This whole trans "fad" is so fucking disgusting and genuinely harmful, it's infuriating. It makes things so much worse for the very small percentage of the population that is made up of "actual" trans people who transition and DO just live their lives as men or women and not ~*~trans people omg so oppressed so special so beautiful uwu~*~. And yeah, I do think that being "actually" trans (I'm excluding autogynophiles here, too) is a condition, and it causes a fuckton of pain and suffering - and often suicide, and sometimes murder - for people who aren't just RPing on Tumblr. These Tumblr morons don't want to be the opposite sex. They want to be "trans." I can't even believe this shit. Fuck this world.

No. 210015

I think the anime had quite a bit of hints that Usagi eats a lot and is "chubby", but of course they never drew her that way. I wouldn't mind Usagi with a tiny bit of chub as I think it woud fit her character (lazy school girl who plays vidya and eats snack food all the time). It's not more unrealistic than drawing a 14 year old girl like an adult with incredibly long blond hair, long legs and big boobs.
Mind you, a tiny bit of being chubby, like 10 or 20 pounds. Not 100 to 200 pounds.

Also I never get the race bent. In all three timelines we see in the manga she literally looks exactly the same, doesn't she? And wouldn't her "race" techically be something like "re-born Alien from the Moon" or something like that? Why don't they draw more of Pluto, who actually looks like a PoC?

No. 210038

They're all Japanese. Are Asians not poc enough now?

No. 210043

Japanese chubby is not the same as American chubby, where all these tumblrinas are. i fucking hate them.

No. 210069

I imagined her being skinnyfat/slightly flabby but not obese like the fanart I see. Plus Asian standards of chubby are generally slimmer than American chubby.

No. 210080

I've seen that shit too. Sure, Usagi loves to eat, and would probably be a bit chubby from the junk food, but ffs do these people not see how much she exercises?
She's running around everywhere doing flips and shit, twirling around, beating up bad guys; logically she would NOT be fat.

I really don't understand the trend of completely redesigning a character so that they fit the fan artist's self centered and warped perspective of how the character should be. It's like they can't empathize with people who aren't exactly like them.
I can relate to is Ness from Earthbound, and he's a 13 year old white (or Japanese???) boy. I'm female, mixed black&white, and 10 years older than him. But unlike these dipshits, I understand what empathy is and don't need someone to be 100% exactly like me for me to be able to relate to them.

Why can't they make they're own fat trans chair kin characters? Leave other peoples intellectual properties alone gdi. I can't handle the narcissism.

No. 210081


That's always weirded me out. Tumblr kids whine about ~muh representation~ and wanting 'characters they can relate to' when I'd have thought a character's personality or background is what makes them relatable, not their race/gender/sexuality etc.

No. 210091

Japanese people are POC now?

Also, what the fuck is up with the term POC, isn't that literally just another way of saying colored person?

No. 210093

aren't POC* im fucking retarded

No. 210101

I find it outright disrespectful to take an existing character, esp one as popular as Usagi and just redesign them because they don't fit YOUR TUMBLR standards. fucking hell.

No. 210121

Another thing that really rustles my jimmies about Sailor Moon fan art on tumblr is when they make Makoto super fucking manly/literally a man/tranny just because in the show she was worried about being perceived as manly or tomboyish because she was fucking tall or some stupid shit. Masculine traits =\= a 6 pack and body builder musculature and a penis but tumblr cant be subtle about anything in their lives, so masculine woman is clearly an actual dude or looks so close that they might as well be. There's a fan art circulating now with man mako and fat usagi at the beach and it's awful.

No. 210125

yikes at specifying that they a "multiply-marginalized" person

also those cinnamon buns looks like rainbow colored piles of shit leaking cum… double yikes

No. 210133

File: 1449093087554.jpg (4.74 MB, 4800x2700, latest.jpg)


reminds me of how sakaki is self conscious about being tall - it's a problem GIRLS can relate to, who are the target audience, some of whom may be tall and be self conscious about it. that is literally taking something FOR YOUNG GIRLS and turning it into their weird fetish-y headcanon.. sound familiar, no?

No. 210141

They all act like they want to get away from gender stereotypes but by doing this shit they're just reinforcing them. "Jupiter is strong therefore she must actually be a male bodybuilder and not an actual girl"

No. 210151

reminds me of the "samus is trans!!!" bullshit, of course one of the only athletic female player characters in video games is actually a man with a dick because she's strong, right? fucking tamblbol

No. 210160


It's especially retarded when it comes to Sailor Moon considering there's a ton of LGBT characters in it already without them having to redesign them.

No. 210164

No. 210175

File: 1449108075223.png (25.46 KB, 673x470, wow.png)

This has to be a troll blog

No. 210188

kek. It's like the Christian Weston Chandler version of heteronormativity. "Boys like sport and girls like shopping" sort of bullshit. And just like the tumblr transtrender fad, it perpetuates some really damaging stereotypes.

Ugh please xenu don't let these awful people touch Azumanga Daioh… please… I'm scared to even look at the tag on tumblr tbh because that show helped get me through high school. ;.;

No. 210189

It's obvious that real women cannot be physically strong, lift weights, shoot guns or be athletes. They need to be protected by the mens.

No. 210190

Is this a troll?

No. 210191

When I was growing up as a little girl who knew I was gay, Sailor Uranus and Neptune really helped me feel better about my sexuality. It was pretty awesome. It feels so shitty for tumblr to fuck all that shit up because there aren't enough trans fat black people in SM.

No. 210196

File: 1449112922112.png (301.15 KB, 651x553, Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.1…)

No. 210203

Anyone who calls themselves a "spoonie" can get fucked. And I say this as someone with a chronic illness. It's a huge red flag for mental instability + probably faking illnesses for attention

No. 210219

I approve of this.
It's taking all of tumblr's retarded shit and throwing it right back at them. I like how they targeted the cringiest of fandoms.

No. 210220

File: 1449117047042.jpg (350.9 KB, 1360x2048, 5XvD5Mq.jpg)

SJW seeks job via FB

No. 210223

File: 1449117544118.png (92.06 KB, 490x728, 9000edq.png)

more cringe i found on facebook

No. 210230

that's just sad

No. 210235

these are those 'gender is a social construct' idiots, aren't they. they bitch about the ones the big bad ~society~ created but then create their own that are somehow better…

No. 210245

If the social justice, I'm sick and have these demands shit didn't get me, the "I've got mad skills" did. Where do these people learn to write a cover letter?

No. 210247

Lordy, this is golden. It screams SJW

No. 210248

>I've got mad skills
that threw me through a loop as well.

No. 210249

What exactly is a spoonie?

No. 210258

File: 1449123307124.gif (486.22 KB, 500x270, tumblr_nvdaxb3k5f1uf3fcko1_500…)

No. 210259

File: 1449123851566.jpg (33.61 KB, 498x352, tumblr.JPG)

I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but whatever. These people really need to learn some things.

No. 210280

File: 1449134607298.jpg (50.27 KB, 340x371, Haha_FuckingIdiot.jpg)

This logic is so fucking infuriating. What if I am an eastern European where there are no fucking blacks or other races? Am I still a racist if the only thing I may ever experience regarding prejudice is old school ethnic hatred. FUCK.

No. 210283

I would really like to defend some users of tumblr ITT. Please recognize the fact that not all of them are using that blogging platform to spew utter bullshit, and some, like myself, use it just for the sole purpose of discovering new art.
My tumblr is dedicated to just fashion and art, and I am so against this stupid xer bullshit that I see on my dash all the time.

No. 210284

File: 1449135009318.jpg (239.55 KB, 800x563, 1440023272350.jpg)

Oh my god, I'm cringing so hard right now. This shit is ridiculous.
I have no words..

No. 210285

File: 1449135265380.png (105.13 KB, 530x1501, delicious.png)

Have you guys seen any backlash to this yet? I thought this was a very good finisher for that debate.

No. 210287

This is why I don't see SJWs as threats. They will never be taken seriously in real world.

No. 210288

literally no one cares and everyone knows that. you're not special.

No. 210296

This chick was one of the bloggers that trivialized Zamii's suicide attempt. Her reasoning was that because Zamii is apparently a horrible racist she deserves to die like every racist out there.

No. 210299

Perfect. I'm so done with SJWs calling any white person doing anything with someone of another ace out on it without considering that backgrounds are different. I follow a girl who is into Kimono on instagram. They're beautiful, she wears them really well, Japanese people apparently love that she cherishes their culture, but she gets "cultural appropriation" comments on her pictures. Like, hold back a second, European history != US history. Europeans are not in a positon of power in Japan, where she lives, or marginalising Japanese people. Like come on…

No. 210301

lolol someone give her a job already for doing what any person could do. what did she go to uni for?

No. 210306


Anon, girls aren't the target audience of Azumanga Daioh, it's aimed at guys. The original manga ran in Dengeki Daioh, a shounen (for young males) magazine. Obviously, girls can still relate to the characters but they aren't the target demographic.

No. 210308

B-but Anon, how are cis boys ever gonna relate to girls?? Don't tell tumblr this or we will have a dzoen genderqueer/agender/trans headcanons coming at us.

No. 210310

File: 1449142590998.jpg (40.78 KB, 472x354, tumblra.JPG)

I'm not sure if this is from Tumblr, but they seem to be.

No. 210312

File: 1449143867900.jpg (40.21 KB, 699x387, tumblr...JPG)

No. 210313

Urgh I can already hear US tumblrtards going "There's no such thing as reverse racism against white people. Blah blah blah". I can see them ignoring legitimate points being brought up in that post and shouting their usual shit over it because they can't handle the cognitive dissonance that makes them face the fact that their Tumblr view of the world doesn't actually represent the entire world.

Forever and ever do they go on about "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor", but they can't see how their "white people have never been oppressed" bullshit ignores injustice against white people and so they are taking the side of the oppressor in that. Ffs technically Armenians are caucasian/Indo-European/"white", and, wouldn't you know it, the Armenian genocide (racially fueled Holocaust that killed up to 1.5 million Armenians) rarely gets talked about on Tumblr because of that. They act high and mighty over shit and claim that they're doing it out of "equality" and "social justice" yet, they constantly reveal themselves to be hypocrites who know jack shit about social issues IRL nor debating.

No. 210315

It's mostly due to alcohol when they do.

No. 210317

> every country in the world oppressed women in the past

Err, you think he average man had it better than the average woman?! You think marriage was an institution that favoured men I guess.

No. 210322

i'd love to introduce these bitches to robert mugabe

No. 210323

tbh, women were mainly opressed by their own bodies and their ability to bear children

No. 210330

Yeah, she's a sex worker and was in a BDSM reslationship… I can totally see the police taking the "He didn't respect my safeword" seriously…

Also her story is completely unprovable, typical he said she said, the only reason to go the cops would be to create a precedent if someone else were to accuse him in the future.

No. 210331


It will never not amuse me how many tumblr users assume that anime with an all female main casts are either for girls or "feminist".

No. 210332

lol this card has been played before and they go ahead and state how the whites had it coming for the oppression that was imposed on the Africans by the hand of the White settlers. The Mugabe card never works bro.

No. 210335

errr, didn't she post a very explicit photo of her male genitalia once?

No. 210336

So what? No one cares, post some sj

No. 210339

It was a fake ruber dick she photoshoped to he crotch to shut people up, why do you think nobody likes her?… I think ED has the photos.

No. 210343

if white people were conditioned to be racist, and poc are exposed to the same ideologies being that they live in the same country, doesn't that mean that poc are also conditioned to be racist as well? It explains why there is so much internalized racism according to her logic

No. 210345

that's like saying israel is entitled und to nuke germany. i just can't with these bitches

No. 210360

File: 1449155974627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.38 KB, 338x600, tumblr_nabg9tALpi1qbyjmko5_400…)


Lol I actually was the person who added those pictures, but yeah, here's one of them.

No. 210363

SJWs tend to be very US-centric and most of tumblr , despite thinking they are so worldly and progressive, don't know anything about life outside of the US.

I've seen tumblrtards shoot down stuff like that post before. They think it's literally impossible for white people to be oppressed anywhere.

Even if it was one white person on a moon colony with 1000 non-whites they'd probably still claim that one white person had all the power and was a racist. There's absolutely no way to stop them from having this line of thinking. They've indoctrinated themselves and each other to the point of no return.

Occasionally there's some slight clarity. Just look up posts from SJWs around St Patrick's Day. That's when they blast all non-Irish for even thinking they can wear green. But I've seen posts about how the Irish were not oppressed. Or their oppression was not as significant or as severe as non-whites. Never mind that the Irish were not considered white by many people for a very long time and were even depicted in newspaper cartoons as apes.

No. 210364

Just to point out in case it doesn't make sense, what I mean by clarity is that they sometimes consider the possibility of white on white cultural appropriation. Which is at least better than that post which has a bunch of European style hats and says "All white people can wear these instead of bindis and dreads" or whatever.

No. 210369

Even if the dick was real, having a micropenis is nothing to be proud of lmfao this chick is thirsty.
She looks like a Futanaria reject.

No. 210375

Hahaha what a tiny little penis.

No. 210384

File: 1449162250118.jpg (23.3 KB, 250x272, chocolate-chip-cookie.jpg)

Do you want like a cookie or something? Cos I think you just described like 75% of tumblr. The asshats posted in this thread are (hopefully) a minority, but you're really not much better for thinking you're OH SO SPECIAL for just using it as a normal ass blog.

No. 210385

Christianity is a pretty violent ideology too based on its history and actions. Everyone in this conversation is retarded.

>You think marriage was an institution that favoured men I guess.
Someone sounds bitter that their fedora+neckbeard combo isn't attracting women…

No. 210387

I understand why stoya would not go to the police. Very unlike they would do anything besides humiliate her.

I was raped by a guy I had been dating several times (inb4 ur a dumb bitch, seriously wait till you are scared and mentally manipulated by a master abuser, shit is very hard to leave ) and was terrified of going to cops. Heard many bad things and seen how other women were treated and I was scared to be more embarrassed or hurt. I eventually went to the after the last assault and they treated me like shit, pretty much called me a liar, and humiliated me. The case was later dropped with no charges filed (although he was arrested). Feels bad man

No. 210388

someone who's "chronically ill" i think

No. 210389


I can understand not feeling like a man or woman entirely and maybe going back and forth on what you are (because you are confused and im sure gender identity is complex) but I dont think that equates to 'hurr im a man cuz i have short hair!!! today wear earings so im a girl!!".

No. 210396

Yeah it was a term originally created to help people with invisible debilitating pain conditions to help explain to their family and friends why some days they can walk around and live normally but other days (or all the time) they can hardly move from pain even though they "look fine". The idea is using spoons as a tangible symbol for the physical capacity of an extremely ill and pained body, which can change from day to day. It was a term made for people with serious, mostly incurable conditions like lupus. Now every second SJW on Tumblr calls themselves a spoonie and has a spoon meter on their sidebar because their deathfat joints ache or their 10 self-diagnosed mental illnesses make them feel unmotivated to complete their responsibilities. Talk about appropriation lol

No. 210399

Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 210400

Jesus.. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. it's so scary

No. 210407

>>They've indoctrinated themselves and each other to the point of no return.

That's exactly it! And anything that disrupts the regular, familiar sounds of the Tumblr echo chamber is silenced regardless of how well informed it is.

Although, I swear I've only ever seen jokey posts of cultural appropriation + St. Patrick's Day (usually by Irish Tumblr bloggers taking the piss out of said SJWs who refuse to acknowledge the oppression of the Irish though the ages). But anyway. To be fair, we didn't exactly invent the colour green nor are leprechauns or shamrocks sacred to us these days (even though St. Patrick did use shamrocks to teach/preach to Ireland about Christianity) so honestly you'd be hard pressed to find an Irish person who legitimately gives a shit about the so-called "cultural appropriation of St. Patrick's Day". And we only get annoyed if you insist on calling it St Patty's Day - (Patty- nickname for Patricia not Patrick! Paddy would be the nickname you're looking for!).

But yeah it's funny if they talk about the cultural appropriation of St. Patrick's Day and not that of Halloween (also Irish in origin - majority of traditions of it started in Ireland from festival of Samhain and were brought across to the US). But you know, they'll keep talking about how wearing green is cultural appropriation, continue dressing up on Halloween (even though the act of that should be considered "cultural appropriation" by Tumblr's definition, no?) and denying how the Irish were ever deemed racially inferior by anyone white.

Sage for rant

No. 210455

File: 1449176084089.png (34.33 KB, 587x181, dumblr.png)