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No. 142831

can we start a thread on Joiee?


He hasn't been too active on his blog or Youtube lately but the last vid he posted has got quite a lot of attention from his stans and appears to imply suicide -

It's a lil amateur dramatics but still disturbing.

He announced in the video previous that he's doing webcam work now cough camboy but has since deleted the links, curious to dig them up…

No. 142833

The video in question

No. 142847

…so is he dead

No. 142848

I really don't know

No. 142852

Is he gay? I was never too clear on that one

No. 142860

Yea there was a coming out post on his blog and he's referanced a couple of boyfriends over the years

No. 142864

Ive actually been following him online since 2011 when he went on that worlds strictest parents to show

No. 143297

Well this video is privated now so either he or someone with access to his account is still around

No. 143298

what was it anyway?

No. 143303

It showed a bunch of pills and some bottles of alcohol and the word "GOODBYE" was written on a mirror, basically it was a declaration of suicide

No. 143307

I'd say it sounds like an attention stunt but judging by the state of him in this video a couple months ago I wouldnt count it out. Dude is out of it.

No. 143319

Faces of meth

No. 143578

File: 1437740368156.png (589.27 KB, 884x572, joiee.png)

hes not dead you guys

No. 143606

File: 1437745210897.png (13.02 KB, 536x150, jmtweet.png)

No. 145767

he needs to go back to brunette and shave the facial hair stat

No. 147259

File: 1438284948316.png (135.98 KB, 299x240, tumblr_nrgfb6WKpY1uy7h51o1_400…)

latest is he's a skunk

No. 150768

an improvement I guess. bleach blonde is so hard for men to pull off

No. 151068

he looks like a scene kid stuck in a timewarp

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