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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1436721444805.jpg (77.1 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_nm3klmq5A01trres…)

No. 136666

I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this whore yet. This is big on dumblr right now.

> Founded The Leelah Project: A fake charity for transgendered people, using the death of Leelah Alcorn in order to scam donators out of $14,000 and cheat trans people out of care packages

> "Famous" for resembling Ruby Rose
> Pathological liar about everything from her ethnicity to her job
> Claims to make good money from modeling and working at Nasa (read: attending NasaSocial) but begs for donations all the time
> A nonbinary special snowflake who is fine with being called she/her but not a girl/woman (wut)

Her current blog: nonbinaryfruitcake.tumblr.com

More info: https://kiwifar.ms/threads/alex-yrigoyen-the-leelah-project.10751/

Blog calling out her shit, complete with proof: http://exposingalex.tumblr.com

No. 136668

People like this who so violently does not give a shit makes me want to beat them up. I'm not usually one for physical punishments but this shit feels like it can't be helped without a good punch.

No. 136670

One thing I forgot to mention is that she also claims to have BPD, and of course uses that as an excuse for her horrid behavior.

No. 136671

I'm surprised the people who donated don't file a petition for a lolsuit.
I mean seriously, a couple hundred might not have been a big deal but $14k is over half of my student loan. What did that bitch do with all the money?

No. 136673

The good news is that some people actually have gotten their money refunded via Paypal by submitting screenshots and whatever documents they could provide as proof that they were scammed.

> What did that bitch do with all the money?

From what I read on a tumblr post from people that she visited in NYC, she was was spending $200 a night at bars and shit while staying with them. She also had a giant tub of makeup that she brought on the trip, and reportedly bought even more every time she and her (ex)friends went out to a drug store. So she was buying all kinds of expensive shit just for herself, really.

No. 136675

>bought herself a big tub of makeup

What a truly braindead bimbo. And let me guess, no job as well, right?

No. 136678

A job? Do you want the patriarchal oppression to trigger her?!?!

No. 136695

she looks like shes trying too hard to be ruby rose

No. 136700


no matter how much make up she bought, she still ugly as fuck and im sure leelah is turning in her grave

No. 136704

She claims to be:

> a NASA employee

> a nurse
> a paleontologist

All bullshit, of course.

No. 136712

How much money you wanna be that it's self diagnosed?

No. 136713

I'd like to think that Leelah would kick this girl's ass if she were here to see it, but realistically she was better than that.

I feel like this won't go any way other than Alex winding up in prison (inb4 all the Stella Carlin jokes). Hot chicks get away with murder on Tumblr but they're not fucking around this time, and very publicly misappropriating $14,000 of donations isn't exactly something you get away with.

No. 136719

One thing that's always bothered me about her is she claims to have attempted suicide by slitting her own throat about a year ago, but something like that would leave a very clear and obvious scar. Pretty much all of her selfies show her neck pretty clearly and there is nothing that even remotely looks like a scar.

No. 136722

You've got to be shitting me. If you gotta make up a suicide attempt at least say you tried to OD jesus Christ like how dumb is this bitch? As soon as anyone looks at ur photos they're gonna know you never tried to slit ur throat jesusssss

No. 136731

she also claimed to be like 5 different types of native American and spanish

No. 136883

i need caps of this stat

No. 136886

lol alex. i was a friends with alot of her friends and her ex, her ex was actually really pretty creepy and solicited nudes from myself and alot of other underage girls in like 2012. but the thread isn't about him but..still, ew. just worth nothing that's something she didn't make up. i have screenshots of messages from him from years back still.

No. 136915

Post them!

No. 136928

File: 1436782257083.png (1.42 MB, 1500x1500, ex.png)

i made a collage of most of the screenshots of his messages, the ones he sent me are the bottom middle ones. i was 15 when he sent them, pretty gross
also sorry for the sloppy editing

No. 136931

i think you forgot to blank a username there

No. 136951

5 dolla dolla bills

No. 136953

Here's the tumblr that's most active about calling her out.

No. 136954

Oh man this guy? I actually didn't know that he was exposed for being a fuckboy (for lack of better term), I used to follow him years ago because I thought he was funny, but very quickly he got really fucking annoying because he was obsessed with being better than everyone else at Pokemon. So I unfollowed. Not surprising he's a rapey creeper.

No. 136972

yeah his ego is almost as big as alex's :^)

No. 136977


This shit reminds me of an ex friend who claimed to have it too and lied ALL the time…seems to be the same kinda person. Uses mental illness as a way to be a giant cunt, when they're called out, cry about it and their lies, go on about how they're the victim.

It's super manipulative. Do not miss that bitch at all.

No. 136980


Also holy fuck just read through all the lies she's told and jesus christ. Why are all SJWs gigantic scam artists? I can name about five other cases like that girl who pretended to have cancer and autism and scammed people out of money. They claim to be for the underclass but then cheat and steal their money? Far left liberalism seems to have just bred some grade-a liars

No. 136992

you can literally say the same thing about far right conservatism, if you want to make baseless connections like that.

political "affiliations" aside it's pointless to bring in bipartisan junk into these conversations.

tumblrina SJW bullshit =/= any true forms of activism or ~liberalism~ and to denote that a political agenda is responsible for this dumbass hoe is just retarded. these girls are like 16, and haven't actually studied or read any sort of academic literature. all they know are popular reblogged statements from other 16 y/o girls. how… credible.

SJW crap is just a TREND right now. everyone thinks their edgy and radical. they want to stand out. it's a special snowflake club because teenagers are constantly in the midst of an identity crisis and want to belong to something.

i'm sure at least 75% of these people are going to be embarrassed by themselves in 7 years.

No. 136998

I can't understand people who still talk about SJWs like they are the devil, everyone already know they are stupid, why repeat it again and again if the only people hearing you already agree with your opinions?
Just wait till they realize it themselves when they grow the fuck up, jesus.

No. 137086

whats the point of lying about your ethnicity anyways?

No. 137099

To get points with your chosen demographic, most or half of which may not be white.
Look at her. She's too obviously white to reasonably claim to have black ancestry, and she doesn't want to jeopardize that Ruby Rose aesthetic by going full Dolezal, so she settled for the next best thing and a staple of all white Murrikans who want to be "cool" and "exotic" - either "I'm part Native American" or "I'm part Hispanic". In her case, both.

No. 137153

File: 1436824722543.jpg (136.92 KB, 640x640, 90eefafd6bf33b5f80058546d9da64…)

No. 137183

A bit OT, but my friend did that and his scar is very noticeable, it is a raised scar on top of that so you can tell what happened. There is no way that a scar on that area would disappear.

No. 137188

Everyone who is mixed with injun or nigger is always both and always Irish, so no, they aren't white, even if they look white by your standards.

No. 137231

It's not cool to be white on Tumblr.

No. 137242

because on tumblr to have brownie points to have your statements heard white girls just say theyre 1/64th black. but this bitch just went full retard and got caught saying her hometown was 3 different spanish cities, when her birth records show she was clearly born in cali. she said her father was "mexican enough to grow a beard" but he's just a basic scrawny white guy with the last name miller. she just takes her moms maiden name for even more special snowflake ~unique~ points

No. 137246

Sounds like a terrible person.. So what happened to the money now? (I haven't gone through the threads enough) I like her with long hair though she was fucking adorable. Good example of "Pretty face, shitty personality"

No. 137247

>being this stupid
>not realizing these people are white as semen and lying about their racial background to look cool
Some Aryan you are.

No. 137276

ruby rose is infinitely more attractive. it's so sad seeing her try to cling on to a resemblance that isn't even there.

No. 137685

He looks like that nerd from Family Matters. Let's burn him.

No. 141519

Apparently dis bitch was supposed to present receipts from sending packages she left in the "office" by yesterday. But she hasn't posted anything since her since rebuked response to the exposingalex blog.


I bet she's hauling ass trying to send out packages to have receipts or is just banking on the chance people will forget about this if she just stays quiet long enough.

No. 141528

where did she go? is she in hiding atm? i know her tumblr is blank but what are her other accounts?

No. 141532


She'll end up like Felice, in debt and running from da lawwww

No. 141533


runnin' from da law

No. 145085

Any news on her?

No. 147718


Nothing new other than she has fucking vanished from the internet, what she did was still illegal even if she never called TLP a charity and only those who donated can press charges.

No. 159222

no idea she dated shavingryansprivates holy shit lmao

No. 501580

File: 1522994590352.jpeg (199.1 KB, 750x1193, B845C386-AB04-4706-A635-F6B29E…)

Necroing an incredibly dead thread about this Ruby Rose wannabe to let anyone who might be unaware or vaguely interested know that she resurfaced briefly as Ann Montenegro. She kept the same blog, bought a new domain, and changed the fucking url and icon.

She married Chris Montenegro. After googling the name Ann Montenegro, most images were of a random Asian girl that does casual modeling, and my theory is that this is why she made her icon a random Asian woman.

The blog is obviously down now, but I wanted to update this here for posterity.
Mostly for the slight chance that a farmer eventually happens upon one of her new persona profiles, she’s bound to pop up again eventually.

No. 501581

File: 1522994809758.jpeg (48.26 KB, 640x321, A35D8CAE-4614-46FB-9E33-F655B7…)

No. 501843

cant this stupid cunt just make a new blog smh

No. 501845

wow i never expected to see alex on tumblr again after stealing so much money. I guess she wanted to keep the followers

No. 501965

File: 1523054558166.png (226.72 KB, 338x600, 65F70A63-EC5F-4118-9212-447C96…)

No. 501967

File: 1523054571849.png (166.3 KB, 338x600, 7F196943-BB9F-454A-9AFA-7EB786…)

No. 504353

File: 1523515034652.jpeg (145.55 KB, 1280x629, 5E02BFDB-A914-4DF5-8C8F-CAD4C9…)

She’s also back on Instagram, somehow with around 17k followers despite having very few posts.

Since this was discovered she changed her handle to okxiokxo and privated it.

No. 504355

File: 1523515241668.jpeg (110.83 KB, 750x853, 39265209-8D1D-47EA-9C59-6190EF…)

No. 505052

Do yall think she’s pretend to be half Japanese and told her husband she’s ~mixed Asian desu~? I feel it in my bones

No. 511656

No. 511657

Snapchat heckbabe

No. 513659


>and cheat trans people out of care packages

Good. She LARPs as "one of them" and rinises trans loving retards of money, what is the problem?

No. 647418

File: 1553052966945.png (74.9 KB, 887x721, chrome_2019-03-19_23-35-44.png)


lmao sorry if this is considered necroing but…..lmao girlie really went and got eye surgery to look asian

No. 647424

File: 1553055072068.png (1.1 MB, 1519x751, omg cute asian girl.png)

shes back on insta with her new fake asian persona, kek


No. 647536

>Japanese name
>Chinese caption
>cosplay tier Viet costume
Lol this bitch

No. 648597

her shoops have me dead

No. 648855

File: 1553738787962.png (43.5 KB, 1050x433, chrome_2019-03-27_22-05-03.png)

ikr? she can't decide what race she wants to look like. it's ridiculous.

oh and surprise, surprise, she privated her instagram after i posted it here, lmao. countdown to her changing her handle again and adopting a new asian name to call herself. this girl is so gross

No. 648858

i mean she looks 100% white (specifically like a middle age white mom) in that pic so…

No. 648918

Is she living somewhere in Asia now?

Also how the fuck does she have so many followers already if it’s a new account? Did she just wipe her old one and change the handle?

No. 648949

i think she's still in LA, she just wants to play asian. and no, this is one she's had for years. it was made in 2012 according to the account info. but she just changes the name a lot and wipes the photos when an identity switch is needed. but she's so fucking stupid that she uploads old photos eventually anyway.

not sure if anyone noticed, but instagram will tell you what other usernames an account has used. you just have to click the ellipses icon by the 'Follow' button and it'll give you the option to see. this only works on mobile instagram, though. anyway, since September 2017, alex has used:

and, finally, playwithkiko.

it says the first 4 were all used and changed on december 31st, 2017 but i think that might be a glitch. i think she was on bbmontenegro for a little bit, but maybe i'm mistaken. i guess 'miya' wasn't exotic and interesting enough for alex!

No. 649231

she just morphs her face to look like her alien like idea of "exotic". she makes her photo captions is a dice roll of a random asian language. sometimes it's chinese, sometimes it's korean, sometimes it's japanese lmao.

i don't think she ever remade her account. she just wiped all the posts, probably blocked a few people, changed her name, ghosted for awhile and came back under a ~new qt totally asian girl~ persona and hoped people had forgot.

No. 664527

does anyone know what her username is now?

No. 664538


No. 672220


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