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File: 1435784862966.jpg (256.35 KB, 1224x1224, image.jpg)

No. 130285


Special snowflake
Owns a Taobao scalper shop
Her bf will go full autist if you use the wrong pronouns for Eikki (they/them)
Ethan is a tranny, Ri pretends to be one too.
Spent tons of money on cosplay while they were in debt and unable to pay rent

Left: unshooped
Right: shooped

No. 130287

File: 1435784970747.jpg (284.32 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

"Not" shooped

No. 130292

don't these two have a dozen pets, too?

No. 130293

is ghoulpatrol ethan? i remember when he went apeshit on pull http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/rianna-srcircusdoll-eikkibunny-t4202-70.html

it was HILARIOUS. i hope they find out about this thread and come here threatening to sue us all.

No. 130295

lmao no natural human has a chin that pointy

No. 130296

File: 1435786545498.jpg (78.6 KB, 640x640, 11328335_364768230381878_18877…)

No. 130345

i actually think they look worse shooped? ?

No. 130372

Oh here we go, another e-fame weeb who wants attention…

No. 130380

Kill it

No. 130450

File: 1435805579335.jpg (56.78 KB, 640x623, image.jpg)

No. 130498

Yeah that's him. I can't wait for him to throw a huge tantrum here too. They need to stop googling their own names.

They only have a rabbit (Eikki) and a cat (Anya) afaik.

No. 130576

This was in her sister's photos omg

No. 130577

File: 1435834430331.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-09-07-53-13…)

I'm dumb and forgot the picture

No. 130578

Also wtf is up with her eyebrows in the lucina picture

No. 130580

>shooped her fat bf thin

LOL! It's one thing to be embarassed about her own looks and weight that she shoops herself into an animu character, but shooping her bf to look so different is basically admitting that he looks terrible as is.

I could never do this to someone I cared about. My issues are my own. Just wow. How utterly embarassing.

No. 130623

I guess he's aware that she shoops both of them to the moon and beyond. She gave both of them these really stupid unrealistic pointy chin animu faces. I don't think he has much issues with htis, considering how deeply weeaboo they are.

No. 130635

aw if i looked like a foot id want to shoop to hell too

No. 130700

File: 1435863703938.gif (5.41 MB, 325x320, chloe-moretz-gif.gif)

holy shit, I wouldn't be able to recognize her.

No. 130768

File: 1435872462218.jpg (169.92 KB, 640x924, image.jpg)

Proof that Ri was born a girl.


No. 130874

File: 1435879695665.jpg (104.18 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)


No. 130877


Okay so Ri is female and Ethan is male. Is she so unhappy with herself she choosed to be non binary? To take it one step further she photoshops the hell out of her pictures. I am not sure if its self loathing or just to be a special snowflake.

No. 130916

I never understood people who shoop themselves this much. Like, thats a HUGE difference.

No. 131000

File: 1435886723709.jpg (48.4 KB, 636x466, gakuen-handsome.jpg)

No. 131079

She's the nonbinary version of a transtrender.

Before identifying as nb became popular, she said she was a girl all the time and went by she/her, but when it became popular she suddenly was like "THEY/THEM ONLY", got super anal about anyone who accidentally called her a girl, and started constantly trying to make it seem like they were born male.

No. 131121


So you dont think its actually how she but more like jumping on the bandwagon and being a special snowflake.

No. 131124


How she identifies** cant type.

No. 131168

Not OP, but that's entirely how it seems to me. She makes a huge deal out of her neutral pronouns, then seems to live her life entirely as her assigned at birth gender, except for cosplaying a feminine male every once in a blue moon.

No. 131979


apparently her long face is from fillers, not from shoop. since her fillers are wearing out and her face is becoming rounder, she doesn't want to cosplay male characters.

It's pretty funny that the only cosplay she ever made by herself looks like shit too.

No. 132238

File: 1436041968468.jpg (55.76 KB, 640x604, image.jpg)

No. 132638

Ew so fat

No. 132705

shes not tooo horrible except for the jowls going on and the roots. girls, dont get blonde hair if you arent gonna maintain it properly

No. 132739

Holy shit the razor sharp chin shoop cracks me up its to BAD how do they think that looks even remotely realistic

No. 132864

Due to fillers… So what, is her fat boyfriend the same way?

No. 132872

As someone else with a short, square jawline I feel her pain but the OP's jaw shave is too drastic to be convincing. When I slim my jawline in PS I never go beyond what I couldn't reasonably achieve with angle magic.

No. 132941


there are times when people see only what they want to see, and not what other people see…

No. 132947

File: 1436163565695.jpg (6.1 KB, 250x164, 2723064-4356259641-46624.jpg)

>Shooped basic bitch attention whore with shitty cosplays and pretends to be a tranny for snowflake points
>Basic fakeboi with no recognizable talent for anything
>they both have a shitton of followers

why is this possible

No. 132950


No. 132965

Haha wow, he's like a 14-year old mall goth getting mad for being called emo.

No. 132966

File: 1436168058526.png (71.94 KB, 811x619, hypocrite.PNG)

I love how Ethan completely ignored this reply.

No. 132988

I just want to say one thing:
Thank you for this thread.
I hope it will get popular like the one that's locked on PULL (it was so lame to lock it), and that it will be be one of first results when Ethan googles them.

No. 132995

Is Ethan actually on T? He's said he's transitioning and has been on T for a good while but to me he looks like your basic pre-op fakeboi with girlish chubby cheeks and looks.

No. 132996

Locking the thread down was so fucking stupid. Good to know that acting like a whiny pissbaby will cause the PULL mods to crumble and give you essentially what you want.

No. 133020

That has more to do with not wanting billion pages of whiny spam.

No. 133021

They should've banned him instead

No. 133027

That's not how the system works or people complain "hurrdurr pulling OC 2.0" again.

No. 133591

October that you?

No. 133698

who is this even supposed to be

No. 133727

File: 1436269705077.png (351.27 KB, 366x422, 07_48.png)

the great madame pointychin

No. 134092

File: 1436320409477.jpg (132.99 KB, 822x1080, image.jpg)

Lucina from fire emblem awakening

No. 134124

no its the great madame pointychin

No. 144070

No. 144100

File: 1437814232824.gif (650.29 KB, 245x250, m9fbufwsqn1qc882co2_250.gif)


No. 144441

No. 144445

No. 144458

ah shit. this girl. i bought a wig from her shop, the rei one specifically, and it's fucking trash. i have no idea how criedwolves made it look alright because the one i have looks cyan and the top of the wig is just a mess of short fibers.

No. 144657

File: 1437895388860.jpg (164.04 KB, 640x924, NYd9yuQ.jpg)

Eikkibunny confirmed to be born female.

Not like we didn't know. But at least here is proof.

I don't mind or care when people identify as another gender, but trying to lie about it or hide it is stupid, imo. If you're forcing everyone to call you "they", at least don't lie about your true gender when they ask out of curiosity.

Photo from her sister's Instagram (via PULL).

No. 144661

So another fat fakeboi? Nothing new.

No. 144704

This was already posted. >>130768

No. 144733

Bye AnzuTakamaki. Nobody cares about your "huge" discovery.

No. 144738

I'm not Anzu

No. 144881

kek i'm anzutakamaki and i was the one who posted >>130768. no idea who >>144657 is but good job just copying my PULL post.

No. 144919

I said via PULL, you shit. I wasn't trying to take credits, I just saw it posted and didn't even know it was old as fuck

Get over yourself

No. 145053

I actually think she looks really good without a tonne of shoop.
I like how she just said that Kisshou was her favorite character instead of her previous reason for picking the name princekisshou. (Kisshou is apparently nonbinary like she is)

No. 145096

Even her voice screams female.

I can't believe it's so hard for her to just answer the question/be open about it.

But holy shit, what is going on, is she just letting herself go? Is it because someone dug up that "she is female" kids photo?

Maybe she felt like "If I make a video, include my real face, my voice and my female baby pics, people will stop gossiping about me"

I'm genuinely surprised, because compared to her shoops, she looks awful. But as a human being, she looks cute! I think perhaps she's just trying to embrace her real self now?

No. 145097

Also, did she try to hide her real body? She look pretty chubby in this video, and skinny in her photos.

No. 145968

no they have other videos including full body on that channel. ri has publicly stated they were born female? just cuz theyre cute and female appearing in the vid doesnt mean they are nonbinary though

No. 145979

shes not even bad looking
she just shoops her chin into the complete opposite of what it is in real life lel

No. 146389

1) read >>131079
2) you still can tell she's not as skinny as she says she is/shoops herself as

No. 146543

all over ri's tumblr and stuff they explained that all through junior high they were confused about gender and some of their friends have spoken out about how ri was conflicted, just cuz someone comes across new info and can put a name to something doesnt mean they are fake. ive been following ri for a long time and honestly im not in the kawaii/cos comm anymore but ? still respect their pronouns thats like saying someoen who comes out as trans cant be trans cuz they used their biological sex pronouns before lel

No. 146568

File: 1438197766371.png (705.28 KB, 577x875, topkek.png)

I like how you can still see his double chin in the shoop. Her ps skills are beyond terrible. How do you even miss that?

No. 146582


No. 147035

no one gives a shit. you won't get any asspats here for talking about ~pronouns~ so you might as well just go back to tumblr where people will hug you and tell you you're perfect for being triggered on lolcow

No. 147064


Who gives a shit since she hasn't gotten a sex change, people can say what they want.

If a person refers to themselves as otherkin, people should still be allowed to say "human".

No. 147298

File: 1438290303727.jpg (76.95 KB, 500x500, 06faf2b8aebf353f648e81713740e7…)

i'm a fox wolf dolphin otherkin who uses fae/faeself pronouns. I'm a cishet female but I identify as a male duck. I like to pretend I have a penis. I'm demisexual and grey-romantic. i'm triggered by grass and clouds so i stay inside all day. please respect me uwu

No. 159088

File: 1439542119418.png (98.9 KB, 183x267, Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.47…)


No. 159100

rofl Perfect.

No. 160202

excuse me but how dare you u_u
the word perfect triggers me and gives me anxiety because when i was little, my parents bullied me into being perfect. if you message me again, i will not be afraid to send my followers after you. ^0^

No. 219593

Anyone want yearbook profiles of them both?

No. 219609

If you ask, no.

Next time just fucking post it.

No. 219993

Her name is rianna Lahey she is 21 and lives in the same city as me, she does "princess" parties for girl's brithday's i wonder if she gets mad at the little girls for using the wrong pronouns.
(Post Op trans myself)
Her family still uses female pronouns and clearly doesn't understand her new trendy gender

No. 220019

File: 1451979348204.jpeg (63.88 KB, 233x702, image.jpeg)

No wonder she shoops so much holy fuck

No. 220020

File: 1451979395540.jpeg (36.91 KB, 698x697, image.jpeg)

What's with them and Dorito chins anyways? It's not attractive and we can all tell your chins are super shooped.

No. 220052

She isn't ugly either way; I think she should lose a bit weight to look better but not that much, look at her calves.

No. 220055

am i the only one who thinks she looks a little bit like Demi Lovato??

No. 220057

No I see it but demi has more of a jaw/chin.

This girl needs to learn how to smile nicely and extend her neck so that she didn't get a double chin.

No. 220082


No. 220089

How could you not know she was born female? Anyone with eyes can tell and her boyfriend was too…i don't even need to read into it.

No. 220132

Dumblr fags can't tell that she was born female

No. 220195

I don't get how people can be that stupid.
Also i don't get why someone who acts female. represents themselves as female in both style, face and clothing. Feels the need to be labled as transgender? When there is nothing transgender about that. I am not even goin get into non-binary vs trans but how can she even use the bullshit lable non-binary when everything about her is female binary? lol and you think because her boyfriend is clearly trans she'd want him to be taken seriously and not try and take attention away from his trans issues with her own made up ones.

No. 220442

File: 1452113598457.jpeg (138.9 KB, 750x747, image.jpeg)

Tumblr has that whole hugbox mentality of "if they say they're trans/nb, then they are! Cis scum are not allowed to devalue that. uwu" That's exactly how Ri gets away with saying that she's an nb fairy angel doll even though she is strictly female binary.

>4 photos, 4 chins

No. 220563

Her: I never pay for my own cosplays

God forbid you pay for your own hobbie just want for someone to fund you.

I don't know how a real cosplayer could wait around for that.

No. 220574

why pay for your hobby when you could get shitty chinese-made scratchy polyester messes for free?

No. 220593

She looks like Sheena Duquette here LOOOLLLL

No. 220784

BTW its 1000% ethan that does all the editing. I remember they mentioned it a while back that hes the one super into photoshop, etc

No. 220791

Ri was the one who made a tutorial on how to use Meitu. I think we can conclude that both of them are super into shooping.

No. 221228

fucked up brows and she cant even fill them in the right color?

No. 221261

File: 1452464707950.jpeg (105.79 KB, 685x960, image.jpeg)

At first I thought that was some random neckbeard but that's actually Ethan jfc.

No. 221302


That is not ethan

No. 231060

Havw you guys noticed she's taken nonbinary and they/them ppronouns off of all her social media? It totally was a trend afterall

No. 231072

File: 1454710608923.jpg (102.78 KB, 967x695, Untitled - Copy (1).jpg)

It says female lol

No. 235012

File: 1455122352849.jpeg (134.62 KB, 750x1052, image.jpeg)

This entire "cosplay" is so lazy and sloppily done.
>those paper hearts taped onto her corset
>the piece of cardboard in her wig
>random giant red bow
>shittily drawn on hearts

This isn't even an outfit that Jinx would wear.

No. 235016


it's clear she sucks at league and doesn't care for accurate cosplay when you make a "casual cosplay" that doesn't fit the character or their personality at all. just slap on a wig and everything is cosplay apparently nowadays.

No. 235065

I don't even care about the photoshop or the asymmetrical cheap hearts.
Those eyebrows. Burn them.

No. 235080

File: 1455131711399.png (874.91 KB, 1334x750, image.png)

It's dumb and she doesn't even have an excuse. She's sponsored by like 50 shops, all cosplay and/or jfash shops. Even though she doesn't have the skills to make a costume it's still super easy for her to get one for free/buy one.

The worst part about this is that in her makeup tutorials, you can see that she only has about 1/4th of an actual brow so the rest of it is all drawn on by her so the extreme ^ shape was drawn like that on purpose.

No. 235169

I'm more appalled by her face tbh. It's 20-goddamn-16 and there are still girls out there shooping themselves to look like Voldemort's sister. Smh.

No. 235174

File: 1455148609315.jpeg (330.66 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

No offense to her but her jaw does kind of make her look manly. She does look cuter with a v-ish jaw.

No. 235179

That shoop is terrifying; her face just looks like a normal face. She isn't unattractive - just nothing above the norm like she makes out she is.

No. 235192


i've always wondered how major shoopers feel when they get praised? i mean deep down they know they don't look like that at all right? which is why they feel like shit and they still don't have self esteem? yeah people are fawning over your pictures and calling "you" beautiful but i guess at the end of the day it's not really the cow itself, just some photoshopped version they wish they were. now i can understand how sad they must be. she truly looks average to me at best naturally.

No. 235216

Not defending her, I think she probably knows she does look like that but it's the same way drag queens try to put on the illusion on being something else,so when people say ott drag queens look good they mean I think the illusion and artistry of this look is good looking.

No. 235269

Moved to >>>/snow/91397.

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