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File: 1410346609719.jpg (41.53 KB, 720x540, 557743_373745586036185_8405545…)

No. 12190

Can we speak about Frank Wolf?
Not exactly a lolcow but I don't really know where to post that and want to know more about him since PULL went full "muh feelings" and closed the thread forever
How was he so famous though? He had literaly 20,000 like per pic or so.

No. 12191

My nan told me not to talk smack about dead people or they will come back to haunt me.

I dont think hes dead though.

No. 12194

He got popular the first time when he still was a Scene Kid, then jumped onto the living doll fad. Most of his fangirls are fujoshi, go figure.

No. 12200

Because he looks like a kawaii uke androgynous bishie from yaoiz mango probably

Nah mang there's quite a lot of evidence that he is why would he fake his death in the first place? But yeah there's that whole discussion about how he isn't really dead with some "proof" idk

No. 12202

>why would he fake his death
Because nobody knew about him doing porn, not even his family and it pretty much ruined the ~pure and natural~ image that he wanted to have, plus the crazy fangirl didn't do him a favor either.

No. 12206

Yet his family is mourning his death…so he would have faked his death to everyone included his family?

No. 12209

It took months till everyone of his family got a stright sotyline tho, his sister was the first one talking about him being dead, then her disvorced parents started fighting with her over how it is just another lie by her, her mother soon played along but his father still makes strange remarks regarding his dead, plus nobody of the parents was at the funeral apparently, only his sister and that GentleLama photographer who is in charge of his FB fanpage now. Some weeks after his dead his sister suddenly posted that she was shopping with Frank but deleted the post soon again.

No. 12213

I'm pretty sure he's not dead, but since he'll never update his accounts and shit again, he might as well be.
>inb4 he springs up with a new online handle and starts shooping himself in a different way

No. 12236

He isn't dead.

I cannot remember many of the details nor can I be fucked to go back to digging it up (you can probably find a handful of collages/screencaps on the /cgl/ archives) but there was a shitload of evidence that came out shortly after the announcement of his death that proved otherwise.

One of the bigger ones was the fact that the majority of his accounts were showing activity after his supposed death, in particular his Model Mayhem account that showed him logging in something like 3 days after his supposed death.

Some people tried to counter this by suggesting that maybe it was a family member, but what are the chances of his mother or sister having passwords and account names to login with considering they didn't even know about the porn? And websites are typically against giving out a deceased users login to family members, in particular Facebook.

There was also a Facebook account of his that he didn't think people knew about that showed activity of him arguing with his sister about something unrelated. As soon as somebody noticed this and published the account it suddenly vanished and got shut down.

Not ded.

No. 12251

Woah that's some weird shit
>Some weeks after his dead his sister suddenly posted that she was shopping with Frank but deleted the post soon again.
Proof? Not saying you're lying this is really fucking weird and I want to believe.

That would be hilarious in a way.

Moar of this thread

No. 12253

So just because he did one or two "porn" stuff that just consisted of jerking off
he "killed himself" that's a bit exaggerated. I think the bullying and shit did a lot. Besides does his family even know about the porn?

You mean the Umi Chuu account? I remember screencaps of this oh if only PULL could re-open the fucking thread

A question remains though,people could recognize him in the street and shit where is he now?

No. 12262

Not only "one or two", he uploaded new videos at least once or twice a week and I doubt people recognise him without shoop and a style change. His camming profile was http://livecams.thatboyismine.com/rooms/frank_wolf/ but it got removed from archive.org.

No. 12299

He used the exact same name for camming?
It's…a pretty stupid move

No. 12303

Yeah, he did and porn sites even promoted his live shows on their Twitter accounts.

No. 12306

He's so cute, but I bet he's a a lil' shit who thinks he's superior to everyone else.

No. 12309

File: 1410377148600.jpg (17.06 KB, 463x183, srsly.jpg)

Well kinda since on his tumblr I happened to see this (pic related)
>calling attention seeking when he's a huge attention whore himself

He also posted pics of self harm with "of r you haters" totes not attention whoring Francis

No. 12354

I wonder if he used after effect on his kawaii pika boi video

No. 12377

It's not like if his chin melting into his neck would be something natural.

No. 12378

Re-watched and yeah you're right it's so obvious and blurred oh dear.
I wonder if he wore makeup and what kind of makeup because it was nice.

No. 12402

File: 1410392707418.jpg (20.4 KB, 312x400, Added by Frank Wolf 2.jpg)

Some of his real pictures are still floating around. He just looked like your average dude. He started to age and that is when he really started to edit himself like a prepubescent child. He did edit his videos to where you cannot see his chin and he covered half his face in either hair or that stupid pikachu hoodie. He tried to reverse the aging process by starving himself but it just made him look dead and he had to edit in his chubby baby cheeks.
He was also known to be copying another kawaii boi Cris Dakota, who is also known for doing porn videos. Because every one of these kawaii boiz are in some kind of porn. Keep in mind that the pic I'm showing was when he was actually a teenager. Like Dakota this guy ages backwards

No. 12405

File: 1410392820660.jpg (121.35 KB, 500x625, tumblr_mjexx3J2LR1qlnyvco1_500…)

No. 12415

How do you know he was starving himself? He was so skinny I was jealous. I think he looks pretty cute without shoop and all itt's sad he had to do this.

No. 12416

In the whop video you can't even see his face. It's pretty suspicious yeah.
Did he lied about editing?

No. 12438

Cris Dakota? Is he related to da kooter the kawaiiest photoshooper by any chance?

No. 12440

Fucking ugly.
How does anyone fall for that shit.

No. 12442

he did lie about editing or if people asked he ignored them or was a little rude. Even though he had no muscles in one pic and the next day posted a picture with a six pac. And some of his posts he would say he wouldn't eat or he would post about his diet of nothing like a little attention whore. I really think he thought his fans were stupid because he changed his body and face with every new picture and video.
And no, Chris Dakota is not related to Kooter. They just happen to share similar names. But Cris also starved himself and edits to be kawaii. Really Kawaii bois are just like regular snowflakes. They just happen to have dicks

No. 12444

…you know that Dakota isn't her family name, right?

No. 12448

File: 1410394314733.jpg (23.29 KB, 360x480, x_08b1c368.jpg)

If you guys are curious, this is Cris Dakota before he decided he wanted to be kawaii

No. 12450

You mean billion years ago before he turned Scene.

No. 12465

Let's stop gossiping about him, what if he comes back as a ghost? I'm not comfortable with this.

No. 12468

You sounds jealous Chris Dakota and Frank Wolf are naturally perfect like dolls and super famous. Frank Wolf is dead stop your bullshit lmao

No. 12469

i want to fuck his ghost

No. 12470

Stop being a sissy.

No. 12473

Not gonna mock the starving part I had anorexia and that shit sucks. FW was kind of an attention seeker though. I wonder if he was alone,sad,self conscious (probably) and that his online persona was a way to cope by receiving all that attention. But he was acting like an asshole sometimes srs thinking he was better

No. 12536

How will he do in real life if he's supposed to be dead?
I mean people can recognize him in the streets and shit

No. 12546

Without shoop? No and if he changed his hairstyle or grew a beard it would be even harder.

No. 113138

File: 1432881112505.gif (84.53 KB, 375x375, Dancing_Sandwich.gif)

No. 113149

tbh for somebody like Frank it wouldn't be that difficult for him to change his appearance and stay afresh. Part of what made him so recognisable was the coloured, straightened hair, the circle lenses, the eye makeup, piercings and his scrawny, underdeveloped boy box.

No. 113152

I strongly doubt he's dead, but for the record he did shoop himself a lot. He had an average skinny dude face with a big nose and looked nothing like his shooped images in real life. It still kills me how people still go ~oh he's so cute such a perfect kawaii yaoee boi~ even though it's kind of obvious that his images are shooped from hell to back and taken from flattering angles.

I'm pretty sure he just freaked out after people found out he does twink porn and faked his death. Since he was aging it doesn't take much to be unrecognizable, especially when all of your online persona is based on heavy photoshopping.

No. 113205

Yes, he did loads of porn under his Frank Wolf name and just when people found out he suddenly killed himself.

No. 113335

Has anyone considered those videos may have been filmed without his consent?
Did he have a legit camming site going on, or are these just loose videos found online?
Watching one of the videos where he pauses to type something on his keyboard before stripping completely naked just makes me wonder.

No. 113339

I should add that I mean he may have cammed with someone he thought he could trust, and he subsequently got betrayed, not that he was being filmed without realizing or some dumb shit like that.

No. 113345

Read the thread, it was his source of income besides being a janitor, the link to his webcam sex profile (now deleted) has been included in some of the earlier posts.

No. 114317

Why do I get the bad feeling this was all one huge publicity stunt?

I mean using your scenester name as your porn name, too? Dude probably wanted to be found. Anyway, his ass was better than expected I guess so I'll give him that.

No. 115367

I am wondering if PULL will ever reopen his thread but just keep it locked. It had so much stuff before he went and deleted everything. His sister and other family members surely didn't have the password for his now deleted porn account so that was obviously him who deleted that. Just so much fun times to be had on that thread.

That and it was funny to see how many PULL members were so thirsty and had double standards because Frank was a guy and not a girl.

No. 115387

It only will get reopened when there is clear evidence he is still alive, to avoid his stupid fangirls causing shitstorms (again) but it is still possible to access it via Google's cache but most images got removed due to copyright claims anyways.

No. 115391

And to add:
His porn account was found and posted to PULL in June 2013 and his accounts got deleted short after that, the "suicide" was some months later when people found out that he actually is a janitor and poorfag - the reason why he made porn.

No. 504545

Believe what you want to believe about frank being alive or dead. but about the porn frank did he needed money he just moved out his family home to start lifting for himself then later in life frank ex share there private videos of frank(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597051


No. 770981

File: 1587706341214.jpg (90.63 KB, 533x400, h400-43326244YAS9j3.jpg)

2020, this thread didn't age very well.

Anyways, yeah, he is dead.(necro)

No. 770995

any reason for this necropost?

No. 770998

Uh yeah… he died.

No. 771004

No. 771024


We all knew. It's been 7 years.

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