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File: 1431542899883.jpg (290.94 KB, 425x597, Tiffany-Cadillac-Katie-Pinup-0…)

No. 101060

Not really much of a lolcow but she is half black/jap, models and modeled for that Katie brand over in JPN

Wonder why she didnt get as many jobs as Kooter…. HMMMMM lol personally i think shes cuter

No. 101063

plus shes fluent in jap too.. actually looks half jap… funny how jpn treats gaijin like loyalty

No. 101068

She's cute. I don't get it, what has she done?

No. 101072

this isn't pull.

No. 101073

She's cute, but like previous people said??
Why is she here? If anything, you can just post this shit in b with a broader topic such as (models in nippon) or what not.

No. 101076

I remember watching some half jap/half black twins on youtube who were gorgeous. A lot prettier than this girl. Which makes me question why shes even relevant lol Anyways, they were talking about how its a "trend" or "cool" to be half in japan. Although being half white and half jap are the ideal, I think Japanese people still have a hard time accepting black blood or black people. Thats why she probably doesn't have much work, shes not that relatable to te majority of japanese. Yet being half white is what all the japs want rollseyes honestly most asian people worship white people simply because they're white and its fookin disgusting m8

No. 101077

Agreed. Lolcow is for making fun of idiots, not pwetty hafus. Take it to /b/ or back to Pull please.

No. 101083

File: 1431544561186.jpg (85.6 KB, 546x740, 140306_1-2r-546x740.jpg)

1. Stop namefagging.
2. This belongs on /b/.
3. This isn't PULL, we don't care who you think is *~ohmigawsh soooooo much prettier than that nasty Kooter!~*
4. She really isn't that remarkable looking.

No. 101098

She just looks like a generic black girl.

OP is probably black and angry that Japanese people don't find her monkey features attractive.

No. 101108

I love Tiff, but threads fawning over random girls are so fucking boring.

No. 101126

why do half black/asian girls always look so different from each other but white/asian girls always look similar

No. 101127

File: 1431547783500.jpg (419.3 KB, 1280x1024, takako-uehara-1.jpg)

Yeah that pic really isn't flattering. Really big nose too.

I'm Jap, I ain't worship no godamn whites. kek!

Half Whites just blend in more to the point that we don't even notice that they're White.
They're not as visibly White. Takako Uehara is half White yet most people have no idea that she has a White father.
You can't say it's obvious either, because she really does look Japanese. She just looks like a Latina during the few times when she doesn't.

It's harder to accept Black mixes because they look Black.

It's a similar case in the USA. Peeps don't really make a big deal with the half gooks, coz they look mostly White like that Saved by the Bell kid or Keanu.

If anything, I think Japs idealize Koreans the most, or at least more-so than Whites but I guess in the Black American world, it's always a White or Black thang.

No. 101143

I can tell by her nose and the lower half of her face that this girl is half white.

No. 101165

Another East Asian here, and I have to agree. White people always love thinking that other races are obsessed with them, want to be white when most Asians see whiteness as a status symbol more than anything.

Many of them don't even understand the most rudimentary aspects of Western culture, and being white is fetishized to the stupid things they see on TV or the Internet: so basically how any minority is treated in the West. When in fact being half white, studying abroad, or having a white SO is more of a status symbol, like owning a LV bag with the gaudy LV print to let everyone know it's a brand bag.

I don't know anyone who actually wants to become white. But yeah I feel like black people are always like ~my oppression~ and Asians are just like lowkey there. Lols.

No. 101169

Asians aren't oppressed in Weatern culture. They're the "model minority." This is more of a /b/ conversation though.

No. 101174

Yes, thank you goddamnit.

No. 101431

because japs like white people, not niggers

No. 101432

this belongs in /b/ buhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 101439

Go away child.

No. 101440

Why are you so stupid?

No. 101463

She's freaking beautiful but this belongs in /b/

No. 101468

This is funny because Asian people have also been said to look like monkeys. Also don't know why this is considered offensive because humans and monkeys look alike for a reason. The people that really look like moneys to me are ones with down syndrome.

No. 101471

Because blacks are more genetically diverse than whites or Asians

No. 101473

He nose isn't big wtf its just got a round tip. Looks better than Himezawas shit.

No. 101474

She's average.
she's not cute nor have a youthful look. simple as that. her features are harsh and she looks mean. she doesnt fit japanese standards not just because "hurrr shes black"

No. 101475

Yea I don't understand that. A lot of Asians have round or"big" noses too. They look cute to me not every has to have Micheal Jackson nose.

No. 101478

> I think Japs idealize Koreans the most
>doesnt know that japanese hate the most koreans because of history and shit
>doesnt know theyre always shitting on each others
top kek

No. 101479

They are oppressed. They get paid less than whites, less likely to be hired into highest level positions like CEO, they don't benefit from affirmative action because they're a "model minority," they get made fun of and harassed into being suicidal. I have seen that.

No. 101482

Personally I think contour makes your nose look bigger bc your just thinning the bridge and its always visible irl

No. 101484

No. 101485

if youre offended or hurted or suicidal because someone made an asian joke then youre fucking dumb.
i mean why the fuck are people so sensitive to race jokes.
I'm pretty sure asians get mocked here in america, but foreigners also get mocked in asian countries so who cares. it's called life.

No. 101493

Some white people hate when other races are called pretty and I've always WO served why that is? No o e cares if a white girl is being held up as beautiful bit as soon as a non white person is put atttention on a lot of white chicks go apeshit a turn to racist comments.its really kid of disturbing……

No. 101495

Wow so many typos….sorry!!! ):

No. 101499

If everyone looked the same no one would be beautiful. Just look at that Korean beauty competition lmao.

No. 101508

>>101493 TRUE
Yes you can just see the hatred here. They do it because there pride is broken when they see a more attractive black or mixed girl, they become insecure.
No you're a hateful jealous bigot. SHUT UP.

No. 101512

That is really sad because there is no real. To be insecure. :( white girls have never had their whole race generalized as ugly or anything g so why don't they just let other have a nice feeling? ( sorry bad English)

No. 101518

Welcome to lolcow. Full of hateful jealous bigots. Now get out you fucking cunt. There's a lot of women to be jealous of: Gemma Ward, Edie Campbell, Monica Belluci, Zizi Zhang and tons of other cute beautiful people.

This thing isn't cute.

And there's no reason to post non-cow material on cow.

No. 101519

I'm not talking about just jokes, I'm talking about vandalism of property, assault, etc. I said HARASSMENT. Harassment is illegal. Just because harassment is common, doesn't mean it's ok and we should let it happen. If that is the case, then we should abolish all laws and rules about harassment and other aggressions in the professional workplace or anywhere else. You sound like Totemokawaii, who thinks you have to be rude to others because "DURR EVERY1 ELSE IS DOin' IIIT" but then reject conformity when it's convenient to you and you only.

No. 101521

Why are you replying to that anon like they created the thread? They can't do antything about it stop bitching and wait for it to be moved. The fact that you are so piased that seone though you were jealous or whatever just makes you look ridiculous naming models and shit.

No. 101522

Alot of people don't take bullying serious. Its fucked up and people are left with psychological problems often

No. 101524

Exactly. It's not being a moralfag. People who think they are hot shit for being against bullying are moralfags. Just being against bullying is normal.

People like Totemocow, who regularly try to be edgelords and say we should all suck it up the world ain't nice blah blah blah, usually want the world to be nice to them when it's tough for them but tells everyone else around them "fuck you." That's not how civilized society works. Rampant bullying makes society inefficient as fuck and no one can get shit done.

No. 101525


Can all of you go die under a tree?

And wtf are you going on about? Make sense, god damn it.
But I'll report it and hopefully all you trash can be moved to /b/.

No. 101527

File: 1431577423984.jpg (288.37 KB, 960x642, Totemotriestoohard.jpg)

Nope. Can't do that. The world isn't nice and I'mma do the mean thing and not do what you "kindly" asked me to do because suck it up the world isn't sunshine and rainbows which gives me permission to be as obnoxious and cunty to people as I possibly can because that's totally what people mean when they say "the world isn't nice."

No. 101536

I wonder if she doesn't get more jobs because she has a big tattoo on her upper arm.

No. 101538

No. 101544

File: 1431578790036.gif (499.77 KB, 394x222, BEES you faggots.gif)

> /b/
> /b/
> /b/

No. 101583

Googled her and she has a very interesting look that works well on camera but not so much on candids.

I mainly like this Katie shoot. It's one of my fave brands.

No. 101594

File: 1431584963644.jpg (35.3 KB, 691x1024, 39618525.jpg)

She looks real cute here.

No. 101595

File: 1431584990999.jpg (30.17 KB, 1000x667, 6560874f.jpg)

No. 101596

File: 1431585053797.jpg (54.54 KB, 540x390, tumblr_nkrxli7mLa1qamv9io2_540…)


No. 101598

File: 1431585118035.jpg (38.9 KB, 540x360, tumblr_ngv2t8q0EJ1qb7w7bo1_540…)

Pic of tattoo.
The Dakota comment seems kind of sily. Just a brief search and you can see she's been in loads of shoots.

No. 101599

Can someone turn this into a gore thread…

Maybe a cat meme thread?

No. 101600

Here's her page, if interested.

No. 101601

File: 1431585240992.jpg (64.92 KB, 500x446, tumblr_lxc3mwIyjg1qaselw.jpg)

Fuck this thread

No. 101602

File: 1431585307013.jpg (25.1 KB, 590x350, cow-441627.jpg)


No. 101610

lol fuck niggers

No. 101611

Yes. Do your research.
>inb4 muh blond red brown hair and blue green eyes, we whites is duh rainbow

No. 101666

no fucking need for that.

No. 101677

File: 1431609563025.jpg (17.41 KB, 211x239, cow butt.jpg)

this thread ought to be removed or moved to /b/

No. 101678

what is this thread even

No. 101689

Keanu isn't half gook, he's like 1/8th. Don't get shit wrong about my husbando.

No. 101700

Why is this still here

No. 101724

Moved to >>>/b/5610.

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